The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1918
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

POCK THE DAILY COURIER CONNBLLSVTLIJ3, PA TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 191S. Ofijif flattg (Eatnrirr. ITENTIT F StTYIMER. Founder and Bditor H71-1HI THE COVKIEH , It. 1L SNTDER. Fra*ld«iit. JAS. J DR1SCOLL feey and Treannr. Buslnaai Vanaccr JOHN li. CASS ' Manavine Editor ·WALTER ST1MMEL, ' City Editor M13S I.TVNE B. KrUCBLL, Society Edit«r MEMBER OT Aatfceiated Press Audit Bureau of Circulation. Pennsjrrrania AsaoelnMd DallUs Two e«liU J»«r copy. aoc par monUi *t--»»r year by mail if pal* In advance Entered as second class raatltr at the pcstoffice Connellaville Pa. HJBSBAT ETENUC, FEB. IS, IMS. Tb* AaaoclaUd Prooi !· x cluatvaly entitled te the uae for "recubUcation of all new* dl« pauhei credited to It or not otherwlM credited in thil P«Kr and aloo the' local new publlaoeil nereln. ME HATE iscurm *» Our super sensitive contemporarj writhes with many outward and fisi tte sijns 01 inward and inexpressible j emotions whenever The Courier in | the interest*_o^ wuth and the public [ jood,_^pEim.- out the inconsistencies ^. fl£ i^-attifntte- -Thts when we TMth 3Thad:e ttelie\ed^was the prppei do-* JCteOQCmisfaborlT concern_ drew- at tentiOariPtthe fact that the advocacy B theC^te5rta at the monopolistic control of £he~telephone service was a ·logulaiX'-and uaaccountab e_ lap=e from Bryanesque--iNew Freedom 3eniocracy as hitherto preached our irritable, contemporarr manifested all the signs of a horrified dissent ot ^uflieient however, to conceal its omission of a denial that, in order to affect its proposed reform m telephone ·ernce, it would net stop short of ·Irmmating a home enterprise m case it might not be disposed to be acquiescent to a proposition tp dispose of its holdings where no great monetary loas would be incurred. Upon this point our neighor preserves a silence eloquent of its inability to ijEntroTert the fact that, when firing the opening gun of U^ campaign it urged* the *long-»ufferm^ citizens of Connellsville and Umontown in par- *\cular and Fayette county m geuer »1," to take steps beiore the Public Service Commission to compel the Tri-State Telephone company to allow liself to be ab'sorbed by us onl rnal Jsot having essayed the role of tele phone service reformer by the 'spui- los ·versenk.t * methods of our contemporary we hae neither attacked nor defended either the Tn-9tate nor the ·JBell companies being without occa- aioa to, do so althoujji we have had occasion to complain of the quality of service rendered by both "ttith its customary enterprise in gathering dews and its fairness m handling it The Courier published a news storj of tne very extensive damage sustain ed by the Tn^State company during the recent storm The !News made no effort to secure information of the conditions which m»de it impossible for tlxe Tri-St«e to restore its service aa quickly as did the Bell, company In the crippled Tn-State serv ice, which of necessity resulted, our contemporary saw an opportunity to ply ita little hammer upon a home enterprise jand at the same time gain a little cheap notoriety bv starting its so-called campaign. The Couriers disposition and rale of conduct never having "been, to use the distress of individuals--dBUch as sad bereavements in homes--or the misfortunes of corporations--such as partial or complete destruction of pla»t, as an occasion for advertise- ·Mot, it declined