The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 21
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f Police - - t ' By CORDON EASTWOOD V ef The Jeumel -Brains. W brawn, are the basic ingredient of the modern-da) Metropolitan Ottawa policeman. . , . , Gone k the day when site was the key iactoriA Ibabiring of consubies. . ' Mice chiefs ia the area admit It's weaderful la get cambiaatisa at the two. . But there Is no doubt in their minds - the emphasta ph mi .,r..k IrkTiiVMl . " vl 'The most-ambitious train i n g plan Is th one held for the 408- strong Ottawa police popart' menu , i V' a'forced to'have 1 "We have been 1 a two-year course of train I a g . m wide and varied fields of our ynrtt. About 200 men have al-ieady gone through this Instruc-Von and another M are m the riddle of a course right now," : aid Chief-,Axcel Courses are held, he told The . oumsl. far constables, NCOs e.f f I c e rs; chiefr and deputy Ohiefs on courses 'ranging from - tow u handle childbirth to ,the ' kost advanced phases of crira- rology. . . , The training program was In- - a)!tuted when Chief Axcell took over the Ottawa force.; ' i. ;. -we have developed a staff 4J teachers over the years. But fbr the reslly advanced train-tag we draw, on, - federal-, scien-Ants, the AtressVf orces, t h ' ' fCMP snd others to instruct our men,'.' he added..i: .s ;i. A minimum Grade, 10 education is required lor new re-, droits, llpon luccetsfu! conclusion of a general knowledge and Intelligence test, the roorult i Sfnt to school for three months triih full pay. - ' ' But the more a mating story II among the veterans who are increasing abtlr education. - ytTi TIME It "The average, II year man kere will have spent something " like year. in. school.- And. a great deal ot schooling B done In his own time," com-" mealed Chief Axcell. 5 A shining example IS U. Ken Spratt who his aiteoded the Canadian Police College run by the RCMP. Sf. Patrick's College and the Ontario, Pollca College V id Aylmer.! Ont- ' - - ' fU. Spratt adnrllted the tratn-" ' Ing paid greal divldehds'm the practical application- of i police fork. - : - v 1 "It'a t great ehaace to test or practical skills a galas! academic learning and keep with the snedennUy style, ef police wwrk." he A1-' . Education of pahotiliea Jp 1 no means restricted to the City . of 9'tawa. , ' . ... .' , ' FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1934 Peorson Plans Powwow Tuesday 31 goys ; . Iirp I ITTAXVA . ln"n"D"KrAT f, - " I i Boys' Gamp j. , V I 1 I . . ... tm :ih ' .-..!!! I -..'...if - ,, t .. .i ?; : ,-c.:k; :- I ' i 4 , : ii v. - " t '" II J : i . . ' . ! 'r- "'V Q. ' ..;---7j I a':.-"t :-'t- f-t-. . .';':'' - , ' THEY- INVADED TIIE PKtSS Petv.Milloy reads from the comic strips to five kittens found in The Journal's " press rm Thursday. The tiny felines wre ojiit: relaxed with their new foster " isuwr wnue inej- awaitea Accent on Education tne arnvl,,ot Humane Society . The San Hull Police Department has been carrying on a, program .eince 1M1, A Grade education is the minimum requirement, but Dh rector Maxine Leyigne stresses the recruit -must be able to read, speak and write both French and English. The department has a-three- montn training course w o i c n covers 41 tubects ranging from drill to municipal bylaws. . ' T .7 More than it ofAM lop sutt members, inelndina the director himself, have successfully com pleted the Canadian, P 0 Lie Loitege examination. t,;,i i f'Aiwi vrv nemirflDSm4ir Is' given those who wish to ad vance themselves -educational' ly." said Director Lavigne. "Stiff personality tesu are given recruits by the senior stall. We look for men who are severe snd firm, but polite he added. ' :l ' -Eastview deputy chief Louis Mousseau said extra training at the Aylmer, Ont school was started for the 22-man force last year. ' ' V ( 7 1 FIRST CANDIDATES ... ... , . Three corporals. Albert Char- trend, 1 Ernest ' Johnson and Larry Quesnel, were the first successful candidates.' And this year. Detective Sergeant Oscar Bussere wiH be enrolled, , In .Gloucester township, the pew. chief of , the JS-man force. ToOICNew UN Powers? : ( The. tP) ' External Af fairs Minister Martin said Thursday he' has no advance in- formatioa on whether or not Archbishop Maluuios Is likely to agree,- In his- capacity of president of Cyprus. . to extension of United Nations peacekeeping force authority on the