The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, GONNELLSVILLB, PA. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12. 1913. PENNSYLVANIA RED CROSS WOMEN HAVE iSHPPLe TWO CAMPS Besides Tfcis Tkousuub oi Knitted Sent to Other i4TMI..C*«^iu*»t''. According word received": by ot- ot''ihe"-ConiieUBTilte Chapter of "tie Red Cross the Pennsylvania ii- ---jriiion, of which the local chapter is ~~ip»rt, has outfitted-ihe.manattheAl- ';· ,_^leutown; camp and Camp Meade besides making daily shipments' to the navy yards for the m*n on tie ships er; Lottie j Burkholder, i felton, sweater; Mary iweater.; Eleanor Richter, -'.jj'.S ""'as-they come in, partially outfitting the men at'Camp. Hancock, Camp Lee, Eiurp' Greene and others.. The Pennsylvania division has done as much, it not more," than any other division .aid the members of. the Conoellsville ·-"Chapter-"tre--in. good.'Spirits over the ___sb.owin,g made....iu Connellsrille and ~ tliis~s«ctioii of the'conatyi ' ·Wtlse snipments'sent forward last week-an ambulance-robe was donated ^-bx tnerEWUp'Freemari .chapter of the "Ditfghters" of the American Revolution: . A muffler" was donated by Miss Adda: Lefberser, ifS, by Mrs. Clauae-'D. Andersotf. J1.50 -by Mrs. _JJex';B. Hood and a rair ol wristlets r^Mtos,. Clara Pritohard, Mrs. " j. A. Lyon. · articles shipped were knit- .-£B4:l7"tS.e following person^: _»JMta..J,j- Dayis,. 2 ; sweaters, cap; "-'lirX'M..'HerpIci, sweater and 2 j wristlets;.Mrs, John Wishart, sweats jr^er; Mr»T.C.-Er.'Sfoat,-sweater; .Mrs. ~famjri3£is-~sm:ti£a- : , Mrs." Basil Sois- -sonrsw«»err'-:Mrs."N.- H. -Phillips, . Mrs.. John . Sinuti.- sweater; r; Mrs", Mattie sweater;. Ella Cunningham,..sweater'; Eileen Jrwin.jsweater; Anderson'Wise,, sweater; 'Margaret Soiseon, sweater; Prances Sparksi sweater; Flora Sny-. der, sweater; Marie Moore, sweater," Marr- Snyder. sweater, wristlets; Esn- ma Long; sweater; -Hannah Montgomery, 2 sweaters, wristlets; .Ora linos,- I sweater; "Ruth'Heeter, sweater, 2 ! socks; Altanta'AUbright 3 sweaters; j Mrs. David 'Patterson, sweater, socks; i Mrs. 'Malinds.' Sparks, sweater, wrist- j lets;' Katherihe Steganius,' sweater, | muffler wristlet: Mrs. Elizabeth Cim- mo'ns, 3 sweaters, 4 pair socks, 2 pair wristlets; · Miss Clara . Pritcriard, ,'The Best Place to Shop Alter All.", : ~7T smith..:jrweater. 2 ..wristlete; .Mrs, A. " ~ v T . " Bowman, 'sweater, socks: Mrs. ·~ ISihaTt''s%eaier, 2 "caps; Mrs; Sheri- j £ den ones, sweater, 2 pair sooks; Mrs. ~ Creeoin.-swwter; Mrs; "W. D. sweater; Mrs,-A. "W£ Boyer, i sweater; Mrs. Alei Hood, sweater', 3 E pair socks; Mrs. D. X. Brown; sweat~ er and socks; Mrs. R. E. Grhn. sweat- 5 -Jr,"wrtaHete; Mrs. V. a Schponover, E Z'sweaters; 'Mrs. Smith) Detwiler. J sweater;. Mis. George S: ;Council, i sweater, .wristlets: Mrs. R. 3. .Mat' ~ J th«wa, sweater; Mrs.: G. RcCUfton, « 'sweaters; "' Bars.' 'Delia McKam ~ 'sweater.-'wristlets; Mrs. BisejL Sweat- ·j er · and wristlet; Mr*.. J. L. Thomas, *- -sweater; Mrs. Lohr.-sweate'r,-2 socks; ;; Mrs. H. G. May, sweater; Mrs. Weisel, - sweater, muffler, wristlets;"Mrs.' Root " M-cMinn, 2 sweaters, socks; Mrs. V. J. Ii Clark, sweater; Mrs. H. C.