The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 16
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V i I - f .; i '- 16 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL- FRIDAY. AUQU8T 14, 1964 .v . r ! . r t - M A V!. t.M m', iH--.-' 'i i aw) By BILL WESTW1CK Journal Sport Editor A red hot favorite finished out. of the money last Bight at Rideau Carleton Raceway and in the resulting shuffle produced a top Quinella return of: (465.50 in the fourth race. The CAMPBELL-., CLUB MATCHED SET Baf..(i.M ". St.S a at Both Stores - 187 Sparks St. S3S-l4l CM Rkhtnorid Rd. 723-1523 e:.'j;:i PAINTS WALLPAPER CONTRACTING GLASS FOB BVBBY OSB MIRRORS . J. CARSC:i LTD. J 2tl lanrler Ave. W. i 232-1713 ' RE-R007 . IpecfaJtrintf fn',;' TU MD 68AVa IIPA2&S air t-' u- lowrey; im IS Westera k T ; 72iW7M 4 White Drew I SHIRTS i SSr3.79 , 3 for IIjm . jTip."cp TAn.Aae . t fat Sparka Straat . 4 WMsat. saaph( c.atr x tOAL COKE OIL '' HEATING EQUIPMENT CALL. VS TODAY , 235-143? IJJnii: Yt l 187 LauricT Ave. W. . ' horses figuring in the generous return were Colonel McGregor and the 11 -year-old Confucious who finished one-two la the fourth, a five-eighths Of a mile dash. ,W frYl Spice King went away be hind the gate a t to 4 favorite In the fourth, but parked out when CoL Alex McDougall set tled Colonel McGregor into an early lead. : Guy LaRush, driv ing Spice King, raced the Lon don horse bead to head much of the way, but couldn't take the lead. On the Uttff LaRush moved into the two hoto for a breather but couldn't improve front there. . Spice King drop ped back to fourth position at the finish with Colonel McGreg or paying a, straight price or 318.40 and Confuscious re-turnint 317.70 lot the.Dlace.' Utue Johnn,CAA got p ror . ...Til -r.i jionqrs in ma ieaiura race of the night went to tba nil- backed Ben Away, owned by Earle .Francis' of South . Motin- tatn, and driven by Jack. Locke!) Ben Aaway took this -trot In 2.08 with Happy's Jack "second. In the sixth Timothy Meadow took over the lead held aarllar by boyce' Rocky G rat tan, out white beading for what seemed a saras vctory in1 the stretch made a break. Uncle Ben's Girl won the race' for Uoyd McNeill, of Ottawa, with Graham McMillan driving. It was one of two straight victories for McMillan, who also drove Dark Potomac la the van all the way and won the fifth for owner Joh Armstrong or utuwa.,,,';,'?':;: ; Racing continues tonight at Rideau Carleton with a trot in tne sevenw for a 1600 purse THE-- RSbswVIMW' '"Crn'""fr SALE' CONTINUES 20 OFF ". our entire stock of ' . SU.'.V.'ER SHOES mm - SHOE STORE 84 BANK STREfT; SUMMER STORE HOURS . 'I'' Opa a-ai la 4.14 pas. '-Monday U Friday ' V aatavaap a. ta l pja, ajSJKar'K IfclA - NO MILEAGE CHARGE PAY ONLY TMI GAS YOU USE! 7M ( RENT-A-CAR SYSTEr.n 1-5 4 . t' -':5c.: ' - '-I N: PROFITABLE NIGHT. FOR THIS PAIR - - - Midiel LaRoche, 61 Frontcnac Street Hull, and girl friend Denue Seucy made a good choice when they picked Colonel McQregor and Coniuscioua in the fourth race laat night. The Quinelta return waa $4 65.50 at Rideau Carleton Raceway. Quinella Return Hits $465.50 : At Rideau Carleton Raceway and