Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 30, 1976 · Page 4
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 4

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1976
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

4A -- Mav 30. 1976 * Sunday Gtuette-Mail · . West Virgiai* NATIONAL Wf AIHt* JEHVICf. NO A A. U.S. D«(H. ol ComiMft* Levi Rejects Action For Boston Busing The Weather Sunday, Miy N, mt Sunrise 6:05 a.m. Sunset 8:43 p.m. FORECASTS Zones 1-5-8-9 (Northern Panhandle, North Central, Northern Mountains, Eastern Panhandle): Showers or thundershowers likely today with highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. Zones 7-3-4 (Northwest. West, Southwest): Variable cloudiness with a chance ol showers or thundershowers today. Highs in the mid 70s to around N. -Zones 6-7 (Central Mountains. South): Variable cloudiness with a chanced showers or thundershowers. Highs in the mid 60s to around 70. ·WEST VIRGINIA-Showers and scattered thundershowers likely today. Highs from the mid Ms to near M. · VIRGIN lA-Variablecloudlness with chances ol an occasional light shower. Highs In the low to mid 70s. WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA-Cloudy with occasional showers. Highs 65 to 70. KENTUCKY-Chance of rain. Highs In the mid 70s to low Ms. OHIO-Chance ol thundershowers. Highs In tht mid 70s. SATURDAY'S HUMIDITIES S a.m. 59 II a.m. 57 5 p.m. 61 SATURDAY'S WIND Highest was 23 m.p.h. from SE «t 11:U a.m. TEMPERATURES Saturday's high «3 Saturday's low _ 65 Recorded high tor May W was M In 1*31 Recorded low lor May 7) was 31 In 1?4» PRECIPITATION . 74-hour precipitation as ol 7 p.m Trace Total lor the month ol May 3.3* rom Page One The department generally is challenging whether federal judges have the constitutional authority to impose citywide desegregation plans to correct past segregation which may not have affected all schools in a city. Levi's decision to stay out of the Boston case for now has little immediate impact. Four groups have asked the high court to review and overturn the district court order imposing widespread busing. A department brief supporting review probably would have carried some weight with the court, but it would have been no guarantee that the justices would grant a full hearing. Fronf Page One Soloist the Department of Justice *ill continue to back up district court orders." » WITH THE IMMEDIATE decision out of the way. Levi and Bork will continue to look for a vehicle to bring their desegregation decision before the justices. Bork said the Wilmington. Del., school case is still under consideration. A three- judge federal court on May 19 issued a desegregation order to take effect September, 1977. The plan involves considerable busing. Bork repeated that the Louisville busing case is not under consideration. He said he knows of no desegregation case which is as close to a Supreme Court review as the Boston and Wilmington cases. "If there are others, we will take a look." he said. The Delaware state school board has announced plans to appeal thai decision. Decisions by three-judge courts may bt appealed directly to the Supreme C«*fc% Arms-Oil Swap Plans With Iran Questioned From Page One . No terms have been established but if Iran's oil were priced at $12 per barrel, for example, 300 planes at $6 million each Belgian ;Envoy, Wife Pay Ransom '"-MEXICO CITY (AP) - The Belgian .ambassador and his wife paid leftist kidnapers $640,000 in cash Saturday as ransom for their 16-year-old daughter, Nadine .'Chaval, police sources said, f There still was no word, however, that 'the victim had been released. .;-· Nadine's mother, Mrs. Denise Mireille Chaval, told a morning news conference: "!.- ."We are waiting for communication ..from them, to hear the voice of Nadine. "This is the code, we have to listen to Na- tiine's voice in order to turn the money -»9. ver " f At noon, she advised the kidnapers ""through a second news conference that, "I Jiave fulfilled my side of the bargain and I ''have faith you will fulfill ypurs:too. I ap- ·peal to you to call nie soon so that I can know when I can expect my daughter · .back. *-."My anguish has become unbearable." ,'^'The police sources said that at 8:15 a.m. : a v Roman Catholic priest, identified only as -Wr. Roberto left the Belgian Embassy res- jjdence in !a : red car accompanied by, two fmen. The priest had acted as a mediator twith the kidnapers and was carrying the money, the sources added. ['AMBASSADOR ANDRE chavai and his ·wife had raised the ransom by selling Jproperty and other valuables and with ·gifts of money from friends here and "abroad and even Nadine's classmates at ;the Mexican-French school, family acquaintances reported. "".