The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIuLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1917. (Bmirirr. ' HEKRT P. SNTJER. Founder and Editor. 1I3J-1MI. THE COtnUEH FwMtat. JAB. 7. DHiaCOtl* ·ee'y and Treanrer, JOHN L. Manaciac Kdltor. h Cltr Editor. .^ -'; MISS-LTJOOB B. KJNCELi, ;\ Society. Editor. ' MEMBER Of. A»olatea PrMW. · -, Audit Bureau of Circulation. ; P«no.ylT«nl» AMOclatcd Dailies. .'.'. T^o oenta per copy,' 50c .per month; 'IS per year by mall if paid in advance. ' Entered as neeond class matter at the ·oitoffice, CwiaellfrUle. '¥*- WEDSISDAT BTTS, FKB. IS, IMS. . Th»3fi»6aSt«d,. fttio la «· elus.tjwy; Wtltle* to the Tiao Jor r«p*ihUeation -b; all. news dis- piteae«;.'cr»dited- t» It or not otherwise credited in this papar and «Jso th« local news published herein. :;, . FJROM TALK TO ACIIOX. :* The city council having- informally fjLUtnoriz^a complaint to bo filed .With :the' Public .Sen-ice- Commission, -set- '.iing forti'the tacts .abpiit.-the cpndi- '.tion of the waterl-supply during'.the -iast two months, wtial-tha pcople.long ;iave termed the -"-'water Question." ;pught novr to pass--from the realm o't riiscrussipn .to that of-action. "-·· '·"·'· · ;: Tbis question nr.some of its varied llorms has beea before 'the people -longer than' aUr-other'in.whlcli .there. BKFFEK LBBIGE coiuumox. . The sucststion of Doctor Hits, superintendent ·£ tie department of parks and public property, that tie coUcctton ol gfubagfc be made by the «itr, inatcad ol contract collectors, is the first forward step that has been taken in an effort to solve the garbage problem. I The ejcperience bad with the contract system, extending over a period of years, lag demonstrated to the satisfaction of most persons, and to-tbe utter disgust ol! many, is not a. success. And that experience is very much like the - experience of other cities and towns .where the .same system has bejn ih-iisc. It is. due tbe contractors 'to say thaj: ttie failures hare not in all 'instances .Keen the result of lack of effort on their part. | Frequently has it been due to lack of coSperation between tbe municipal authorities and the contractor,. but more frequently to the failure to back up .the contractoc through a proper ea- forcemeat . of. the ordinances. Some contractors have, of course, shown ·laclc of system .in tbe management of their Business Trhich, when coupled with lack of support from municipal authorities, has resulted disastrously to the contractor and in very inefficient and unsatisfactory service 10 customers. 'With the city taking cliarge of the collections the chief deficiencies toC the contract system ougbt to be eliminated. Through a districting of the city arid the assignment of collectors to · these districts, the first requisite of a systematic collection will be provided. The supervision of the work .by the bead of a city department, as tbe presont plan contemplates, will furnish tle- second .requisite. The third,' and perhaps most important of -all, will be the rigid and unvarying I enforcement of provisions of tbe j ordinance. AVti take it that such is j -ias been'a "general" interest and it is, the purpose of the-head or the dcpart- : iio hearer a-settlement' than when it ment .having this big undertaking in -first began to agitate;thepublic mind. ..This was back in 3f87-when^thf flrst 'pumping station was built on the West charge; and that he will have the necessary support to make his efforts j in the direction of'a better garbage | .Side to augment the snpply from Me-j collection a success. j : Coy reservfiir during . a protracted Thero snolll(1 be no hesitancy, oa ; -drouth;-People'rise-in great indig- P a ^ of the householders of the city to cooperate fully with tbe city authorities in tbe work or establishing ; nation at the prospect of having to NAIL'S IN THE KAISER'S COFFIN : , . . - . - , j . ... rules for the maintenance or the pub- · toe decision by the company to, bnUd TM e " than heretofore . From