The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 11, 1918
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRTJART 11, 191S. t' U'J U ttl UJK, aj-iijo VIT.T JD, PA. FAGE FIVE, CAR RATING SYSTEM FOR COKE PLANTS SHOULD BE CHAMP b the Recommendation oi Committee of the Coke Operators. At the Tneatres. CAPACITY, NOT Of Orenj Sio«]d b* Tlie B»sU la Order to Adapt' Pint OftnOon t« the Best Coidltions ud Atold tie DeprccUtioi f* Qnmlity of Prwliei. The hindrincee to the shipment of coke, and th» complaints of consum-- ers. both of which have continued ·with a singular persistence throughout the p^st year or longer, have been the subject of more thoughtful study and Investigation by both railroad men and coke operators than any other problem which has jointly engaged the attention of these two Interests. The study given to this problem has been ·with a view to devising an' effective remedy of some of the conditions which have held the coke region down to a partial production 'at a period when it should -have been constantly at the manmum. That th'e methods of car distibution. Ions in vogue, and suitable to conditions as they have heretofore prevailed, should be changed, is the conclusion a number of experienced operators' have reached in their study of the situation. "A. great deal of perhaps just criticism," says the statement of an operator who has considered the situation from every angle, "of tb« quality of fur nace coke now being shipped to blast furnaces is directly due to the system of. car rating of coke plants, in effect at the direction of the Interstate Commerce Commission. This rule is that: 'Ratings of coke oven plants are based on the number of THE AECADE. ovens in blast.' At first thonghtShis would seem to be just and economically correct, bat the actual working Bow". Stone's Twentieth Century out of the ruling, during a' period of Show". Stone's Twentieth Century car shortage is not only very injurious to the quality of the coke but ei- ccedingly wasteful of coal and entails known artists are with the company heavy unnecessary expenses to the operators. "The war committee of Connellsville and Mrs. Yernon Castle's Tour Step" show. Beatrice coke operators has recently recommended that the 'car rating of coke plants be based on the number of ovens available for service and the actual producing capacity of\he mines serving snch ovens, instead " of the number of ovens actually In blast "It is now necessary for all the ovras at a plant to have fire in them 1 R. B. Stone was with the Nancy in order that if shall receive its full \ Boyer company. The chorus is corn- share of cars. If the car supply is 35 ...... per cent of the normal rating, as it ' HIRKSI BgENWI THE LONE WiF" THE "RED, WHTTB AMD BLUE"--A five part Metro feature in which socicty life on Long Island supplies the background, is being presented today. Francis X. Bushman and ' Beverly Bayne are seen in the leading roles substituted for tlw connt. The picture is not a patriotic subject, the title being used to designate a typical American, the role portrayed by Francis X. Bushman. Much, of the comedy is supplied 'by Adella Barker, as Mrs. Maaloy-Smjihe, who wishes to forget her lowly origin and William H. It Is a bright breezy story and one of; Tooker, as the elder Spanlding, who ' persists in" reminding her of it at the the most entertaining in which Mr. Bushman and Miss Bayne have appeared recently. The production is an adaptation by June ^lathis of a story by Shannon Fl-fe and has' been capaily directed by Charles J. G. Brabin. The scenes of tie fox hunt on Long Island, with a number of riders taking the junure over fences and other obstacles are particularly good. Also the scene in which Spaulding is "THE TWENTIETH CENTUHY mended, opens a week's engagement at the Arcade .today. Many well headed by "Doc" Washburn and Andy Marcnm. late of Al. G. Fields' Minstrels." Little Rae Keith, a dainty little sqahrette was formerly with Mr. j wrong time. To-morrow Hazel Dawn, will be seen in ''The Lone Wolf." which will be presented