-Hoffman, Z sweater; Tin.' Sarah Hoffman; sweat- %-_,«;- Sirs.. "Wimam-.Guirerro;: sweater; _---ICri. Jo«.ir«ieUo,; Mrs. . ^ John Torrsiiee, sweater; Mrs. P...M. Buttenoore. .2 sweaters;.. Mrs. E. J. ""·'Buttermore, "sweater;"' Mrs." Einma Crossland. ·yweater; -Mrs.- LI E. Cain, sweater; Mrs. G. H. Carothars, sweater; .Mrs. P. H. McKeTitt, sweater, - socks; Mrs. : M. B. Prrce, sweater ' wristlets r M. A. J. George, sweater; . . Mrs.. X. .H. "vKhlte, sweater,, .wristlet; .. 3frs. P. K. Taylor, 2 sweaters, 2 wrist- .letsv cap; Mrs, Cardie Brown., sweat- "er; Mrs. Frank Dull, sweater, Mrs.W. A. Bishop, sw««ter; Mrs." Aline Atkin- stray sweater; -Mrs. Katherine Slaughter, sweater; .Mrs. H, C. Davis, sweater; Mrs. Locinda -Yoonkin,- sweater, '4 w.tistlets;_Mi»...M. G..Wetter, sweater; 3rs."A. R: Lawson, sweater; Mrs. Gas~ k~ell, sweater: sirs. P«rcy Law, sweat..- _ «; Mrs.- C. -M.. 3tone,.,sw eater.'_wjrist-_ "~ »; ; llis". Paijl' Gerk'e,'.sw'eaterf Mrs. : DiLTis,-.2'sweaters;-cfi; Mrs. B. ";-injini...2_ sweaters; _ Mrs.'-Sr--l .^ t: sweater; Mrs. Jamrs Engleka, sweat- i er; Mrs. Edna J. Brendel, sweater; " Mrs. Lyon,' sweater and,^,wristiets; ~ Mr». J. M. Dornan,.iweater; SCtsrJ. j: B. Stader, sweater::.,Mrs. Henry Al- £j brijht, sweater and ^wristlets; Mrs. g Kell Long, sweater", . muffler; Mrs: ~ Leroy Gnibbord, sweater,,-mtrfflers"; 5; . 3it3. Harry Norton, sweater, wrist^ lets; Mrs. W. N. Lecb«, sweater^ wrisi- '·*. lets; Mrs. J. B. Hogg,-sweater; Mrs. ± Mar; sweater; Mrs. J. C. Lytle, sweat^ er; Mrs.-Jo«eh McConnell, sweater; .~A Helen Hood, sweater^ Naomi -Rpsen-' blun, 2 sweaters; Mary Bricteoan, Z sweater; Miss. Rou'ie, aweaterr'.Jose- ^ phine Zinwrman; sweater;. Helen Bow- ^jnsra.-swealer; 'Rose'Schneider; sweat · ?· er f^'^SliSlTS ; Pu*fir; rt'~'''Sw«iter; - Mar-. 2". tha'Heekler, sweater;- Blanche- Potter';. ^ ' sweater^;-Huth --RobinsbnV- sweater;" ^ Mary ArnVstrqng,"yiveater'r'Blla Hyiitt, S. sweater--.Helen Hnrnjjiiries', sweater; TM DoneMa Schoo.novrr-, j«weater; Mise ±? lloyer,-sweater, twrisUets; Ida De- '.'3£nth, sweater;'. Anna' Kate Harris, .'-" sweater;. Martha- Schmitz, sweater; ~: e««ii« Burns, »wt»ter;- Cora Leigti-- ---'Si" * "sweaters,"'' muffler";""- Margaret sweater. - ·· ' · Mrs. James Dick, 2. pair socks; Mrs. Anna Wild, socks; Mrs. C. M. Lessig, 4' pair..socks;: Mrs. A. C. Stickel, 1 pair socks; Mrs. Josephine Reid, socks; Mrs..Oglcvee, socks; Dr. Catherine Wakefieldv .3''.pair socks; "L. Cover,'2.ipair" socks; Mrs. George H. 'Frantz,, 3. jiatr. socks; Mrs. \V';'it McElhaneyr 2 '.pair" socks; Mrs. W. D.v McGinnis,' Bock'a; · Mrs. C. M. Lrsinger,'-socks; ; : 'Mrs. James McCairns, 2- pair socks; 'Mrs. G. E. Al- irecht, socks; Miss .Laura. Moreland, 2-.pair :spcks;.'Mrs. J.-C. McCJellan. socks; Mrs: Mary'Hart, socks; Mrs. J. P. Rist, 2 pair socks; Mrs. Blanche Thompson,. 2 -fair socks; Mrs. J. M. Ftitenbur',"" '2 pair socks; 'Mrs. Rebecca Durst, 3 pair socks; -Mrs. John. Lindeey, socks; Mrs. Tomaski, socts and cap; Miss Charlotte Hay, 2 pair socks; MTS..-C. F. Hood, socks; Mrs. Mary .Mason, socks and wristlets; Mrs. Rutherford Beighley, socks; Mrs. A. Frank, socks; Mrs. Sheets, 2 pair socks; Mrs. Sadie McDonald, 2 pair socks; Mrs.. Frank Zacharias. socks; Mrs. s: M. Hllflerbrand. socks; Mrs. Agnes Swan, socks; Miss Helen Armstrong, socks; Mrs. Cooper Patterson, socks; Miss Rebecca Patterson, socks;. Mrs. - Lamb, socks; Mrs. W. R. Rogers, socks; Miss Eleanor Ken- neyj 2 pair socks;. Mrs. J.. A. Wilson, 2. pair.socks. Mrs. G. H. Hosack, muffler; Mrs. C. 6. Homer, muffler; Mrs. Mary Minnis, muffler; Mrs. Willis Kerr, muffler; Mrs. Clyde Whiteley, muffler; Mrs. R7'.JC. -Long, muffler; Mrs. . Fagan, muffler; Miss Lidia Snyder, muffler; Mrs.