The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 11, 1918
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IT Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,654 /'OL. 16, NO. 78.' CONNELLSVTLLE, PA, MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 11, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. JSSIA DECLARES STATE OF WAR WITH THE CENTRAL POWERS TO BE AT AN END ·ops on AH Fronts to Be Immediately Berlin Says. SCOTT»AiE DEDICATION- Unio*tow« Jurist to Delifcr Address Kert Sunday., Judge J. Q. Van Swearingen of TJn- iontoirn, will be the principal speaker at the unveiling of a service fia-g Sun- j day afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Bap- j tist church at Scottdale. oi Brest-LHovskj Tbe flag contains 28 stars, repre- aiereoce Agree to Terms 1'or Ces- i senttag the number ot young men o £ATY NOT YET Uon «f Hostilities; Tcit oi the! :rainjaa Pact Is .Received Here. By Associated Press. ISTERJDAM, Feb. 11. -- Russia has ·.red a. state. of war to be at an and has ordered the demobiliza- ot Russian forces on all fronts, :ding to a dispatch received here j ', dated Brest-Litovat on Sunday dispatch follows: he president of the Russian dele- ft at today's silting statel that : Rossi* was desisting from sign- x peace treaty it declare-d the oC war to be ended with Ger", Austria-Hungary, Turkey and iria, simultaneously giving or- for complete demobilization of [ the church who are in the service. Nine of this number are somewbere in France. Several other members are awaiting tbe call to colors. VON HERTLING'S SPEECH EVASIVE WILSON'S VIEW German Chancellor Seeks to Obscure the Issacs of IVar, He Says. FRIENDLY TO AUSTRIA Chief Executive in Addressing Congress Declares Count CKernin Would Probably Hiue'Cone J'arther for Peace Bat for German Influence- BREAKUP OF ICE IN YOUGH DOES LITTLE DAMAGE WHERE THE TUSCANIA WAS SUNK Some Bridges Along the Upper Part of Stream Are Threatened. GORGES ARE DYNAMITED In Order to Prevent Flooding of tho Kailroad Tracks at RUircll; Fcrr Persons Witness Rush Past Con- nellsTille After lliduight Stttaruay. CONNEUSYILLE * MEN IN $180,000 COAL LAND DEAL TV. E. Rice and Associates Buy Tract -of 60 Acres m Irivin Field. by INCLUDES TWO BIG MINES ot Berlin giving the details of · inference at which the peace j ¥ between the Central Towers j Both Are Completely Eqnippei; Bwlj "^ --- e ' By Associated Press. WASHING-TON, 'Fab. 11.--President Wilson, addresiUng Congress in joint session at 12: SO o'clock today replied to the recent speech by German Chancellor von Hertling and the Austrian Foreign Minister Count C*/.eram. Chancellor von Hertling's statement, tho President said, was very vague and confusing and leads to practically no conclusion. It was very different in tone from Count Czernin's 1 , which the President said bad a. very friendly tone, .The President reiterated that the United States had no desire to interfere In European affairs and "would In- The moderation in the weather has greatly improved traffic conditions on the Baltimore Ohio railroad and the outlook today was bettor by far than any time 'in recent weeks. The only danger of a traffic tieup now lies in the flooding of the tracts . by tUe Yough river east ot here. There does not seem to be any immediate danger but ice gorges arn being watched and 1C they show any signs of backing the water up to the traclcs, dynamite charges will be set off. Although the coke car supply this morning could not nave been much worse, this vras offset a. HUIe by the wonderful help the warm weather ia giving other traffic. Optimism per- :be new Ukrainian republic was d has been received here. Owing I e technical difficulties connected j treaty teits i| was not possible I Did a formal sitting and affix' tures until tbe early morning; ; of