for the benefit of the Navy League. Thursday's attraction is 'The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds." Friday and Saturday Norma Talmaftgc will be seen in "The Jfoth." '·Nearly Married," in which Madge Kennedy is seen in the leaJlng role, . will ie seen soon. minstrels last season. Miss Rae Kieth, the soubrette, was formerly with Mrs. Vernon Castle's "Watch Ifour Step" show. The film show will include drills by the Lady Maccabees in addition to showing other activities of the order throughout the country. Watch Silver was the prima donna with "The Mischief Makers." Fred Washburn, is half of tho Kieth vaudeville act of j ·iCoy and Washburn." Albert Kain one of "The Five Funsters" and during the month of January 'on the Monongahela railroad, not over 50 per cent of the ovens should be operated in order to load all at the available cars. With 100 per cent in blast posed of five dainty little g'.rls. who are said to he good singers and dancers. Today the bill will be "Driven From day, George Cohan's farm "Running for Office." and Friday and ·Saturday. ''Jessie James." Today Bil- .Home;" Wednesday and Thurs- 3eonce Cohan's famous success, Special to Tho Courier, an*." PUOASJUNT. Fab. II.--Tho ladies of the' -Mount Pleasant Chapter of American Red Cross have made a wonderful showing; in the shipemnts i OUT OF 45 CLASS 1-A MEN EXAMINED . 33 DRAFTEES PASS Only One Man Is Rejected; 10 Are Held for UaJontown Examinations. Out of 45 men examined .by the local 'board for District. No. -5, 33 were .passed Saturday morning with only one man taking out an appeal. Ten registrants were held over for examination in Unlontowa · and one man was rejected. There wil be no examinations today or tomorrow tout they willl ibe resumed on Wednesday. Following are the men examined Saturday with the physical elassification: PASSED. Kozmer Pinvar, Trotter. Earl Hardy, Dunbar. Joshua Ix Miller, 11111 Kun. Wart juamtbte, Ohiopyle. Harold C. Marietta, Mill Run. Emery L. Pratt, Diokerson Run. F. B. Smiley, Dunibar. Benjamin F. Hall, Dunbar. Leroy Hardy, Ohiopyle. Charles Stull, Ohiopyle. Arthur TallenUre, Markleysburg. Peter J. Mullen, Connellsville. James C. Cavaloante, Vandcrfcilt Frank it Showman. Indian Head. Richard Herbert, Vand«rbilt. Sovino Artonzia, IVunbar. William Hyatt, Dubar. George, Fisel Leisenriog. James V. Connell, Dunbar. Charles E._Stefl, ii.t. Pleasant. · John H. Raum, Dunbar. Saftastino Perichette, Dunbar. Aibert Linda.ll, Duabar No. 32. James A. Chambers, Merersdale. ^William G. Kemp, Normalville. John Oler, XL Braddock. Alex Alexander, Leisenrihg. James E. McDowell, Chalk Hill. Carl B. Printey, .Mill Run. Charles R. Shearer, Glassport. Clyde Burnworth, .Mill Run. Frank Swinker. Jforell. Alva Ritenour, Indian Head. HELD OVBR. Robert K. Huffman, Dawson. Charles E. Lehman, Durbar: Grover C. Burn-worth. Ohiopyle. John E. Whipkey, forraalville. Patrick Nells, Dunbar. Hciskell C. Hoover, Indian Creek. John L. Walters, Vanderbilt. Ira Piper, Duabar. Charles Lynch, Morrell. Noah Tressler, Dunbar. REJECTKD. John D. Workman, EUiotsville. APPEALKD. Thomas Francis Mnrtha.^eisenring. Second Son, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fowler of Fer- thai they have sent away. The fol- Buson are tha proud parents of a son, lowing, is a report of the recent i n - i ' h e second In the family. Mrs. Fow- gathering of hospital supplies; Tarrs | l«r was formerly MIsa Carrie Miller unit, 15 pajamas, 12 hospital bed ot Keffers. shirtk 5 bed jackets, 16 wash cloths. 30 triangular bandages. 