The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1918
Page 5
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TCTKSDAT FEBRUARY 12 191 THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. At the Theatres. THE "PACE VALUE." A'five part'Bine- bird feature in which Mae Murray is seen in the leading role, will be presented tomorrow. -Miss Murray plays the role ot an orphan girl -who goes on to prosperity, and contentment through her own efforts. In presenting the play Miss Murray qualifies; as a "stuntz" actrf^ tbr^ugb. her leap - from a moving train as it crosses j tion. The plot is ingenious and moves | with a rapidity and wealth ol dramatic surprises that are certain to. keep the spectators keyed to the highest pitch of excitement. 3CACCABEK BENEFIT TODAT. "STONE'S TWENTIETH CEN- tury Show', at the Arcade yesterday was made an excellent entertainment by the good singing of The Jazz Barbridge and _ec ^...uiuncg teats that mony Four and Albert Kainpthe late immediately result in finding safety of the Five Famous Funsters, and the to shore. In the earlier part of the j dancing of "Doc" Washburn and pUiy the star shines as a comedienne Andy Marcum. The latter two did in and her talent as an emotional ac- j blackface the famous eccentric dance tress are later disclosed in · the most; of Montgomery Stone. The bill dramatic episodes. A "little' girl, es-j "Driven. From Home" was more flra- capes the squalor of poverty to make matic than farcial, bat it was a diner own living. · One of her earlier j version from the usual run of tabloid associates follows her and brings sus- j shows. The chorus are good steppers ptcion of crime upon her. She is sentenced to a reformatory, but escapes from her keepers by jumping from a moving train into the water that swirl beneath the bridge. Sbe'is ica- cuixl by a young man who has lots of money, who takes her to his home and induces his mother to take her into the family. The young man who ' but what they lack in singing" Is made up by the male contingent. Little Rae Kieth, a winsome miss, · sang ''The Storybook-Ball" and received three encores, and with Mr. Kain and chorus sang "Southern Gals" in a novel way and it is a pity they did not have a newer song. ' Another pleasing novel feature is the intro- h:u. befriended her proves she is in- j duction of the quartette and the mus- nocent. of the charges against her and ical oddity at the finish. "Doc" Wash- after all the girls trials and'tribula- tions conies the happy ending. Thurs- burn sang "The Lilly of the Valley" and got two encores and a bow, as Jt day. June Blvidge will be seen in was one of the prettiest numbers on "Tlie Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds." prh the bill. The show received much ap- day and Saturday Norma Talmadge | plause and the audience would have wilt be starred in "The Moth''. March appreciated more encores. The per- 1 and'2. Alice Brady the charming j formance will be repealed today at screen star, will appear in "The Sil ent Sacrifice." Tfffi FAK.UfOVyT. -present any single one o£ star, the entire list being made np ot :pcoiopiayers ot stellar calibre. "Tie .! the regular hours and the proceeds will be donated to the Maccabees EOW i serving'in the army. The pictures ! ivMl show the Lady Maccabees drill- i ing. Tomorrow tie bill will be George "THE LONE WOLF". In which I M - Cohan's famous success, "Running iHazel Dawn, who is known to every'for Office", and the "picture will be ·'theatergoer and picture patron, BtTt,the second episode of "Vengeance and iLytAll. Alfred Hickman, William E. | tbe Woman. · ·Shav and other prominent photoplay- , ;ers'are seen is being presented today OEriTETDI TJUUTEK. ·'at tlie Paramount for the benefit of tbe . Navy League. So strong is the cast i "FOR LIBERTY". A Win. Fox !of players presenting this diverting'. photoplay featuring Gladys Brock- imelixlrama tiiat it was decided not to I well deals with the events of today, hen as a | This story tells of the conditions that immediately preceded the war in Ber_ Hn and of the terror and alarm tbat Lone Wolf,' "is ~a~ Setenick-Pietures came when the declaration was made, offier'n- of exceptional quality. Tiie ' It is. however, a story ot the life ot stc-rr ; (Tenters'about the deeds and a d - j * brilliant woman who got-s 'trough .vaiures ot a master criminal known a" the ordeals" that beset American to tlie police as the "Lone Wolf. This [ women who were in Germany at the criminal becomes involved with a i u m e , and who is true to her country of crooks known