Saturday. Tbe treaty is en- i treaty or peace between Ger-1 , Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and ; jy on one part and the Ufcrain- i eople's republic on tbe other." | ! preamble states tbat the nian people haying in course of of u , e disdain to take advantage of any in- i Tailcd Kmms officials hero today and ternal weakness or disorder to impose , thcv ,,,, hopin g for a continuance of the weather until the congestion is relieved. The ice coming out of the Cassel- her own will upon another people.". All the way through, tue President parallel between the pronouncement of Chancellor Hertling Locallr; Coal Formerly Held By A.{and Foreign Minister Czernin and his C. Stickcl ml Bis Associates, hearers drew the conclusion that tbe President decidedly considered Czer A coal deal involving $180,000 has been consummated in which two completely equipped coal mines and 60 acres of coal have been purchased by E Rice Rusa an( i Thomas Love. Tbe operations ot the mines will be continued by the new owners. The purchase was made of A. C. Sticfcel, Charles B. Franks, T. "W. nin's utterances as being more favorable than · Hertling. resent world war declared itself | Dawson, w H . Glasgow and K. independent and expressed a . Playford. Tbe purchasers take over to restore peace between itself; tne cnUre bolaings o j. the Irwin Gas he powers at war with Russia.! ,, . company T he 60 acres of coal .. «* ».v. «,,. -TM .,,_._ ,, cons . 3t of ihe fEmous Irwja gas coaL w The mines are the Schade al Irwin and tbe Collanier mine at Larimer. "to take first steps toward g world peace honorable to all is. which shall not only put an 0 the horrors of war but also .0 the restoration of friendly re- s of tbe people in political; legal, mic and intellectual realms." ie article'of the treaty it is de- 1 that tbe state of war is at an that tl$e Austro-Hunparian nian border will remain as be- he war, wbile a special coiomis- mental elements of peace with clear eyes and does not seek to obscure them" said the President "Count Czernin," said the President, "probably would have gone nraci. farther had it not been for the embarrassment of Austria's alliances man river swept away a span of a bridge on tbe "White's Creek branch east of Confluence. There are aiou five coal mines and some lumber camps tied up on account of tbe loss of the trestle. On the C. 0. branch "Czernin seemed to see the funda- trafflc , s _..,,, O]CIU Icc was swopt 0[1 Loyalty Week in Connellsvllle to Be Buly Observed To- morroiv Sight. PARADE'WILL LEAD OFF This Will Ijo Followed by Addresses by Prominent 3ien at AIiuss Keeling to !e Held In tl:e Auditorium of tlie Sew High School at S.X5 O'cloock. to be any danger that they water will were landed at Euncraaa Both mines are completely equipped. and of her dcpcndance on Germany." Again the President reitercted tbat the United States was in the war and would put forth its whole strength j feet of the rai | S _ u w o n id not take j in this war of emancipation. 1 i long for u vo CO70r tue tracks if. the i The test of whether it is possible 1 wa . cr backer! up rapidly and tbe ice to the tracks at Friendsville but these were easily removed. The railroad company blasted a gorge in the Yough near Biuwell. Three charges were Bet off, opening . _ ,, _ _ _ . -- _ _ _ _ up tho ice somewhat. Another charge j the north of the Irish coast as it and its convoy were approaching the North j will bo set off again if 'Jbere seems -chanuel to enter the Irisb sea on tho way to Liverpool. The This map shows.where the transport Tuscania probably was sunk by of ltle parade. With weather conditions favorable e outlook today is for a monster demonstration tomorrow evening in the formal observance here of l^abor Loyalty Week--by a parade of the trades unionists and various