The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ran jJAILT COURIEK, CONATSLLSVIULE, PA MONDAY FEBRUARY 11, l»ls THE IMPORTANCE OF SHEEP REALIZED BY VERY FEW PEOPLE Tier Produce the Heeessities of i ood aid Clothing. MUST RESTORE INDUSTRY To Stop loss m Prod»cuon of llool; PwMtrns of SitnaUon to be Considered »t Tri-St»t« Meeting of Growers T» Wkeehng, i eliruarj- 14 and 15. With wool selling around 75 utnts sad mutton Irom ID cents to 20 c.entj a pound, the sheep business looks at ti active Coupled wits, this i» the lict that the business is a lunda raeatal one supplying two elemental necessities xoua and clothing it is surprising hov. few peoplo realize the importance ot isheep and the place they play m oui national welfaie Another important point is the fact that the sheep makes more production jn irooi ard mutton on hay and grass than any other class ot farm animals In other words thev more nearl meet the present economic requirement which will make a maximum pioduc tion on grass and loughage with a minimum requirement o£ grain While the situation from the gro«- ers-_sla5dpoint is encounagtng It is thfrVever^e from the consumers side We are faced v,itli a diminishing \\oild p-oduction as much as oO per cent per capita tince 1900 Second, the fact that our fiee ranges and ne« lands .are practical!) all taken up and are being redueed instead of enlarged as in the past So that with, the world shortage and no place ior expansion In new territory It appeals certain that the sheep must be re stored again in small flocks on our lills and \alleys of our eastern lands This restoration will bring m manj pioblems both to the present bheep breeders and to those intend ng to enter the business At the annual meeting o£ the Tn State Sheep Breeders and *ool Grow erst association to be held in TVOieel In*, Februan 11 and 15, consideration will be given to means whereb the prefect situation in the industry may le met To this end the program o£ the meeting was prepared witn a ^ icw to presenting material that will point the war to more and better 'beep in the east and answer the problems therewith. The program will be presented bv mem of vide experience and national repute. The topics to be discussed include sheep diseases care and man acement O j flocks, results of crossing breeds and the results of numerous experiments Demonstrations will be given in shearing and tying and dis plaj* mad,e of fleece Tile discussion of dogs and dog law* lug always called forth plent} ot remarks and as Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio are all trying ou' * new law this year a bnef discussion of how they are working will be gi\en by a represfentatrv e from each stae As · indication of the possibilites mt expansion through small flocks on each farm, the case of Pennsylvania toxr be cited with over 219,000 farms only 11.6 per cent "report .heep in 1J10 (X the total amount reported o»«r if) per cent was within the feouadanes of Washington and Greene counties, the business having thrived there in spite of all handicaps Iiftj ·beep each on approximately 200 000 firms would amount to 10000000 sbeep in the state. It 13 not probable that all farms would be suited to ftheep, so if only 50 per cent of these mre suitable they would provide for 6000,000 additional sheep If they clip seven pounds the wool jield ·would amount to 35,000,000 pounds If th«y average 80 per cent lambs the Increase would amount to 4 000 000 manually These figures suaply serve to indicate the possibilities for c^pan ·ion through a period of years FIFTY MEN ORDERED TO REPORT SATURDAY IN DISTRICT NO. 5 Registrants flfll be Put Through lilgid Physical Examination. V Below is found a list of men of District iNo o who are to report at the Title Trust building Connellsville Saturda}, February 16 for examination John Edmund 'Williams Dunbar K D 1 Clarence Williams Cleveland O -, Vaclliaa Kanstantopules Vanderbilt E-irl S Daniels Ohiopjle Isaac Lint Dickerson Eun Arnold W Show Ohtopvle ·i-lo^sius Mullen ConnellsTille Frank Ellsworth MoClaln, Dunbtfr Lindsay Edvard Frazier Connellsville R D Samuel Clarke Dowels Dunbar Mrian Little Ohiopyle Daniel Ste^e Pamsh' Leisenring No 1 John tdiskas Connellsville / R D Clarence Robinson Connellsville R D 1 Albert Nicholson, \ormalville R D 1 Shmer Osier Confluence Roy Colfman Miller, Indian Head Clajton Myers 'White Albert Mangos Connellsville R D James Morris Smitley Duubar Frederick. Danzell Miller