The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CQNNBLLSVI1.LB, PA. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 191S, 9U?* Satiy (Hottrtrr. :'· EEKRT P. SXTTDER. ^ Founder »nd Editor, JS79-131*. iavestigatioa s tablisli their tr . In the unpi with witch the ipuld be made to es- uh or falsity, ecedented conditions railroads are coniroat- THK COuHlt-li ed it is easy.foi aD7 sort of charges to I be made. "Wit a thej- ire made by a. K. M. SNTTJEJV Pr*sident- : person occupying sp im; ;tion as President Lee . . Sejo'y itd Treasurer. Business Manager. S JOHU'I* OANS. Maaaginc Editor. WALTER S. STIMHEI". City Editor. MISS LTNNE B. KJNCELL. Society Editor: '".·· ^MEMBER OF: , Associated PreBa. " . Audit : -Bttraa.u of 'Circulation. Dailiea. -Two eent«'n«r copy, 50c per month; Entered aa *eeond class matter at the postofflce, Connellaville, ra.,'. ^ _ Tto AMFoctatad' Pr«w J» -ex* el«ato*ly entitled to tba ase for, * repwblication ot all new* dls- ·- patchM credited to It or not '*. otbcrwlM crMllted in thla pa.p*r *. and ml*o the local n«ws t * posi- e author pC them should bo required to produce I proof. .U is due both the government ! and. the pobltc, if any condition is preralent in the operation of the rail- i roads which is inimical to the interests of the nation, as a "laying down" I of the . officials would most certainly I be, that it should be removed quick- i ly and effectively. j Director General Mc^Vdoo prefers to | the present situation as government i control, of operation, not government ,. ,_. ,,,,, ___ ,,_ ..... _____ , per year by mail if paid in advance, operation of the railroads. The public is not-likely to draw jin same dls- ] tinejion, -hence feels tha T - responsibil- i ity rests directly upon the government ] 1o clear the transportation situation | of every form and kind ol hindrance, i that being the popular conception oci the object in the -government taking j over the railroads. The Lee charges, or j (any that 'may- have been made affect- j i n g the operation of the ' railroads, j ! should be investigated and such measures applied as the results may warrant ME OYEBirOKKED DOCTORS. -The reduction in the number of physicians, through so manr having entered the military service; taken in connection.-with, the medical wort require^-m^coaneciion with the. draft, his throwix'excep^piULl Uearr burdens upon£-the merntoers o- the profession. ·w;ho atr»;iif activir practice. · Thls^it- uatiozc'-.ia ratberrplayfiillj iwrtriyed tlS .the2dtmx;:the official organ of the- ITayette County.Medical Society, Which sSyi-ia_the current .issue: "If you" should ses-sr physician acting: a-little (jaeerly-these days, don't jump at the conclusion that lie haa broken training 1 . He may be a member of a local draft board and is only staeser- iric- under the weight.', of his many, du- tics'which the government baa thrust upon him. ~It he" Is a rapid \rorker, he may not have -to · devote more than eighteen hours a day to the job, but most of th«m .are . finding: -ouc that a. twenty- four day-i'la hardly long enough. It Be.' H,aJso trying to practice a little medicine-· on thr . side, h'c is probably beginning to look forward to a sojourn In- an.institution of the Dlx- moTit type-Tvith, a-feeling of relief. While the ph'ysiciang will "appreciate the humor of this portrayal, they .will also give-testimony that they arc flnd- !ng : Jltile cause for rarrrimenf in 'the situation;-which j is making so urgent demands upon*'them. Like other good - The school children, and even some parents, arc inclined to more hiffhly reffard eieniptions from school inft; Tbc grapes in the office of our dyspeptic contemporary appear ^to have a decidedly sour ta-ste these daTs. Better try the "cold pack" method in the next canning 1 season. This is the last "beatlesg" Monday, but we may wish for a reissue of the order along 1 about July or Auffust. .Tons,. than exemptions from the Tiraft. ··The dare-devil Tough did not live up to its n-am* d/nrinsr the break-up, for which railroad men arc truly thankful. ' - W. Hoheuzollera- His finger-prints. 