The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 37
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 37

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 37
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THURSDAY. AUGUST, ' 1964 101 AUTOS FN Ul (Pood, Bw Priced lag (MaMI r UN VOLVO. V. set. OKI OWN r ar. 25-17 M mUnit " .tea" OrtTlAC'7 tAUItlMTIAII ai.400. an-isst. itimm. . iHt rokD. CYLINDER SEDAN tfS SOBaC kAdVMtfk tin - 1SIB . leeO OLDSMOBILE N, FULLY equipped, whltewall tin, p o r-feet condition. Ilk imw. Reason, .ISOO MERCEDES IBfl-IL. EXCEL- ini condition; hjm will can' 1 r, hmt - volsewsgen . ejt j trade-in. IBM CONSUL, peh-r, IMO-IM. REQUIRES hUnoUfk. .. im Chevrolet impala con- - vertibte. s. aaaswuiie, tlMt. 74B-7S17. miDUAXIX HAWK. B-. door automatic, I cylinder, redie. dual exheast. Mt belts, front reclinles Mai,, t new Unas, original Mint. A-1 condition. '1 St 1 SS,.a -sset MOMII 1M. COMPLETE- - 17 wwbbiiww a. exceuent second Mr. Seoe, Tss-Bbh evenlnga last roim i-DOon. t cylinder. - automello, excellent condition Must Mil Immedlstsly. S7S0 er boot offer. BH1W evenange. - PONTIAC. CYLINDER MM1N. too rui ;, turn. era. ra-T7o . 1 IN rONTlAC DELUXE, CYL. . tneer. automatic cwton radio. r kxcelleat body, motor, prlvota. - Moot aoU lenmodlaloiy. Asking or isoaooaso oner. ; m- 115S CHEVROLET. NEED BODY SS PONTIAC. VERY CLEAN .: car, S470, easy tamo. PAKOTU. JtoS METEOR l-DOOR HARD- ' -. loo. . V4. autemaue. - Fully . equipped Spotless Inside and ml WU1 snanoe throuih mr bonk tor KM monthly and will accept soy trooo. 7ja-esie. .-. PRIVATE, MUST SELL IMP OLDSMOBILS. EXCELLENT moo. miles. Offers Invited. Kt 744,2111 , . BETTER DEAL THAN DEALER fl-VOBCSD TO SEtX ISM Mercury aadan. showroom cea Z dltloo, fully eaulpped. list over . - mvo, muooae s-ww. bmoi mn aner. win eanaioer amau umoe. j . fofi Better Deal ,:W Used Car See . -t. . "V - .. - -J. V BLONDIN motors, limited Agtaortaed Ford Dealer . 4 i Hon of Xaliabra , " L Usod Cm and Tracks :' '' 193-1M MONTCAIM ST ) ' BULL PR7-523I EXTRA SHARP "".".r 1963 METEOR ' Curtain' aadan. automatic tr.:-.-.. $2395 0 . 1958 OlDSMOBfLf .' upor M aedaa, eorai and grey 1-tone. fully . - aQO eoulpae4.--.-i 77J .i960FAlC0N Coertl. rniart black ad rey " S-tone. Mo crbM but 00 Sap oondlUon i J . i963 OiEVROLET Cooeb, vtj autaaaa- d-O IQC tte and S-taoe .... 94 1 '3 1955 FORD eorp row mile. d ifte cy dean ..t' 9' J 1959 LARK $795 A rkM sMaattea at Other Vara Cats at Vsrtous Low Mots. EN W 9,'fM.'.:,, SATURDAY 1 m LEWIS MOTORS ' (Ottawal limited BrltMi fords BANK Rt CATHERINE i 2S5-5577 , MID- SUAAMER CLEARANCE -. T X I t, UN RAMBLER Ambassador. AT. PS, PB, ndie. Only ; J:, P.0M mUee. ' V 'lEtt CHEVROLET 'Bel-Alr. AT,' ' PR. PB. radio, aaal belts. windshield washers. Take ' ; "boor pick H 4 el Sheas ' anaattas. ... ISM RENAULT aapkma ISM RENAULT Oordlrd t-iorr aedaa. I spsid floor shift, ' : .. tally recondnioned. , I 1M CrTEVROLET Bel Ab ' ': J , pesseneer station wason, AT, Pi. PR, VS online. absolatelp aricinal eondl- ;, .. r .' .ttoa.. ,. ,, . IM1 VOLKSWAGEN with sun. v , , shme roof, blue with white Interior, fretieas -- wsilllnv . ; 1 ISM RAMBLER Classic aedaa. automatic tree t . . and radla. A rei sound family ear. IS PONTIAC Psrhrtetme S-door kardlop. AT, PR, PB. I redts, low miles re. ertfl- - , aal fmHb. aanailent - - IBM BUTCK t antcawtM . tianainistiea and radio, exceptional ' LTS TALK A 6EAU ;- WAVfRLEY MOTORS ; UMTTEO, -. 1M DWVBWAV A 231-3501 .rt.l'i'ivi W1-,.'i!