The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 12

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 12
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THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, ISM iNpENsiotrmm sw re wwra- 12 v '.) 4Dk iw;rir t.4aa ' ;"'.ihi.' r - f r-o i rtttZi See Little Benefit .v-j.. v. " -V.. v -r if FbrCivil Servants By RICHARD JACKSON Out of the Canada Benito Plan,- civil aervaau "will gel miehtv llttia. it anvthim. ; For ths two aohemef ' the Pension Plan and Civil Service Superannuation are to. be integrated. VvV ; . And what a civil servant will pick up en the round - abouu, he'll toe on the see-saws. That ia the way it current- ly ihape ' up, ' with ' firm government decision yet to be , outdo what he atands to add with the pension, will be sub- tracted from the supsrannua- turn t .'.v--t,;';,;'-'-i ' And most. If ' not all of that rich auperannuatloa neat est" at last accounting it stood at JI.724.1II.0W is to remain lust that, a civil service nest egg to meet superannuation ob ligations 01 past ycaravi INTEGRATION There ha to be "integration," at it's being called of the two schemes, or not a few civil servants on retirement . would find themselves drawing a pen sion cheque fatter than the pay cheque they Just gave up. , This ia so, because the Civil Service Superannuation plan is Just about the most- generous -in -all Canada. Under It a' civil servant pays In six and a half per cent of his salary '' with the govern ment matching the contribution snd when be retires, draws, on Zi years of service. TO per cent of his average salary lor his six top earning years. Contributions under the Canada Pension Plan should range not . higher than between one and two per cent of salary. So under "integration." th civil servant wiU pay his one to VOWS TO FIGHT LAW , The scene took pi see shortly after two Atlanta Negro students, Calvin Jones end Gary Robinson, sought service.- .Mad- do met them at the door of the restaurant, named the Pick- rick. - -'.. ' fie called them Communists, then shouted: "You've Black Watch Wins 1965 . BisleyTrip CONNAUGHT RANGES' B A team of marksmen of the 1st Battalion. Black Watch, of th Royal Highland Regiment, won the right to represent the Canadian Army at next year's Blsley Matches: in England by winning the Letson Trophy at Connaught Range ? nary Ot tawa Thursday. , v J The decision caim after spectacular tie of 4JSQI out of possible 8,700 points with team of the Lord Strathcona's Horse from Calgary. Th tie was broken by a scoring dif- forenc of 12 points on the 600-yard range " ' ' ' A member of the winning team, sutioned at Camp Gage- town, NB. waa SgL Vincent Kavanaugh of SOttsvllle. --A highlight ut th Regular Army small -arms competition was th General Vanier Trophy warded for the first tim to th command team rwith the highest combined aggregate In the rifle, pistol, aubmachln- ' gun and light automatic riile. The trophy was won by a tam of 42' markamen from Western Command under CapL Alfred J. Cook, of Toronto, now serving with th 1st Battalion Queen's Own Rifles. c Htlps Ym Ovrc)fN FALSE TEETH .UosM.s 4Wrry 10 kangajT lf MaVhV-Ml OT faa)1 111Sa aM briu Of JoOaa. VAtotttv film iMtl) F UTKVTal, Ualpro(l aUkm Itnai (iwm-dMl paw Am. rpnnkf yeur piatam) aVNtfa thmm trmcr tao thary Vl anora) navifarukyi vkl bp fimnt CaUtMl law two per cent frito the pension plan, but subtract that from (he sis and one half per cent he pay into the -auperannuatloa fund. NOT SO SIMPLE . It a really not that simple. : In fact it's Incredibly complicated, w But that's H I a nut-shell, or as close as the experts care to come a phrasing it so briefly. : And that way, civil servants come out no further ahead in-an'cielly. .; ' j, - And no further behind. -.They break about even. And from the day the pension plan comes Into force, their contributions will be split, about one to five between It and their far more generous superannuation scheme. i: ' Canadian Student Missing In Ireland : - DUBLIN (CP) The search ia still going on -for missing student William Bourse, a, of Toronto,. who ia taking an arts degree' at Dublin's University College. He was last seen here Julv 28. - - : An appeal is being screened on Irish television wtui a photograph of Bourke sent by his mother. , Police are working on the theory he simply slipped away for nucing nouoay. wnicn ne was known to be planning. r. "It it definitely not . being treated as a case of foul play." at police oniaai earn. . , -. 