The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 5
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I- , FRIDAY, AUGUST 14. 19M THE OTTAWA JOURNAI i Sir aajraMal el iiHiii -J V Thlmayya described a heated halt-hour argument Wednesday night among Grtvas, Cyprus President Archbishop Miksrtos and Interior Minister Polycar pos Gheorghadjis. The UN . commander said Makarios ordered Grlvas and Cheorghadjis . to accompany Thlmayya to the front lines and Grivas got "very upset." Thimayya said the 1,000 Tur-kUh-Cypriou remaining In the . Kokkina beachhead. , of northwest Cyprus were "starving,", . adding that he expected new fighting to break out between the two hostile communities. He said -the Turkish-Cypriote were - Mting "worked up" and unless the Greek-Cyprlot embargo on vital materials was lifted gainst them they would react NUMBER UNKNOWN Thant met at his New York headquarters Thursday, dele- gates of the, nine nations that contributed to the ; 0,200-mem-ber Cyprus force. Canada Is one of the leading contributors with 1,100 men. Jlow many sol- . dlers Thant requested was not r known. . New contingents presumably would bedeployed between . Greek- and Turkish - Cypriots facing each other la villages on : -the critical northwest coast ( On the diplomatic front the I government of Ireece rejected a Turkish appeal for" .direct talks. Premier George Pipan-drou said the problem should be taken io the UN General Assembly if peace efforts under way at Geneva faH. - ' Turkish Premier bant Inonu had aent a message to Papen-( dreou urging that negotiations . j . begin as soon as possible so I that "a quick solution could be found. -. In message to Soviet Premier Khrushchev. Inonu asked the Russian leader to use his Influence .to guide the Cyprus government into a course more "legal, humane and peaceful." SEEK SUPPORT . Cyprus appealed to the Soviet Union for support during last week's Turkish air attacks. Russia denounced the raids but offered no military aid to the Cyprus government. ' ' I In Ankara, meanwhile, Tur kish foreign ministry spokes man warned that unless prog ress In negotiations is made. Turkey would begin mass de portations next month of 12.100 Greeks living ta Istanbul. The United States drew criticism from the official Cyprus government publication The . Bulletin which blamed the U.S. for supplying incendiary bombs to ha Turks. Too Bulletin published picture of charred bodies of Greek-CyprtoU and captioned them "the American taxpayer Jias a right to know bow his jdollafa-arc spent" - AREAS COMPARED iTANAMAe Area of anama j" slightly:;, smarter . than . the, mi Malna tr- ht- ttS. Tnl1 long and arie to;MtrTrottt,, "It aorsaally VwilpHeot be 11 to ltt'BlUCC y'. Journal. WaMTAcV;ennj .ejuica resuiie. 1 f Petted Shrubs PRICE " prrrx knippu . NURSERY - : -1M Sut St. ' stt-tsi ; Green Up Your Lawn With IIgoldeh viGORdf Scononfi:st Satelontl fasfiaFUst f Ur . 4 : , AST ttruiale at Csmpsais sjaiaawyfiaBtslsai - ' i ,''.2 ::. rt HANK VANURK 4 ; FREE DELIVERY 1 WzJ&' wfesfe (c Dominion Public Weather Office forecast Cloudy with sunny periods today, chance of an afternoon shower. Sunny Saturday except for a few - afternoon . clouds. Quite cool today, a little warmer; tomorrow. ." Winds northwesterly 13 today, light tonight and' tomorrow. High today 63. Low tonight and. high Saturday " at Ottawa 49 and 70, s I J ..V. ; Drought The band sweeps up the Ot tawa Valley, through North Bay and into the Sudbury area. Mr. Stewart pleaded with farmers a CaMral aad West-era Oataria, where there are "woderfuT seeead aad talrd-grewth crops af bay s eat It and snake tt, available far alupraer ta Eastera Oataria, "where they hot bavea't get It ' The province is asking the Federal Government ta make freight '. assistance similar to that provided in Western Can ada for the transport of fodder. "f think approval viB be automatic," he said. ' 1 . He expected the Federal Gov. ernment to pay 50 per cent of the subsidy. Mr. Stewart said there la little market for feeder cattle m Eastern Ontario because of the feed shortage, but that assist ance to ship the cattle to the Toronto stockyard would result in much better prices because ot a demand for cattle west of Toronto. -" w -.