-:f sot km mm (Coot fro Preceding Column I ISM PARISIENNE CONVERTIBLE any equipped, mock, iie-sete IBM METEOR f . BTAMDABO. food condition, radio, mow tires. OWO. 73B-VSOS. IBM . PONTIAC CYLINDER. clean, rood eeodiuoa. MM. 711-7701 1M IMPALA HARDTOP, t CYL-. Inder. black wit -red aiiorlor. I-BB-S7SO. IMS CHEVROLET AUTOMATIC, radio, now paint. S7S5. 111-710) IBSS PORS RANCH WACOM. EX oellenl condition. Tls-reee. 1IM DO DOE SUBURBAN ETA. . Hon wagon, s-tono. newly com-plotod motor ob. Pour now wnitowalla. radla. Mia. argaia, 114 Royal. Tll-Pa. ISM CHEVROLET, automatic. MOO. CYLINDER. ISM OLDSMOBILI S-OOOR IS. 2R: E000 anapa. ISM CHEV BEL-AIR. V-S MOTOR, automatic, raaw. hum aau. saoo. 14S-OS74. 1 ISM PONTIAC. 1-DOOR HARD-. lop, fully aaulppad. Beautiful condition. Will Dunce lor EM montniy. TSJ-aaiT. ISM HILLMAN. OOOD CONDI- lion, uaod aa aonabie. TM MM. IMS OLD8MOBILS M. "AUTO- matki. radla. SIM ar beat altar IMT PONTIAC HARDTOP. NO rnat, motor, kody. oxcollont Loorlnf cllyi tM. T31-4M1. IMT DODO I CUSTOM ROYAL s-doer bardtop. aulomaUc food condition. . smo, ar aon aexor CM-MIS. 1SS7 PONTIAC DELUXE' SEDAN parfoci eondltloa IhrougKout win nnanot cor aa SMntwy 'Til-ail. r " ISST CHEVROLET. S-DOOR HARD. . top. s cylinder, radla, excellent eondltloa. Cue. MT Rlrbmand - Bond. TM404T. IMT MERCURY. OOOD CONDI- uon; 1 9 st cnav able. SM.ISM. IMT PONTIAC CONVERTIBLE. sett. SHS-MTl. ISST OLDSMOBILS. AUTOMATIC, radla. SMO or beat aeTar. T4B.I SOM. ISM PLYMOUTH STATION WA-on. 4 -door, t-tonad, S4M or oeet oner. tti-js7o. ISM ' VOLXB-, RADIO, 3M bast ofler. TM4MS. OB ISM FORD . STATION Must sell, vary cheap. WAOON. 1S4-SMI ; 1962 PONTIAC S OIlnocT. mctalUc m and white, match, tlnc hM maarlor . 07 J - PARKWAY 1 CHRYSLER . PLYMOUTH 1047 RICHMOND RD. 7295121 -7?9-5121 --CONVERTIBLES 1964 CHEVELLE Mslibu con-' vartible,- equipped with radio, IkMter, automa-' tic Uansmissiofv . vt motor, power windows, - windshield w s b srs, ; wheel discs, whitewsU C tir. ' ' psdded dash, '4 iJUt Rtiwt. rinished in ermine white with . . saddle Un Ulterior and ' mstchinc top. Balance of new car warranty. Priced .s$3395 (- t 1B63 PONTIAC Pariitenne r cenvbte, equipped "i, ' wtth radio, beater, auto ' mstic trtnsmiMion, . . ' , power steering, 6 cylin der, windshield washers, z ' wheel discs, whitewsU tires, rinished In tuxedo black, maroon interior and white top, 23.174 . , S, $2795 CABELDU'S Your Authorized Buick, Pontlae, Acadian, Vtuxball and GMC Truck Dea',er ALBERT at BANK 235-4371 YOU - TRADE FOR LESS AT JIM BROWN'S - ,' ,; ' - Ottawa Motor Sales .ISM VALIANT 1-doer hardtop - -coupe, automatic . arenas Hweae eeew, $2195 white anterior IBM MORRIS , . , eoecb. Mhw Mmor (ray , httrrlor,, .$595 JMt covrr -4i4Mr MtUtt. eylinStr, bViVcit trvsj ttA ;!'$1795 YOUR. FORD DEALER y 1850 BANK ST V ' (at WalkJey Reed) 7S9-6031 ' V ' '.'-UAl ri- V'-"- " 101 10T0S FOI UU ICoat from Pioeedtne cotumnl ISM TRIUMPH TltS, OOOD CON, dltloa. SMOi'lSM Chevralet t- door, fair abase, goo, SIM. IM-SSia, after S. Ism dodge, standard t, a-i. new Mint iob and licence, beet oiler. Peris for ISM Chevrolet. 1M-M4S alter T p-m. i ISM FOR0--DOOR HARDTOP, good motor. T1S-M1S. beat tuna Irom 4 p-nv to a p.m. , IMS BUICK SPECIAL. 4-OOR. ISM CHEVROLET. EXCELLENT .condition. . Owner aranslsrrod; SIM- 73S-231T, ISM BUICK, BODY NEEDS . exceptional lor cash. 1U-M40. ISM CHEVROLET BEL - AIR. full)' eaulpped. Immaculate con. "anion. Will finance at SIS monthly. Tts-SJlS ISM FORD. (Tea. BEST OFFER. PAS. 144 CHEVROLET. ORIGINAL owner, good runninf order, boat offer T2S-SB04. ISM CHEVROLET SEDAN. IS llcenoe. as la, ST- US-STST. ISM FORD CUSTOMLINE. SMO or best offer. 74S-16M- ISM CHEVROLET. ALL FRONT end perfect, parts very saoap. 111-UM. Hell, evanlnsa, . IBS! CHEVROLET. OOOD CONDI lion, best offer. EM-ISM. PlSM HILLMAN, HEATESL" GOOD i runninf. M. in-104 N -P1US SEIX . 