The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1918
Page 7
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILliE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. ROBERTS RINEHMIT^ notl r*; \~. setou to see nothing." i On the day when she should have returned, the conntess roused herself enough to seed for Black Humbert, Karl's face was grave. Something of th« trouble In Ll-vonla he had known. Bat this argued an Immediate crlslx. "On the ting's death," the covnte«9 nald, "a republic will be declared. The republic of Livonia! The crown prince will never reign.** j hollow "cheeks showed her condition. ·' "So yon came today to tell me thisT* j "Ton must retmm and explain," she ; She glanced up, and catching his ·eyes, colored faintly. These are rtblngs roc should know.'* He knew her Tery welL A jealoos' GRANTED RIGHTS FOR 99 YEARS Horn Family .Sow Lease of Acid Iron Mineral Rights to Corporation. Most everyone has read of 'the great medicinal iron deposit' unearthed on tho Horn farm down near Hickory Mississippi and today the highly concentrated product is put up under the A-I-M -trade mark of the Ferrbdine Chemical Corp., wtiich lias stood for quality 'and strength in medicines for over thirty years. Dr. R. C. Johnson, of Stringer, Mississippi, in a letter some time ago said: "1 have used Acid Iron Mineral in my practice for a numfoer of years and find that it has no equal as a nervine. not, only has their appetite been rje- vived but uric acid seemed to disappear as i[ by magic, leaviag people long troubled with rheumatism, strong again and free of pain. |' "Dr. A, L. Johnson of this -place prescribed Acid Iron ^Mineral to me", writes E. C. Keon, D. D. S., oC Henry, Va., ''and for the past two. winters I had excruciating pains from rheumatism in my left, arn:. I could not raise my arm, it was so bad, but atler taking about three quarters of a biot- tle he prescribed Cor me I was relieved and hayen't been bothered since, la my opinion it is a wonderful .blood purifier and remedy for rheumatism," B. C. Kenn, D. D. S. .Note: Neither Doctor Johnson v?oman woold go far. He knew now that she wai jealous. "When be spoke It was witk calculating brutality. Ton 'mean, In view of my impending mar- rtager '. So It was arranged.' Finally arranged. Well, -»«e had done her best. He knew the truth. Sbe had told It fairly. If, knowing It, he persisted. It would b9 because her power orer kirn was dead at last "Tea, I do not know bow far your arrancements hare £one. Too have at least been warned" %nt abe «aw, by tbe -very way he draw khBMtf up and smfled, that he ante stood. More than that, he doabted her. He questioned what die had (aid. The Tery fact that she bad totd *ba only the truth added to her lav wffl ·ee," eh* said sullenly. ; Ihn'i»m he thought ha already saw, and because sbe had given him a bad onment. Karl chose to be; deliberately end. Terhapal" he siild. "But yoa laaT* oct « tins discussion the one eleiaeut that I cooaider Important, BadwIckenaU. If the Princess Htd- Miuw to be without a , I shnald atm bope to nan; Sht lad don* w«U «p to now, had and her temper, had H Iron Ua itod been quiet ' B«t more fluui hla words, baa craal -nice, aOky with tricndship, drore her to tsj* breaklBg point. · BrttatJy, aad with recklesB paasion, ah* ftaac at hbn Bedwlf-a Infatnattaai r lartse*. and prophealed Us r aa a reaatt el It . abe grew'iraiet and sat ; Into taw fire' wtti eyes full of She and tried and as; one way left, only ··e, awd eren that would not brteg aaai hack to her. Let Bedwlg escape ·aal aaaxry WlMty Ijiriodi-- stm where vac aW7 Let tbe terrorists strike Tkatr How aad nod the crown prince. .ACala -- HBMU -was ahel Her tanorlons were deadened, all blood purifier and liver medicine. In | the treatment of indigestion and dys- fretting- In the kitchen below. He had p eps ia nothing can compete with it." | Terrod to above know the other or arc believed ttat^she^wasjnalingertiie un- j,, st a teaspoonful or less of Acid | ot any kin. The flies have maoiy people oC same name who endorse it. The local drug stores have it or a large bottle will be sent anywhere upon receipt of ?1 by the Ferrodir.o Chemical Corporation, Ror.uoks, Va.