island. .r iA However, Mr. Martin said, there have been indications the Cypriot government has not been too ' restrictive lately In permitting the UN force access to secret area. Opposition Leader Diefen-baker asked whether the UN force has. .been given additional power to move freely about the island and to disarm "local resi dents' m area -whre the UN feels. Is necessary to preserve the peaa. - - ROOM V f -V- rOfliculs.. . r . Sam Dradef; is a great believer la educating poucemea. : i ' "Since Jan. 1. the towns I p council has expended consider able money and sent three of our men to the Ayhner School for a total o( ii weeks' ' train ing." be said. ; . '! j As a direct result, two el the "students," Will la at Brewa aad Ettaa Camming, have beea prametad at NCOs. "The emphasis on our force is intelligent applies! I o a of scientific methods of policing said Chief Drader. Nepeaa township police chief John Rankin Is at. present running t extensive -training pro grams for hi 21-tnan force. Courses range from f earning parts of the criminal code to the township bylaws. "But I'm now hi touch with the Aylmer School to see about enrolling some of my men. With such a small force it's difficult to let men go. But every effort will be made for them," be ssid. ' ;' APPOINT EDITOR ' CALGARY (CP) - The Alber-i tan Thursday announced the appointment of Dave Humphreys as news editor. Mr. Humphreys, 17, formerly was telegraph editor of the Vlrmipeg Tribune. He succeeds Ted Moser, who re- signed. NEW KIND OF DWARF .. , IN BEAVERBROOK WILL Trust Funds for Grandchildren Kee NEWCASTLE, N.sVCP) - .' Trust funds for aome of hi grandchildren; clock watches for old friends and col- bequests, m 'millionaire Lord Beaverbreok' 1 peg wni. made public here after probata. The Canadiaa-bora publish- id executors announced mat week that the bulk of hi estate. valued , at SU.OM.ett, would go to the Boavorbfook Cam Foundation, But they gaveao tan oa tae remainder.' . . Hi granddaughter. Lady Jean Campbell, wiB receive for Ife tbe income from a tSOO.00 trust fund. Oa her death the fund will go to the Beaverbreok Canadiaa Foundation. . . I Another trust fund provides for grsndson Timothy Maxwell and Peter Michael Aitkeo. of Peter Altkea, who died la 1M7. This fund will comprise IIS. and elT Lord Beaver- brook's shares m AHkea. (Eng lish) Company Limited. Each will receive half of tbe fund en his Nth birthday. Carol ia Anne Christine Baker, a daugh ter of Peter, receive flat, outright. CLOCKS, WATCHES ' A col lection of docks, watches and other personal- lewelry hi to be delivered to Sir Patrick Heme say, British motor car x- cattva, of,Tbeydon Bois, Es sex, far distriButloa "among my old friend and colleague In the alar form ef dwarfism caa be traced back, over some 1 generations, to either aa immigrant named Samuel King, who cam to th U.S. in 1T74. or to his wife. On or th other el them, he Jd, must have bad the "bed gene" which Mill prevail. The Amish sect originated la Switzerland hi 10M bu th Arnica culture in Europe was sssimllsted s v r I decades go. Except for on group near Kitchener, all Amish now lire la tbe United Stat , and their number ha increased five-fold sine INS. . . , , Another quirk of nature th production of abnormal babies whose crie resemble "the plaintive mewing of a cat, was also described Thursday, Th cat-cry infants, who art probably d e o m e d to early death, art Victim of at) Inborn derangement of their beredi ty pe rrying chromosomes disorder at unknowa cause that has been given the name Crt- da-Chat SymlroaM. Which at psalcesf V " - In-Bred Sect Producing Freaks . By FRANK CAREY- v i BAR HARBOR, M. (APK New genetic studies among the highly in-bred Amis religious group in the United State have uncovered a previously unrec ognized-form of dwarfism i man, a John Hopkins scientist related Thursday.. - Characterised also by unusual spartity and fineness of hair so that girl' victim cannot braid their hair In the usual mode of the Amlsh women, the disorder ha so far been found In M Instances among the 43.004 Amish ia eastern Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Ontario., t In addition, the scientist said!, sn unprecedently high Incidence of previously known form of dwarfism, on characterised also by six-fingered hands and often by heart having only three chambers instead of four, lia been -found In one partic ular group of the America Amish. This group live to Lan Polio Closes v.