'X . IBM FORD. S. STANDARD SHIFT. SMS. Corner Soott sad Church-Ill T1S-7U11. SIS DOWN. ISM ACADIAN S-DOOR HARD-I top, automatic 1 owner, SI.T.S; ,: IMS Chevrolet Bel-Alr 4-door sulematle, orlstnaL fl.TSSi IMI ' Chevrolet Imnala convertible, aristae! S cylinder automatic rally eaulpped; I sal Chevrolet 4. aoor. t owner, si -srs: less vnev. relet station wason, deer. .tan. dard trsnsmlaslen, low mileage, , SI MS: ISM Volhswasea deluxe, luaranleed, S4M: l6-S4-7-M SU aukea and models. SUM and ap. Maurice Motors, SIS RMoaa street, sss-ssse , WEBDMARK MOTORS ' Chevrolet . OMsmoMIe . .. SIS-sajS ar Carp M . IMS BISCAYNE ' AUTOMATIC: IBM Chevrolet Bel-Alr auuan wason: IMS Ponttaa Pertetenne I -door hardtop: IBM AcadUn I-door automatiei ISM Otevroiet sedan, uood seieclloa of cars. 1962 BUICK INVICTA ., erOoor Hardtop Automatic tranemlarlon. radte, . power electing end brake, finished in dark green end ivory 1-tone. with matching nrs:.$245o : TURPIN PONTIAC. BUICK LTD. - 434' Richmond Road 728-1717 50 CARS TO CLEAR FUU M-DAY ' WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMVS , S RICHARD X AUTO SALES 452 RitlesuSt 232-5793 GUARANTEED ' IKFf, TARS t Tske Over Psymen't. All Cars WholeMie. . All Cars Reoondttionr,). ' : ) S Chevy n . .... . t VJS Chevrotet aedaa '. l Comet. swtarasUf .... " Sl Envoy aaaaa MS; SI Dodge. S ayj, aut, . ,. SIS M Pontlae. aut. M Paleoa wagon ...... 'SS Pontleo aadaa ... . Set St! Ml M Oldemoblle 1-doer HT B44 IS Cranroitt dear HT Ml M Chi relet station wagon 4S M Chevrolet ndsn .. SM ST CadUlee coarrertihle S4S "ST Chevrotet 4-oeor HT . SJS Many More to Choose Front. V. As Low as (10 Down. ' LABELLE - -AUTOMOBILES ' Home of Ouarsnteed Care 394 R1DEAU ST. (at Pritl) - 23S-1S4I - , ALL MAKES Or LATE MODEL Pay as net 1st trade up ar down. century , motors ei EU-1T7S. at sunt. BETTER SEE BIO S. PAMOUS for feirnees, Baytnf eaen or trade-down. Mg S AutomabUaa. 1347 Wellington. ' PAS-vsts. IMMEDIATE CASH FOB ANT saeka ar model la pafSatt eonei- LET ME SELL TOUM' CAB POR you I bavo the time. plea. experience arm can arrange a financial trenoaetloa Call Jot Marti u Is, 131-7344. - PRIVATELY OWNED AlrTOMO. hue, an perfect oondittoa. ray FAS-seao, PRIVATELY OWNED AUTOMO. bilee ha a at ram cenofuen. can TSB-ieST. . NEVER SELL ' '' 7 ir 4 YOUR CAR . ',v..-UNTIL ' ;; .;',., :Y0U SET, :f . archie Mcdonald 280 Uurier Avenue W. 3-WAYS-3 ; TO HELP YOU : ' We Pay Top Cash Prices ' We Pay Off Exittini Urns Plus Cheaper Car , Or Credit on New or Used ' Car at Later Date . , 3394723 103-6724 Jt'.'i'f 7'v"vi 1 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL S7 S02- lliTCIWilTD (Cont. from Preceding Cotumnl PEIVATELV OWNED CARS PER-eond rttoe. Csan. TSS-SIM. WE BUY LATE MODEL CM AND Soto aewaMcia.-sa-aia4. WE BUY CLEAN CHEVROLET'S and Pontlacs. pay top eeeh prices or treae sown et uemtatea Automobiles 1S44 Cs.-Ung Ave nue. 7SS-U07. eignment for lop price. 71S-M7lfnle fAl.Mraa Allu whaCorHS AHS AND TRUCKS WANTKO lor wrecking, all 10 11. Aibioa , Seed tor rtucc jud mim NEW AND USED SCHOOL BVSES siiiett Motors I Belleville i Ltd., Belleville Ont. Phone WOS-4M4 SCHOOL BUS. IMS CMC. 60- pesesnger t owner., Oneida body, V-S engine: US x so 10-ply tires and tubes Fully re. conditioned with warranty, excellent, condition. Perkins Motore Limited. Perth. Ont. C. m- uowoaii. sales Manager. Phone ssl-1210. TRUCKS. PICK-UPS, ALL KINDS ana mexee-.lil Ken Seymour Motor Seles. Kemptvllle, SM- ISM FORD ',-TON PICK-UP. ONE 7K-147I. ISM CHEVROLET 1-TON DUMP. f ooa conoition. new urea, ai.auo. M Chevrolet ts-ton. long box. W40. Harry