The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 34
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 34

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 34
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Page 34 article text (OCR)

Mr i1 1L THE OTTAWA JOURNAL THURSDAY. AUGUST .3, M. 34 r' 5U DVIOTMDIT WAITQt (Coat, stoat PmdUt Cotusnnl carpentry. btrrsiDE. inside. finishing, reallng. wrwlrough' lag. tan -V-W. CARPENTER. CEMENT WORK, block chin-my. pamUng, Itont facing. 73a-33M. . 743-447. eVe- n-ne-. ' " CEMENT "WORK AND ITOKI man. OuvutMd. Fm w- ttmaus. ran rm ras-tri. EXCELLENT DAT WORK BY XX parte need woman. sWaaonabla. nnjVMn. J i-vavi- - - iXPERIEXCED. WILL saint, fence. Isndacane. . able, guaranteed 334-33 EXPERIENCED RELIABLE washing wall 334-3344. FAMILY NEED OP ODD JOBS, track, bads trimming. SU-Maa. .HOME REPAIRS. CEMENT FOUN-, tfa'lona, roofs, ate. Evenings, 333- INTERIOR. EXTERIOR DECORAT- inf. Reasonable pneaa t-i KITCHEN MODERNIZED. GEN- oral altaraUona, txast workman- anip. reaeermnie raia. w-r-is. i aut ncsiRia day WORK. ex. Fsrtencod, first claai lalaiancaa. 231-44U9 a-nrnlng. LANDeC APING. CEDAR HEDGES wvamrougrdng. ton track evsil- aoM. wring. T4e-7eu. MAINTENANCE COUPLE, LOOK Ing KM. for work tmrnaoiaauy. - MAN WITH TRUCK WILL RAUL reruao to aumn, iRwaona pit TW-aa. TRUCK FOB LIGHT cleanup, lawn, mowing. MAN. BIO FAMILY. NEEDS worn, novo r-en,c-a-- varoa. pamttng. . lanrtsrsplng, hedge trimming, all job aeaepiea. MARRIED MAN WILL WASH walla, floor, ceilmga. odd Job. TiWWI. NIGHT WATCHMAN FOB A FAC- tory. gis-oaiTi odd jobs, clbantno base- mant. yard, at. CE-x. PAINTINO. 8ATISPACTION guarantsod. axpartanoad painter, roaaonabl rata. 3J-A4s PAINTER. EXPERIENCED. BIO . or anatt. Wall do chaw all. C - mi. .... , . .. PAPER HANGER. PAINTER. AND aecaraior. Iraa siimi. i-- IMS. PLASTERINO repairs, stucco, painting. - esrpsntry, brick. 75-1 J, 34-74. BELIABLB HOUSEKEEPER. wsckdsys. II bourrji plua fan. 734-4540- RESPECTABLE LADY. KXPEM. ssveod. dwtrw c Waning. Tnaa- gaya, Thursday. STEADY EMPLOYMENT DESIRED br reliable married man. Claaa- tng ofrkaa. alao abl t aa pain- mg. 4 years- e-marssss-a ana id year with Saniutlon DapatV s-ara-, sas-ova-r. STENOGRAPHER OR TYPIST. run ar f-xri-um. ar' wt. STUDENT. MALE. GRADE 11. aaan any kind . 334-3144. WXLDINO. PART - TIME. SATUB- daya and sssnlngs 74A-. WILL REMOVE OLD CARS AND luna. aau tang part. aaa-gl. WILL DO HEDGE TBIMMDia. Uwfarapmg. painting, fraa eett- mala. tatmeakSM lob ao- usaiisu, ass riws. WOMAN DESIRES IRONING, MY noma, psckup ana samaij, saw-.. . WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEW 0 R K By aay, gig par hour, -ag-asia. WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEWORK oy nap. 2U-347. - TOUNO MARRIED LADY DE-ir any king at work, - via. YOTJNO MARRIED MAN DESIRES . alaady aaaplujiaiit Willing a do ' anytMng- Exparktncag In niilii ' auoon. aaa-giM. YOUNG FAMILY MAN DESIRES cattan?f amptoymant, gooei adit- SPBINO CLEANUP . MAN WITH TRUCKS TO CLEAN yards, wash windows, painting. manor, axtatior. naaga nrun- sm c mama tuna NURSERY SCHOOL DIRECTOR snd scarhsra for Bayshor Nur- aary School at ttw wast and a Qmauanay. Top slanas, TSS- . VSIW. CTHOUC TEACHER TO TEACH . tour oaniov gradaa. aualrlcsiUona and tnapaetnr to Sacratary. Oar Lady TBMASAMI ABBA II H I Stratky DR pRADES ONE TO EIGHT aarpartaajoa. aaWy raquirad and 505 nimci BCOMJ." BTUNOUAL DJ tg waaka. S k grawp An awguagaa. Sakeal of Modarn Laiuresgas, asi EVENING CLASSES IN FRENCH. LEARN ORAL TRENCH, BUSI- aaaa aonvaraatlon from ratlrad ktllngnai ajuMirlisa. ky dtaca, tapa raordsi gag prnrata taduon. ; SH-Ttg. MATHEMATICS. CALCULUS. " pkyslcs. Knilam. Fraaek and ' ' an am lain. PAa-aani, a ilas 506 HIT savKQ . BABYSIT BY DAY. MY ROMB. snwaag YDiaga. SSi ggg, - BROOKimj) . GARDENS. WILL musa aniKtran any noma, m- awir. . EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL mum cniKiraa m aar noma, YWcBirty Dorrhaatar and Martasla Boad. ns-g-iaft. FLORENCE DAY NURSERY, U- ajaatoj saothars. Opan yaar- Larga fanrad playaounda, kat aaasu as-ppiiaaL Q-)OD CARS FOB CHILDREN, any g. Wavkly. SSS-IS7S. will'' mind artUd my tn, EM- VWD CHILD MY BOMB. BXCEL. . arat fmdltlana. Manor Park. TP-gISl tTi CNrLO. MY HOME, PLAY- roaaa. yard. aWI-AIr, Tat-SSlS. , ORLEANS, WILL MIND CHIL- SNDY HILL. EXPERIENCED. win arms cniMran, a a a a la a a-waaHands. Sag-tias. - . WILL MIND CHILDREN. MY loaaa. waakiy. TM-aagg. WTU. VIND CHILDREN TtS-TTfg. MY , WILL MIND CHILDREN, VY oaaa, a.iia vajta araa. Tii-gag WILL BOARD NEW-BORN CHILD my koma. waek.y. EJJ-atOT. so. hit savica ICont from Proeadlng Cohuar.l WILL MIND CHILD MY HOME, dally, Monday . Friday. Lapaga Straat. Good ear; ll waakiy. 7aa-go. WILL BABY SIT CHILDREN. MY boaaa. dally or waakiy. Xaatvlaw araa. T-a40l. afMr S. YOUNO CHILDREN. BOOM, Board, my noma, gaily, waakiy raa-aafa. 507 mnm vacajt BOYS AND GIRLS. ;. EARN EXTRA rnonay aalling now flag and . iransiar iui anar lltl Diuon. aa-asi. LINOTYPE OPERATOR. EASTERN Ontario waakiy. naar Ottawa. Paraanant. Bos E-atS, Journal. LONG ESTABLISHED CITY CLUB of tars kitchen concern Ion. October to April. Short order to banakat raaulramanta. Excellent kUchon facUitlaa. 