1918 The dnLfteeff vrho leave for the cantonments tomorrow may count themselves honored above all otherR. bein* the only ones ' chosen to begrin their j work of emancipating' the world from ' the Slavery of PrussJanism on the j birthday of the Great Tmanclpa.tor. INDELIBLY RECORDED man. whether member of organized labor show his loyalty tomorrow. per cec-t ol the aroount.dnie. For mak- i ing a false or fraudulent return the j How to Prepare JL U FOR RENT--FTjrUJJSIlEt) HOOM. 216 Market St. 2feb-lfd toe, (penalty Is a fine not exceeding^2,000 1 or one year's 1m prison meat or both. | in the discretion of the court and 100 Iper cent of the tax due. For failing 'to pay on time the penalty is an as-jxffK LITTLE (JTJ1L WHO CAXKOTI FOR IIKN-T--ONE STORE ROOM isessment of 5 per cent of ihe amountj AJI). { CoFmerly occupied by Means Murphy. : of tax due plus 1 -per cent interest for ; _ ! inquire RLORENCE SMUTX. ufoblt" FOR REST--FURNISHED LIGHT houivhociiingr rooms. 3CR ERj*t Craw- Cord avenue. I J f e b t f d The Xolloclng items are not taxable :. ' ; each full month, daring «'hich it re- : The mtl« ^irJ ^-ho canoe 'mains unpaid. ( tract or multiply L add. pub- I . ___. rear 51-0.000 persons paid an:""" """l, 0 ^"^-*-' '*" TM* u iu ~.TMo UKW^.W..^ ^.^ u ^ c . 6 - , a n d neod not 1 ' b8 r e P° nod in y° ur ! Income tax. This year the numtcr i Shc .,,,, i.encath'the'table lams. »·'· patriots, they .are not complaining , l u r n : ·" , . -assessed will be more than 0,000,000. Lt i he;ui upon her hand but are-'glad of the opportunities" they I Gifts, jyou are one of them remember that! have to do their part in helping win i Value of. property acquired through | your donara a r e for the support(X the ' FOR HKNT-- SfX KOOJf I7OUSE: all rnodern convonlcnces. Lincoln avenue. J n q u i r e - -07 Lincoln avpnii". l i r o b t f d ! ' . FOR RENT--FRONT toils with problems that ·; second floor ot Dunn t OFFICES ON Kvans baild- the war. Perhaps there is no profession '.will or by inheritance. It must be i understood however, that the income war and that by promptly filing your return and promptly -paying your tax i ; She chews t h l n k , vrhica has contributed a larger per-i TO:eiveA from such property is tax-j y o u arc helping the government to-; troubled m.iW anO sad. 10 has diflcov-jred life is not round of pleasure prtad. aile. ceutase of its members to war service j than the medical profession. They I . . . -- are many,who. became" o£ advancing i Heturas .of premiums on life on- ; ly ,,.;,, · slfeht im-pau-mem ot health, i downTM 1 and annuity policies. : wards early victory. The more quick- \ QH. many a sad mistake she Proceeds of life insurance policies. :.j y [he v j clorj . i s won tue more quick-! ' this troubled little iri FOR RENT--OXK KIGHT ROOM house. All modern Improvements. Patterson and Chewtnut street. Inquire makes. · S. it Goodman, Touch Houne. cfijan-tftl one i; Interest on-bonds and other obliga- j sma ll incomes. Pay j-our income taxts rears » have not been permuted to join the i medical-department or the-army.- As 1 tions ai ' he United Stiaes government ; to iasurc your income. - ··'* '· -·· .. -· ' . - -' .- n- its possessions and of any state or | uch income tax -be cut down;"""* problems of her y o u t h f u l lite have . . . . ,. .. . s' v t hnr brain Rwhirl: ·on 3)ig incomes and cutoff entirely on | shl . ifa . t s u r n w h c n Bll(! ig r , Bhti ahc gropes her way alonff And disappointment comes when ahe is told that ;rho is wronff. She's now beaet with doubts and fears, ; and there are pitfalls, too. Wherein she CaliH unthinkingly, older people do. By Samuel G. Dimn, M. D.. L. L. !., Commissioner of Health. in of; thousands ot- men in . Dther -B-alfa of "We, their inability lo ; Political suudu-is-on of a state si have an aatlTe part .he the great eon-l^ a city, town, county or village. . flict is. the lasting regret of their i ' Intere.-t on the Second Liberty Bond ; lives. -But'.this is not preventing them j is s" e ° r September 2. 