The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

TO CKSOStrlOO ; ; . .7a. 5 A' Vr a V, .'- - at i. - lEfCAPlfAtf.ANftj SAy&X-l J , RDaiPTOI.IHCUSSB UW IQW WK. ,. ; I'- POt MM - i Ot w-O0;'a'"CHlDtr.";. Is- r IUV WKCMOAf Irt.'tAiOSAtOlY ANO SAVR : "', fT?QUMIiri9''..MHAcM louAtAmwii OKENrAMS MfAIMD OR amACtoWHJli' VOU.WAIT1 "l occmrg wiscimoNt' Huea aj samI-iow nuca y MO APPOINTMINf NiCISAt -.' '-' ' " 4IH m 1.1' J.,,: Huum Jn- to pjn. rj BOOTH 8UflDrHC? Dny IhcMlnf Salarday.l ' SUITE 16.:?P w 1B.1&M.J fi.Cw spark.; ra(, --? -PHONE 232-4758 i Wtn the ti-aolum BrUannica, Junior Incyctoptdt for acTtool and fraJ ybUrtfitijiiakai Iwim. m. oKdrect to "Tea Ut Whyl" Mr o Th Ottawa Journal, In com o duplicate auuttontheyattfioA wUi roda'i ictnnar i: Jamki Stone, fiotouia, , : fix -By' A..-IXOKUM t Caacar'cautaa tnaMeatk .f1 w auny peopl ia ikt world today; that medtcai acieacav ij acta dif(ernt from any, of, tha noma body ceila. .When canrar.eell divides. th,dauch.- ter. call doe, not change intol tit wiy frown tonn jntn Ufa reproducing. ,lt' rejpai: like Vouni.ll,;?- no,ueul,purppief and; Wn-(inue. U (lncreae .number iV-wncer ceJl.row, they, separate, and movJn, among mjfrraicell 1 TJey may ;be-cone an numerous that the nqrlftal ceils" In thla jjarfpf the fKly can not continue to work or to even remain allver'""1' When cancer gets into the blood It is carried to diatani masses which mterrere witn the .activitiea of the normal aed. the patient will die. tlnllka mlutr iHiieaiea tHA have been studied cancer still has many myster? ous things about it , we. do ,. ,.. ,-. - .'.(..'ii.U . i 1 INDEPENDENT DREV VERS S fa tsrmrm : ri .V .irS'if '- ' sou.:t ;.., V ' ' ' ji -awsv ... v -ac ,P.w .. j .,;.' u4!t tfectdf (h dinner. c Vhow (hat thera no tingle cauaaoAf cancer. Many jdii- farant, cauaca hava. oae,par in deckijm whether , cancer cairyiag on- graat.war UjJ grow during fim, WetiniBj ssf it, how to prevent it add UJB.T ; c irt' iij.ii OM A cancer I . i.antimioiM growth- in aom part- ! tha body. The celli,Jrormiiig,tha cancer -apread through the-odv to Darla which. may be, far from the tpo wherfcfan-I cer began. - M ,j, Tha cancer ceU' looks gnd - Heredity plays a part." Jt.fs believed that cancer is more likely. to, develop in ''person whose ancestors bad "cancer. Jt is known that chemicany the' "cancer cells ar different from "normal cells.'' ' So acienK Istsrart working with various ,,f chemicals' to aae what effect the have qn ceil and -which ones can start cancer growths CancerS're not apread from man to aain by caotaet. ixSo yoa sea that a treat deal reaaarsh -wiQ still hare, to ba done before a .man .knows -ea-i actly howtMd why. a caacar . .U 1 J I. A. L.X, rUN TIM6 . :r;.r- f The Riddle ,' :, L Viby is a aobleman like a,.pooa3; wnat naa, sw. r andean, ungi". . vynai, never k a ourstioa yet ha to te answe-ecT,- ' - r' ' " " Becsuse be hai' a' IrOe'r A trio; ' 3. A tetohoneV- ' i. t'". ,, - N'jtw ' Suppdev you warned ta kto' .': I'!f S.ftdai'iV:iff&; htiaU '"' ' -"" .utt - " 11 J. il aji m j i i "1W iMila ti ii r iMiamna. - rt t.L 'iif 5M t."i H-! jUswtbpv; M. .! Bar .'