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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 6
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' ' - A :l The Ottawa Journal Tka JmmI paalMuaa Co. at , ut nta at a Sars tH- r - r Mr. tn make was the Bav of Pics decision which went t wrong f ( .V- wrong. Mr Cj.ilaliir- ' " : i "I thma went wrong occame ne was so new to the Presidency that be did va knnar tha Buallr of the men arara nffarfna him advica. I do not mesa is to to say that some ot the ate who offered - script V particularly ut matriculation level, should not be rewritten, even in the f worthv" cause ' of promoting national. - ' TntAmrafiiiAna ff the j.f KthA ratniv ttinirar 14 1QAA . 'iUt win nlurava varv. StnHiaa nn tha -XJk"lf AWUWW ", -., --" - J .-- - If BaflnrwMatiAn urill rvwtlniia tn Ka writ. Catholic and il '1. "5 '.s-';if. ten-from .the Ron ( Tht Opoqun$S of , DeCKionC.Lrt point, 0f f, In'mattera'of parliament or govern merr and ideas tea -from 'the Roman its next meet a centennial roject view. ' Assessment will continue to meat one must lake cheer .these days change witfl timer wot every historian wherever one finds it, however far the .toby would agree that King John was breach. If something in Harper's maga'nofa .good man. What the Victorian 'sine suggests hat governments were vcholar found shocking in earlier so-never perfecl we join the ages and feelceties is not dealt with so harshly by less unique., V ; v today's writers. Let us, by all means. ; u. LI..,-,, nnidu wrilM'nf an Infr-iPuV" ui uitrepin.iqs in niBiuiimi m """ . ,i.rnr.tion hut tut terview wun.twr. Annur acmraingxr,, " Jr.. a Puliizer prize winner in history, a8 3t them-...tfcna nf"Tha A of Jackson and -' ' -"The Aaeol RoosevelC'nd a SpeciaL' , Failures M 1964 .Asslstantio President Kennedy and then" jhe inability of rrunicipal councils to .rresMieni jonnaon.- . deal with, anvthinc unusual is diserace ri Brmndod: -ri'yoit had to ; fui."-witK Ue 100th anniversary of Cbn- Roosevelt fcra again, now federation three ir experience in government.. VDitaTcfty. fiuenced you? . - -''cide how-to ma Mr. Schlesingeri. t think , the experience would OQ the broad I or tbf broad analyse or tht broad neUUons. Where tt does nave "S impact. think, on the reeon - , t ruction of the processe or decision, l think the historian tends In -retrospect to ' make the processes of decision far more-' tidy aad rational than they are: to assume that people have find positions and represent fixed interests and to Impose a pattern oa what ts actually a swirl if not a chaos.: I think the historian doesn't realize the opaqueness of the process." Mr; Schlesmeer had Something else , of special interest in Ottawa where one often hears the old question: does power reside in the civil service or in the I government? Hl ? in Toronto, an, that the metroi mittee will eit us not ears away, Ottawa; s been' unable' to 1e-this great 'occasion. alderman announces litan centennial com er reach a. decision at g on sept, is to start or it will disband 1 Ten years ago the Governor General Mr. Massey, was urging pub I authorities to begin preparing tor centennial celebrations. Since there has been indecision, argument. disinterest and shocking evidence of inability to Ian; In Toronto, if the7 metro politan committee disbands, the h o p e is that individual municipalities in the area will have made their own plans In Ottawa that hone l there ttn t evi there isn't even Othermunicipalities, in : ihiaj;re havety .,,, for the OttawacounciTto ve s A'- Brandon observed1 that it isim- eno,ana ir evfrsr..!- ,- fnr a Prsirlnt to know how 'iace 01 puuiu wergni wn a.sceu v puttm weant on a. So iMr Ki.t that Ka finl imnnrtnnt ViS it. ,The . w "- . I dHslon- that President Kennedy had -ru,u- f incus Mm the advice k go ahead m the first ' wordsof our own about adjectives. Ad ives. Cuban case were not of great tnteutfence , jectWes can do a lot of harm but - aaaiaM. u ioems. as much harm as ZZZZJZZZZZrJZZl ; them by their user. learns to as advice b not to aobtpt any- In one news story this week. Mayor body-s i-Koaaitiooaiiy,-hut mwork out 1 Whilton, whose skill in English is con-, various forms of dtscooat and triaagula- siderable, rattled off this quoted collection so that whea advice comes he can -(ion: : " lTJ?3t-?V??!? ZJr'J?"