- KINGSTON (CP) A bay camp at Eagle Lake, at mil north of here, ra closed Tburs-day after two campers ' wr takes to hospital with suspected cases of poliomyelitis. Camp' directors' said the two-week camp, sponsored by King-too YM-YWCA, Klwanis and Rotary club, was closed oa the advice of the Ontario depart-ment of health. , .. ,.,. , Admitted to hospttel war Mark. II, and Cragory, t, aons of Mr. and Mrs, B. W. Chert-bam of . Kingston. ., t - , Preliminary, diagnosis Indicated polio, but lbs results of tests mads at the hospital will not be known for It days, camp spokesman- said. Hospital officials said both boys, were resting comfortably. The remaining campers wert sent ; boms . after being given shots of vaccmeand doses of oral vaccine. ;;0-' .- Paving Bid eS:-; v TORONTO (CP) Premier Roberts said Thursday be baa ordered a departmental Inquiry into charges, that 11 road sur facing companies h south-cen tral Ontario engaged at a sys tem of phony bids la get more loney on highways contracts. He-said the report of the re strictive trade inacUces coaa- miasioa.ia Ottawa was the first the Ontario snvernmeot bad heard of the trouble and that this was being studied as detail. He; told a press confi that "it doesnt appear to mean that any higher prices paid by the department for work done." inis involve a percentage of business done by the department some out of a total budget of $39,. Mr. Robarta tat the departtneat wonts to find out exactly what took place as alleged la the federal report. Satellite v To Diict New Shot WASHINGTON (AP) Tbe U.S. space agency any it is ready tot , im using a satellite already ta orbit to help direct another satellite Into the proper orbit -J 1 'The feat will be attempted Tuesday when Syncam n, communica t i a satellite near stationary orbit ZXJOt miles above tbe mkt-Pstcific, will assist Syncom C, a satellite, after its launching from Cap Kennedy, Fia. The orbit chosen for Syncom C is the same aa Syncom II's to hover above the international dateline at the equator. . Where Syncom II will ia I to relay radio communica tions from the Pacific, thus bypassing weather condition and ionospheric disturb a a c s frequently between surface points. These communications will be used at the space flight at Greenbeit. Md., to help get Syncom C ia proper orbit. caster County, Pa, which, with Holme County, Ohio, and La grange County, Indiana, list about half of all tbe Amish liv ing m th United State. ' Dr. Victor A. McKusick told shout tbe strange Endings of po tential Importance to advancing knowledge of the genetic of la- bred population and of human heredity la general la addressing scientists taking a special course in medical geoetica. : McKusick said th previousJy-known form of dwarflsn called thevElhs-van Creveid Syndrome bad hitherto been reported hi only t tasunce throughout th world's recorded medical history. Yet, he said. 41 case of It have now beea traced among the Lancaster County Amish, Including 1? still living. . And. be (aid, exploration of th rich genealogic records of th plain living, closely. knit Amlsh, "everyone of whom is related to everyone else to some degree," has indicated this: That all easy of this partic- PM,P ::.';- . I On (By The CP) A Conserv ative move late Thursday Bight spelled out what the official op position wants ia a aational plebiscite oa the flag with the possible effect of further length ening the flag" Commons. As behind, the oeovres continued to try to find a solution to tbe . present impasse over the flag. Kea.Mor (PC Regina) moved a sub- a m a d m a a t so Oppotdtioa Leader Diefenbaker's. amendment calling for a refersndum. COMPROMIZET Meanwhile, outside the House R was learned that Prime Minister Pearson has invited party leaders, to meet Tuesday in aa effort to reach a compromise on hie resolution for maple leaf flag, -' -, .a ..''. Mr. MotVe motioa weald have a aacSonal plebiscite ask Canadians the following ones. tions: L Are you la favor of the Canadian Red EnslgnT s-- 2. Are yon ta favor of tbe Canadian Red Eosiga changed ta tome details so as to show tbe heritage of the two founding races? 1. Are you in favor of a three. maple leaf flag design? , , 4. Are you la favor of a ano maple loaf design? MAY SPEAK AGAIN Tbe motioa would permit all MPs who already have spoken ia the protracted debet to another .speech oa the flag, v.