1 person operation. Large mem barahtp. Refer-anca raquirad. Bon K-4l. Jow MARRIED COUPLE. HOUSE kaapar and handyman, rarma-nent work tat out-of-town hotel For Information telaphona. col lact. Mr. Jacoues Larua. aoaw , aula, quaoae. a-r--. FREIAAAN'S WEST6ATE REQUIRES -SALES STAFF ' If yon attjoy working In plea. ant surroundings and airrcn dltioned comfort, we hav fuU-tlma permanent position tn our Shoaa. Sportswear ud Mans Wear Dapartmant. J-day. etMtour weak. Tba Frrv-man employ banaf It plan. Appiy CREDIT OFFICE FREIMAN'S WESTGATE PERSOKNFX office FREIMAN'S DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENT? Like tn be your own bos. Iut tba ability to work bard with minimum supervision Than oonsidor tba real tt ' prelMin for a atak tn th tramauooua groarth of our Full on th yob framing nro-ridd. At SS 'or over, good health, car required- For per' aonal tntarvlaw call- Bryea Backatt 7aa-xiai. MERVIN GREENBERG LTD. Retltor 33S-I8U . Sales Staff IMMEDIATE OPENINGS ' For . full-timg snd psrt-tims (day or Evening) skletUdieg and HnTsnrtn In our Fuini tax. Udigs Wear. Hard wars , Tepavttnenta. Expri-encg preferrtxl but sot essen tiaL Apply 1 , Credit Dtpartiirent freiaaart: Shoppers City Positions' ars also open for Cashiers and Markers. . Bawling Road and ' v . Woodroffg Avenue J? , or. - Queensway East and Blair Road HAIRDRESSERS ..- , . . Excellen. opportunity for perienced Jutirdressers. male or fermle, to work in mf-dern beauty salon of Fretmsrf Downtowa tad Fretmaji's Westsata. Good Mrninf op-pefftamities for those qualified to bandls prestige clienteLe. ' lApply Antoine Salon . 2nd Floor -, . reEivwrs , f Downtown DEMONSTRATOR Blender Required for Dyne! Hair Pieces. - Salary araf pisi paid lot 1 weak training In Toronto, -day weak. Tba Fralmaa Employe Beswftt Plash , i Apply -. Persocnel Director Freiman's DOWNTOWN 601 iooms n in ACCOMMODATE LADT. CEM. vm. Maaiting. seMpewn. utck- . pnyuetao. X2J-1S74. ACCOMMODATION. BOOMS, " aw anoninry, aaana Wltn ruranlng water. Vervdoan MgtgL .1..-,,,, au aas am. AT 404 LAURIKR EAST. COM- rorsBoiy iwrnisnaal oaoroom, awn telephon. atbar roornar. SM-4M1. ATTRACTIVE BEDROOMS. TWIN baaa and tiigia bad. clean, ulat noma, aaanpn, uanuamen. xu-aigr. ATTRACTIVS, fJEWLY DECORA T- sw asiiiuuBB. vary nirsi. w am. ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE. USE OF Ki-cnaw. parraT aniranca, unrasr ss naar tvang Hwara. XH- AVAILABLE. CLEAN. COMfORT- """T. ainsia, ocajoia, griu, ai-l-T avaran. BEDROOM WITH RATH. GLEBE. Ban lamas ZJ4-7AO-.. BEDSITTINO. WITH KITCHEN pnwieg, a Daly. WM-tnt. I lOOHSTOin tCoait rrom Praeadinr Culumni BEDSITTINO ROOM AND KIT-cban. furnlahad. Balcony. Wait .-Cod. 7 St. Franela. BEDS1TTINOS, LARGE, ALSO smiles, completely furnished, newly decorated, stove, refrigerator reasonable, si Murray. -jois. BEDSITTINO. CENTRAL, FUR nlshed, prlvat cntranc. ralrlg rotor, atovo, narking. ISS-aaiO, aaa-7a7. BEDSITTINO ROOM. WORKING parson. 