a pace in the ninth for a purse ; of - 3500 sharing top bUiing. V- Six bones are scheduled to answer the surters call In the seventh with Lady Ezra, on the outside established as an even money choice on the morning line. Theo Turcotte will drive the favorite. Others com pet big are: Doris Giera, Jamie's Rose, Lady Brook T, - Bessie Flicka Grattan'and Safety Thin Man. In the ninth Joseannie, Innocent Bob, Success' Yankee,! Heather Direct, Brown Hope. Boxer Hanover and Superior Dale will " be seeking first money. '"CV-. ". .'' -. Racing Secretary Glen Gib- bona has also 'arranged a 10-race card for '-Saturday which Wilt feature! the return of Bar bara Johnston,' a winner 'hut time out. pacing the, mtW .in 2.03.1, only two-rift ha. f second off the track record.,. Retains ft . i H B " B aJLaaak ' ll i ifie VALLEYFIELD (CP) Val- leyfield retained their Eastern Canadian Little League - Base ball championship with a close 5-4 win Thursday night o Stoney Creek, Ont ". . , Little penis McSween, a lefty, pitched the entire six innings for the, winners striking out nine and walking one. He also scored Valleyfleld't only home run. ' : Valleyfleld now moves on to Williamsport, Penn., to represent Canada In the Little League world series on Aug. 24 to 29. j Uiteatore?-" v Stoney OeaV, 000 0044 8 3 Valleyfleld. 004 lOx 3 4 1 ' f i "'WINS' DECISION - - Liverpool; England (UPi) Loud dinpptwval boonredrin Liverpool Sudium Thursday night when i Johnny Frescott was awarded a 10-round de-usion over Brian London after a fight between two of Britain's leading heavyweight boxers. ; , Journal Want quick results. , a Ads bring Alao: Rideau Carleton Entries runiri tf fliniDnAW . miihb mm. nrn ..... ... ..... It Ik C. '.. - ..C. Coke . . . Is Sptuire G ret laa .... Lafrsmboise i 2 ' - - Hy L Deaa J. Blssanette Tm". Directly '! 4 Fin Buck .. 0. Knllhl J itS , - V'Tt", (Kr Direct . ... V. Hushes ; . "f" -- T T.JL.V. "aoiewoods cuier -J. Hmak BMW r. Church , Kokocana .... A. Galea ... r. Church 1 Tripper Gratlaa . Bllver Orallaa D. A tool Oliver Twlat Paper Doll C ... -Attoraay Oan. Julian Joaapli,! TBIRDTrt, 1 Bay Rhapaody J Twlnkla comai J Prlaoallka Jr. 4 Wild Indian 1 Joaaaakt Allegro a raoor mca ... T Cu Hunt - , Hannah Dean Alaa: - . Thunder Irlah Mick D Robertson . K. Marriaoo. J. eron C. Cok Charbonaaau . T. Lancaatar tana tlMi J. Oram O. Knlfht M. Pauaa D. Burka R. GammUl . M. WUUama T. Turcott. Jr. ... M. MeLoaa I. rarr 1 10 4-. Iliah VaUay. . Arawana Lady, Mr. Twist. Victoria Laa, Tiny Ma asMawraaa. Fourth Mlla. Paca: Canal VI Bona iBuniaon). toao. S.S0. 41' Bonma suoawu Twompaoni U 40: Prim- AOloa iMoorei, .. lima, I JO i-t superior Princaaa. Bath C. Voto. Jimmy Direct. Dana Patrck4amla Herbert alap atartt FWth Mil.. Paean Mlanfr Creed ftookhartl. aoae. sao. saa; Cjuaani. Diract U- Coke. 1 40. f osi err DtUoa Hawkel. 140. Tlnva, 104 44. Pun Swim. Danay Laa Oral-. Prima rraaar. Joan, com- Bnoar, Succaas ,Top . alaa started "slxoWMIla, Pacat Jerry Canuck iPlUenV 4 40. J0. S.701 Daatt Sul-tan B, (LHeureuil. -17.40. 