1'Jl;, to a n . from doing their bit along other lines, janrount not exceeding $5.000 of such ; just as'the doctors are doing, even if i ionds. If you own more t^.^at, overworked in the doing. . ! amount the interest on the additional j j-bonds is exempt from the normal tax j THE «001 CBmCVUC TTILL I0. | b «^°on ^Z issue, uuder h ·The-strongly partisan Democratic |. thV proTis1oils o f . thc - Federal Farm | SPR1SG TrPHOtD. 'aeirspapers and Democrats generally j.^^ 4ct ot j u ; v - 27, 1S16. I The neivs of the loss of our Irans- whossj vision, does, not.eitend heypnd-j g^.^^ of officers a n d ' employes i port reminds us of the way in which | For party lines, objected to the criticism., of stiftc o r 'political subdivision" of i we are to be robbed of our y o u n g j · that, was recently..directed at the.-War; a ^^ inoludlng school teachers. 'people during this war and should Department. They refused to -see thc ;. ". Sur Tax ' (awaken us, who remain at borne, to patriotic purpose behind it and w e r e ) . ]t , adtf[Uon [ ? t hc normr.l rate of i the necessity of guarding our lives ·incapable-.of believins that any good·|. l , TO '^ r cen t .the act of 191V imposes |and protecting ourselves against dis- cbuid result-.therefrom. iFortunatel}-! an extra j evj . or surtai rinsing from ; asters no less dangerous. From now :enl on incomes between J5,- i;on, Typhoid must be carefully watch- a "'JOM-and--$7,500 to 50 per cenL.on in: ed as an enemy. ail publications having D^mocrattc comes ia CXCDSS of ^! The Old Winter has stored the filth of ciditors are not all cast in the same act of ^^ jn a( j,jj t j on to ^ K normal : the season on our hillsides and along narrow sroove. ' ^ imposes a surtax ranging from 1 the banks of our streams. With the There bas been no more militant ··· ~ ·· and vigorous supponer of Americanism in the present wur than the Man- FOR RENT--TEN .ROOM HOUSK. j $15.00: Six room house. S36.PO': Six room hnusxj, 51^.(in; Three room house.' S3.50. MASON, the Renlintr Agent. I Hecont! N a t i o n a l Bank BuiMinp. ! lifeb::t 1 Lust ntfcTht Rile tjr.v booktf Jiome; I .1 smiled. For there I saw the sorrows of. a former llttla child: I saw the blunders hn had made, and on her scribbled page I read the triala oC a boy when he was jus? hS-r ape. Anil. Oh. I understood her FOR SALE--OUR liAUIKS' MAUK- I to order suits surpass the hand-me- h- he- *i-hnnl \ ri °wns a great distance. They retain k h«r worl L n d i t h = i r " hil l e , indefinitely. Any style re- Iproaueetl. Place your order Tor Spring early. SAL.V. LA CHJMA, ;»9 Pitts- bur^ atreeu 7feft-tfd Pnblie Kale . THE BOARD OP EDUCATION OF Dunbar township will dispose of the school at Munarch. Pa.. Errlefs. I j old «,,,,,,-,, i . i i i iJ to multiply and add. . for the Democrats, and still more-for- i.j: tnnatelr for tjie country,..#c views ot n -^, Rn ' She little dreams that never more will life be wholly Kay. That she has stepped forever from the rea:m where .i-I! is play. That every morn will brins its tasks .ind disappointments too. For many a t-art mistake will spoil Ute work Shc trieH U, no. Some day she v.-ill have greater cares ! deceased thitn learnitijr how to add, And. Oh, T pray when help she needs shc'M aUvays come, to dad. Terms of sale will be made k n o w n on day of sale. F. C. SMITH. President;, 1 J. T. DONOVAN', Secretary. ! Ilfed3t-mou per cent on incomes between $20,000 - melting ot.tjje snow and ice in the | _ and ?JQ.OOO to 33 per cent on incomes I Spring, all of this filth will be vashe j ' of more than $2,000,000. The total : into the streams and carried to our Arfmtnfittrnfor'a notlec. THE ESTATfS OP JONES jlIcCLAIN. late of the City of Connellsvllle. C o u n t y of Fayette and State of Pennsylvania, sed Letters of administration on the above named enlate having been granted to the undersigned, notin" is hereby Kivcn to all persons indebted to Kai(J estate to make i ediate oayn-ent. ufacturere Record' ot-Baltimore and 1ax O 'n i ncom cs of more than $2.