The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 8

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

.'V I 8 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAY j AV.QVST.VVi'lW, wa, i' aW fc- fclsV . ACROSS 1 Coronet. 1? BtiU L. 1 Oklau. M Loll 'Mil!. 110 Mm 'point , 51 KrUtit of 25 Jither el CaiBan. ri r v.. IMiviMHMHMIIlBl J ' LaTaMaaanaaMIMAr L.CClOC? Ul I LillC? Rw-w.kHH?. kXIvCI JEttS J If H Ihr 10 63 3f,Muw, Iff 32 Pj -yf- 4IccUie tin i ..wir r "i.v,1 ,'i"in.J 2$ )miic'AWft,6 Iltfnetm'i 1, JJDrMtl lit tittarx.wut, fW KM Cwx. KjMiaju. 6i .if 30 Ht plialh. .IIBflioTs: Ltd e '4-ee rfncih VMMiafetaa4eM TO Mtnoaj Ptjmf fc 5TClJ a I s yjifi e i u I 0 UjSTC RAP Els EJn t V M AMTIi I Mli E i i wi t f r p n i niJs i nr. K4 a. ii I ill I ill rjrt nf A haninwr. 45 Otlaia ;49JU. nhmariiM 4 Sit, ia Spain. : rlncils' are' "ufualty ptu.lf 'will lif nublislied jiel(Js aboilllT2.(M0 Til -t- irO sur2dcd DrscnrcHT "4 r ii-iuuiii r -"-.toot a rvtsir 69r : -x F3DE REFRESHED r5- icoioxcr. grr eiiminft.' l3.TKrJuyi o( Iirifc. iifMlrf a , fn'l 'p- 1 CUli., . ? . -A' JldtlcaW...''- . . ' SA Canidiaa Indiaa. t-S i .... - uaa if !'.. '8 18 i - . ..... 4 - - r i --t:: i riT r ul j mi j, L. " - LiLi , -- -n ii Aa iMna mi ., , ,T' , I . ; 3 m "J w . 4 ... ,13 J . ., ).'.! 43 4; g - J btuJ m,. ... tl iwtil-lflWi n Zj IT! i. . 'j4 5 bo .-a j mm tnl illituin nl tills tm FOIIfiHT nVFR KADlSHFl laurant . cook . Wednesday -fas committed to trial on an at. tempted itnurder .charge stemming from an 'argument wjih another cook about the proger Way to prepare radishes; Richard Fntsv. 11. was remanded M-1ltr1ai at srt.aaae,,VJ.m X rrulMj In (he alM .and livrly Own .and ttomew jn the avrr-' 9n bracket, U J'ajly .HwMilion, with ttpcrt advice, flcn liiJa - and1 guidance : ' imaiiy iriib jeetii T furotyf rnadhuB' and ;HuiVw . By SALLY IIAMUIOIN Whrn (iladyv l brnke ber-htB and linind hersrlf in hospital on iher eiKhtieth;Tirthdyirie was sure she had reachedthe end Of--the. mad- j She had always- beert a jusy person. She had fa i fed a lamjly i of three; had. been clive 4n liBrJodj;e! waOpt -Ofi currtn! .iftairs 'and eould' Wn a Jteat ti-kk with knitting aecdles; tw-ingmachir-or qnrfchieli "Wiit BoW:" atat. IhntlL'ht V Iff l " f-M " V toit!dnt go;to a, wool ,4hpj;eeii itrnrone;:offfft- tsCpiMM-"jf couldo'l.wen behd over and pMb up .a needle if I dropped I it) -'J. xW jyf 1 rat 8ttCTiMi .i,hd a ur--Jris ' three . yWftof .'y -N w I friends. theyC weretf -J-T h yT hf ought rdid.. they ajmtich. iff.. ! .. . TCladys had .Joined it O l dt ! Adults' Club, meeting in a near. m churtb. These visitors toiifnament.;' iifj.' hat 'bnen her Dartners'.in a euchre Once a mosjth, tho tl.ub hell s(r"tl Uiree eeJt ..toBitfll'''tf W 7" on o tb-""-rrWring- ffomajeeprnm Hn. army OTcvW tr: sin wtbund in hii cMM." , ? 'vX!,,,u,d' ,- a lot, tor fr others es;WM.asj fcitf yoorsen by cetting In the swim, f v. :l In her dwn rltib." womnr pentllation of QueheC' purchase can dress as gaily as sheje,; diliine or hunting licences' aach can .wear a flower n her hair y.lf..' -.'' .'- v "-' -"'.!. ; on a special orcasion and y,-,...., l -t v .