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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 7
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X .V. H: . I .V TODAY. AUGUST U', Itlt THE OTTAWA JOURNAb . Controversial Role of an Oilman ST F0 The DAVID R. JONES fCI UM Kni twt tim Km hntN , DALLAS A septuagenarian with crown of wispy white hair spread a copy of the Wall Street Journal over the coffee table in hi drab office the other day and dumped out the contents of . a brown paper bag. He selected a yellow apple from the brown bread, cheese, raisins and orange drink arrayed belore him, and began to peel U. , "White sugar Is the No. I poisorf. white flour the No. I poison, and -nuirairt.lau the No. 1 poison;" he ctated. The auihor of this pro-aouncement 'was , Haroldson Lafayette Hum, the Texas oilman. At IS. Hunt is one of the. richest men,. In the United States.; He has also bejun to assume an imposing and controversial role on the American political scene. ' Hunt has T passionate conviction that the free world la Steadily hieing out to social-Ism and communism, and that he must Mve America's freedom. ' "1 am of the opinion that the way we are going now, we will lose our freedom," be ays. One of the nation's largest landowners. Hunt is a strong defender of property rights. He is a militant anti-Communist who feels that Red conspirators lurk in the schools, churches, govern-' went and other American institutions. Hunt believes that his life shows "I don't have a conservative hair in my head." . .... The word ."Conservative" engenders the concept of "old-fashioned mostbackism" and he prefers to call his philosophy ''Constructivism." "You can never be accused of being too constructive." he says. Hunt lumps liberals, socialists and Communists togethe as what he calls the "Mistaken." The "Mistaken" have "wormed themselves Into control" of large charitable foundations, infiltrated "maty great private fortunes." art "tat control of nearly all of the big money in the U.S.," and have infiltrated, targe corporations, Hunt allege- ' Hunt Is disturbed by the State Department (It "has already Issued a blueprint for surrendering our sovereignty"). disarmament t, ("how would ' we exist among tbe hundreds of millions of people who would have arms to destroy us?"), and the United Nations ("It's as bad as It could possibly be.") '- , He speaks with disdain of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Earl Warren, budget defl-cits, and the growth of the federal government ' Hunt stands. Instead, for such things as stronger armaments, a suffer policy against Communism; "whatever it takes to remove Castro from power In Cuba"! and withdrawal from the United Na' ttons unless the- U.S. receives "a greater vote in the General Assembly than small heathen nations." ' Life ! By RUSSELL BAKER C tsss rt tssms am swttM r MARINELAND, Fla.-Once upon a time a Porpoise who 4' had spent a lot of time read- Ing the newspapers was cap-' tured at sea and placed In the ; big fish tank here to do tricks for the tourists. He quickly tired of having his .picture . taken while ' balancing a basketball on his ' nose, and, being a clever fet- low. he went to a gullible ' Barracuda one s Bight and said:' .'',". i'fi-' .. "How much logger are you going to drift around this tank letting a bunch' of tourists ; make a monkey of you?" V "What do you mean, by vthat?" asked ther Barracuda, who prided himself on being i, the tiger of the sea and did not want anybody calling him ;. a monkey. "I am the tiger of the see," he said. ' . PLAN OF THE PORPOISE i "Some tiger," said the Por a poise. . ' 1 '' ' "QuK talking m circles," Said the Barracuda." , "All right," said the For. r poise, "I'm talking about " busting out of this tank, and I have a plan." Whereupon he spent 1 minutes in; whls- j pered explanation to the Bar- raeuda. " ' . The next day when the fish . i were swimming happily , around the tank, the Bar-racuda summoned them all to a meeting. - "Why are we, forced to swim around In this tank hav-' Jng our picture taken while v the people out there coma and go as they please ne oe- "Because It's good fortht Hunt is a registered Democrat, but he has no party loyalties. ' v.. He casts his lot with the more conservative members of each party. This year, Hunt is philosophically and emotionally If not financially in the Cold-water camp. He returned home from the Republican national convention, where) he distributed pro Coldwater literature, wearing Cold-water