to 1 *nd its approval to the course pursued by the .ews and stall declines to do so; IB Its comment upon the question Tire Courier has never said, the 3ftme«*of the Tri-Statc company has been perfect, and verv rrankly admits that of the two the Bell is better but ire -would not nrge the utter extinc turn of the Tri-Stat on taat ground any axr« than we wt uld suggest the jailing of our brother editor and the dismantling of his plant because he admits The Conner- tn be a better paper than the News We would accord to the In-State company every op pcrrtunity to unpro-ve it-, service ju»t as gentroMlT as we would extend a /ike privilege to our contemporary The Courier has never denied thai a "standard aemee , as the INews camouflages telephone mononoplj would be cheaper and have some con- Tenle-mcee over two srvrces provided nr wnulable bi. telephone tbo "standard service The Kews nwstaAnitTiOKevcr ihat it the mjblic Service Cbmm.sBion obeyed 11$ £cfecst,_aad compelled the Tri-Statc eampcar to *ett ont to the Be If the Jmtea then prtvailmt;, even if fi\cd fcgr dmt-todr to which our contempor : Wry would- apply physical force instead of tending "moral support would Bot be as Ion as tO" 0 now charged by the Tri-State for that cla» of service used by tho largest "mnber of patrons. , "Tie Courier favors any and erery nprovement In the service of any -ttblic utility and the lowest po sibl he -lyes - of- Lincoln tWwerepaUenianJ tender, aad «,«, fte clamor wd,£oadiig .aJdMfiw.fcMteseofit.ejwrcJ, Mid hc*.«il»r p « ma nd fctidxxSitf, andabtvJned (yrepraalon of a. country tmitearorniJie luminous slopes afthe stars! V. Guest 1)0 II FOB OM TDO1S SAK1. end he a va.lent.ine something: or othai t brighten find E la-id en the s*d das foi mother Ife Is so filed' -ftith the The his ]o "\\ e quite agree \vtth our contera porary that w-e ire living,- in ^in ate uC enl ffhtotiraeiit F r instinct '·ve mote from bc^ie head IJnei in tht \ewtf ol Tebruarv " this podilive uticlaration «WILL1 Or 1.L.AV Is II VLL CO \ N U L L S \ H j I t. l O L T f l , O N 110 A UU TJiX. T L ^ C V - M * rom small t j i " n h e i uo of t h e ·»ews of J ebruairs 11 w e auote the icluctant .ctml^faion i l l Sum I Ball con% PI lt.ncc a POOM1- RS "Lbt Cedar I \LL CRUC o ov, ded Vi it 1 d u t y and stm i nd t r v l n p i j throng-od with t h e heirLochc of » v -irtce b-plcndid hat never *t aeerrs ahoJl our Treep tn£ be ended 3 ^v 1 on cornea a Kiiid day 1 ke "\ tlcnl no s morm t. cL t it, spirit ot lo c ente- in r v i t h t h e d a w n i n g c m h i. send her a token Mi ere by ill t h e lave n \o-ur h e T r t maj bo yoKcn h nK. f lit-r no~n a-5 j oil did in tho old (Hvb rinj, ba»-K tho j n oC lici i outh ind t e sold il L J B to igh ir thr 1 w ij s that we all are now trending 'louse net trom p^rit-vinff -»7id fret t In % an d d retd K lero i^ a da'v \ ou can lighten h f i sorrow \ t jov t r o m a m b e i tomor row Too man} da B now arc troubled and drear* Here is a 5ay to mak« merry and cheerv Here is a time for o\u roeeS and laughter Wliat though row sorrows mav fol low hereafter Send hci i \al«mtine somcthingr 01 other Make It a clone us $rlad day for mother TMig.iter Bozn. Mr and^trs E At^ood oC Duubar are '·eceiving congratulations over the birth of a babv girl The father is agent for th« Pennsylvania llai! ro id companj at Dunbar Seir for Xed Cross Tho Poplar Grove unit o* the Ked Cross will meet tomorrow all day at the home of Mrs N B. Kell to sew £or the Red Cros«5 VT OPERATOR AT TTtC DAILY COURIER OFTICi. WAITED -- TO KENT A i ARM nfir Scottdalc or Connell-tvillt Ad dress 801 SO South Connella\ lie Pa 8fcb6t" The name of o£ Counell3\llU al o a of ihe "ame unit i not frli^n n either the war depart n ^ n l li«L *of passengers on the boit nor in the naires of tht Uno\\ Ji iur\ iv ora buch accuracy enterprt-u and i er spicacitj ha\a oui h e a n l t ^ t com. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY HA7FL DAWN IN "THE LONE WOLF" A. bPLCIAL PRODLCTION IN S ACTS -TOMORBOW- BLUb-BIRD PHOTOPLA.1S PRLS NT MAL MURRAY IN "FACE VALUE" . -- -AXY K1MJ OF IR\ 'ing: whether it Is t^oalHuE: card bill or tht. finest on graved ^ eddi IK j UXfUIAAAft i n v i t a t i o n or in-ouncemenL "We prin anyihins--e\crylhiriK--do Ic pro-uctli ' and dn It ri*,ht C*tll the m-vn a.t TIIS COl RII R olTlcc Both phon»s " tf | A. DI1AMA IN 5 \LSO A ^bLECTED COMLDY , f I · inendation For He»t or 1 E.NT -- F L U M f c H J E D ROOM M i r k e L St 2jCeb tfU ·Ul tbe pa-adc of th a to m a k e it i- lucce 4 ^ ib th^ w e a t h e r niin jnint, needs smile f r o f i I ford P F \ T -- FLHMSIH O LIOH kef plnp- rooms 303 t aflL Craw i \ e n u t _ l l f e b t f d POP RENT--OM- STORF ROOM Secretary o' Wdr B a k e r net,d b a v e form«-rl% occupied b M r i n A. M u r p h j no Cear of. an Inn ci ding- l n \ e 4 t i K a I i n q u i r e FI ORE N OF SM uTZ llfeb-t tion when 1 e commends Vmerican --. _ soldiers for nch a li^p i t f dis POP RPNT~ST"\ lif %f H O L S L the boj s on all modern concern* 1 nc{ = Lincoln · I n q u i r e 07 I incoln \ ^ n u o \ int, deserved pnlac ,thit )ie 1 fi_btfd lo heir from the folVca b*\t,k ctplint, as was show n the Tusc lo ks ^1 home TOR KFNT -- F R O N T O h t l C f - d ON -econd floor of Dun A, 1 \ a n « b u i l d insr Inquire of HAJ RT 0 L N N 8jan Lfd ORPHEUM THEATRE \N A-MFRIC\,N GIRL -ftlTHLN THL G F R M ^ N LEsES illiam Fox Presents a Time ^ Amtncan Drama Starring GLADYS BROCKWBLT IS "IOR L n i F K I l " Also Mutual ·V.cek'j Thursdaj -- V n n Murdock Starb m THE IMPOSTOR. The official proclamation requiring a. fifty- fifty ^vheat flour rationing witli an olficiallj recognized cereal is being strictlj enlorced by all Union Supply Company stores in Fayette, Westmoreland Gieene, and Allegheny Counties The President of the United States has issued a pro flaination calling upon the American people to further aid in the conservation of our \\heat *up- plv and other food staples to such an extentas-will enable the continued support of our armies and civilian populations of these countries associated ·with us in the tvar On the same dav that the proclamation uas issued our stoies put it into effect You must reduce joui consumption of flour one half on thr fith-fifty basis That means if \ o u buy 2p Ibs of flour \ou are obliged to buy 25 Ibs of Cornmeal Buckwheat Flour Rice Floui or any a r "irtment of specified substitutes to equal the amount of flour bought If the dealer can not furnish the flour substitutes he is not privileged to sell 3 ou at all L p to the present time we have been able to supplj the substitutes and as long as we can supplv them ·we w i l l sell jou flour, but if we run out of substitutes we must enforce the order strictly and will be obliged to refuse to sell j ou floui Housekeepers heads of families and o\e l- \ individual should cooperate and assist in euforcng this proclamation There is an ample assortment of substitutes to supply e\erybodv if -sou conserve have wheatless da\s ha^e wheatless meals A. later proclamation of the President recommends Mondays and \VeJnesda-\s Wheatless and the evening meal eiery day wheatless Do not criti- cise the Government do not criticise the President--it is your war it is our war it is eviTv- bodv s 'war,--cooperate 63 Larcc Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. b i t Von -Hertlmj: w aa a raofct u n \ v i subject for he optrati-f, room Do tor "\Vilson c c r t a i t 13 perfo ·the d.»