'We exnect him to tuns up in Dublin any day now." . . 1 v Closes Restaurant ATLANTA. Ca. (APV-Res-, taurant owner Lester Maddox pledged to continue his court fight against the federal civil itxhta tew after a dosed the1 door at hia, aegngatod eattng, place rather than admit Ne groes.- .;'" ' ti Td be a fool If t didn't take It to the U.S. Supreme Court, be told about M spectators and reporters outside the restau- rant Thursday. "If 1 i With tears streaming down hit - cheeks. Maddox said be was confident that "with thai help of almighty God and free people everywhere, the coarl will say wCongrcs yo nave violated the Constitution.'' i my business. Get out of my door. You've Just put M people out of work." . Of the SS amDlovees at ihe graea. a sbm.,au..wu takasl care oi aa long aa "tnens is a dime la . tn chequebook,", be declared. c A three-ludtl ' federal miri issued a ruling July direct ing aiaddox to comply with the public accommodation aari of iha dvil . rh. i. v. court set Aug.' II as th date tor compliance, i . ? t '' TOGETHER AGAIN 1 1 lyricist Alan Jay Lerner was reported by th New York Daily w rnuay 10 aave reconciled with his eunnnrf ui.l eline. The Daily News saya the two are Uvlng together ia e cot-tage at a Beverly HlHa. Calif.. "ww. mi mat Mrs. Lemer an-awered queries about the recon-cHlatioa with "no comment." Lerner armt th - .J , .u, n. Fair Lady, one of Broadway's WATER SKIER HURT. . ' NEW YORK (AP) Hal Elgin, . who water-sktltd HM miles from Florida to the world's fair with an 1 Urn,, j. fured Thursday In aa aqua show at the fair. He fell t feet Into a lake while water-skiing with a kite attached to his back. A ooit on the kit harness snapped. He waa reicuad bv taui a i the tow eat,-. W ' I : ' ; JEWEL THIEF JAILED .PARIS (Reuters) Jean-Claud GouL former Orly airport baggage man, waa Jailed Friday for four month by a Paris court for steeUng Jewels belonging to Mrs. Ethel Kennedy, arlfa n lie attnnu.. General Robert Kennedy. Gosrl aamiuea m court M bed taken amaH bae hekaialne li tka Kennedyi when they stopped at imy last june oa tnetr way to Milan. . RED GUARDS DEFECT GOETTINGEff (AP) Two non commissioned officers of the Communist East . Germen army crossed Is lb West during the night, police her reported Friday. The men, aged it and II, were In uniform but carried no weapons. , 'Ex' Starts a .Weebfodoy nusual Queries Face City s Guides .By VALERIE WHYTE of Th Journal , - "Tourist and Convention Bu reau? "I need a Justice of the peace right away." , I s i "Have you tried the police department, an?" " ' "Heavens not I only want to get married." ;: j 'j, s-i- . This at aot quit a typical request from e tourist, but Sandy Smart, tt, at th Bureau's aula office ea Nicholas Street, helped thai pree-pecthw bridegraeaa gat ai aiiled as part af wr Job. Girls at the tourist .infor mation booth around the city must b ready for aomr pretty unusual questions. ., For instance, Diann Durrell, 24.. was asked at the Baak Street bureau "where can we, see the beavers working?" - Anil TVw4wU . 9A had to direct amourist to the North Pol from her bureau at tb Junction -of Highways 15 and 17. Sample questions ashed of Sandy Macdonald. 