organizations to be followed by a mass meeting at S:lo o'clock in the High school auditorium. All preparations for the event have been completed. The parade will form at 7:15 o'clock in West Fayette street and Johnston avenue. The plan is to have it march at 7.SO. The route will be short--from the place of formation via Pittsburg street and Fair-view avenue direct to the school hall. There tho ConneUsviUe Military band will play martia] and patriotic airs until S:15 o'clock at which time the program of the evening will begin. Mayor John Duggan in a proclamation issued today calls upon the peo- ; pie to observe loyalty week and to par; ticipate in the exercises of tomorrow i evening. In the churches yesterday tho ministers delivered sermons bearing on the occasion and extended to tho public the invitation to attend tho rally in the school hall. Chief of Police William B. Bowers and patrolmen will form the escort wilJ be by the * ·· - - -- *t tiiu jja-'iiuc. -iiuii; W1JJ ins ur iii'i .be German submarine. According to reports the vessel was attacked to Connellsville Military band- Following Larne. I flow over the tracks. | river has backed up rails. At present the [ , to within four | vil] fbc tbe balance of tbe bor- f Ukrainia. The evacuation of ted territory will begin at once, natic and consular relation* )« entered upon ratification reaty. The contesting parties ace reimbursement of their war that is. toe expenditures for ns on the war. EIGHT GIVEN HEARINGS Two 3ten and "Woman Arrestwl For Being Disorderly on IVest Side. Bight prisoners were given hearings before Mayor John Duggan at police .for the belligerents 1 to go on compar- j ing views, the President said, was simple and obvious and the principles :ICA EXBASST OFFICIATES ALL SAFE. 3HINGTON, Feb. II.--Ambassa- rancis, telegraphing from Pet- l under date of February -J. re- all at the .embassy and in the can colony safe and well. This irded as disposing finllly of the that diplomats of the co- irents were .being sent out of court yesterday morning. Harry and Samuel Taylor and Virginia Taylor alleged to be the wife of the former,! °- "(were all arrested, charged with dis- or tn ' lf · orderly conduct. The three were picked up on tbe West Side by Patrolman Rendine. Henry Taylor was locked up for 10 days in default of a $10 fine and Sam Taylor paid a fine of the same amount. The woman was fined $5 which she paid. Three other prisoners were dis-| charged and two got cell sentences. I I This morning two men appeared be- to be applied" he" laid were "as follows: 1. Each part of the final settlement must be based upon essential justice to ibriflg a permanent peace. 2. People and provinces are not to be bartered about like chattels to establish a 'balance of power. 3. Territorial settlement must be ed and not merely adjustment of rival state's claims. 4. Well del is being watched closely. The first ice to pass out of the Tough river went, down about 1 Saturday night and was wit- j tbe band will come tbe mayor and survivors | melrl bers of council and the school board. Veterans of tbe Civil "War and- the Foreign Service veterans will march in advance of the . Trades Council which will be followed by tho Boy Scouts, the Catholic Cadets, the Red Cross, Navy League and various AM TITTOTVV rirrv.mir'i rfkn nAI 1 fiK inr-m P atriotic ana 'ratcrnal organizations, ON TUESDAY EVENlMji FOR .COL 1 M. -RFJD U* Business and Professional Men's I Association, ihc organization affiliated the Trades and Labor Council, of Conncnsville and IMPRESSIVE FUNERAL SCOTTBAIE FOR CAMP I SERVICES ARE HELD wit "-- ' , TM«Sf hv'nnlvVrew T,e"n1cT mostly Selection of Contingent Mfule by D r a f t l Banlness Assodiitcs. rriends acS A d ! ^-^ the Trades 1 £r« workti on a ni=h *b n ^^^ on Saturday j joirew f i l l ITesbytwian Church , volunteer firemen [n'rt^rt'^Obio^SrTlJe . ."