°fcction v r i t h n atnf-^ and dlK -patch--so neatly thtt th« op ration ' u - y j lucxre^sfnl b ^ t th^ patient d cd F*O1 TtNT-- \ adjoining borough I i m p r o ^ ed w th JInc PI-S w e l l ' :*ir daU on \pr!l ft-vt \ e i r a Pa U l a feet, RM c. 1- ISO V i f Si b u i l d nj?*- Po^qci "\\ill r i t ' r one J- C "U I 1 ^ Scott Ceb" 4 6 8 10 1- Poultrvmen spart chit hen pieces oi fcer alii" d i f f e r e n t can be * will not silver for . But ihe lei iic. d of. nade in Gei her sret thirt betray J of will Rtt a-H tht. jij res^ion that FOJ /iEVT- -- Tf- \ POQM IfOC/SE, $lo 03 ^l-c room hnust S I G 01 x room hou«!M SI" 00 Three room ho IBB S5 r O M \SON the 3 c n t i n j , \ f f e n t S^conJ National Bank JiulUHt e; l l f e b t For 9*1«- In making* silk for airplint, · the norker^ in the silk mil \v doing the.r pxrt a-lon^ -with the boys I OI in Itahkt in putting tiD but, on Brutal rlaffe Bill l l u j e r i Mode n \ n r t h bcottdalc i SOS Sct»Uila4e r-u i t S C V I ft,i.ji tot.* S VLt,--FE1 D P V'B^ ill «e]t reasonable tc 06 Sn^ d u r stre t 1 f -1 * The German newspapers are j over rbe psycbolosrlcal effect the -vinkme of the Tuscan la h*T« in America. "With the re cruitlnff officers working ovcrtmit- to enrol! mtrti ~*hom i h H distardJv net burg- has inDuenced to enlist "we can ^ery complacently allow the fermins to t,loat ·while the s'oiting 1 is crood FO1 S Xblj--OLR i-API* S M \DE ' order suits surpisw the 1 tod m Tkhlch d o w n s a gre it d i H t J i l t t f b e j r t u n their shape ndefinitely An rtyle re produced Place \ o u r ord*r f or Spring parl 8 V L V I S . CHIM V .03 Pitti "fcb tf I Blood Tel]-" C r t e n s b u r f i - Tribune Secrt-Wirv Bakers brother is c* h a v e gotten one of the bitr war con tracts. Fven ·with t n e Democrat*! 1 lood is tluckor t l i n n wvtor LOST--Bl a - f t ^ L V T\ i ST ind Oiircrma. s fatud o cast, of w r i s t \ v i t c h oonia ns i ict re ind in i i t i t l a B to K J e t u r - n to Cc ur », o f f l i p i " f e b l t * \dmlnixLrutor K Notice Who to Patronize. Merchants who adverj.*e their good^ j O r udmnistrAtion i b The Daily Courier i LVI \ "h, or T^i/AebTii B\,r\t.s | latu of the Cl y o£ C o n n . n s v i l l r Couitv of 1 ayette and Stit*- u C Per no. letters _ t a. on tht, ibove nam^d es.tJ.Le h JA inj, been granted to the unden/iKn^d n o t i c e s herebv g-Uen to jjcrsons i n d e b t e d t said estate to mjJtc i m m e d i a t e i)a nient j.nd to those hivlnsr cUl us= iiralnst. the sarit* 1 tn i relent them p i o p e r l j a u t h e n t i c a t e d f o i t p t t l e m p n t J.ilJ-S I- COCHHA^J X d J n J n f f l t r ^ t o r d 1 n c. t a C o n n t l l s v i l l c Pri H f VAT A t t o r n e 2Sjan6t tues WANTED -- TOUR buslnesb PLNDIX1. S TVANTL.D -- THIRD at E £, O TRICK COOJv NT Sfoh6t D--FACTOP\ STATF rVMT ( O GIKLS 3 f e b VT fd TVAVTED--TOO TO AU * EKTISfc. iur classified column*. WxVNTFD -- GIKL. House Dawson Pa VT \PPb WAJ^TTED--COOK AWD maid. AliMSTRONGS RESTAbKAVT lOaec tfd STATE Ol WJL.LARD H B U . F S late of Hi* 1 Cit-v oC Conne ls\il e uouitj of Fay«Lte «r I ^tatc of P«*nn'j!