1 knitted eye band, 1 knitted knee band, 8 pairs of I socks, and 3 comfort pillows; M. and ! K. unit, 7 hospital bed. shirts, and 8 Read the advertisements. and 35 per cent car supply, each oven j jj e Burke will .ibe in "Gloria's Rom- can be drawn only about one-third as | a nce." Tomorrow the entire proceeds often as it should be. Instead of mak- \ ^11 ",be donated to the Connellsville ing 48-hour coke, which has been 1 Maccs bees now in the service of Un- ;^£. s '^e p r ^ yUr ian u nit demonstrated by years of actual prac-| cle sa m . Th e picture will inclu^ = I Uanls ' - Mmttle P^^^nan unit, ticu to be the best for blast furnace; fam ,by the Lady Maccabees and Re-uni use, it is actually .burned from 96 to ai3o s j, 0 w other activities ot the or- , ^ 120 hours, and at times for an entire j Br The second episode of "Ven- , ' ' . . week. Every operator and furnace- *L, a?d t^W^a^'wi!l be shown ^ n f. ^ ^""f* Pr«bytenan, 25, ^Xt^^f^^^ ' g-^-^'-S^^i n.v. cmcSAX - pajamas, 24 fracture pillows; j rHi aOlaoWJ- jHecla unit, 32 triangular bandages, 3| fracture piilows, 3 knee bands, 7 abdominal bandages; Friendly unit, · 30»hospital .bed shirts; Donegal unit, · 12 pillow cases. U wash cloths, 7 sub-i handkerchiefs, and 3 knee 10 'will i Da J amcs an1 15 triangular bandages; Re-Union Presbyterian unit. 15 pa- ·10 hospital bed shirts, and' 1 A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Miss Kelly Tell* How Lydia E. Pinkhun's Vegetable Compound Restored Her Health. . too hard if from the first long burning, and too soft with the excess of I volatile matter if from a later burning, on account of the loss of heat of the "EKErrTY PEGGY O'MOORE".-- Those who hare pleasing recollections of J. Hartley Manners laraous comedy "Peg O' M- Heart" will be equally "It does not have any life. It is! delightful. The Manhattan Players asbed in appearance, which in i^e«r are particularly fortunate in being from, the bottom and walls oven. is not injurious, but is a sure indica- tou of havng remained too long in the ^ven. Ashed coke is the result of .some Df the carbon having been consumed after all of the volatile matter has been driven off. This is a great waste Df good coal uselessly burned to keep up the heat, which under proper rating rules could be sent to the fumacea js arst class coke. "Ex^ra machines must be kept Jn commission; enough men on hand to take care ff all the ovens; longer tarry hauls operated and many other unnecessary expenses are incurred by ·he operatdrs, solely that they may receive their full percentage of cars. "\ natural answer to these difficulties is that each producer* of coke should voluntarily shut down the percentage of his ovens which are not iccessary. This sounds good but is practically impossible. Ever}'; fellow .vould be edging in a few ovens to get in extra car and the whole scheme A-ouid fail. This can be easily 'rerae- lied by a simple change in the rating ·ule. "There has been a lot of foolishness niblished to the effect that the coke ipcrators have restricted production tecause the price of spot coke was ·educed to $6. To anyone familiar vith conditions in the region during he last few months, this is highly ·idiculous. Operators have lost the ·espect ot their families and friends n their efforts to get cars. They vatch each other's plants like hawks. fho car distributors are on the rack 14 hours a day and they lose all their lair the first week they are at it. "Those conversant with conditions oo'c for a sreat improvement in the :oke situation with the advent of nor- :ial weather. Two days of higher emperatures last week enabled the j ·oais to make a great reduction in ' he number of stored loads, but the I ·oU weather since has again resulted j a uuite an accumulation. Engine ca! iacity in very cold weather is actually p *er cent of what it is under normal emperatures. " - ! "When the car supply reaches 65 to | 0 per cent, the operators, will have I erious difficulty in getting sufficient! :ibr. It is not thought that over; his percentage can be loaded w i t h ! oer. workins as they do now. however, J 5 :u 80 per cent of the capacity o f : he merchant ovens will keep :hy if chant furnaces, normally d r a w i n g - Jir r -.