(me, elhera will we her lor t. v lar4 Mao r.iA j"" ot U-f ii I Jimilei 's. II 'moonsl-tflnnl, Will fsiirnrh : nohodv Ha THE GLOBE in ff & :t ' : ti 1 a T 1 it I FiVT. ARGUET.. wir vny tenire m sui , l -i ' ' .' v J ? ' ' .'.S3 imme'diatrity'rfeqbifeeXperrenced personnel in the following lassificaflort 1 ; t WOY .wTM jSl1Jppbrfunifr fo? tadvancemen Ktmwm TrmnmfHr4mtm . .iJkatfttha LI I0TYPF OPERATORS COMPOilTOR'HACHilUjff PASTE FL00B1EH up artists:: Theseixirtiipormpnent positions ' vvith dTfulfTange of entploymenf benefits. .. rinv v: ; , . fvii oinuiuiiioiii gnu eApenence I tROOP 'KEPA -137, CATIII RINE ST '...Aovb:in'i;-..t: L RS iw L-.i t CW-83S9.,T-f . .ij - r i & : ;Tororilo; newspapers' - Employment Service; 1 440 FROIII STREET WEST, Toronidi'iBVOIITARIO;! all hiJe; hod? owned own!rbui taop wiTi!;t is,- ae iipeeo-" stant Then aloi; spoke up 4ow Im seems;' there barber fcnair in his basement ati nartv for nfember 'Vn h o i el' P'ni- of work p do: A birthday fetf in that montnT SaCiweltgronnied lot ow. those righ tjiere Inifcisck and whit on 'her -mempersBtp eara, wai thd-. exact tjai" on which h half; been born tt years earlier! NEW LEASE ONvUffc, V-n 'i For Gladys that visit, spelled a ,hew lease on life. The'hitt morning, tnstcad.fol:graen I her nurse with stubbors silence. -shk. Was asking Questions. T)td shev think she wdOld a -kh' In waJk?:' What ' about this iww tangled physical therapy? Whn could . she get started? She haJ o get better 4 .time ror- iea Winter's carfll playing (ourna- There! hjTheanl tail? M firt rT" rfrWa " Manv' n&ni. StoA.0 H inittnart Brtte work TtirU Mil "'.'',-MWit.S:..'K:V. Lr . VT: -1 . . . - - - . - - i ..- .i . . . . i t . m i c iuki I ill a wcu ul mil AS a. 0 i fT7m Mit.haffTffWaTtW.'r)' P'"' w.i..y. KVFN PURCHASERS Jti, ffrnj Incense; cedar, The- aver J tMiph!yx 30'ver'. cent f jthw recTea'tTrm iSVamwii fa1t'etr ar . I, j; " . --.i ..." i ... .i J -J nbly larger, than the planetH Here's a jplace-j to- Jbe "jmuri 1 f i i ry., ' 1 s; -f ownf person:; to hold office bint ', ' '.,,,vL- t,,' HE .TELEGRAM t.t i , - .. . i . i" i r. m.-i DAILY STAR j v- - i - . i bawain f' s' mm m v . many 'are' ramping for the .first time"! f" an oldjiH j,,.!. lvrt : 0ne said, at the end of he naked. Could they! I -v . . . : 75-year-txd ..week of a birUdayatfclfm '"'ifairly rough camping. hV rainy know?, ft was slnpTet,?iar1' ho wr" bl,weather. "Do you know thi has The inteV befolte'M"1' ,h "''"ibetd-Jha JurpplMt week Bf y . ' v. ' : ' iws.nw-ia. JiaHF-si lhta mva-.klm snnra ta. Mlh'linT. . .... r . , r v7 ' Hie?" nis t nay, Atchi as assigned a maUT rinrn bfftha hall and '.aan 1 i V4 ln?basiness. Twenty ISvej' cents wjis nis cnarge, end- Del boyl!. i C; Does your , club ' have onrof prelect that" ymr'er willing 1Q" shere?- If o; .write"" aecrhig If w Jialry tianw -ion. ta fare of -The O ft a w e Journal; f)r write Sally for free topy of tbe leaflet "Tips aj a'-iCw ' ' tit zmukiz. y lot more to v .id Jk, jvI. s - v.. 2 BIGTASTE H i i- ' ' - J I j'i e aV I up-wipt brand 'new o b bj maKei Ihe MrgantntKm HilMhe ayjMytW n, - ' S4r'JmS !. dctonited.i .'