- Originally the kidnapers demanded ·$300,000. · ; The ambassador suffered a nervous "'.breakdown and a heart condition when Na- 'dine was kidnaped Tuesday as she was Agoing to school in a chauffeur-driven lira- *:busine. ...-; Nadine, a blue-eyed, auburn-haired girl, ; was seized by eight men and a woman who "identified themselves in later commu- ,1 piques as members of the September 23rd 1 Communist League. The league has asserted responsibility for about 20 killings ;. and several bank robberies in the past four · years. · - The group said in ransom messages that 'it had originally planned to seize the arh- '· bassador, who usually dropped Nadine off 'at school. However, he stayed home that ·· day with an upset stomach. · Chaval left his bed briefly late Friday '..'night for the first time since the kidnap- · ing. according to friends of the family. Dr. ] Manuel Rivero Carvallo said he was given ; 'an electrocardiogram Friday. : "He is ailing but is not in serious condition." Rivero said. IN TWO RANSOM notes delivered by an . ; unidentified Roman Catholic priest acting as an intermediary, the kidnapers insisted on $800,000 in cash. But Mrs. Chaval said · her family could not raise that amount and '. asked them to reconsider. The family had managed to collect about $400,000 by Friday, mostly through : donations from the 80 Belgian families in Mexico, other diplomats and Mexican friends and neighbors. Nadine's classmates contributed ?4.000. Mexican police agreed to one of the kidnapers' demands and halted their investigation of the abduction. But late Friday, police distributed pictures of 16 persons · identified as members of the group and ' posted a $100.000 reward for the capture of anv or all of them. From Page #»* Heart Attack Earlier in the weekend, a Pendleton County man and a Michigan resident wef e killed'on West Virginia roads. . · Charles David Eye. 28. of Franklin was killed late Friday" when his motorcycle slammed into another vehicle on U.S. 220 in Pendleton County. Stephen William Murphy. 31. of Westland. Mich., was kilfed early Saturday . when his car went off U.S. 19 near Pursglove. Monongalia County, and over" turned. " could pay for about 150 million barrels of oil - enough to fill total U.S. oil demand for about nine days. Other company spokesmen confirmed that Northrop was discussing a barter of a landbased version of the F18 carrier- based fighter, while Boeing has discussed a barter of flying command centers called "AWACS" - for "Airborne Warning and Control System." The Northrop and Boeing spokesmen would not provide any further details. ALL THREE said the companies understood there were no objections from the State and Defense departments although there has been no formal government approval, an understanding confirmed by government sources as well. Company and government sources said the barter proposals would be a triangular arrangement: an aircraft manufacturer would deliver the warplanes to Iran; Iran would ship the oil to an independent U.S. oil refiner: and the refiner would pay the manufacturer the price of the planes in dollars. To comply with U.S. laws requiring Defense Department control, these sources said, the dollar payments probably would pass through escrow account to the Defense Department, which then would make direct payment to the aircraft manufacturers. . -· ;·· », : A STATE DEPARTMENT source said both State and Defense have reviewed the arms-for-oil plan and decided it was all right. : But another administration source said U.S. energy officials and some staff members within the State Department .were worried about it. The energy officials were concerned that foreign policy and defense decisions would receive top priority, leaving energy policy subservient to them if they are linked together in barter contracts. . But the shoe could also be on the other foot if the barters now proposed were to spark demands for larger swaps that might more seriously involve major seg- ;ments of the U.S. energy supply. Sources say the United States does not foresee any circumstances which might interfere with promised arms shipments to Iran. Among the soloists. Army Spec. Lance Sweigart is one of three members to have attended Mesa College at Grand Junction, Colo. A native of Grand Junction and a member of the Phi Mu Kappa fraternity, Spec. Sweigart obtained his bachelor of arts degree in music from Colorado State University in 1969. As is true of many of the chorus members to appear here, Spec. Sweigart has had .considerable experience in summer stock productions. He has performed as Alfred Doolittle in "My Fair Lady," as Paul Bertolet in "Carnival," as El Guido in "The Fantastiks," and as Robert Washington in "The Music Man." HIS EXPERIENCE, however, is not limited to summer stock. He has performed for four years in professional opera and theater in the