--' 'i f Psriiamentary observers also saw it introduction as first dene of aa aventioa, expressed privately by many Cooserva- T arty Chiefs to Flag Comp 1 . S " r lives, to extend the flag debate by a series of sub amendments. So far a Conservatives have spoken on Mr.. Diefenbak er's amendment, . . Today the Commons take one-day break from the flag de bate, scheduled business is consideration of immigration dv pertinent I spending estimates for 110443 during ' which a reorganization of the department ' Thursday's debate saw the government s proposed maple teat nag - become increasingly embroiled -in. the McaharaUsm controversy. Aa almost continuous sequence of English speak-Ing, Conservatives accused Mr. Pearson of i asking -to appease a minority ia Quebec. His introduction of the design of three red mast leaves on a whit background with blue vertical borders would set back the dock of aational unity by M year. . Meanwhile, it was understood that next Tuesday mating of party leaders would be an attempt to reach a compromise which might satisfy many Const rvativ MP, who have declared themselves for adoption of the Canadiaa Red Ensign at a distinctive symbol. WOULD ELIMINATE TWO i lafbnaaat say the com pro- of a snap) leaf flag but with only one instead of three ssutpto leave. The ether suggestion is that the Red Enstga would be-coane the symbol ef Canada's Commonwealtb of tbe Union Jack a tow caa proposed by the Liberal Bovera- : ?-!: cbjb.' wroa dating back ta wartime Sir Patrick was aa adviser to tbe British sslnistry of 'aircraft production, whici Lord. Beaverbrook heeded dur tag the Second World War. , " Lord Bearrerbtpok died Juin at H la bis bom at Surrey, England. His vlll i 'dated Jan. It, 194. Minor codicils added Jan. 14 aad May His' fwrsonal ptuueity is val id for probata at S11.11I.S7. his reel estate at S80.471. Mach of his arlier fortune had been disposed of .ta various meat ariof to his death. The wm make bequests - to .Mk .widow. Lady Beeverbrook, formerly the wi dow of S Jamas Dunn. C diaa steel millionaire, nor to hi ten. Max Altksa, who succeeded to tbe empire, bis daughter. Mrs. Ja net Gladys Kidd. and their chil dren. ; ; ..'. AMPLE RESOURCES "Lady Beaverbroua," dm wQl of to snake any provistona for her as nry win." The etuy eatptlon is a number of hi psrsnnel af fect. "I have not mads any 'flnaaV! nsrasyl del bequests la this will for son Max and my daughter Ja net becisssa I have amply pro vtoed for them both to my lile-l Ume." Ha says he bad mad a provision for their cMldroa. aa- ... French for "cry of the cat.' But Dr. Margery W. Shew, of th University of Michigan, declared that wMw th cat-fax crying, of th infant i th aaost bixarrs characteristic of th li nt, the symntomK' Sever mental retardation; an arwsuaily small ward slant to th ere; lowest rs; depress ton ef th bridge of th Doe; and a small lower law; v" And Dr. Peter Bowee of the University of Alberta said 'If there are any other -kid to. th ward with such child when tt cries, they took around lor tbe kitty. Dr. Shaw tote reporters that th malady was first recognised by . a French . scientist. Dr. Jerome Leleun of Paris, only last year, but that tnct that time, approximately J$ i have beeax noted la the United States alone indicating R amy be relatively common through th world. , orOld Friends I romise Id Thursday's debet, Heber Smltb (PC Simco North) said getting a new flag is not like changing traffic' signals. "It has to b a symbol of unity aad It must have tbe motional support of a vary aub- CAOMTTE SQUEEZE PLAY , Creditistes Plan Senate Blockade The CP) -Real Caos-nd hi' Rsliiemeot dee Creditistes . poised a legslaiveJ barrier Thursday ia froat of all bills from the Senate. -He Mica tad their aim is to get further action by the upper chamber an a bill bank charter for the proposed Bank oof .. British Columbia In which that - province's , Social Credit government holds aa hv tarest,, . f.-.- Mr. Caoaett served notice a the Commons that hi U-member group wHl try to block all Mil originating in which has seat the B.C. hank MB to committee for A number f cjwdlng Some sponsored by der paper ef the Senate, which Initiat any tegislatioa ex-1 cept that mvotvmg spsnding of pMie fund. itHJJli,V'n't ,. n cept for Lady leaa Campbell. becasse they win he cared for ia their parents' estates. Trust funds and oatright,. financial gifu account for less I than jmm altogether, Hi personal papers and are given to tbe First m Foundatiea ft tor k mg . Ar swivel chairs a statu symbol ia th civic adminis tretkjui, '' ' - . - Mayor Whitton think so in noting requests for 10 additional swivel office chairs following rscrganixatioa and promotion within the Ptax-alng and Work Department " "I cant a why ft would be. statu ymbol.