The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1918
Page 6
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r £ I 5: f . « r -\i - .;. 1.PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSvTLLE, PA. W3IDNESDAT, FEBRUARY 13, 1917. t ~ ^MERCHANTS STAND BACK OF PURCHASE MADE HERE Ten reasons way you should bur in Connellsville:-- , : . ' ' " ' - ' : . : - . ~ First--Because you should "do unto others as you would be done by.",..-;, _ U'TTSecond-^-Becauae by.:advocating the "buy in' ponnellsville" movement 1 ~ ^mas advTobatingllhe circulation of money in Connellsville:: ^ _ ~Third-S-Becaus^:it is ou'Fdnty, as loyal'citizeas, "£b supnort home industry. _ 2"^Fourtff--Because it is"unfair and disloyal tolspend the. salary Or. wages ~ _(a»_-the cmi« may-be) earned in Connellsville with oiitsido Biros. :' .",'. :·/ ~ -r-,.-Fmh--Because we hiyefthe privilege ot examining "the -articles'-' before _ purchasing. " .' ' " " ". ~~ - Sixth--Because the guarantee of the men we .know, and of whose integrity _ ~'rlty 'we' are -assured,-stands back'of every purchase. · ··'· ~ : _ . . . Seventh--Because .as a Business people, ever /interested."in increasing la "irtisiness', 'they not only' wistf* to 'maTce~ you a life-time customer, but desire .3 your recommendation to your friends. ^ Eighth--Because by buying in Connellsville you increase the prosperity ~ in all lines of trade, and prosperity in trade means a prosperous .Connellsville. Ninth--Because a prosperous ··Conn'ellsvilie means'- e'ivic : improvements oC PUT CREAM IN NOSE AND STOP CATARRH Tells How To Open Clogged NM- trila and End Hemd-Colds. all kinds. .Tenth -Becanse-by~supporring- the-"Bu.r in Connellsrille" movement and "" spending our monc-y at home, we not only receive better, goods', better service, C boOre reap an additional benefit by enjoying the civic improvement that oaly a prosperous Connellsville can afford, and a prosperous Connellsvilie means ·*· a^rosperous people. . : . " . - . ' . . You feel f i n e , in a. few moments. Your'.cold in head or catarrh will bc gone. Your clogged nostrils will open. The,'air; passages oC your head will clear'^nd you can breathe freely. No more 'dullness, headache; no hawking, snuffling, mucous discharge or dryness'; no struggling for breath at night. Tell your druggist you want a small' bottle of .Ely's Cream Balni; Apply a little of this fragrant, . antiseptic cream in your nostrils, lot it penetrate through evory-air passage of the head': soothe and heal the swollen, inflamed mucous' mobrane, and relief comes instantly. II is just what every cold and catarrh sufferer needs. Don't stay stuffed-up and miserable,--adv. TOX'TJOLAXOVSt. "FACE-VALUE".--A ; five part Bluebird attraction, (n which Mae- .Murray. is seen/in the leading role, is being presented: today. The photoplay re- portunities. Sea this great old play and . enjoy -one of the most pleasant afternoons or evenings of your-life. The Manhattan' Players will be seen in "Tennessee's- Partner" Friday and Saturday matinee and.nights. Special:, scenery, and 'electrical effects will enchance the beauty of the author's pleasing work. Friday night the Country Grocery Store will be bigger and better than ever. Miss Thayer POLKA DOTS A'B WIDE BfiLS. Ef COMBDfATIOS. fleets the'struggles of an orphan from has been shopping for the past week poverty to affluence. Her playmates j and has obtained a lot of presents that were gang fighters and juvenile de- j win more ,. han ple? ' se . - or ; course imquents, and the little girl spent the [ U]Cre w i l l bc a s ,, ccia f valuable prize time she might have been playing in | whicll w i n bc a ^^ surprise, the laborious task of transporting! .