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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 13, 1918
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~ "· ConnellsvilleV Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,654 16, NO. 80. CONNELLSVILLE, PAi,. WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 13, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. NER1CA HAS YET TO REALIZE WHAT WAR IS SPEAKER TELLS AUDIENCE AT LOYALTY RALLY st Sit at feet of English to Learn of Its Bitterness, He S«TS- ICOLN IS EULOGIZED uwipotor Woald be , For Battle itk the Hue if Alhe Today, ,tS- rte'Jodge Tu Sweariugen; More iore Pep Is Great A'eed. nerica knows not yet what the war ns. It has not even tasted its bli~ ess. Its ; people -have not com- lended what is war economy. They I io sit at. the feet or the English vie to learn some lessons. Thus,. ubslance, spoke Kev. George W. IHM, pastor of the Firs: Chris- church of Cc-nnellsvilVe, in ad- sing the labor Loyalty mass Ling last evening in the high ol auditorium. His address cov- phases of the war as gleaned by lence of years in England. Amer- 5, when inclined to grumble over s and enforced economy W food maptaon should stop first and y conditions confronting their jas o{ .the British Isles. Women ase in America must be deeply .-eased, "he indicated, by seeing I the higher classes of King ·ge's realm are doing far the war. reeling his words'to tlie working James Dahm, of -Sew York, rep- iting the American Alliance for ·r and Democracy, declared it is itial that ..the laboring- classes on a little'more sfeaia" and in- a "little more pep" into the cam- i against the Kaiser, lile touching on the war and the of every ittizen being loyal e J. Q. Van Swearingea's address chiefly an eulogy of Lincoln, the emancipator alive today he WOULD-BE AUTO THIEF LOSES LEG UNDER FREIGHT Xakes Bask to Clamber Aboard to Escape FBI-suit and Falls Beneath the Train. A negro giving Edgar Wade as his name and saying he lives on the West Side hill is at the Cottage State hospital with his right limb severed. He lost his leg when he inlsscd his footing while attempting to board a west pound Baltimore Ohio freight train at Broad Ford yesterday afternoon shortly before 3 o'clock. YOUGH RIVER AT FLOOD STAGE; IT CARRIES OUT ICE Gorge at Bidwell, Holding' For; Seyeral Days, Is Finally Broken. MONSTER CAKES GO BY At Places They Are Haricd Onto Kail-; road Tracks and Traffic is Blocked; | Work Trains. Called to Clear Than;: Not 31ncL^ General Damage Done.} CITIZKKS AlT LOTALT1' JIALLT JftllCH PLEASED WITH KKW HIGfl SCHOOL Among those who attended the loyalty demonstration, in the high school buiMing last evening were many citizens wUo have visited this magnificent new structure'Cor the first time. As they moved admiringly about the corridor and hallways and made a brief inspection of the interior, the expression that was heard on the -night oC the dedication was frequently repeated: 'Now that I have seen Vhal has been provided Cor the education and training of my chil- .dren, I am perfectly satisfied and -willing to pay my share of taxes that may ,be needed to pay for it all." The Vough river reached a flood stage last night when the water rose] to th« top of ' the . walls along the j -banks and the tracks of the Baltimore! runirw^nin ITIJI^T*I\ f/^ATPITl PAH REPOSE UNDER SCOTCH SOIL And Soldiers Who Irfsft Last JTigM Get Trip Back to the City. GORGE FLOODS TRACKS! --'· I Only Small Xumber of Mi-n Are in Ad- Is Jii-cessary to Transfer Baltimore ! nulcl ' (i '''"-·nclies on the Ara.Ticaii Ohio Tniln to AVostt'rn .Uuryland;! Sector. Great Crowd Sees the Boys Oft un; YVITH THE AMERICA ARMY IN Their Journey to Camp Lee. FRANC K, Fob. 13.