The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 3
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i. . : 'V v, :y. v; r vy,. ':J:-- ;;-- J.-':-;;.-. . '4 : ' .' U, .'..'AT; A. 'V ti V. h .-.. K blSCUSS TOWN'S PROGRESS Key figure In the progress- of ' Smith Falls - gather round Mayor Arnold Cough desk to discuss ' major luue. Standing by the mayor are Industrial Commission chairman R. L, Kinkaid. left, and Coun- M. : ; ' rluok railway point t- ' - John - Chabot, ' fessisunt superintendent Nof,." the Smiths Fall CPR Division, point out over the mas-' . t division point" jards.-said, to bo the largest be-, rweert. yinojqr: r. Montreal. With him are Indu. .. Mayor Arnold oough. tight, and CbunclUor oryant RoblnionJottk out over oeauniuiKiaeau mver wnere rt now a through the Combln Lockj It Victor fVT!!1 u iw M 01 m m"y Pifnt tlghu Id th expanding community of Smith Fall. , .. , x Cf NTiNNlAL PROJECTS Lack of Action lints North uovor Horth Gftwtr township coun- the Martotlck arena fold. dl faced wllli lack of action from three Other townships on tSf.Oop centennial ikitihg Ink : In Msrlotlck Thursday night pondered over pulling but Of tji prrijtsct , '"" At I special meeting on cn - tnriiai projKti, Reev Howard tVkiht in id North Obwf committed IS.OuO to th prdject Oh the ccndltlort Os(oode. Nepean antf Clourestef lownihipt thlp- M hi S4.000 eioh. it;.er had been no action nd tnl Nov., drtdllnbjpr vojcts wai tloslng in. Ine rfllug of North Gower and Karl could" use the S5.000,; If Council asked ' kitnptvllle Mayor Joseph Patterson, r-J glonaf rtfpresemallve for centennial grant. If restoration bf North .Gower's township hail would be in eligible project for rant. He thought It Would COMPLICATIONS ' - )' tllnurMter township' bid o ahrtex Manotirk front the other three township complicate! ouiidini tne arena on. North Gower land In the village. - the township, Owning the land, must apply for the grant and I responsible- for Upkeep of the 'project North Gower council doe not want to be I addled With the arerja if tester ukes over the land after It II built. x. 1 In Manotlck after North Oower'l Council meeting laitl nignt. Gloucester Reev Earl Armstrong said torn ' agreement would have lo b reached to Gloucester would be restwn-mle.Jor upkeep. . I Hytfrd Choirman Toltej Manitoba foir DEEP RIVER (Special) Th resignation of chairman Frank 1 Hsmmorid wai Iccepled with regret Wednesday by thl Deep River Hydro Board. Mr. Hammond wilt leave beep River In lltl August to spend two yean IM charg of thl vlllsgl at Plnlwi, Manllbba'i , new Atomic Energy of Canada Lint-lied vilUg. -. .. . ! During hii Ibsenca Ptr McConnachl will be head of the Deep River adminlttrauon Clod- branch. I eillor Bryant Robinson. Seated art George Swayne president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. A. '.. wem, secretary of tne chamber Usurtut PtutO br DmlnMM Wldl i x t . . .,.; .... . S : trial Commission chairman R. L Kinkaid, left; and George Swayne. preiident of the Smithr Falls Chamber of Commerce.' ' . . 1 $500,000 Congo Gift OXJKNAL Diversity Boosts Prosperity' Smiths Falls Key Setting Keeps Industry Booming tO WEESE "'- f The JmumI - ' Wide dlvertlty of indUMry And a Mrateglc Ration on mott of Eastern Canada' kejj transportation tyttemi rt tWo of, the major key to prosperity in Smith Fall. In the plant of the town of 18.091 ach varied items' as , phonograph ' records, beat!, - clothing, 'office equipment and electric blanket are made. . The town ha access to both the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National , Railways, the fcidtau Canal and Highway! 41. IS and . - Smiths Falls' excellent loca-tton and asseta helped th town land a major industrial catch the $7.Do0,0M Herihey Chpco-I Wools Industry : A Bine r m industrial committee, headed by Rust 'Kla- kald, meet monthly eo dis cus the many Industrial in quiries the town receives. Mr kinkaid told The Journal that the town was presently negotiating with two industrial pros-beets one that would employ between 7J and IM persons and another that will start with 25 worker. - -l - .:'--,---'r' ; Mr. Kinkaid noted that four Industrie Royalite Meul. Guildlne Instrument. Pioneer Parachute and Frey Instruments have recently constructed new building or added large additions. Smiths Falls, once known at a railway town situ o Drawling CPR railway yard. " Smith Fall I a key division point between Montreal a f) 4 Recreation Aplenty tmfpnic Location ' ' : ; : Maof Arnold Gough claims smith rails' strategic position makes a natural location lor many industrialists. It Is only It mil from thl hatiod'l Capital, 221 mil! from Tdrontd and 19 mile from Montreal, tt I only 21 mile to thl U.S. border and th St. Lawrence seaway. (By Tke CP) Canada " 1irPort ta located on mad -a vm wtj ootiklrs of town which can lenerous cOntrt. txomiBo6m typM 0f air-bution" of 1600 eo to a United cnuv - : . Nation special fund for The The town derive It nam Congo some months ago. Ex- 'rom the series of fall oa th ternal Affaire Minister Martin Rtv? be,tid ." 