The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 13, 1918
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PAGE TWU. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1917. s '! Miss Ethsl Roth, Mis»es Clara and Elizabeth Patterson entertained Monday night-at-U» Patterson hom«'.in THest Morton arehue at an informal HoorerSed iaidriigtrt luncheon /^n' honor ai;Sirs'. KoTrlind It^Brewti- of -WboT, SL--J.'; A; color scheme of areeu and wklte.jrM c ' Th« tablw'was c of narclMVS~ *nd- inaiden - nair fern. members of the aigh.;sohool facnJIy, and students were in attendance. IBss Mabel .Wtherit* was chairman of arrangements and. Mies. Beryl Dobblo chairman of Oie'.rcfreshment committee. During Jthe: evening JVHss. Marv Tressler, in"-behalf..of the students, presented Mlis" Humphries with a ^handsome--.linen .table- cover, and a cake. The evening was delightfully voile from the center of ^chandelier spent at dancing and various other «ta*d*d .J6 ;gre«n_ *nd_ wMt« ribbon I amusements. Singing by ''Bud" An- ctretmersv to~tfc« ends of wkich wero drows and Jos. Ljfcaell ot (he Manhat- »ttach«d IheTplace cards. Previous lo tan Playen Mm, greatly enjoyed. The the luncheon' the trcntng was .enjoy- hours 'Wero from 8 ab'le " . - JOHN JP, COPHL.Y. . Joanrranklln Copcly,.agcd 88 years, iB.u'ead at his iFifth avenue home. Pun- erat aerrlces held on Thursday morning at 9 a.'.m. at St.'John's 'church and interment' Will' follow la St John's cemetery. BLHER HODK1NS. The body of Elmer HodXIns, aged 37 years, who died In Plttsburg was brought to tho home of his fatter, DRAFT SPECIAL, BLOCKEDBYICE buried Peuus- Joha..Hodktas : ;iindi will bo Thurtiday attaciooa In tho villa BapUBt cemetery. '· MRS.i'XRA BliACKWELL. The- funeral .'.of Mrs. Ira Blackwell will bo field Friday afternoon at 2 The marriage of Miss Humphries and Bev. -Edwin. Brush, will take place "Tuesday afternoon' Eefcruary · 26 In the home of tha bride in Plttsburg. Rev'. Brush is -paator of a Baptist church in Huntingdon county. About 40 persons 'attended prayer Services held las^ evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sinclair in .North Pittsbiirg .street by tie King's Daughters of the First Presbyterian church, in: honor of the ,96th birthday of Mrs. Mary Dunlop, who is the oldest member of the church. The services, which wore in charge of Rev. 'J. T»6H'"»*rT)e«s'Jn St. -John's- -German: -L: Proudflt and Mrs. W. N. Leche, are cal noiabcrswere rwdercd, Titrs. Brnr*r -»··- formerly ". Mm "Wtaona ~d«i«e,' daiigiter of Mr." and Mrs."C. T. Tile "WtoBMUi'i Home and Forat(n Missionary socletlos of the First Presbyterian Charch.^rill meet tonictrt at -toe 'elece- at .tbe\ regular pnyer. swrr Ytem {or th« purpose of electing offl- ctrs. ; -" - ..:--,.'. -- tie Lestoti M»wn -WM -uihered SB today wltk.Aib Wednesday. OB each Trtdamnit daring the-Lenten »·»- son, the Trinity Episcopal Church will o'clock from the family rosidence at Dawson, with Rev. W. B. Purnell, pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiating. Interment in Dickerson Run to 11 o'clock I Uoion cemetery. ": w«r» served. MISS CLARA. M. GYLES. The body o£ Mias Clara M. Gyles, who died suddenly yesterday morn- LuUmraa Church, with a different rector to charge of each service. On Friday night Rw. M. S. Kanaga of Uniootown, will be in charge. Tonight He-r. Kowga will conduct Ash Wednesday sendees in St. Bartholo- m«w Episcopal Church at Scottdale. Members of the local cnnreh will likely attend. MlM-JiMtha-Tlbbets will entertajn thi Tl'C. T. Faocywork CluB tonight at -her horn* on the corner of Davidson avenue and Sace.stteet. : : __ Aboat-twelm members of the Over There Unit No. 6, to" "tie; Charleston Comiorti'-BrMtcli. of the Navy League met las^ereaini: at thc"home of Mrs.: P. tt MeKeritt in Chestnut «tree£.and* evening initUng for the'aail- jrs.'It w«a.fl»e last maetiB» nntil'at- :er Lent :· : -.. .. The refnlar »eeting of the Sun- jay School association of the Trinity Rttormt church will be held tonight at the doe* of the regular prayer ser4 ricea. ;..!.. . '. · At «ie regular meeting of tte T. J. Hooper Bfble class celd last Monday evening in the church a unit to the Charleston Comforts Branch of the Nary Ijtague "was organized. Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Leona Kuth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Kuth, of Continued from faee One, car windows and patriotic songf being sung by tneu from one tho train to the otbcr. | The diratt train was blocked were ind of I when IBS at tb« home of her niece, Mrs.^William Rogers in East Crawford avenue, will be shipped to Newark, N. J., for interment this afternoon, over the Pennsylvania railroad by Funeral Director J. E. Sims. Services will be held in Newark, the former home of the 'deceased. The body will be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, with wtom.Miss Gylos had madS her home since last .November. AMERICA HAS YET TO REALIZE WHAT WAR IS held annually and are always attended by many friends of the aged woman. Mrs. Dunlop enjoys good health and is remarkably active for a woman of her advanced .years. None present enjoyed the services last night more than she. Following the prayer services, a social meeting was held and a most enjoyable time was had. Music and other "amusements were indulged K Singing by Mrs.' Dunlop was" enjoyed by : the guests. Tn remembrance of her birthday Mrs. Dnnlsp- received beautiful'flpw.ers, attractive post cards and many other gifts. -Mrs. Sinclair, a granddaughter of Mrs. Dunlop, served-dainty refreshments. Jfrs. Mary ShoejAerger of-. Braddock, a- .daughter of the honor guest, out-of-town guest. Mrs. Dunlop's 'son, Robert Dunlop of fiorto. Side, Pittsburg. was- .unable to be present Bu'slness 'of a routine nature ' was transacted at the rgular meeting of the L. W. class of the "First Baptist church held last evening at the home of M3ss Hose Moore in West Payette street' · · ' · The Narcissus club was delightfully entertained yesterday afternoon ' by Mrs, L. S. Michael at her home in Mor- j was to sacrifice lo make ends meet. Continued frora Page Ono. their backing of the government Nobody like the President, said -Mr. Dahm, knows what.'this war really is; what it means. For that reason lie appealed to the people to put forth every effort possible to bring about the desired end. He attacked 019 elc-; ment which still clings to the belief; that this is not "our war," asserting of German nation into that' it was application kultur that dragged 'the it. If the worWng masses are imbued with the proper spirit and rally to tho nation as they should, he said, thero j is no doubt of Iho outcome. "We must | and can and will win," he concluded.; No other day could be more ap- j propriate for the hosts of labor to ·: pledge their loyalty, said Judge Van ! Swearingen in his opening remarks, than on the anniversary of "the greatest friend labor ever had--Abraham Lincoln." Lincoln, he said, knew it reached Ohiopylo by ice iTcm thei river which had backed: up and was; covering the traclts between Bidwell j and Confluence. II was brought) back ! to this, city anil transferred to the[ Western Maryland railroad at | West! Tough. The train was re-transferred' to the Baltimore Ohio tracks at Con( fluency and w^nt straight through) from there. Many persons saw the! darkened train going through here! about midnight on the "Western Mary-1 laud railroad .but few knew that it was the one carrying local draftees. .The necessary backing of the train and the extra number of miles covered caused several hours' delay and it will probably be some time tonight j when the men finally land at Camp] Lee. There were no changes in the list of draftees chosen last Saturday to make up