? "x - t'. . rottenest political manoeuvring VTTT.Ta: ever gee. ... the greatest cabal y Which" Is sorely th way ItvW'or evHtZir- should be. with . pXe Minister or Polcal benefit , . . humanely Cabinet Mintater. The protest of goy- ruthless, c r u e I and wrong . . . th ernment is not sAiect toyhard and tragic, terrible and cruel thing . . 7T, fttie,; Theman-t top .- complete undergrouna ot Pp"t'ans .d Jr-.ij . w omiletely nefarious link-up of . ;nor should he bide behind the excuse.. P"llcl?n that he will leave a decision to the man - one pigeon hole below. From the top I of the birdhouse to the bottom, there should be unending consideration, r cussionygive-and-Uke.' The man who J says "I make id decisions around I here.7 is a menace equalled only by f-. the man who says "I leave these things to ne man aouig-ine loo. Frankly, we get a bit uncomfortable when such a gang of adjectives Is found hanging around together, and especially in . the company of . those dubious adverbs that make everything either the greatest,'1 the worst, or at least completely complete. : : -' We suppose it was inevitable, theri. .that. one of the politicians (Mr. Lloyd m. wmmm m ?' I a - .11 f. law . u ! III ll'l - -..-ah- l WfiLtr vimn n. Z a Francis) should reply to the mayor's sbout extremism has now been amLK,wn lefSSSe. . Jd5arraw with the remark that she was diluted Into -whole-hearted de-am, it gets oown to experience and r ... . , ... , .mu. uhkh . ability and good communicaUow-but VJHZZSZFZIZZ i"'' of tion. has . all three are essential. Form 'Junket The House kai'snnrmml a rrvu-t nf the Agriculture Committee covering its' . mrmA rIy-a fA ajvittlra. IS at tka M..kliM of demagoguery." A responsible iorm demagoguery might not he vicious, out is Jt possible? , " ' . reasons given for this expenditure ToF.Ber: I'Buhlle1 fuflda ia that ma rnmmillM. J men have never seen a prairie wheat farm While sthtfn bare na first - hand . knowledge of Eastern fanning methods. At $18,000 a year they could afford to - go and see for themselves, as do other ' Canadians who wish to be informed. J. If the expenses stopped at bare ' , travel that would be one thing but a they won't ;; And what's next? WU1 MPs being . asked to -discdsg' foreign" policy be shipped around the world;; those) on the bapktng and commerce committee Inflated Politicians Tbe size of a political leader's head a ' a . iaL- r The House U too loleranL One of the usually t icss ir w u. ... ... ... . . satklkaih t let fiemlW ittirhArl rt hlS u Bag ""J Bnviwiivw w , r shoulders at all times. The exception Is when it suddenly appears on walla and bangs from ceilings ' In gigantic "Big Brotberr; fashion at political corf ventkms. i ..- T The latest to Join 'the, billboard approach to portraiture Is the' Ontario New Democratic Party. A photograph of the main platform at its convention in Toronto shows Provincial Leader Donald C. MacDonald towering many times' larger than life over, the dele- and those on the railways and canals .o.......... "rf T ' 77-?. v , .ajnuuKuia wiiiiuui ccinK incm oig-ns -- tc.r .tiMiij. t.. k. ,li . 1 a Tuna was when MPs were because they had knowledge. a nuu thaw thmvht tka riwimm f amn , '-'.- - -. . ?; - ' . .-Nores and Lommenr 1 3 ' ' .. . . . " ; - - -,' v- t -m . " ,.' V , i'V i Opening of the football season" seems J ; Finding' t;h' Real,. Kiel Vl to hav,confused the weatherman even A University of Waterloo historv mort than the football experts. professor has announced he and three K"'"':f". i; t l....ifc - . ... ... .... win an irniian rrvinrnu nn fliN aa ' i. YesterdaThe' Journal ran piece "t UDGING by what he has been about words and how important it saying since San Francisco, a post- Senator Goldwater has realized rl a few that he must tidy uo and he frightened the country, well as the rest of the world, with his extremism. ' . The' experience shocked the Republican party, and since been downgraded Into "half-hearted devotion to Justice." ' - ' QNE of the great virtues of , the American political system is that as an election approaches there- is