Haaley. Carp 414- 1MS CMO DUMP TRUCK. ASK- mg saw. Also isss CMC 1-ton witn wooos type body, j MIS. U5-U71 or S3S-447T. ISST CHEVROLET S-TON. STAKE body, cattle truck, perfect aon- w i.iwti. mm else. 1M CMC HEAD VAN. BODY (a. svi Aiueoa Avenue, paivA ATELT OWNED - ' IMt CHEV. TRACTOR AND S3' tandem trailer- Model SSOS with V-e-tos cu. In. motor- Low muaags and ready far opera lien Eoulpoed aa , loliowa: I ipaed . tranamlealoo. S-epead rear axle. ' ICOOxM IS ply nylon Urea, spare : wheel, directional signs la. heal er ana oerroaterv heavy auty radUtor, auxUUry reer aartags. close ratio traruenlaaion. air brakes ilulll. kcnoeieter. gab ugnta. naps, stk wheel on I Deem, too gallon saddle tat hand valva all. hnaa hold lumper cable, radio, west coast , mirrors, atr horns. Apply to C H. Baker Sons Ltd., Arnpriar, Ont. SU-4171. THE HOME OF "GOODWILL" USED CARS ' TRUCK SPECIALS 1M1 CHEVROLET ,-too pick, up. excellent 95 ISM PAROO step reduction. A real buy 1BSS CHEVROLET panel. SBM hilly reconditioned van. S4M $1995 $1295 JIM TUBAAAN MOTORS LIMITED ': 1 Pontlae-. Bulck. Acadian. Vauxhall and OMC Trucks 1770 BANK STREET '. "a A1U VUta -L 733-4050 SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY .SALE 10 Brand New .CHEVY VANS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ', , ; All Colors . Side Doors ' Cylinder Engines Heavy' Duty Suspension ' Ready to Work for You HIGHEST TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE 'SALE PRICED " -. TO CLEAR CaO for a Demonstration MYERS Egin st Catherine (On the Queenawsy) ,233-8411 After S, 233-3420 -I ws 1 rWcTtia', MOTORCYCLE BR A. ISSI. MM ee. Mains bus. Tts-SSM after S. 1SS0 HONDA. IBS CC. PIRPECT condition. Bncklnthom aas-3M9 Bf LBS AMD CO. WE SELL AMD SERVICE. HON- oe sia, ana HarlayDavidaon motors; elee: alao Vaapa and MBU eeooters SOS and Sot Bank Street. . IM-SSU. tot mux ( TOWNSHIP or NEPEAN - ' Otuwa, Ontario Seeled Tenders clearly marked aa to content will be reeeived by the Town Clerk at the Tawn Hell,- Township of Nepeaa a n 1 1 1 11.00 noon a D T . rruf tiuud llet, ISM. far the eoaatnactsan of ins roiiowins works:: Approa- 11,000 nn. ft. conrrete curb on various streets, In Park- ooa nuie- Plena and oontract dofhrmente Rise be ohumed at the offices of: vuTis noes ana Associates erfe Itaed Mertvsle Road. Otuwa s. Ontario. . . . Phone! 1IB-1I14 A deoeelt of BIS O which Is m- rtsndabio win ae required far plana All enoulrlea re this eon tract bo ha directed to the Enstneera. v Town Clerk. - I, ., ' I. ,', ', - ' -; 1 Look at fahm . Industry (By The CP) - The Com mons commuter on sericulture received psrmlsaion Irom the House, Tuesday to go on an expenses-paid tour of Canada for a lint hand look at the larm- induitry. Agriculture Minister Hays suggested the tour earlier this year and ft now is planned lor. October. ' The commutes, through chair man Russell C. Honey (L Dur ham), asked permission to hold formal ' meetings; al various places out ids Oltewa. . and to have Hf expenses paid. ' The Commons approved this without debate. ' , L; V- 901 USA! , TENpEB FOR BUILDING WORK!) 'Tenders are Invited fiwi Addl. tkma to the "Sperka Houss" at 234-S4B Riverside Drive. City Jo Ot- Tenderk wflt cloaa at IS noon Auxuat 14. 