^ojifced ;J.mejt and clean-clothes to and \ TH'JE ARCADE. "JJrQnx her stepmother's washtubs. Es- - ' caping from thralldoro the girl struck I »trx;rMG FOR OFFICE."--The -.out for hers'elt,'Mit'her youthful as-| show that made. George M. Cohan fa- -sociates followed to persecute her. | mous -'Running-tor Office." will be of- ·SVThen.she.wason a reform , ered bj . stone . s Twentieth Century. school, the girl jumped from a mov- Jfns train'as it was crossing a bridge, ,-into the river. Her keepers supposed 11 she was drowned but fate and a. hand- Show at the Arcade today and tomorrow. This farce-is so meritorious and weil known that the mere mention . of the title is 'a'guarantee that the ^some young chap with lots of money : show wi| , b( , f u n n j % betause u is the rcscned her from a watery, grave and i brig . Me3 , gem of O ' ne : dt the br ' ishtcst then-matters took an abrupt turn. Af- ' ter some further straggles the girl It wlu be pre g e nted ~ triumphs and the happy ending ~ .terminates an excellent entertainment. ~ ' .RSman'c.e_.and adventure combine to give'.Miss'Jfurraj', the dramatic ele- - meals to which her artistry is bes-_ : ' -- - fitlerf. A selected comedy is also be" ing-'shown. Friday and Saturday "" -Norma -Taliriadgf 1 , supported by' Eu- and 'other "screen stars will be seen in Moth," which tells the story The of a young girl of wealth and social position., yfho determines to "emulate the example oC Cleopatra and "flirt her .way. .into immortality." Monday Harold Lockwood, the screen idol, will be seen in ''The Avenging Trail." Madge Kennedy will be seen Friday and Saturday, February 22 and 23, in "Nearly Married." . ond: episode of "Vengeance and the Woman" will be. the picture and the Vitagraph company says Its is its masterpiece. The first episofle last week set all oC Connellsville talking. OBPHEUS TIUJATKB. - ' "FOR LIBERTY."--An American - -woman caught in Berlin in the turmoil "-{hat-followed the declaration of war 5 between the United States and Ger- J many and her light for - herself, her ^ country and her .sweetheart. That is ~ in a nutshell the story, that. Gladys -Brockwell brings- to you in Wm. Fox's - "photoplay, "For Liberty". The Mut.u- - -al-.-weetly will also be shown. Tomor-. - row Ann Murdock is stared in "The Imp'dste'r" a cleverly told .story of - whafhapencd to'an innocent girl who went alone-to a man's apartment. in its original form just at it was hy the years ago. It will include all-the original music, which owing t o ' t h e war. is timely, and I n - 1 beholders; and is'fabric cludes'Tm a Yankee Doodle Boy." Mr, | an ,j -white .satin, with th Stone's company is composed of excellent players and their performances yesterday and ifonday pleased bjg au- The novel use of polka dots combined with a large inverted brim makes this hat delightfully entrancing. .It "s designed for. the tourist who ·wishes to;bring u joy to herself and all ;ated of blue polka dots die at all perfo ' The sec- Indian Creek. INDIAN CREEK, Feb. 12.--M- E. Frazee from Cor-nellsville "was-a bus- as the sole...triinming. MMERMANWILD FURNITURE "The Big Store Hew The Closing Out Sale Leonard Furniture StocK Connellsvilte's Greatest Money Saving Eveiifc One-Fourth to One-Half Leonard Furniture Company Prices Dining Suites Dining Tables Dining Chairs Lamps Cedar Chests Bed Room Suites Brass Beds Iron Beds Springs ' Mattresses Duofold Suites Davenports Rockers ' , Library.Tables Parlor Suites Everything For Every Room Reduced All Leonard Furniture Must Go to Make Room For Our Immense New Spring Purchases Zimmerman-Wild Co., 154-158 West Crawford Avenue, Connellsville, Pa. Get Dr. Edwards' OGve Tablets That is the joyful cry