^n-oon. ^ _ _ _ t o r 0»^ \*^^ ice did not r-rop here but passed on, leaTiag a dcjosit on each siilo ot the river banks. - » C o n t t n u n d on Page Two, ined national accorded all aspira- MR QUOTA OF IRAFTED MEN WILL GO IN TWO WEES the mayor, one getting 48 Hours and the other being discharged. SCOUTS HEAR SERMON Troops of the City Attend Services in .Presbyterian Church. The annual sermon of the eighth adversary of the Boy Scout move- j -------- ;~ t T n n « t « : « AmftT-l/»a nr.ic Holil/OriaH in tnf «.\.1J jtu*«.i satisfaction. *'A general peace such foundations can be discussed" said the President "Until such a peace can be secured ·we have no choice 'but to go on." "The general principles", the President said, "have been accepted by everyone except the military autocrats in Germany." ' BAKER PRAISES MEN FIVE WEST PENNA. BOYS ON TUSCANIA REPORTED AMONG THE SURVIVORS Conflicting Reports About SeotMale Boy, Still Officially Unaccounted For; 'o Word About Ball. Of tbe several young men from this immediate section of the suite, who | places will furnish the number of men | were on board Uie Tuscania when j called to fill oat deficiencies. Several that vessel was sunk by a German j were held for service with, a later U-boat off the coast of Ireland, j quota some of those called did not definite word has been, received that ; have their appeals decided in time (five are among the survivors. j thai tbe board could examine them, Small loss oi Iilfe on Tuscania Due to j Gomcr E. Greenwood of Walters- j aud several were sent to the Advisory Tho Courier. ; BeauUfui and impressive funeral i T!l0 commitiee urges upon a!l SCOTTDALJ,-:, Kob. 11.--Eleven men service for Colonel James Madison : working men whetber identiSed witb were beld as physically qualified for j Reid w(! re held Saturday afternoon at i the UD ' O1!S or not to gel into tbe military service and expressed their 1^:30 o'clock from Uie Fi'rst Presbyter- '· P ara de and to show ;leir loyalty by j an c h u r ch of which Colonel Reid" was ! attending Uie rally at the school hall, a raeanber. The large auditorium was ; Tn ' s is *° be a demonstration of labor Dear ] v fl n cd w i t h relatives ;uid friends i regardless of (he lines drawn of tae Deceased, men prominent in ' b - T tracie lmiorl affiliations. It is for o f ],f c being included Rev. 1 every patriotic worker, the committee readiness Lo leave on Tuesday for Canip bee, at the examination held Cor Local Board No. 1, of Westmorc-'i land county, in charge of Chairman | Berlcey H. Boyd at ihe V. .M. C. A. on ! a n Saturday. Similar examinations for j j. L , Proudfit, the pastor officiated. ! urges. Appropriate music was recicred by a j ^ the school hall, following a short quartet composed of- Mr?. William ; concert by the baud, the audience will Brlckman. Miss Edith Morton, John I Finff "America." The Divine blessing ia and \Varren Murrie. Miss Beth ! on the assemblage will be invoked by ' Rev, G. L. C. Richardson, pastor of and . the Methodisr Kpiscopal church. The this hoard were held by Dr. John Q. Robinson at "West Newton, while at Hermirie, W. B. Howell, the third member o£ the board, also held an examination. Drs. N. E. SilsJey and i siiennan presided at the organ. Arthur Waido wore the examiners. , fl 0ra! lr jjb uu . s wcro numerous The examinatioas from the three ; elaborate : remainder of tbe program follows: wore as follows: Discipline. By Associated Press WASHINGTON. Feb. 11.