1S4 and wtll be ooen- ed publidv at 11 IS pro In the Commloeion Board Room. The Lorn mission doce not bind Itaslf to accept the lowest or any tender. noareea ait tenners, en sealed en-vvlooee - and . clearly marked "Tenders lor Additions to the aparka iteuac. ' to ' . Mr. B. L. McDonald. i ' Director of Planning and Property. nation onai Capital Commtaaln , ;f ! reruns Avenue. ; ' :,. Ottawa. Ontario- further detalle. specifications and plans can be obtained from the offices of the Commission at si cariinc Avenue, Ottawa . NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION BUILDINGS FOR . DEMOLITION ONLY Scaled tenders will be received until 13 00 noon. - Wednesday Ausust IS, IM4. by the under sifnea tar tnc acmoinion ot tni followins butidlnse: BUII-lilNaS FOR DINOUTIOS 1 P-4.1. P-4-1. SS to SU. Booth Street I -storey brick 3-d o o r r. 1-ctorey brlca , double, 1- etorey brick apt in rear, 1 -storey cement block storafe, t frame enaa id stone weU. a. r-s-ii. r-H. p-s-is. ti to' si Lloyd -Street. 1 -storey brick door row, S-car cart's and ' 1 shed. s. r-B-11. lis to tsi Booth Street 1-st orey brick 4 door iw ana ceraae- 4. P-U-4. lOB-lte glreet S. storey brick' double. S oar aaraae and wood fence. a. r-1 l-ie. tov-iai rieet atreei B-atorey btick double end shed d. P-1S-S. SOS Booth Street 1-st orey brick duplex. S-car frame Befeee- . I . r-zs-ie. r -.a-1 1 , sue - zoo Booth Street 2-etorsy brick oouDie. . S.-S-1U as John snrcel 1 storey brick houss and frame snT-14. ET Aleaander Street l'-storay trams hooae and irama Seraia. ' ' , llr. S-131. 11 Bklrd Street S- storey frame house and frame workanoo. 11. K l-t SI Demien atraet. rtulL Qua. 1 ta-etorey frame house and shed. 11 N.E.-4. IS Demien street. Hull. Oue. 1 -store y trema houee IS. N E.-ll. SB Leamy Street, Hull, Que. 1-etorey frame , houss and shed. 14. N.r. -n. 11 oeorse atraet. Hull, Qua teitorcy trams hpuse ana aaraae- is. N.E.-S3. aa oeoreet street Hull, Que. 1-etorey frame houee and rear ehede. ' Praceduree and conditions of tenderms and eecurtne of Permits for Inspection of property may he ootatned irom tne Neuonei capital Commlaamn. Rental Office, set Cerllne. Avenue. Ottawa. Tenders win na evened m public ut the Board . Boom at the national Capital Caenmlssum at 11 15 pa. en the day of eleetnc. The Com- mission reserves the riant so reject eny or au tenoera. - D. L. MCDONALD. Director of P tannins and Property. CANADA PROVINCE OF QUEBEC La belle DUtrlcl Superior Court No, 7319 Dome Jacouellne Rial, wife un. ler cesnmunitr of oroocrtv of Patrick Thlbeult. dey laborer, af tne city of Manlwakl. Lake II a district and the said husband aro- ceedlna personally and to author ice hie wife for the purpose af the preeente Plaintiff vs. naymona uecontw. ataruwesU, L4 DMia awrscb oeienaant. ndtili We. BVothonotary of the e-iperlor court. Le belle district, order the defendant Raymond I Deconi ntle, to appear at the office of the superior court at Mont Leurter within I month from the last publication of these preeente. uiven at ine neii oa ausiice m Mont Laurier. Ausust 11, IBS4. HOLLAND MATTE. - Pretnonotsry of the Superior Court, LabeUa District. Guy Roy, Lawyer, p d. Box ae. Btantwaki. r i . Attorney ot the plaintiff. CANADA PROVINCE OF QUEBEC LabcUe District Superior Court No. 7J18 Patrick Thlosult, day laborer, ef cny af Manlwakl, La belle istrarL alelntlff Bay wnd Decontle. ManlwakL Labetle dUtrlct. defendant rtv ria,n c We. tarothonoury of. the superior court. La be lie district, order the defendant. Raymond Decontle. to appear at the office ef the superior court at Mont Laurier. within l month from the laat publication of theea nreeenta. - - Given at the Hell rat Justice at Moot Laurier. August 11, IBS. . - HOLLAND TVATTE. s prothonc Superior honotarv of the irior Court, Lebetle ; Ulau-lcl. - a Ouy Roy, Lawyer, P O. Box SRS. i . MenlwekL PQ.. ' ' ' - .' . Attorney of the e1aintltt. f NOTICE TO CREDITORS AVfl fVntFRej L JXAVKSTROUGHINO. REASON-iVINIJ tlllE.rt,3 J . able prices Free estimates J. D. ta the Matter ef