-urtply from the Connollsvinci '.i c : nil. going." . ' able to offer such a play as "Pretty Peggy OlUoorc." The story, is true u Ju _ EMlell the .Manhattan diretcor u enthusiastic regard- rit of the piece . V In the ; J role JUss frothy -Burris has V her carecr . PeggJ . knitted wipes, 12 socks,- and 12 head bandages; Bohemian nnlt, 14 hospital bed shirts, 32 fa^e towels, 6 wash cloths, 34 triangular bands-and 60 aib- dominal bands; First "Ward school, 12 j wash cloths, 15 fracture pillows, and 1 knee bandage; I'niteri, T-rauger and Calumet unit, 5 pajamas, 10 bospita] bed shirts, 14 bed . towels, 44 triangular bandages, 10 T. bandages and 13 packages presses; Scottdale branch, 16 pillow j ; eases, 6 sheets, T2 pajamas, 343 hos- * . - j I *-"c;3, u 3UCT;LS, I _ I JO.JilUJ.13, ii4.J nOS- lovable, witty mite of an Irish maiden | ital bcd shi j b d . k , - j» ,,- *_ ^. n- n n ti^A l a n r l !r\A I . _ J ^".»fci uv UAU, whose devotion to her native land and her sweet nature win the hearts and plaudits of hej- audience. "Pretty Peggy OTtfoore" will be presented twice today and Wednesday at the" Soisson in a way that wiU^furtfier entrench the popular company In the hearts of our playgoers. THEATRE. robes, 94 bed socks, socks, 12 operating leggings, 24 bath towels,. 2,482 face towels, cloths, 120 hot water bottle covers, 40 bandages and 27 shoulder wraps. Kecltal Postponed. Owing to the high water so that the street cars' were not running through Swedetown yesterday and a number of persons who were on the program for the recital at the Mt. Pleasant Institute were from Scott-. -- T - . .dale the recital was postponed until William Fox .comedy,. "Hia Smashing ne xt Saturday afternoon. The next Career." Wednesday, Gladys Brock-| rec ital to be held at the Institute will well is featured in "For Liberty,' a h , j, e a p i ano forte by Miss Susan Boh- oppqrtune story that will appeal ^to' all lovers of thrills and actions. On Thursday "The Impostor" stars Ann "THE LAMB."--A Triangle Fine Arts drama featuring Douglas Fairbanks, will be siown today. Also a Murdock. Friday and Saturday Marguerite Clark ia featured in "The Seven S-vrans," a fairy tale. novic asisted by Prof. Gambles. ..The recital J. Hunter will start SACCABEE BEXEFIT. .Entire Proceeds at Arcade Taesday Donated to 3tcu in Sen'ice. A benefit performance will be given at the Arcade theatre tomorrow at which time the entire proceeds will be donated to members of the Knights of the Maccabees now States Army and Navy. the United "Driven From Home," Fram Hall's musical ^arce, will be presented by Stone's Twentieth .Century Show, a company that is said to be very ciever. It is headed by Andy IMarcum and "Doc".Washburn who \vere with A. G. Fields' promptly at 8:15 o'clock. This will.- be followed by a students' recital on Thursday evening,- February 21, at 8:15 o'clock and,on February 22 the i Institute Orchestral club will hold its (first meeting and will continue these ' meetings each Friday evening. ,1V. C. T. U. MecHnp. ·The ladies o[ the W..C. T. U. will meet at the home of -Mrs. D. C. McCloy on nexf Thursday to complete the nine dozen of garments thar. are being made by the local Union for the French War Orphans. Other Jfews. On account of decoration for the To Heal Bed Sores For 25 years physicians ind nunea have never found anything equal to Sykes Comfort Powder One box proves its extraordinary healing for lay iicin inflammation. 25c at the Vlnol and other drug store! The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mass. IT sura ONLY A FEW OF THE ETRAORDINARY VALUES IN THE THESE ARE DAYS WHEN IT PAYS YOU TO COMPARE IXTBA SPECIAL! COKSET -i F7 COVEKS J- I C Regular 25c value. EXTKA SPECIAL! EXTRA SPECIAL! CHILD BBS'S -f C* ' CORSET J O DEAWERS ... JLt)!', COVERS ,,_.... LCH Regular 25c Quality.! 50c kind. EXTRA SPECIAL! B9c values. $1.00 BtHNGALOW APRONS In light and o. y. T. CROCHET COTTON White or ecru, dark colored per- all numbers, 3 cales. spools MEN'S 50c HOSE All sizes in black with gray toe and heel, at 50c TABLE LTMiX Heavy quality Damask in 11 oral patterns 50e N E W WHITE SKIRTING Ga.barrline ami Basket weave, 3G inches wide GERMAN PHOTOGRAPH OF BOCHE SOLDIERS · FIGHTING DESPERATELY IN .SI-IELL HOLES Newark, N. J.--"For about three down and got so weak I could hardly itand, and had head- achea every day. I tried everything I could think of and was under a physician's carp for two yeara. 