The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1918
Page 6
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1918. CONNELLSVH1E HIGH IS VICTOR OVER GREENSBURG MAIL ORDERS ARE POOR EXPERIMENT | So ili»f»ction ' Gibl«k'.iniei: Articles Are FBrck»scd bj ' ' ' " ' ? 1? PJrat-iiiae"to Years Locals l»e- -~^ ~ -feiit -iTestmorelaBd Capital Team. AND STUDENTS CELEBRATE Gjm _.ThroiMj!lC, Basket IMlren .Contest to th« Hoiie Boys; _ -- 1J» 'Tewwnk l«otk Sides. Same months ago 'a: family in this vicinity'-'prdefed a".'stoiie 'from a. Chicago-mail order hoiiie. ITliey" tboaght they wieie 'settini' a "big bargain. as the catalogue pictured the ztove in i such a way that it made a deep ' impression on .the gullible family.;'; .-. . jit. investigation made -hy a Conrier reporlir-isnbws /that the ·_ family is ·wiser* ndw'.aiiifl-. mail, order catalogues thWart? -their home .only :furn- isK7-£_od""t6r flames; r but not in the stove ordered' by mail. ' The_ Oonmellsville high school bask- "· ' ""Hstfid~e'iat lasL 'f- % ^KWfflt3S»t8ldS3:.iS*lifc-»hen--the fast """"tre'ensburg high school team was defeated on the high school gym floor, '28-27. ' . . '"' Th'e game was'never "on'Ice" for '. '·filler-team. ·".. from the first'.whistle ·until the last the score seldom var- .·; ·; led and a basket - generally · decided ..which, team, would take the lead. Etruble was "there" with the foul shooting,'making a'baskct when one J" was needed' and some pretty field ;--- phots were.made by both teams. · - · .Saturday..-night was the first time -.-j;'tn years that Cpnnellsville high has The w-ondefiul'-ibargaui (-?) arriT- ed in parts and-three" of the parts' were missing..; This-was not discovered until after', the crated" parts were j uupackedrana the family had paid the 'jta?ht-.and hauling, also cash in ad- Tai-cc'..'tor :the stove. They had only ~sC lqt'."'6f iron In/which they, could bull- no' f i r e . . . . . A-'correspondence was.'begun with the-' mail order house 'abcT'it lasted many ..jve-ks.:' The Chicago people promised to send the missing parts ^--A.'promise they never kept--and in We .end: the family sent th_e stove back 'at"a'cost of.$I.S3 for rotnm: charges, plus* about 20 cents for stampe, to say nothing of the inconvenience of 'being without a stove for many weeks. A trip was-made to-the home mcr- _ .. ... , .-...eve.r.defeated.Greensbiirg in any kind I . hanr - am j. a -'stove purchased from ' . of sports. . The student body was out - in force' and-a-terrific- din was raised '".'.' :'. in" the', last five'minutes of play Then ... .'· basket was necessary for the ----CooneUsvillc team to irin the game: him .ai. a..price. the, same as offered, by the mail order house.,-.The-stove was delivered to their home! set up ready for use all within 12 hours after the visit to the store. ~ When' the winning basket was tossed fj»"pajTBenl"iri advance and no "through the entire audience - left its | charge | were maae for hanUn«. ·teet to give a mighty cheer. .'· | ' N · * wh() - te the . victims O f A j. *i i _*· ii.- a . * i.~tr --* **,,, i 1 ".." j"« .1 "-- . . . . , -mail-order mania, ponder over these RECORD-BREAKING COAL OUTPUT FOR 1918 IS EXPECTED Provided the Car Supply and Distribution Is Adequate. 170,209,231 TONS IN 1917 7IMMERMAN WILD POMP ANY " FURNITURE f t RUGS V STOVES RUGS I "The Big Store Near The Bridge." Is'Spite of ttie VBfeMHabto C-owJi- Oaaf ot Short labor mi Car Sop- lily; Total Slumld Hare Been Han Xhut JonWe; District fiodneti«n. At the end of the. first halt of the 5Jime the locals led by '/bur points. ·/"' Greensbiirs'closed this gap before -- -Connellsville scored another basket, - "'"' m'nd from then on ic was a battle royal' ,,..:..:lor .the lead. The. passing for the : ..most part in the second half was not ' as good as that in the first part of ttie^ " , . game. , In the' earlier stages' the; - .... locals got off some fine teamwork, but | '. tie second period Greensburg broke "up" the passing and for a time stopped "'.