-j water works. This will test the filter an Iranter or more outspoken critic Uoo.OOO'therefore, is 67 per cent. ' plants to their capacities, maty of 6J lie deficiencies of .the Administra-j. It Iby reason ot illness or absence i which have too small a margin to care :tion. and the governmental depart- j ^.'^ ^ ani[e(1 Sta . te3 you J. re una ble i for an excessive flow of filth. Break- iwiits than its able editor, Richard J^..j^gj^'naiiy tp. render' a return, you downs will occur and the people must Edmonds, one ol the most inauemiafj^^ ^p,,^ an agent to act for. you. be prepared to protect themselves jaen in the -whole southland. The| y o u r agenl mast ° nua - c affidavit that j by Iwiling water for domestic lmr- Record, lik« a)l oUior. . publications ! h e h a s 5a fficient'knoivledgeof your af- j poses "Upon the 'first indication of wiich- have : taken. a disapas5ionate, {air .. , to malc6 - r e t l l r n -for you and be | trouble -witli their . local water sup- 1 the situation, believe that the i O ., uing to assume rcsponstbillty for a j plies. false or fraudulent "re-j In view of the above, the question _ lull i. . : ought to arise in tiie peoples' minds, las a most beneficial, effeev. Real j Tft ' e task Qf co !j ec .ti ng i ncome taxes · with all the money that is being spent constructive work; hits followed which! -- - - -- 1 ' =- "-- ' .:».^-- ~r -- -:,!,,.- and to those having: claims afrainst the same to present them properly authenticated for settlement. HARVEY C. ' SMITH. Administrator, 412 ilcKee ave- ; nue, Monepffcn, Pa. SljanStil* VTA.YTKD--TH;RJ) TBFCK COOK t B. t o. RESTAURANT. ,8fe^6t eriticism was not only justified. cVeu|'. del!n uellt; jtecessarTi hot that it is already hav- ] w ^ IV ANT 1C 1 J--1~VCTO R Y TRT-STATE C-XNUV CO. means the fuller- development of l. |,] evo i ves - U p 0n the Bureau of Internal J i n the beautifying o-f our, cities, l. Re vcnue. - . Ameiic»'« jowet.for winning the war. | ^ h - , hureau is Outside of the prejudiced partisans ; ' c j(j nt . in the uni '- ' pe nding into every ited States revenue and improving 'people are beginning to UTllle1 '- i offl( . er ' s to assist taxpayers in making i plants so that xtaad thai changes in conditions in ' .. . - . ~. -were needed and for .the .-VbJeli t h e Record t h u s " whether or not it would not he wiser I WANTIOD---uini, 10 use this money for the enlarging " OU . M ' ^"- w «". f«- .. ESTATE OF RALPH DI DONATO. BARBKRING ! iatQ of the liorou^h of Dunbar, ''county tf | of Fayette and State of I'ennsylvania deceased. Letters of Administration on | the' above najncd estate having- been granted to the undersigned, notice is hereby j^iven to nil parlies indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, and to those having claims against said estate to present them properly authentieaed for settlement. GCY m BIORr, Arfminiatralor. Dunter. Pa. II. G. MAT, Attorney. HjanGt-mon CURLS AT l£eb-tfd -roU TO AlJVEP.TISb: I?* column*. of the purification our waters may be -out their returns, the location - of j safe, and wait a little longer for our ieir offices ascertained by j boulevards and parkways. Ve cer- AT DAWSON Apply in person, nfoblt. WA.VTKD--COOK AND CBAMBUR- maid. ARMSTRONG'^ RESTAURANT lOdec-tfd fus ^\ inquiring .ol the office.ot the collec- i tainly must use all known ways, and | WANTKD--TO "KKT A PAI -'*.·· . - ' l - t o p of internal revenue, roar banlc j irliere possible, devise new ones, to JJ^ sra jj^ so* South "co^'usvine, '] : or the postmaster. They will furnish I protect the health of the young pop- - "All Out thi» nation is after, in ·hatwrer erttidwa may be made about J y^u "with" blanks. ansnrVr any and all ! illation and to consen-e what we now the »«ed oT.incwased- :effi.ciepcy^ in .^jgstioris" as to how. to nil them oiit'.hiivo from unnecessary destruction. "' '"'" swear yoii to your returns, each ; . hich must : be accompanied by an · Cln^^irTeii AdTcrtiseraents inco:nlc was . nlore than Wasfaiacton. ia wholly to stimulate fiie Ti»or witt »tich We grfs war. No man in this country.