The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

IS Toronto Pair Wins Doubles TOtottTO lalkttd of Tcwtntt wen tt mum pun var. t th Ontario Ltwn Rowling towiMiMnt Thurtdty night for tin third tliM id tit ynera.'i J- 'i-- Wlth Andy Ardarton. h boat another Toronto twtetmt o . idthdnW. Vfv., Salkald end Anderson ,wer 1 BCnuM op IB the lth end WACO -- 1MDU 11 1 lt lU AUAa M th scor at 11-11 on tt 16th. nilM rw ahtad aa the ' Ifeh ddd ddddd Mother three dhott on th iTth to win th Realtdra TMtt evrrtl. ;ta MM StoMd Mnt final. Gordon MaeMiUan of Ottawa, toting skip in Wtdnetday night' Eaten Gold Cup final. regained mom tatitfaction .with . dn easy 24-11 wm war Alts Ptrguton of Toronto . ; MaoMiHan, partnered with BUI Tewksbury of Clearwater, fla.. torttd to a 17-i lead after dirty seven ends. They increased thi td iU .ftar Idt rrguoo tu partnered with, Don Oibaon of Toronto, - w , , v, Th third event u won by Berry . McFsdden ana Rum Jciurtoa of Toronto 11-10 over trt Ottrindtr and timer Rally or THItonburd, Out lun Orsmger anj Floyd Per-ktr of Richmond HllC Ont. toot th fourth trtht Insl U4 Irwn Collrt Intddort and Dav Stephens of Detroit West Bid. Ed Noal and Duncan Jamce ot Toronto won th fifth evant ttnal ,19-14 after an trt and from BIH Oennia and Larry Me-Cullough of Toronto. Th- tournament cloto today who u utgis events. . ' GRAHAM N1U HURT . LONDON (UPO - Former world champion driver Graham Hill ha broken a vertebra ta hit neck, doctor aaid Thurs-day. -Th Weak, cauted by a craah Wednesday at Snetter-ton, Norfolk, waa revealed by X-ray taken yeeterday. - ww wwwww www ww,w ami IOSWEGO SPEEDWAY? RACING ; H-MlU rAVtJ tAKKtD TlUCK J EAGLE , P." ay CLASS r H l I fibs iMPutl trTt TtMiftQ AstodAtiON v i" i 0.19 P.M. : ( ; S Aoutfi iiso cmttttK io 3. ,V.V,W.ViVAVMVAVVa7tl Soncy Hi wh ntti " Team front Saiiy Hlli flay ground cajrturtd pair of City champlbnth'lpt in th .Playground Softball final , ThUrt- Sndy HQ1 playeriwOA tit bantam bovt' dJVUWrt b I ftoi J-l fctriifl rvr FlMr PaHt wnil sandy Hiil midgeU otit- tcortd RidfflOM Rayrouriai I7-J wr a tweep or tn Myr Qnal. :' h i 4 " " Lareeh tart won iht Hild- et tirt' tiUa iefeatlni Rlog-mont 22-19. Quotntway won the bantam glrbf crown out acpring Champlain in th Anal. ... , i , ,i 1 1 Masson Cup Tdiirney Opttis A.ttuthber of dftufti wr regittorc n th pMin night of play u (M Mati Cap ban dlctp tournament at ' the Ot tawa Tamils era Thanday. Altoiethtr ' 14 tint round match wtrl playtd W th open meni aingle event TB ttorti: , - " waifiuif Wtlhrtt (k M. Marnl CkrrMrl (mi ! , mim Urn tei M, am BicKMiMcMr net t-I. 4-t. -li Km kUrtlad. Mil 4tf. a. Duckwin. mi a-a. e-t. t . Pon IUmbUM.(-lk It) wff. JU MlrUn (k) I-,, a-l; MUM Xun- n (-'i aO) IIM.ka lUOftUt UOI (firnn1- atauM i-iJi aw. a. muubi (iu 1 iK 1-1, Jmum ttgun 1-31 it. K jl(-arM (NtM H to l, -a. 4i a. wci if.) an. r.ui nr (iui ii a-a.