Mark- levsburg V illiani Hagner Connellsvillc George 4dam Pruts Champion Edgar Russell Holt Ohiopvlc Jacob L Boreitcr Dunbar Cionguendio Nafrio Dunbar William A. Piri Norroalvillc Prank Chsan Marklcysburg Clarence E Martir Dunbar Chestoi Kuans Miller Indian Head Clarence Henry Smith Dunbar Scott Martin Dunbar William Bomck Dunbar R D 32 Thomis Wvin Mclntire Leisennng Charles Roy Meyers, Marfclejsburg Albert Nelson Dunbar R D Clair Hendricts, Dunbar Jesse Jordon Mount Braddock Mark -illeu Kertoot, Connellsville. John Henrj Mood Dunbar Prank Louis Breschada Connells \ille John Torma} Prazler Connolls-nlle R D Elm^r Henrv Murra-v Leisenrmg Frank August llagler Dunbar, R. D Homer Gibson Waiters Hillcoake Louis \ Shunk Hazelwood Parker Allen Kiekert Indian Head \lbe-t George Hirst Dunbar Henry Knnkle Indian Head Jimes Francis Pnnley, 2vormalv!lle MEN'S SHIRTS Watch Daily Papers For Details and Prices Wright -Met-zler Co. "The Store That Gives Gold Bond Stamps" For Itching Torture 11 There is one remedy that seldom fails to atop itching torture and telieve skin ' irritation and that makes the skin soft; ; clear and healtny Any druggist can (apply yoa with ' zcmo, which eenenlir ova-comes all , skin diseases. Acne, eczema, itch, pimples, rashes, blackheads, m most easel i give way to zemo Frequently, minor ' blemishes disappear overnight. Itching usually stops InsUntly. Zemo fs a safe, antiseptic liquid, dean, easy to use and , dependable. It costs only 35c; an extra ' 'arge bottle, Jl-00. It will not state, is not creasy or sticky and is positively safe for tender, sensitive skins. The E W. EOK Co., Clerclaml, O PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY AffiTRO PRESENTS FRANCIS X BCJSrlJtAN AND BEVLR1\ BAATsE IN 'Red, White and Blue Blood' WONDERPLAV IN S ACTS ALSO A KE\ STONE COMLD\ IN 2 ACTS --Tuesday-- HAZEyi, DAWN IN "THE LONE WOLF" \ SPLCIAL PRODUCTION IN S \CTS WAK TDCE TOPHS. That is Subject of Truon Tarmers' Club ior Satardiir. War Time Topics will be discussed at tis regnlar meeting of the Union Farmers' c'ub ot Fayette county to be held Saturda Feibruarv 16 at tie ioaie ot "Mr and Mrs David Junk near Vanderbilt The following topics will be discussed Is the Principle of Filing Pnces of on Products by law Right' , David JunV 'If the Government Can Fix the Prices of Products Why Not the Price of Labor,' S "W Dnnn Is the Present Legislation Just to ttre Bail- road'' W B Swearingen. TtflSWEAK, NfflVOUS WOMAN TOOK VINOL It Made Her Strong and Barneveld, Wis.--"I was in a weak, Btrrotis, Fan-down, znaenuc condition, so that my housework was a burden. Vinol was recommended, and it made me well and strong. It it certainly the best tonic and ttrtngth creator I ha»e ever taken."--i Krs. John Lewis. Vinol i* a cod hver tind iron con- ·tituoonal remedy for weak, nervous, m-down conditions of men, women ·nd children. Your money wiH le re- nrn*d if it doe* not hc-p 700. Laughre; Drug Co F H Harmen- \*f, ConnellSTille, David C Eason Dnnbar, and at the best drag store in Mrs Kate Hall says "I have kept house 15 years am the mother of four children and I would not keep house without Hollisters Rocky Mountain Tea' "Wise "Woman whv PJrives away sickness, brings health and happiness to the whole family Conneils nlle Drug Co--Adv Read The Daily Conner ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY Douglas Fairbanks --IN-"THE LAMB" "HIS S1LISHCSG ClRrKR" 4 "William Fox Comedj Wednesdaj--^^ lham Fox Presents _Glads Brockwcll in FOR LIBCRT"i ARCADE THEATRE Special Benefit Performance TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1918. FOR CONNELLSVILLE MACCABEES In IT S Army and Navy B\ STONE'S 201'H CESTURY In the Pretty Musical Comedy "DRIVEN FRON ON THE SCKEEN What the Maccabees and Lady Maccabees are doing throughout the country ETEENG AT 7.30 AS'D S.OO.TtATDiEE AT 2.30. Entire Receipts Donated to Maccabees. jf o Ad-ranee in Prices. 