--adv. til h« saw her, but her flushed and " :' Kart Latt'Htr There at Last. mm one, and that was her hatred at Bedwig. Th* homlllaUon of that moment was doe to her. Somehow, some said. "I shall need more time, after all." When he hesitated, sbe added: "Tliere are plenty to watch that I do not escape. I could not. If I would. I "have not the strength." "If madame wishes, I can take a letter." She pondered over that, Interlacing her fingers nervously as she reflected. "I will send no letter," she-decided, "bnt I will gire yon a message, which you. can deliver.** . "Tes, madame." "3ay to tbe committee that I have reflected and that I will-do what they ask. As for," she added, "aa lies In my power. I can only try." "That is aD the committee expectB," be said civilly, and with a relief that was Dot lost on her. "With madame's intelligence, to try is to gncceeo.". Nevertheless, be left her well guarded. Even *"""«. slipping off for an evening hour with a village sweetheart, was stealthily shadowed. Before this, fine ladles had changed garments with their maids and eacaped from divers unpleasantnesses. At the end of two days the countess was able to be up. She moved languidly about her room, still too weak to plan. And on the fourth day came tbe crown prince of Livonia on. a pilgrimage. The muunc ot bis coming was this: There are more ways than one ot reaching the hearts of an uneasy people. Benrisstoo of taxes is B, bad one. It argues a mistake In the past. In exacting Rich tithes. Governments may make errors, bnt must not acknowledge them. Then is tbe freeing ot political prisoners, bnt that, too, is dangerous, when snch prisoners breatne wdlOoB. to the very prison walls. And there is the appeal to.sen'tlment. The go*emm«it, pinning all its hopes to eoe small boy t woald farther endear. him to the people. Wily statesman that be was, the chancellor hud hit on this to offset the. rumors of Hed- wlg*s marriage. , "A Dngrlmage!" said the king, when tbe matter was broached to him. "For what? Sty recovery? Cannot yon let your servant depart in peeeT* "Pilgrimages," observed the chancellor, "have had marvel oas resalta, sire. I A* not insist that they perform mlrades, as some beUere,"--be smiled faintly--"btrt aa a matter of public feeling and a remedy for discord, they are sometimes efflcacioos.*' -I see," said the king. And lay still, looking at the ceiling. "Can it be done safely r he asked at last "The maddest traitor would not threaten the crown prince on a pilgrimage. The people would tear him Bmb from limb." "Ne-rerUMlesc, I should take all pre- eanttoBS," said the king. "A might «ot recognize nature of the affair." The same day the chancellor visited Prince Ferdinand WiUlain Otto, and found him returned from his drive and busy over Hedwlg*s photograph frame. "It is almost done," he said. "I slipped over la one or two places, but It U not very noticeable, is it?" ; The chancellor observed It Judicially,' and decided that the slipping over was not noticeable at ali. "Otto," said .the chancellor gravely;. "I want-to talk to yon very seriously' about something I would like yon to- do. For your grandfather." . : 'TU do anything tor him, glr." ; "We know that This is the point. He has been ill for a long time. Tery 170." : The boy watched him with a troubled face. "He looks very thin," he said. "I get quite worried when I see him." "Exactly. Ton have heard of Eteel?