-il.TX Fretts, muffler;"Mrs. Lam- beri, muffler; Mrs. "J. H.-K!uhn, muffler; Myra Conway, muffler "and wristlets; Luia Bailey, muffler; Katherine Frisoee, 2 mufflers; Sara, Moreland. i muffler; -Eleanor DeMuth, muffler; I Evelyn Cuap,.muffler; Nell Campbell,] muffler; .Mary. Hpny.osfcy, muffler; j Verna' Fisher, muffler: Pearl Thorn, muffler; Mrs. James W. Buttermore, muffler; Jennie Heffelflnger, muffler; Mrs. J. D. Jackson, muffler; Ada Musser, muffler; Mrs.- John Patterson, muffler and wristlets;-Alice J!c- Kevitt. muffler; Mrs. Alfred J. -Ko- .backer, muffler; Rhea Grpdzin, muffler;. Ruth Hlgbee^niuffler,^ socks and wristlets;-Mrs';--Holcomb; muffler and wristlets; Mrs. P. Bufano, muffler; Mrs. Harmon Hay. .muffler: Mrs. P. R. DeMuth, muffler ' and wristlets. Miss Grace Potter; muffler and cap; Miss Blanche Potter, muffler; Margaret McDonald, muffler; Mrs. Laura Moreland, muffler; -Banna Bryner, muffler; "Mrs. J. C. Stanffer. muffler; Mrs. Francis, muffler: Mary Weideman, muffler; Katherine Proudflt, ·muffler. . Mrs. Edith Kerr, wristlets;-Mrs. F. E. -Markeil. 2 pair wristlets; Mrs. Harry. Franks, .wristlets; Mrs. Ward, wristlets: Miss v Genevieve "Ward, wristlets; 'Miss Elizabeth Ward, wristlets; Miss Mary Gans;: wristlets; "Miss'Fredda' Rnodes,' wristlets, '. Miss Gleh7Richter;-"wristlets; Mrs. Grant "Di]lf4"pair wristletsi-Mrs. Rutter, 2' -^i (Hlniore, -'sweater.;'. ' ~ sweater;' Efizabeth Nelis, sweater; ~ Ann White, sweatee ^ Lena Moreland, -- 2.-3Hreaters;._Barriat; Coyer,; sweater; -- Laof».--GlciBi-" "'sv/iater;' "Margaret ~ Wiiteman, sweater; Clementine Hot-- tier, 5W«at«f ; Loer StlHwagoa. iweat- BROWN Local Managers' February *J 9f It's the End of the Season's Clearance i i An announcement of intense interest The Brownell organization operating fifteen stores, was called together for a special conference last week, and the,Big Chief said: "Boys, February is the shortest month in the year,, and made much shorter this year by x our Government's Monday closing order, which leaves only 20 days for real btasiness. We now have 12 of those 20 days remaining, we have got to hav eour usual gain. Can it be done?" Sure, was the answer from every manager. "All right, it's up to you. Our usual business with a 50% gain is the slogan. Go the limit. And one word more--To/every store in the chain that delivers business as usual I will issue a check of $10 payable to your local Red Cross." So when the Boss says go the limit, it's up to you, and a check for our Red Cross,'believe me something's going to happen. This old month may be short in days, but we are going to make it mightly long in opportunity. You need shoes. We want the business and your Red Cross needs the $10. It only takes business as usual to get the $10, but we are going to deliver the 50% gain. Watch pur ads. See the Shoes featured in our windows. This sale offers bargains that demonstrate the usefulness, the money-saving possibilities of the Brownell store. Spring is headed this way