-!. HvehMttMlOMti W. tw Km (e) -. a-T, lt-10: aUMa KakMy (111 . A. rlWUr (Ml -. -; Pofl Dtiriu (tl Mf. A. ArtMm- mwi, (M ,- ie- .r amtm Mi iff: t. Uktr (Mui uTiti a-a. -: nn auaui (-toi oar, our bxmji (piu (k 0) - - r so much tobacco A t "V Mr 5 A " UN vN I! yV viaaiNiA eiARtTTe taste y h ; a. I k5! ' F .aww--" uJ T f I v -r c : , ., , - ii alt . K Mi We pltce a ilfl!) dftp Gf naturd m-lnthalw hdt 0rl tH tobacco r.ot In thlfe .liltw - bui on thft Wil wrtp : Insld the pacbgs. By thlf unlijUS, patsnt; j process; we Wa the rnth tfiol through the tobacco t3 tlvft you rereshirlj caolrii si - but ricVer jo much rhjrts tSaft , hcci tifr tobacco . International king size length, pur white filter too. Regular price. ' , ' i ' , Canada best menthd c$&cite ' ' .111!- " , ; j i ; ; i 1 1 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAY, AUGUST 14. 1964 - ,('". - - ThE RACCOON POrVLATIoN aecma to be on th increase In the Ottawa area, Judging from our owl) observation! and from reporta we have received. ' The coon Id by nature a todtabl fiUbw; It doeSh't tike long to get him coming regularly td tH cottage door tor hand-out. In fact, moat folks who e pilsy with one of th cut littit mult-faced inf mala are Ukely, before long, to find thamMlm with wnoie lamiiy oi raccoon moving in. uwiiu raunun Then came the problem of getUn til of thi lot, which will bring wail ot dttptir from thoa membor of th kautahdid who retard them a cuddly pet. Mention uaing a trap or th Ihotgun, and you're HMuaa: a mufdarer. Cute though they My b. raoeoonl can do a great deal Of damage around a Summer cottag. If there era garden araund, th toll WB1 be todto-thing to reckon with. They are cunning and intelligent, Thete fkctora, coupled with th fact that a hccWM nwmmar that dnabil film ts acoampitth all aorta of thinga n animal with ordinary paa Mnt do. make rum a iroumatom acn-bor at times. ' CUSSIN1NTHE CORN MTOI -Al hd Bla Watton. well known member bf th Capital, flying fraternity,' hive been hiving tntmtttv a time with th hitht-rovlnfe "toon' in th put week or to. . A tin! lirdM pitcn pt earn mi drawn th of th animate and. notina the havoc wrought in a couple ot rllghU by th inlmala. the Wataon wanted to get rid of tharn (or It). Being toft-hearted what tn aenttMi of th wild art eencornad. iht im nn iiva trap ui an atrert to cattn th Varmint And remova thM ta aoma etntr Ma vulMribii part ot th bounty...,. ' On th KhmlH kttm, tuk nap win Mb they round 411 r4 ban hki aaan hMi 4nd th bait tmod. but n rawoon war , taught. . Mdrl than UttL Inothar aJniA a corn had been broken dowi Wth th cob half-aiUM and niinea - . . - NekL (W ait ua kin Nhl "ataHavMU" tantthm, fciron. Tl didn't work' Htl. itfir-. Thy iida't ktt Iny 'codrii; hiithfcr, did 'thay let mucB lp. , , ! -s - , At thl nbrntnt of arltlni th4. tort pitch II gbttihl malMri th Wattoni Ir ?! urg wvuncf ana tn racaoon era latuitg fOar.r j . . : wm 4h4 tarn patch U aavadt Will At M fta haVI hw bavy Craekdtt hat, com-bldto with eooh ulii. thl ball? Tune In on thU caldrna Mat week for th next Big. thrill, thg episode, if there M ont, "l lot yod know. ,. . .. . - t - I TMAt WATER IliORtAofe In th