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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 12, 1918
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IT Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,654 VOL. 16, NO. 79. CONNELLSVILLB. PA. TUESDAY' EVENING, FEBRUARY 12, 1918. EIGHT PAGES YTLSON'S SPEECH ON HUN DUPLICITY GOES TO HEART OF MATTER, LONDON ATTITUDE ords of President Glye» Usual PromJneace by Great ^Newspapers. )MMENT VERT LIMITED ag to Late Arrival of Text But rkejr Agree Taat Keynote Has Igain Bet. Strack: Parliament p«3 for Its lOBgest' Session, By Associated Press. * .ONDON, Feb. 12.--President ,Wil- L'S address is given the same prom- nee that all his utterances receive the morning newspapers, but the t reached the papers too late for re than perfunctory comment on tw outstanding sentences. The ·sident's attitude toward the speech Count von Hertllng received the in attention and tn_this the Presi- .t is regarded as^having gone to heart of the matter. n. the address The Times sees an lortant refutation of "the Bol- vikl Illusion, that Prussian miutar- can be exercised by rhetoric' : commends the- serene confidence h -which Pre'sident Wilson adheres he belief that the war will not end hout establishing the reign of right justice. he Daily News believes that it was an accident that the President's ly to von'Hertling and Count Cier- was delivered on the eve of a new non of the British Parliament and iks that its significance will : ost on. the House of Commons. embers of both houses of Parlia- it assembled early today for the aing of the eighth session of the ;e«t parliament in modern times, ·ssion which is virtually certain to he last and which will he followed a general election upon extended ichise with women voting for tho . time in the country's history, in* Qeorge accompanied by the en and the Prince of Wales, who n leave from the Italian front, orme* the opening ceremony at x RUSS COLLAPSE NOT ALARMING TO WASHINGTON Military Authorities Believe , ' Allies Wll Stand Firm in West. HUN PRISONERS ASSET Their Retnrn to Fatherland' Sure to Spread the Bolshevik! Propaganda; Germany May Attempt to Keep Back tie Hordes Soon to be Released. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 12.--How Russia's complete withdrawal from the war will affect the Allies and the United States in a military way cannot be accurately estimated at this time, officials here believe, despite the fact that on paper the Russian collapse would seem to give the Germans a great numerical superiority of troops on the western front. Officially there is nothing to be said on the subject because the government has no official information. Military men, however, confident that the allied lines on tie west front will hold against any German force that can be thrown against it, profess not to regard the Russian separate peace as the menace it would appear on paper. The fact that 1,500,000 German prisoners will_be free to return to Ger- ·many is regarded with no alarm at all. The general opinion here is that Germany would be more interested in keeping the prisoners In Russia than risk having them carry Bolshevikl doctrines back to Germany. LABOR TO PLEDGE LOYALTY TO THE NATION TONIGHT Parade at 7.30 O'clock Is, io Be, Followed By 1 Mass | Meeting. LABOR SPEAKER IS HERE KAKE UP PURSE FOB SOLiraWS BOX M*HO CAJTT PAY DOU TAX David R. Fleming, of Beile- vemon, who describes himself as "a little school boy,' recently wrote to County Treasurer Rush for a license' for ''a boV dog," saying thai he would hav-e sent tht tee sooner but "my papa has bfien m training in Camp Hancock for the past aix months and I did not have the money to send. There is jo»t mamma and I left and we have 1 aw awful hard time. I want to keep my old dog, Brownie, ti wtUcli over us at nights." Touched by the simple appeal of little David Treasurer Rush and Covraty Commissioner Logan Rush and others made up a large purse and sent it with the license to the owner of "Old Brownie." Council Accepts Invitation to March and 3iany Organizations to Be in Line. Reports to Trades Council HeaC.jarters This Afternoon