--Tha rela- inent*in America was delivered in tbe First Presbyterian church yesterday morning by the pastor. Rev. J. L. i Prottdfit. The Boy Scouts of the city, Boards for Districts 3fos. 2 and i some in uniform and others wearing 5 Get Orders to Prepare Lists. local draft boards for Districts and 5 have received word from ar "Despartment to get 13 per- f tbeir remaining quotas ready trainment to Camp Lee during e day period commencing Feb- 23. The orders were received jrninjr. ·ict No. 5 has a 20 per cent of Dta still to send. Between 13 meu will go with the next of men. Tbe order says that jdule and further, details re- i g the entrainment of the aert f draftees will follow later, change was made in tbe person- the men who are to go from tomorrow night. In tbe place e Bungard John Rizza has l^een Bungard's name was put on . through error. draftees will report at the of- i th. Title Trust building at ock In tbe morning and the roll call will be held at 4 only the scout insignia, attended in. a body. The scouts during the aniversary ·week are conducting a campaign for Men and Money. The local boys began their campaign oil Saturday. The drive closes on the 14th. Boy Scouts all over America are making the same drive; The local scouts have been given a quota of $75 to raise. soldiers aboard the Tuscania is attributed by Secretary Baker to the fine discipline of the men and the efficiency of their officers. In his weekly war review, published today, the secretary also expressed the nation's appreciation of the spienflid work of the British in rescuing te American btiTE. Lester W. Piot of California and Thomas B. Young of Freeport, members of Company D, 20th Engineers, Frank E. Graft of Alverton and, Edwin II. Fries of Windber, members of an aero squadron, have been reported by tbe "War Department as among those rescued from tbe torpedoed ship. The name ot "William, L*wis Ball nf Connellsville. has not been reported in any list issued by the War Department, either o£ the passengers or the forces ' survivors of the Tuscania. The review points out that recent re- | Tbe name of Thomas A. I.eweUyn Board. The Scottdale contingent will leave trom Scottdalc Y. M. C. A., on Tuesday afternoon and go to Connellsville. where it vrill board tbe special Baltimore Ob : .o train for Camp Lee: Tbeso men were found physically fit and will -bo used share oC the total: John S. Teminsky, for Scottdale's MX. Pleasant; Antonio Picarelio, Tarrs, Micbael Leo Plnnerty, .Scottdale; Crocole Castino, Tarrs, George R. Carmichael. Ruffs- dale; Joseph Domen, Jr., Ml. Ploas- REFUSED DIVORCE ;Judice T»« Swearingen Declines to Grant Decree in Plyler Case. After hearing tbe testimony of Pitts-burg. physicians relative to the state of health of -Mrs. Myrtle Plyler, or Pittsburg: Judge J.- Q. Van Swearingen this morning in Uniontown refused a divorce in the snit brought by Gilbert Plyler a Baltimore Ohio engineer of Connellsville. Tbe master in the case had recommended a divorce. connoitering thrusts by tbe Germans, | of" Scottdale, a member of Company I ant; Albert Hill, Scottdale; Andrew J, notably In Flanders and around Cam- C, 20th Engineers, has been reported " Stashick, Tarrs; George Eluke, Tarrs; brai, may suggest development o f : among those not yet accounted for, i Francis Harmon Becker, Scottdale; Germany's long deferred offensive in ' although word was received in Scott- | "William Rollinson. Scottdale. Addrcss, Rev. G. VT. Buckner, pas- Honorary, Dr. J. B. Bwisg and H- F. tor of the Christian -church. Hopwood ot Uniontown; Charles Solo, Miss Mary McConnell. Davidson, J. C. Moore,-J. A. Arm-! Address. James Dahm, of New York, strong, E. T. Norton. E. K, Dick, Jos- | representative of tbe American Alii- eph T. Johnston and P. Bufano; ac-i ancc for Labor and Democracy. Uve, Wiley L. Byers of "Unioutown; ] Salute. Boy Scouts of America. Robert S. Skemp of Fairchance; Dr. J. J. Singer of Qreensbnrg; ]L D. Henry of Dawsoo, A. B. Hood, J. L. Schick, H. G. .May and Fred Frisbee. Among tbe out-of-town persons at Address, Judge J. Q Van Swearin- ;en of tiniontow:i. ; Song, "Tho Star Spangled