the Brute, of ELIZABETH AUOUBTA U.VJB.H, NOTICB it hereby 'riven that creditors and all others having c talma era tost the aetata af kll igueta fcemae. late or use City of Otuwa. In the County of Cerleton, Spinster, deceased, who died on or about the 11th dey of July, ISM. are required to deliver full pertlealais of their claims duly verified to the undersigned on ar before the 10th day ol Aus ust, IBM, after wnicn taeiiy mentioned data the Administrator with Will Annexed wlU proceed to dis tribute the aeerta af the mid do. res eed among the pertlea emu wo there, hevtna regard onlv to, the elelme of which he shall than have had notice. - DATED at Ottawa, this IStk day of July, IB44. aletl BAmt MclLRAITH. , McGregor and Johnston. I TT Metcalfe Street. .Ottawa , not let tors tor tne miate. Goren on Bridge By CHARLES H. COR EN Both vulnerable North deals. NORTH , ei 1 1 . . KQSS - ' pleting the echo.1 East had -no more spades, so he returned a diamond. Declarer was in and, after drawing trump, he was able to dispose of his remaining spades on North's high diamonds and clubs. East contended that his part ner .should have overtaken the queen of spades with the ace to give him a ruff on the third round. West said he bad no way of knowing that East had only a doubletoo in the suit. East's answer was that with three spades, be would have led the small card on the sec ond round savins, his queen for the next lead of the suit. This reasoning appears to us to be a little involved and, besides. East had available a simpler method for alerting his partner to the distribution in the spade suit. Instead of shift Seeled lenders addreaeed ta the tuvdereltned kt aneeleoee provided by The St Lawrence Seewey Authority which are enerked TENDER POR CONTRACT NO. 4S1" which ere with r assart to . THE DEMOLITION OP THE SUPERSTRUCTURE OP BRIDGE NO. S WELLANO CANAL wtll he received et the office ef The St. Lawrence Scawey Authority. Molestie Building. SOS Cooper StreeL Ottawa 4. until 100 am. E D S T. Wednesday. September I. lsec. Plans. Specificelione. Forms of Tender, Labour Conditions and Form of Contract may be obtained by application to the off ice of the Chief Enelncer. 51S0 Pemer Street. 7th floor. Montreal, Pa), or the Secretary. Majestic Rulldlng. SM Cooper Street. Otuwa 4. Ontario, or the Prelect Director. Wenend Canal. SM St. Paul Street. 81. Cethetinee.. Ontario, on the taayment of one hundred detlers isiooooi which will be refunded upon the return of the above documents in good order wlthtn thirty deys of the dele fixed shove for the return of tenders If not returned art this the above period the deposit will be forfeited Tender deposit lor a sum of not lees than ten per cent HOI of the lender price must be provided In eecordenca with the terms of the Form of Tender or. in lieu of e Tender Deposit, a Bid Bond In the emount of IS "4 of the Tender, conditional upon entry Into a formal contract in the form enhlbited with the tender documents and upon furnlahins security acceptable la Ska Authority, ahall he provided. , Only tenders submitted la accordance wish our apsclflcsUoas wiU oe considered- '( TM Authority 'does not bind Itself to accept the lowest er any tender. L. B; BELANDt , r- Secretary. ' THt St. LAWRENCE SEAWAY AUTROBJTI Otuwa, August 11, ISSt. M EST EAST - ATft 4K T." tfSI ' 4 OJltll I e)Jtj . e All I gOLTH I as J lets VKQJtti - - ' . O Al The bidding: North East 8eath West t d ' Pass I ? Pass INT Pass J? Pass 4 V ' Pass Pass Pus Upenin lead: Deuce of e Although three no trump Is in ironclad contract. II was sotnewhal natural Jor South to Iruitt on hearts since bis dis tribution is