50: Adka Yatee (Coke), 3 70. lima. S OS Irene MacDurr. Beanr Hill Mtont, ruturlty Chtet alao star tad. cratalMO. streamlin. uai ajaUMBai SIU4S. Seronth Mile. Paca: Mhvtf Jo. IMIai. rtae. e.0. laO; Topaaal lOoraonl. 4 SO. S10-. North wood Bakty ' l Con lay). 174. lima.- 10. Lyndaa Mac. crystal Duka. Slaw. art's Dillara. Captaut MeOraeor. pruwa oam alao starts a. a i.v.(at(. m( v.m. fjiw bM twnas), loaa, 4 ac, see; Priaeb Van ILacktiarll. S.40, ,3 90: Bya Bv Bnol 4Camtraaal . S aa.Tlm.. 1 04. Lulhratar Prost; Kintao Cot-by. Penny CoeMm alaa started. Ninth atlla. Paaa: Windy City (Plndlayl. 4.70, 4.70. i 40: Roy Ma Orator (Habkirk), 4 10, 1 SO: Prina Klllean James), IM lima, SOS. Migaty Lay i,. Miankj nt a. u rat tan, Baauisa Boy c. riper Boy. Patbarlana .too started. . A too: Bernta's Prld. . Doctor O Chk Honay Bun C. . Princaaa Dillea I Billy Rhythm S Harry Johnatoa S Jamla H.rtwrt . 4 Count Dlrael -- 5 Prima Pick f Poplar Cltauoa 1 Rick Unar S Way .. B.'Buntraall Doctor M. 4 Greenwood Results riral MUe. Tret: Catharlna Bar. vaatar (Holmaal. S 10, 1.40. 1O0; day Prlaea Klnaatenl, 400. 4 JO; Star Kina (Oatbratthl. SJS. Tim. lint O-MSS McDooaall . . St FIFTH Par... awn llHl coND-r., ,.: I ; Xo"rrtMO ! Mac Mary D. Camaroa j stormy Way Tawiwy Van M. Collloa. 4 Hai G. Atom .. Biinal Vie - F. Ilwa , 5 Wayn Brook . i S,"",Lt,J,. B Prlmau ,,., .... S Jimmy Chlaf Jr. . . C. Coka 1 rador'a Boy ! A"?";' - i- """'I Cobolari Kaon . f nmnj wu ....j. j. wins 11. Oo rot Broka 1...... w. Uaiwy C. MlvUI Y. Daman K Parklna J. Btapbanaon .... D. Dufty R 8auv . B. O'Dwyar M . . B- Bamaa I. Wllllama fIXtH Taca, aana KM: R. Sauva ... Q Johnatoa M. Oonaau ... J. BlMonalta C. Coka ...... Y. Dania I. Parr .. A. St. Amour SI VINTB Paaa, -aarat ajast 1. I Marital Baaort .... K. Lanttna t Saptambcr Mora ... .- C. Coka . A. !. Amour 4 RcMpaa C. ....4..".... J- Oram I WtneaS Pralh .. C. Saaiardlna Votoa or Sprinf - C MrWIla 1 Tim. Study C. Andoraon Xonaia C B. Bauva A tool tucky Tie '; Haray Draanv .. V. Wadtfett . U PattKmi IOBTB Paca, aana StM: t Atoa Ouy . Lanstll. S Maria Handy W. LaPaca S Superior Mary ... W. Thompaon 4 Olandala Jarnr P. Church Willow B. Smoky .. . O LaJtuakl S Mlaiity Mktniaht .. B. Karrla Jr. 7 atiadyoaia aowara . . a. S Oary Jshnalaai .... O. NINTH Faca, pana 11411 t Olna Oulnaa P. Baitach t Lucky Stona ... H. Brunat Polar Bomb .... C. Bakar 4 Hlshlana Olrl H. Mclaan 5 Paramount Pick .... O. taRuah S Barbara Johnston . TINT Taca, yarx snei . ' a a a AJaO! ? ,? Harvaya Draam BurtXNract ... It O. i S DaUa'a Hal T.". W. Prka Jr S Laa Ann Diract .... B. Carka 4 LUly Axworthjr J. Ianla 5 Myrtla Oar Hal .... D. Camaroa S Union Chlat.. ....... . C. Cok. T Bcottta Way ....v.-B. Laneiu. 1 Mia. Anitta - K. Morriaon . U Patttsraw ... U Dualop Rideau Carleton mil. Pace: iMcDouaaUI. 1.40. . I JO. "". aMsaam, tantoo s nopeiu IMi AprU If. Lutmaal, 4 TO. liOOi Mlaa Aakbar Abbay 4Backar).4jO. lima, i n 1-9. Molly Patch. Bi( Baa H.. Hllh lid. Diract. Muney act. mm ana ana aronvlll. surtad. qulaalU saM SIS. Fourth l mlla. Paca: Colonel McOrasor IMcDoucalll. 1S.40, 4 00, 4 40; Confueefcwe (Morrlaonl. 17.70, 5 00: Little Johnny Can (Wllllamal, B.av.