button. He told reporters then that he had not decided whether he would be The Reversal of a Political By MAX FREEDMAN Special Journal Correspondence WASHINGTON It is almost impossible these days to pick up paper without find- . tng sen. cugen wicianny identified aa Catholic This" practice has resulted in a curious reversal of the old religious Issue in politics. Once it seemed as If no Catholic could he elected tfi the Presidency ; now if is being said that a Catholic must be President Johnson's running mate. - " .The correct rule Is that a man's religion should neither : bar him from office nor five him that office. ': Of all men In public life. Senator McCarthy least deserves to be caught In this re- : ligious tangle. He Is a man of deep religious faith who has never paraded or concealed .those convictions' for political 1 gain. Profoundly instructed in the history of his own church, he has never been guilty of any spirit of separatism. His liberality is Instinctive and universal. His religion has done him no harm in his own state of Minnesota w here Catholicism . Is definitely' a minority faith. - FAKE INJECTION , . ; ' Since. his religion has been falsely and unnecessarily in- ' Jecud into the political arena, . it may be useful to review ; his opinions on the proper relation between religion and politics. These opinions - will reward scrutiny because they will always strengthen the forces of reason and tolerance that are ranged against bigotry and misunderstanding. " It should be added that all these views were expressed by Senator McCarthy long before his name was mentioned ,h possible choice for the Democratic vice-presidential nomination." ' '"" '"'?-"';" Senator McCarthy has pointed out. that President Eisenhower Is hot known, as a . Presbyterian President," nor ' Is Harry Truman referred to as a "Baptist President," nor Is Herbert Hoover the "Quak- er President". He has correctly remarked , that any such identification, ' whether H be Catholic, Lutheran, or Baptist, or the name of any religious denomination ' la "a kind of backhanded way in the Tank tourist business," said an, old- Moray Eel. ' "Nonsense," the Barracuda ' snapped. . "It's because the ' people have organized thorn-' selves Into a society, while 1 we swim around- here nor- , ' ganized like a bunch of lm- -becilei." v y v ; ' MISTRUSTED . 'I The Barracuda then Intro- duced the Porpoise, whom the ,-fish had always mistrusted . because of his close resem- . bianco to people. . . " "The Porpoise has studied the newspapers and knows . how these things are done,'' said the Barracuda. .-. "And apeaking of newv papers," the Porpoise said, ; giving them his no-nonsense quick opener, "the first things ' we must have are some news media to keep us all In. a - state of alarm. ,..." . ' "You - cannot ' maintain a . society" without a crisis to . keep everybody from think- ', ing, and you cannot maintain .. . a good crisis without news . media." - ' And h appointed the .Sting- ray as the news media. Then he appointed the Shark and the Sawfish to run against : each other for President. . "How do you run (or Presl- -dent?" asked the Sawfish. . "You get the fish excited , about the Issues," said the ,; Porpoise, , j .. . , k NO ISSUES , "We don't have any Issues,". said the Shark. - "Then make some," ald "the Porpose, '"For example. you might make -a speech ; ', saying that the Octopus has the right to eat with the Tar- pott. Then, the Sawfish could make a speech saying' that I " ' v . coma a large Guildwater contributor. ' Hunt has been friendly with Johnson for several years and he bristles at the suggestion ' that he has made up his mind to support Coldwater. '"y - Booth Mooney, Hunt Oil's public relations man in Wash-Ington, wjs ah executive 'as. sistant to Jqhnson from 1SJ to I9JS. He wrote Johnson's anthorized biography, "The Lyndon Johnson Story," In -1951 and updated it this year. "I feel public affairs education freedom education' is vastly more important of applying to candidate ur public official the constitutionally forbidden ; test of religious affiliation," POLITICAL SOLUTION He added that a Catholic is not necessarily- In. favor of sending an ambassador to the Vatican, or of granting federal aid to parochial or. private" .riw.t. - i, .in . f,., ' and against aid to Tito. He also explained that a Catholic -might - favor a national divorce law or oppose It In all these matters the Important, point is that the public must realize that the questions relate not to issues