Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 30, 1976 · Page 6
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 6

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1976
Page 6
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§4 --May 30. 1976 Suiufov Gtuette-Mail face-Saving Suggestions for Acne § By MariM WeUt America PAvik*J Fitneu the current emphasis on putting jjjir best face forward, it's no wonder that a; case of acne which blemishes the skin ijy leave marks on the personality as idl. If your complexion is giving you a ecfcplex, a few of these "face-saving" Digestions from dermatologists may help you clear up your skin and avoid or minimize scarring. 'First, however, be sure to check out jour acne condition with your physician. Sometimes "breaking out" may be a sign that a deeper problem is "coming to the surface." Such problems may include anemia, allergy, thyroid trouble, excessive fatigue or other physiological factors. '.^Tension and emotional stress may aggravate your acne, according to the American Medical Association (AMA). Make an effort to identify and reduce unnecessary pressures. Do you habitually "cram" for tts? Is your schedule often too tight? 'Are you unhappy at home or frequently depressed? Would talking things over with Sptnebody help? advice. Authorities say you can make your acne worse by exposing your skin to irritating cosmetics and hair preparations. A purer brand with natural ingredients or a hy- poailergenic product may be easier on your complexion. Read labels carefully, and when in doubt, consult your physician or dermatologist. The AMA warns that while a little sun may benefit your skin, too much can actually worsen your acne cooditioc. Finally, do ail you can to keep your complexion dear, but don't let it come between you and others. Your personality and how you see yourself are just as important in now people see you. Remember, ««^ss*s*s«ws%^^ ABCs of Health f ^^SffSi^W^^^*^^^*^^ Donald Rosman, M D. The book, which contains 21 chapters by leading national authorities on various aspects of health is published in paperback by Pyramid Books, 919Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022. You can also get it through the Institute for $1.25 to cover costs. attractiveness is not just "skin deep." · * · FOR MORE healthful bints on skin care, the American Physical Fitness Research Institute's new Health's-a-Poppin' book has a chapter entitled "A Complex Or A Complexion?", written by dermatologist ";IlF YOUR acne requires medication, Vour physician or skin specialist can fit tlie treatment to your own individual case and physical condition. Don't try to treat yourself with advertised products. *fNow. what can you do? Physicians rec- bfnize that skin care and body care go together. A balanced diet containing all es- ·sential nutrients is very important. Acne j$ a prevalent problem during adoles- ieence. Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., points Sat that teenage diets tend to be among 'ifie poorest in the American culture. .**A government-sponsored ten state utri- 3ibn survey found low levels of vitamin A jfi young people of all subgroups evaluat- *t..What's more, young people of all eth- lilc groups evaluated had low levels of ri- Ipflavin. Another government report ^pointed out that with regard to over-all ·gjtin health, "The potential for improve- jnent lies in the number of individuals who 'consume diets containing less than recom- flSended allowances for vitamins A, thia- jnine (Bl), riboflavin (B2), and ascorbic ·'icids (vitamin Q." *·* " * ^MEDICAL authorities point out that Jdiocolate, sweets and soft drinks can ag- *gravate your acne if you're sensitive to "·$em. Aside from calories, they have comparatively little nutritional value and of,|ten crowd nutritionally superior foods out £ the diet. It may also be considered ad" sable to avoid or go easy on nuts, fried [ highly seasoned foods and not overdo Ijffepared salad dressings and cream. ^Exercise serves as a tension release and S very important in promoting healthy :|fody function. Also try to get enough rest ·find keep : your elimination habits regular, authorities recommend an adequate in- ^ke on fluids and point out that too little %n tend to be constipating. ?jTo keep blemishes off-your, face, it's ··^best to keep your hands off also. Skin spe- -j^alists warn against touching with your :$jands or leaning on your chin. Do you '.hqueeze pimples or blackheads? Doing so Mould lead to disfiguring scars. If you ·|»queeze an infected pimple, the infecting '^tganism could get into your bloodstream, jplo not remove blackheads and pimples on -Jjibur own. Get specific instructions from !