--Aside from in- ] creased aerial activity the American Connelisville's fourth contingent of soctor has been noraial for a ° i ast A1HERICAN ARTILLERY JHn.1 Ceromonlos Held Today CTDE us A vra rrma « HC i with sim P le Country Folk FIRE MAKES GERMANS j participating. ABANDON FIRST LINE: 164 OF THEM AMERICANS "aiivcs Start Subscription to liaise .Uunument Fund; Uraves Are Temporarily Enclosed by Fence; Permanent Structure is lo be Erected. E. A. McCombs, which was standing in front of his Broad Ford office. The physician heard the engine of the machine when it started and ran to the door of his office in time to see the car disappearing around a bend in the road. He ran after it and when the engine stalled, caught up with the machine. Dr. McCombs grappled with "Wade and threw him from tie car. The other negro, disappeared Wade made a brealc for a west bound freight train passing and the doctor did not pursue him. He heard a scream" of agony and running to the railroad tracks saw "Wade lying along the ballast, his right limb severed. The physician-palled him away .from the train and gave him medical, attention. Passenger train No. 16, eastbound, was stopped shortly after ihe accident and the injured, man placed aboard. He was brought here and removed to the Cottage State hospital. T1TLOW IS AGENT Of Food .Idnunistnttion to Keep Tab reached Its maximum height about 4 o'clock this morning when the gorge at Bidwell gave way and the volume of water that had been chocked rushed down. Ice was carried out and within an hoar-the crisis was past and the waters were receding. Th* high MAIN IN CITY NOT LOCATED draftees left the Baltimore . Ohio station last night at 7 o'clock aboard a speciaJ train of 11 coaches, departing amid the cheers o£ 2,500 throats. Many saw the traiu leaving through misty eyes and others left a l u m p rising in their throat as the train pulled hours. The American gunners are Raid to be growing more accurate daily. So accurate have been the sharpnel fire against the first line the enemy that they arc now near- f e r J3y Assuctutmi Prass. A SCOTCH SEAPORT, Pel). 13.-Up to Tuesday night, a week alter the disaster, 171 victims of the ill-lated Tuscania had been laid to rest at dif- ·ater did not do any dam-1 ,, , ; . . . age at the West Penn power station at Officials and Employes Bngagedi "»ty were put in coaches near damage '- «--h v«, «««« ^ rear ° f ^ train - Tb * s P ec ' ftI Fayette, and no reports of farther down the river have been received here. Monstrous cakes of ice are piled up at West Newton, however. The gorge which has been holding; at Bidwell for several days caused a j complete ticup on the Baltimore j Search For Seat Trouble. n . n sinmniinr i nmo GAS COMPANY LENDS -jrent points on Ibe Scottish coast. ly abandoned, the Germans keeping a . Tlie8Ll wt;re divided as follows: Anier- awav but the cheery «,mii P of the men few m e n '" UlCm - In a seclor Such a5 I«"is.' 131 identiiicd and 33 imidemi- s,, su ;rr ":-r: zxsz.^ - TM s br^ l -^s rour '" aad " ree ^^^^^^^-^^^^^ - -- p~ -the usual number in the trenches. Aeroplanes were overhead everywhere today. The enemy late in the IQU ^ tie mogt accur ate and complete . day'sent over a considerable of ma- { } j niu-.^^hiG. " here promptly at G.30 o'clock and tbe' chimffi in bart i e formation. Thev j 1 1 f c ° UUmaolc men were immediately put on ; w e r e mct ^ driven back by a Prenc h ' squadron. The wounding of three · m-en in consequence of an accident · was reported today, constituting tbe ; only new casualties. : No. 2 and 16 from No. 5." The draftees from ibis city and vic-j the': cut co-oreparied with the American army officers in obtaining these figures, which go forward to Washing- local board. The band marchoi Connellsville Military to tbe station, playing i witli hundreds of persons bidding Ohio system east of here. All trains Only the Lowest Portions of the Bnsi- j goodbye to their friends or relatives. ness District Aro Supplied; (las! On board the tram were draftees ,, _ T T , . , from Allegheny county, Scottdale. Compwiy Loans large lorco ot M o u n t p]oasantf West Xen to AW in JUtpiUring; Breaks. are being transferred, over the Western Maryland lines at West Yough and at Confluence are taken back on i the B. 0. lines. Newton and :ther surrounding districts. It consisted of 11 coaches and was in charge The last 17 of tbe bodies recovered, .mericans, were buried this after- vfllagers coming many miles in wnpour of rain to pay their sim: pie tribute to the American dead. The i bodies were brought to the burial j place on one large motor truck which. I was followed over the route, several I miles Jong, by the squad of 25 khaki Adelaide Child Eifrhlh in County in | clad American survivors and village OPEN GRATE VICTIM ISIS From Cimsc. The water at Bidwell tied up both . .