- 'ihe'scbring of the Connellsville team Ths-Lineup: . . . C'yiliE--28. . ;, . .Struble . -J.. jfcConnell - - Moore" . ' - ' · McCormlck "..' . Robinson '.. ' .'. Held, goals: GREENSBURG--27. Painter Brown - Snyder Carroll Peoples McConnell 2; Moore 2-: Brown 5; Snyder 2;' ; ' Carroll Z; Painter. Kobinson. - '.LTFoui .goals: . StrublelS out of It. Brown 1 out of 10 ...... . -Substitutions: Bntterraofe for Rob\ in*bn; J."McConnell: for SfcCbrmick. ' . - - In the preliminary game the sophomore class team defeated the s'enior team, 15 -- 11. . t The .game .was interest. Ing -with. .a .few. flashes of "speed showr ·by both teams. ........ :^'TANLAC SAVED ^ : TCTHESLAPY - lioftafr Had Given Her Up T-XOW She Ja \VeJl ami ,""..;;'. -Uthougj. 'local "doctors" had given '.fj.'.-. her -.up -only :a few..weeks ago, -Mrs. . HaryHeii.-ot 46-^rth Front street - _ 7; Easton, i*a., is nb'w we'll* antl'happy.''" '·...-..' ...-y^Her story is pf.sttch intense, iuter,- -·· -.-"'Cgt.-if-am .best -be told:in- -Ittr o»-£ ····· -words. She said: ' _ · ' - -·' ''" .'- -V-..."Nervous indigestion-in its v/ovst :·... r.lorm..go.t a hold on .me - {olio-Bring a · · . "lecent operation. I'suffered uirt'old "'.'igoales'jlrpm' my nerves., 'My'appetitp . "'. -became-impaired until'^1. could only .· ..tat certain .foods, Bven this ligKt; · ; ' ; ^' lar'e-'caused me considerable suffering/ ^.'.".. ^"Se'v'efe.jpiiis in my stomaci'madefli/e.- iniscrairte.- ~J- simply'coul'dn^.'sleep. -- '."iWy blood--became so-thin -I-couldn't ··-····_·;. iceep' warm and had chills ^continually.' ands, yrere. always cold and clammy. I was getting weaker ...... "T became"intere*ted iif Taolac and ·"'declded'to try' ff^ttle. My appetite -., tegan- to-improve Limne.diately. y\yi E ..sleep now! .My food 'facts.' If your home merchants should ask you to buy-an article -without seeing it; you would.laugh at him. if he-.had-.the article;ypu.--,-destred in stock. Yon should feel the same toward tbe mail order house and-laugh at it. - ' · Let us remember this the-next time we are tempted to experiment with the enemy of- our -home -town. . Vanderbilt. VANDERBILT. Feb. 9.--Mr. and Mrs.-L. L. Collins and lire. J. 1 L. Love were Connellsville callers on Friday. Mrs.'l_eona Coushcnour and son left last night-to visit friends in New Torlt City. .'·- · -William Bailey, Robert Addis, Edward Strickler, Daniel · Bailey, W. A. Keed; 'l«wis Marotte 'and Walter McCune were recent Connclis\-il[e business callers. . . , . -·Mrs. William- McLaughlin was a -shopper in .Connellsville..yesterday. Miss Elsie Edwards was an out of town-caller on Friday. · . .The. infant son oC Mr. and . Mrs. Rayoiond. White,; who died of pneumonia, .was.buried in. the Dickerson Run cemetery onJYiday. ,- Mrs. ."Isaac. Colbert - suffered .a -stroke of paralysis .yesterday mo-rn- i'ng at her home in East Liberty. jRoberV'St'cBurney of"Junlata was'a business caller here Friday. "· .. Mr. and Mrs: Orton Cottom of Dunbar township were caller here, yesterday. , _ .-.Miss Sai-a.iFjeed .has returned .to ·her- home in-'Dunbar township after visiting several days with her sister,. Miss" Mary Freed." 'Miss,' Grace TVc-rkman is spending the week end with her pare.rits, Mr. and ._,lrs..,Dayid Workman. "'"' ; ^E. E...Arnold of.