The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 17
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j . JEASOUTHW,0RTH . of The Joursal i -. Wet court hamperej ' the start of play In the Canadian Junior Tennis Championships at the Rideaur.tiwn "Teflnli Club Thursday, but by the end of the day at total of 110 matches had been "run" off "In the Canadian closed section Of the competition. rj -mv;- vIt U pW!t(U 'lwj!ignf singles: 'event! 1$ ,the cWd crwmpionsrifp ; wilt . be. com-pitted onhe 'werHend. Play will then Jbe'alo ii the 1 open even, '-in X whicjf the -Cana-dians joined by 'com-, petitors tmm the United States.. Mexico.,;.NeV . Zealand and India. AiMRiW ?Four Ottawa players made the. round, pi, 16 (n the boys' 18 ' Auenr i' VMCIMrilaw.. ' " ' ' 1 RYAN ADVANCES ' f 14 Vaim Dum nuAmAiWAiBhth seeded Warren Charnplon- of Terrv Brunei Of "Montreal . 8-4, a-. 6-lPaul Hcnr won 3 8. 8-2, fi-fl over Ken McDaniel of To ronto, and Mike Hsmmarf 'Beat! Glen Armstrong of Deep Krver, 6-1. 7-3. - ., r.?.. $ Besides Champion, the only seeded player who met defeat was seventh-rated Tom Gavin of Montreah who-owed-jW. 4-4, 6-1 to BcnrteKHoldufl .of Toronto In the boys'. 18 events ,Tne only Ottawa player All Wi n 'Nil i l' xji 3 IMo iSHOft WEDNESDAY",. Id i li :-t,..l I9th. 8 D.m. D MOVES. .. ' EASmtW iEtCIATKJH ' OFMOMWADX Courtrty ot GREEN VALLEY '30 Montreal Rd. 74M83J JOIIIISOIlf MOTORS V UkefleM 0-ta" i Tborne't Boats. Sailing Dingtiys RACING V- and FttUngK i 1 . Cator-TraJlerivwAOi Row Boau 12 to U tt.. Lawn-Boy Lawnmbwers PhMeer Chain Saws " . GREEN VALLEY LUMBER LTD.T i r v ' . - t - 30 Montreal kd. '74 i63J A "tr- FftlDAY, AUGUST 14, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 17 CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ? Spdrtismeh's A(l:Stars; uutscore Hull -a f ( Rourid of 16 in Tournament . : . ; . , : seeded in the competition, Rosemarie Fletcher, who is rated . fifth ! in . the girls' . 18 event.' ' She . won ' her first round 8-0, 6-0 over Sally John- ky.U son nttMn. rteton. S-2, -: MrU KlvUlld. TofonUk det Frwica Hureooin. Otara. S-4. -. ',.... .. f emus, i Hkolm 1 ""firm two IrW DfekM. M1 real. dcf. BubR Stiff . S-fl. S-4; Nkdct Orcaa. ,TawU. 01. UmX Biny, IUnk t-a. f-Oi Rounurtr ' Fletcher. Ottawa. Wf. Sflly Jeho on, Montreal, t-t, Pawn ror-, real, Staakataon. et HeaUxr Sin-: alr. Deea River. S-X.' Llnaax Watta, 1 Vancouver. H4ef,-' France Quroomh, t-t, ft-fl: ISaMa Barnett,. Kdouuiton, dee. law Power, Ottawa ivt, e-e: Marnte aeilreeV Toronto. del. Robin Lee Monroe. S-7. a-s. .j ROTS 14 SIKOLIS 'j rirat j .rou ml; PhJUp . Brneyj Montreal. de. PaeJ (Ulnvtlle. Ot- V; bot la siNcrW,' Tlraf round Bllry MacOonell. Toronto, dot. Stewart McAlpln. S-B e-t: Bnapa. Broota. Otuwa. def. Michael- Downer j Montreal. 