-'"r"."' " """-"'»·""· "·" .r TMa wo*, hnund trarftB Th« A break or breaks in the main sup-: of Jmied States army men. east and west hound tracks. The : rails were submerged between six and; plv " nc eight icet of water, making it a physi-! conl l ;la 5' cal impossibility for a. train to go finally broke it through and mourners. . , One of the villagers carried An open grate fire claimed another , Unjon Jack whi]e an ^^^ vicum last night when Ada Harris, two years and U. months old, daugh- the so] . o£ tbe ConneUsville \Vater | The West Bide voJunteer firemen has l£ft the city without ! acted as an escort for the draftees. | tor of Louis and Bertha Harris, col- the lowest por-1 Although t h e streets were wet after jored. of Adelaide, died at 8:30 o'clock on HoicLs aad through it is what caused the, rapid rise here. · George F. Titlow of Uniontown, who ! Work trains are SErivin S to cjear ' was initiated into the mysteries of the ! the ^acte of ice and it was noon be-, hotel business as clerk at the Yongh j J o r e one track waa opened. Reports! -- -- that cakes of ice, half the length 1 , box car, are laying on the rails. d be in the van ot governmental :s and urging the people to fight at tor liberty and a democratic 2, he said. r^r£^£^-srr^ ru-sSis d a parade of members of _£te | ^ ^Inlslratfott to loolt af ter ^ When the water was Wgh the ice float-! tions of the downtown. At a late hour | the hard rain yesterday afternoon, the; at the Cottage State hospital. The IJaistead and others were engaged in j for camp was not diminished. There | last Monday suffering fro-m burns of search, for the broken "section or j were many touching incidents at tbe j the face, chest tnd abdomen., receiv- sections. "Whether it is one or more tttation anrl one woman fainted after i od when her clothing ignited. the train had lefL She was revived I The body was removed to Funeral and assisted to her home. i Director J. E. Sims' parlors, from dier ieid aloft the Stars and'Stripes. At the graveside the American soldiers sang "The Star Spangled Banner," followed by tie natives singing "God Save the King." The usual military salute was then fired, ending the ceremony. Temporary fences have been built around the graves, to be replaced by a permanent enclosure as soon as the materials can be brought to tlje desolate shores. A British colonel who ! had worked day and night since the es and\ Labor council and allie iizattons, the volunteer firemen, { bers of counc: bers- Scouts, Catholic Cadets, and»the · R., Cole! of Police "W. B. Bowers, I ·.enant Thomas McDonald and Pa- f j enforcement' of .tie food conservation vtuunietT uiBiuBu, : , . . . · . » , · , - . - - · n ».i- A tr~ r-ffioi-ic rules ifl-.the hotels, and restaurants of ji cuuucil and cHy oiucuus, . ·-.,-+-- · · of the Knight, of Pythias ; *TM tyb , ^ ^^ ^ to ^ and one portion of butter is not ex- ·1th firemen bearing Hags : « eded : *« ""= wheatless and meat- n em _^ c^,,^,^ : less days are strictly observed. Hohing next. ^ band provided thrmu The''^ and restaurant wi.l not be per- iTmoved promptly at appointed mitle1 to . ^*? ** «"* "flminis- \e muveu juoiui. i a. vv . tration - lslsa ^ unless the proprietors shorfcontrt'by the band pre- i *TM «*»* ** *« P'-** , i thp meakinr at thp hieh school i Mr ' TlUoT reports that so far no ! ^^dtead S of tie high ±S ! *«» tatto TM ot the relations have oc- ty presided. Added features j vocal solos by Miss Mary Me- 11 ell with Mrs. A. W. Bishop at the | .. and a salute to the flag by : ;s. Attorney John Duggan, Jr.,. r of the Four-Miaute men, spoke minutes on "Why this is our ' curred. He will make tours of the ; steps to secure a strict observance. ;i : --· MIXED EOURS I tubers of Trades Council and Vet- I '. of the Civil War occupied seats i C«n -Tow Be Bought WtJiont Accompanying Substitutes. The Pood Administration has stage,' which was simply dec- nounced special rules governing the ' a ' mixed flours which provide that ^en they contain less than 50 d with American flags'aad a por- ;ol Lincoln, flag draped. ' solutions ' pledfelag the support per cent of wheat flour they may be labor unions and labor general- \ sM ^ llhout accompanying substi- } lUiHJl U"iWU» 4HAU icun'i a*'* 1 **'**" ;the President were alopted and i tu -*f- Wiat at flrst was supposed to be a break in the 12-inch main was found I All the men called by tbe local board I where the funeral will take place to- j late today to be none at "all. Uater j for Districts No. 2 and 5 reported yes-i morrow afternoon a'. 