'A girl friend had used Lydia E. P i n k h a m ' 3 Vegetable Compound and sh« told me about it From the first day I tobkitlbegan to feel better and now I am well and able to do most any k i n d of work. I have-.been recommending the % Com- jd'gjye you my permission to publish thii letter."--alias FLO KELLY, 476 So. 14th St, Newark, K. J. The reason this famoua root and herb remedy, Lydi* E. Pinkbam's Vegetable) Compound, was eo successful in Misa Kelly's case was because it went to the root of her trouble, restored her to a normal healthy condition and as' a result her nervousness disappeared. Use Soothing Musterote i When those sharp pains go shooting! through your bead, when your skull j _ _ __ ... seems as if it would split, just-rub a card party the ladies of the St. Jos- , utu « Musterole on your temples and j eph unit will ho:d theirnext rae-.'ting on Wednesday evening. The Odd Fellows club have given over their rooms in the I. O. 0. F. building to the ladies of the Methodist neck. It draws out the inflammation, soothes away the pain, usually giving quick relief. I Musterole is a clean, ·white ointment,! made with oil of-mustard. Batter than a j mustard plaster 1 and does not blister. Many doctc-EB' and nurses frankly recommend MustcroU: U-- sore throat, bronchitis, croup, stiff nfj'ck, asthma, neural- unit to use for Red Cross sewing. The many friends of -Mrs. Whitfogel. ·-other of Mrs. B. B. Mason, will be ^ congestion, p*urisy.The'uni S tism, pieasect to learn of her being able to lumbago, .pains aft aches of the back or be out again after having been con-i oints, sprain*,4bre muscles, bruises,, fined to her'bed for five weeks. i chilblains, frofked feet --colds of thfej There will be a home department' ? h !? (lt °J^n^b? ntS paeujnoma) ' conference Friday evening. February | * 30c 1Sfite^ hospitalsfce$2*. loth at S:lo in the Reformed church.! - ^^ All persons interested are invited to ; attend. . i Classilied Aflvpfr--.-CT--r.ts \Vhen used in The Daily Courier al- ··vay^ bring results. Try their:. " IK This remarkable photograph, taken from a captured Gorman officer, show? Gorman troopers fighting from shell holes before the barrage of the Allies. A dispatch dog is seen starting back with a message calling for re-enforcements, and he seem.s quite.unperturbed l*y the shell fire ivliich is concentrated on the Bodies. SAVE YOUR SHOE MONEY Here's the shoe opportunity of the season. If you have 'bought Shoes at any of oar previous sales, you have certainly beeu waiting for this announcement--the chance · to save your Shoe money by spending it. .. ; It's Your Shoe Buying Opportunity. Shoes -Are Not Going to be Cheaper. You don't need any explanation--you know what to expect. You know that you can buy a pair of the Best Shoes made for less than they are worth. So much less that many of our patrons buy two, three and sometimes four pair at one time. Prices Are Cut to the Limit . The profit and in many instances, a large portion of the cost o£ the Shoes is sacrificed. Better come early while lines of sizes are full Sale Starts Saturday, February 9th and Lasts for 10 Days. No Approval and Strictly Cash. Just note the inducements we offer, can you possibly save as much, money so easily, elsewhere? SO pairs Women's Shoes, d»-| $2.00 and $a.OO values, at V A» 100 pairs Women's Novelty Shoes, in all- colors and combinations, $6.00 to $8.50 shoes, at '.-- 50 pairs of Women's Tan Rubbers at _ Men's Dark Tan Cordovan and Dark' Tan Cordo Calf Lace Shoes, $10.00 and $12.00 values, at 500 pairs "Women's Shoes, in dull leather,' patent leather and tan leather, $4.00 to $6.00 shoes, at 100 pairs Women's fine Shoes in grey, buckskin, black vamp with white kid and silver cloth tops, 50.00, $10.00 and $10.50 shoes, at All Misses and 'Children's High Top Shoes, One Fourth Off Regular Prices. One lo r.f Men's $4.00 and $5.00 values, at $2.85= For Real Values in Shoes See Our Window Display. - Crowley-Mestrezat Go. 113 TT. CBATVTOBD AVEIfUE, COKSTELLSVELLE, PA.

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