7-S, a-e: GorSon GibMna. Bear. to .be held tJiis Saturday and Sunday. j , ,'t "Among them, there are: Maureen CaUagher, . 196 Canadian champion; Jacqueline Le-compte. Of the 1963 Canadian championship water ski team (Vichy, France); Pierre Beaudln, 1963. Canadian champion. They already are at Blue Sea. getting acquainted ' with local r condi tions. X v journal want aqs Squick results. . ' aI7 a v II Un'l 'r-Vf 1 1 ' dining room. ' bring PROFOOTDALL T0-M1GHT0P.M. r o LANSDOVNE : PARK IIAMILTOII vs-OTTAWA v:. r.'l Uw (-a. -Acott Dunlop-j, uiiawa, oi .. xna beetle.' VBJb. a-O, S-J;- S'neart McAlpln. peep River, det Jhn Mateul. Toroolo. 6-J; John McFarland. Klnja-, Edmonton by a COunv Of .Tien. der.-Feler Cordon, Bouthamo- 4-8. 8-Xiln. the third, KHUnOU. - s-a: Boea Daver, otuwa. Teiryach "defeated Pierre!?!'- ". or. " e-L. 1 t 1 1 m ' a -3 uVi,'. ! 'e. boroufh. def. Ian Wrisht, Kino- ; cnampionsnip in i Ion. S-o. S-l: Ue Chapman. Lon- .', . , W0 iB Strtllght -cnampionsnip in mm. hi 'arrtlfitit wme ' "a. aim ave-uaj, , uimbbi S-l. -a, a-l: Scott OunJop. Otuwa., oei. voieman oonny. Montreal, a-. -; Terry Mecn. otuwa. oaf. Denis Cardltr;: Montreal. T-S, e-1: Peter Bichardaon. Mmtraal. def. Ntil Lomhunt Ottawa. M. S-l: Stephana Veatna. Montreal, def. Murray Monroe, Ottawa S-0. a-l: Brian Stone, Vaneoaeer, def. Roaa Daeldaon, Deep River,, e-t. S-T: Brian Barker, , Soutliamptao, dcf. John McFarland. a-, a-e. Bora it sivcta , round:' ' Tom 'Oavrn. Monlreel. drt.,,Gre( Harrla. (d-m on too, -. S-l 7 -Si Paul Henry. OUawat -eleC Aexue MaclCay. MonUeal. S-l, S-4: Olen Arm- irons, Deep River. - def. - Dave Cralf. Montreel. a-l. e-O; Dave Cox. VoMOiivor. def., Roaa David-, too. Deep Rivet, s-l. a-fc Warren Champion. Cdmontcei. def. , Cordon Gibblna. carborouBh. ' S-S. -0-arDeve Ryan, otuwa. def. Len Tiobita. Montreal, s-e. S-O: Terry Leach. Ottawa, def. Oeotf Rarrla. Edmonton; S-3. S-l: Philip Brlaaa, Saint John. NB, def. Brian Dea-lauriera. Ottawa. S-l' S-l: Bruca Brooks. Otuwa, rt Jehtv CoanriS Rrcma. S-. -, 44. I 1 d Third round: Bob rddUcoenbe. Vancouver, defT Chartea Ronalda. Montreal. a-, a-l: Ron Sloan, Toronto, def. Jim Henntns, Otuwa. -- S-t: Bonus Holdup.. Toronto, dot. T. Gavin l-a, 4-S. a-l: l. Henry def. Ken MoXantcl, Toronea. S-a. 0-1. eMh Bob Bardakw. Van-, couver, def. Gary Reonle, Toronto. S-e, e-O: Mike Hamman, Otuwa. del G. Armatrone a-l, 14: D. Ryan oef. -Wt! CkaaaXod 0- !: T. Loach det. Pierre Brunei. I Montreal. S-t. s-a, s-l: Berry Bhakaapeera. Halifax, def. Dare Rolttna. Vancouver, s-s, S-l: Peter nieiuraeoa, Montreal, def. P. Brieee e-1. a-O- Virt OAithM Vaneouver. def. Dave Hunt. Belkr-f 1 wis. a-, o-i: uon You na. London, del, B. Brooki a-l. S-l. - WaterSkjing jj blue sea Meet