2 o'clock. In' js agaia turned into the Une. For I torday and answered the -I o'clock roll | torment in Hill Givivo cemetery. The : disaster helping ^ Americans bury A , f ,), K« i,, h , at* ^ n f , 1- tilno the l ircssure was »P to 25 I call. The No. 2 men assembled at the! dealh ° f the Harris child is the «'Shth i h d ^ d announced that the people ed close to the banks but d,d not re-l^^ T hen it dropped again. . ! armory but those leaving from Di S -! to occur this year in Fayette-county j o£ the ^try-slie had sorted Hub! A break'in the 12-inch'line seemed ; t r i c t 5 repO rted at the offices in the-as the result ot burns sufferwi 1TM^ ) scrjption (Q erect a permaDeDt mmu . ment to the Americans. There are eight Americans too ill to leave several of them still dazed by their experiences. They are quar- and village i hotels. cede with the water. Records taken at S o'clock this, Imminenl Sunday and last night it fa, Trust building. The Scottdale in open flre. nnt-ninir chnvrarl f r i n t * t i A T-ITCU- ii-irr' _ . . M . L - .' 3 *.*j*\m*i\. morning showed that the river was i was dccmed adviS8Wc to cut off Ihe.j drafts"a^me "in on TstreVt car" I n c ! H n e and supply the city by way o£ | ght before was seven Arch street . This morning between i All tbe ice that had been piled feet. up along the shores was carried out by the high water in the night. The absence of a heavy rain during the thaw has been the chief factor hi keeping down a big flood. A storm threatened for a. time yesterday afternoon, but did not last long. is ordered that a copy be sent . chief executive. *rica can learn, much' from the sh people said. Rev. Buckner. spent six years on English soil j Americans grumbling against on he called attention to the fact vhiie a married man in America be required to pay $20 on the and income tax in England mar- and single are assesed $230. on louaand while for the larger in- 1 the ,rate is 25 per cent. England, he pointed out, they long had their heatless and ess and lightlese days and when i bvernment says come to a full · Wnere a retailer sells mixed flour containing more than 50 per cent of wheat flour sufficient other substitutes must be sold to bring the sale to a basis of one pound of substitute WAR STAMPS Will Be Supplied to letter Carriers for Convenience of Buyers. At a meeting of the postmasters of ."Western Pennsylvania held in Pittsburg yesterday it was decided to supply alt letter carriers with war savings stamps in order to facilitate their sale and for the convenience of buyers. Up to this time letter carriers ha-vc delivered thrift and saving stamps ordered tirough the postotfice collecting for them at the time of delivery. This r I practice will not be discontinued, hut, I to accommodate persons who wish to : per and have not sent in a for each pound of wheat hour. Graham and whole wheat flour, however, may be sold at a ratio of three ponnds to five pounds of wheat Qour. A special exception may be granted upon application showing necessity in the case of specially prepared infants' and invalids' food containing flour. regular order, the letter carriers will be provided with sufficient stamps to meet emergency demands. The men all carried suit cassis and many were .supplied with lunches put DESERTER DISCHARGED a CMrfof Police W B BowersM lhat *e bread ration of two ounces to j then at tie height of 31 feet. Tne Une and supplv ^ citv by way ^^°1^ J^^'^ Q n Hi n :, a i.-uest and a limited amount of sugar reading the night before was seven | Arch streeti Thi3 m o r n i n g betw 5 and 6 o'clock a leak developed .in tbe . up a( ^^ homcs Thero was no cx . j ^^ ^ ^..