The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 15
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good signs pointing to plenty of balance. Argos are Improved Pit a good, running .attack. sAnd let's not kid ourselves, tuwa is sound. '-"And Jftn Trimble down hf Montreal ha been fortunate picking up some quarterback material, and P 'hat's about all that waa needed in Montreal-! since Etcheverry' ft" , ; JvJ,'. . ; ' . The ievelopmehrthat'so far naa puzzled film 1ri"thej West i is Calgary.' "1 sure wouldn't have thought they'd havk teat; Inwo games by now? They j sure played well against us." What ol his own trpubles? :Were they lust temporary?' Td have to think ao, because look attie club that we (used against Ottawa in the playoffs and then figure losing iBethea right after Pace. It takes time: to adjust ' We've got jto use some new boys likejTorn Boris' and Scott Tyleri But jl guess we can't be crying about making three or four change urnen you ngure wnai tamonton nas naa 10 ao. nvhen y 2lr4r defeat' t.t ","t rt- tomkees SOLD leave, they'd be hard pressed to refuse Finley' request I?; In Regi na ?REG1NA:(CP) Saskatche-i ran Roughrlders coach - Bob Shaw h) acclaimed throughout the Western Football Confer ence as a master psychologist but Dave Skrien of British Columbia . Liona outshone the expert Thursday. . ;,, . ' i Skrien fired the -first shot In a pre-game war of wiu aatha two dub prepare tor a test at Retina tonight . (He said any club would be tired when facing two games 1 four days, a Lions do this1 week but his club will have mora than . ' routine- weariness to overcome. - ! Tram nlavinc Calgary on Monday to Saskatchewan onl Friday . . fat four day." Skrien aairt ' "But the difference be tween . their' playing ' Myles means more than thau ( v,- -l He-said the Roughrider act distinct tempo "measured, deliberate, positive," while tbe Stampeder bounce out of the haddle. Calgary bounced to aJ I MlMf ; v. 'fIUDAY, AUGUST i4t 1964 --THE-OTTAW A-JOURNAL .15 1 k r The Ottawa Journal -r , t I ,.-. - !r i : -V Wait Till the Wash X fi Has Dried a Little' 112 r.t. a a ry t ;, 1 1, i ' t'ii.iX!JI.,r.trit;.m.tii!',t" WESTWICK 71' L ' '(. A. - . va.v r -i .- , . ... ) "t a. . 4t', 1 j)'. ! ;:. . v .RALPH SAZIO, htf Jed.hi JI;in Ottawa last j night for thia evening's clash, with the Hough Rider, tariY (going to upaet a t-sdiUcaiel coaching view about thia time of Jyear that "everybody in the league look tough." Just on !the. basis-of opni-M- fame, th jiamUton leader -would be; more jusUflecl tWsyeai )ha-ften in (he past $ tflpja.izing thia conviction. . ' - . ( .' ' However, Ralph Isn't prepared to rest ori that appraisal.! lookg balanced, but it't hard to tell Justnow. Why not Jwait a little' until the wash has sort of dried. But there are the American' League wanted to delay an announce- Sfil' of one of the biggest and' perhaps most stgniflcant "baseball sale stories in many a year, they picked1 the wrong In an in Charie Fmley, owner of the Kanaaa City. Athletics. iFinley, a controversial figure, constantly at odds with the league, Ua poltctee and t odd 100, with Kansas City off icUl. I . . . . '. . ' J .. . . 