Say. With men in various walks of life joining hands with the toilers, the working men of Connellsville and vicinity Will tonight give expression of their loyalty to the country by a procession over the streets and a mass meeting at the high school auditorium. There seemed this afternoon to be nothing to interfere with a monster parade. Assurances have been received from numerous organizations that they will participate. James Dahm, of New York, who is to speak in bebalf of the American Alliance for Labor and Democracy, arrived yesterday from Washington and has been greeting members of the several trade organizations. Judge J. Q. Van Swearingen will come this evening. - Announcement was made today that carriages will be provided for the veterans of tho Civil War. Others participating in the parade will be afoot. Members of council last night accepted the invitation to be in line. The solons will bo on foot. A. E. Woodhead, member ot the high school faculty, will preside at the j Great Crowd is Expected to iic Ont mass meeting, which is to begin a t , to sec Them Off Wtu-n Thoy IXMTC. 8.15 o'clock. Reservations will be ( made on the stage for members of council, the school hoard and the! At 6:40 o'clock tonight another NO SUBSTITUTES ON HAND, NO FLOUR Will BE DELIVERED ! Is County Administrator's In- stractions to the Food Dealers. NO EXCEPTIONS TO REE UTTS PROPOSES THAT CITY BUY TRUCKS TO REMOVE THE GARBAGE "Picayune Policy 1 ' oi Company is Ghen Blame for the Inadequate Supply. Orders Cannot Even Be Token With Delivery Promised Lider; Scarcity and 1'rices of Snbstitatra to Have Attention of Food Administrator. FOURTH QUOTAS OF DRAFTEES TO LEAVE TONIGHT Conncll Promptly Adopts Suggestion] and Airfhurizes Purchasing Agent | to Secure Bids. A new plan for garbage removal is to be worked out by Dr. C. W. Utts. superintendent ot the Department of Parks and Public Property of the city. At a conference between the whole- ' According to a brier outline he made sale and retail food dealers of the a t the meeting of eouncil hist nigbt it JHAISTEAD DOING BEST But Superintendent is Hiimlieapiied by .ifen Higher Up, in Opinion of Solons; Say Company Fears to Tump Mains to Full Pressure; Would Burst. Going before the Public Service county and County Food; Admlmstra.- | * proposed to have collections made;co m m)sbion with a complaint against tor Charles L. Davidson, held in Un- ' by the city, instead of bj contractors the Connellsville Water company wHh idntown yesterday, the application of In preparation for going at the a view to relieving the shortage "of the regulations affecting food conser- I project in a business like manner aqua jmra in some parts of the city, ·ration were discussed and several council, ai the suggestion of Dr. U t t s , ' a t present acute, and providing for an authorised Purchasing Agent Roy adequate supply in the hill sections W. Hoover to advertise for bids for a'at all times was proposed mjcouncil points cleared up by Administrator pound of officially recognized substitute is sold also." Administrator Davidson pointed out that there are no exceptions to this j rule and that when dealers do not Thirty-seven Young ,Men of, hav .° sufficient substitutes on hand to Davidson. Among these were that, _ ^ "under no conditions, whatever, must I motor truck which is to lie used i n ! at the regular~Fe J bruar7"se'ss!onTa"st one pound of flour be sold unless a | place of teams. Eventually a second · evening, and while there was no for- local Districts to Given Farewell. Be OTHERS JOIN THEM HERE Seottdalc Coming on Street Car, JTt. .Pleasant on tho Draftees' Special; Trades Cpuncil. Fayette lodge .of the Knights | batch of draftees. Connellsville's of i fourth contingent, will leave here over Phythlas has accepted the invitation j the Baltimore Ohio railroad for deliver with the flour they must refuse to accept the order. Taking orders for flour, with the delivery ot the substitute later is considered aD evasion of tho order. It was announced that State Administrator Heinz has rescinded the order permitting potatoes being sold as a Hoar substitute. Administrator Davidson stated thai