^ Go ^ Pbil ^ e | pn i a an fl j tered in farm houses Arch street line and the pressure dropped until there was no water at all on the hills and none in the downtown, section above tbe second stories. The trouble found tbe water company short of men. H was said there were but two available. General Superintendent J. E. Angle, of tbe Fayette County Gas company, was appealed to and furnished fuen to mako repairs. Late this afternoon it was discovered the 12-inch main was intact. By this afternoon it was definitely established tbe leak [n the Arch street line was north of Cedar avenue. The ! tended delay at the s f ation. The train pulled in on time and the water tanks in the care were refilled and iced. An extra barrel containing water was oa the end of the platform of every car. Flags were hung from many of the Continued on Pago iwo. Enlist in Marines There. liam V. Curry, who gave himself; nviTR5 IT T-n/wm : ro last ^eefc, saying toat he had SLX DfcA * H j* ATFHOT ·VTilli up hero | deserted Crom .the United Stales marine corps in IMG has been released. REPORTED B£ F3BSHING. Three deaths from pneumonia, two from railroad accidents and one from NEGRO POPULATION Of (lie Stale to lie Subject of a Survey !iy (lie Industrial Hoard. ^ A survey of tbe colored population pressure was7oind"to"be air'pTeTup" to i o t Pennsylvania as to numbers, occu- th'at. point. | rations and opportunities for war ser- The supply in the McCoy reservoir i vicc has been authorized to be made was not turnori on because it Is too | b ' lhe statp Industrial Board. The muddy. The pressure from the Me- ! survcv wi " bc » in immediately. Coy reservoir, if it was thrown into Tlle purpose to obtain infor- the pipes, would not be sufficient to ! m «lon as to the number, the divessity fight a fire should one break out in tbe . o£ industry, the number in the armed city. Residents and business men arn urged to- ba on the alert until tht; break is repaired, and take every precaution to prevent a fire. Tf a blaze grew to such an extent that it could NO DECISION service of the country and the mun- her available for war service of vari- oils kinds, the influx of colored labor from t n c sollUl and ^'^ changes as Jt may have brought about, the living conditions and the general situation. not be extinguished with chemicals the property burning jvould be beyond saving. Residents of the citv this morning et . .... ,,. .. had no water for preparing their j Slltcen X ° Tf B ' rt " B Tlmn T) ' attls In STORK IN THE LEAD SnBpenslon of Healless Monday .Oe- i »rcak£ast Many did not have enough j laved water with which ti wash. Those i , . . . ' ,, , . rising late h a d l o d o without i t e n - j Fuel Administrator Garfteld aad Director General fcAdob conferred yes| terday on the advisability of suspend; ing the heatless Monday order, hut the Eaglist. people are ready, ut much grumbling, ,to yield. It irvelous. he said, how the peo- ive rushed to the aid of the gov- . Courier Package Fills Long Felt Want i agreed to defer a decision until fuller of SrnmmT. Miss Mabel. ffhank, of South Con- v nellsrtlle, who sent one of The Cour- UYtJ rULlCU tU LiiC Oill. Wfc i."t «· j ' , , ·»t Women who before.the war |iert tobacco packages to tne soldiers, it know how to cook a beefsteak, has received a card from.the recipient, :tt boil water, have .turned from follies and given themselves ut stint in every possible way. anks of the toilers nave been in- »d by a million women who be- reports have been received of condi- "somewhere in France," who says: "Received ' your most welcome Christmas box.and wish to thank you very much for it. -I appreciate it very much and am sure the other fellows did too. tions in country. different sections of the LEGIONARIES mTLlTE. Class of 53 Ktaeived Into Local Moose At a meeting of the. Legionaries, Citj in January. During the month of January there wore 16 more births than deaths in, tirely and every spring or pump" was i'Conncllsvllle. This was shown by the patronized stead : .ly throughout day. Soda fountains wern busy throughout the morning satisfying the thirst report submitted this morning by Miss Clara Baker, deputy registrar of vital statistics. In Connellsvillo there were 35 of many who were not able to get : 1)lrUls and 2 I deaths, while in Bull- water, and nnoil meals in many parts j skil1 township there were four births of. the city consisted