and our policy of clearing from season to season must be adhered to. We want room. Broken lines must be cleared. There'll be no such shoe prices again-at least during the war. ' . Sale Starts Wednesday, February 13th and Ends Saturday, March 2nd Women's Shoes Women's Shoes Women's Grey Kid Lace Boots, S 1 /-: inch top, leather Louis heel, $8.00 values, Sale Price Women's Brown Kid Lace Boots, dark brown cloth tops, military heel, $6.50 values, Sale Price __ $5.00 Women's Gen Metal and Patent Colt Buttton Shoes, cloth or leather top, low or high heels, (1»-| 0^7 $4.00 values, Sale Price «pJL.O I Women's Grey Buck a $9.00 value, Sale Price Lace Boots, _ $7.50 Men's Shoes Men's Tan and Black Army Shoes . ; Men's Gun Metal English Shoes, $S.OO values Men's Heavy Work Shoes, $4.50 valued $5.50 Lace __ $6,00 $3.45 Men's Tan Shoes, $8.00 values Calf English Lace 1 : $6.00 Men's Heavy Work (CO Shoes, $4.00 values Men's Rubbers, all sizes 75c Women's Saud Grey Lace Shoes, 9 inch, tops, $8.50 values, Sale Price Women's Black Kid and Patent Leather L'ace Boots, 8V2 in ch tops, leather Louis heei, -white kid top, $5.50 values, Sale Price $3.50 Women's Gun Metal Lace Boots, 9 inch tops, military heel, $5.00 values, Sale Price A good grade of Women's Rubbers, high, or low heel /lO/» Sale Price Tti/C Boys' Shoes Boys' Gun Metal'Lace or Button Shoes, $3.50 values, (g QfT Sale Price «P^i.O I Boys' Gun Metal Lace or Button Shoes, $3.00 values, J»O -| fT Sale Price'. «P"«-«-*J Boys' Button Shoes, sizes 21£ to 5, $2.50 values, fl»-| (\f? SaJe Price «P-l.«/ I Boys' Rubbers, all sises L 65c Misses' Shoes Misses' Shoes - Misses' Gun Metal and Patent Colt Button Shoes with cloth or leather tops, sizes 11 Vi Q?O "I C to 2/$3.00 values-._.. 1. «P«.JLD pair wristlets; Mrs. Charles Mitchell, wristlets; Laura Scholl. wristlets; Mrs. R. -W. Liebergef, wristlets, Mrs. Thomas Jones, 2 wristlets;. Mrs. H. A. Eicher. Z: wristlets;. Robert ; Carpenter, wristlets; "Margaret Herpicfc, wristlets; Mrs. Mary Brown, wristlets; Mrs. Prank'"' Graham, 3 pair wristlets; Mi». "if. H. BroDgiton, wristlets; Mrs. Motterahead,wristlets; Mrs. K C. Higb«e, I! pair wristlets; Mrs. Marcella Berger, wristlets; Mildred Richter,-wristlets; Mrs. George Freed;- wristlets.' Mrs. R. S: McKeo, cap; Orene Bnt- termore, cap; Looise Buttermore, cap; -Harriet Dunn, cap; Mrs. Clyde Reid, cw. Mrs. Anna Mason, cap;. " Mjsses' Dark Brown Lace Shoes, high top, $5.00 values, (PO OJT Sale Price _ _ «PO.O Misses' Gun Metal Lace high tops, $4.50 values, Sale Price ...__,,.,, Shoes. Rubbers Misses and Children's Rubbers _.__ 50c Brownell vSKoe Co. West Crawford Avenue, Best Place to Shop After All." 1 Connellsvilie, Pa. CONRELLSVILLE RESIDENT-BAS . . _'.l. was '.twice connned'.i"n hospitals?' in the last one nothing-but gruel water was injected into me 4 times a day, as my stomach would not retain any food. I suffered terribly; was reduced to a .skeltqn.. ..Mr.-folks..saw .an"ad ;of_'MaTr'3 "Wonderful Hemedy. :andTit Sasrs.nrely 'saved my; life. ..I. '.weijSi:a80 lis.;now." It Js *a;simple, JiarrfflesB'Cpteparatrpn'.'-'Uiat;; "removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal traet'and allays the inaam- mation which causes- practically all |?frs. W. J. Bailey, cap; Miss Jeonio ! Weaver, cap; Mrs. Charles Wilson, j cap. Mrs. C. B .Sipe, Mill Run, sweater, 3 pear socks.. pair socks; Mrs.