- Ha anticipated that the provincial support would be about one-half cent a pound freight The eat-back on Jan lor farmer loans would be in the form of moratorium on both principal and interest "A 20-year loan would then become 21-year loan," be isaid. '- "r ' "HALF CROP T In North Renfrew ha said Hw first crop, "really only a ha'lf crop,", ia'oenaVfcd nasv; Mr. fed before .Nov; i 1, meaning there wina a sfrieW shortage again next year.' - ; - - -The drought 'aitnatiM . this yOar happened eartleCJiia It did in Western OntariaTkst year. -v ;-. f "The crps Ian. year vfcra nearly harvested before 4he urougni suwcK-aoout sept.y. "In Eastern Ontario the drought struck earlier and the crop, particularly' jht hay and pasture crop, hag'not oped." , ; Li, :ji ita surest astfaVaksVsaWaVi- .seaViljssUgsWHssaiOvelk jlrTocrfage One Tele MHVHi SkSJW1 W lift . , . MINLMUM S2J4, , CT1 . tab iaa appaaatiaaiit ta oor w fcajna. W aave t -' part Vleiiie IiapeovamaaS Cot-ultanta ta aarva yea. FRKt KST1MATCS. . awe tha "Mr. name Imma.aiinrir nw Prank Bills) ea CiOH avarv 'uaday at l p a. WEATHER , i;o:.:zl - m "t.Saturday ajst.f pja. r:;; fisfutmettea Co. tu, rdar desk epea dally from ea-sa, a Home Mprovemento east be eoaa new wtth no dowa payaaent .or", earrymj 'eaargea anil . Aprie, !. -.' ndar our special HoiMt Improvement Plan, tip as f - - Wt Tak On Cattttea " llMUh InMalUtkMii , amiiwii ( -mo caraeis ! !'- carawts ..PlanMac - . ..,... lealtM . FREE your eboiee BAR or PLATE Free esiinates at yesr hene TEMPERATURES: ' tow last night and high Thursday at Dawson, 48, 61; Vancouver, 49, 69; Victoria. SI, (7; Edmonton, 46, 66; Calgary, 46, 69; Saskatoon. 93, 83; Regina. 97. 78 Winnipeg, 47, 69; Churchill, 42. 60; North "Bay. 41, 94; Sudbury. 43, 97; Windsor, 47, 66; London, 49, 99; Toronto, 48, 64; Ottawa, 49, 6a; Montreal. 49. 99; Quebec 48. 63; Halifax. 99, 69: St John's. 47. 93: Chicago. 93. 70; Near York. 94. 79; Washington. 60, 76: 'Miami, 81. 90; Denver. 99. 83; Tucson. 67, 93; Los Angeles, 67, 73; San Fran-Cisco, 54, 65. . Red Chinese Mass Troops Near Border TOKYO (UPI) Communist China was- conducting massive military manoeuvres of both regular troops and home guardsmen oa its frontier with Communist North i Viet Nam and along the . Formosa Strait. cording to broadcasts from Peking by the Communist New China News Agency. . The agency did not specify that the manoeuvres were .ordered because of VS. air raidi on North Vietnamese torpedo bases last week. But It called U.S. "imperialism" the "public enemy no. i or toe people of tne wnola world." " tin nangKoK, Thai sources claimed mat Red China has SOOV 000 troops poised la combat readiness along the North Viet namese border).,,: from Page tilif New Jersey Graves, who promised to meet street violence with total force, said lata Thursday night: I'm very encouraged at this point ... I think they know we mean business a year in Jail for fooling around with a cop." ' Officials ta both Elisabeth aad Paterson, about 20 miles apart have blamed "hoodlums" for the disturbances. Governor Ri chard J. Hughes said an "antisocial element" was responsible for the disturbances, "it's not white versus black." ha said In the state capital at Trenton. Shortly before midnight some 40 Negro youths began a march on one side of First Street in Elizabeth, but they broke Into a run when a white man m.a telephone booth yelled, "Hey, tet that boy fat the grey Jacket" A bottle struck a police can others smashed in the street '. The milHna crowd el baiweaa : urn a na joo persons begad roa- mng and snouting, alcfig several block TV ,; ..' Twenty rsquaa"fars roared onto First Street Iron all'dlrec-tions, and helmetsd policemen with clubs took cofamaad Immediately. Six Negroes We arrested, five of; them la a car allegedly containing rubber noses, gasoline aomos and bottles- T5 - "-' There were nemurles