tho . the Breakneck' reservoir and - w - ll ^- ut " the -water question ceased to be a topic ··of discussion until at a later -period, the present pumping plant was unsatisfactory experiences of the past, citizens should welcome any change for' the better -whfch the proposed plan offers with assurances of suc- ;proposed, the proposition to buy the| cess in . potion as the conditions of 0 oW or to build a new plant was rc- isuccess are cora pHed vith. one of vived. At intervals since then public in-| vbich i s that citizens realize their duty and perform it- Home' tics "were broken in 37 more home." In O'nnellsvllle and v i c i n i t y latrt n i p h t irlien the fourth c n n l i n e « n t ·of draftees left, t" t a k e th«ir places .terest has been temporarily aroused, ··-and as regularly it has subsided. *; Not until this winter bits the matter · of an inadequacy in the supply been ! Brought directly hi?me to so many con- 'suraers. Through the- failure of the .^company to maintain a pressure that .-would supply the elevated sections of the cily.- followed by the freezing oE .several mains and an unusually., larger t ff the hoir ordinance to bo Connells-j s o m c .;'number of service lines, many house- j viiie'ts valentine? retire -holders have experienced an inter-! · runtioii to their service for the first! L03G1XG FO.R S Tho winter is IL mean old Uiintr. will: ice and snow and b Hazard; I'm longing for the breath of spring, w i t h heart and mind and jrizx.ird. Tho w i n d that ; sihrieks :icross che moor STOWS colder; stUl and a^ron^er; It scums to inn 1 J ' can't endure Lhia w i n t e r graft niuc.-h ; longer, Oh, w i n t e r is :L bristly b o r n ! ' W i l l s p r i n g R'er com*;, I wonder, wlion , I can shut the f u r n a c o door, aii'l let i t ; go to thunder? Ah, G c n i h i Ann!*, One Cent « Word. No advertisements for L*e«i Than IS C*nt*. Classified columns clone ett noon. Advertlnementa of wanta, ·*!«*, etc.. received after that hour will not o.uieAr until the day following. WANTED -- VOL-R WANTED--TUlltD TRICK .t U. O. RKSTAirRAXT, SfebSt , nd chane out w i n t e r WANTKD -- FACTORY. burly! J.'isplay aomu energy and pop. · TUI-STATK CAN'DT CO. speed your 5tep. GIRLS AT; Ifeb-ifd man the National A r m y , m a k i n g that j ^are-- arc morr- ccntrrs in which the p r o - I winter I . and g«L here b r i f f h t anil early. My ; uch j press of the war will be the principal t: topic of interest. ~ lOdoc-lfd jtime. This has given the water ques- -.-tion a new angle, particularly when not work unices' it work* that l«. no substitutes, n ^considered .in . relation t» the very I n !!grave fire risks that have prevailed,! \'*nd even now have act been entirely! '·"removed^ This' has created a condi-| - -tion -which demands an inquiry into the! -"causes and then the prompt removal i ,,cf them. . j :; How far this inquiry may lead into! 'the/question of buying the* old or rtmilding a new water works. Trill j - '.doubtless be determined by the scope ,.:of tbe petition and compaint to be filed fluur, no substitutes. zhif? as t h e y llap--euch ' WAX7JCU -- G I R L T P C C L it: and there are frost- ; House, Dawr.on, Pa. my map, where sideboards; don't protect it. Th* 1 houtie i.s cold, and j --i if I burn pome a n t h r a c i t e to heat i t . ! f-rlm consrrver c.ilis the t u r n . : mf | tell." mr 1 s-honld b^at i:. At n i ^ h t A m of birds Eind buds, u" streams j ~ that slance .ind q u i v e r , and w a k i n g | put on frozen dud*, and sland a r o u n d ] - -- ' . " l a n d Silver. 3 dr«am of meadows pr^cn : hotn way.s. j and R l n d w , t h l a m h f l n n ,i k i n d r e d ! - f l o u r ; a n d j f r i 8 h e r s : an d wake at break oJT day to j i ftnd ft. Rno-s-drUt in my whiskery. 1 j dream of valleys sweet w i t h hay, o f ; prospects fair and pleasinc, and wake j w i n t e r day. to find my trilby; AT BARB EKING j SfcJAU.,KD !