The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 4
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v ; ,i '3 A Will Probe BNAAct: i:.. t. 'a i ii. "I (By The CP) Method! of mending' the .British. .North America Act in .disciuaed at the September. federal-provincial premier! confer ence la. Charlottetown, Prime Minister Pearson fold, the Con-mons 'T)ursday.' j " flt the moment, the aubject is ' the' only one on the agenda for 'the meeting which Is Ming held KfEGALLEN iA . v- .J primarily lor leremcmial' Sur- poses, to nark the 18H Char-tottetowa conference u (he Fathers of -Conf eoyarlyi J iy, K Meets 1 Thomson l LONDON (ReuteMV Vviet Premier Khrushchev; Thursday: received Canadian-born newtpsvf per publisher Uiitf 'Tbonisoaj; the Soviet news agency Tad recoiled. "'-'wv-.-....; . ' They met in the Tselkiny ter ritory (virgin lands), where the . Soviet premier is touring. Khrushchev invited Lord Thomson to Join the tour and together they visited a number of state farms. Later Khrush chev1 answered number of Lord Thomson's questions on international problems and--trie development of SovtecVx. - lass eatd. y VI A spokesman for Lord Thorn-" son, speaking by telephone from Tselinograd, declined to adit anything to me,offfciafcsW nouncement that the sWks'were -marked by ; , "frank aatf frleny atmosphere ) He-said details of the, talW .'would- fa Dubliihed Sundew--- 'i (Deretay KUgalU U as) va-eatissu Her. gueat'xa4usmds( taday la " yeung - cadamy Award wlnatng-actar,; Maxi; mills ScfctlLr ,. 4 f ... -. . 1 i v !- - By MAX JULIAN SCHELL," - hfXBW ;T0RK,' - The Academy AAwrd I' .eeare some sunuaru. . ujr lul wooden horie Icf outnde the gates of TfTSJCJOaa tui with hidden dangers :wbicat''k to the downfall oi. the city,!. ine Oscar, too, fa cocom-panied by hiddea dangers. VTbe major difference,' thart the Trojan Horse was juv ftten tional trap, givenUrith fuB malice aforethought!? the Oscar's dangers are not suspected by iu givers. It la preserttsd t Hollywood's supreme ,' compliment. For this reason 4 point out the pitfalls almost apologetically. The pitfalls affect one's most delicate relationship . his ilattonshtp with: himselL Can yojt really let yourself believe that you contributed the finest acting performance, is (a Wen year, that you were Jwst? If you do, you sarell uj .fiVe a giant balloon. Yuhaee -to keep poamg pins mte youriatl to let out any hot aig thajtmay have accumulated, a i . . After I won the Academy Award and Nt York Film Critics Awarl for "Judgment at Nuremberg," people kept ex- Lea Trudcl dns vPORQTHY .i Perils ot OsdaT: cfatmlw ; htmhrilleaTf must he Actually. ' ras : not really rited. I wi"nored. But 1 ijfd to keep l( -a V lit Berspec- ttjve. I -had' t.ealize that I had been paid ' lovely personal compliment:- .To believe that tthis golden statue meant that I nan actually aeiiverea uis "best"..l)arformance would Jiave bee thf lint step towards, yfce opiivion 01 sell aecepHoru I . think it was Jtuahphrey Bogart who after . winning an Academy Award for "The Afri can Queen," annoenced that the only way really td. judge the best acting Is to let 'lach contender tackle the same role. And .even then, the voting wouldn't determine the best ac tor, but merely the best actor la a given role. But the senti ment Bogie voiced is part of the fascination of the role of "Ham let." It la the great measuring rod el. actors, partly because most of tha great actors ei the past tour centuries have played the role. Their stature is written In reviews and postmortems which are part of theatre history. The character pf "Hamlet" is a challenge, but there is the equal challenge of standing back to badi with the great actors of history. ' I couldn't resist the ichallengf and I 'wrestled with Shakespeare's brooding prh)ce) both oa the stage and In front of In front V JL Scny "Oriental II ' . In aVmeher, Bony salesman ottaweT Mr. Denis, winning dlatnbutoT salesman, and Mr. W. O. Stewart ot the Olft Shop, RCAF SUuon, Rock- cltns, Ont. who won second prta ota Sony kre.rrv.aHt, Leo triideVdf '6uirjghW -bec,:'hai won an all-expehs,'tri "foi tjvl,tp Tokyo and Wong Kong hi the dealer contest sponsored by the Sony division of General 4istrUutori. All Sony dealers who stocked a "So)S'30U pack" , of transistor radios were eligible to enter the contest - The distributor salesman who-old Mr. Trade the winning "300 pack In the contest.' Maurice -Denia l ,Jules,.fatry Xtd. Otuwa, won a trip for-lwe ie the New Vork World's Fair. -, rs. 3', -- --'( - -, 1 In the picture from"' left- te ngns. Mr. u. j (Burpee, rep- narauiif wM(s Factfle Airlines; Mr. Trudel, winning dealer; Mr. iL, A. Winter, ldi" 8'f Manaaer of .Osaeral Plstrtbaor afr-.I.1. -CANADIAN! AERO SERVICE LIMITED APPOINTMENT fmltmmmmtmttmmmtmmmmmmm av ftr- , i , - as t 'Z::::r if- i"1 r If IrWl DR. J. M. ZARZYCK1, P.Eng. P'"Three promotion Weresm- nounced today by lanauian Aero Service Limited, Ottawa, worldwide resources develop ment engineering company. Dr. J.- M.Zarzycki, P.Eng., formerly Chief Engineer of the fompany,- was named Execu tive vice iresiaem., jonn n. Deacon, P.Eng., succeeds him at Chief Engineer, and Murray H. Turner becomes Assistant Chief Engineer : pr. Zarzycki brings a back ground of 15 years' photo- grammetric engineering experi ence to his new position. After receiving his degree aa a Doctor of Technical Science at the Swiss Federal . Institute ,M Technology, Zurich, he as- engaged in teaching and. thenf in research in pnoiogrammetry in Europe and later' with -the National Research.; C antic if -of tCsnada. At CankoTafl. Rertj, -Service. ne has directs: soroe 1.500 miles of . railway 'surveys in North America Australia and Africa, as we,IT aa'3?,060 square miles or lopogreptuotnaoping Nlgerler-"snd ' extessivel Shorap mappin of the" Canadian northwest' City mapping. microwave' system and -pipe T JOHN H. DEACON, P.Eng. fine surveya'are also pari , of his experience;--- rr Dr. Zarzycki's work in the development of new mapping system s r is", internationally known. In August he will attend a Symposium sponsored by The International Training Centre for Aeria Survey. Delft, The Netherlands, Where he will present a paper an riev methods of aerial tria'ngulation em ploying the horizon camera. In September hejwill -present two papers at The Tenth. Congress of the International Society of Photogrammetry. Lisbon, on tha Nigerian -resources survey and on the' application of pbotograjTitnetry . to highway enpmeenng; - ; Mr. Deacon, who joinea ui-nadian Aero Service'- in 1952, earned his Q.Sc degree in Civil Engineering" at Queen's Unl-versity, KinxstotL and om- -bleted post-graduate studies at Qis Swiss Federal, insntute or Technology.' Zurich. ' Hi experience with the" company" in, dudes major Shoran survey of 500,000 i aquare -'3 miles "Tot Canada,. South America 'and Africa. For several years Jie was iieid engineer lor tne map- ping. suKtout . and . construe a- J. 8 "" J The mam dangers 'M .the. Os car are psychological. For one thing, the Oscar is a peak, so the only place you can go h down. But. of course, the-. Os car has happy effects on TOeie'i lile, too . . mostly financial. Tha offers are bigger, better and more frequent. This affects your bank balance only n you accept the offers, twwevnv I let more man se otters go oy wan- out accepting Mat mirinaCthelw; year following that big moment in Hollywood, Why -was 1 so selective? perhaps Oscar intimidated me. Pehaps I was in timidated by a kind of success I didn't feel anyone legitimate ly could merit.- 1 had W . bal ance out 'a-dellcata equation . , .' how much of me now was rtar" and tw much "aetorjV -.