Former water skiing, cham nual Blue Set Lake tovmament pttqyp:Paif Wins George 2'iKEMPTVlLtE Tpeclair--. .jack Carman and Dave Muir-,' head, .represfJntmg. the- Ot- Uwa, Lawn Bowling. Oub Wednesday night, won- tht W, B. George Silver Doubles; Trophy on the greens of the XemptvUle. ; UwrrBowling Club. ' X A HlghUnd Park entry of Cordon Torrance and Dr. G. R. Nodwell was runner-ap. Ed . Lepage and E.f Metca)fe ofOLBC took- "third prizes. The Kemptville pair of Jt. Milne and Wf .Folkart waa fourth. '.f-; ' High two game. wtnriers were R, J Anderson and f. Scardlno ; of iAlmontevfdll-, lowed, by; Bill Bowman aid Blir Logan of Elmdale who topk the one-game high, f ihJ -I 2 (twl-night) Chance (13-5) and Gatewood (31) va.' S ten-house (1-6) and Kreutzer (3-3). pions will compete in the art-l , New York at Baltimore f(Bigit) Sheldon (3-1) vs. Bar- m PARKING INDmONEDDIi (nlghU- (nlghl Chlcaao at Boston Buzhardt (8-6) vs. Morehfad J8-12). ; , Detroit at Kansas Oty (night-egan(5-8) vs. Pens ra.1 1 Clev eland at Minnesota (night) Kraltck (9-4) or Donovan (6-7) vs. Kaat (12-8KJ ! ' RATIONAL LEAGU1I J l '1itUburgh at Chicago" 2 Law (9-9) and Veale (13-8) va. L. Burdette (8-5) and ' Buhl (12-9). , -i Philadelphia at New York 2 (twl-night) Bunnlng i (12-4) and Wise (3-1) vs.1 Jackson (6-11) and Stallard (6-15). f j ' Milwaukee at San Francisco Lem liter . (12-7) va. 1 Bolin (3-4) or Herbal f : Cincinnati at Houston (night) Maloriey. (11-9) vs. -Bruce til-7i. 1 ' j St Louis at Los Angeles (nigh.t-S adecki (13-9) vs. Drysdare (13-11). , . ! If A XV l Pf W FAIR i HARNESS j W 1 HARNESS , m ' Planning to take your , wifa on trip around ' tha world? Start' to-."1 night by dinin'j '!-' ' ijantly iin'dirj. tha atari at Rideau Carle- torhfortabla AND BETTING AREAS , FRENCH BUFFET TREE BUS SERVICE ALBION RO. AT BANK ST. f f lining tram 1 lifceit Irxle taoaatni TaaM Sink It 8 Aaa VIMS laak tt 8 March leak eLHeetCWftea. t ' Cllir.CLLA AND EXACT . ' ,10 RACES NIGHTLY ) Unapt Sundty) 4 , HIDEAU CARL ETON RACEWAY NIGHT HARNESS RACINO m UM'm Tvins win ; - 'V. .--- Vancouver,. twin-aittera lineay (left) and Maureen , f Watta; 18, show likehess. and pride in their wins in 1 the opening round of the Canadian closed tennis. . uiiawa :inursaay eoui ot course , 'mI, ' ..... . ni TodcV j Pitchers I a- t.ui fc tntarnallCMuI . x . I - v--.. . . nampwns enter American league j r'V-' - I '"La Anaelea at Washingl Los" Angeles at Washington (CP-JournaJ Wlropholo) - 4 . . . ' ,r .1 it " ' All-star players ' from . the Ottawa Senior ' Sportsmen's Softball leaguo scored eight runt in the first three innings and coasted tol an 8-3 decision over Hull Commercial League all-star in an exhibition game at Hydro diamond Thursday nighty ' , Doug Casselmah pitched the win