^Fraiifciin township- .was a~'lusiness callcr ; here-j'esterday. Allen Snyder, who-has been ill, is 'to be -about again. - -'·"Mrs;'Secrigt,- Mr...and Sirs: Prank Newell, are" iii Connellsville'today to see thej'r.nephew, Howard Secrist, oft to 'Camp-Hancock. '. -The* Alturian Bible class · of the ·Presbyterian church met. Thursday evening'at tbe h o m e - o f Miss Mary Freed. A -good attendance was present. . .. ' _, John; Bogar and Harry Jenkins oi' ~ "" township" were business call- Pennsylvania should 'have a record- breaking 6«tput of coal and perhaps of coke in 1918,-according'to an estimate, made by Frank Hall, deputy chief til the State Department of Mines, if the c«r snpply can be kept up.and the men remain 1 at work. The estimate i« made in a summary of reports showing the production of hard and soft coal by districts and which notes the dlfflcurtSes which were encountered in 1917 and which are being thought over with the idea of solving. .The report says in part: "Under the o-rinHng conditions with tht extraordinary demand for fuel and th« stimulus of extremely high wages, the outlook in Pennsylvania is favorable for a record-breaking production in 1918, provided the car supply and car distribution can be maintained with necessary efficiency, and further provided that tbc men can be kept atead- ily at work instead of indulging in the too-frequent vacation periods for the purpose of enjoying their itmnifi- cent earnings." Ths production for 1917 by districts was as follows: Firrt 5.S76',!lt Second '.,...,. .7,223,651 Third .' 3,300,000 Fourth 4.500,000 Frfth 7.001,132 Slith 5.117.711 Seventh ,.« 4.531,330 ,-Eig-hth u 5 JS7.958 Ninth 7.130,000 Tenth 3.31.1,818 Eleventh 7.105,236 Twelfth '. ..6.-t30.264 Thirteenth 4,325,000 Fourteenth 3.871.851 Fifteenth 5.4II,S35 Sixteenth !l.600,00il Seventeenth 5.00S,23D Eichtoenth 4.800.900 Nineteenth , .. .-. . . .6,252.000 Tw-entteth 4,706.800 Twcnty-Srst ...7,137.132 Twenty-second 4,250,000 Twenty-third ' 7,540,000 Twenty-sixth ...:.. ,.S,019,'SOO Twenty-seventh B,951,B68 .Twentj--e!erlith .'.S.(J4,)20 Twenty-ninth ....:-.. .4,840,000 Thirtieth .,.- 6.700,000 6, MS 8,895 5.470 5,120 7.S46 5.S13 6.1 rs 6,050 6.505 4.778 7,650 R.301 4.000 1.20S C.3S3 S.OOO 5.02! 7,1 1)8 B.200 5.890 7.191 4,190 5,053 C . 3 I 3 6.01.4 5.000 8.2SO Closing Out Sale Leonard Furniture Stock Connellsville's Greatest Money Saving Event. One-Fourth to One-Half Off Leonard Furniture Dining Suites Dining Tables Dining Chairs Lamps Cedar Chests Bed Room Suites Brass Beds Iron Beds Springs Mattresses Prices Duofold Suites Davenports Rockers Library Tables Parlor Suites. Everything For Every Room Reduced All Leonard Furniture Must Go to Make Room For Our Immense New Spring Purchases Zimmerman-Wild Co., 154-158 West Crawford Avenue, Connellsville, Pa. Totals 170,209,231 179.708 "Tlie year has been one of great -Monday, South. CoanellsyiHe, at the prosperity'-to-botli the operator and · boi » e of "William Sansom; Tuesday, the miner:" Prices for- coal were exceedingly high until near the close of the year when the prices ivere flxed Itoyer, at the home of ,-Frank BurkcU; Wednesday, West Side, at the home or H. T. Grassland; Thursday, South ITJf6KKIE FKOCK HAS EFFECT. ers in', town 'Friday. KTERTBODT MO.NEV. to givc'me the" proper' nourisb- "^ ment . I" am §:* t ting'-trorigeF. every - -- iay, -too.- ..... -- · '"The- chill- spells disappeared. That ~. ta .t^PcU weak feeHng Is goneiand I' feel tetter thau..i. have for years. . Tanlac * Saved my 'life and I am-'grateful for itr. ';''-·/·;;- . ; ' · ; - · ' " ; _______ Tanlac^os.. .being sold . .her,e_ at . tiie ' Tanlac also can be secuced in. Dun-;. e, -- adv. by the Federal government, lessening Side, at the home of J. F. Eogleka; to a great degree the vast profits that' Friday, North Side, at the home oi n-ere being garnered by the opera-) Joiin Franks. tors . Even under the government prices, however, tbe well-conducted mine is profitable and no fear need be entertained as to the results of the coming, year. The wages of the miners have risen to alru^st unreasonable heights · and reports of unheardrof earnings are "received from all sections of the region. "'.'The rear's activities were - hampered somewhat · by