-. r r,- j It . The most frightening thinq U the question of whether you real ly deserve tuck an boner .,1 felt my Oscar 'waj the result .of -e lucky constellation. J was htcky that Burt Lancaster wasn't nom inated for "Elmer. Gantry" the same year, or he would nave won. I was lucky that not enough people agreed with, me -that Spencer Tracy", for his magnifi cent job In "Judgment At .Nuremberg," should have won the award. I was lucky that Stanley Kramer threw- everything toward me, giving me shots that ordinarily wouldn't have been Th bijEgest danger .of tht Os- cliday? Ccntcsti Another second prUie winner was , Mr: J. McNeUly,' of Johnny's Store,' Namao, Alt. -Salesmen Charles Hardy of Char lea Hardy Bales, Toronto, and M. J. Salabub ot North -era Hardware, Ed 91 en ton, also- . received TV seta, .Sony, taoe i recorders . went '"to" desWrs ' Eugene M. Wilson of Murphy Bros, Hamilton. Ont. John O. Kspien of J. W. Burgess, Bala, ' Out. and Oeoraw-R. Mdihan of Carberry Radio Eteitrte, Carberry. Man, and to men t. nintoS of last Hhm- ' 11 ton Radio, George Klein of HoUinger Hardware. M. , Jacobs, and Grant Burielih of Cam Oari, Wlnrtjprgr ' ' J' X: THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MURRAY H. TURNER tlon survSys'for Quebei . Carter Mininr -Company's 195-mile railway..' Later.. he was projeftH engineer for a 300-mile railway feasibility study In Australia, and for railway end-highway surveys in the Middle East. -His experience' also includes soil studies.. ' photo interpretation. and electronic data' processing. MiUray "Turner, whcr attend ed Carlson University, Joined lanaaian Aero service in-iwn. after '10 year with the Army Survey Establishment of Can ada. He headed the company's Field Purvey Department, then. became -project mln8ger,,,-for( the company's 200-man ".staff , engaged, in location, and coi-' structiort .survey for Quebec, Cartier Mining. The "project; mapped two town itesa harbour, hydro plants and e -major railway in northern Quebec. ; Mr. Turner, then beaded the1, rompiny't suff (n Nigeria for; resources' developmentr..8r- veys. "Later he -was project managerfor Canadian Aero"s survey bfthe Volta River.aroa m Ghana. He brlngsto his new position valuable knowledge a! field survey . procedures, togis-.i tice std operational problems in difficult areas. Vim'w car js that of assuming, that you were more Important than luck. (There also Is the strange fact that' you are being awarded Tor work you. completed1 6ver a year' before.- Iv ia not like- 4he ap- ptause,an actor received in a stage. Tple which is 'ditectly re lated . to. .something he Jhas lust done; 'The Oscar It lor. some-thlni yott did too lont aeo to TceUt i till yours, when you- xei sp on um swge ana hke thajl ata'tue. you have a sneak ing saspicion you are stealing the applause for some : other man's work. . i' ;., , " """.v " (Comrrlfhtl '.-rV- ' '"T.'i ? V i v,tV K Announce Sales .-By The. CP) - The Canadian Wheat : Board ' has .'.sold 7,1011.000 bushels of wheat to Poland and about JM.toe bushels to Bulgaria, Trada Minister-Sharp Informed the Commons Thursday, .vi;-, - ,:r' " Mr. Sharp Said the shipments to Poland will be made 'between August and November this year.! and those to Bulgaria between August and October. Both sales were, c ,v e t e d by contracts signed under three:year wheat agreements signed last year.;. The sale to Poland was the third under the Nov. 3. 196. agreement calling on Poland to take a total of 44,000,000 bushels, with 14.700,000 bushels in the first year. The Bulgarian contract completes first year previsions of the agreement, which involves a total of 3,700,-. ow bushels of wheat. t 1 Boys' Long Sleeve Dress Shirts 42"'. Va .M iao cotton, iu. (orlirtf. lull out. 1 .59 VMjisolt an S- r. cuff woor, OHttoa or mi. m tht froup. Awn 1 u u . . SS. 1 M. i DowNSTAias SToaa C. Caplaa Uiisited 1 v ,. mm The full-bodied flavour of For men with a taste;"; (for the great outdoors; ! if"-- 1). 