the quotas ot Districts Nos. 2 and 5. The No. 5 board entrained 16 men and 23 were sent from. No. 2. Every man called was willing to go and was glad to have been placed j among the first to leave. j . The draftees of the No. 5 board wore tags of. blue" ribbon, on which was a picture of Abraham Lincoln and the words, "Draftee from Local Board No. j, Connellsville, to Camp Lee, Va., February 12, 1918. Every man called with the exception of Frank B. Shaw ot Chalk Hill and Noah M i n e r of Uledi, both failing to appear for either [ roll call, responded. j The No. 5 men who left last night following: Rocco Tregnono, Dunbar. James Swinker, Morrell. j John Bizza, VandGrbilt. Joseph G. Griglak, Lelscnring. Elmer W. Conrad, Fannington. William Boylen, Adelaide. "Walter White. White. Ira Buer. White. Charles J. Ardcshy. Adelaide. Herbert Reshonbory. Connolisville, When February arrives New York styledum says, so far as millinery is concerned, Spring is here. In fact it is the practice for Spring Hats to be seen on Fifth Avenue in January. / .*· So our display of Classy Spring models at popular prices is quite important. "The Store Ahead" Tl* HOME of QUAJLHY w-lSlIVJCE k t» u 133 K PmsBUBft St,. Butterick Patterns Olio Baughman. MorreJ!. .lohn Stine, Dunbar. Johnson G. Morrison, Ghiopyle. Rankin Williams, Vaudcrbilt. Ernest Brown, Acme. CJeorgo Kosisko, Dunbnr township. The No. 2 board sent £j men to the camp, William Ray .McCormick, son of Street ComraissioTer William Me- what it was' to labor,'knew what it Cormick being added to the list ye.- terday afternoon. He would have been _ A surgical dressing class, in charge Uniontwra, and Dana Gibson Short,]'of Mrs. L. P. JtcCormick. was organ- rell avenue, Greenwood. Many mem-I knew what it was to earn his brcadl a m o D 8 lh « " en to ieave on Fobrnary bers were present and spent a mostly the sweat of his brow. I 23 - but wlshed to immediately, j enjoyable afternoon. Delicious re-i It has often been asked, he said, I Evcr ' one ot tho " raen cal!ed TMP°rt- ' what Lincoln would have done in this | ed at lhe irlno! 7 and a!1 wcrc s TMt lo war had he been alive today. -VVcll i t h e fam ' ) - freshmcnts were'served. of McKeesport, solemnized yesterday in, St. John's Cattolic .church. In Un- iontowa. -- ......... . :'.: Miss-Phpebft "Duni was hostess at the aemfmonthiy meeting of. the .Outlook ^citib yestiirday afteriroon at "her " - t: atreeC "-In- tereitiaJK-papers were read by ..JIA. H. T.-.Cn«»»l«nd:and Mrs. -jr. 1. Wright. Lunctwwr: was serviS: The neit meetincltrtll. be . held Mondaj afternoon, Febtuajy 25, ^t the home of Mrs. H. E. Scheuck in Bast fjireen. street - Her. and Mrs. !William Saunders; of Uniontoirii, haire. anqBaced the marriage ot their diugliter'.^iss.Lena ' nellsrille, Bol«ronued Honda; at' the! parsonage "of thi "PreAyterian cturEh." in Greenbiii*. BCT." " George ' Perry Atvell ' ' ' " ' The regular .meeting of the ters of Isabella was held last, evening ·in Uw Parochial school holl. Many members were present and delightfully spent the evening at knitting for the Ked - Cross* Delicious refreshments-were served by Band,jVb.-27bf which Mia$...Margaret Harriganj-is chaicnan. "Tiie affair being the last soda! a«*tin|r.Tmta the. cl«»' : of; the L»n««TCi«mtoctt-wa» .wore ^eliborate" th»n" osoal. TSf tables and auditor.-' inm" VerVinostTattractiTely decdrated for the occasion".' It was. reported that quite a, nirartx-r-of initt»l..arUclos had b»em- cojmi4et«t Out ol town gtfests wwe; JCa*ps^R»sina NaKb. and'Mar-- garef " At tb* reguUr^ineetinE of.the J.