-sima. l-i. e-o. spws swena. Fador's Boy. Maryland Maa, Boaky O. Scott. Fleet's Lassie also aUrtod. BakaslU aaiai 4a.. 4 Fifth Mil.. Trot: Dark Potomac .u.ui ii , . aa a ao a va. am.M Pearl (Been). 1 10. i Vo; Glory Han- over iDafanaial, n '"I laauly Sacond Mlla, Trot: HaaH Paneha Barry). 14 70. '1.40. 4 30: p.tar Pa Irak iDafanaial. M, 1 40: Lucky - - - - "'- Paaa: Kaan Prallht Cy (Zaronl. SJ0. Tim.. I ll 1-4 (Artburl. SjSO. 1.50. I SO: Ban Hor-iBdray. Tonto Ran.r. We, Can, I. 110; NlW Judca (Baloral, S.40. lima. 1-f. Miahty . Kawaruia, Mooraianaa DusiyT WIU Lor Bob, also starMal Scratched, riemloaton Worthy. . I Daily Daaaiai 4JIJ- i Third 7 ' furloaaa. Trot: Lord Dean trntbarston.1. 4.S. S SO. 1.401 aatety Man ana tnomsi. a.ia m.wv Uelermin t roeanpootii, .tv. l aa 4-s. praw-a croaatu. Lee Jr.. Dusty Brooke, star Tom Key aeesurM. abn atartaa). . ' . " Third Mil. Paca: Slnflnf Star (McLaanl. J 40. . Tony Axworthy (Pyka Jr.l. S.14V 4.S0: Bapphlra Direct - iDwnarsl. ISM. Tim. 4-4 Active Pick. Nancy Jo, Baker's Cash. Coliax alaa .tart. 4J0 Tlma. a. Edgewood Golll Club News . 4 Boys ball weep winners -at Edgewood Golf Club: Glen Gordon, first low gross:-Eric Stevens, first low net; Murray Gordon, second net' Ladles' batlsweeps: . Mary McDonald, first tow net; Lilo Stevens, sec ond net; Audrey , Krygsman. third net. Men's sweepc Rally Lachaine, first low net; George Lalonde Sr., eecond 'net; Din-I can Fltzpatrick. third net Semi -final results In ladles' club championship: WUla Rlf- ren def. Clara McVeen 5 and 4. Pearl Peacock def. Myma journal Want' Ada bring Gaffney on an extra hole. quick results. ; Finals slated Sunday, Aug. 33. OPEN EVENINGS MONDAY TO FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. II0DGII1S LUMBER - HIGHWAY IS BELL'S CORNERS 828-8181 KW in BSD NOSUE HOMO mm ' ' 7 B afaf m m .-. sL . nr k. .;.' PawM BaB-ya ' Largt ttobtlt Hornet on Display . HICHWAY 15-7 MILES WEST OF OTTAWA , See Dbb . . : for the Beet Deal the Ottawa VaBey t Oldsmobile means Action; Myers Motors means Busmess. NOW, If never before, Is your,' . chance - to move Into any ; OldamobUe. A beautiful, wlft, ; . exciting 1964 Old. And' Myers Motors Is prepared to give you the deal Of the year. Maximum trade-in allowance, excellent . terms, supreme service, con-, fldence In your' dealer. , v Myers Motors Is pushing Olds' mobiles throughout August . . ... Starflres, Super 88's, Dynamic , - 88's and Jetstars. ' ."Oldsmobile from Myers Motors : ... a proper combination for Savings and Service. - Myers-Motors Co. Ltd. . , ! . ELGIN AT CATHERINE 233-411 to i Molly IM. Mania Jamla. Follow Mc! Glri (McMIUanl. 440. 4.M. "J JO; Sixth Mile Paca: Unci. Ben Dale Oraeoa Berteronl. 7 JO, S.10,1 Ladya Laa H. (Blaaonetto), ao Tun.. 1.11 S-S. AUandala Vow. Timothy Meadow. Attomer'a Pride. ooyoa s mocu ocattaa, Burt LHract also sUrted. Seventh Mile Paca: Plash B. (McMIUanl. 10.70. S.40. 1.10: Oln- amraad Man c. (Coka). 1.40 Rova Scott (Norrts). 4.54. Tim.. 1 04 S-4 Hishbury Orata.' Marry: Piper. Mia Barbar Po-Ka-Bout.' Barbara'. Jamla. Jaasmy'a Lady alaa sUrted. . rataeua pal.: flT Ja. - - Kiahth Mlla. Paca: Tapumaeb Chlaf (Johnston), S.40. In, 1 0: Prlnoaaa Dllloa Wllltams), 190. 