of .cold wiches. First Bn)e ArriTes. A daughter was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. William Green at their home In Scottdale. The mother was ae war were-in the upper crust'. .urance is the characteristic o f ; ttmmy," he said. No one is more j Ing from you. with endurance. Thure is not; : ' sling of confidence that was man-; fill AD* I PRQVFS when the war began but the UUAHUiL rnUVLJ hers do no anticipate 'defeat.! ^~ S Sn^'Ve"e fl n S d ht wt,l ** JK^ST^ victory, and a democratic peace.! Jacob Miller, 34 years old, of near lause . greeted Mr. Dsihm when Smitbfield, was found dead along the de the assertion that the people, j Baltimore Ohio "tracks near his - been dragged into tte war by : home yesterday, while nearby lay Wil- ut ruthlcssness, "nothing can · liam Ixrwe, 27. years old, unconscious. 'is out till we hare fought It oat 'The men. had mixed 'chloral with pop ! own satisfaction." Tiiere is -an' «wi Jamaica ginger and drunk it. it tn the country, he said, that -Chloral was found in' the stomach of | make It appear that this is.a Miller Sy Coroner S. H. Bar.m. war. The refutation of A bottle containing the dru# waa said, is found in the war found In the pocket 'of each. . Lowe i the income taxee, the surtax, j is in a serious condition. Miller was '., speaker said he was here »t j a miner. gt»nc« of President Wilson and '«nt Gompers of the American | itjon of Labor to ask the work- j I members, of Mobseheart Legion ot the Miss Blanche Llewellyn, a sister ot [ world, held in ConneUsville Sunday ; Thonas Llewellyn, who was abroad "Hope to have the pleasure of.hear- aftefnooa a c!iias of fifty-three members was iniatiated Into the Legion. Two weeks ago a claui of forty members was initiated at the same time. The llooseheart Legion of the World is a .subsidiary degree of the Moose Lodge and is offering to its members very good protection. ' Jiata' Union Prajer. The churches of Dawson will hold Pay the Costs. George Moxie and Adam Bazonski of Layton paid costs before Alderman Fred ^funk yesterday on a charge of assault and battery. The two men the transport Tuscania and who has not yet been accounted for. The babe Is their flrst. Jfo Coal Moved in Five I)nys. .During five days of last week no coal was moved out of the Meyersdale field. \ li j Generally fair tonight and Thurs- were fighting Steve Gigg last Monday j d j]0t mlioh change in ^ torapera . ' night on Water street and Gigg got the,, worst of thu fight. The men were not glv«n.*a hearing. ,, t u e is nooa weather forecast for Elite Club Wins. The Elite club team. took over the fast Garage five at the Maccabee hall last night, 21-20. The' game was one i . to put on a ii'.tle more j union prayer services this evening in ; of the best ever played on.the floor a-d cct a little more pep into ° e · Coeliran Memorial Mctiodist this season. In-the prelimiaary game f fjit'-j«* en Pa«e 1V«, , church at Dawson. . ,'. i South ConocUa«lle Sirls' team, .7-5. "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 1918 1917 Maiimum '.--_69 24 1 Minimum 39 2 Mean , 54 11 and equal number of death. In Copnellsville township the stork beat the grim reaper by iwo, five births and three deaths being reported. The total number of births was -H and of deaths 28. It has been learned! that an officer i wouid receieve no Compensation for j f y delivering him as a prisoner, and I . ·"'" would be "out' for his transportation. | rnnirrrTri\ rtlr r»I«TTn l »T/IT Curry says he is an employe of the j PROTECTED BY INSURANCE Baltimore · Ohio railroad and that he j will gel a pass to Philadelphia where; Dependents of Soldiers Lost on Tus- he will give himself up at the recruiting station, to be either punished or re-enlisted. Mayor Duggan furnished him with money for food. CANNOT SELL CHICKENS canla Will Receive Benefits. Any American soldiers lost on the torpedoed transport Tuscania "w^re protected by United States government insurance and government compensation. Those who had not applied for insurance were covered by automatic insurance which is payable Between February 23 and April 30 i s j ^ a wife chl]( , Qr Order of Food Administration. The aiuomatic taslir3:ace . ·According to an order received yes- I 