-~O. C. Sotior.clasatal the..Flrst. jfethoifist ized last night at the Red Cross headquarters. Miss Delia Hoop.was elected secretary. The class will meet each-Tuesday night for instructions. The'South Copnellsville W.' C. T. IF. wi!!' meet tomorrow at 2 o'clock at the home-of Mrsr ISa Seaman. there isn't a particle of doubt" be went on, "that he would say: 'Stand by your guns, boys, and win this war. Go forward that the world may be made sale for democracy.' " liincoln, he continued, had to face 'all the great questions that today confront President "Wilson, only they were not on the broad scale of today. the greater he looraR. A thousand! years teacc.. he predicted, Lincoln a""TMuc, Conuellsvilie, pa., W. S. Sannders, to JoSnVwvrrump of Con- tertatenient- for the members. Re- Comparing the emancipator to a i painting Judge Van Swearingen said Tie '.Daughters of Ruth Bible class the farther away one gets from him of the;';".Trinity. Lutheran church met last'grening at'the home of Mrs. O. H.'Silcoi in Ifortli"Arch street. A program on "Gustavus and Adolphus," prepared by Miss Mae Traynor. was presbnted after which the entertain meat committee, of which Miss Elizabeth Ankeny is chairman, provided en- -- - - -, was d«eided"4«^dispen*e irithHhe . nual L b««i«et- ' the; ing tmkjcs'on iecoBnfcot the'conserva- tion 'tr_food...Jr--BOTae-'-yearfl past it : has' 3en ^hg-^uMom.jgf_thfe -class--to: : hold_a' ' --·''--' ·" "^ -- -- '- "· · were^aerred. ~... J:~ The Colonial Inn, South Pittsburg street, was the scene of a large and enjoyable party given last evening by hlsh school students in honor of Miss Helen Humphries, who has resigned -^asi1eacner~bf "English '-in the ' higtr -aebool. Afcout 100 persons including EatWiseIv-¥feil- WfthoutVfeste .GrapHpts being part barley t* a wheat 9*v«e Needs no sugar. HOT An ATOM OFIKASTE freshments irere served. ;'.- j .'·;'· - ' -PEaSONALS. jirs. t. M. Lyle, tormorly of Colrer, spent" the week-end with her sister- in-law, Mrs. W..J.,Bailey o£ .Isabella road. Prom here she left for her new home in "West Middlesex. Mrs. Lyle's son, Donald Lyle, remained for a few weeks" visit at tho Bailey home. Mrs. Mary A.. Harrison went to Pittsburg yesterday afternoon to visit friends;'.::Prom there she will Atlantic City. go to The best place to' shop" after all. Browiiell Shoe Co.--Adv. ;;' Miss Margaret- Coyne has returned to her home in.~Pittsburg-after a visit .with her: mother; Mrs; 'Anna Coyns ot the South Side." - . ' · - - · Funeral Director J: E. Sims -was at Mill Run today 'conducting the funeral of Mrs. Amanda- Cunnnings. See "Vengeance and the Woman" at the Arcade today:--Adv-13-i. . . Miss ( 5.* r ?' Baker of Greenwood re. h .°. me l a st night from Frost- Thc men of the No. 2 district follow: Joseph Mirlin Daytosh. East Pitts- burs, Pa. John Trump, 200 Snyciw sta-ee.5. ConneUsviiie, Pa. James Ixjroy Brallier, Dawpon, Pa. Gracobbe Pica.o Scottdale, Pa. James C. Goli,sboro, Oawaon, 1^. Max C. Cumberland. Dawson, Pa. Jacob Milier Din'is, R. F. D. No. J, ! Connellsvillc, Pa. i WTIiiarr. James Ryan, 415 .Crawford few of the greatest characters will .have been placed among a very ; Ralph F. Sliger, Davidson avenue. with I Connellsville, Pa. country has ever been i. Atnieilo Cascia, Box 55, Scottdale, (Fa. Angclo Basiione. 201 Bast Fayette which this blessed. Turning aside from Lincoln for tim# Judge Van Swearingcn asserted :'street. Connellsv-ilie, Pa. that the greatest asset of a nation is! Walter L. Adams, R. P. D. No. 2, not its men.'its'billions of money, its i Connellsville. Pa. food supplies, its industries, but the ·' AnneJx-lo Ballaghcre, Morrell ave- real asset is the patriotism of its peo- i nue ' Conneils-ville, Pa. pie. -Pred S. Buttermore, II. F. D. .No. 3, Describing: the atrocities of the ! ConnellsviUe, Pa. German soldiers, ranging from the i Raymond T. Higgtns, 200 Prospect mntilation of children to prevent their j street. Connellsville, Pa. over taking up arms against the Ten- ; William T. Brown, Dawson. Pa. tonic nations, through the slaughter! -Francesco C. Gro, 635 .Highland avenue, Connt'llsville, Pa. John Szatalty. Evorsoa, Pa. William Basinger, R. F.