the State Pood Administration is concentrating its efforts upon increasing Until a truck is available Dr. Utts ! was informally agreed that City So- wili arrange for -a team or two. I t j h c i t o r E. C. Higbee shall be authoriz- · was suggested he hire one of il. Der- ed to prepare the cncm's. Mr. Derencin, who gave up Mayor John Duggan, nemesis of the the garbage contract on January 33, , water company, again denounced what truck will be purchased. i mal endorsement of the proposal was to have settlement yester-ihe termed its "picayune policy." No' day of S300 owing the city but had not' body present had any thing but words done so up to last evening, it was t of praitc for the efforts of Superin- statcd. i teadent A. E. Halstead to relieve coa- Bids for the trucks are in be in the, dltions but it was generally agreed hands of the purchasing agent by the! that the .so-called "picayune policy" evening of February 2o. on which date' °^ thb company has Ins bands tied so- another meeting of council will b e . l ^ a t *t next to impossible for him to held. At the same time bids will be received for a street sweeper. Represen- ' accomplish much. Stress was laid on l!je lcged fact that' while the gas and ic companies take care of ab- the supply of wheat flour substitutes. " " " ^..^.^ ,u.TM ,u. ''Lx..~, _*!,,,, ..,,.. HTM ,, ,,»,,, and "ushers were at the . tatives of co'ncorns makjng sweepers! n ormal conditions promptly the water " but! company has failed to do so. It was to take part in the parade this eve- j Camp Lee, Va. The men summo p ned I w ; »Uon wUh a v!e« to ascertaining gallon with a Men to ascertaining ·ho has been responsible. ning. All members are requested to I by local boards Nos. 2 and ~ appear- The dealers present formed a tcro- meet in the lodge rooms at 7 o'clock, j ed this morning and a second roll call [ porary organization "for the period «"» are gomg ^ a £ ' RUSS-CE-VTRAL POTFEBS PKACK PACT LONDON. Feb. 12.--Confirmation of the German report that Russia has withdrawn from the war is contained re- wa» decided that Tn new of t h e ; m an offlcia , RuSBian statement the peers and peeresses would not' c? ived heretoday r th«ir gorgeous robes and coro-l' The stat ement says Russia declares , -while the naval and military tne -war with Germany, Austria Hun- ibers of both houses would w e a r j gary _ Turkey and Bulgaria to have senrice dress instead of the class | cnd«d. Russian troops simultaneously received orders for complete de- Tho 3odge will also go in a body to ; will be made at 4 o'clock this after- the high school to take part m tho j nooa. exercises there. | The No. 2 men arc reporting at the Jtaror Duggan in his proclamation j armory but the 18 called by board No. said: 5 are assembling in the offices in the "Whereas by proclamation of Sam-I Title Trust bultding. Sixteen men uel Gompers, president of the Ameri- ' wages said to be lower than are ' in effect generally over the region. It was Councilman Roy W. Hoover Council adopted a resolution author i who flrst hrt » 1 8 1 -" «P th ° water ques- , tion. He declared it to be a shame emergency for their mutual | lz!rl S 'he payment when funds are ing the Haines-Kurlz company for the lace full dress uniform. can Alliance .for I-abo.iUJUUi«,Democ- will be sent from the No. 5 district | and 21 draftees will make up the No. to secure an adequate supply of flour substitutes and arrange for its equitable distribution among dealers ol the county. racy this week is being observed as 12 contingent. Twenty-two men have National Loyalty Week, to assist I n , been called and everyone reported bringing to the attention of the citi-1 this morning. zens ot Connellsville the object of the i The special train will have Scott- observance and to impress upon all j dale. Mount Pleasant and West Neir. tt For the ! Americans **« utsevl necessity of i um draftees aboard also. propaganda with wholesome Araeri- quet was given for can propaganda, I appeal to all citi- leaving there. E. mobilization on. all fronts. ' fiEPOKTED defense of the frontier some detach- OJf AXERICAX SECTOR. | ments of younger soldiers -will be left. 1TH THB AMERICAN ARMY IN j The peace negotiations with the JJCE, Feb. 12.