/ajii u I tters of idtnui fi ration r L a. on t h e\e named estate h i \ in# been ^ranttd to t h r TI iflersipTied nottc** li heieb\ privon (o ill persc'iin dcottd^ta said Late to m kc irn nc h ttt, i i ment and to thoT h-u inr claims again s the came to present thcpi r AWSON propc 1 authenticjited f u i ".cttleincnl person i JAMT-S Hi I OCHRAf' Vdminl»tn.tor 5feb4t l c . t a Com cU^illc PA 3J G 1 Attornev 2"jT.n6t tucs WEST PENN SERVICE IMPORTANT! DON'T MOVE INTO A HOUSE THAT ISN'T WIRED FOR » ELECTRICITY Our special Wiring Proposition is so attractive that every hbuse-ownor / can afford to have his houses made into modern homes for the comfort of those Vfho occupy them. / The services of our Illuminating Engineers, free for the asking. WEST PENN POWER CO. I Have Three Ford Runabouts and three Touring Cars remaining m stock £01 immediate deliver; Possibly -vod are one oi tlie niii\ that tned to get a FORD last Suniniei and \\ere unable to do so THIS is jour opportunity Spring is onlj biv weeks a.\n Get "\our ar ?%OW and avoid the delay that ah a%s occurs ^hen car-buvers start then rush in March In Summer the ordei s are filled absolutelv m the order in -which the are received and T had as hjgh as 63 unfilled orders at one time Some customers were disappointed and did not get then cai Get the jurat) on the other felloe bet ^oirr TORD car no^ Deliver; amwheie in Dunbai Franklin Conuells \ille Lower TjTone Saltlick and Springfield Townships, Dawson Dunbai and Vauderbilt Boroughs The Tourmg Car is ?3faO 00 the Kunabou^ ^345 00, f o b Detroit WANTED--GIPL. TO WOPtv FV robi vurant at V i ^ t l c r l i U oppo'nte ho tcl ^tu-^ be o \ t r li ea-s o J baUr ·o the user that can be afTpcted I $s on per « . Cai liter c, I M ju tne^s and fairness to ail con , ed Overshoes ui ei er sue and stj le to suit any shoe Arctics Gum Shoes Gun Boots Felt Boots and eierj- thirg in Ruboer Footwear Pir^t Quaht% only S l t b s t A' thf same time ' bclie\e= ^ jiv g home people home m erest^ oiie eateiTrts« home labor and SiMTp capita! a (air show and a square iear "without being unfair toward or prejudiced ajalnit any interest or 111- dlvidual comini to CoanellsrQle to tender pubUc »erTlc or to do bnsl- n lIstTing conatatantly instntiiliieii this altitude and ra»lll8ii ail temptations lij achieve cotori«ty, tifr Cornier has e«.j.ptd the misfortune ot becoming "» victim of strangulated ambition, ot an egotistical herni i" a Imn S W V N T f D -- T V . O S I C.SMCN O\ h.K d r a f t apt to t r a v e l \1T expenses ad vaijced Call ^11 Sou h P t s b u i s r street « l l f c b - t ' \VAMTDE--CASBJF r Pi DI P \ P T - meint store. Good :pBortjGit to the rigrht party \pply IB jn n har 1 AM t ma% CASKTEH," cilrc c u u r r I I t t WASTED -- AT ONC ·^lr*r_ wm rest or Day Good shop Good tools toe BOOd m^n "BLACKSM1 t 11 Coorler I "WANTED--MINERS W \ SI 1 I i ire studjhiff for examtna i i Coob h*. so apt!. ,nl te n pres^abl, | "JS., 0 with tho ConnolI^Til e tolepbon« re- L.ATV Siott Hlc r u form campaign m roiod i " 1 Big lac \tatmee Dail at 2 30 E\ eiiing Sho^s at 7 30 and 9 Clean Progressive Amusement for the Whole Familv TODAY STOHE'S 20TH CEOTURY SHOW in tht MJiij M tare Music**! Puree ^rnedv 1VEM FROM HOME" FEATURING On tin. bciio -- B 11 Lurke in Gloria -. Roui uu " BeneSt pelforinaiue t morrow for Conn IK i t i L S Armr PATEOJSnZS HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER

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