-D. No. 2. Connellsville, Pa. Hershsl Aaron Thorne, 209 North Ninth street. Connellsville, Pa. Oscar Todd Workman. Da.wson, Pa. John Magleri, Scottdale, Pa. Annual Mystery Sale Begins Friday, February 15th, and Lasting Unt! All Goods Are Sold ^ Ve have many oflds and. endu, broken lots, and only" one or two of «u*.h article. As an inducement get you to attend Ojis sale ire bare pot these articles in uactagcs in Uiis sale, 1-- «S5.00 Diamond 1-- $65.00 Diamond King. 1 -- $45.00 Diamond King. 2 -- $25.00 Diamond Kings. 1 -- $35.00 Diamond larallicre. 1 -- $15.00 Keconstmcted Rnby Ring-. 1 -- $12.50 Reconstructed Bul)y King. 1--310.00 Reconstructed Ruby Ring. 1-- $50.00 21-jewel Hamilton Watch. 1-- $25.00 17-jewel Hamilton Watch. 1 -- $25.00 17- jewel Wrist Watch. 1-- S20.00 15-jeweI Wrist Watch. 2-- $20.00 Gold Coins with another article. 3 -- 810.00 Gold Coins with another article. 5 -- §5.00 Gold Coins with another article. 10 -- $2.50 Gold Coins with another article. Tbese goods are in packages in the windows to show our good faith, aiid any one or the Doubtl Thomases, who will prove that the goods mentioned above are not in the jiackages can have the ?200.00 caah in our window. Look in the window and you will see Uie goods on display. P.XVI.AXATORY-- Every article in the sale never sold for less than Jl.OO and as high as ?S5.00. Tbi is positively no exchanges of any kind. Do not try and judge tie contents at the package by the size, for i diamond rings will be in the alarm clock boxes as well as ring boxes. The Packages Sell For $1.00 Each And contain Watches, Clocks, Ringrs, Plash Lights, Razors, Kniyesj Chains, LaTallier and even- article sold in a first, class jewelry store. COMMUNITY JEWELRY SHOP 100-102 South 1'ittsburg Street, COXXELLSVILLE, r and torture of wounded soldiers of opposing armies, the deliberate murder by firing squads of aged and crippled non-combatants, the murder of norses, on through to the-roping of women and the outraging of them until death ensues, he asked,if any one in. this country would for a moment believe an American soldier--one of the boys who have gone out from Con- F.VKRYBOOT SATES JtOSKT. nellsville, from Fayette county, from anywhere in the nation--could be I Bank Deposits Sliow That Most People Are Savings 31ney, The Growth of Bank deposits indicates that the average man and wo- thought guilty of such atrocities. A [ chorus 1 of noes answered him from the audience. Yet, he pointed out, .. SaeSt '°' . those -who advertise, --Mr. .and Mrs. Philip Callaghan,. of Philjipa^ Mr. and Mrs. John Mclntyre, pTSeanght, and.Jtr. and Mrs. Charles , who were out of Se wedding of Mss :er and Thomas A. turned to their re- - -Mrs. Oeorge "Wood went to Pittsburg tbe i man are saving money. If you are t n c ! not increasing your Bank Account, , It is not the work | you are not keeping up with the pro- Turner are the'cases iso-· cession. Jlonej- is now plentiful and Four ot this is what is going on among nations of Europe over-run by German hordes, of degenerates or lated ones, but a concerted movement on. the part of German militarism to awe the world into submission, he asserted. . The American people ought to be .ready to shed their last drop of blood. he 'declared, that these terrors of kaiserism shall be forever removed. Hnntfog Bargain! ? .You will find them in oar ad. columns. MOTHERS, LISTEN! a portion of all that you receive should be deposited is. the bank at interest. The Citizens National Bank has reached the highest point i n - i t s history during the last year. This is because of its Strength, .Management and liberal banking policy. This Bank accepts Sevmgs, 13S North Pittsburg Street.