.aw . Vi : vrgrfj- '! j(l'((ii.j. --"-;i t V V? r. fawwwsRWtw ..t fwOiff" 1 "Vii "! 'A,.-. . inji.o,,, itmi, j ., : V;- tui'- ' I'll i14i2r-t -' If' V l'.'.",JtrK"hM-4NiU '.,t, .. ! idl lueaiM i 1 -..-..-v . i " nst. , .. . . - .. i . - - -r t oH V:.'- awvm rv v 4 i 01: -I. XIX AlaiC IjCia. 12 Memo. IX Ad. f WNbse. 15 Line. -4 Etc j haa. DOWN. 1 Example J' 3 Exam. 4 NA. 5 Atlaf. Leader. 10 None. 18 K,-7 r' 'f r ( -.'V.a C-.r r ,1 v -i I 1 J i f i.i.a - a7 A 4 ',, V . - nej si.i .T swtw r w -'i io : ' yrf,ifi v-- , ,?.,'! a',,,--J -..-.-.) V -t an,na, . -- j, -,. si; V.Hj ' . liaeaii i. . . S r 6 i II "' :' 'iff : X'i af;.'-. i - af kl Bl, tW! VI :y .r 111 these (oar. aecUona of 'chain to make-an- aodlesa chain.'' It eosu yoi 'iix cents for cui 1119 wm. xjruk ai:i ictbii vcne for, welding one link. What Is tV least amount yoa can make an endless chj'RT Seej tomorrow' paper .for the ai.ser,.' , v blv yt feu AiuifeB to yesterday's tnu Word PugzhK. 1 EternaL .7 Wtn (fte Brttennica Vortp; Aftes or fear boot o eneiit. Send yoaT riddle, fokei to: Btddut. jiku. -ra jr Wht!" Today" winner, it-Aaniira4or. 11 Smltk- bridni 'MtM. I J' Mccepnna i Vocational rations7- Registrations for the Ottawa Vocational School, J68 first Avenue, are now being received by the National Employment Office an eaber em oiiiccs uaguejiDai Valley. Free tuition is offered and th (K-?!? F mlnuig aj-towaiceDt those eleglolenovr is in etfett T8 register, train sex si ust be unemployed and have been bW'bf aohoot formt leaet om year.i'-t-T'' icsa- Thaechool is operating under th federal-provincial Canadian Vocational Training Program. Smble-HunqlY mnoLYii A DRUG STORES lr" Vaaa lltlvnv . nr Thieves HiH w Crystal :Beacht? Neoeia folic are tovVitlcat-t )ng twoM!Ht WeaS-if K Crysul Beaca that netted thieve RSt, worth of tigarettea and cJart early. Thsraiarc, A Tha break waj 4neVt ered at Smiley" Variety Store at 4.1 a.m. The front 4r wh dow ha9.s smashed afiflla in flfc W rlirlirallB 1.1m .'The second break-in, two Wotks-away, alto on Highway (Taaaa faanw t . ft.wft. it ihCr-rt BeachffaiarA aide Mfclf been fcrcee?,"" Hi-Poltcfsatt' cash retlxter' arid m . i J safes were not toachad. " HONOR- HULL DOCTOR ' ."Dr; Roger Lachanca, medical director-oT Sacred Heeft ifoa-piUh witt be honored at tfi Amariean -College of RosptUI' AdmlnistraMnr.i Coavefltion. : 4 Aas, aicwhan he will bea- fimitted to tha-college. -WW RUSCO 5 1, 19 COLOURS ttituao PAST SEiVICB QN. flUl. DEVELOPMENI v K0DAC0L0R f i -iyS 24 Houra . ::'.( ! ft 5LACKWH ITE n Same Day Service iiy,,......,,,." '--rt.iiaff,rt.tjvv .',. -4T0RES LTD. . t SMrtai II is Mala aa. IX ' rSee tarnotis 'z - aidXp2ay at IthrrfcVkO. caaia(irkt ctejtr r-trj-eMs , . mm , ..,'; ','t .-jii,..M.r;r.;;i; ' a:,, A . jwrr4 j'.y-. y i I i r -.' FIUDAY, XUOOST M. 6i fflB CtTTTAWA JOURNAL 13 LV 'JU. iJU-i-rt JMJJ -J TRAMPS AT LARGE ; Murt than 1. 000 (ramp steam- ' mv most of them (lying the Liferlan flag,' ply the world' oceans "'' .