'T couion r wan. ip get wora 01 ine aaie uijnajaniy mwreif In the New York Yankee to! the Columbia. BxoadcasUng System. . -- '.l fc It's en a carefully guarded secret up until now iaif 4he Yansxwere' for ak' and, above all. about to be taken fever by sii leading communications system. This has never happened before. . But . secrets last only so long, something ih league was most conscious, of in an obvious last minute foundup '-of 'required votes. It would seem fairly clear too that certain faction were1 certain that Finley" vote wouldn't be required tor necessary pennission. t u" (ijvlU )l H' 1 ... .FWX. DID NT WATT , , J. 1 But out cam Finley, with It the 'moment he received word for a hurried votel' and the' reaction 'uV other Mea' ahould be." aoaMthrng to hear especially in Milwaukee, where ihey have been, battling . tooth ; and pail prevent the; jNationat Leago Brrves! transfer, to Atlanta,tCev -5 , J. qht to' sweep, they sweep from one! sideline to the other. Our Job defensively hi to keep the quarterback in the pocket so we at least know where the bell la coming from. ' - "Offensively against ' Sas katchewan," ha said, "we must be prepared to work very, very hard.1 -"; ' ' Shaw waa not without psy chological weapon of his own1 Thjrsday. f'r '' Asked If be believed the loss of crunching . fullback Nub Beamer would hamper .the defending champion Lions, )haw said: j.-. , f. J . . ' "AM I know is that ' they haven't lost a league game yet They'll be the same old Lions with .that same gigantic .de fensive line."; ",, v Although the BC defensive line will be the. tame, prepara tion was mad to adjust the Offensive line when Lions placed Import rookie halfback Lou Holland on waiver and fv'i.''" :.,'" f it I ;,;, ,,ivt. s. ., .., " HI M . . J ' . 1, . ar aT . " ' All the prelimirlarjerkini and jockeying has been done. Football, for keepsv'geu go 'fa again in Ottawa tonight ' fiif ' defendin,;fAey Cup champions from ' Hamilton '.arrived, in the" Capital, last . night, checked into 'a motel 'nd Immediately repaired to ' d" eonference- room ' for a Yanks Drop Sox By CURT BLOCK UPI Sports Writer ' Sounds like nf okt' Elston Howard wasn't try. ink to hit a home run faul iio.jand Lefty A Downi wasn't sharp but won. Howard came to bat with two' out. two on and the Games I ... a . but Behind Orioles f loaded as the Red Sox Iwere' I . caught napping. , w, ' the Yankees ..u''t'nrer tra" Bro- lilt stopped the Phil on three 7 kiim I k:. m iui ma lounn win, ' Ernie Banks had boraer for Chicaro in the onl n the Cubs added lu more m ine mird on three (ingle, an error and a dOUblft nlau Tk. score knotted at 2-2 in the .V.. " . eighth inning Uit nigV .2. unuea a oary peterr curve -"eiaco. . baU 410 feet Into the. left,- : J - f..'i . - . f v..t . , tT---. ' ?- 1 the White Sox. "."t Jim; JUST WANTED HIT -i "You don't go for a homer fn that, situation," the (American League' ' most Valuable player of 1963 said afterward. -I Just wanted a base hit to win It. but' I knew it was gone when 1 hit it" 2v'": ",t 1 DtrVriyig went aU the way, as Peter did, and was reached for -0 hit, the most ha. has allowed in any game this season. A 24-year-old southpaw quette for five run in theT first inning and then coasted to victory -behind the combined five-hit pitching of Robin Roberts and Stu Miller, Brooks Robinson belted hi 17th homer of the cent' palgn to highlight the. five run uprising. ' The final two Baltimore run scored ' In reactivated' Offeflf-rhirTlMr'tcairth-. orrr'"annlnfre1d It they (Roughrlders) decide Will Taylor. . grounder with the base soe eoa f '"""a n Clear J INTERNATIONAL l.SAOla a us .. . . mm IIUWWD. "'" -' oe so eo 0 Nlnm. nntMria, Miller IS) and Uu.' WFnob.rt. ,ie-S. L -iun (-lo. Hit B nob. flAJ. ' . ' 1 ' . .. to ooi 000 j H e irr"V 000 - e e namilion ' i Bwrnu i. Hvrrs(ai and riw. nproiii, naia ). Kllooatali ,11. and Zunmrrman. WP paa- Wkraham i-l. HR Ollra mthl. 