re- I; ; i:.:?RoyEr.:EtiTS 1 V 2MJ BaadliM Road' ' ') It J, -: Store Hourst v . t-iT5 Tho WhoJa Job-S.. - aiawinta DMisakre . . aihm w . mses- AKailaaai SMIaa - ' : raraasaa Cmwtat Xaa : . of a FOLD-AWAY Bret ewality 1 ft 1 1 ft GLASS MIRROR with very Rae Roosa we btstaO. " - 828-2731 f From Page One MPt Faces Chief Lavigne told a press conference (hat Mr. Pigeon, 47- year-old Progressive Conserva tive MP, was taken into cus tody about 11:15 p.m. Aug. J by Hull polka as a result of a telephoned complaint He said the Juvenile complained the assault occurred on the main street of Hull across the Ot tawa River from Ottawa. Chief Lavigne said Mr. Pig eon was lodged overnight in police cells and transferred Aug. Shop Tonight --,. V -i .L,r: - - :H " ' ilK ( " ' ' ' j-- " . Scetched are some nevvarrivdls on the Fashion Floor . . V Suit Department. V Juniotsuita that will top fashions, wools -. softly thick with surface interest ; 1 ; ! . 1" .:. Jjf itvv A. Back-etitched brimmed velvet oceop. : ' "Tl; nam, wvwu, vim ',A ' i ,s -v . ?, ;. xt verm t tnam uiovmm 'Y . K..'TxCw 5 'Beret , 'can . be"'. won . aa a" '" 4Mr ; ..... i 'rt yy - - 4 to the Hull coorthouse. He then came under Jurisdiction of the Crown attorney's office and Chief Lavigne said ha could give no information on subsequent events. REFUSES COMMENT Asked about the interval between the arrest and Issuing of the . summons. Chief J Lavigne said "I am not ' makW 'any comment on that" Hej said ao preferred treatment was gives Mr. Pigeon. 1 Mr.. Pigeon Is a graduate of the University of Montreal aad lists himself ta the Canadian Parliamentary Guide as aa agriculturist He is married aad has one son. -1, From 1152 to )IM, be was pri 'til 9 . . . Saturday L , W 'A- i iaa i j iYvori. a, asai i : .C7 '." Jrri:.'- A-v draped backsweep . ' - rx . , . - ' Vv-,.. j ; .'. STREET V., downtown it's Coplqn's . . . Rideau Street . . I Shop Tonight 'til 9 . . ; Scrturcby 9 ta - 1 mi: vate secretary to Hon. Antonio Barrette while Mr, Barretts, who later became premier of Quebec and now 4s CanarHaa ambassador to Greece, was Quebec labor mlnlsur. He was elected Jo the Cam-raons Ja MM ana re elected ta 1162 and U6J. In 1M2. during the previous Progressive Conservative administration. Mr. Pigeon was parliamentary secretary to thea agriculture minister AJvtn Hamilton. .' RAINFALL RANGE SEATTLE Rainfall a I e a g the Pacific coast ranges from two inches la the California desert area ta up to 100 Incbes In north Washington. ' ' 9 -a.m. to 6 p.m. . .. A- niyu'intt.j ; i " - ; K.: :- ' or paNity .. , . .. -i: - , FLOOR , ': ." Kennedy 1 Majority Seems Sure NEW YORK '(AP)-Attomey-General Robert F. Kennedy apparently has a sure majority of the delegates to the New York I State Democratic convention to win the norsriaatsoa for U.S. senator. :: .. Counties regarded la his eor- have more thea 1,700 delegates ta the state convetuioa ceenina bare Sept L This tally. pert m all these counties weald be solid. . , There will be 1.144 delegate votes aad 171 will be needed for nomination. ' . Kennedy has not announced he is seeking nooainaUoa and has said ha will not consider running without "express ap- prove!" by New York Mayor Robert F.. Wagner. , Wagner, the state's top-rank- -tag Democrat speaks highly of Kennedy but has not endorsed him. in Air-Conditioned Comfort . . I I ' . A. Fuflv, brown. ?:. v , . .: ! f , ' . . ' trim.' a B. Fully boucle. . FOOD INDUSTRY BOSTON One of five adult Americans earns a living la the food Industries, and one of four plants la for food processing. n. a ned soft of Diagonal' textured wool witb - . ible muskrat collar. red. teal blue, muted .,. Sires ( to 16. t : ; i ; j- lined suit of looped wool . . -, Btack or royal. Sixes , y , f . io. uuge bus Duuva . - -': ; - - 19.95 brown and teal. v ". - C Fully lined suit of Imported A. j wool and mohair. Four button , ' - : cloeura. Four mock pockets. , , . ueep rea. go j . ' Sizes (to 18. Deep red. goM, 29.95 : I : A ""0.':".-i . f r. j

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