·* ItO POSAJL.S WILL BE tf : (.'uived by the Controller of Fayelie -r" · , c u u t i t y . Pa., at liis otliuo in the Court CO_OK| House, Uniontoivn, Pa., until lji.00 o'clock, noon, Kriday, March 1st. 3918 'or f u r n i s h i n g unc car load of approx- i m a t e l y IS.OOtt f e e l . B. M.. 3 inch No. 1 sound ,-wjuare edged W h i t e Oak Bridfcu l l - V W S O N J 1!:tnk ' ·*"· °' B " t-'niuniown. Pa. The V y h l v in person i car l() consist of approximately 40 per SCeMt.. ' : '" n r - i n l " f o o t IrnsLliH, 40 per cent in ___!__ · 11 fool I f H R T t h s and -0 per cent in 11 V N D CHAMBER-I f 0 *^ J v n p i h p , n u t over la per c e n t of the car tn be ti Inches \vil«, not over 10 por cont t p be S Inches wide, and the reimiiniiiK: SO pc:r cent to be 10 inch CD--HEN* P.OOM1SP.S. ALT- and 12 inch w i d e . Delivery U n i o n t o w n . .113 Cedar avenue, i Pa,, d u r i n t r niarch. 1918. Bach bid to ·· · ·'" 12Eiib3t ' | bo accompanied by a. certified chock JU'O.QO. The ripht to reject any n l ; bids ts expressly reserved. A d - | HARRY K2SINGER. County C o n t r o l - _________ ^'A-VTELJ-- TO RENT A FARM n o a r Scottdal* or Conncllsvillc. dress Bo3 , go South Oonnell3Vt\le, Pa. .. ANTBD--GIRL. TO WORK: IN Oh, I am sick of ETIOV.- and j restaurant at VandorbSJt, opposite ho- fcc. of blanus that l o n p have tonscd me; : tel . Must t»; over 2« yearn old. Salary i prodocp the spring- and dura the prico i j s0 o p^r w i - f k . Call a f t e r ti 1*. 3J. 1 --it's worth T^'hat It would cost, met j 8feb5t" J. E. W. Gardner in the Public Service Commission.'. ;This should be limited to meeting the present acutfe situation and securing .rbettcr sen-ice wiich is the Pressing r^ e ^i; w ^;^^ d " n ^"^^^^^ There are hundreds of thousands of. young women in Germany, capable o f j bearing children, who are at present' WANTED--TWO SALESMEN OVER '· draft ajje tn travel. : ranced. Call 211 ' slreet. A l l cr South Charter oUcr. XOTJ01-; IjTmSREEY 1 GIVEN THAT a:i application will he Jiiado by A, B. Hood, J. S. Madigan and R. S. Matthews to the Governor of l-'ennsylvaimi, on Thursday, February 21, 1918, at 10 o'clock A. M.. under ihe provisions of an Act of Xsucmbly e n t i t l e d "An Aci to provide for the incorporation and i rejruJjvl ion of: certain corporations." I THE (XMER 1 GROW. unattached because of the absence o f j their husbands at the front. To Ger-i man efficiency this is a waste oC human! The older I grow the more patient T! WANTUE--C ASH 113 K BT JEPAnT- j s T ^ and m e n t .stor*. Good o p p o r t u n i t y to t h e ' a c {i a r ' C r right Party. A p p l y in. own hand writ- j \ tt be c . : ined"cNIT13D l FUEL COMPANv! 'in ff . -CASI-iIfcU.-' ca.rc Courier j U)e ch:iractcr and object n£ whicli Is j or nn intended corporation .need. leaving other matters as .the sub*- ·;jeet of further proceedinss. ^rO TIIK XiSES WITH THE HD5S." A..correspondent .of t the Pittsburg "Gazette Times makes a suggestion aa - t o the disposition of the interned Ger- ! ed vromcn .with such an. important! function if it had not been intended] t that she sboulrt use it. And to whatj better use than for the fatherland?! that's real hidden deep in j j,^ are u n d e r .Therefore, Germany -proposes a "lateral" marriage. A man, married or unmarried--tit. iff immaterial, .only if mans now in^ this country which hasi^j.^ } , c ' mvst get his wife's'per- the n! know that life's juic^ he PCU: VKTI'D--·'T\JI«TKP KOP U12 fc CO., "Dav,-sor 13febGL TVANTKD -- AT ONCE, BL.ACK- smith. \^ill rent or pay. pood salary. The cares that once f r e t t e d as trifles j C(JO(1 ' ghoi} aood tools..Lifetime'joli appear f o r jyood man. "BLACKSMITH," care And the faults that loomed lar^c in courier. 26jan-tCd t h e f r i - n d ? ) t h a t I k n o w . tho rai-.ins: of coal, and the manufac- j ture of the same into coke, and t h e ; sale of coul and coke, and for these j purposes to have, poysess and enjoy j nil tho rfprhts, benefits and privileg-«s by sal-1 Act of Asaembly, and th« s u p p l e m e n t s t h e r e t o conferred. STERLING. H1GB12K MATTHEWS, Soll- citors. 