of thousands since Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel. i Dr. Edwards, a practicing physidan for 1 iness caller in our valley ]17 y ears and calomel's old-time enemy, A. w.'sipe from Hill Run is a Con- discovered the formula for Olive Tablets netlsvile markoted today. F. W. Uabel has returned to duty while treating patients for chronic coo- stipation and torpid livers. I | Dr. E d w a r d s ' Olive Tablets do noti today after a week "oft on acount or contain calomel, but a heiliD Motfaing sickness in family. Bob Marietta from Mill. Run is a business caller at Ohiopyle today. Mrs. J. Miller from tadian Head is calling- on shopping. John Bungard Connellsville friende and -arid · John Nickel vegetable laxative. No griping is the "keynote" of the»e little sugar-coated, oBve^okmed tablet* They cause the bowels and liver to 1 act normally. They never £xce them to unnatural action. If yoa have a "dark brown inouth* now! and then --a.bad breath -- a dull, tired THK SOISSQX. · -'. "TENNESSEEIS PARTNER."--The ·American stage has seen Tew better .melodramas than the famo'us success -"Tennessee's Partner" with its multi- rtude of original ideas and with the best comedy vein that the dramatist ever wrote. The screamingly f u n n y from Indian Head" were taken to the · feeling--sick headache--torpid liver and! Cottage, hospital tor treatment.- · i are constipated, you'll tod quick, ture and; ,. ° - ,,.!*., li«- rmm Tfmrin^ ^ pleasant results from one or two lit- Mr.-ana .Mrs. Barkley from Koanng ti e Dr.Edwards'Olive Tableta'at bedtime. Run are spending'today in Pittsburg.. Thousands take one or two erery night i Frank Miller from Indian. Head is just to keep right Try them. Me and a business visitor in'Connellsville. :, 25c per box. All druggists. Lloyd Vertman from M i l l ' R u n l e f t ; ' _ . _ ... . j* for Connellsvllle where he is employed : in the silk mill. - - - -'- ' · ..Mr. and Mi*. J. C. Green, from Roaring Run are spending ioday j among Connellsville friends.. A. B. Dull left for his home in Con- j ne'.lsville .after a few days' visit at Mill Run. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Sipe'from Mill character ot the modern Ananias Gee-j Run are spending, a fe.w. days among v.-hilleker flay has convulsed a u d i - 1 Connellsville friends. ence= almost to the point of hysterics. | Mrs. L. Koontz from Indian Head The play lells a convincing story' in · left for Somerset this morning and ; a way that grips the hearer anrt is j will spend several days 'among' full of genuine surprises. "Tennes- ! friends. · I S"fl's Partner" affords every member Lloyd .Miller the strong arm of the of lie Manhattan Players unusual op- law from -Normah-llle Is transacting _. ' : . ' '.business in Connellsvilie and Union- i town, today.'"" 1 I Frank" Bigam.aud Walter Nicholson [ f r o m Mill Run-are.CoTrnellsville business-visitor "today. .:'' Miss ".Elsie Murfy..Jrom' Jones JE11 is calling t n Connellsviiie friends anii shopping. - - · · Mr."-and Mrs. H. W. Miller spent last'nighl-among Conneilsville friends. Miss .Jean. Illeg returned home after a few weeks' visit among Connells- SOUR STOMACH .lli-ti-iia Pnts tlie Stomach in Vita Shane In Fivo JfinufPS. , If your ytumach Is (.ontinually kicking up n distur-jance: you feel blo$ied ' a^d (Ifstrcssed; if you belch eras and sour food into the mouth, tlicn you need | · -7.1l-o-n:t Stomat-ti Tablets! Mt-o-na Ktom:LCh tablets sive instant I n,lief. ,,f courr.e. they do more: Saving is a Solemn Duty Just low ... A _duty ^'e owe to oureolvee, our families and our country.; - Our savings are needed' to bring . th,e war to a successful conclusion, \ . The battle must ho carried on at iomo