--adv. GET 14 IN RAID Thirteen 3loa ami One. Woman Arrested in Slavish Restaurant, Twelve prisoners -\vero given hearings before Mayor John Duggan at police court this morning. Eight pris- , oners were charged with being in- j mates of a disorderly house and all I were sentenced,to 48 hours in nefault of a JS.SOrffine. Six men arrested on the same charge were released last i night on the payment of forfeits. All | the men were Austrians. Only one i woman. Delia Kemp, was arrested in the house. The arrests were made in the Slavish restaurant on the corner of Crawford avenue and Arch- street. The proprietor, Steve Molnar, was fined $25. The raid was made by Patrolman and Lieutenant McDonald, other prisoners were given liear- ngs, three of whom got 48 hours each an done got off with a $3.50 fine. Forfeits and fines for today amounted to tbis morning. Dr.. J. B. Woods to i n Pittsburg today on business. Mrs..O. L. Baton and daughter, Mrs. William Brickmah. are spending tbe d a y i n Pittsburg. . . . ·js."D.~ii Ceainb'n of Greensburg,! strength, when your nerves are death ° h 9 S t f . M ^ Mae Martian Injured Fireman Pies. Earl Hostettler of Youngwood, Pennsylvania railroad fireman, died last night in the Greensburg hospital I of injuries suffered Friday morning. Players will produce "Pretty Peggy O"ifoore" again on Thursday at the Soisson theatre.--Adv.--13-lt By special request the · Manhattan Players will produce "Pretty Peggy lO'Moore" -again on Thursday at the Soisson theatre.--Adv.^-13-it Tin · , - , i when an engine jumped the track at When work exhausts your Don ohoe. Hostettier's is the second _ to occur from the accident irritable and restless, when am- The engineer, William A. Moore, died .bition lags and you feel rundown,! shortly aftnr the wreck occurred. need quickly the Pure Chevying Gum a Stick a dai rich, creamy, nourishing food in SCOTTS EfflLSION Mrs. Kate Hall says: "I have kept' . nl house 15 years, am the mother of tonr '· to check your wasting powers, en-! ti. children, and I would not keep house; liven your blood and build up your without HoUister-s Rocky Mountain I nerve f orce _ SCOTT'S is help-*" l At the Hospital. D. H: Miller of Morgantown underwent an operation for appendicitis j this morning at the Cottage State hos- {pital. Kenneth Snader of East Craw- I ford avenue ; underwent a slight oper- ' ation yesterday. Mrs. Burkhart and Mrs. Calhoun, the latter of South Con- nc !lsville, were admitted for opera- ons. Tea." "Wise Woman, why? D r i v e s - »i_ j i -T. .* fV-.- away sickness, bring, health and hap-:TM«.thousands and will give % plness to the whole family. Councils-1 TOU " e Strength you need. ji ville Drug-Co.--Adv.-· · I te*t'*E«»~v'Bfco»«di.B.j; tm^j Infant Dies. An infant son.of Thomas and Ellen Kingan of South Connellsville, died yesterday. Interment this morning in Hill Grove cemetery. A CONNELLSVILLE HftN'S . EXPERIENCE Can you doubt the evidence of this Connellsville citizen? You can verify Connellsville endorsement. Rfed this: Henry Bowers, 120S Vine St, says: "For twenty years, my kidneys were in bad shape. My greatest complaint v/as rheumatic pains and I was sick abed for several weeks. My back ached terribly a: times and I ivas bothered by having to get up in the night to pass the kidney secretions. I used a lot of medicine, but nothing but Doan's Kidney Pills helped me. They are all that I have been using for years, since I found out how good ihey are. It only takes a few doses ot this remedy to give me relief." Price 60c. at all dealers. * Don't simply ask for a. kidney remedy--get Doan's Kidney Pills--the same that Mr. Bowers uses. Foster-Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.--Adv. 'Dark Brown Taste* away VTho to Tatronize. | . Merchants who advertise their good i The Daily Conrler, I F YOU HAD NECK AS LOHQ AS THIS FELLOW. AND HAD T O N S I L I N E WOBIB (UlCtlY RELIEVE IT. t*c.w!Cta. AU. ifiQIGES DYSPEPSIA. -GASTRI J SOUR STOMACH IN FIVE MINUTES POWOERoRTABLET FORM SO C EVERYWHERE " BEAD THE COtTE

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