3an30feb6-13 Charier Nollce- :the virtue of common sense and ju.s- . mjssion _ iB encouraged by the govern-j ncs( , and cheer. - tice to recommend it, wholly apart | raent to form a temp orary union with! The older j B row. 'irom the effect Its adoption woult. nave I o n e ' 0 f . t h e "neglected women (who' .;m ^the coal mlnine industry. The j must also obtain her husband's con,^ su «se^tior^follows:^ ^ norvcs to Bent) whose consort is at war - Thls movio Rrrppn- alliance is to last until a child is bom, "?eo" displayed 'on pictures _o£'_ _th^.. interned dtrrnan cnjo.vabld.. tim«a olHcers and! ··their I wli'ett it automatically is to cease, tliej being cither retained nplaylntf- field games, malan^r toys -to ise U for "pocket money, plenty to eat, 'plenty to wear," Idle, far and'comfort- by the to be reared that he may form a unit in the future national defense. It is an ad- jmirable German scheme, quite typical] Time wns that I questioned the purpose of Hf«. In the mad way of y o u t h I was 1 quick with my hate. But I k n e w not tho depth nor the breadth of the s t r i f e icn oC NOTJCB JH HKUEBY C I V K N THAT w i l l be to thv he 8th WA NTHD--M rXKRS' WANTBD WHO are studying- Cor examinations to grot. | C J u v e r n n r of Pennsylvania, the best m i n i n g b o o k . p u b l i s h e d . " M l n - i day of .March, 191?,"at 10 o'clock A. MIT\K in a Nuishell." by '.JAMKS W A R D - ) by K. V. Doorley, G e o r f f u C. J a r r i t t LAW, Scottdalc. Pa. Price 52.25. rind Thomas R. Francis, under the.Act SfeblSL j of Assembly entitled, "An Act to pro- , --abe. while the starving allied p r i s o n - , . , ;f*rs of war cooaned in crermany, our of the German mind which suffers] n friends,'-with whom and for whom agony at the sight of anything i d l e j "our soldiers are fighting", are com- ·pelled to work on furms and in fac- ·toriea find munition plants- of Gcr- -many making: .material w i t h which to k i l l our own sons and friends. TJic Gorman poliny toward prisoners "otild ""T/c" adopted in thfs coantn*. not jas a rctaliative measure, but as a mili- -tarj- scheme. These men. - officers and "j»rirate«i, should be put to wbrlc. in coal. ·jmlnfi*. preferably shaft mines--down --in tho coal mines .undorneath-. th» Ikround: The officers beinfiT.accustonS, ^H! to executive .duties, would no doubt --make efficient mule drivers. Such a .would _£ °t.her needed _ -tost-as-many American miners _*s there are German prisoners. ~ There are a pood many German pris- -ontrs now In United States Internment'!andT all. should b.e at.'.work., es 7 -; TMpecially the_ ofHcera who ' dismantled ·German ships-In American harbors- be- tlfore war wns declared. They would ^inake^no attempt to dismantle any "mlneV wherein "they might 'be placed, yrr ,o,byiou3 reasons. To . the mines «i--'-ith-the Huns! To tho inlnes! .' When we consider the state of · «.-lav*ry,io which German.v has reduc- ·f? 1 tho deported Belgians axd prison- r B of war. every sense of justice de- ,:ands that the enemy · subjects of 'Crrmany in this country should be "obliged to do more than idle away .their time. There would be a sort ot. Retributive justice in comi^lling.theiu that is susceptible of use. The next development concerned the} women, who have been widowed ] through the war and the men who have been so crippled as to be of no To the deep, T wrvs wasteful -with plcowurc fearelsB with woe But 1 U n d t h a t - m y joys I'm more uo to keep Tlic older T srow. 1 vide for the incorporation and rcfjulu- WANTED--ANY K I N D OK PRINT- lion of c-rtaln corporal ion t?,". approved .nc:. w h e t h e r It Is a c:tlll:irr card. Rule ; A p r i l 2D!h. A. D. 187-1, and the supple[ bill or tin; finest e n g r a v e d wedding:: m e i i f n t h e r e t o , for the charter of an " 1C I I n v i t a t i o n or announcement.* We p r i n t . ' i n t e n d e d corportiUon . to lie called j anything 1 --everythiiip-rdo it .