e strong pull on the candidates to move away from the extremes and hv Miller , - - v. I A tablet was being erected '-m Assumption Church, East- : view, commemorating Mf. ,. W. E. Cavsnagh, founder .of the '' parish. .. . . t , ll )i -f Leonard i. Bees ley, Montreal. -' I. f CT'?rer,,"und n "or. business r, a new - uuiaaian oistott t texi dook. t - . . ' . . . . " ' lt : .r; . I.: Whether Louis Kiel was a, good ! a bad guy depends u port whether history book you read was written I Quebec or Ontario, the professor says. i ..The Intention of the new text is to overcome the discrepancies between the French-Canadian and E a g 1 1 a h-Canadian viewpoints which occur in ex isting histories,' ha says, ' ' - - A new Canadian history textbook OMitUatM B MaaMn tltH n I a iitnA 9- aaa ' NlaH ' ' ' ' " t r. , guy or zrvr: r'K "TV Street, long a popular itn- rth .iieo m poasnng tneir seraca naf ctaa-:;-ei0ui:.. , . 1 jn . ? ; ' .' yr - , . - Rev, C H. Vesset 1, for 33 - . -- wnen a oog is snot tor no reason., yws, minuter or :st Marks - the crime is quickly labelled savage, (French) United Church, died. but when a! human "being. suffers; thft;- A silver tray was -prtned same fate : it Is calttd - iuapothet M,y C- Cordon MacOjlrem ' hnotinv ' by trockvllle Council as a wed- - ; - '.rZZUtto gift. He had married v. 1..:". L ... jJts-LlZ,-e. '.Frances Dickinson Paries of SL .n.W w sucinio w wffuH John. 'NR. July 28. I 'i which brines fresh insi-hV M tor Goldwater's famous .extremism" scholarship. Into the nation's past will " I00'6 Senator himself: If were be a welcome achievement. But we, to paraphrase the two sentences in I are a little aiiuurinii - nf tha nnVn. cruestion In the context fh' which I ut- !. tor's declared intention. We hope be tered them I would da It by iiying that and his colleagues haye not set out' whole-hearted devotion; io UboHy 4s tin- i deliberately to reach a compromise be- .-assailable and that hall hearted devo-V tween the two opposing views. History; tion to Justice, is indefensible," Vs. Postmaster General McLarty . announced that henceforward rural mail carriers, would have ' special Identification maikrrs. ' Mary Hsydon, Ottawa, won Nikita's Little Helpers V : i - - Dniwn for th MontrMl Gurtto and Th Journal ntaimyj,. u : Fthrkof Confaderatlani U-CMCUOn.. r..v.,. , , h . .T in a nation buttth municipal f v ' - rv of IflMytMi't ren.-4ec1d 'lv'Mriw,0--11v',dV dU- tribute to what' they; did. i: a iie Ull IU IUC -VCllIXe De ima ro, yajecrivej By WALTER UPPMANN wishes of the preponderant mass of the voters In the centre. - 1 The senator; however, has a on Monday to the National Association, of Counties provides some clues as to how' he thinks he can solve the problem: His: solution is to San Francisco, Senator Gold- attack the President for not water ' has had to try to put answering questions to which , the pieces together by rewrit- there is as yet no final answer, " "" Ing his words, by reinterpreting his meaning, by pleading that he is misunderstood, and by cooing like a dove. ; " . .Thus, the warhawk who has wanted to break relations with a. m the Soviet Union has been decorated as a loyal disciple of the ' Eisenhower-D ulles foreign policy - without mentioning the invitation to Chairman Khrushchev to tour the United States and President Eisenhower's acceptance of en invitation from Mr. Khrushchev to go himself to Moscow. And the happy-go-lucky wisecrack the answers because he has asked the questions. .the high Jumping championship.?. 'J ' at the Canadian; women's track and field Ont '' 1 IslMt in Hamilton. ' a.. "im luw M-.jrw. ... ... 5 .- wma limf aia llluaa WN are wh . . those Jects. -The first was the integ- has therefore deter- "closure"., there. are those rlty of use press, , the second ' ata iand feM ,Wat freedom of ' .u. i i. -i local - ovanunenta are not ...... .. . local - governments ere ' not was the levels of government from counties to the nation, the third was the condition of our national defence, and the fourth was the war in Viet Nam. . - - V 1 1 .V.k k- fully adequate and that national action . is necessary. , Presumably, he is right about' Arizona. But how does he know what As for. the Integrity of the TtnnelM- Vallev? ess,-the senator sideawiped Tennessee valieyj; ; press,- .7woTdw,' uch;; i r''rl) rfcrf..!.