--It was bright nnl i Central Powers have been ended, the r today and a considerable nurn-; statement says. of aircraft hovered over the Amer-1 will not continue the war with the ples ' sector. The enemv machines, German and Austrian "workmen and I 'Speakers will discuss the import- aphs and Tpeasants like ourselves." ! ant «"«»"» of loyalty to America. A combat:ing insidious pro-German j At West Newton last night, a ban- thc men who are Lowery "Humes, ,, ,, ,,,,.,,,, _,,,, zens '« cooperate m this movement | rjnited" States district attorney of Neverth2les3 Russia ° f , true devotion to American prlnci- p lttsl)Urg , addressed the draftees. Postmaster W. D. .\fcGmnis of this ! busy taking photographs ing observations and a number j ir fights resulted. One group of [ parade and music have been arrang- _ «,.,,, .., Although this announcement was! ed - The TM* Wllt be dcroted st " ct ' e enemy airplanes flew so low i made yesterday in dispatches from! ^ to lts P«H)Ose. I would request they became targets for ami- German sources, this is the flrst word 1 that a!1 secrei and °P en societies 1 which hold meetings during the week ·aft and machine guns and were from Russia regarding her with-i city attended the banquet. Scottdale draftees met construction of a on the South, i if the case in some parts of the city. Side under an agreement made "with 1 the old borough of Conne'llsvillei seven years ago. The council at that 1 time agreed to take over the system al cost at the end of three years, but the RIVER RISES AGAIN matter bad been hanging over. Tn a. Reaches Xiuciznnm SUice During tbt" communication to council City Solici- lght; l-nlllns'JtnUiy. ! tor E - c - H igbee advised that it bo ["he company should be compelled to furnish it, be said. Mayor Duggan entcrod iiuo the discussion to say that lie bad the water situation in bis noies and had intended to bring it up. llr. Hoover j ed that a Although the Tough river rose from i D**^ 6 to 6.80 feet during the night no damage was done to property along the shore, and the backwater at Bid' well did not increase enough to co\er , the tracks of the Baltimore Ohio | railroad. The ice in the upper part | of the river has not gone out yet, how-1 over The river reached its l o w e r . '^COUNCIL ADOPTS THE HOG ORDINANCE BY VOTE OF FOUR TO ONE _ Pryce of tho Department of Public ! Safety declared that i£ there :s to be I avoided general burbting of pipes, duo i to the thawing- of the ground, it will be ceccbsary to act quickly toward J getting relief. Wilhm the next -IS , tours he predicted a "blow up" of a 1 largo part oC the system now frozen, It WELS asserted that the lack of pressure on the higher levels has been ·stage yesterday when it. fell back from i Rcstricti\o Measure "Becomes Kifis:- in a large measure due to the failure ;n off. ie' artillery continued active on sides. The enemy dropped shells a number of villages behind the rican tines aad the American ar- ·ymen replied. Only one man was | drawal from the war. j to dispense with regular business m a t - j Thej , wm jom thg otber colU ingents '_ ter* so Car as possible and deliberate j ^ ere J!?WT R£riN TfilWnPDfVaJ ou th * tbeinc of lo y alt r which ls the | A t' Mount Pleasant arrangements s -*in! mluinS lUIflUKKUW (foundation of all true societies · ] well as the nation." A , _ , . , , ., ) "-0-- . ·" · ' I «"~wv» ivil» « v Jll^iV3«HC !VVmIIVB I o'clock at the 1. M. C. A. and Icavo the j G 80 f e e t of ^ prev ious afternoon to j tive in Ten Davs ifter Its Mill Town on a special trolley car a t 1 G fcot _ During the night it rose coi- j " 4 o'clock. Box lunches will be Pfo-' sidorablj _ however, but is again fall- Tided for the boys. The Grand Army . n g band and citizens Trill escort them.} j t ^ zs no t jj erll necessary for the of the company to provide adequate pressure because of fear that if thc "With four votes in favor of it and l um « s he worked to capacity the one against the ordinance permitting mala s would burst. The company is instruction'. Tssnrrt to Soldiers of ! were ma ^ e to have the draftees gather i at the armory at 2 o'clock where they rted wounded during the past 24 j Catholic Fnltli. 