/5pur physician and follow them carefully, ··j? It's important to keep both hands and ifface scrupulously clean. If dirt or heavy -^cosmetics combine with overactive oil glands to increase clogging of'the pores, j$pu may worsen your complexion prob- ·%em. Be careful not to leave makeup on for iffimg periods of time, especially overnight. ""»M you have acne, no creams or oils should j*je used on your face without your physi- |ian's okay. ^** · * * * iR YOUR PHYSICIAN may suggest a med- -Jfcated soap to be used a few times a day, a *fgranular cleanser to apply once or twice 5* week and an astringent. Be sure to wash ·"Jjff every bit of soap and dry with a clean Jffowel to prevent the spread of any infec- ·r3ion. Other recommendations may include ^applying hot washcloths to your face and Carrying medicated pads with you when fjaway from home. *** To keep your skin clear, yoy may have ·*^o forego bangs, sideburns, beard, mous- f jlache or long hair. Be sure to wash your ^hair frequently with a dandruff shampoo ·*.if necessary. Always keep your brush and r*comb free of dirt. f if Does shaving irritate your skin? Switch- xjing your method from wet shaving to an ^electric razor or vice versa may solve -y'your problem. If not. ask your doctor's *r£ «jT/ie Human Condition | Shampoo, | Conditioners I Help Hair : I By Dr. Herbert Luscombe ! :' Thomas Jefferson t niiTr.'ily H QUESTION: Do any of the special v "shampoos and conditioners really help the : Thair to look more attractive? Would plain '_ ipld soap and water do the trick just as I ; well? .!; ANSWER: Some shampoos and condi- i Jtioners do indeed alter the condition of the i hair shafts and can help the hair to look '*· more attractive. [.; Ordinary washing with soap and water '· Vrill remove dirt and oil. but if too much 'I .oil is removed the hair may become dry J and brittle. ;; Modern shampoos ae formulated to re- »move dirt but also to add normal coating i; oils and to prevent discoloration and odor · .development. ; : . Hair that is processed with permanent i -waving solutions, dyes and bleaches will 'i usually sustain some minor injury to the t hair shafts. This injury does not involve -·' \he hair roots and thus does not disturb the '.' nair growth but can detract from the beau^ ty and manageability of the hair. Pro-J cessed hair of this type can be physically 'Improved by hair conditioners which may ' Ectually repair this damage to some degree at least. j T V ^SHOPOUR r MEMORIA; DAY SALE mlO:00-5:f ONCE-A-YEAR SLEEPWEAR SALE BY GOSSARD! MEMORIAL DAY ONLY... OUR EMTIRE STOCK OF TAILORED LEISURE SUITS 20% OFF NOW 5 2.00-108.00 Have we got a LEISURE SUIT SALE ^ YOU... 500 suits are sale priced at 20% off Memorial day only... so don't miss out on this opportunity to REALLY SAVE! Our entire stock of leisure suits in 35 different colors and numerous styles. .. this sale will suit you perfectly. We have all-sizes 36-48 reg., 36-42 short, 38-48 longs and even 42-48 x-long. SALE PRICES ARE IN EFFECT FOR MEMORIAL DAY ONLY. COME EARLY AND SUIT-UP AND SAVE! JOHN ALEXANDER.. .REG. 65.00... SALE 5 2.00 · h.i.s... REG. 65.00-80.00 ... SALE 52.00-64.00 TRITON... REG. 70.00-80.00... SALE56.00-64.00 HUNTLEIGH... REG. 85.00... SHE 68.00 PALM BEACH... REG. 90.06-110.00... SALE72.00-88.00 LONDONTOWN... REG. 100.00 .. SALE 80*00 SALE 7 6.00-8 0.00 SALE 108.00 JACK NICKLAUS... REG. 95.00-100.00. HART SCHAFFNER MARX ... REG. 135.00 MEN'S STORE - Street Floor FAMOUS MAKER JEANS 11.99 The Riviera jeans with extended waistband and zig-zag top stitching is on sale now! This jean features two front J pockets, back zip pocket pocket and stitched down crease in a contrasting color. Made of 100% cotton brushed denim that is prewashed for a perfect fit. Sizes 29-38 waist med., long extra long length. In light blue, Light Green, Beige and Dusty Rose. REG. 18.00... SAlEl 1.99 READGATE SHOP - Street Floor TENNIS SHOES OR SANDALS 8.99 A . . . 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