highly unbalanced. North could harcTly rebid no trump without a spade stopper, so he persisted to four hearts. west opened the deuce of clubs. - The queen was played from dummy and East won with the ace. He. shifted to the king of spades on which West signaled encouragingly with the seven. East continued with the queen of spades and hii partner followed with the three, com- SENTENCE PASSED CHICAGO (AP) - Abraham Bolden, first Negro secret service man .assigned to guard the president, was sentenced Wednesday, to six years in prison for trying to sell a secret file for e,WThe JJ-year-old defendant was charged with trying to sell a file on a counterfeiting ring to Joseph Spagnoli Jr.. 11, an accused counterfeiter. !."R. SERYU SAYS! i' ' Accessories TRARBISTOR lONITION Km Stenotics Motors i Sports Car v apeoieuetai-.aaj.iaaa. , PARTS AND SERVICE - AH Ensllsh Cars Kaillsh Mesers Ltd. Uf-dtlS AUTHORIZED SALES ANO SERV-are. Morris. MO. Rimy and wes- eeiey cars. , . e BEAUPRE AUTOMOTIVE . STI Oladsteae. SM-SSM OPEN DAY. KiflHT ALL EXCHANGE UNITS AVAIL- able. Alao foreign parts, service, Welding, gas. oil. Alignment FRONT END ALIGNMENT. brake a pec tails is. rtoftman Brake ana Alignment. 33 fling nawara Avenue. tsrHU. Aadintor Service free testing, free isti metes, free cheesing on the vo, nicie- ny a ataaiaior -o-. i-ieen. Ing. repelrs. recorea. BSB Wel- linaum. rat-MUf. (phoittdry R E P A I n I N a TRUCK SCAT cueniona. comber nute Top upholsterers. SSI Queen- CXS-IS4S- v. r. clost. and lawnmow- ers. genrral repairs. 141 Wood- rot is. 71s44V. ' . .!'-." recreation rooms, repairs. arose, rree cellmates, a. Bruce neon Urutted. RES-0U3-i e , C. A. JOHANNSEN , ' . sad Sena Ltd. ' 1SB-4S1S v - ' VER AN DAHS. ALTERATIONS. store irtmu eno eoaitione. rope Ire, recreation rooms, roofing and fhlnglea, You name it. whet-ever II ta and we'll do In. Just dial the BIO "f end we 11 eee n today, . W 4 asawawaka ALL CEMENT WORK DONE BY Terry Contractors, guaranteed S to I years. Always check wtth a registered eontrector. Free estimates. 14 anontha to pay. US-S40S. . . , a a ' ' ' i ALL TYPES PATIOS, WALKS, curbing, guaranteed, free eetl aisles. 7SB-41S1. , . e n CEMENT WALKS. STEPS. PATIOS and stucco. Free estimatea. Tla- Gervtn Plumbing and Heetlng. 1117 Bank. lU-SSU. gAVESTROUGHINO. ' SATISPAO tfon guerantsea. rree eetsmeiea-Ei Gravelle, 1U-7SOS. B A V a STROUGHINO SUPPI.IED and metalled; aotdenng iotnta. guaranteed workmanship, free Anytime, aw-aeas. . McEVOY BROTHERS . ft! Kmt street i ' i." ,' . IIS-SIM ... . A ESTARLMHED ISIS.' PARKING on prrkwe. v- . f Column contains lirtof rtputablt, qwfifWd bwlivnsa. who art ready to sarVt Vou Donl detay call today. in:. ROAM RUBBER AND POLVTOAM fabricating. Bcsttls Foam Rub- . net, eu ttooaaveu. rAS-sou. O vi'iii TOWERS PRODUCTIONS. TTS Sperka Street. 1SS-SS11. Ctoaed suituroay tor Ausust. HI UP TO IB YEARS TO PAY for the beet In warm air heetlng. call Hubert stove and Furnace Ltd., T1B-I7BS. GENERAL REPAIRS. FOUNDA-tlons. painting, excavattae, - cemeni J41-J74T. ' eLsjaeswssaaaa DISCARDED FURNITURE. CLEAN - up refuse, removal to cny . oump. atoaerata STse. McELHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP- er, garden loam. Free of cod clone or clay. Prompt delivery E14-S1BS. . ,- ... TOP OUAUTY FIELD SOD. IBc per asj. ya. tap-aeia. . norui teowar, collect. FIELD SOD. ISC PER YARD. over too yards. Sll-liHa. , e .I. - WANDRRLST SOD TOP 4)UALrrV MERION BLOB graaa eno mixeo otue grass, nur- sery aoa. wa-saos. TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. tec a eq. yero oenvereo rnaae collect KemptvUle IM-SISg- ; SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REGULAR