**- Irfln .Mineral mixed with a glass of water after meals has relieved many a. man and nrornan of severe "stomach troubles and paius, indigestion and the various other symptoms of stomach disorders and after a short treatment MONTH OF HEROES Is the .Distiuction IVhlch Belongs to "Death, to the Old, !· Not Terrible." February is a cold and bitterly short month. But despite its disagreeable features, one always thinks of February with a very real sense of pleasure. For it stands out on our calendar as a month of heroes, says the Christian Herald. It was in February that a boy was born in a stately Southern manor bouse -- a boy who was destined to mold the fate of a nation in his strong, capable hands -- a boy who was destined to lead a cou atry away from kings and kingly power and kingly greed to a form oC government that would be by ajnd for the people. And it was in February, perhaps a century later, thac another boy was born In a middle western log cabin -- · a boy whose Hands were the tender though toll-worn hands that later bound up the bleeding wounds of the same nation and brought the dream of peace and brotherhood to its troubled sonl. February -- the month of heroes! "WaaUtngton and Lincoln are figures that Hve in the hearts of every patriot -- ^Washington with his courtly grace: Lincoln with is dear, homely fcaturo.a and his understanding smile. And because of, its association with them, GREATER CARE MUST BE TAKEN IN WRAPPING MAIL _FOR_ SOLDIERS! Is the Caution 'Merry" Bowman Sends. Hundreds KeccireU So Ratiliuted ; They Do A'ot Keach Addresses. j Taking greater pain to wrap pack-j ages which, are being sent by man to the soldiers in France is the advice o£ James Bowman, a Connellsville 'boy, and a member oi the 4th Forestry ] Engineers now on duty "over there." { In a letter \clated January 17, just received by hls'.narents, .Mr. and Mrs. Bowman . of East Cedar avenue. "Jerry", as he is familarly known 10 many Connellsville people, writes interestingly of his ocean voyage, "about half of which was smooth and picas- \ } ant, " he says, implying that the other I half might have been otherwise de! scribed. Ho states that he is well and j is enjoying the new- experiences of the service, · Repeating his caution about cave in making up mail package he says thai hundreds of them arrive; at t h e i r destination with wrapping missing, or otherwise so multiplaied, that it is impossible to determine for whom they were intended or by whom they were sent. The receipt of p;ickni;es from home is so highly jtpprecialocl by the boys that the arrival of them in the condition he describes is always l.ho recension for disappointment. Send- j ers, he says, must use stronger yon- | tainers, wrap them securely and mark j plainly, JL more than one place, $o j that if the wrapper is torn U %vi":l not j entirely destroy the means of determining the name o£ the addresses. EVERY QiriT P17.K.J II? EH I Ml/a. rHI\5S DR. MacKENZIE, Specialist. KKME3IBER TUB DAY-- WED} IlAV, EACH IVF.EK. SEW STAG HOTEL, 111 S. I'iltsbiirg SU Ccmni'ilsyillo, Pa.;| Hpors 9 A. .11. to » P. .'1. : 9 BOS'T TAKE KISKS WITH';;! VOTE HEAJ/fir Tile Kflicacy «i M y Treadnonls i-s . Reason Fur Success. Declares A. S. Barrow, JB. O. Shop Worker, After Testing the Tonic. Nerv-"WortU .Nerv-Worth itself among customers. ! February, despite its cold weatber, its to the old. Is not terrible. It Is D ! dark nights and Its snowy da.vrus, will open door, through which they K« glad- I always be known and loved and look- ly, because--because those who have.j et j forward to as the bravest month gone ahead are waiting Just beyond | o f a n It" "Are my mother and father wait- ,, , ,, , ,, , lnsr W. Parks Boyd Dead. 