of religious conscience but to is sues affecting the temporal order ana! requiring political solutions. Lest his frankness be misunderstood. Senator McCarthy has emphasizedXihat there are certain sacred matters of conscience where the authority of the state will neverNbe allow ed, to intrude. But he has been equally vigilant to point out thakthis right of conscience applies only to Catholics but to men of religious conviction matter what their creed. He has .also emphasized that it The Debate, " By GORDON DEWAR ... ' of The Journal ' AS ARGUMENT PROCEEDS In the House of Com-mons on the resloution to provide Canada with, a new flag, some evidence is becoming apparent that provides members with a feeling that compromise might be found. . Eric Winkler. (C Grey- Bruce) has strongly suggested that the entire matter be put in the hands of a Parliament ary committee of both Houses. Hie' Idea Is, that at) flag designs could be considered there and a handful, or only while be has always been personally fond pf the Octopus, It is unpi sectorial to compel the Tarpon to admit the Octopus to his meals, or schools.", "Next." the -Porpoise said, ."the Shark can charge that the Sawfish Is prejudiced against the Octopus and then the Sawfish Will charge that the Stingray has misquoted him and Is under the control of the Shark, whereupon the Shark will charge that - the Sawfish is soft on tourism." GENUINE HATE . "Sounds crazy to me, but we'll try it,", said the Shark. Soon the Shark and the Sawfish genuinely displsed- one another, and everybody hated the Stingray. The Tarpon be-'gan to feel that the Octopus' really didn't have any business eating with him, and the Octopus began attacking the ' Tarpon In . the dark, currents at wight," 't0 - ;.f..:": - With everybody in a state of chronic neurosis and the fish killing each Other at a prodigious rate, the tank became a nioney loser. The tourists', who liked to come to the tank ' because the fish were such" a s-ellef from people, were dismayed, and the tank owner was furious. ' . -.On election night, the tank' owner dipped all the fish out of the tank and threw, them back into the ocean. As they had grown soft through year of easy living, they were quickly gobbled ; up by the wild ocean fish who had never heard of society All except the Porpoise who, helng a fast 'swimmer, got away laughing, MORAL: You can live like a fish If you wish, but living like people is foolish. . . . . than political action," Hunt states. : Hunt seeks to educate people to "make the - right . choices." His effort centres on Life Line, his daily radio program. The IJ-minute show Is heard from five to seven times a week on 111 stations, and twice daily on 40 others, in states. It is produced by 'Life Line Foundation. Inc., a tax exempt , "religious-patriotic foundation." , Ufa Line receives about "100 hours of radio time daily, or ' an estimated 2.(00.000 of air . time annually. Officials figure la the genius of American democracy to respect the claims of conscience within a system of law. FAVORITE QUOTE - One of -Senator McCarthy's favorite quotations is the statement by Charles Evans Hughes in IS2S on the dangers of n,ormity- Huhe said: "''The most ominous sign of. our times, it seems to me, is the growth of an intolerant spirit It is more dangerous when armed, a 11 usually is, with sincere conviction." He stressed the necessity that "we be on our guard against varieties of a false Americanism which professes to maintain American institutions while dethroning American ideals. The. interests of liberty ere peculiarly those of individuals, and hence of minorities, and freedom is. tn danger of being .slain at her own altars if the passion for Uniformity and control of opinions gathers -head." Senator McCarthy believes this warning against "falsa Americanism" is as pertinent and urgent today as at any time In American history. GREAT TRADITION Thus we can see that Sene ar McCarthy, standing in the Continues one, selected tor the consid eration of the Commons. This was met by ilence from the Government benches. DRUMMOND CLANCY ( Yorkton) said on WednesdaN he opposed a national plebla cite (proposed by Opposition Leader Dtefenbeker) and hinted he might leave his party on this question. . On Thursday, he spoke again to suggest that ha might compromise with both sides In the argument not quit his party, not oppose the amendment, not accept the Government flag proposal ("being shoved down our throats"), but willing to listen to suggestions