1 REDCAP lis. '' J.J .. j , t lSENATE RAPS CONFUSION Fedal-Piwincial adrley Urged toy Ike Cr) As the gov- e.rnment s : latest set. .eftai agreement with the provinces became' - law i Thursday, three senators called for a national coaference to straighten eat the country's complex federal-provincial tax setup and other constitutional problems. . The trio, -Senators Wallace McCutcheon (PC Ontario), Allister Grosan (PC Ontario) and- X, . A.Crerar ' (L Manitoba), criticized the national confusion 'surrounding .. federal-provincial "tax agreements and thp respective rights, duties and responsibilities of the federall n d ' provincial governments. They urged that the two levels of government get together to ammef out a more definite dK vision of -their responsibilities, particularly in the field of taxation. :', .; 1" . . i The Senate got Hs teeth Into NO TELEPHONE OR MAIL etwqi of Mom's BoxeFShorls 'aniSocks' 0 Valuea to $1 ea,-'' cf. ;i79 as, 2 for 1.M , -Monll ' bant short In aa ooruncm - prlnU ia a broken Tan of (ins S. St. L. Cuthlon socks for comfort ana at. wn to to is is 1 larse- sosoruaont ot caters. ' oownsTaixs SToaa ' 27-PCE. Punch Sets Reg.- 6.3 tsrly AXM srMtt orykosl. SVt couuts of 1 tors psKh oowl, I oah oool koos. 1 pvncQ cups, is stsm -u bsaaors, I lnU tedlo.- '- tnnut rLootc - . V . Yosr Fsnily Store ea Rirfssa Street . - i-','. .. -.'' , iftiofl 1 lid fcii-iouiw.v t.S 7i:,H smWVLsi tAt V, '-.."' i?vA : u -; ,r: r. . ;,-Vw,v , .... : u ; -. ... - - - "!'.v . t " . , ' A i -a5-" L--. SWAPPA CAPPA RED CAP-CARUNG RED taxation during debate en. the government's ( i s e a 1 arrange ments bill, which received royal assent late Thursday. The legis lation puts into effect a series of- complex arrangements worked out In federal - provin cial talks over the last nine months.' .- .'The provinces get a bigger slice of the tax dollar an extra four, per cent of personal income taxes in the next two years. ' Equalization payments to. low-revenue provinces will go up end the annual M.OOO.OOe grant to Newfoundland will be extended Indefinitely. - . " The Senate agreed to adjourn until Tuesday, Sept 15. subject by recall if the flag legislation now before the Commons is available before that date. . : Journal Want -'quick results. I Ads bring ORDERS ON THESE SPECIALS! ! Sportiwear, s'ts . -.- a sksu , Topoors - SairU Vahm as . to s ee . 3-E3 i plain, ftorftl prMU, tlsvctu U4 OOTH -p s. I lrsT. Ttioot frtxo a - smart wW w ml uyla aasj colore ArtML COtleM a Dai Wry tan taa- ' tlM. SUM I ' to ia ' TBKBT tVOOU - '.. Coloroe PaKolsbl CaaaooUoa Tslloa CooU4 Ma tats or arms are ro-qulrod srtrM yosi try the ; sww fry poa. Cnaiw ' In conory yollow. tnojueost or ' saadalsrao4.a -.j ,: Z V 2.93' ; DowNSTAias 'sroaa ; -' tr-a n-- . FRIDAY. AUGUST 14. 1084 if Collection Contract "The weekly collection ' of coins from Ottawa's ?.i00 park ing meters will be handled by two private firm -this yeaiv Brink's Express, -which handled the armored car- collection , for the past six years, lost out in tender call at City Halt . Board of Control, With Maxtor Whltton ' dissenting, : agreed Thursday fo split the collection joo peiwecn ine inausiriai iia Domestic Protection Company and Capital Guard Company. - Both submitted low. tenders' of seveo cents per . meter. olT lecUon for . total of 18,008 annually.. . . . . ' -'' The city had been paying.' 10 cents meter to. Brink's for a yearly coat of $11,440. , . Mayor . Whitton - dissented until one of the twe companies, submitted -proof . that it had adequate suff and equipment to handle the collections. ; ,r - Repeat of ScUoutt ?00 Pairs Udlei' THONGS --'19' y Assortment of colors rln sizes. S. M. L. ' ,.i f . .. ..-.,f BOWNSTAItU sroaa , V. Phcsa CE5-2231 1 CAP ALE

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