The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNiGI.L.SVlLLE. PA. LonoLive MARY ROBERTS MNtEHART k^ } -The crown priuce went through his preparation Ia a sort of rapt solemnity. So must th- boy crusaders have looked as, starting on their long journey, they faced south, and east, toward the far dibtitnt Sepuleher of Our Lord. The king's council went, the chancellor, the mayor of the city, wearidg the treat gold chain of his office around his neck, und a handful of soldiers--a simple pilgrimage end the more affect- Ing. There were no streaming banners, no magnificent vestments. The arch- bf i -hop accompanied them, and a flag- bearer. They went on foot to the railway station through lines oC koeeUng people,, the boy stlft rapt, and looking straight abend, the chancellor seemingly also absorbed, bu| keenly alive to the crowds. As he went on, his face relaxed. It wns us if the miracle had already happened. Not the miracle for which the boy -would pray, but a greater one. Surely these kneeling people, gazing with moist HDtl kindly eyes Rt the crown prince, could not, tt The hot words of demagogues, turn Into the mob he feared. But it had happened before. The people who had, one moment, adored the Dauphin of France on Lis balcony at Versailles, bad lived to scream for his life. The countess, staading on her Balcony itnd staring doi^n into the valley^ beheld the pilgrimage and bad thus her knowledge of it. She was Incredulous at nrst. and stood guzing, Snppi»S the stone railing with tense bands. She watched, horror stricken. The crown prince, jiimself, come to Etzel to pray! For his grandfather, uf conrsp. , Then, indeed, must -things be bad with the kin*,-, as bad as they could be. The church doors closed behind Ulsrn Loschek fell on her knees. She was shaking from head to foot. And because the religious training oC her early life near the shrine had given her faith in miracles she pruned for one. Kather, ishe zuaue a brguin with God; If any \vord came ti her from Karl, any. no matter to what JL pertained, site would take it fo-- a igu. anu attempt flight, I£ she was captured, ahe wouid kill herself. iiur. if no woi'U came from Karl by" the hour of her departure the nert morning;, then s*he \vould do the thing she had set out U» du. :md let him l»e- ^ure: Tny king dead, there* nouid be no Kio e '. Only over 1,1** dead homes of rhe Livouiauy \\oul I iht-y let him marr.v Uetlwlg and the throne. It *ouM be war. Curiously, v.lule sLf- was still oa her knees, her bargain lu.idi', ilm pl:m came to her ly v\iui.h, Mu.n ihc time came, tlio terrorist*, utre tu roue the people to e*.en greater furj. Still knet-lm^, she turned it over In her mind. It v.:u$ possible. More, It could be tuaU« plaK^i'jle, '.vixli tier a^Mstauce. And at the- \isioa It e^oi.od--Mctthch's horror uud rage, Lh''h\ i^ 3 pulug tears, her own triumpb--she took a deep breiUh. Ilevenge a ven- £etiuct. i . t u l i n t u - n for old hurts and fres-ii injuiieis tUee v. t re what bh« fnuad on hor knees, while the bell in the valley commenced liic inais, and u biuull boy, \ery rwpt and \cry yurn- est. prajud for his gruatifather'a life. Yet the ourgaiu cuiue .t i ry close to bems nude vhe utber way that day, und \y i\,ii] himself. Un tin- da uf the pil^rriioage Karl found himself ptruupeli realless mid uneasy. Olgu Loschek haunted him, her face \\hrn hi- bad t o d her about the letter, h«_r bagging figure when he h;i(J Jeft her. SuMU'thing like remorse stirred on h\tn. She lind taken grc: t risks for him. Of a 1 l the women he had known, she bud must truly and unselfishly luved him. Very nearly did be swing the scale In which Ulgu Ixisciiek bad hung- her bargain tvith God--s(? nearly that Ia the intervals of uHurlag his sprawling Btpnature to various tluumuents, he drevi n sheet of note paper luward him. Then, with u shrug, he pushed It away. So Qlga, Lusdiek lut U«r Uirgaia. At dawn the nest morning the countess, still pale wltii lllcess and burning with, fever, w.ent back to the city. fice," he said, giving up nil pretense of eating. "This talk of rousing the mob, of rioting and violence, I do not like them." / '. "Then hag age turned the blood in your veins to water!" snid the concierge contemptuously. "Half measures ! Since when has a half measure been useful? Xld hah* measures win In''your boasted battles? 'And what half measures would, you propose?" Old Adelbert sat silent.' Now, and then, because his mouth was dry, fie took a sip of beer from his tankard. Tlic concierge ate, taking huge mouthfuls of onions and bread, and surveying his leeble-hearted recruit with ap- j praising eyes. To win him would mean honor, for old Adelbcrt, decorated for many braveries, was a power among the veterans. Where he led, others would follow, "Make no mistake," said Black Humbert cunnlnglj. "We alia at oo^ bloodshed. A peaceful revolution, if possible. The king, being dead, will , suffer not even humiliation. Let the royal family scatter where it will. We hnve no designs on women. The | chancellor,'however, must die.