· p r o m c t l y ; "BOWOOD FUKL COMPANY;," the chiiracter nnd object of which is pur- Arid T knew noth w o r k i n g of fat?. ( ^ _ _ _ ... I judged from the surface and not f r o m . and do it rlpht. Call the man at THS j COURnSR office. Both phones. 2 7 - t f Fur flent- FOK J I E N T -- o u R N I S H I O D ROOM. 210 Market St. 2£eb-tfd r-OK chosc all my frlemls w i t h p a r t i c u l a r , care , i rooms. Ami liredtessly wounded the truest j ford avenue. and best: ly a Ca.lse sod I sent up HENT -- F U R N I S H E D LIGHT 309 East CITLW- 1 1 f eb tf il The real t h i n g s of l i f e seemed a subject tor j?st. further use in the war area. The burgomasters of the various German .towns haTe been instructed to obtain a list of all war widows in the districts! f acorn controlled by them, and'aiso a iist of! ppiendid below; all cripples. Advertisements are thenj B u t T l ^ m " self lonslnK to have FOP. KENT--FRONT OFFICES' ON Hocond floor of Dunn · Evans building. Xnquirc ot IIARTIY DUSN, 8 j a n - t f d ad st-emrd the i seemed the bad to be placed in papers known to be read-by women generally,'for wives for the deserving cripples. Thus, playing the role of Cupid, the benefinient gov- "emmet will bring together Venus and Adonis and, as is stated ?a official instructions, sow the seed of a new generation which will, in th-a fullness of its manhood, take upon :its shoulders the national defense. · , It is somewhat difficult for us to conceive how, in this enlightened age, a supposedly civilized nation can so foul the beauty of motherhood, so depreciate the" great moral value of its womanhood, as to turn the whole community into an official human -stock farm by making simply brood animals out of its women. It is an 'indication The older I grow. I have loamcd that men's follies arc not printed deep, That many youth mocks at arc splendid and fine. And young p.eople scatter the joys they should keep, In the very same way that I once wasted mine. . .· I'm more tolerant now. I am slower to "· sneer. For I've suffered my erriefs and I've winced at a blow; And money 1 find matters leas and leas here The older I grow. To Improve the "Pike/* Highway Commissioner J. Denny O'Neil has announced that the last ha]f mile of un i mpr oved section or the FOR TcENT--TKX ROOil HOUSE, J15.00; Six room house. S1G.OU; Six room house, J.L^.00; Three room house. $5.50. MASON, the K e n tin*; Agent, Second National Bank Building. HCebSt leasi!·;£', hoitiins" and develop- i n g liimls underl'iiti with coul, and m i n i n g :uid - preparing; f u r m a r k e t ar.d sell- inj;- coal iraanufacturlnf? and sellinfj eokt; nnd such other products as may be i n c i d e n t a l l y produced in connection t h e r e w i t h : and for such purposes to have, possess and e n j o y all the rig-lits, hcnof:ts and privileg-cs of the said Act of Assembly and the supplement?? and a m e n d m e n t s thereto. J. KTKK P.KN- "I3R. Solicitor, Second Xattonal Bank BuUdintr, Conr.eUaviUc, P;\. For Sale. -vr^jw^r- J ri-_r_r SALE--H'EED BABY CAR- rVlll sell rensonabie to quick 206 Snyder street. 12Ceb3t" FOR SAL.E--SAXTON SIX m o d e l ; run 500 miles. 1-1. C. 1011 Sycamore street. l U f e l AT ONCE liINOTTPB OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE FOR KALE--FRESH COW A^% calf, one yearling cow, ono pif?, double set harness. Inquire the Reiner Farm. R. F. D. No. 1. FLORENCE B. : 13feb2t* . , . , , , . . 3 !-National Kond, near Claysville, Wash. .to .lie coal to furn«h fw-1 for imml-; of the moral slongttynto which G*r- MBgton rcmn y win bc permanently t ilon« faotor.TM the product of wnich ; many has defended, so that we need: iraproTfd in the ear i r s p r i n g at a cost ;rnula DP used putting ua end to ; no longer wonder either at the crimes i o * *$ QQO .Kaiserism. Therefore . wo 'command; committed br ihe Gerruan soldiery' 7 tA, SHjgesiion: "To the mines with: against ihe women of France and Bel'-i g ,,,-(· }' un d Inm'ustMl ' He yUaS! l_______ · Ei " m ' ° r ° f " le complel0 brMWown; Tke ^ ar F ' und ot t h e Knight., o£ . w ate r « on ,u« r . who live had no i Ot ^^^ TM"^?