3i )ont 54.300, netting f2S a month for Insurance that had been , -1-1 .,,. is payable to a much. after February 11 is prohibited un-; larger claas of beneficiaries and can til after April 30. Poultry which was ; ^ ^ iigh as ? i 0|0 oo, netting $57.50 a killed before February 11 and shipped ', month for 240 months terday by County Food Administrator | 340 months. Davidson the sale o£ poultry killed I applied lo market prior to that date may be sold until February 23, but after that j date all dealers are prohibited from trading iu chickens until April 30. "BILL" i The explanation is made that noth- And is Enjoyine Armr Life, He Writes a FrieDd, C. B. McCormick, foreman of The ing in the order should bo construed j to prevent tbe purchase, shipment or i sale of live hens or pullets for egg 1 Courier composing "room, has received production purposes. j a brief note trom William P. Sher- j man, member of Hospital Unit L, at i Fort McPherson, Atlanta, Ga., en- j closing a "pitcher" from an inspection ~~ I of which "Bill" thinks any one can For Electric T(mer Fas Been Filed by t observe "a pleased expression, if they the Vivst Penn rower Company. j i 00 k closely, the reason for which is NEW RATE TARIFF UNLICENSED TVS11 Be Rounded Up )y Constable, Bcprinning Friday. The county commissioners have given. instructions to constables and oth- ar officers to round up all dogs in tbe county which are found without license tags, beginning February 15. The order was issued at the request of the Fayette 'County Farm Bureau which is interested in a rigid enforcement of the new dog law in the interest of increased sheep raising. The West Penn Power company has Sled with tiie Public Service Coiuinis- sion a new schedule of raies for elec- to become eitdUvc on tric power, March 3. The purpose of the new schedule is to equalize the rates as now charged for various classes of industries. A slight increase will result from the new schedule, the greater cost" of pro- | Sa *s rlucing 1 power being the explanation apparent -- the 10 letters I am proudly displaying as one day's mail. "I am still well and enjoying army life though I have to watch my P's and Q's and buttons pretty closely." ALVERTON BOY SAFE given by the company for the advance, t The new tariff will not apply to cur- ed TclnKRun Bcceived His UplatiTcs. Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Hbton of Al- Tcnt used for domestic purposes. ENGINEERS FOR TANKS verton, received a telegram from their MOTHER ILL. J. IV. rtongh is Summoned From J. W. Camp Gordon. Hough, stationed grandson, Frank Graft, who was reported among the survivors on board the Tuscania. The telegram was not dated nor did it give tbe name of tbe place from where it was sent TiruthC'rhood is Also Asked to Provide ! Up until noon today. Mr. and Mrs. Transpo'rtntion Men. j J. Lee Lewellyn of Everson avenue! I3y Associated Press | Scottdale. had received no word from "WASHINGTON, Feb. IS.--The War ·. their son. Private Thomas A. Lewel- Department has asked the Brotherhood ! lyn of Company D. Mth Engineers of Locomotive Engineers to furnish 50 j who is reported among lie missing. men Cor tank service and 1,000 en-| ' gineers for transportation service in I Hosfolt in France. France. . I · Michael Hosfelt of East Gibson ave- The Tough river rose during nlcht. from 7 fc-t to 11 feet the Gordon, Atlanta, Ga,, son oC Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hough of Snyder street, is l home on a 10-day furlough to see his. · raother, who is seriously ill. | A reception was given him last eve, ".in£ at his home in honor of his 22nd- hlrthday. There were 25 guests pres- I er.t ' ' | 'Warren S. Stone, grand chief of the' nne received a letter from his son, Al- Carnp i brotherhood, today told the railroad hert saying he is in France. Hosfell wage commission he vrould the department the names furnish . has been over there for some time bul of men no word has been received until recently. Measles Case Reported. Discharged From Hospital. Paul Shultz of VanderMlt was dis- A case of measles was reported to 1 charged Tuesday from the Cottace the health department tndav. '· State hospital.

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