'Tes, Otto." i w - Parlta Boyd, a government. em- He considered. "And my grand- ' P lo ^ e tor "'" ' rars and a wel1 k n o w n mother?" j rivermun. diod Sunday morning ·Tes." "He'll be Terr gjad to see them all again." "Very happy, indeed. But we need him here, too, for a while. Ton need him and--L So we will go and pray to hare him -wait a little longer before he goes away. Eow about it 7" "Til try. Tm not very good. I do a good many things, you know." Here, strangely enough, it was the chancellor who fumbled for Ills handkerchief. A vision had come to him ot the two of them kneeling sido by side at Eteel, the little lad who was "not very good," and ho himself with bis long years behind him of such things as fill a man's life. And because the open door was not so fur ahead for him either, and because he believed Implicitly la the great record within the gate, he shook his shaggy head. So the pilgrimage was arranged. With duo nubUclty, of course, and due precaution for safety. By train to tlie foot of tile mountains, imd then on foot for the ten miles to Etzel. TO SE CIIKT1NTJBQ at the home of his brother. John F. Boyd oC Fredftrickto^Ti, following an illness elating /back to last September. Mr. Boyd bad been employed as power houfie foreman at Lock a for the past eight years. Try Onr Classified 1 Ads. One cent a word is all they cost blessings conferred by bl ftsings con ferred by continues to manifest Ner?-Worth druggists' Here is a lale proof: I "I had been a great sufferer from i indigestion Tor eight years. Could ( find nothing to help mo until I tried \ Nerv-Worth, recommended by Mr. j \Va;son, who .^ad used it. My im- I proveraent was very rapid before us- j ing one bottle and J do not have thai j misery in my side .when E He down, f I feel better and stronger in every j way. There is nothing too good for ' me to say of Nerv-Worth ; "A. S. 3ARROW, ! 30-1 '. High St., Martistourg. W. Va. ! Th« Counellsville Drug Comapny ! sells Nerv-Worth. Your dollar back ! if this famous family ;ouic does not help you. C. L. K u b n sells Nerv-Worth at | Mount Pleasant; 0. M. Kuhn aV lr- i win; C. S. Dauplioriy at Jennet IP; ', Broadway Drntf Co.. at Scon dale: W. ! I. Lewis, South Browusville.--adv. j ooaoooooooooocaooexjooi . It. 11, JriM»C. Roth Ph* This is my p i c t u r e ; when you call yon .will ^p.c nir and be- treated !y rne personally each v:?it. Dr. MacKenzie treats niscases of Intf'sUnciR. Liver. F!omi. Skin. Nerves, Heart. Kidney. Bladder. Dincases of \Vonu;n. Catarrh, forms of Paralysis, \\yk Lims?, Asi, Bronchitis. Gall Atones. Gouves. Dropsy. Emancipation, Kpilcpsy. Headache. Sleeplessness. Neurasthenia, Scrofulous diseases and diseases of ninn and worn fin, Fret- Kxaminntion ari IMI. II. V". BOTH PHONES OPPHAK'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. ' a^v««aa!!J«*gi SUIT NEW BUT HOLE IN SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks NO MORE RUNNING SORES i woold be even with Hedwig. Karl left her there at last huddled in her chair, left full of resentment, the ashes of his old love cold and gray, i Prince Ferdinand William ' Otto's Tliere wits IttUe reminder of the girl I religious instruction was of the best. of th* mountain* in the stony-eyed I He had. Indeed, heard of Erzel. He i he hod left sagged low by the i know the famous pilgrimages In order. i and could say them rapidly, beginning;" flre. Lanehrey Drag Co., ConaellSTille or Broadway Prni; Co, Scottdale Srils An Ointment Called Son t-ura That is a Positive Relief. It matters not bow old, persistent or poisonous the sore is, San Cura Ointment the powerful antiseptic will dra-ft- out tbe poison and promtptly heal the sore. So suro of this arc the owners, the Thompson Medical Co., that they have ! authorized tbe Laughrey Drug Co., j 'Connellsville or Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale to return the purchase