that a committee or gathering of leaders sc rutin-Inze all flag designs and settle on one. . Some members of Parliament (of all parties) and some outsiders have expressed surprise at the suggestion that the Conservatives would move amendments to their own amendment In the House. Yesterday it happened, and even more surprise was expressed 'until rlt was discovered that the move was entirely , within the rules of the House. : IT WAS ALSO REVEALED yesterday that Opposi t yo n Leader Diefenbaker Is willing to meet with other partylead ers early next week to discuss the matter. . . v Leading Conservatives of the ami - . Pearson variety are presently quite ready to admit they are condutlng a form of filibuster ' on thaCtlag. . . They also ani happy that there is going to be a meeting -of party leaders. . this has been their hope for some time. ' Should the leaders, arrive at some settlement in the question, the flag debate will probably come to a rapid finish (without settlement) and Parliament will adjourn.. ' . What may be done during the adjournment or recess. Is open to question, but the very fact a recess occurs would be the compromise a majority of MP's neve been seeking for some time.'-,":- ,.,-- 10T DKECT fSOH THE ttOWTT tTOGSmt U5v22 !:- "ill ll it has s.OM.QM listeners. The foundation headquarters is in Washington, where a staff of about 25 works., But the rtai power lies In Hunt's unpretentious seventh floor corner Dallas office ' which sports a threadbare rug, cracked leather (urni- lure, and lacks a name on . the door. . - - Hunt lists among those Americans whom he admires patriots Gen. Robert E. Wood, former chairman of Sears Roebuck and Co.; Gen. A. C. Wedemeyer, former chief of staff to Chian Kai- great tradition of American liberalism, deserves to be Judged on his own political merits without the distorting emphasis of religious considV erations: - It Is natural that men In public life should - seek the highest office open to them. But it is not necessary for them to think that their careers have closed in failure and disappointment If they have been denied the vice-presidential nomination. j ' lis, ' mmmmtmmmmmmmmmmummmKmmmmmtmmmmmmammmKmjBtmmmmm Food Crisis Spirals These are grim days in India Almost from the day the new government took office la early June K has been making brave efforts to contain inflationary pressures but so far with conspicuously little success. '" ' The price level has moved up 11 per cent in one year and the upward momentum is still far from spent The , sharpest rise has been in food , grains, which account for two-thirds of the average Indian family's spending. a: ' -The rice crop rice is a staple food in eastern and jsouth India la four million tons higher, this year than last' But the price has rii by dlmost "It per cent In months, on top of a 1( per cent increase in the previa veer. Wheat has -fared even worse a harvest blighted by unseasonable Winter fains has' tent prices soaring by 2! per tent, ."t Most other items in the family budget nay excluding, branded consumer goods iketoothpaste are edging '. up. Abecause retailers art underlust as much pressure as anyone else to make ends meet MWlfuHythe food riots . have been, confined so far to small pockets, but with opposition ' panics ' and trade unions now en the warpath, a wider breakdolnSf law and order Is possible. - - - . The Communists, have called for nationwide demonstrations later this month, with banks and stock exchanges among . the targets. , -- The home minister has alertd the police, while the lebor minister Is talking, bravely of opening more fair- price shops In factory premises, to Insulate Indus- lal labor from runaway 'prices. '',.'.' -: ' Employers are proposing the payment of wages partly In kind. ' ; BIRKS China 1-1.13 Crystal -Silver shek, once a member of the John Birch Society advisory committee; Robert H. W. Welch Jr.. founder of the John Birch Society:- Msjor Gen; Edwin A. Walker. Gov. Wallace, Coldwater and President Johnson. Hunt says he met Welch and talked with him by telephone. But he saj he is not a member of the John Birch Society and never has attended its meetings. He believes Welch "knows a great deal about the Communist Issue Being a worthy senttor oi the United Slates is no slight achievement end it makes no .small demands on a man's resources of mind and spirit. Senator McCarthy has the grace of spirit to endure his selection as the vice-presidential candidate with dignity and to accept his denial with