14 Central Av. aaa BR1GUT LOVELY ROOM. PARK-ing. Eastvlcw. T4g-aaM. ' BRIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOM. . wU furnlahad, sink, refrigerator! rangette. aa yairroon. is-aw. BRIGHT FURNISHED BEDS1T-ting. prhrllegas. Huron - Wellington. Vag-glU, T23-U84. CENTRE TOWN. FURNISHED, atove. rotrlgarator, 70. asa-SOSl. CENTRAL. LARGE, CLEAN, BED aitUng, grill privlleaaa, nnan auppllad. S3a4M. CENTRAL ATTRACTIVE BEDSIT-tlng. own television and grill. J3S-0S41, avanlngs. CENTRAL. LARGE. BRIGHT, well furnished room, grul privilege, au-oosa. CHATEAU LAFAYETTE. 41 YORK. modarn. running ' water, sing's. Sit weekly, aa dally. CLEAN - FURNISHED BOOM, light cooking. Carol in naar Scott. 7 le-5o COSY BRIGHT ROOM WITH sunroom. Civic Hospital araa. 7aa-i7i. DOUBLE HOUSEKEEPING. FRIO-tdstre, grill, linen, taiepkon. students, pansioners. abstainers, vicinity Normal School-Museum. 14 Waver ley. corner Elgin. SM-0437, EASTV1EW. FURNISHED BED-room, naar bus, parking. 744-07aa. EASTVIEW. ROOMS FOB RENT, all privileges. . private ntranc. 1U-UU EUCLID NEAR BANK. FURNISH ad rooms to let. JJJ-7. FENTIMAN. ' AVAILABLE, t stngle boJrcorn. gentleman pro "erred, yau-amg. aja-aaaa. FURNISHED BEDROOM. SUIT mlddM ag woman. 49. saa . ia. FURNISHED ROOM. AVAILABLE neptemoer. irg. corruoruioia, central, good locality. brk- fat privilege optional, gen . iMman. t,aa-v(va. FURNI8HED BEDROOM. WITH sutcnaasatta, reirigarator or rang. tu. suit a. 10 Culguea. FURNISHED, t BOOMS, BEFRIO- arsur, rovs, newly aecoratao girl. TaS-Sa7. r GLEBE. SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING apartment, quiex ganuemsn, iw raia, ajs-aaao. IMMEDIATELY. FURNISHED. UN-furnished 1-l-mom flat, park' Ing. CaSag. MAIN FLOOR. LIGHT HOUSE- keeping. Sandy MIU. 114-47. altar 4. METCALFE COURT, DAILY, weekly, maid servica, parting, u MeteaU. CES-oail. MIDDLE . AGED GENTLEMAN' ai-117.- NEWLY DECORATED, PARKING. trsawjoortation at door, prtvt- srraa. a"Bo. NEWLY . FURNISHED BOOM. cook ma priviierea. o guns ga- waro. api. i, av)ar. . OTTAWA SOUTH. ROOMS, FUR- aisneo. ivr Ayunar. parsing. CES-SSOT. POWELL AVENUE. BEDSITTINO room, kitchen artvllgsa, lady oruy. gcaa-giv. PRTVATR HOME. NICELY FOB. nunsa ' sniiarnan praterrssl. ROCKCUFTE AREA, BACHELOR, furnaussd. baiuiaiL rlvafta an tra nc. bathroorn, grill. T4S atsr.' ,. . ROOM WITH KITCHEN. PARK ing nrrtriiegaa uoa camrnaroa align, aaa-oaat. BOOM. FURNISHED. GRILL. 44 noes, cican, parsing. pAg-aoar SHORT TERMS. MONTHLY RATE ruvwrnae hoiil Attrncuv TTa. , SUITABLE FOX I GIRLS, t FUR nsmq rooma, osicony. B3a-7a4. UNIVERSITY STUDENT. RESERVE for geptembar. Cooking, soar. Mirony. ss l-vsxr , WEST END. DOUBLE BOOM. powoer room, twin bads, grill. sun a girls. Tia-iau. 1 BEDROOM. 