Denver area. As a member of the U.S. Army Field Band, Spec. Sweigart served as the featured baritone soloist with the Soldiers' Chorus and the concert and studio bands of that unit before coming to the Bicentennial Band. In 1971, Spec. Sweigart was featured on an Army Field Band tour of Panama, Mexico, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. While on that tour he was one of the star performers at the inauguration of the first elected governor of the Virgin Islands. Edward H. Levi Bork'said the justices are scheduled to decide June 10 whether to accept the case. If they do so, arguments probably would be scheduled in the fall and no decision would be likely before next year. Bork refused to discuss the facors which led to Levi's decision, except to say that politics was not one of them. Department sources have said that Levi and other department officials did not ignore allegations that their decision might lead to more violence in the city where racial clashes have erupted since the first busing order took effect two years ago. But each side made that claim. Civil rights groups argued that department intervention would amount to rewarding the past violence of antibusing forces and might encourage additional disruptions. The Boston City Council president and leader of the antibusing forces, Louise Day Hicks, contended that department intervention could ease tensions by assuring Bostonians opposed to busing that they would have their .day in court. Levi said the department has a "strong and continuing commitment not to tolerate acts of lawlessness in violation of the orders of the district court." And Bork added, "Of course, it's f- JMULN.KHM, M.D.,FJLC.S. M.ZafrubkKHAN, M.D.,F.A.C.S. ANNOUNCES RELOCATION OF THEIR OFFICE TO CAMC MEDICAL STAFF OFFICE BUILDING SUITE 603 31MIUcCOtIU*¥E « OUHEST«I,W.V«.253M lYAPfOKTMEIIT 1HPNOK 344-4472 SUNDAY SPECIALS ST.ALBANS MALL Open Today 1 p. m. to 6 p. m. Soviet Newspaper Article Protested WASHINGTON (AP) - The State Department has- officially protested to the Soviet Union over a Soviet newspaper article that accused three American correspondents in Moscow of being associated with the U.S. Central Intelligency Agency, a department spokesman said Saturday. Targets of the Soviet allegations, published in the weekly Literary Gazette, were George Krimsky of The Associated Press, Christophen Wreri of The New York Times and Alfred Friendly Jr. of Newsweek. . TELLER WINDOWS OPEN MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8:00 -UN. TO 8:00 P.M. SATURDAY 9 A.M. TO 12:00 NOON SA S LE!K LJ ER SLEEPWEAR 65% POLYESTER 35% COTTON SHIFT GOWNS and BABY DOLLS ·REGULAR 5.00 099 \J each * ol SOUTH CHAKIESTON South Chorl.lton, Will Virginia Your Account Insured up to 540,000 Phone 744-9424 Member FDIC FAMOUS KATZ SLEEPWEAR NOW ON SALE AT THIS LOW PRICE. PASTEL COLORS -- LACE TRIMS. SIZES S-M-L. CHATHAM "MONROE" THERMAL BLANKETS VALUE VAC BUT THE QUESTION of .arms shipments to other oil nations, particularly in the Middle East, is a diplomatically touchy subject for an area precariously balanced between peace and war. The administration source said'the proposed deals with Iran alone would not involve U.S. energy supplies very deeply with foreign and defense policies. But this source said a barter with Iran would set a precedent that would make it harder to reject similar demands from others. "It would add a measure of inflexibility." the source said. "It would tie up the oil and relate it to the value of airplanes." STORE OPEN TODAY 1P.M. TO 6 P.M. from Page One Hays Miss Ray has told FBI agents that she knows of six other women whose federal jobs involved providing sex to congressmen or their constituents, informed sources say. A friend of Miss Ray says: "She's r i g h t . . . The girl's telling the truth/' The sources said the six women are present and former employes of the government, most of them on House staffs. They have retained attorneys, the sources said. The women were not named. One source said "it's a fair assumption" they have been questioned. Miss Ray's friend, who declined to be identified, said Miss Ray has "documented evidence" of her assertion. The friend, who said she has worked for three congressmen over several years, added that FBI agents have not questioned her. But she said. "If I'm called before the grand jury. I'd have something to say." She refused to be specific. "The grand jury is interested in whether Miss Ray did anything at all" by way of work for the Hays committee, said another lawyer close to the case. "I'm sure they're investigating seriously and looking to see whether it may lead to other people." the lawyer said. Hays, a Democrat, was spending the Memorial Day weekend in Ohio, his home state. 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