-S. W. Bryan, 1 pair socks; Airs. Haggerty, socks; Mrs, J. McFarland, muffler; Mrs. . David . sweater anri wrist!cts; Mrs, Mrs. Emma Mull, Monroe, Pa., 11 Freed, wristlets; Mary'Freed, wrist- pair socks; Mrs. W. S. Heeter^fonroe, I lets; Mrs. J. Earle Roberts, 2 caps; .Pa., sweater, 2 pair socks; Mrs. 3. M.; Vera Roberts, cap; six pair wristlets Cora Porter, socks; Graco Moore. 3 j James ..Conner, sweater; Mrs. John pair socks; Mrs. Cora Baker, socks; I Stannis, muffler. Miss Lucy Cocliran, wristlets; Mrs. William Knight, 3 wristlets; Sarah Meyersdale. Corell, Monroe,- Pa., 3 pair socks. Pennsville auxiliary--Miss Sue Means,: sweater,. wristlets and socksT Ohiopyle auxiliary--Mrs. T. M. Mitchell, . 2 sweaters; Miss Violet Moon; sweater.; Miss Warne Turner, sweater'; 'Mrs,"E.'-3. Jackson, 4 pair socks. Vandorbilt auxiliary--Mrs. Clyde Brown, sweater; Mrs. Frank Town- , . . .. _ ... , . -, liver and intestinal ailments, send, sweater; Mrs. Watson Luce, including appendicitis.. One does will i sweater'; Mrs. G. B. Roberts. 2 sweat- MEYERSDALT5, Feb. 11.--Last Fri- ciay evening the boys of the Senior ! class of the MeyersdaJe High school ·ty-j^ am ! held a stag party at. the home of Mr. BowdeX sweater; MrsT Hay Holsing, | attd Mr s. Valentine Gress, their sons, 2 [ Howard and Irwin Cress being mem- caps. Mrs. S. S. Strickler, 1 paiivj socks. Ihinibar auxiliary--Mrs. 2 sweaters; Mrs. Mary McKoo, sweaters; Miss Martha Bowdeu, 2 sweaters; Mrs. Warne.' sweater; Mrs. Margaret Carr, sweater; Mrs. Charles Herd, sweater; Miss Emma Duncan, bera of the class.. 1 Cards was the amusement and lunch was served. Mrs. Florence West left Sunday for Baltimore. Md., where she wili remain sweater; Misa Elizabeth Wame,' muff- until Tuesday, when she will go 10 Icr; Mrs.'Peter Johnson, muffler; New York City where she will be - . . ,,- Miss Agnes Nenron,' wristletB, Mrs. joined by Miss Mae Dielil, to select and connDce or money refunded.--adv, ere, socks; Mrs.-J. B. Henderson, 41 Margaret Duncan, muffler; Mrs. F. purchase the millinery tor the Spring trade at tie Dielil millinery, M r s . j f * Wo.-jt will be employer! as trimmer for! j Miss Diehl tho coming season. i S Edward Crowe, of Cleveland, O.. j j spent Sunday here ai the homo of hi^: parents, ilr. and Mrs. C. E. Crowe. * J. [. Schliet, who is employed at Johusfown. spent Sunday here with this family on Olinger street. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phinicie of Gar- COAL Good Coal. Prompt Set-rier. C»!I Hell Pfcanc i;z or 4GZ, Trj-Slntc 870. tors on Monday. jjj Ml 1 , and Mrs. Christ Bouden of Sum-; S m i l - M i l l s fransacted business in o u r - $ city Monday. ; [5 Miss Helen Lichty lias rerarned SJ from O'jsten, W. Va., where she v.iB-i ited her friend, Mrs. Frank Price-. ; John Darrnh, Sr.. is home from Ba!-] tiniore. Md., where he had been fur! several weeks. f J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBLiC AND REAL ESTATE. No. ii touth Mtrdov. Lam Cont.tluvUla Pa, .-'atronize Those Who Advertise, r PETEY -BUf JL--Yes, He can ^Tear It On His Arm BT C. A. VOIGHT ·LL TootcTf-lAT VrtTH HIM COURSE HE BUT HE SAID vr'Li- LOO si. SWAPPY OM His ARK.

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