'national LSAOUB ' Tw h.rf .m ... Z?.'n ?? eoeooi-i ii rPraiadiDhi eoe ooe 0011 pi... . ,v"c" 000 vox a s wasnt aa sharp a fWbeen ' e and emi- la some mImt .h- bi.ii the t rmu.i other games,' il,i t , . 1 HR Banks am waa pieasea witn the Vic- Trofii .., 000 000 000 0 1 i tory. -1 didn? hm my good . f ; iasi oau ana 1 couldn't get '' rank iei and aur. aifhirr the baU where I wanted It SZ av'' ."'xo at times.' Trie ' defeat 'dropped the White Sox three games b' hind ' the pennant-hopeful Baltimore Orioles. , Baltimore crushed Boston -7-1. Minnesota defeated Detroit -. and the . National League leading! Philadelphia Phillies suffered; a 3-1 setback at the hands of the Chicago Cub in Thursday only . other., major .-league action. ''' v "V" coast to win -I V.Tha' frtnle. ItimfiMl An Boston starter BiUMastbou- fiuiraM t. ioe ne em s I aefcaonvllla' OOO 01 000 I 7 I Jona and ahrry; Dowllnti ii. meeting. An hour Uter they emerged with the message ' from cvtach Ralph Sazio : firmly fixed'TiT their minds: They have to win this one. Baseball Records Kf. Thursday's ResulU", J'Mianesota t; Detroit -'-." N Vork 9, Chicago t, Baltlrnofe T, Boston L ' VOrtly games scheduled),'', " 7r:'"?' Standings - ft"'' W.L:Pct'&8'' Bali itnor'e .1. 72 43 .626 Qhicago 69 46 .60Q 3 - llew York 67 45 9$ 3Vj lam An Seles 1" 60 S7 J113 13 : Detroit ....59 39 .500 14V4 Minnesota . 56 60 .483 16U Cleveland i 54 61 .47f 18 Bos tot! 5,.,.. S3 63 .457 19V. Waamngton v46 72 .390 tlty s y NATIONAL LEAGUE Tkursday'a Results " f Chicago 3, PhUadelphia V. 1 i (Only game acheduled). ' V i - , Standing - w L'Ai fit Philadelphia" 7 44 .604 ?(J San f-ran co -65 49 i Clnrlnnaf-'..j' 63 si aa a - Pittjburfih 60 51 Mt" 7 .t cm. txjui ..j nu 03 (8 -Milwaukee;'.. 58 54 a 914 Los' Angeles t,-.5 56 JOO 1 1 U Chicago ., .43 39 ,473.1414 Houstoh .j;.-. 48 68 .414 21 U New.York A'' .18.79 .306 33W TNTERNATIONAt LEAGUE Thursday! Results r- Buffalo 5, Jacksonville 1 I Syracuse 12, Richmond 4. Rochester 2, Columbus 0 Atlanu 4. Toronto a ' ' ; nd O IcW(Uj. Richmond ,-004 one one, 4 a 1 axracuaa . Cle 1 00 eax it 1 1 Mnrltl. . Cullra rs. Huffatt (S and OlbhK rorUKk. 8al 141 and Moor. WP !. U-drrlU. HR Morton. Coiumbua'.. ... (too eoao a a Jtoennter . 00s OOx 4 , i S x mix inninaa rain.) , . . . t ; a-OardwaU and Prloa. ?VmMi and PicnaUno WP Phoatnu LP Crdwll 1M1 , ! ' ! , " mti '- , . i , a i i i impau of BasfWl airje wui , Pf Wt1eCiy '"I Wl MF 'i . U , Jie very reason the Yanks long have neen known as the fWf fhost successful diamond organization n 'an''nUor',fcag'JB . YO0 itistory. And k will throw open added avenue of argument iJL M t l jaPd discussion for those clubs demanding the right to transfer franchise a well as for those opposing them. ; Finley. of course, could be expected to thunder hi criticism of such a . move, especially when ha had applied ana was refused i a' transfer of the Athletics. He's, taken full advantage of tie opportunity now to blast the American League. And this, at a time, not Jong after Bill Veechf. aimed similar criticism at the League and contrasted its policies with that of tbe National ' v.. - -. :- Nowhere la the significance of the 'radio and television anglf more of a