- v a.-RSr F J ?i ' ! LEGENDARY DANE The legendary Oanlih prince, Amleth, ' now' is world lamoui through ' Shakespeare's drama, Hamlet. . IreM Horns ramuPonrait shapes vrv n -nw - . ... .... J. PboU ay Tiia Van TV plaaihai and eHrfal eiteriari af the Trend H , ay Aaaaly and C.Muao, at WOODROFFE ' ON THE GREEat waa eartataly an . BBflaMetag laetor when tha JMatMfe dedaaal en tastr parchaaa af a 1 . ' mtrm - u M nVmri knr tkair ltar kelMr. . . . Shawn here are Mr. and Mrs. V Delhrldi with tlMv'twachndrea.4 Mlchete. JH raara, and A atta,- atght: aralaa, la (hear new .Tread Mr. Driartdge Is a rhyaMat with Caaadiaa AviaUaa Elatwaa, Laejtcd. - -r 4-- ' .i.- .-i. -'; Ala b the Mlae la ifcH Mr. ad Mra. Ddartdge tail af 'the maay atwaative leatama a be tsaad aa a Traad Mian , m i "Many factors influenced' as' In deoldtng to purchase a TVend Rome. '. MrtMftiferly tha pleaame and colourful exterior, the electrical heatlnt, . ' bailMnt appltancax, large bedroom, and DOt to say the leaxt,' tha mclulmMif,paiLr01. eurba and storm sewers.."" tv . v .. , . . ,' HIiim HMMrirw In. ' mm hava' foinuf vnur aervtaa ti hM nHwii acwl m oeiau naa oeen too amau I or vour aucnuoo. - .... . . ,. f t WComaf'" ' r xtremelr pleased with our Trend 4 , , . a '' ' Mr.and ttrt. W. DelbrUoe,, , J .ex.. t ; -. ''(''',r;I.f .""'"'''' .;: -V FOR A VERY LOTED TIL1E 53fV'1- V't.l..v,i"i'r.,?.-5--n',,i ' ' v.: . '' ' V0U T00 CAN ENJOY TIIE "kTaaaYMBfaBBMafr r- ,nn y nnun tagfsof .V fi -..-.. mw m r-;,i :; -f 'aawaBBBBBBBBgaaagai , '. i . 'a. I s - f ' W i . t - y AALyanJOAiyjWS; WOODROFFE ON THE: GREEN : OW WOODROFFE AVENUE. MILE SOUTH OF BASELINE ROAD ..'(.' - - w,i .. Li.-.' . I: frDUTillURRYTNEREsS: WML ONLY A FEW I LErT! ; : There are no vacant lots' left at wood rone on the Green ana the r ; remaining homes are being, snapped up. Only a few are left. So hurry .. " along: and take advantage, of present low prices. Trend Homes offer a orice reduction of $500.. and they have absorbed the Increased - federal sales tax (amounting, to as much as $700) This, means U . " you buy now you can . . . - t OiU Vl - 3 . T-. . I.IJI, .& - ... . 11 - rf;. x-5 i -3 i i I-ir, ? ai Mil 1 v Prices range frorri $15,790 to $23,272 - ' - j Down Bgymentt at low $850; motithly pymrt from $110 ) - f;i''i aix trend" momu are ct)AjiArTttU). they Are built to ,? : , MEDALLION STANDARDS AND FEATURE ECONOMICAL ELEOrRIC HEATING WOTHn HOMES AT ANY PRICE GIVE YOU AU THE FEATURES OF TREND HOMES " ': FREE BONUSh J LlfaMnstihinei On Your Trond Hom Mortgag . j ..vw.' (up to age 45)-"' ' ' ! ' '!,; -:' lM-;tTRND; H0ME5 PAX THE PREMIUMS r , Epjoy the peace of mind of knowing that in the event of death . from any cause, ; your' mortgage will be completely paid pit , BEFORE YOU BUY ANY l0r.lE.30nPARETHE PRIGESFEATURES ANO 'WAPIIIaWlllHIl AS4 Af : H(. uuiiutiiituut ur ii ' 1 : SaUs Olficsv Miona 722-7679 ' -222 Optn 1 to i I pjn. Weekday J to 4 m Wli ; : ,v j' ill

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