as tbe FacK,.j and to her love. The' love element lrough his efforts to rescue from | Predominates and survives war and them a lovely girl. who. he believes. I tribulation, "For Liberty" is a story is herself a crook. Eventually, tlie j °f a woman's life that is wonderful girl identifies herself as Secret serv- i and inspiring. It is set in tbe midst jce agent but gives the Wolf his ! ot war, and this makes it.intensely libertv nndor his promise ot retormo- · «al to us who know that suclKCcrar j dltions prevailed, but wio have o*ly a glimmering of ,t.he 'real truth. Thursday. Ann Murdoqk is featured j in v "The Imposter". "^ story of New VrtJINP i Y o r k lifo that inTolves the adTen l U U f l u J tures of a good and pretty girl cast - adrift on tie charity, of unknown men ,, ,, and women after she has been feted Xobody Can Tell When X o u | b _ tb( , m an as n( ijress through mis- ; Darken Gray, Faded Hair [understanding, i With Sagp Tea. Lincoln's Birthday In times like these, when Patriotism issues its highest call,' when the great lives of the nation's patriots are commemorated; "when the spirits of men leap within them, and flame with the fire of patriotic sacrifice as they read the heroic story of brave deeds oh land, in the air, on the sea; in times like these we who stay at home cannot help wishing that we could do "something like that;" render to the common cause some great service. · Bnt let us not forget that patriotism is a spirit, not merely an act; that the housewife, the farmer, the mechanic, tbe school boy or girl, can 'discharge the triflling daily task with the same high spirit of Lincoln, or of the soldier in the trenches. Wertheimer Brothers THE HOME OF HART, SCHAFFNER MAEX ' CLOTHES North Pittebnrg Street, . CwnaellsTlJle, Pa. iss Jemina Napier spent-Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Burnworth. Robert Swan tJie mail carrier at the Baltimore Ohio station has returned from a visit with friends at j Connellsville. QUIT MEAT IF YOUR KIDNEYS ACT BADLY Daw»on. | Take Tablespoonful of Salts if Back Hurts or Bladder Both'ers, HAVE DARK HAIR AND L Confluence. Why suffer the handicap of looking iid. Gray hair, however handsome. ;«not«s advancing age. "We all know he advantages of a youttitul appear- nce. When the hair fades, t'arns gray and joks dry, wispy and scraggly just a jw application ot Sage Tea and Sul- hur enhances its appearance a hun- red-Iold. tether prepare 'the tonic at home r sci from any drug store z large ottle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur onipound," ready to use; but listen, void prepar-tioas put up by drug- ists as they usually use too much ilphcr, which makes the hair sticky, et ·"W'yetn's." which can always oe spemled upon t,o darken beautifully ad Is the best thing'knoira. By using TiTyeth 3 Sage and Sulphur 5 one can possibly tell that you dark- led your hair. It does Et so natural- · and evenly--you moisten a spouse r sot: brhsh. drairing this through .e oa'r, taiing one small strand at a me. -vhich requires but a few mo- enis- Do this at night and by morni: th.! 'gray hair disappears; after ,'iothe application or two its natural .tlor !. rt-atored and it becomes glos- ; - and hisU'OU-s and you appear years ion?::'. Tfii.- ready-to-use prepara- :m i.- a ilolightful toilet requisite VI ;:r a m*Hiieine. It is not intended r ·;-.· -'irrf. mitigation or prevention CONFLUENCE, Feb.- 12.--Louis, son ot Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Reynolds, was taken to M*rcy hospital, Pittsburg, Sunday for an operation for appendicitis. He was accompanied by his mother and Dr. K. P. Meyers. Louis has many friends here who hope he will have a successful opera- I tioa. i Albert Laudman oC near Johnson j Chapel, Pa., was a recent business ! visitor in town. ' j Miss Jlabel Oliver who teaches i school at Harrison, Pa.', visited"" her I mother here over Sunday. i Mrs. John Woodmaney of Bidwell, i Pa., visited friends here Sunday. - j ^[iss Carney a trained nurse of i Cumberland, Md., -was here yesterday ' on her way_ to Watson, Pa., to nurse i 'the. little son of.Mr. and Mrs. Clyde vShope who has pneumonia. j Miss Rachel Miller, who teaches [school in Meyersdale, Pa., visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Mailer here over Sunday. Very large ice gorges exist nere in all three rivers, Yough, Casselman and North Pork caused by breaking loose Sunday up the rivers and not being enough water to carry it out. Rev. W. A. Wissinger of Brpwns- iville, Pa., was here Sunday pfeach- ; ing in' the West Side and Baptist ; churches. ; v Mrs. Lee Wagner and baby of Connellsville, are here visiting her father, ' J. L. Hall and brother and wife, Mrs. C. W. Hall. · ; Miss Ella Woods left yesterday for j a visit with frientis in Morgantowa. \ W. Va. . , H. Mt Datesman. superintendent and general. manager of the Laurel': Coal Mining company was a business visitor to Connelisville. Mr. and *.