-r -'"' v'VJWi,l 4lt a,e it 'take Aqjo. needJ.Sum(lub get sii&iin ' i(t g3 hilsbind .in irwW1cW,rVv'tMlW 5KSS',Y'iSl j'rpk baijmeriii Mmfc'WeMJ coulmj ;;hi''4r. ( imuiitiw.;.iri -iiUv a ler- .4W rallit; helpucna trA-jm .r i.,i.inmAP. iun. enien ram unnae v sources. .nM.iimn,-ie.fctiOita-4Hiw.lley offer dlawTSw.11 mc. lit a coi4en r t h ' facilities freeToi free Tor an afternoon.. a!"V. "".i.'rJ,1 meinst .. !an0 .i ia,w . Fompany jicvvrata, mcbean. IwKHSH i. Ef, ,"5 freJwhienSg ;:when,iivery' AV-f, W'. WrP;lJn'rTI V . . mi . . m . . .h a to IIWI; 1 . -y -4t-V' 1"la W" V."0 A tht Wlcr, callail od eat one in ui nv most biid toiac- Hlji)t: tq sny.. There wert a few t-tfioj Juat itiook their'.'ttradi and- no one tilled them. .Archie ura; fievir nfic'is remain'gdrnt hcn; f Xvmt, IKcralure on getting' a'ttrdii kiiik. aMitawu aiiitauis im au the way iTroo . uncial funclkms" Z iHmafteions aicnicsi' g a m e ) arm vjut'njt"'" . to' lecttiren, iudle ; rnusiral " ev mng. h. ,t aiJiw' i,l wt tommumty irofetii be nal in, audierti;; and. eT J.-1.. W..v. "ThMSummer ' VtdsteW poseicssnesaj rney leei tittt - ) thev . are not countine lor r. j!f milt hi.JnrJtrje Vlrnple- reason 1 inai inrjx4rea;ii rrooaor; down deep, your husbaBl hai' h' desire: r fulfill loml.'J high, noblp .purpose in life. wid it wuLda Jio good .to, tell him that he is "no cnoa.". ile .already hemg destroy ed hv fhn fcolfng. ft usrexte task -to prjerfuljy help him b mrercnmn H.-n . r .'Christ is still in the busd- ' nesa of taking meantnglesi lives, and Hiving them Ug-,'! nificance. How many times' w many timea mBy: Peter have tve l jowed. his. imply waa true,, jput. .oe.ay( he.i iiici yciuv- tnrai, ana lie . touched his soul into life.' Jcituf, Christ is doing hat iame , thing ,1k. men end .women today. He did it" Im m,i ind He. will do it tot ver Sixty" tu '-Organuing, F.r i eodship. j, every person 'V.-hrt will allow. made ip'-of pwple-wiih -e Mf CH.'f.ivrtnse stamped, kinis o ideas and needs, there's self-addressed envelope., I'm no good'' . said, as he" -ply boat.hanM, . i'' -and be-! didnt cotmt (or jjiuch. thatt Him lo take charge of theif 4 hearts. - j --i- vT"" 1- i . V '-' JH-i I ' l'il I k " ! '.. . I .l .- I . r ... 4 aw HUSKY FliAVOUK Ml km VI"' "V ,L.4f 1 h . good? F. R. 1whcVirfM -fronacketf fhjeJS. ANKWrP- Pi- .11 mmni I ' ' i4-aa Hnn'l tin (halt FviHenllv I af V'oul nukoauiT 1. Vtaie4 tohL '$3M-';jA!t-.ll'lc5eb!i: l?)naij hi I,, 5vsvn v s ;-.i.t- n.T?i lf.s J iV.. - SJI TUUI IdllllfV- . ul it .1 t H:AV RE Ali SATISM65!N: ' : if A 3 232 '-3UiM s . v'v'"l tr!sft."i"i . sc-.-.-- 0 t. : -1 . t-unv,- ... 1 1 , . i - it ITT". 'aweeb . cart .have, i1: eye gtasse We have ihe-?ist'iTtodern stvla a frames for iyout !Cholce. rgVour ; Credit- Account may b; used for 3 a hii; iiiwiivt v WUI lOMIIlw, f tvr if vp your phone, now nd icall .for Ja apwirtment.jiJJJfJ J j Optical Ctntte ! ' i .' Prescriptions filled Broken lenses replaced ". 4 , t- t3; A .i0 ! eyerythiiig ybu romect in:anrale; - all' -. Is . " i ii! . .;is v t i n -1 ft. ':'"' ".' , -1 ;rsr-', .T alwavS . e- - 't o5.f-K2-' lu ; Main SI tliill lt SiMrka St. at O'Cmvwl '.X DA-300 -at v.'. ' k J AB lir i

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