1 , n , . tor Thomas Smyth obtained land UM the Common. Thursday. !er J, At Americ,n He was replying to Robert Revolutionary War. . 1 Thompson, Social Credit -The sit remained ondevelop- leader, who asked what Canada unt" "wmitl was erected w. doing te M.1- Tb. tdnr, -To. 'r 1"! LT' In developing stability. V- ' - hosed. Th eommunltv-i found- srs;TrlltT;l7nTin rt-t DEMONSTRATION TONIGHT V. tind Gaturddy Afternoon ' . of the VURtlTZER .,'vV-"','.v "' ad enjoy 111 C' ' ' "y ANO SON LTD. 255 BANK at COOPER lata Company two year ago. The company visited many town! throughout Ontario and finally decided that Smith I Falls had what , It ; needed transportation, . proximity to market, labor supply and pleas ant living conditions. The Rideau Rivwwinds its way quietly through town, but now lhj- commercial barges have been replaced by pleasure cruisers from United State . Quebec and Ontario. An' estimated 10,000 persons use Vic-tori Park each year. Smiths Fall olferi excellent' advantage for the expansion of existing Industries, location of new manufacturing plant! and the development ( commercial enterprises. . Windsor. Railway history tocal-ly daiet Aaiwi ISM when th BrockeillefSTnd OtUwa Railway bult ,a line between Smiths Fall! and Perth. The railway has progressed with the town. Today the- company payroll total TOO. mora than 40 trains day either originate at or pass through Smiths Fait. Smiths Falls is also the site of th multl million dollar Ontario hospital school lor mentally - retarded - children. ' More than 1,000 persons art now on the staff of the OHS and 1.-700 patients are housed there, Heading an active Chamber ' of Commerce is retired CPR employee George B. Swayne. With a membership of more than 2O0, the chamber greets boater at Victoria Park and spearhead the town's publicity. acres and! James Simpson, who alsd con-structed mill! and with Ward provided a surveyed village sub-: division for settlement. A part of North Elmsley and : Montague townships. Smiths Falls ws annexed to Lanark County In 14). U tWas incor-porated a a village in ISM : and aa a toa in . 1182. Be-1 cause of It proximity to the Rideau Lakes district, the town j receives a tremendous Influx of 1 LIVE WIRE . Mayor Arnold Gough, right. I ihown max of wires by Mike Collier at Lanark Mills? Attached to the cords are temperature control units for the eon pany production of electric blanket . . , '; r Usunul Pbota by bemtntea Wteet tourist both by cat and water'.- : : - . during the Summer month.' per cent and second KM. A IISO.000 Memdrial Cort-t municipal swimming pool Thinking ahead toward Can-jneth Moor, 831 per cant, munlty Centre comrlet wKfc' -V" recreational facili-! centennial the town has other ,:tnnetr of ,. OnUrio Irtltlcial Ic. provide! skating' Ind hockey la the Winter .months ' and dancing, '. roller skating and wrestling In the Summer. It to also th site of the annual Eastern Ontario Trade Fair. Th. area, super vised Jy: th board at. J " mninnl. also has a base ball diamond, tennis court and a Jawn bowling green. - . : A nine . hole tolf course, curl ina club, two indoor bowling alleys and on of Ontario's tin- Sixty take within 40 mil, the expenditure of 5J 000 orjhlp art MarUy Uoyd. make the town a sportsman s the purchase of a two-acre tract ' " "De"ni toward DO- paradise.- of land on Jason Island to be V' un ""W Brian HtlL Five public schools, t r e i developed into a municipal park. '- Newton . ano Gregory . separate schools, snd a composite high school give It younger generation the most modern education faculties: - This year a JJ1J.UJ nine-unit Addition will be added to the collegiate and two general pur pose room costing tl3S.too will be built lb the public School system. Nin Deep River Ontorio ScKolarV-' DEEP RIVER Specian J. M. Gray, principal of Deep River' Mackenzie High School, announced Wednesday . that nine Grade 13 pupils this year qualified for . $400 Ontario Scholarships with rade of 80 r, Abel R. Ward, bought the examinations. Jil'V S I lu,rhP Highest on eight paper was if2' II!,n'fr,0j Kathleen Pritch.rd with 6.3 bis 400 to William r"r""vx)e,f! . )) iiM.wuassjgw gpmmmmm s . ! i wr.-lua PHOTO BY T SlN VAN : . ; . .:. . A SWEET SUMMER DAY ) ' . " IN - KENDEN BUILDERS' 1. - - - " ' BEAUTIFUL: WHITEHAVEN V It LACE Excluiivtly: KADCLIFF Kealtie) pi Realtor - . - ; for gifts fronts dround tha world 1 ' BSIings Irlrjj Ptlza : .' Cirlinjwood Mm . AAANAGGR Experienced man or woman required to manage private licensed Club. - RererencM necessary. Please apply In Writing oivinc Xull qualification f..-. i - si, ",' . ri i Box B-491, Offqwa Journal 23401 -.--.I r. 'V, i 7 '1 :,i ! i'V

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