3. He was injured by a bursting; Thp Lenten season continuing for in a village behind the lines, j a period of six weeks, will he ushered ral American patrols reached the [ in tomorrow with Ash .Wednesday ly wire entanglements last night j The regulations- for Lent were read Dttt encountering any Germans. Sunday in all the Catholic churches of the diocese. Accompanying the reg- i ulations is a special letter calling WT KATPT5BS ARK REPl'LSEn BT BEITISn.' special attention 'to matters pertain- 'NDON, Feb. 12.--"A hostile raid-|ing to war. One of the matters spec- party attacked one of our posts , ' al 'y provided for in the regulations is night northeast of Epehy but i that men in the army and navy serv- TALKING TO HUSBAND ! remain until 4:30 when they march C1(v ' thc ralbil g of hogs in Ule Baltimore Ohio railroad company adoated by c o u n c l l last mshl 'rj r c It is to dynamite the gorge above Ohiopyle ( w _ mts , member voting ' scor -'--- · * · again as the water has uot risen; i working one pump, the ma\or said, is afraid to work. more, he said. Ha £ adored .its failure to provide an auxil- the measure, Instead of p^- iary majn froul Uie Pimping station. Well Known Duwson Woman Collapses and Dies Today. While talking TMth her husband tb-is morning about 10 o'clock, Mrs. Ira Blackwell, a well known resident of Dawson, died very suddenly. About · two months ago Mrs. Black-well wasJSIigo Iron Steel to the Baltimore Ohio depot to take j nance of the weather will do much to a train due to leave at 5:15 for Con-j relieve the railroads of congestion, nellsvillp. Several bands and citizens wi 11 accompany them to to c depot. sufficiently to endanger the traffic, j m i t u n g thc ra] of kers ^^ for use m an emergency. Improved weather conditions are help-' tue Clty hmil5 Dr Utts proposed a ' Demons of members were express'"" '" ""'"" """ " CO""" 1 - co-mnaunity hog per. somewhere m the · cd relative to the value of the plant country to which the garbage could - bm no one was read " to fix a vaiue ing in transportation and START NIGHT SHIFT stricken with paralysis, but seemingly i had about recovered from her illness. Vfiil on Double Time. Unless the hcatless Mondays inter- driven off by our Hre." tho war | ice are Permitted to eat meat on all j She was able to be about this morning f c l e s he mm of Ule ' S1! " das «ce REBATE PROBABLE TYater Company Will "Just and Do Wiat is That the ConneDsvillc Water coin- reported. "Yesterday evening, days «cep Ash Wednesday tester troops successfully raid- i Friday and thc forenoon of Holy Sit- | Lake Brie flagman, had just relurn- Serrnan trenches near Labasse. urday. ' casualties were inflicted on the y at slight cost to ourselves and he remoicil and converted into m e a t , ' TM evom o£ lhe cll wanting to buy WTiether tbe siiggostion will be- adopt- ' Tlle cll T has ^50,000 in sight, the ed is a matter yet to be decided. i ma '° r said. The company once pro- The hos measure was read at length ' P°* ei lo sel1 f o r $800.0«0 but it has a second time, an unusual procedure in 3mce " ln a roundabout -ivay," Mr. Dug- couccil, in order that it might be .* sald ' suggested ?600,000. "Their thoroughly understood. "Some peo- ldea 1Sl to sel1 to Ul ° cit ' at a sreat big pie," said the .Mayor John Duggan, p r l c c ' sald t h c mayor, "but they must pany will rebate persons without i "have the idea they are going to raise S ive us credit with having a little water due to freezing of the mains hogs on Brimstone Corner They'll £ood .sense." during the past month was intimated i see they canV The most stringent ! The proposed complaint before tbe today. While saying he had not y e t , provision m thc o-dinance is tbat' Public Service Commission was not. her husband, who is a PitUburg j Steel companv wm bot . ln operating taken the matter up with tbe water I which prohibit pens w.tlr.n 100 feet I however, along thc line of contemplat- The distribution of ashes will take i before she died. ed home from his run, a short time pl-ace at the masses at the Iramacu- prisoners and a machine gnn j late Conception church tomorrow, and captured." 