-!.-4 a k. .-i.. it . shout national defence he- some of these reporters (that cause there he raised issues of to beg them . . MOPSY I IHYITtt HIM ALONG 10 fitVC OUR PICNIC A ROMANTIC ATMOSPHERE '" - : ' 1 . i. -'-vi . ' - r ! !. 'f-'-' tanleylCnowJcs Tells the Leaders How iin Open Utter from Btenlew H. thtovHetMr 'WbP): to the leaden of the parties in the Houte ot Commont. 1 House of Commons, Ottawa. August 12. 1964. , Gentlemen: ' I im taking the liberty of . addressing you jn this way for the purpose of making a few I comments on the meeting yoit . I held recently at which you discussed . the question of " whether an agreement could be ; reached to limit the time to-be pent j. in debating the flag issue, jli ' The fact that agreement was not. reached received wide publicity.' Nevertheless, I do not regard, your meeting as a failure.' The- fact is that' you met and discussed the question - of ahether a - debate in our House of Comnant fan' he . v , 'jjimited byefreemeit To me, mous. -wuns far more important mn not be the flag issue itself. I am hopeful, therefore; that your meet-vlng.msy yet "bear fruit. In eapressing this hope J am not making any suggestion about the flag debate, one' way or the other. Rather, I am looking to the future and to the possibility of .achieving something , we all desire,, namely an improvement In, the procedures in our House of Commons. .There are a number of areas In . which, we can, make improvements, but perhaps the area In which It. is most urgent, and at the same time most difficult, is what to do about debates ''that become unnecessarily extended. There are times, as all the authorities V and the great parliamentarians of the. past have made clear, when it is the duty of members to exercise their freedom to speak and to hold up the House indefinitely to prevent the taking of an action which . c . IS felt to be utterly wrong i. ;? Some of the 'greatest debates ' Senator Goldwater endorsed -of our history have been in this platform. But so does this vein. The right to do this everyone else that we -ever' must never be denied or sur-beard of. For these are truths rendered. However, ' there are echo? By failing to ecknowl- my assessment thai tha Housa. edge that the real problem is often wishes there 'was some that every one of these princi- way in which to agree In ad-plea Is in fact, a question, and a . vance on the length of time question to which there la no to be given to-some of our final and self-evident answer, debates. If this could be done .. For example, we must "re- . number of timet during a serve, national action for re- session. 1 believe it would im- .... aidual Bartk-ioarion where state w a hi being denied. I fought closure as strongly as I could the only time it has been applied in the last thirty years. 1 would oppose It vigorously if k were applied , to the flag debate. There are. In fact, two things wrong with closure provided , in, our. orders. First. It is imposed by the will of the majority despite Is not practical politics to In-, handle, utilize cooperative in- has often worked wall. , For I rule? I believe It Is. If we sist that the voters make clear terrovemmental acreemenu vou can fool a eood many ? can reach aareement among choices In such matters as war where, appropriate to attain' people good deal of the time. : all oartles that any particular and peace, racial justice, eco economlcsl performance and nomk progress, and human popular approval: reserve na- weirare. a practical pouueura tional acUon for residual parti ta. tatL!.