labor ^shortages, strikes, disturbances over wage scales and by an inadequate car supply. "Strikes occasioned very Kttle trouble, but in most districts the -shortage of labor and ears was keenly foil, although in some instances tbe handicap of labor shortage was overcome by in! creasing the number of working I hours. - ** "A ; few districts for some unknown ! reason seemed to be entirely immune from .the untoward conditions and passed -through the year without loss of trade or inconvenience of operation. The output, liad all conditions been favorable, would probably have reached -300,000,000 tons. "The coke output, great as i t , was, would have been several million tons greater had labor been, more plentiful. During the summer months, it was almost impossible to obtain coke drawers, and the conditions became so acute and the prospect.- seemed so hopeless that some of the companies changed their dvens from hand to machine-drawn- types. The hindrances to the; trade, however, serious as ' tliey A d v e r t i s e for it in these OOOOOOOOOOOOOCCOOOOCOUOCXX) Bank 'Deposits' Sliow That Xost reo- /'pl« Are Savings.3funcy. The G.oirtti of Bank deposits indicates, that the average man and woman ,,are saving, money. If you are npt increasing,. your Bank Accounu you are. not keeping up with the pro- cessicm. Money is now plentiful and a portion of all that you receive should -he deposited'in the ,lank at inV terest. The 'Citizens National Bank: · has"reacSed the" highest point in its Methodists »'.ill Mtet During Week at lire in TTEAIV Horaces | CIotMng § OOOCOOCOOOOOOCOODOOOOeXJOOO COAL ] Goo4 Conl. Prompl Serr-ict-. i \ I Cnl! JJ--H 1'honc 15_: or 4G^, ? . Tri-Stnic OTii, l \ BIG G SAFEGUARDED BYLAW .Trust Companies are safeguarded by law, under the supervision of the State Banking Department. You act wisely when you appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your Executor. It is always faithful to the duties of the estate. Consult us about this important matter. Pirce! Post If eK-ilr-d-- 1'ricc «, or 3 bottlel -3.T.S. THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO., CrNCINNATI, 0. i . J atroni2e Those Wlio Advertise large profits of the operators." COJOHISITT SERVICES. "history durfojs" the last -year. This is because^ of its Strength, Management and_ Jiberal banking policy. This ·Bank,accepts' S-evi'ngs," 138 North PJttsburg'Street.--adv. · ' . aoiented with crocheted olives. Superimposed ruffles are of embroidered organdie with edging of filet lace. The lines of this frock give the figure a fine appearance of grace and beauty^ Homes for Pray. Community prayer services are ·be-1 Thousands of job.printing ing held this week among members I leaving Connelftvtlle every month. or the -Methodist Episcopal ehurci '·'···-- '' (o bid on it. Tbe as £ol!ow:r: Courier company. MOVING :.Vii».-:c o /*· **'**?*!*·*!*:'-,t\^^. ·'· Both Phones. HAULE.0, COAL A3O) CBUSHED COKE. W. W. GLOTFELTY. , Connellsville, Pa. Saving is a Solemn Duty Just Now t A duty we owe to ourselves, our families and our country. Our savings are needed to bring the war to a successful conclusion. The battle' must be carried on at home as T?ell as on the firinp linf| This strons bank invites your savings account and''pays liberal JB- teresl. $1 starts you, : SfflOKAL jfrgj 129 AT. Crawford Afe, ConncIIsrffli "The Bank that Does Things for Ton Checking Acconnts.-Imit«(l. Merchants who advertise in this paper will give yon best valaes for your money. J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBUC ANO HEAL E8TATE. Ho. 3 South Mud*_i I Conn«llwlU .«. OOOCX3OGOOOOOGOOOOCXXXXXXXJ BT C. A. VOIGHT -- ' TOLD AN% oww owe m -:" plf.:-!./ Ar.tET.E«. fj Biu. -- VJEI.COM To THE.'BIG IL»- HAVE To coo\c A 6O"T ANV To SOSGESt? BRoTHCR Bint IT THAT"EE!f4G3

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