1NCINNATI MENACED TSher, Gorged YFith Ice, Tiisins Two Feet an Hour. By Associated Press. CCINNATJ, 0.. Feib. 12.--With the at this point showing a stage 5 early today and continuing to at a rate of two feet an hour nen contend that only the break- f the ice gorge below this city throughout the Lenten season, there will be a sermon and bendiction on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. On Friday afternoons and ayenings there will be the Stations of the Cross. TAX DUPLICATE SETTLED Back THTPS for 19M anil 1915 Paid'at School Board .Heeling. At a meeting of thc school board last night tax duplicates for the years of 1914 and 1915 were settled, pay- Mrs. Blackwell was about 60 years old and had resided at Dawson for sime time past. Notice of funeral later. FIVE FOOT FENCE Is to He Erected By Baltimore ft Ohio Jn Water Street. Permission to erect an iron fence along Water street from a point be- on both day and night shift noit Mon- company and hence was unable to j o£ any street or dwelling, which p d purchase but to secure better b day, February IS. If the heatless days speak authoritatively Superintendent limits the business to the outskirts of definite action was taken. At are not abandoned, tbe night shift j A. E. Halstead expressed the belief j the city alone. will go in operation on Tuesday. Tho mill will run double time to fill that the couipaay will do "what :s ! Dr. Utts objected t ' io conclusion of the discussion Mr. the ordinance 1 Duggan said he would have the so- right and just." The thawing weather has had no ef- j much more offensive that from sta- . n the grounds that odors would be I hcitor Prepare a complaint. standing contracts. Orders are piling up' and the mi'.l is now in shape feet yet on tbe frozen Imes, the heat i bles and because he said it would having penetrated lesb than six inches tend to provide breeding places for to be run at full capacity. RAISE FOR CONTROLLER to Have $. Monthly Added to .Stipend. The salary of City Controller J. C. BOYS IN TROUBLE into the so.l, but tile West Penn thaw- .'lies. Councilman Hoover expressed lag squad is at work, Mr. Halstead the belief that there would be a lot West, .Siders Churned fllth Itn-aking said. ! of complaint against the ordinance | but he finally voted for it. ;ave it from a disastrous flood. I ment of $2,20fr~ being made for the ! United States weather forcast- i two years. H. C. Norton and E. R. as announced that the water will IPloto, collectors for 1914 and 1915. love 65 ftet i: the dam holds. I respectively, were present to make will be fifteen feet above the | their payments and reports. r line and will inundate a lar^e j Mr. Norton gave a check for ' $1,- j£ ground on both the Ohio and j 904.75 for taxes in 1914 and showed tcky sides of the river. I $284.08 in exoneration. Mr. Floto paid i 5295.45 on 1915 taxes. He asked for tween Apple and Peach streets to the | Whiteley is to be advanced from $180 j southern ferminus of Water street is [per year to $240 under an ordinance! j to be- given the Baltimore Ohio rail- introduced in council last night. ' road company by an ordinance intro-| The ordinance provides that the sal- duced in council last nighu The fence I ary remain m effeet for four years. will be of iron and five feet 'high. It is intended as a safety device. The ordinance will *be" acted upoa at the next meeting of council. NEED SHIPBUILDERS 30 days on the 1916 duplicate, other busines was transacted. No · is Asked to Aid in Government i Publicity Campaign. | appeal of the United States [ ing Board for shipbuilders from j 3few HETZEL MADE COP , i Patrolman Receives Appointment Todur; Will Work Tonight snnetlsville region was referred' .·eaing by Mayor John Duggan to i Henry Hetzel will go on duty to- aur-Mlnute men. | night as a city patrolman. He will mayor received a longeornmuci- [ take the place of Patrolman W. W. i mom "g. from the chairman of the board, Emmons. who resigned to take a po-| c the necessity of recruits to this | sition as bar police at the Smith Sues for Divorce. WAGNER IN JAIL Alleged ]!. 