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Going Busily On-The Februaiy SALE of The original White event planned and executed on a scale impossible with any oigamzation lacking our facilities and prestige Equality e-vent and a PRICE EVENT that stands alone--not to be confused with any small and insignificant imitation that may ba brought to your attention If you need Muslin Tjnderwear piece goods, domestics curtain materials or anything else in white--and if jou value QUANTITIES--QUALITY and ECONOMICAL PRICES--come direct to the store that serves vou best Pile After Pile of Fluffy White Undermuslins--Every Garment at a Substantial Saving. Many "women make a. practice of laj ing in a six. monthb supply of Alushn Underwear buying all their needs in the Wright "Metzler semi-annual White Sales But it isn't necessary that you be one of them to realize the advantages of buying Muslm Wear here and right now $1.35 $1.79 $2.69 $4.48 Special White Sale Price for Dndermas- lins regular at $2 50 Special White Saie Price "or Undermus Ims regular at ?2 00 Special White Sale Price for Undermus- lins regular at ?3 00 Special White Sale Price for Undermus- lins regnlar at J5 00 Eegular 35c iluslra Ijncergannents Special m the ^VTiite Sale at Regular oOc Muslin Underga-rnenls Spec al in Lhe White Sile at Regular C5c Muslm Ijnde-garments, Special in, tie White Sale at Regular $1 00 Muslin Undeigarmenis Special in the "White Sale at 29c 45c 55c 89c Women's and Children's Knit Underwear Special Attractions in the February White Sale One lot Women's Vests -R itb low neck and no sleeves or in V-neck styles Special in the ft hite Sale at 2ac each. One lot Women s Vests with lo-n neck and no sleeves or V-neck, and bodice, Special ftt loc and ISc each. One lot Vtomen's Wool Underwear consisting of both Imion Suits and separate garments m vvhite only Special in the IMute Sale at 0E FOUBTH OIF. One lot Women s Cotton Union Suits with low necK, no sleeves and tight knee Regiilar 75c and 85c values at 59c each. One lot Children s Sleepers, consisting of small sizes good quality for the money IlP-jular 75c "values in the Mhite Sale at 39t, each. FINAL AND COMPLETE DISPOSAL ALL WOMEN'S AND MISSES' WINTER SUITS Only our fixed policy of never carrjing any merchandise from one season to the next causes us to offer our remaining stock, of Winter Suits at such tremendous reduc tions foi th.e"niajonty of them are fashioned along tailored lines and in dark shades that differ but little from one season to the next But we "v e decided to make a clean sweep of the whole lot and to do it quickly So jiere s the way we've priced them CHOICE JQ t|/*/« EACH For Suits that Sold at $25 to $29.75 CHOICE Jfel El AA EACH %f? JL «-/· V/v For Suits that Sold at $35 to $59.50 All Sizes 13 to 48. And There's No Time to be Lost Everj body, big or little, wants to send one this jear of a]] others just because everything that savors of affection and innocent ga-v ety is more p-ecious than e\er before an the world's historv The variety of books, cards and no-i elties--not forgetting comics for the children--is very great You'll find them all in a special booth m the stationery section--first floor "Valentines ma be addressed and mailed right in this department For the Comfort and Welfare of Your SoM^er Boy When He Goes to Camp. The following comforts cost bet little prepares himself for service 01 er tliere 411 him go to tanp knprepa-ed --Moaej Belts Joe, $1.00, $1 25 each. --Soldiers' Diaries at 8,"c caih. --Sailors' Dinnts at 76t each. --Libert} War Diants at 3 c, 50c find S1.00 --Ttstomcnts at flc and (nc each. --S-m"g Kits^Jit SIM) and $125 tali. --Indestructible Trench Slrrors, ^5c, $180 and $!..0. --1'hoto Irames to sell at SOc eM.ii. --MitiUrj Jirnslus at $3.50 pair --^aterprooi rocket Match Boxes, oit, each -Shoe Shiie Outfits at $1UW each --V aterproof Tobacco Poncli and Pipe, $1.00 each. --roilet Cases, nt $1.35, 82.75, iUM each --First iid Cases at $8 00 and $i2» each. --Writing Pads, »t $2£5 each. --Fitall Cases with adjustable straps to be fitted out, $2AXI and £UO each. --Mtall Casts, complete, at -$5.00, _$i-0, $7.00 and $10 each. %et contribute jmmcasurabl'v to the welfare of your bov as he ar icles in khaki color to conform with regulations Don't let --Arrov and *MJ Soap, 12«c, .3 cakes for I'altn Olne Soap, IZ^c cake. --TatmunN I nscenlcd Talcum, ISc. _ --llcnncn's Abating Cuam, 25c. --Colgate's Slutting Potidir, 2ac. --floodlran s Sliming Stick. 25c --Tooth Paste :nd Powders, 2Sc and 50c each --(arhoJaltd HMline m tabes, JOc. --laselme Camuhor'let, 25c, --btnitic Pencil, lOc. L--looth lirnshes, 18c, 2c, Joe and 4oc --lla:r Brushes, 5flc to $1. 0 0. --Pncket r»mb s 2oe and Tc. --I ill s, We, ISfec, ISc and 20c. --(lothes Brashes 65c and $1«0. -- \rnn Blanket's kliaki color, 3«,0. --Kcis woien names ior marking clothes, Sl~o for lialf .rross; ?2 ior gross. --tloiea Inple Initials,, 90c to? half gross; $1.20 for gross. J

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