Banner." the funeral were Alex J. Johnston of . $££()$]) ARREST MADE IN CONNECTION WITH B. 0. CAR ROBBERY Butte, Mont., a brother-in-law of tbe ; deceased; Rolert Singer, Mr. and Mrs. j John Barron, Dr. and Mrs. Aiwin Day] of Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. W. K. ' Hoffman of Morgantown; Mrs. A. C. Overholt of Scoltdalc; Mrs. _ S. M. : c Kennedy of 'Mount Pleasant.; Isaac · ' Taylor, S. K, Frock, Mrs, Wiley Byers . . is Apprehended at Swiss- v:ile: Dctwtivc Hess Restitip: liusily. Another arrest in connection with the "West. THE LONE WOLF' ENROLLING OFFICERS Stations For Signing lip of Shipbuilders Establishix! in the Comity. The United States Public Service Reserve of the department of labor has established enrolling stations throughout the county (or the purpose of enrolling mechanics for the shipbuilding industry. Already 100 application's are on file for the work and 1 peraonfl interested in the government I jobs can get further information by communicating with any of the following persons: Connellsville, P. Bufano, Foreign i dale Saturday night that, he was among those who had reached land in f-afety. Stil! another report stated that he had been lost when the steamer went down. Con- ROSEJNJFRANCE Card 'Tells 'of Safe Arrival oi STllle Boy. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Rose received a from their has arrived postcard this Albert, .fely in Rose is son, morning saying he _, Hay. momnt Tomorrow. i »t Box Car I» Burned. A Baltimore Ohio box car set on fire near the river bank at Sodom .Department of the Yough Trust com- I caused much attention last night. The ! burning car could be distinctly seen, i from the bridge and a crowd gather- Sincere* the Twenty-third Eny. Committed to Jail. Frank Hujak, who several weeks NINETY-mEARSOLD Krs. Mary Bunion Will Observe Anniversary Tomorrow. Mrs. Mary Dunlop, one of the oldest and best known residents of. Coiinells- ville, will be 96 years "old tomorrow and following the usual custom tlie King's Daughters of tbe First Presbyterian church, will bold a prayer meeting in honor of the occasion to- Uniontown; 'Mrs. Frank Huston. Miss -Elizabeth Huston and Sirs. Rob- ! ert S. Skemj) of Pairchance, a n d ' ' h o shooting fray between Baltimore. David Kelly of Sutorville. Kenneth . Ohio railroad detectives and car A. .Reid, who was home for his father's ' robbers was made yesterday when a funeral, will leave Wednesday for Port' man saiii lo be K. \\asner was ar- Wortli, Texas, where he is a cad-et.' rested at Swissvalc. Tuo man was aviations. i wounded t.ty bullets but he wiil be . i brought back here some lime today. ~ . ~ rr ~«~.-TM, j This third man in the case lias no! BACK BROKEN ! ^ »«" apprehended. j Harry McCovrnick, who \vas caughl ia ll.e freight car while his companions escaped, was givfm a bearing be- iorp Alderman Fred Munlc and committed lo jail on charges of breaking and entering, aggravated assault and Owonsdule ^rcident Victim JMcs After Kipht 'Months. Martin Gabrizak, aged 36 years, of Oweasdale d:ed at his home there on Saturday as the result of a broken morrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock at | back rece i vee i eight months ago. Gab- ·' the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sin- ..j szak was c . ross j n g the railroad track I clair in North Pittsburg street where , back or his Bome an(J had cl - aT? ] ec i j [ The car was set on. flre by the roll- Lone Wolf." Herfcert Brenon's j roa[ ) employes when it broke through" ation of Louis Joseph Vance's j the middle while being shifted down 5 novel of mystery and adven-1 ^ e Sodom tracks. -ill be presented tomorrow af- i ! l and evening at the Paramount : benefit ot the Navy League. e Lone Wolf," Hazel Dawn is i the leading role. Lone Wolf" relates the adven- Has