1 40: Kay Harmonv -tPlawrla). S.S4. lima, S.0S 1-4. Shawnaa. Swaa Sons. Breezy neaa. . iva B. Baas. Chlefa Mala aba stsrted. " Ninth aula. Trot: Baa Away (Lock.). 140. 140. S.S4: HspBv's jaca tvaituani. ajw. jo: mnay p.. (Beltllcni. im. Time. I oa Oood Product, ttaaaa Balartn. Misty wicx. sva oiew. m alao started. Tenth Mlla. Paca) Rocky Sea- a tor iDuford). IX. 144. ISO: PraaV dy Pick (Plnaal. 4 40. m Hand. aiior il anraateri. ja. nat. 1 04 1-5. Doctor Black).. Hardy Merit. Juann. Ola On. Port Hope's Boy alaa atanad. aaaeiai S14M. i- ii-. England All Out For 782 Runs Aganst Aussies LONDON (Reuters) Eng land batted - poorly . against a hostile Australian attack and was all out for 182 when the fifth cricket test began at the Oval here Thursday. Bad light, which caused sev- tralia only U minutes batting In the last 70-minutes and it made 3 without loss. England, needing to win to square the aeries, gave a sur-prislnglyf Inept display, on a pitch which never really seemed difficult HORSESHOE STANDINGS Following are the standings of the Ladies'. Senior Horseshoe League: Trojan Belles: oral Interruptions, allowed Aus- Fireflys; Morgan's; Joanlsse. I ! VI fill W f i 5 J V I J ihlSlcipdr rctdlatar I vrasMemrdcinci Te$xtiredLlog 'j, SJ BODY ttCPAIRB LTD. a taaawa ava, aiiawa. asrraaia. astaoa, vauaaume " Rodioton am another ranownod Mkralry el Cartons, veiiwr) ad work froirt olignr to frantw etralghfontng h guarantMcJ. rrtnt - let's talk "cents" about entertaining! .- , Nearly trerybotly likes to entertain. And eveybody ; wmnUtoteconiidendai9C4l 1 or hostess. - . . ... '..,; ' . Problem Is that a fatmlylncorjie budgeted for I .'-.l. i mortgage, CaU-payrjtt,iriaiinrjce . v and' other fixed expenses won't I stand big entratainment bifls. It' , ' ' ' ' tlom'tsnate , .,. So what to do bi you kriwu among your : - , ' ; guests wnK prefer gin, others rye, . - vodka, ran, sherry or rjeer and your budget wont stand fetch an ' " ' ' ' assortment? ' . . , Here's the sol.tloi that will delight evervoneHtnd keep your entertainrnent cost at a ' .. . . rxunimu . Boy jnst one liquor: Aspedalbrand of extra Hghtnim. V . IUtuunTROPICANA.Madeby " Woods, who have been distilling fine rums for over 75 years . . . And what's special about ( ' . . TROnCANA? , ; - . , . , . It's so Tersatile, it's practically a eninmd bar! Besito rxmga iTiperiOTu'ghtrum ' r -." ' by itself, your guests win enjoy it x'. - - in any rum drink fanaginablo. - It snakes dellghtfll versions of almost any drink you tan name!-' . , . ; , , ; . ' Just try TROP1CANA with three or four quite different : mixes. . ' - 1- YouTI realize you're on to some- , ' ' , thinggood! Tropl-cola, for Instance! Lots of people have already dis ..; .covered Tropi-cola. They win be J 1 i . " " delighted with your Tropicana and ' , ' Ginger, Tropicana and Tonic, ' -' ' ". ' Tropicana and Bitter Lemon, or .': ! .' :.' what will you have! , , ' -- . J "A refreshiaf chge"-...Ma delightful idea"... "mighty . v ? satisfying,'...WithTROnCANA 0 ". v '.' V . v ' . ' A' your reputation is established... and your budget saved! WOODS 1R0HGANA RUM. i

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