for the Ottawa dub and In addition to a fin performance on the mound. Caaselmaa also hit a double and a single in three trips to the plate. Art Beaudry of Paving, and St. Joseph's Yvon Dugay highlighted a 10- hit assault off , losing hurler Dave Pearce by cracking out the game's only home runs. ; , Kaye Vaughan and Roger Kramer, of the Rough Riders, along with Paul Seguin, president of ' the Commercial League, and Cliff LaceUe, of the Sportsmen' j League, participated tax pre-game ceremonies. Attendance was estimated at &000 fans. , Hun oae eu e a' t a Oiiawa - . las oeo a a ie a Deve Peerao one PtiU tafeai tauto: Dou Caaaerman, Dooc Mlllmore. fl and Brian Moore. HH: otuwa Art Beeudre. Yvoo Dutay. .. . - , Playground - XrTi-':KTBBMaiiATB?.4 Capital. S; Wlodaor. a. Wtnntnt battery: ttt Berser and Roa Kaol-nua,. Loataa .eteeryii Moo Sexe and Gary Crale- ' Capita leode bert-of-nve aemlUial eerlee,. 1-e In aamee. - Next same: Sunday. Sandy Hill .diamond. M ,e. . LfUlMaBBewxewB 1228 Wellington (at Holland) iJj!t' rtM"KtO'.eu't' r-'"T. C -C.m CI Wn Tn i ra-r- ?.X"?3 ?t'. i m 72-10l 4 ; i 1 m -ajr- litis is the m Ha m 1 t, mm ' TAHITIAN CHERRY 1 V , pri-finishM plywood panelling . HERE'S ' art exciting offer' from Barrett Bros. To" make your den or recreation or family room the a showplace of your-home see the display of Tahitian Cherry pce-finished plywnQdjujnelling at Barrett Bros. Lustrous, satin ftnished 4' 8 sheets thai ' regularly . 0 sell for $7.36 per sheet are sale priced at S5.97per -".sheet, . a. m ,? "V si. 6 e t . iaAlso oa aaleato Barrett- Broe-J 2H"wida wall or , ceding stnppirnjj regularly 3c pw. foot.; now tjnlji 'OcT , per foot ; '. V- 2". x 4" studs. 7 lW lengths, 47c, each. Other v 'lengths available from 8 to J6.' 1 "' a " . "4 !-t ft .' - Reflective fod insulation, 250 square feet perToIL 'Sale priced at 8337! per roll. Visit Barrett Brae, .tonight1 or tomorrow morning. or phone 232-9686. -J. " 3 p 'l Enthusiastic StrvictT . 273 Catherine Street a .- .. . . i i a aj awio i laoi iaei aamaeaaaxeaonaeaBaasexosvaaasaseaeaBaaa eaa. ',!., I! JJ ,(;r.r laaTJ.wBWr , BBSBBal i " " Hefw'oWirtO jrinlflttitFet for yourserf. Celebrate Lebatt'e Summer Festival of Canada's 'fastest-QTOwirtg ete Ubatt's $0; TONIGHT t POST TIME 8:00 PM t r y i 1 Ala I r'v A-rt f i, '.mm "is FtavxrurwitharefrshirvQbon.eot'50"Ale--weoffc)uf ' Retreshina? You brti;r -;a '.V. ! ireatUbattbre . V,,v "60M is the ale to start with ...... and stay vithl Sea). taste variety in beer, look no further'ihan Labatt's. ; ' si - - 1Vrim'ii'!M,ivl ' . v " 5- -'' - -n-'"j"''f?,'it aV --. . i ruuiw'kiiiiaiiii 'a.M,.. . x . . - a e ooxa J ENJOY; CANADIAN PRO FOOTBALL pNTHT"- BROUCHT TO YOUimKTtr -.t 1

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