UppbT OtUwa VaUy hai liined k Ood deal of attafttion racantiy. but Jurt what it meana, in term that iltt ibV trUiwIized, dotttt't itrlk moat folk forcibly. i. tc tc Lr4 of U)4 land and forttti ult at Ptmbrek tll th ctofy hi a dllfertht way., giving an idea of th trotnandou aaantlty at mou-tur good rilH provide. rrdrn April i td July 3l, K taya. mbrok riormilty U U.9 Inehea of raiit Thl year anly 4J inche feU. ' ' i 1 That mtarll that' ry acrt ot land Irtuhd Ptmbrok It IHoit ot I2I.9J0 galloha of watlr. TH4 Whitney rtd Itonactlirt dread tre IhOrt 4t the rate of about 65,800 gallon i per acre. ,. ' If men tried to duplicate th annual Contribution of ftituri end provid th mlttin water, it u!d l rlctnry htitt iMS Mio drum ot watir I cfl cf of land to th Pembrok 4ra.'; i Th f (Ir danaar -remain hifV dpitd rain that 4ui Sum litttrly. Don't yba M 6nt of thl folkt who Mart 80 mn afimff i Yeur PAL; first t::Li::i v:;iui iu tr;:3 0 :,AtiC lt COATS MOTOtt ;, SALES and SKVICf ' SPEtD-d-MATlC CAR WAtfl i&ttit division 2t Montreal Road TU-llli 4hiil fctmaa i4iit 11 Telephone 722-3481 v, DEPENDENT rurtr-"jraiTa I i960 oorrtr. Ottawa By iOHM ALDfcN kNiGrtT Thi khMuli at Soluriar Period, at prtntad btiewi hai been lawn from John Alden kniaht'a Solunar TWa Wri at day a that yod will b ln in good territory of Kuntlnd in good cover during th Urn, if you wtih ta find tit but iport that Mch day a te biter. Uaa) Eattera Daylight 8vlng lima. . Aa. bay le un. "ton. ta ivti. It WW. 0 That, E Inn. around I a.m., AJ. M Mia mu .tiia per bent at all ibrett tlrti ia Ortttriot RICH AND RttA IT. iOHll of Kara will ad it hotU U members of the Ottawa Valley Beagle Club on Saturday, July 25. for an Open Hdut event The Hound-roilowtr will spend tha dtv rUnhlnt thlf intonate and will alto IHipdct lorn pottttIenew running1 ground in thllrt. Th 0 aotivi' tiet - will get under way at UkE sMokib hskt The tune, 1064, law of ' Trade Newt," d federal Department bf PUheriei Publication, con tain art excellent article on th bUllntil el tmokinc fit. ft arrtrt plana for making a proetr ahokt metal amokehouSe arid give ltia-by-itep detallt a ta method and time ail emokln varioue kindt of freih! water nth. The article ia one Of I iHi M th handling arid nrPtaMlng bf nih. Two-WayTie In St. Paul Open Golf ST.' PAUL, Mlmi JP Jay U. m I --..A. .a fa. ..J iimi v w Hliinwi mum JbhhnV Cook of Minnetonkl Baaeh, Minn., tired ' opening round 6 to take the lead In iht IM.Ooo it. Paul open golf tournament Thursday, Thl vtteran Htbtrt put to-tether rounds of td-Sd over th par-tl, courts, Cook, l.llt-yard Ktutr MinntaotaV No. aMaylni pro, shot M-44. I Onl (hot Behind thl ldrt wr POA champion Bobb; Nlthots of Cdron. Csllf4 ftlt 12 8. . and Bob Ooainy 7h!:!:i:j i tllsvllts. III., with U tA. tight ether tld It , Including Julius Joras, Mid Pints, NCt Chuck CtuHnty, L4 Jolll. Calit. Ind Prank loyif Ion. Rochttter, HY. National Dptn champion Rta Vinturt fired I Tl ; NEW TORK tUPD-RtliW l Ritcner stev riammon w ui iw York Ytnkttt, who n4 l: Mad (Ky.) itatt coiitgt aunng th off ttttbn. if you're tirdd cr!.t:ry Cassius Clay Takes Bride; LOS A MatttS rUR) , en thl -wtekend to atttnd J ... ? . - ktf..if U.t Heawwalaht boxlna chamo on meeiini m mm muauin Caului ClayAwho Ilka id M known now py hi Bltctt Mui-Urn nami of btuhirnmid All. waa aecretly married latt weak (a a Chicago roover girl" MOdel, it wad reported Thursday.' ;t" j- (V n V ' Clay, who ha been making coy remark about a "poatible msrrttgt andor sngigtmtnt luprtmacitt group snd Jfltro-dttced girl S hi wife to a Ntgro iport tdttor, ; J Brad Pye, editor of theiot Angeles. Sentinel, aaid he met Cley in the champion' room; dt I local hotaj and n pra-ttnted SOnJI RoL 14, th model, aa hi wife. She aaid th wa mtmberof the Black Muslim,, far tha seat month, wta htr Pye.reponea. SMiUlbUyabSBtsawUM 3 w ! liEIITAL FOnnlTDRE nut ebetterfleld suit! btdroom lulttsi dining i tultt Mdlna chtlrti ubleai televUJont; refrlgeraU fat tribal affk furnlturt; complete Rbutfbold hirnhf tag. . ntiauT it iw mckt-i " IT m WIS IT m M ' ' W deliver-. W pickup Wt tkppky eomplst Strvkt to the mercbandite wkU - ' Hiatal tut Mf M e.Trt I. MMkaM ", i tut fMt tUti mt 111 atab. aav iwwiMt. S)t-tH. , " a tS MIUI t InU-a laraltaM. wl.kat St Mir tfarttf SIMM tut tl III Mnttf, m palaniM, U-tl, t' BH It I . I I en I I I n' VrVei PlAlti .It tsfl Slltlt -: ' x m drH JaflLJaja V -v a-' - a l " '' l C KCAdTaN blSTillfeRSBridgetown, Nova Scotia) Hwrtnl m ' cfH rt pa ''' 1 n " 1 fl f ' P' ! i ' - -1 n r-Rtiaii i aiirniiaai mm i x I ONTHltGO NS-S IX t fwC WEARS ' :' ":' I GRiUDUATE 4f. ) I HA- UNDERFASHIONS ; T" "'' 1 '. ' ' foam contour cupa-of lac over taun. Sidea n I .Oil ' ' J 1 'f , r'.'" of COtUm. AnchortMind. AAMf34A30.M. . ; . , . ' : - Plrid auallty cotton with half circle uretched wjf x--' '-I ' "i cupt for gtntll support. FuU centre eltie - ' ' tj' y: , insert , Non-blndjng freedom. AA ll-d4.. ; ' O I Up- i I ''rl,-,!-' A ll-'ll"... ;''' "' T4,i 11 17 'rJv v ' -AiiowiriceMCf- ":Kr - ' ..- -V Ct ft c'W ' thl rhkliig bra that growl with th Men ' I .IV : , . ngdro. Firm outer rlftg of Hetanet end colton ' ' ' i , 1 V Vj 1S . -. tive healthful tuppoit. AH lllanca cup f -4 rg a I . ' "w- 5fr . "lV j v-..; ' --h canfdrma to chanclnc houttt. AA .11 I .711 1 !!C I ';', :j- :- ""ad-M, A w-a. ....11... ..i.. TXww . '"'V ' X'- lv 13 e-i1tat-Stretchrt ' ;.', , , ' -i . . ' FKal - ' 14 " ; - Young Teent' Brl , ' s r r 3 " ' ' v-- X, TN ' A Cotton Bra. Embroidered 2-ectlon cup.' ' . V 5x;-', 1 .?Vt" f I Batltte Uitex front SUy-put Stretch thoulder i, -tH ' ' I I ftrap. Adjutt to any neckline. Never bind 1 . aj f . 1 , I ' nr cut. Aa 21 34. A 20 3d. . . ; . . 1 1 . . . 1 ; , , I A 3& A, I Lovable Voting teens' ttrWi ! " 1 aPRTA 4 a IHd rarity Girdle . ' i I t 'vljll ' -V 1 - Made of miracle Spandex. designed , gj A EfX V&! u -1 ' pgt?r1u,lr,i ' M, L" ' '' v-coOi. 'j: y ' v4" f ' JuHSd? 'Charge Ir ,( - ' Y:" -' - A . - - - ----- ' ; , . ' ' 1 - . , '

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