1 SMALL KITCHEN, furnished: ;M monthly, heated, and llgMad. at gag Branson. ROOMS TO LET. I REGENT Btreax. auaj-nyra. 1 NEWLY DECORATED. PARTLY rumnnea. aooatng. girl, gag. gaa 1174. , BOOMS. WASHROOM IN BASE- 7s-aias. BARGAIN, $44 FULLY FURNISHED. BEDSIT- untv foom Mini piivBlai. sKMiiinisr' nily kite, aqulppsd. taasvi- soa, stria. sss-7ag. 602 loowwann ELDERLY GENTLEMAN STILL ! attanotng own busmeaa, require room and board, tight laundry. Willing lo pay wall for suitable accommstuuon. no B-44S. Journal. . , BOOM WITH KITCHEN PRIVI- legea. prctarabia for mala student. 17; tn EOIT, on ivaaa Avenue. Phone 14HJ. Apply to Howard Haalay. BB 1. Carp, Ont, .v (03 I00N AXDIOliO ACCOMMODATION. ELDERLY people, excellent ear, private. esmi-pnvaie. SJ.-flls.. ACCOMMODATION FOB 1 OIN- uamen, Kngiisn rasns. IP car tier. 133-0811. ACCOMMODATIONS. HOME euuneai meaaj. parsing, construction worker welcome, saa-444. AVAILABLE FOR YOUNO O E N tiemsn, panting. Breesehiu naar Carllng. 7aa-gg. CENTRAL ROOM AND BOARD for gsnusmsn. at rrank. M- 1011. GENTLEMEN. 41S WEEKLY. lannary, uinrn rsmlly. gomereet- -mvwway. aia'aaa. GOOD MEALS, CENTRAL. LARGE arm email rooms. NICE SINGLE BOOM. BEST sma, gentlemen. Olast !) Bronaon. S3-7aaa. ROOM AND BOARD. 14 GIL- new near era. gos-aa. ROOM AND BOARD, OrNTLE- nvn, a-uovnta or puvvilim IUI paopl. lea Hoirnwood. Sa4-aaa7. BOOM AND BOARD. TELEVISION pnvimrea, panting. aa Gtlmour. SINGLE. QUIET. CLEAN. GOOD ma is. near boss, gentiem a. STUDENT REQUIRES ROOM AND "ersi in privas noma near Cleb Colleglata. Phona eolloct 7-W-l, MlndesL VICINITY OF LEES AVENUE. aruoent. u-wua. S GENTLEMEN TO SHARE ROOM. va, iiinaaog nrea. rA-aa.w. 7" v y a ';..,., .. f 4 ''..rr,-- S Mtai.. 2 r.:f'U lookIJVO FOlt - Every dog needs a mixed terrier. Just three ' brown puppy could have a Society at 7284664.' His There it a small charge of costs. , -. - 7ot . niiaiiroiuii ABLE. ORACIOUS ASSISTANCE Thorn Sbiprnan Lira! tad. "Ra- aitor-, ge our ads. r ALL ADVANTAGES OF COUN- try uving. naar Aylmer Bang. Excallant location. Ha -storey, 4 bedrooms, a bathrooms, large living ointng room, iirepi ace, garage, Urge landscaped lot, 7,77' ALT A VISTA. BEAUTIFULLY Uridscspod, brick. S oedr o o m s, lis baths, oak floor, fireplace. wage, nanwran tor qus sane. ALTA VISTA. S BEDROOM rncb bungalow, fireplaces, garages, gagoe. Fred McCoy Taa-ggi. c. a. rn Co, Ltd. saa-Tisa. ANGELSTONE. BRICK -se3i bungalow, bedrooms. Pi bath room. McKellar Park. 713-sHlM ANY PROPERTY WS LIST IN th city ire foal we can aau. Perry Karwla. -Realtor.- aa- JgT. ATTENTION INVESTORS! DU. plan, tarrifle buy. -b liroom unit, giog down, 40 return. Jack Roth wall, -Realtor.