-^ : Columbn,. originallr seL at n,000,000.| water for a -noath or lonrer are hop- , .. . " . . and later sw-elled to $3,000,000 by FOR SALE--OUR LADIES' MAUE- to order suits surpass the hand-ir.e- downs a great distance. They retain their snap-.', i n d e f i n i t e l y . Any wiylc ret produced. Place y o u r ordor for Sprinp 200 T i t t K 7 f e b - t f d . SALV. JJA c burg .street. j LOST--AUTO CHAIN RET W F'.KN*, j Hyndinan sidinc: and FYfiw Coal Co. j ' lletarn to Ti. E. Porter, First X n t i o n u l j Bank Building- and receive reward, j The Difference---i Between the Cost of Good and Cheap Printing is so slight that he who goes shopping from printer to printer to secure his printing -at a few cents less than what it is really worth hardly ever makes day laborer wages at this unpleasant task. If you want good work at prices that are right, get your job printing --At This Office The official proclamation requiring a. fifty- fifty wheat flour rationing with an officially recognized cereal is being strictly enforced by all Union Supply Company stores in Fayette, Westmoreland, Greene, and Allegheny Counties. The President of tbe United States has issued a proclamation calling upon the American people to further aid in the conservation of our wheat supply and other food staples to such an extentaswill enable the continued support of our armies and eiviliampopulations of these countries associated ·with us in the war. On the same day that "the proclamation was issued our stores put it into effect. You must reduce your consumption of flour one half, on. the fifty-fifty basis. That means if you buy 25 Ibs. of flour you are obliged to buy 25 Ibs. of Cornmeal, Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, or any assortment ot specified substitutes to equal the amount of flour bought. If tbe dealer can not furnish the flour substitutes he is not privileged to sell you at all. Up to fhe present time we have been able to supply the substitutes,.and as long as we can supply them we will sell you flour, bnt if we run out of substitutes we must enforce the order strictly and will be obliged to refuse to sell you flour. Housekeepers, heads of families, and every individual should cooperate and assist in enforcing this proclamation. There is an ample assortment of substitutes to supply everybody if you conserve; have wheatless days, have wheatless meals. A later proclamation of the President recommends Mondays and Wednesdays Wheatless, and the evening meal every day.wheatless. Do not criti- cise the Government, do not criticise the President--it is your war, it is our war, it is eVe'ry- body's war,--cooperate. 63 Larse Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. I Have Three Ford Runabouts and three Touring Cars, remaining in stock, for immediate delivery. Possibly you are one of the many that tried to get a FORD last Summer and were unable to do so. THIS is your opportunity. Spring is only six weelvs away. Get your car NOW and avoid the delay that always occurs when car-buyers start their rush in March. In Summer the orders are filled absolutely in the order in which they are received, and I had a's high as 62 unfilled orders at one time. Some customers "were disappointed and did not get their car. Get the "jump" on the other fellow. Get your FORD car now. Delivery anywhere in Dnnbar, Franklin, Connellsville, Lower Tyrone, Saltlick and Springfield Townships; Dawson, Dunbar and Vauderbilt Boroughs. The Touring Car is $360.00; the Runabout $345.00, E. o. b. Detroit. Hyatt Motor Company WEST CKA^VFORD AVENUE. Overshoes in every size and style to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Shoes, Gum Boots, Felt Boots and everything in-Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. £e®g®@t5Xss)SX5S)®ss3®se^ I PATRQNIZE HOME MERCHANTS 1 WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER.

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