-!EEi ech0 eipstlon where state and local , j te w f", ,imu,IM! n0Bd Ing a leader's "presence" felt at a ' : ' 1 governmenu are not fully , V J omw .or ll- banks: ..those on a jm-etrng than simply inflating his kinder Vi" A'rf adequate, and for the nntlnu- ' Jt2-JL'F ears Ago, rfnun alt nir .iMm. .wt ...Kk.H. .'" vuage ,w uiympian proponioos. . down aU our atrefems and seaboards 1 n1H .nniloh u,:, r I Ta Sial at Sal. U. It1 f. ..war would oe staneu in Europe ing responsibilities that only the . national government can undertake.':' ' -' " - and If you cannot fool them, debate' should be limited, that you can always say that tne press has misrepresented you. ; ' But this kind of campaigning v can be dealt with by continual ' Other Views KDOsura of tha device, which is : 1 .' : :'-.S as old as tha ert of rhetoric , It is to ask questions and then .' CS SHOUT AGE -'. Peterborough Examiner . t Until the three levels of gov ernment pay wages that WW ' . attract people' from more rewarding "work, there will coa- . tlnueto be' a' shortage of ervrl tervanlHr. et least, of etvft servants who bring more than -adequate ebilhy to the work. " ,, UNNECESSARY DELAY r Edmonton Journal . ' Some time ago, Mr. Eldoo Wooliams. Conservative ber lor '' Bow ; River, would not be. a esse of the msjorily imposing; its will on the minority. '.And if an agree ment to limit the length of a debate can be reached before the debate starts, we would not be changing the rule in the middle .of a. debate; .we would not be trying to resolve a situation that had bogged down. This is the' reason that some of us ere advocating the adoption, - is a rule of our House, of. n allocation of time order, under which there would be machinery for consultation in advance of a debate, among all parties, on the . understanding that a time limit would be recommended only if the parties were unanl- Many debates could the subject, of such 'unanimity, and In such situations no time limit would even ' be recommended. But in many instances we could reach agreement and-. we would all gain, thereby, if only we bad the machinery for it. ' - -'.- I should like ,to press an obvious point, namely that the idea of limiting the time a member may speak. and "limiting the time a debate may take, by ; agreement In advance, ij, not new. Our rules abound in such limitations, and that Is what rules, are, an agreement in advance. - No member, with certain exceptions, joey speak more than forty minutes, and there are times' when the limit la thirty minutes or even twenty min-. utes. This is not regarded as closure. No member may speak more - than - once to a proposal when Mr. Speaker Is in the chair.- This is nor a denial or free speech. This is agreed to' in advance, so- that -debate will be orderly. I Ve- . mind you also of the elghr-dsy limit on the debate' on -the address, ''and the six-day limit the Ad- modrt Pblic bnage. Ai special problem, which is how which are oart c the underly- rnany debates every year which ,-5.; i Z tha imuMikn ha i,m . . ins consensus of AmaricaB life, would ba hattar If tha aWa closure wnen ine ip- on budget debate:. No one T:ove7:T 1" HSwth.nU Setor Goldwater Shorter Wg Jn .giving them no quarter. an4 tog too different His speech 'v " 0'c !" " times' the esse, snd it Is hirJlk IT, The' same is true tor our two- and then to nope mat prop -. - M riL"'" " What soma of us are nroonsin s -.. question IS now ao we deter- raiUne tar dataUad aKantlon sii oeoaies. put . mine whether or not they are The minute one advocates fully adequate, Senator Gold- method of allocatinc or t 'Z, 7 roetooq or allocating or '" ' .. lT.'- . TLlls address on Monday dealt VaUr spdnsors.a biUlon-dollar ,i,. .m.i . Jay supply debates, sjx of which .we have each session. There are other examples that Will readily occur to you. Tne essence of ; all these arrangements is that they, are agreed to in i advance, and. are ac cepted by the. whole Housj. to those debates concerning which we can agree in advance to a time limit. Surely this rs- 4 1 v t-... ht,,! ...k. Arisona water and oower Dro- 'l... .i .i. : '1s not closure.''' Surely this Is with four Important sub- Ansonawaier. (no pawn pro- who fcw,mun svnvE. svilir K speech at mem- attention to a situation that noyance for many tourists In Csnada't national parks. ' : i ' This was the requirement that persons appear m court - on . minor traffic "offences. - Ho . sensibly Suggetted that they be permitted to psy fines Immediately, wtthour the nuisance and . waste of time Involved m a court appearance. "-. -( ; But the Summer tourist seas on in' the -parks Is now about would' be -better for-ill cemed if we had machinery under the rules, to make such agreements poaiible. 