equanimity. That cannot be s id of all men now coveting the nomina tion. (Copyrigh The crisii has been a long time brewing. Three succes sive year of poor harvests have bred a psychology of shortage that makes a bad situation worse. ' Around M.000,000 Ions of food grains, from local production! and Imports, will be available this year: l.DOO.OM to 4.000.0M tons more than last year. Yet prices are risint much faster during this year's lean Suihmer months. Big farmers and traders . are obviously holding on to stocks, hoping make even larger profits the coming months, and disregarding the govern ment threats of punishment. . Belatedly, maximum wholesale and retail prices are being fixed, but there is little confidence - In the government's ability to enforce these ceilings In local markets. ' In the months immediately ahead. India is .relying on pumping large quantities of imported grain into the market through fair price shops The Americans have prom's-ed 4,000,00 tons, over the next seven months. There are doubts whether ' Indian porta can cope with deliveries at this rate, hence the offer of American experts to help speed up loading and distribution. v Not to be outdone, the Russians have offered fertilizers, ( farm implements, pesticides and a second model ' state Caught With Hand in Till BROMLEY. England (UPI) . -Kent County firemen say they ' rescued - .130 T trapped persona last ' year,' Including one man who had his hand caught in a cash register. 3 . . . . 'Ik,- ii i .sS'WM "i J ' "l tmm I -mm?' f " i't:, . W . BRIGHT LIGHTS Reflections of the, bright lights along the mam streets of West Berlin glitter off the ahiny surface) of the new cars parked at the roadside an indication of the prosperity that has come to West Germany since the end of the Second World War.: , (CP-Journal WireaaMel No Memorials Honor Hitler BAD GODESBERG (CP) -t The truck driver pulled up at the Dreesen Hotel after a 200-mile haul through West Germany. Pleasant drive." he said, thanks to the autobahn and thanks to Hjtler." It was perhaps a filling lo cale for some Sort of tribute to the late Adolf since the Dreesen was one of his long-time wa tering spots. And it was here he held his fateful pre-Munich meetings with Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in ISM. The ghost of Hitler has created a gulf between the younger and older generations. the young asking why their fathers followed this man between 1921 and IMS. Some writer reply that Ike younger generaikm's. anti-Naz ism, la cheaply acquired, since the angry young critic did not hv through the terror. Gestapo records show 301,000 anti-Nazi Germans were In concentration camp in lI..v.i..i,,.f,V;i High on a pinnacle acroia the k rftteitticit: Rhine is the Petersberg Hotel, where Chamberlain stayed end where, reports say. Queen Eliz abeth will stop . on- her visit to Bonn next ar. While the birds twittered la this Idyllic place, Dreesen told an interviewer at breakfast thatthe vegetarian Hitler was woman, no-wine type of st although some. -of his ngers . on were boozer. But Dreesen, who . inherited the hotel from his father, a First World War comrade of Hitler, learned early about Adolfs love affair with Eva Braun. He was commissioned to deliver a parcel, to her ia Munich, : Arriving at her street, be made' d i s c r e t Inquiries, to which an urchin replied: "Ah. you mean Hitler's Eva third door on the right." .,-,-.- - Fritz Dreesen was surprised when asked whether his hotel's past attracts tourist business or curiosity seekers today. , No indeed," he replied. We've kept no memorials. No- ly whoa,, asked-to ale),, us .oom 117," . to discuss the 9 1 133-1820 " lis ECO members of the Tcronlo Typographical Union involved la a dispslt with threa Toronto daily aewspspers need yonr support. The Papers Involved are: V The Globe and Mail ' , The Star . , The Telegram Before accepting employment with any of these publications. we urge you Issues involved (which are vital to YOU) with ANY member of the International Typographical Union. "." . . - .... v ' . This 100,000 -member union has. a proud record of negotiating - Just ' and reasonable ' contracts with publishers and Job shops throughout the printing Industry and has been elevating and . Illuminating the craft In Canada and the United States for more than a century. t For Further I mjormnlitu Ctctl OTTAWA LOCAL1 loV , V IHTERIIATIOriAL TYPOGRAPHICAL UIIIOII 223 GlottraUr St PunlaMiiulHNWu 3$i a - ! i

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