The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 14, 1964
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Grivds Soys UN;b 'Nuislnce' IFhahtiSejelcs More troops 4 . , ,; , , .... ........ r . ,. ... v , Jo ; B6lt(r -GypmsiQrc '7 K I V PRINCES ! 'GANGLING STAGE MS7HS Princess AiiTiiei i::BuddingSeauiy By colw frost " LONDON (AP) - Princes :Anae, If 3 tarda?, tot ' emerged a a ooumisl beauty. Once a toothy, tomboy, the ' bloede Princes ku tdded the .. curves that go with Iter height and dearly it past th ugly eoeutng Mag. fcvery Say she geU more like '. bar , toother, ; vueen Elisabeth. ,;,;.:-: , - Ante biggest art birthday J thrill wa to fUr tin only ; girt la tht 17-nran craw of : Prince Philip' . yacht Blood- At the opening day of the '; Cowe regatta, premier avant ; of tht Britlah yachting mm, : Aaaa emerged la jean and a : faded Mat ehirt , ; . : - She lent a willing hand oa : deck. But her mala tatk in tfaa , eight-tour voyage was to brew aa aad open beer can lor father aad hi shipmates. 1 : This was her tint Cowes ap- eaaraace. Prince Philip, wise in 'thewayt of tha tea. Insisted ; aha hould. become a strong ,. ewimmer before tailing. ..,.,.; ENJOYS HE COMPANY r Prince Philip obviously an-; leva hi daughter company, .' and from now oa sha can be ; Saturday's rjOURNAL ' VWILANTET " PATROL GLEBE ; A unique property own-en' organization ia fighting to enhance and preserve a central residential area. Photoatory in tha Saturday Section." -Ottawa Duuy-Exeerpt from tha diary of Ethel Ctodwick- deecrib Utai Summer . community .. at Murray Bay, hv 1927. t Srm tha Graateatr--The tclf -professed world's greatest gata-craihar tell how he crashed tha recant Lou it Amwtrong ahow in Ottawa. Saturday Section. Ottawa Prefllet Interview with Mr. J. Macln--toth Ball, founder of tha Ottawa branch '6f the Methercraft Society: and I. -E." (Jim) bkStraTick, well-known Ottawa tobac con let' .; 7. -'''';;;" -":; ' Spade and Trowel Con. trot of tht lawn condition known at thatch.'. S ANNE : expected to he a Cawaa rag me, - .- In thlt aha dlffera from tht Queen, who it. na. tailor and vesture afloat only ia tht tine of duty. Prince Philip, ia turn. goat to horee race only when to It v. f--xt'.'.s,-rii;; Anna tht ret tor mother' in-lerett la hones and U a tear-Ian aider. At fourth la line to tha Brit- ith- tbronel Anna already to performed the eceailonal public function which will be bar reg ular tot once ecnoot tt ever. . Bttkally aba' country tlri, with hunting and fUhing blgh-aa her list of pieaturet. Wattern are tor favorite TV program that' became of the Until lut year tor education wee confined to tha achuolruont at Bockinghaa Palace,- where the shared a .tutor with young friend of tht .Royal Family. . WASHES DISHES Now the goes to Bentndan. a etrlt school eat hr 3M acrat ot Kentish parkland. Ska aleepe m a dormitory with five other girl and hat to . taka turn to waiting at table, and. "washing dlshet. The atafr can tor raa cat Am, the; etfrTatrAime. A century age'Anne' future would have been clear, A future klatt would tov queued for her band. Now Europe I monarohle are few and have a turplut of prin- rill net Ian- tuieh oa tha shelf. Her aunt, Princes Margaret, and her cousin. Princes Alexandra, tat the pattern. She will be free It marry a commeaer fl tat wished. "' - : ,.';: ' World Hockey Tourney in n TAMPERE, FlnUnd (A) the 1965 World Hockey Champlon- shlpe will be pUred March $-14 in four Fmnish rdtles. with IS countries- participating. K was announced Thursday. ; : : Alt "A" pool nutchea, which tnctod Canada, are scheduled for tha industrial city of Tare- pen, northwest of Helsinki. -. The IV group matches will be played In the three -watt eoeat cities of Turku, Rauma and Port'. - - '; . : .2 - r NICOSIA (CP) . Oefa. George Orim today took over u leader of the Cypnu national guard after he was reported to have said he considers the United Nations peace-keeping force In the troubled Mediterranean Island "a bloody nuisance.' ' ' " UN Secretary-Oefieral 'U Thant wanU more Soldiers to bolster the Cyprus force In the face of a warning by the UN force commander that the nan m nosmmes "U only JMewJerioy But Rior Police . Feel Race Crisis On the Wane PATERSON. NJ. '(APHCaa-olina bombt. bottles and bricks craihed la the streets of Paler-ton' ..Negro district ' for tht third successive night, but