0. llobber Hit By Bullet j Uuder the Juw. , S. F. Wagner of South Coanellsville one o£ the three men charged with robbing a car in the Baltimore . Ohio yards last Friday night was given a i hearing before Alderman Pred Munk The ordinance will become effective 10 days after passage. Hot Hotteb Glass. Information has been made by Carl A. Barge of "West Peach street, against j Jerry Bernardo, Harry -Miller. Edward j McMabtert, and David Way, all West [Side youths between 34 and 1G years old, charging them with shooting out glats windows in iiis hot house. Tiie boys aie alleged to have used slingshots and iron sings No arrests have yet been made but HAVE FEET FROZEN Indian Head Men Face Amputiitious at Cottage Hospital. "William Nichols, 3S years old, and i John Bernard, 48 years old, both o f ! the boys \ v i l i be picked up immcd- TIKEY CAMP. ConncllsTilJc Boy is Sent From Annstrong County. Mr. Charles A. Tikey, son of Mrs. Henrietta Tikey, of Connellsville, was inducted into military service by Ix- cal Board Number 2, Armstrong County, and tor-warded Greene, Charlotte, X. C. to Camp Mr. Tikey left for camp Monday .mcnt of war work. He is ea- ring to give as much publicity ;ia House. Council also last night Stork at Dnwson. The stork paid a visit co the home approved ; of Mr. and Mrs. George Wood, of Daw- le. The communication w«is : the selection of Miss Anne White as ' son, early Monday morning and left at the meeting of the council probation officer and Tony Rendiae j a baby girl. This makes two girls patrolman. ' in thp "Wood* familv. Vr Rplii n,Tnhfl,,'ZrTM"c . , , 1 yeaterdav and committed to jail. Indian Head, weie admitted to thc lately ar.d given j. Hearing before Al- Mrs. Belle Rumbaugh Ol Seottdale,, - ^^^agncr appeared before the!Cottage State hospital this morning derman Fred Munk. The West Penn has filed a libel .u. divorce in the Greensburg courts, against Marion J. Rumfbaugh. Desertion 13 charged. The couple were married March 1895. Probably rain tonight and Wednesday; slightly colder is the noon ·weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Kecord. 3918 1317 Maximum 61 21 Minimum 43 1 Mean 52 II The Yough river rose during night from 6 feet .to 6.80 feet the Alderman he had a had cut on his face and a scar under his jaw. Wagner said a bullet hit him under the jaw and came out under his eye. Jn Aerial Service. Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Henvick of East Fayette street, received a letter from their sou. Quay P. Henvick, who has been at Camp Taylor, Louisville, Ky., waiting assignment, saying that he has been, assigned to the 245th Aero Squadi'oon, and has been sent to Wright Field, Fairfleld, Ohio, where he will'be in tiaming. He says it is a fine place. Everything is up to date. Veterans to lleet. The Baltimore Ohio Veterans' association V7ill meet Wednesday evening at 7:30 n'clnrk m Macaheo hall. with frozen feet, builered during the i will make information against zero weather about t w o weeks ago. I the youngsters, charging tbem with On their arrival at the hospital it was ' shooting out tbe electric globes m found that the feet of both men were i the street lights. so badly frozen that amputation j would be accessary. To l'orclo«p .Mortjrufrc. Nichols anJ Bernard are employed j The Fayelte Title Tiust company in a mine at Indian Head, but were j of Uniomown yesterday filed a bill in not working when they met with their , equity against Francis Hocks and the misfortune. B. 0- Pay Day. The Baltimore ' Ohio Railroad j f endant«. Sunshine Coal Coke company for the foreclosure of a mortgage, the dp- fault of which is admitted by the de- company is paying the East End di- j vision employes today. The West End division was paid yesterday. Djnamiting Alicia Gorge. An attempt is being made today under the direction of government en- llaa Pneumonia. ( gineers to dynamite the big ice gorge Joseph Meily, member of the facul- i m the Monongahela river extending ty of the Dunbar township high bthool, I up the stream a distance ot nine miles is ill -with ' f r o m Alicia, near lock No. S.

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