---;.-- ttnlc«» b« be a pro-German and a ' ,, tppwiaer wlErai'bt Germany's hell- j -v^I a£ . k for ponn j 040!A- T{ it Tas bh acttrities,-i» «JritJcisitis inefficiency i^ o r c ' t h a n 53i00 o ^^ r or Form 1040. to Wiaiinften, from any other thau.i T h e Son1ccs o£ t bc government ex- tle M«h»st .patriotic motives. - _ erts are offered without'cost, but --This nation does not look to Presi-, 9hQald ^ ftij to gee tiem-you are dent WDson aa a Democrat; it for- ^ relieTed ^ tne doly imposed b3 gets tor the tim» being his polities, and it recognizes him as the President -law to file your return within the time prescribed. The go'verhmeivt is ot the- entire prople. regardless of ^ recluil . e ,j to see -j^ taxpayer. Thc partfes.. U majr not always approve I tax!)ayer mut see k the government. jf even move, that be makes, and . PavTnnnt o£ the tax must be made on President Wilson ii a big enough man. or -. before Jonc 13 , 181S ., we are sure, to prefer that those who Cannot Hvsule Taymcnt, do not approve of all that is done I The man w h o tninks to ev . adc a e shall opcnlr say so- Only in .tha way |income tas is m:lk i n g a se rious Bring results. Cost only Ic a word. PARJf Ad- Pa. SfebCt' WA.N'TKP--GIRL TO WORK J.V restaurant at Vandcrbilt, opposite ho- lel. Must be over "0 years old. Salary JS.OO l-n- week. Call after 6 P. M. SfebSt' By Walt Maaon. liO-- TWO SALESMEX OVER e to travel. All expensed ad- Call oil South Pittshure; THE THIKD LO.«T. I draft ;is ' va-nced. [ street. WANTDE -- CASHIER BV OEPAKT- ment store. Good opportunity to the rigrht party. Apply in own hand writing, "CASHIER," care Courier. llfebst AT ONCE LtNBOTTPE OPERATOR ' AT THE DAILY COURITR OFFICE The official proclamation requiring a fifty- fifty -wheat flour rationing with an officially recognized cereal is being strictly enforced by all Union Supply Company stores in Fayette, Westmoreland, Greene, and Allegheny Counties. The President of the United States has issued a proclamation calling upon the American people to further aid in the conservation of our wheat supply and other food staples to such an extentasTvill enable the continued support of our armies and civilian populations of these countries associated ·with us-in the -war. On the same day that the proclamation was issued our stores put it into effect. You must reduce your consumption of flour one half, on. the fifty-fifty basis. That means if you buy 25 Ibs. of flour you are obliged to buy 25 Ibs. of Cornmeal, Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, or any assortment of specified substitutes to equal the amount of flour bought. If the dealer can not furnish the Hour substitutes he is not privileged to sell you at all. Up to the present time we have been able to supply the substitutes, and as long as we can supply them we will sell you flour, but it we run out of substitutes we must enforce the order strictly and will be obliged to refuse to sell you flour. Housekeepers, heads of families, and every individual should cooperate and assist in enforcing this proclamation. There is an ample ^assortment of substitutes to supply everybody if you conserve; have wheatless days, have wheatless meals. / A later proclamation of the President recommends Mondays and Wednesdays Wheatless, and the evening meal every day wheatless. Do not criti- cise the Government, do not criticise the President--it is your war, it is our war, it is every-" body's war,--cooperate. 