20, at Preacott Highway , booth in clude: i i f .ii QUEBEC1 tt ONTARIO? "Where caa I get a balr-doi and manicure? (from a man) . . . could, you map m out a tour to Vaacouvar? ... Is Que-; bee (City)" Ontario? . Where can we get a date?" , Sandy also reported several question about the flag Issue --why do Canadians want to chang their flagr or which Is Canada's flag? Simonn Dion. 19. th Tour ist Bureau's girl on the MalLf says she gets asked for Infor-i matlon about place as far away as the Caribbean. "Some . tourists think we're a travel bureau." ah says. LOVE THE MALL . Simonn adds, they all love th Mali "but we ve had few. that get lost and wander down in their cars." Lots of touriata wonder why they cant see the Changing of tne cuard in th rain, she says. Heather Dodwell adds they ex pect th Changing of th Guard every nour. -Most common question she says, is "where are, the Parlia ment Buildinga?" But yoa caa always tail America tourists says Heather, beeaase they always Writes New Mathematical LogicsText ' Dr. "A. H. Lights'tone, ssa- clat professor of mathematics at Carieton University, hsa written new text book on mathematical logic " ' That la Dr. Ughtstone' first book. He will use It tn on of his math classes thia year. A second text on calculus Is ex pected to Winter.8 published . this ; ATTENTION FARMERS Aathdrlxed Service Distributors for Amerieea Bosch, Robert Bosch, CA.V. and Reaaa MasteV. Service ta ai makes of dieael hjeetioa purapa aad Injectera. : c:zsel i::jzcti: umzi T (OnAWA) : 4 , V 36BtnflyAv. R.H2 !; Ottawa ' "V . . Phont S25-31Q4 say "Where's tb Caaltotr , Sandy Smart report visitors want to see the Changing of th Guard first, tb Moon ties second. : But when,' they . bear what die Ottawa has to offer they're always interested," ah adds. ! ;!-' v!'1- Th girls at city Tourist and Convention Bureau alwaya ex pect th unexpected when help ing tourists enjoy Ottawa, Indonesia AareesVTb MANILA (AP) Talk Peace li! naa aaraea to jeausae .aoace talks with Malaysia- below the 'ministerial levalForelgn. - retary Maura Mender said to day. ''.., -, ,.-,fx , Mendes told a press confer- theience .Indonesia has, advised the Philippines that the talks should centre en the proposed creatkm of, aa Afro-Asian cemmissioa in preparation for further disous sloa of th Malaysia disouta. iae rTiliippmes proposed the! commission but June kt Tokva before the Malaveia awassaMed. comereac broke 3U imuiar inuonesui . nor tne Philipplaes . recoiafces1,' Meur- Workct'l . 1 A Hull construction worker. Claud Folsy. 34, of 31 Paoi-J neaa street, ta tn satisfactory condititfl in a vk Hospital to day after falling our Boor in new buiWmg -at Cartltoo University yestrday.t ;;V H is suffering from, facial bone incturaa. -.ttik awld' the worker's constrootio hard hat saved film from mora serious Unlury or death. Mt Foley ia employed with Steel -Cit Limited, working at 'Cartoton university. ,..,.,... . Folic id th man's 40-to- 45-foot fall was broken by pro- ftruding reinforcing rods when he lost his balance and toppled into stair well! ;" , . iila' diaa costs should It's the Tbtaf Costs ;' : That fatter h A , good illustration , of shortcomings of th ment's vpprodch to the Canada oension claa Is provided by the table of comparative costs .'of! eld age and aged survivors benefits which Is included t the mia paper, .. ..(( Th tabi shows ItQ-O Cana- diaa costs- of two per .cent of the gross national product rank ing .after New , Zealand, costs of M -per cent. United State jp per cant- aadAustraiia 34 per eent.o- - t--...1 :? s: .ir - At th 'ad of the transitioa period for the Canadian plan, in ltfV casts iU have risea M per cent1 te place them at the use level as Australia. 'v. ThUble, ed. is 'persuasive of the rera-i tive cheapness of tb plen. . . By ls7$. ; H cost' will still be less than that of. tb' New Aeaiano., oniiaa man 'luwnm plana. , If costs' of these "plans' more In Canada's favor-' way assuming, of course, correctness of Canadian projections., blithe whole, then. we would appear to be getting quite lot for relatively tittle. APPEARANCES MISLEADING Appearances - In this, as to ether aspects of tb whit paper. are misleading, what is basica' ly at leeuaber kt not tlai.vabiU- ty of the plaa ttadf. Th Issue, rather, la its ap propriateness. Caa, em really afH ford the claim upon mcoas re presented by th top of prosei dalras. : particularly that re- preseatad by the fecommeada- tkms of the Royal Commissiaa oa Heelta Services. ' Thta should be the starting point for any axamuatloa of plan: t la ignored ejHapletely m tb whit paper. Instead, the peasioa plaa ta take out of the context of the could have aa existence wholly Independent of all thaa-jtaaahV. erattone. . . . - .. , It casft possibly have euch aa exist