price if San Cura Ointment doesn't do ail this paper says It will do. No talrer offer was ever made. B. D. Dutton, Titusville, Pa., says: "My arm was covered'with twenty- four running sores aad swollen to PEOPLE NE6LI6ENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Sava the Teeth and Prevent Diseases , f 'AH dressed up -with a hole In hi« hoei", l 'TV-afl a bit o( aarcasm a sirl Doncr at a young man friend whono on- Urtfjoutflt -was n«w excapt hi* puno-' tursdj aho«s. Hlghc enough, toft.' EUher^to mB.ii or woman hfi.bb7 pair Df)Tt)hOQ3)tFou]d spoil th* apffearancft pf the [most elegant garments ore! Once out In the open "air, the king j the year of Onr Lord 915--the Emperor at Karma/drew a long breath. The i Otto and Adelheid, his spouse; the affair wag over. It bud bi«n unpleas- i year of Onr Lord 1100, Ulrich, Count ant It was always unpleasant to j of Buburg; and so on. break with a woman. But it-was time.! "When people are ill," he snld suge- H« neither loved her nor needed her. IJy, "they go to Ktzcl to be cured." Friendly relations between the two } "Precisely. Bnt when they cannot go countries were established, and soon, · they send some one .else, to pray for i u"riveT rellerVTnaTs' 'mara'ntee'a To very soon, would te ratifled by his j them. And sometimes, If they hare , he , Balt rhe ec; , emai bleedingi m0 ,r r ^* Se- 4 , ,, · i ".? t ° OU1;b t " e h ° )y n " raC " ! hl " cns ! Itching or protruding piles,, ulcers, was not of Olga Lpschek, bat of ; und they are cured." | ^ l^ aeSi ch ^ d hand3 a ^. that he thought, as his car : Xho. chancellor wu* deeply religions, r h i l h ains . In cuts . bu ? ns , Scald6 and twice its natural size. San Cura Ointment relieved the pain, drew out the poison aad healed the arm in an incredibly short time. It is the greatest compound for healing I ever used.' 1 The healing powers of San Cura Ointment are little short of marvelous. climbed to tbe lodge. CHAPTER XIV. Th« Crovra Prince'a Pilgrimage. I iind although he hud planned the pll-: I srlniag* for political reasons, for tbe : i moment','he lost sight of them. What ; | Jf, after ail, this clear-eyed,' clcun- ..,, _,,__ i hearted child could bring this miracle Th* day when Olga Loscbek slionlfl {of the king's recovery J It wus a hawe returned to the city found her ! famous shrine, and stranger thing* had too 111 to travel. £»o. feigned sickness : been brought about by leas worthy this, but real enough*; a matter of ferer j agencies. . and burning eyes, and of omtterlng8 ; "I thought," -he said, "that if ymt la troubled sleep. ; would go to 13tzel, Otto, and there pray j a ? a Kms Minna was alarmed. Sht was fond I for your grandfather's recovery,- U-- i P lm P le6 : of h«r mistress, in spite of her, oc- j it would be a good thing." casional cruelties, and lately tb'·: Tlie meaning of such a pilgrimage coontess had been strangely genUe. I dawned suddenly on the boy. His ejrts bruises, it allays pain and is healing. ZOc, We and ?1.20 a jar. By mail on receipt .of price if your druggist is out of It or does not keep it. SAX CUBA' SOAP. For tender, itching or irritable skin, wash with San Cura SoapT the .antiseptic soap that soothes and heals. Sn* required little attention, wished to be alone, and lay-in her great bed, looking out steadily at the bleak mixia- .Ula tops, to which spring never .eilmbed. "She eats aothlng," HJDna (aid deapairingly t*^ the caretakur. "And her eyes frighten me. They are al- and because he considered It tm- and makes the completion clear and attractive. 25c at Laugkroy Drug Co., Connel'svllle or Broadway Drug Co., Scottdals. , if ail-order for Ban Cara Ointment J^LICU, auu uectiu**? Jic ^/imuc[uu · i i. uu- : manly to weep, he slid from his chair and Ean 'I" 0 * 1 ^ Thom P s 9 n Medical. · . " · _ . * ' . . . /!