63 Larsre Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. I Have Three Ford Runabouts aad three Touring Cars, remaining in stock, for immediate delivery. Possibly you are one. of the many that tried to get a FORD last Summer and were unable to do so. THIS is your opportunity. Spring is only six weeks away. Get your car NOW and avoid the delay that always occurs when car-buyers start their rush in March. In Summer the orders are filled absolutely in the order in which they are received, and I had as high as 62 unfilled orders at one time. Some customers were disappointed and did iiot get their car. Get the "jump" on the other fellow. Get your FORD car now. Delivery anywhere in Dunbar, Franklin. Connellsville, Lower Tyrone, Saltlick and Springfield Townships; Dawsoa, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. - The Touring Car is §360.00; the Runabout $345.00 C. o. b. Detroit. Hyatt Motor Company 1VBST CRAWFORD AVEXUK. am, he and those surronnrting h i m . Now once again you'll have a chance to- buy yourself Q bond, and help thc allies out in France, in Belgium and beyond. Jn February Uncle Sam will start another loan; and are you ready, --i-as I am, to put up plunk and bono? U'B little we old «:ents can do to help our armies win. but "we can certainly tiome through with packages ot tin. When everything is said and dont:, 'tin WANTED -- AT ON'CE, SLACK- smitb. Will rent or pay g'ood salary. Good shop. Good tools. Lifetime job for good man. "BLACKSMITH," care Couri'er, 2Gjan-tCd * error. A checking system win incorm i ««-""i «'W w 'in the imow whether the nation is entirely i , , ^ rWf . rnmT ,t of dclmn^ents U n - ' s!loultl be a now of mon from evcry ^..^ _·«. »v« *·.:--« ,,- l t h d government ot ucuuG,.ents. un , Joya , L . hap You are noL aBked to as the inforraa-i uway or sacrifice your Oust; you U;ml with the way things arc go* P or not" MT-A^TEX)--MIXERS WANTED WHO are studying far examinations to jrot the bcs.t :ntnii:^r book published. "AJin- j,t:rap: and there j Jn« ;n ;L Nutsheli," by JAMES WAKD- . Scutidale, I 1 a. Prico ¥2--?. Sfebl'.t BOYS A:M GIRLS OVER IS TEARS OF AGE, PA.ID WHIL12 LEARNING. CONNELLSVILLE SILK WEST SIDE ; tion at ao^i-eg" prorisioa of ihc aol of *191S employers are. required 10 iile -with tbe comlasiorrer of i n t o r t i a l rr-vr- * SHOUKD BE DTESTIGATEI*. r. While- Direetor General of ftaflrtratfe TIU« * trne report of the wag McAdoo is not pvyinc mueh attention i ?800 or more t»aid to each pm to the charge m*dr br Prertd«Bt.Leet'dorintr the year 1917. Thp the Brotherhood of Uillroad Trmin- fawmt has ofher methods of . of »en. lhat railroad officials are "laying down" in an effort to discredit the fovennneTit control ;.of the rail- wads, th« allc?ation« h»T« ·biwn so direct : *nd aijecin- that i thorough tab on delinquents. The penalties arc severe-. Fu- r;i!I- itig to make a return on time :hr pen- alitj is a -fine c*f Tiot less thnn $2fl nor a n d ' l n afldilion 50 : jle Sain--and, say, he's surc-ly safe to tru*t! You nri? not asked- to hinJ for I'un; {,'ootL' interest you r*- ctiii"i*; iC you'vo no boi:a^. \vho:\ \rar (s done. youTl r^nd y n u r nibc sind grieve, Ati.' t h - n yoii'U hang 1 your head in sh:;i::e, nnd sound n. Uoloful n o t e ; you did n u t Jji'ip tn win tlie tramf ;un3 yet thi- Pniissltia sroai. But there is nonp w\t\: soul so U(-oti hn will not liuy ;\ i'-/:ul ,e'"H though he bus to cut "out i.r. :n!, and see his c;r*oksto\v o;c\ l.v'.-' j'KircK up cheer fill, d l i l h o !|iri'!;. anrt htiy. and buy. ami" IMIV t h i f r j we'll raakc Uic Teuton nit-k, s n u h him iTi tsc eye. --.ANY KIND OF PR1JJT- inir. whether it is a calling card, sale bill or the finest «n^r:ived wtitldjuy i n v i t a t i o n 01- r-.nnouncem^ni. We priip anything--c-v-erythlne--uo it prornvtly "'!.^" j{, rl 'f I1 '" ';? l \ l " e a ^" " t - T J I i i "" '"' ' Jotl1 l ]ho "' i!! - 7 - t f n"AXTnr--L.\mns--A PEW HODP.S weekly selling HII- u - o l l - k n o w - n line of -ned. I washable t';tlu-:t:s w i l l lirinir :i comtorL- abte inconio. I'.'rif : for free samples and particulars. Snnrl references. OI.D COLOKr TB'XTJbB CO., :SS J. .Broad- ·«-'a.y. N. T. rch3-3" and ; for ' *"* FIRST CU:VSS BAHBER. GOOD PC)R ?25.0D PER WEEK. APPUV TO S. K R A S K 'HALSI.12V, V X I O N T O W N . FA. Overshoes in every size and stylo to suit any shoe. ' Arctics, Gum Shoes, Gum Boots, Foil Boots and everything in Hubber Footwear. First Quality only. ©.^^^^ ATRONIZE HOME MEECHANTS ; WHO ADVESTISE IN THIS PAPER. ; S3-.'i\0!).VM.»x.svi''ft.!rW^^ ·:·,;·

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