'z I am ' admittedly ' disturbed that there are some who argue that, allocation of time by agreement is a form of closure. as it IS 1 ii a oi uiroiuing standing debate, when In fact,, so long as it 4s done by agreement, it is not closure in any sense, Is. the American newspaper- 'D' hnm"t d,Wi"; the feelings held by the min- $ertain!y no more than la the the Pentagon. Let us look now men) had been Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.". The senator might ' remember tha: the evangelists had e more Inspiring subject . :. . ;., ! e. .' e " . FTER this Jocose introdue-, 'tion, the senator took up the platform of the association at how he has started to campaign about the war in Viet Nsra. . -V,. The point here was that while he supports the president's action in. the Gulf of Tonkin, it was ."a tactical reaction and ority. Second, it Is applied after a debate , has bogged down, after tempers, have risih, and It la in effect a case of changing the' rules In the middle of a debate. The few occasions when k has been applied have act a winning strategy." This." produced black pages Mn i. a,.it. tr... . n..i ..t i.' k. tntf oarllsmentary history, end towards the centre. This pull 0, ,nd here we can winning strategy that President any tetTto apply k agahi towards the centre Is working r him ullng hi, csmpaign Johnson bu failed to apply? - could jKH.bnt have the asm r. u w. . 1. , formula. The principles of the The senator did not say, hoping mun. " '""-"'S "" platform are: "Leave to private least to fudge, a whole series initiative all the functions that of public positions which, a cUlleni an perform privately; great mass of Republicans can- uj. th( of government not stomach, ,- rCicest to the community for as a cnnuiaaw iut otkb, lH buWic functions tt can no. doubt that his audience;-" t"'"' """-would think he had the answer to provide for the limiution because he had charged the : of ceruia debates without re-president with aot having the sort to closure,, and without answer. icommlting the wrongs that This Is an old dodaa which ' are Implicit in our. doeure rule . that limiu a speaker to forty minutes. I must say, however, that t am equally disturbed by .the - suggestion made .two or three times recently that the . Government might . have . to consider Its responsibility-in this field. This can only mean ihat ithe Government might hbring In Its own;vmotioa forja change In the -rules to provide .for time allocatiori. As I see it, this is the wrong way to make such a change. - This way of changing the rules was followed in 1913,-, with .' serious ' consequences, that are still with us. , No,' the way 'to change the rules is by general agreement, even ' if It calls for' patience , to achieve such agreement. I urge that this course be foU ' lowed, but . I also urge that this not be used as a means of preventing .'any ;,c h t a g e whatsoever. V ' r " ,j ; Side: Lighted Chlcage Gains a Taxbnaa ' f ; Manchester Guardian ' ' " -Of course reporters neaK ty always make 'ap all those taxi-driver anecdotes and boa mots. ' But . this one Is really trtie. A chatty driver, stuck 'in the traffic the other day, told a colleague that by the follow; Ing weak he would be In America and Scotland, Yard could have his badge back, With com- obviously was a source of an- Pments. ,."Ypu, rnustn't turn .... .vwa r- plained, "became you have a right to ask for Jt back within seven years, so yoa don't want , to upset, them tn case.".. Why America? His brother ' was there, do na wellv And he'd only Just settled It because of news ' . that his twin sans had been so cepted for' Yaw; They were both doing ttiedicne 'at Edinburgh, but the trsnsfer application was successful! r I 'wouldn't have half over end nothing has yet nna iihmit iKm " ka been done.- ,'f,'. ",'. Lovely boys. Both tailed the f How long does a simple tittle eleven-plus. But 1 got them kilo legislative procedure use. inii the ' Jews school In CamdeS -fequwa . Certainly, a- very email fraction of the time the . present government hat delayed en- itj-1 -' ' . i . ., , I Town. Never looked back. Now I'm- ihe happiest 'man in he world. Chicago here I come. The drain, here you tot. :

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