Pneumonia. "William F. Applegate, a broths* of E. F. Applegaie and Mrs. J-. J. Thompson of this city, is ill wlt'a pneumonia at the base hospital at .f a master cracksman knnwn | Camp Pike, Kansas, police as the "Lone Wolf". In Me of his adventures he mncts erful girl, who he believes, is a crook, but who Is reality is | was robbed last night. All tho tobac- · service agent. i co eoofls In the case were taken. pany; Uniontown, H. G. Sturgis at j Tbe Herald; Smlthfleld, Squire H. O'Neil, and at Perrj'opolis, Howard Adams at tbe First National bank . BISHOP ANDERSON HERE Sotbodist Dignitary Pays Surprise Visit to Mefhodlst Chnrch. Bishop William F. Anderson, of Cin- . cinnati. who is on his way to Europe | noon weathe where be will visit fields In which the j Pennsylvania. Methodist Episcopal church is doing i bauery and being an accessory to the shooting of Detective R. M. Hess ot Martinsburg, W. Va. McCormiclt re- Mrs. Dunlop makes her home. W rs. | trough" under some "cars,~lhat started I tusc . d to divulse Ul0 namcs of his com - Sineiair is a granddaughter of the I wll j le ne was ,j n d cr them, causing the ' P anions aged woman. Injury. He was taken to the Memor- '. , Hess ' wll ° was takcn to the Cottage Mrs. Dunlop enjoys good health and i j a l ]j 0s pjtai m Mount Pleasant and '· btate hos P llal ]s resting easy today . i s able to go about unassisted. She ! vaa kept l)lpre f o r several mt.nths be- ' aci;ordi "e to reports siven out this given a hearing Saturday before Albas jU3t completed a senrf for the s o i - j f o r e bc .; ng ,_ ken horae . '-- " diers, donating it today'to the Con- : ago shot and wonnded his wife, was . derman S. H. Howard and committed to jail in Uniontown . Fair tonight and Tuesday; not mud; nellsville Red Cross. Mrs. Dunlop IB a widow and for many years has resided here. Alidul Humid Dead. | AMSTERDAM, Feb. 11.--Tbe death ; of Abdul, former sultan or Tuv- . morning:. At noon today iibysiciana 'He leaves a wife and family. Funer- hatl n ° l ' K ' 011 " b J c to lr ' cale " le "«'''« al services will be held Tuesday ^" nlch PTMetratod the right chest, an morning at 9 o'clock from She St.', ray P l c l u r « failing to reveal it. Sf^,f l ^ at i» ^"st^o^ I RECEPTION FOR DRAFTEES cemetery. ; change in tbo tamperaturc, is the' key, from inflammation of the lun forecast for Western! 13 announced in .Methodists Bid Farewell tii Kalpli F. Sligcr, a Memlier, At Uie close of services in the Mcth- wort, paid a visit to the local congre-1 gallon last evening. He delivered a ' Case Itobbed. short address after the sermon by I The cigar case at tie Elks' Home · Bev. G. L. C. Richardson, the pastor ~-"- J ' - ' ' ^ The church gave the bishop }50 to- | ward the Methodist war fund. Temiieraturt! Eucord. 1318 1917 Maximum -Minimum Mean General Superintendent Hprc. J. F. Keogan, general superintend- j ,,..,,,,,,, a dispatch received ; a m o f tt.e PlUshurg and Oonnellsville jodist Episcopal church last evening here today from Consantmople bj , dirtsioi]S of t)le wUrnoro Ohio; an informal farewell reception waa way of V.enna. A state funeral w,ll, rai iroad. is. in the city today looking: tendered Halph P. Sliger, a member over local freight conditions. He has i of. the church, -who will leave tomor- been over the Cumberland division! and through Somerset. Ho arrived be held. Bivltimorc Oliio Payday. Connellsvillc division mon of Tbe Yough river fell during tbe i Baltimore . Ohio railroad are being night" from 6.SO feet to 6.30 tent I paid today. tho here this morning, his private car being attached to the Cumberland accommodation. row night tor Camp Lee. "UTiilo the recption -was ia progress G. M. Swartrwelder, who is borne from Camp Lee, came in and was invited to the platforp*

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