as,well as on thp firinp line. This strong-bank invites, your savings account and pays liberal interest. $1 starts j'OU. HAULEVf, COAJO JJVD CKUSHEB COKE. V. V. GLOTfEIiTY. Both Phones. . · · CoBnellsville, Fa. Grandpa Is Sixty-four Today end J» tie »«6t ol horttti. Hale and tie«ty, with blood, good appettte anfl good dlB«rtJon, Rood, too. H» tmkes car* o( WmMt2. H» knp Umilf U- He WM to It tfaal hla tMTwB add Mood an tn Cfod *hap«. "Wben ne finds to MUnc -without nlUh. f*«l- Utti* d«l»'t*»ed VD crow, idctait b« bovfaw hja creAtisent of B1o-fer«!i. th« nerve aAd blood, tonic. «B)o-fsren. a compound of Lecithin, Iron Ftttonate and other valuable toalc elements In tablet form, la joct eKaotly ivbat the averece tired bual- ne» man, the averae» houackeeper - " ·- 1 of O» rear. It fconce the iMrrott and p»t» T!^C «wl enercr Into ttw «y«tem. There Is no my«t«ty abcrut Ho- feron, Brwty paokm«e exactly th« oonlant. JLj tor otwnt B*o-ftxr«a, or. Bend us hte name mad we wia ior- wird htm tlm oompUtw £Dnnnl*. GFtr« Blo-;er«n a fair trial U II don't make goi TOUT manor ' W 1 °B Uy Mtarmd to you. Inter- booUot will b* malUd you on paclwe (!,« at all no4 drogsi»tjs or direct if your 4rB«i«t don't bundle it. The Benfiael BMB- edle» Co.. Cindiuiatl, Ohio. they drive out the poisonous gases tniuL v l l l e fluen ^ s ' " c;iuse fermenin.:lon ot food and thor- | Clen -Miller from .Indian Head leaves ouffhjy clean, ronovat. and Wtren^then j for Camp Lee loday. the stomach so that U can reiidily di- p g , p al - e .fj-om Indian Head was icest- food -^-ithf.ut art!!icinl aid. -..·....." . .. ^-. Tili-o-na stomach "tablets are guaran- a business caller here today. t«d to end im!i«?tlon. acute or chron- i . W. J. .McFarland left for ills lumber ) "The Bank Uiat ftoos Tilings for TOR" icj ~or money back.- This means that ( cam p a t Jones Mill" today.' nervousnesy, Oi-zlnftss and billlousnessr: .. T ,-,. , . K ,,^. _ ,, will disappear . Druggists everywhere 1 U T " ? lsh »' as . a Business Caller in ami A. A. Clafko sell lli-o-na.--Adv. IConneisville today. M _ Cruwforfl Avc^ ConncllsYllle. Checking Accounts"Invited. FLINT'S MOVING IL4UI.LSG AXD STOKAGE. Motor Truck Service To All Parts of Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. . . . . --^ . .,.. r*Ur*lrf HitYi 3 ASTHfliA-MCDiaNE 'J501D BY ALL DRUGGISTS PRICE S-VOO I - - 6 SOSES FOR S5 00. i TRIAL PACKAGE BY MAIL lOc. WIUKMS MfG. CO., fn^t. Clcvtlind, Q.\ . For sale jby Connellsyille Drug Co. BicG A remedy for lofcctifliu of tbf) u r i n t r r Lrnct. FKilileei. DOU.polHOnoiii »nd will not Rtricture.. B^HPVM In 1 to a days. Parcel Poit f ( dunin-d -- P r i c e St, or 3'bottle* *2.T3. THE EVANS CHEMtCAL CO., CINCINNATI, O. SAFEGUARDED BY LAW Trust Companies are safeguarded by law, under the supervision of the State Banking Department..' You .act wisely when .you appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your Executor.. It Is always faithful 'to the duties of the estate. Consult us about this-important matter. LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL DRUGGISTS-LARGE PACKAGE $153 · J. N. Trump ! HItE TRANSFER MOTOR TRDCK «jd WAGOK MOVING AAU HOISTIKO P l A S f J S A rip:-Ct:!AI.TY. .-'atronyie Triose Who Advertise Olllce 103 l£. Oi «ito P. R. K. r)e ! Aner, . . n.ith P : //arft Ads--1 Cent a Word. HOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. CONNELLSVILLE. PA; PEIET. DrTK-^-PetejM Better Get Some Other Sort B.T C. A. VOI6HT f---Coo Hoo^ He SAVS Me. THINKS HE "Tbo MUCH' TJiix. TM»Mt.S ME. M o o f e evew GO'SIE As To occupy MV FAVORITE I.Q.OK AT HIM , IW 17 THEM Vou \THIHK. TTHAT 'V/AV OH \ iDlOu'T -HE- v/Ai

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