ta aractica. It ia rooted la the economy and must al ways ne subject to tea play of economic forces. It la aa vulnerable to inftotloa, for ex ample, than any ether aspect of I th economy. It la a ssss vuf. aerahie ia political ateddltng. To b properly ajeaeesed, tl pensioa plea must be meesutod! bat aconomlc Th appropriat table f com parative costs. If a reaUatic tbeef economio ueuxkne" wasn't being nude, a . i .wel- la. which waa formed1 m Sep-1 would be that covering tring temoer, iwa, from the former British territories 6f Malaya, Singapore., aarawak and- labeh HafSavirJ r4l far costs not Just, the (oats of the pension plaa. But this would ba Just the bag Inning. Diving ceeta aad other deaaea- iaiona of national economlee. Sim ple percentage are. at best. no. fmur thaa a rough differences betweea economies. Indeed, the doubts about the validity of such comparisons that the process at saaklng them Inevitably raises are i even kt the white paper, "There Is a reason.'' the au thor writs, . take th level of old-age pro vision In any other country aa aa aw i ii ,1 r ... , .-i ' But, because of trad petition, ft ta tb course of economic prudeac-to'ald very large divergencies betweea the proportion of tncome which we devote to old ago and th proportion m ether enunMes." NOT. ENOUGH PRUDENCE How unfortunate "the course xjm pav r ONE pursued beyond cwudderatiea of peaahm easts. e cexisiderauon of family alktwaacee. unemptov- aseat iasuraac. and other as- fortunat it wasn't pur sued into th broader coasidera-tiea of productivity, living costs aad th rest. If U la economic pradenca to keep peasioa ceeta in line 'with 'our competHors. surely H far even more prudent J.t , per cent ; Great- rttaJaU tt.B cost sim ne to rise, as they are almost certoln to do. the differ them and. Cans- widen sUII s- ilarly m Hue. The to be with eccumulative cosur- aowber la that concern kt evi dence,- We're still left la dark as -to" how the government thinks 'pension plaa costs can be fitted Into the existina and iutur claims upon tncome TM government la still sp- proaching this as other meas- la terms of desirability that Is Imported to them.' It should be. making ha approach In terms Instead of the economy' ability to support them m addition to the other de- Three-Man Space Shot MOSCOW (UP!) The Soviet Union today launched another aatellite ta ks ptoratory Cosmo aerie specuUtion that it kt planning a manned , apace spectacular with two and pvwibly three atroaautav Tb offlcMr Tas Kews Agency idencmed th latMt satellite a Cosmos 37, ft is part of th spec exploration dto- gram .announced oa March It, l2, and carried sporadi cally HBCtv :' Jf aa TTMa ' Utest sattllitt If tb compajrisons were to be fully teiormattv, they weald have te be canted into examination of rates of productivity, ef frate of aeneral taxatiea. at equipped with edeminc metnunenu which wer func- Uoeing aprmaXly and transmit ting oati hack to earth for analyais. , ' A prtvat' Italian radio laboratory in Turin reported ttiat talk over radio frequencies for Soviet apace Bights becoming mora intensive n more excited, indicating a new Russian apace flight may oa imminent. ,. ' . Th owners of th Italian listening centre apeculated that meat ta which R is to he pseJ,5 f T ' 'P jtawnva; two space capeuiea and w-'-'ng pUotg in Bight : Boxing ferdict Sparks Rioting UVERPOOU Enaiand rupn A atadium her erupted Into not last.night whea a referee awarded a 10-round decisioa to heavyweight Johnny Preacott over former British and Empire cnampion Brian Londoa. Rubbish and other dehriil war tmrted. tnto th ring, and on spectator, ex -boxer Geora i nutent. o5,i cliatbed through u rope ror a acufn la London's corner. H quickly col-mpeed oa to th rinx floor with blood streaming from his aoae. London later showed a reporter a cut over hat right eye which he claimed had been caused by th pugnacious spec tator. ,..!.,., ., ,4 -i ,j "I amy even su him. . Lon- don waa Quoted aa saying. "It oepenoa on what my manager Th eaidemehium. btgan when refer wally Thorn (is- drrscotr arm in victor. ". Journal Waal Ads quick result. 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