- aid Controller Jones at Board of Control Thursday. "After all every member of th staff sits oa th sun thing no -matter what typ of chair." '"Yes, .ajrlv Mayer Whitton. -be thy -get broader a hty go Wghar bi th staff.. " . I' 'The Board sent back for detailed review a request for S9.71a worth of office rural. ture - thdudina the. awlval !chair,' i .;,' -:' I- FTo Discuss Protection-For Queen MONTREAL (UPI) - Top level alscessions ar scheduled shortly for this city between Royal lfUMUaa Mounted Po lice and Montreal police oa ways to protect Quota Elizabeth dur- tng her October Canadian visa. Deputy Commissioner I. R. Lemieux of th RCMP win cen- wlth Polic Director J. Add en Robert, with th possi bility Montreal can provide advice and personnel to th secur ity force being organised (or tbe Royal visit. ' .: .- Lemieux, as th second aigh- ranking officer to th fed- era fore. Is to charge of secur ity for the .Qoeen'S visit to Cherfonetowa, Quebec City aad Ottawa la ccnMctlea with th centenary . celebration ' af Father of Coniederatte. . Symbol Meet ma parity of our peo- pie- He argsd party leaders to consider some ceefereace method or aiternstivs to solv the problem aad "get Canada off the colllsiea course oa which it now seems to be." The CrdHitt leader., said private hill to tocreas B Tet-ephoaa Company direcsors to 3 from U that bills rigiaatiag to the Senate do not tateres th REJECTS DICTATION.. . -we win a vrytnmg m our power to block them. W do not want tt be dictated to by people wh are aot elected." ,. , Mtjf'.not the' ftrst fhreat ot stgistettv biockad 'mad by the Creditist leader. At th last . 9, his grout ought a de laying action M legtalettoa until . tbe Kalllsmsnt was given th taw at a separate political party. ' ; r Roa Basford (-Vancouver . Borrard) asked whether Mr. Caoatttt was taking' hi stand by agreement with Premier Bennett of B.C. Mr. Caouetta replied: "You . s k d ta whether Bsaitt let me de this or that ... I doat car about this." ,';.-,: , ..... (. - Two other bank bitti' sneer, porating th aroposid Bank of Wester Canada and the proposed Laursntide Bank of Caa d war th obtocts of Creditist threats a week ago. ., G tiles Cregoir (Cremtlste-. Ls points) said they would be blocked whlh) the B.C. bank n. , sseaas. to. -Senate 'wands. -aa " Lasnatid beak bin tt so the Conunoa arder paper but was passed over Thursday when k wm caned for second rvadinx approval bt principle.- ' i ,Th BeO Talesman MB whtcb served a the springboard tot Mr. : Caouette's - amiiiinn siai s maa having A rotuh time in th Commons. But the Credi tist tosder said Ms group ha i eotoctioa to th BeH MIL For aeverml weeks the Bell (bill bar beea debated for the fttfl hour provided for such are under' Cmma roles.- This tsJkhmat wrocess ; Wanted Pair ieved;;'' Camping Out aAMLOOPS, BC CrV-RCMP asid Thursday that two of Canada's asoet waateu criminal may be camping m th British -Columbia k-terior. The ftCMP subdi vision' here aid chat Georges Unity, 39, of Shawtniga Falls, Que, nd Adoipb ICsrcheeky, 44. of St. Calixt. Qu, ar believed ta her purchesed flahing supplle and ar "UVing off th woods" at a remote Uk in the oentrs V Ulterior ar. Lmy fat wanted by Mont real police la connection with theft from a bank, and 110.000 to rewords has been offered for tafbrmatioa leading to hi capture.-.- -.' - 1 lUrcheaky '-. . wanted for - escaping from Kingston PerU. lenbary in Orrtario, where be was serving ve-yr sentence for armed tobbery. : , , .' At an ttm he was aervint a HI sentence, but wa peroied after serving 11 year. , 5, Polic id both men could be Considered dengei ou. ' Spain Wipes Out Repatriation Curb -1 MADRID Spain, baa published a decree permitting Canadiaa and American citi , who mad investments her prior to July 27. ,19St, to repatriate an their nroflta or Aa earlier renlatkm limited repatriation of. ouch earning to sight per cent Th decrM wiped out this HmiUtion and brought treatment of Canadiaa and Aeiertca invest on mio, lin with that which Spain ac count rice.

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