** | "I inn be no*ilea for him," said old j Aclelbert bitterly. "I wrote to him also, ' when I losfmy position, and received j r -no reply. "We passed through the same | , campaign*!, as I reminded him, but'hej ! did noth'ingt" ·'. j I "As for the crown prince," observed j the concierge, eyeing the old man over the edge-' of his tankard, "you know , our pmn for hinj. He will bo cared ·· for os my own child, until we get bin: : beyond the boundaries. Then he wit: j he safely delivered to those who know { nothing of his birth. A private fund 1 of the republic ·will support nri*d educate him." i Old Adelbert's hands twitched. "H* , | Is but a child," he iald, "but already |he k n o w s his rank." "It will be "wise for him to forget it." His tone WHS ominous, Adalbert glanced up quickly, hut the terrorist had ?een his error, and masked- It with a grin, "Children forget easily," he I sniO, "and by this secret knowledge of i ' yours, old comrade, all can be peacefully done. Until you broughtit to me, we were, I confess, fevrful" 1 that force would be necessary. To admit thx rabble to the pnluce would be dangerous. Mubs go mad at such mo-1 incuts. Hut now it may be effected 5 v\itli all decency find orilerl" ] "Ami tlit! plun?" "I may tell you this." The con-1 Ci«p;f shoved lit 1 ; plutc away and bent over the table. "\Ve ha\e set the day , us lhat of the carnival. On that clay all tltu peopJf are on the streets. Pro- j (e^ious ai-3 forbidden, but the usual | oootuitiin^ with their corps rolors u s 5 pompon;, is nlln^pd. Here and t h e t i i j will be one of us elad lo red, a devil, wearing the rolors oC livs satanlc nm- Jcst\ Those will be of our forces, leuders and ^pee^h makers. When we secure the crown prince, bp will be j)Ut into costume until he can be cuo- 1 coaled. They will seftk, if there fap tune, the Prince Ferdinand William ! Otto. Who will sus-pect a child, wearing some fantastic gurb ot the carnival?" "But the king?" inquired old Adel- bcrt In n' shaking voice. "How cau you set a day, when the king may rully? I thought «11 bung on the king's death." The concierge bent closer over the t."h!e. "Doctor Weidermun, the king's physician, is one of us," he whispered. "The king li^fs m-w only because of i stimulants tr the heart. His body is ' already dead. When thu stimulants cease, he will die," Old Aflelbert covcred'hls eyes. He , hfid* pono too far to retreat now, Drfven'»iv brooding aad trouble, he had allied himself with the powers of dark- Ilo sat silent wUe the concierge cleared the table, nnd put the dishes In a pnn for his niece to "wash. And throughout the evening he said little. ( A t something before midnight he and -his hnst were to set out oa n grave i mnttor. nothing le'ss than to visit the committee of ten, and impart the old 1 soldier's discovery. In the interral he i sat waj.tlng, and nursing his grievances tci keep them warm. · Black Humbert, waiting for the hour j to start and filling bla tankard repeat"Thus," said the concierge, frying c dly, grew loquacious. He hinted of onions ,ovcr his sto\e--"thus .have| p nst matters in which he had proved they alwa.\\doxie. But you have been i his value to the canse. Old Atielbert blind. Rather, you \\oald m»t see." i gathered that, If he had not actually Otd AUelbert stirred uneasily. "So ' ions as I accept my pension--" "Why should you not acept your pensiou? A mile in exchunge for what you gave. Fur them, who now 111 use you, you have gone through life but h«lf a man. But one ^e they have for us, you und me, my friend--to tax "The taxes are not heavy," quoth old AUelbert. "There are some who find them so." The concierge heaped his guest's plate with onions. murdered the late crown prince and his wife, he had been closely concerned in it. His thin, old flesh crept with anxiety. It was A bad business, and he could not withdraw. "We sbonid have had the child, too,** boasted the concierge, "and saved much bother. But he had been, unknown to ns, sent to the country. A. matter of milk, I believe." "But you say you do not war on children!** "Bah! A babe of * lew months. ' Furthermore," said the concierje, "I Old Adelbcrt plnyod with his steel; j^ve n nose for the police. I scent fork "I ucg u good patriot,' he ob- ; a spTt a9 a ,jog scents a bone. 'Who, served nervously, "until they made me ] tn j o k you, discovered Haecfcel?" j otherwise," "I will make you a better. A patriot |«t oae who i« zealous for bis coiintry and it^ welfare. That means much. It menus that when the established order is bad for a country. It muat b* changed. Xot that yon and I may benefit. God knows, we may not live to beneQr. But that Livonia may free i Dr »vt her neck from the foot of the oppression and raise her* head among nations-'* From which it may be aen that rfd Adelbert had at last Joined the rero- IntioottfT party, aa uneasy and vn~ bftppy reci^iit, it Is true, bat--A recruit ' Mf jgly-5omft half m*a«tr« wottid ntf* "Hteckel!" Old Adelbert stt nppijht j In his cbair. ( "Aye. Haeckel, Haeckel the JoTlal, j the archconspirator. Who but I? I j suspected him. He was too fierce. He | had no caution. He was what a peace- ( ful citizen may fancy a revolutionist i to be. I watched him. NHe was not' He was reckless because he j had nothing* to fear. And at last I caofbt him." Old Adelbert was tftttlg forward on the edge of hi* chair, his jaw dropped. "And what then?" he gasped. "He was bnt a boy. Perhaps you mil*- todced him. Boy* are reckless." 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