topic of discussion right now than in Milwaukee. The Braves, threatened with a move;to Atlanta, are drawing much better than last Jear. They could wind up with a very good attendance mark though lower thai in their opening year in the l,t ' . liTk h , u. NOT THAT LMWRTANT ' ij But owner make ft plain that attendance doesn'tcount . that much these day. The total revenue is what counts, and the big TV money i one of thf most formidable (actors' of aJL Thus Milwaukee's financial atructurejs regarded as quite low. i However., the National League the other day TOddent ignored the agenda and almost' demanded that the Brave' owners commit themselves aa to tneir puna. 11 orougnt no action though a vote of owners, such as permitted the Yankee sale to TV interests, might not necessarily permit the Braves to move., jV - : ' '.' There' .anotlier. angle ' where 4he' colorful Finley, of Kansas City is concerned. V the Brave move, he wanu to move the-Athletic from the American League into Milwaukee. And if the National loop permit the Braves to -. pa. f 6 . H . .Id fe&MW? i 'n"AT'' Stan grisson' tkats scott tyler . riders' jay Roberts SaziooUnts on Jhvq INdTY PROBLEMS , ; ; '' iazlo ha been having In-Jury problem, and ha ha done His best to patch up his backfldd. The Ti-Cata took 'a beitingfrom little-regarded Montreal and if they don't get off the ground with their patched up - lineup, '. they could be in trouble. ar,gaaio is counting on two new i, hands . tonight He'll have Scott Tyler,, a lightweight speeder, in the back-fleM. Tyler bails from Frank Clair! ' backyard, , Miami tniversrtjr' of Ohio. He tame to the Ti-Cat via the :9altinora CcJta,;,;.;. H f Aad Toni Boris, from Pur-dot". , ii another back . the Riders were interested In .at opeVtime. . He went into the service. gned ,w(ih,'the hiladelbhU Eaglet upon .discbarge.; and . twfl .' weeks ago found hit way.16 Ham- Jitort,Ke oesl about 190 pounds, and naa good,speea s Sazio' also will . use end "Stan Ctisson, i'205-pounder from Duke University who -was second in United State : m pas receiving last year. . 'Rough .Riders. wiJ have one lineup change, , - . ROBERTS TO DRESi .v Jay Roberts a 9 4" pass-grabber from the University .of Kansas. Will be dressed In .place of George Belu. A rangy end with -aried skills . Roberta hss been earning on atrong iri the workouts and ,the ccaciws-deoided te give ,hlm a shot tgnighf, . ''.' ,, ' -t'l Game stime ZtonighU.I1: 8 .p,ciock.--;c.r;:;-,:f..-v ,. ; Tomorrow, the Argonaut meet Montreal Alouette and Argo Coach Nobby Wlrfcow-ski will insert Butch La roue , hito bis lineup. ' r Al's Jim Trimble has some shifting to do. Linebacker1 Jim Andreotti and Uckle Bob- Minihane ar both injured, and Trimble likely will try 260-pound Chuck Harris in Minihsne's place. Harris svas cut trf the Steeler, Ed Nrckl'iU -probably work In Andreotti's place. 68 ONLY f ' ' ; . 't ' VndiM a 1 M V ON TO A CCSTOMBB SOX natlaWaw k at 1 J 11 f AiK) VlNLT t I - Rtguhr 1.00 ohe pain to A' t ; cusToataa ,0 VALUES TO S.C0 mm M.-.J;o.5.g1-1.f.M-i;i-a, CASUAL SHIRTS LONG SLEEVES VALUES TO. 7.95 2.99 SHOES BRANDED LINES . ' BROKEN SIZES VALUES TO 21.50 DM m:m 'r.'jM I'M' W i .'LJja.y;.;. WOVf T-SHIRTS $ri 3 BAN- i i SHORT SLEEVES U 9 a. . f if t T. H',. VALUES TO 8.95 4,99 :;shirts: .' 1 . ... ; (f SHORT. SLEEVES . VALUES TO 5.0C Aaate ar j-atr . - i l). fl . i (af0' rTtV'.Ui'i-

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