city offclal called tha disorder lest ' In Elisabeth, police twinging nlghttbcki swept a street clear of hundreds of Negro and white youth at midaigbt-Thursday after a police car wae -struck with a bottle. There,- too, ea the third night of vioiencel authori ties tatd the tension appeared to ae aubatdina, ; Patereoa polio reported that between M and N tacideau oc curred Thursday aight ia and near the dty predominantly Negro district They arrested 2) Negroes, one wBt aaaa aad doses Juveniles.:.::'"." : --Three policemen and a taetv- ae -'fered ml tor h'Mea. ,cmr waa '.. .nieely aajuged'-rby rockt aad brkka, Mayor rrank Graves said. Several store windows war smashed aad gaeoUa tomb set a small Are at the Act Wiping Bag Company, a two- to rev buildings . . ' TarstMlPag ttW. JEISET zJkrcat "Tat' threat of froeThtngi over OtUwa's -flower bed and vegetable' garden for another night. "- ':""-;-i - Tht; weather -office said there could have beta only bolatad touch of freezing air . m low spots whea the tempertture dropped to 43 overnight. Thlt low will bfl matched again tonight Thl overnight km squab the coldest temperature recorded on thlt data back In 1905. The ooldeat: August days ever -were on the 30th and 31st in IS34 when it waa M and the hottest were tht 11th .end 14th m jUM4 when peratur wa IDS. . .... . Weathermen say ; Indict-tiont arr tht cold au-.wlll tart drifting oft 6a tha weekend. .. :' Frondizi Eludesr AtfaclceS - (Prow AP-X enters) BUENOS AIRES. CP) Former President Arture Fron-did escaped injury Thursday night in a daring "raid ;on a dinner party by gun-wielding ywutn woo injured lour per- Among- uie tniured was Frondizi'a brother who auf. fared a broken srm and anottor men, who. tod bis skuU frtc- tured, - - - :; -, - Police tald It was not ba- medUtaly known K the Muriea rer caused by bullets or . fly ing sumiuira. . They-tald about IS armed youths bunt Into the dinner, at tended by about tQO. gimtt, many ot them woman. The , man with a fractured skull, believed to be labor anion leader Ruia Ditx, was ivit an emergency optntton and was a of In serious ' a breather.7 tt. K." S. Thlmayya of India, tht commander of iha UN force., said after a trio to the rmublad area la oorthwest Cy- pnujMK ne ten urivat, the Creek. born former leader of tha tti . British underground, did not want tha UN inierfur. ing with the Creek Turk com munal ttruggl tbtt ha wracked the island line De cember,. , : 'J. ' Thlmayya said Grivat re garded the UN at "a bloody nuisance."- Crrva succeeded r -veer-old Lt ben. George Karayannis who resigned apparently over anierencet with aim. ; ; : WAS IN EXILE Crtva want Into Mlf4mpoed txlle la Greece attar Indepen dence but returned to Cyprus thl ipring. It was understood Karayannii did not agree whh Grivat over attacks launched Aug, S againtt Turkith-Cypriou ia aorthwest-era Cypru which triggered an air tnterventloa by Turkey last weekend and threatened to es calate bite a major war. The Security Council Inter vened and recommended a halt to all military flight. A shaky cease-tire hat been ia effect aloca Tuesday.... ---v ; Turn at Page S THANT Italian Red 1 ifof.M. . .-- Stro!;c MOSCOW (Reotert) Pal-miro Togliatti, Italian Commu nist leader, suffered a stroke Ttoraday while on vacation m Yalta, reliable sources : tald tort today. Doctor were summoned to the 71-yeer-old poliUcian't tod-sldt and hi personal physician was expected to arrive in Yalta today aboard in Italian defence ministry .plan. v . -In Rome: a party -spokesman said to wss Informed by phono call from Russia this morning that Togliatti had experienced a "certain -improvement." The- Communist leader and his wife arrived In Moscow Sunday and left for the Crimea Tuesday.. . Italian Communists who saw him than said to ap- pearea in gooa neaitn. - MR Faces e In Hull HULL Que. (CP) - Louis- Joseph Pigeon, MP for JoHette-L'Aseomptioa Montcalm, was served with a eummons Thursday eocutkig him of Indecent assault Ht waa summonsed to appear before tha Hull magistrate's court Monday.' ;PoUoa CWef 1. . Maxim U-vigne said the eummons wa issued following tha complaint of Juvenile toy Aug: X Ha save the boys age as 1 or IT. j Tarn.