\Er^. SVUliao* Bnrnwtgth and diiuphtcrs. R u t h and Ix)Uise. and ' DAWSO.V, Feb. 11.--Mai Cumberland was a Pittsburg caller. Monday. - Mr. and Mrs. "Walter Goshorn, oC Scottdale, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Call Gill- Mrs. John Haney J and daughter. Miss Gladys ot East Liberty, were Sunday guests of Mrs. liawrence Taylor, Scottdale. .trthnr. Crise, of AJtron, O., was? a recent visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William McCormick, Kast Liberty. · . Alva Cochran was a Greensburg caller Sunday. Miss Ma.rgareb Ramsier spent over Sunday with friends in Scottdale. F. E. Blose of KnoTville spent Sunday with friends and relatives. Miss Prances Barret of McKeeti Rocks, attended the Grasinger-ilcln- j^tyre wedding Monday . j' Mrs. Harry Cochran was calling on friends in Conne!Isv!l!e' 1 Satnrday.. In our Saturday's Hems if was slat-, cd that Grover Crise, of Camp Lee, was home on a furlough. This ''was an error. He was to hftve been home Saturday, but word was received that he -would not be home for. about three weeks on account of being quarantined owing to several cases of measles, .in the companyt Mike Grasinger and srister. Margaret were Pittsburg visitors Saturday. Charles Rush of Uniontown spent Sunday with friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hassou and son, Eugene, of Connellsville. attended the wedding of the latter's sister, Ma'rgaret Grasinger, Monday. ; "VVe are a nation of meat eaters and | our 'blood is filled with uric acid, says j a, well-known authority, who warns . us to be constantly on' guard against [kidney trouble. The kidneys do their utmost to free the. blood of this irritating acid, but -become weak from the overwork; they get siuggish; the eliminative tis- j sues clog, and thus the waste is retained in the blood to poison the en{tires ystem, "When your, kidneys ache and feel ! like lumps of lead, and you have ' stinging plins in the back or the urine ' is cloudy, full of sediment, or the ibladder is irritable," obliging you to seek relief duriag the night; when you have severe headaches, nervous anil dizzy spells, sleeplessness, acid stomach or rheumatism in bad weather, j get from your pharmacist about four j jounces of Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast each morning and in a Tew days your kidneys will act fine. This famous salts Is made'from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined '' with ]i(hia, and has been, used for generations to flush and scimuhite clogged kirtneys, to neutralize tbo acids in urine so it is no, longer a source of irritation, thus ending urinary and bladder disorders. Jad Salt 1 ! is'ineipeffsive and cannot injure; makes a delightful effervescent lithia-water drink, and nobody can make a mistake by taking a little occasionally to keep the kidneys clean and active.--adv. Perryopolis. PERRYOPOLIS, Feb. 11.--Mr. and Sirs. Samuel Galley spent Friday in Pittsturg. Mrs. Mary Lawether will entertain the W. C. T. U. at her home "Wednesday afternoon. The entertainment given Friday evening by thfi primary department o£ the M". E. church was a grand success. The H. S. basketball team won Friday nights game from the Alumni 28-32. Mr. M'cCormick. assistant deputy internal revenue collector was hero from Connellsville Saturday giving information to income taiatoles. Guy Martin was transacting business 'iu. Pittsburg Saturday. BACKACHE KILLS Ion't make' the fatal mistake ot neglecUns what may seem to be a "simple little backache." There isn't any »uch thing. It may be the first' warning- that your kidneys are not working- properly, and throwing: off the poisons aa they should. , If this is the case, go after the cause of that backache and do it quickly, or you may find yourself In tbe frrip of an incurable disease. Gold Meda.1 Haarlem Oil Cap-aules will jjive almost immediate relief from kidney and bladder troubles, whfcjh may be the unsuspected cause of general ill health. Gold Medal Haarlem ~H\ eu-psules a.rc impnrleil direct Crom the laboratories In Holla nO. They are pr^parftd in cui*r«-ct quantity and convenient ff^rit to itvice. and tire positively guaranteed to »ive- prompt re- He?, or your mont-y v. ill hi; refunded. Get i horn :it any drujr tore .but b« sure i" iii3ipr nu the Gi'ld Medal brand, and take no other. In boxes, three Toil will find them In our ad. columnn. "Corn-Less Day" for Feet^Evary Day Uc« "Oete-It," the Sreat Cora Discovery ! HakM Corn* Fed Rig-tit Off! Look at the II lustration below. See the two finffecs pneling off a corn aa though, it were a banana peel! And the mn i« Brailing 1 while he's doing iU Ail done pskinlcaaly, joyfully. The' moment "G«t3-It" *GcU-k." the Ontr Crana*, ThraafilCon- feebrEra-Dbconrod: P.n n.J "Cm H " touches a corn or callna Uie growth is doomed. It Ukkos bat two sec- ·nd3 to applT "Geta-It," Tb« corn- pain is cased at once. Tou c»n ait at your desk or waik about, dance, think, love and work'-with absolute pas«. Tou can apply "Gets-It" con- jrentent-ly "almost anywhere where »-^t Ciua tlce your shoe and atock- S»S ont for a moment or two. "Gets- H*' driejs at oncer then put your shoe and atockfn? on apain. There's ao further excuse for suffering from corns and corn-pains. -"G«ts-H" Is sold at all arugCiftta Cy»u need par no more than 25 cents a b«tUe), or s«at *n receipt af price by K. Lairrettce tc Cb., Chicago, HI Sold ta. ConiLeUvrine and reettramend- ed as the world's best corn remedy by r Dnur Co., A. A, Clarke. Menu's ISc TWrt Taleom _ American $1.50 Alan* Clock* _ lOc Cake Castile Soap 81.80 llonsehold Scales ---- 5ic ONLY A FEW OF THE ETRAORDINARY VALUES IN THE THESE ARE DAYS WHEN IT PAYS YOU TO COMPARE EXTRA SPECIAL! COJJSET .-* rr COVERS J- i L Regular 25c value. 1 EXTRA SPECIAL! CORSET EXTRA SPECIAL! CHILDREN'S 1 DRAWERS _ . JLtJC COVERS Regular 25c Quality.} 50c kind. 3 I EXTRA SPECIAL! 'MUSLIN 69c values. $1.00 . 0. N. T. BUNGALOW CROCHET APRONS COTTON* In light and "White or ecru, dark colored per- all numbers, 3 cales. i spools MEN'S SOc CASHMEBE HOSE All sizes in black with, gray toe and heel, at 50c TABLE LINEN Heavy quality Damask in floral patterns 50c SEW WHITE SKIKTES'G Gabardine and Basket weave, 36 inches wide ANNOUNCEMENT To the Automobile owners of this vicinity-I The Willard Storage Battery Company of Cleveland, Ohio, manufacturers of the well known Willard Storage Battery, wish to announce the opening of a new Service Station in the near future. The new location will be on First street, West Side, in the building formerly occupied by the J. R. Balsley Lumber Company. The new station will be in charge of Mr. George W. Carrol!, who has successfully operated a Willard station in Scottdale for the past two years. Mr. Carroll, having been trained in our factory, by experts, is capable of handling all work pertaining to every make of storage battery. ' Trusting the Automobile owners of this locality will co-operate with Mr. Carroll by giving him a call, we are Very truly yours, THE WILLARD STORAGE BATTERY CO. SAVE YOUR SHOE MONEY Here's the shoe opportunity of the season. If yon have bought Shoes at any of om- previous sales, you have certainly been waiting |or this announcement--the chance to save your Shoe money by spending it. It's Your Shoe Buying Opportunity. Shoes Are Not Going to be Cheaper. You don't need any explanation--you know what to expect. Ton kncrw that yon can buy a pair of the Best Shoes made for less than they are ·worth. So much less that many o£ our patrons buy two, three and sometimes four pair at one time. Prices Are Cut to the Limit The profit and in many instances, a large portion of the cost of the Shoes is sacrificed. Better come early while lines of sizes are full. Sale Starts Saturday, February 9th and Lasts for 10 Days. No Approval and Strictly Cash. Just note the inducements we offer, can you possibly save as much money so easily elsewhere? "· ' 50 pairs "Women's Shoes, $2.00 and ?i.CO values, at 100 pairs Women's Novelty Shoes, in all colors and combinations, $6.00 to $8.50 shoes, at __ ._ 50 pairs of Women's Tan Rubbers at - 59c Men's Dark Tan Cordovan and Dark Tan Cordo Calf Lace Shoes, PO H'C' $10',00 and $12.00 values, at......_ «PO. I J 500 pairs Women's Shoes, in dull leather, patent leather and tan leather, ?4.00 to $6.00 shoes, at 100 pairs Women's fine Shoes in grey, buckskin, black vamp with white kid and silver cloth tops, $9.00, $10.00 and $10.50 shoes, at All Misses and Children's High Top Shoes, One Fourth.Off Hcgnlar Prices. One lot of Men's $4.00 and $5.00 values, at , ;2.85 For Real Values in Shoes See Our Window Display. Crowley-Mestrezat Co. 113 W. CKATTPOKD ATEITUE, PA.

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