* T"if*Miv(11i P» art*- · , Uit th*jr [so went to tbe window. *i'ia afraid he's going to die," he said, in n smothered voice. - , . Tlie cfaaneelier followed him to tbe window, and put aa arm fLcotiad liU shoulders.. "Even that would not be , , Otto," h* Co., Pa.-- adr Every merchant, every bank and btosiness .man advocates buying at home. Then, let us give you prices 0:1 your Job worlc this coming year. The Ceurier Job Dept --, o* teeth? Drm In all u pleaas. K you op«n your moutli ; '*xpDslilK a. decayed «*t of teeth your^jLttractlveneaa enda rltfht tliere.! That'a^ a kole ID the aho* for you.' Thta?appUefl both to men ajid .women.' GlrlK,' and youny men, yom loee halt the admlnttlon which would be directed toward you If you have bad teeth. T°u ! can't 'be pleaalaj; with a ncutbful of decay. Toll can't be -healthy either. The condition of tha teeth 1 ' have a tellljuj Influence-on other orear.a.of tho body. £ad teeth affect the Intemtlnea, stomach, * heart, and even the eyes. Medl- cal.-aelenoe ehowa that bad teeth pro- duoe?un0.ealthy oonditlona all over the £ody. With Senreco Tooth Paate at yoni' ·ervloe -- a eclentulcay prepared pre- gventhre at Pyorrhea-- there'o no need fit falling; a prey to thoe« Ilia. Mo need ot navlna; a mouthful of decayed Keotu. Uaed retnilju-ly on a let of . zood laeth the deadly cenna have little {Chaaca to enter. If they mould euter |«hey can't exllt long nnder its thor- ,ouca deanalni- pro;ertlea. A» a ·iCleanaer and preventive of dlaease of the teeth It la poeltirely reliable. tAdvnoed caxea ab«uia be treated by 7our dentlat. U«» Senreco Tooth Paate a a pre. tentative. Aak your · dentiat If you 'ihould not par all attention to your *oeth. Of courae we won't lay our Tooth Faate will cure Fyorrhee. If r already hare It, your dentiat the doctor. BTren If you are ·ffltatce with hi] terrible tlaeaae B«n- reye Toeti Paate wiB help you to get rid at It, with your dentlvVi aaaiat- anee. . But we don't want you to con- bwt any ailment el the mouth ana Iteotivnor COM your dental .doctor. A pnwenttve !· far batter than «· fcare »o (O larouirh the triala at a cure. Gave yotr teeth by Benreoo Tooth aad -.the probability la that you bar* to deal with foul aad pete-; r= ., -- jejevoa. By tajdnr exoe*ent car* fofJrour teeth yon may we itomach. Snt«atiDai heart and eye. trcnblee.' ilrake .all precaution to -Jteep the. teeth teleim.ani! do It with Senroco Tooth pPaate, the latest discovery of dental science. Sample of Senreco fret. 11 yoa Jwl»h,lt Sejireco TootU Faate, Clnola- - UAULIXG \XD STOKAfU-:. Soior Track Service To All Parts of Regioa- COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. READ TKE COURIER.; Trust Companies are safeguarded by law, under the supervision of the State Banking Department. You act wisely when you appoint the Title Trust Company' o£ Western Pennsylvania as your Executor. It. is always faithful to the duties of the estate. Consult us about this important matter. Clasallied Advertisements '.Yhon used in The Daily Courier always bring results. Try then:. PHACTUUL IS SAVI"« ^ demonstrates the fact is-tfie-most satisfactory way to accuruulae money. : Deposiing your spare cash regularly, in the Bank, is'far better than risking it in some highly speculative scheme. Your ac- COKKELLSVIU.E:,PX count is invil ed. (WESTSIDE) 3% Interest PaW on Sayinjrs Accounts. UNION NATSO?MAL BANK Don't make the mistake of thinking that all beers are alike! There's a surprising difference and you see it immediately in ,, Finer materials in this popular brew S Better brewing methods! No expense or effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For Gonnellsville Special Beer . at Hotels, Cafes, Clubs ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME CO.

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