- Page t-MP FACES FOLLOWING INDIA'S MODEL iriya to Become 1 -z. r; i -Z:Wrm Jteutert AP NAlROBMCP) Kenya will Introduce a constitution In' De cember making h a republic within ,th British Common wealth, .Prim Minister Joroo Kenystta told Parliament so- day,-.Ui Tha cohstltutito wUI to intre- docet OeeVU, first aniUversary Kenya's independence from Britain. . ... - . Unde -Kenve's oresent aseo- ciatieo with -the Commonwealth. Queen-"Elisabeth It, ta effect. Sla Queen of Kenya. At a re- Eastern Ontario 'Disaster' Action WiM&idl Aid lrtNft. .r.;iiui(a.i V Si '.V ' t-. - V i .. a i V - I : i ) : - - 1 - V -- - . o mmmi 11 11 S .KvIm r . . expecting nnrn cr.n Prineeaa Grace o4 htonaco la expecting a third, toby In February the palace at Monte Carlo announced today. The former Hollywood actrets and tor husband. Prince Rainier of Monaco, are parent of two other children. Prince Caroline, seven, and Prince Albert, tlx. . . Princes Grace ia 34- Prim Rainier ia 41. They were GRAVELY WOUNDED Bank Robber Shot By Toronto Police TORONTO CP-A bank rob ber was that between the eves and another wa captured lo oey during aa attempt to .told up a branch of the Toronto- Dominion bank m - Toronto's east and.' Police said the man shot was in grave condition. Fonce were notified of the attempted holdup by a woman bank employee, who found the front door of the bank open and staff enembers lined up agalaet a wall. Sha tan to a nearby (tor and phoned police. . Store proprietor j George Stains as said: "Four policemen ran Into the bank. I beard three its aad saw one of the rob bers fall down. Then polio brought one man out' aad frisked Mm on tht sidewalk." Police said the bandit wa shot by Const. Jama Tuff as b tried to break out of the bank, using a woman taller -as Plane Crash Kills Seven U.S. Flyers TOKYO T The crash ot a U.S. Air Force KB-50 tactical refueling plane 140 miles north of Tokyo Thursday killed seven airman, the U.S. Air Force con firmed today. and Kenya will acknowledge the Quean manly a bead of the Commonwealth. " Kenyatta (aid the bead of state hi the proposed republic would to a president who would be leader ot the majority party to Parliament. , The president 1 would appoint a cabinet from members of Parliament and the cabinet would to responsible to Parliament. , .. :-r Kenyatta told Parliament that, if necessary, the government will hold a referendum of aQ registered votera fat Kenya oa toe subject ta November. married Anrfl la tasa 1: a shield. They said the men broke into the bank during tte sight and lined up the employee a they reported for work. Six Killed . In Crash - PARRY SOUND, Out, (CP)-Provinciat polict said tlx persons died Thursday night in a two-car head-on coUiskm on Highway St, It miles north of heia,,....., ;.,....;,.,.,.-. . -..; They said fire broke out In one of the can bearing Minnesota licence plate when the gasoline tank apparently ex ploded. The other car, from On tario, did not torn. , Police believe there were four person In the Minnesota car; and two in tha Ontario vehicle. Identities had not been established by early today. . Police said there tod been m-tarmhtent rain before the accident, which occurred on. a straight at ret cb of highway. They described visibility as Seed. , ,.7.-. yean as a loader of the anti- white Man Mau terrorist or- ganltatlon, also aaaoaaced plane for sweeping .constltu- 1 changes : shining ' power from Kenya', seven . regional governments to the central ad- ajneJstrntlosj.-V'Lr.'jr ti'Ai ' ThS 7-yetr-bId Eas; African ader said . the .constitution drawn op a year ago tod proved too rigid, expensive end unworkable.. Kenyatta btcamt Kenya' first prima minister when bis Kenya African National Ulrica Republic to Gm TORONTO (SpecitO A four-point program to m emergency condition in East-' am. Ontario where a "dU trous- -drought hat aU but ended hope of crop ha bean announced by the Provincial GovernmenL . Agriculture Minuter William Stewart (aid ha wu asking the Federal Government today for a JlO-e-ton freight asslsUnce payment -HO move hav - into Eastern Ontario. Bdrliners Hour of Silence Marking Erection Turns Into Riot -' From AP-Beeitars BERLIN (CP) - West Ber, linen observed an tour of silence Thursday on the third an niversary of tha Communist-buUt wall. Then silence turned to violence at riots rs surged sn wa bamvaos and Soviet Army car. The wall must got the demonstrators. . Other sent a truck trailer smashing through berrten ant up to keep West Berllnert away rom ins wail Between East and West Berlin. . Want Berlin police, sw indite uos, cusparsee lot xock-tbrow- mg oatmmatrawn.