Bfic. reduced ISc ' ceoar trees, wallstooe. eods. 74S-151I. BARN'S NtTRSERY SOD TOP QUALITY MERION AND Harm s Blue. Area No a nursery Sod at reduced price. Phane collect. Greeley 100. - ' o SALE, PATIO STONES, WHITE, red. green, alack, ranjcta. sl-B44S. -. a r .' OLEN ACRES SOD ' USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION . Blue nureery end and our Clen-: acrea Blend, ta-lsea. WEED K1I-LINO AND FERTtLIK-Ing Realdcntlal. Induatrtal. Gen-' erst tawn eprev service. Phone - H1-S1I4 tar Ottawa, HuU area. J - I NATIONAL PRINTERS UMITED. . fine ouelity ecanmerciel ffjrtnV Ins 4ol Preetoa. CEa-7441; LO-MOR PRINTERS ' SOCIAL. CommerrUI prtrrting. photo, off-ast. wedding Inyltstloae, S41 Gloaceessr. CI INDEPENDENT. TRANSFER. 14-hour aery Ice open for month ly contracts. Ales pie no moving. Fully ensured, til -M 7 1 .ar tM-'. Se5S. . . , --, ' mm an hour up vrrioiANS Fuel Ouv Mevlrej 74S-SS04. , . For Information on Mn. SERVU cail ing to the king of spades at trick two, it is suggested that East return the queen, to be followed by the king on, the next . round. Playing the spades in this abnormal manner should in dicate to West that bis partner is trying to get across a mes sage concerning the distribution in the suit. The conclusion mult soon become inescapable thai East has a doubletoo and de sires West to overtake the sec-ond round. The forthcoming ruff sends declarer down to defeat. PROTECT HORSES VICTORIA (CP) Mother Cecilia Mary of the Good Shep herd Shelter here says government bounties threaten the exis tence of the last surviving wild horses in British Columbia. She noted that wild horses on, Can-ada's east coast are protected. K3TICE TO CONTRACTORS L 111'. SH ABSOUTE ,. SATISFACTION.' papertuuurlnE'. Inside, outside - painting, reasonable. MeCallaa . Bros. CK1-4111. ... ; CONNOR PAINTTNO AND -DEC . orating. Interior, exteriof specialised and equipped fca house -. repainting- Quick, efficient eerv ' Ice. Free eatimataa. PAS-oaie. " '-' . P. Mac KAY . INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAnrtlKO. papernengins. rree eetunetes. workmanehip . aWrantead, If". ... ALL PAVINO JOBS DON! BY Xcrfy Con tree tors, guerenased s to S yeere. Always oheck witk a registered contractor Free eatimataa. 14 moo the to say. in- PAVINO DRTVEWAYa. PARKINO areas, patchlnc- ware soaren-teed. , Thtbeealt Paving, TSS- ssss. FORREST BROS. PLUM Bl NO and heeting. rree letimatea. work guars nteed Time pay. menta. Repairs aur epec laity. Night and day orders Invited. CEj-SUl. . REFRIOERATION. SALES AND aervlca all Branches Mor-We t, SSI Preetoa Basel SH ALL ROOFING AND REPAIRS done by Terry Contractor a. guar- . anteed t ta S years. Always 'check with a registered a en-tract- free cellmates. St months ta pay. lU-leog. : QUINN INSULATION COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICES, all work guaranteed, rree estimates. Telephone day ar eve-aings, PAiiia. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A. Bruce Banian l.lmllig, us- . BUI. . . W E L L M A N CONCRETE LTD. ' for reinforced pooia. Bales ana Service, 7a-4Hl, S1S-11S4. BLUE LINE - TAXI S4-NOtm prompt mi vies, vau vse-aas. . RED LINE TAXI LTD, S4-HOUR aervica. uu zaa-eeit. . . - 'foci wmw TOOLS SHARPENED. CIRCULAR and hand eews, lawiunoweta. precision work. Guaranteed. BM T104. i .... . - , i i.a ,;, - I ELECTRIC, STANDARO , ANO aMartahle Rerkmetnn tvnevfrtaera. tor sale or rental, i. M. Hill and ' Son. III O Connor. CO- , T7SS. : f . 236-7511 i i : m'-.zy- 'e V . ,' ; 1- K fc.,S- - - 4. . V -as ss.aa,Aeet e. a.-ys- jwi-.'saj1

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