-: A crowd of about SM West Berjinen surrounded the Soviet military car la Wist Berlin, kicked It and lore off Its licence plate as the driver aaseed through: to East; Berlin. An American military poKcamaa aid there were four Russian of ftem in the car but the crowd did not attack tha passengers. pemonstiatuia pathed the truck trailer from a parking lot and tent it speeding down the (treat toward .the polk, barriers. The polio Jumped aside and tha trailer (mashed several barriers, beare stopping tome distance from the wall. The, demonstrator! raced for tha breach te the barriers, but poKoa closed ranks, swung their clubs and held off the demon strators. .... '-, , Tha wall wa built three yean go by the Communist to stop the. westward, exodus of East Germans. Sine then, SI East Germans nave died trying to cale.tto wall. .. .. To nay.homai to the deed. the West . Berlin government asked aU West Beriinen to cV serve aa tour's silence at I a.m. Thursday. Public transport mod, and streets generally war.. deserted.: - "Opposition Notte Kpnyatta - NAIROBI UVrPrime Minister Jomo Kenyatu says his opponenu m Parliament are ."conceited grasshopper politicians"- and Kenya doesn't need a two-party system. , . In fact, said Kenyatta, a one-party suta is iaeviuble fat Kenya "becaute we do not subscribe to the notion of the government and governed in oopoaition to one another,- one clamoring for duties and the other crying for rights." v.,. .... ' "Do we have ' te create leaden " of the opposition, maintain them from public fund and tolerate their insatiable desire for agitation merely because, they want to - oppose 1 for oppotlikm't Bcsiogo Reels1 Wall taker" :, -rCertamly not, ytu. The province slto plans: ' o To pay's sutoidy to atove feeder cattle to the Toronto market from the. drought-stricken townships; - o To guarantee bank loaha for. farmers purchasing hay and grain; ; (. .... t ? To VdSdanj: a one-year moratorium on the principal interest nayments on Junior farmer, loans, on appli cation. ,...;. . ARMT WORM VKTIM3 ' Mr. . Stewart also said the bank gusrsntee would apply in farmen ho lost crop in the recent army ftxm krvasfoa as WeftentOotarK., v- J - The wens m toth case thent wilt to NO limit. A farmer will not buy feed he doesn't need," Mr. Stewart told a news conference shortly arter caunet approved the pro gram Thursday. , , .' fWe ere taking a ceaeattest -aenae attitude , ..-to tejleve a dlitstroat attnadoa," lit, Stewart exprtlsita. The awaitter tald tht drouiht Tt the severest In North Rtn- htw nhtie there "UteraHy la no . hay - and aa estimated JS thousand ton it i Ht added that draught eoadi tkm extend from Kingston east through pant of Lanark. 1 Stormont. Prascott, RuaseU. Front ensc PHnrt Edwsrd, tH . kaniraw cevtut ane weMua; Quebec - - . , Tare ts Pag S-OROUCHT - Ccngo! f FcamIU.Se. uoroumux (Uouny- G. Mermon William, assiatant VS. eacretaiy of Mate far African- affairs, arrived tore : today for Ulkt with the Con- goleo eternment on I American -aid to ttus wracked country- He haw In a few toon' after four C-1M Hercules transport planes arrived with about 40 U-S. Army peretroopers,- a highankirig . operation : jcora-mand force and Jeep tnd other quipmenc ,. - Three OIJ transports, each carrying' one helicopter, were scheduled to' arrive later The Associated . Plies .re ported the paratroopers, armed with, light weapon. Including grenade lsuncrten end be-xookaC were expected to fry missions, close tto rebel-held territory... '. I . 'v - , : , . Waahlnvtaik Y-nWu-tala ' ti..M said tto-American aerviceiiien win not Uk part In mUitary operation here. , . ' What : lit tpt : rt t A spIOjF srpsMfaWn , RilitUn in fllttt. . . CBS hnft Ntw Yth - . L ra" tf lffMi- Billy Graham '..k....,. ' ... ... Rrfdga.A. , . ST aattifled Ad ....... SB-IT Comics SB. ST - - Crossword ..,.. A Coming of Age . $ Editorials ;:..;:,...... ... Financial V..,h..w. IB KUgallen' jr.,, 4. r Sports. .. 14.IB. Tt Mmy .......... is ' TV. Radio ............. SB Theatres .;'..;..;.,.., SB Weather "'r. 4.;.. B Women's New i,.,.vS3-lS Your Hearth ST Kenyatta, tailed for won la ISO national flections. V if 1'. P . ....:....-.:.. ';f i. e w. -....... . . ., , .... . . f - . . ........ j. . coadlUon. puWIe, thlt do will to loosened

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