- 7aa- AVAILABLE. ELMVALE ACRES. Private a -Moray, g hsdrooma, dining - Uving and recreation room, larg utcnan. , urspiac Ts-oag: AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER. 4 BED- roora a-siorey. Cambridge, pg yat. - AVAILABLE. WEST END. BRICK atone a-envarooro .bungalow, rec- . raation, powoer room. jj,,uv. leravs. Taa-iisi. BETTER BUILT BRICK BUNGA. low. Weal End-.- a bedroom. garaga. lanoacapvo. T-uca. BRICK HOUSE. 4 ROOMS. GOOD condition, aanay yard. ia-447i. , . BUNGALOW DUPLEX. MODERN, with revanue. Wtgt. Law nvwri payment, gjg-iai.. BUNGALOW. S BEDROOMS. Urvdacaped. tei isred lot, near noekciuia Airport. Artar a, r- asou. BUNGALOW DOUBLE I M M E-dlat possession of ore aid. : f.O00. flag monthly tratom from tenant. Aero kaalttes and Insurance, isa.g-gg ynlng viuf I eei sou. raa avis. BONO ALOW. VICINITY UP ; lsnds, bsd rooms, putyroora. gia.goa. gga-iara. ; BUNGALOW. RIVERFRONT. Rt- aaau cardana. nraplao. uwnav. Bon E-aao. Journal. CALL THE OLD PRO," BILL Bevertdae. - Heal lor gaaas47 Baal slat Inquiras Invltad without asyunttrsa, - CARL1NGWOOD S BEDROOM . brick bungalow, paved driveway, pubis school, Sept. 1. f X.4O0. approximately giog carrla. ixg. awia. CIVIC HOSPITAL AREA. CUT trance, lard Uving room, lares dining room, S bedroom, st-tachad garage, screened r s s r eranoan. wtoa w. Taita. COPELAND PARK SPLTT-LEVEL, reuroorna, aaa. iirspiac. Taa- aou. COPELAND PARK. LARGE BRICK arm angeiavone. g oearooms, iiv bath, aa ft. finished recreation room, fireplace, garage, paved drlva. Isnced. axlraa. TXl-ooM. evenings end weolund. . CRYSTAL BEACH. S-BEDROOM bungalow, living room, largo iterant, built-tn even gag rang. csrport, rniiy landscaped, gig. DUPLEX. RICHMOND ROAD t-nurcniu Avenue, g year aid, Bsd brick conatrucUon. hsrd-wood floor, oarpst on main floor, anting, print paved Id drive, la a brick ami block doubl garag. posse alio of main floor, very reaaraiitle. gsOOO own. raw-no. EFFICIENT AND PERSONAL service wftn you ar buying or ellmg. Call Hudson and Evan. -Realtor - ni-Mni FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES. CALL nart sat gtaal Eatat LU.. aa- sia. HOUSE ON LARGE PROPERTY , on KWKwoaa near carllng Avenue. Lara Osberg, Broker, 723- ' 4404. ' HOUSE. 1 FLOORS, 414.404. !.- u"u casn. an L.ummirurs Avenue o(f Montreal Rcal HUNDREDS OF WINTERIZED cottage within 0 mile of aen tral Ottawa have provided good ham in country settings, with low tarn. Ua home Improve ment loan to winterise. We hav ever el la th Gwraragw, Tenaea, La -rimes area, which are Ideally wiled to winter!. We can give an Ida of what rortverslori ensts rill b. Maclntyr BaalU, 37-4ai. . - - ' IF YOU ARE THINKINO OP BUY in ar s-lllng re si aetata, eall Major Realty Ltd 713 3M1 LARGE DOUBLE. PRIVATE driveway, 1 Srt avortgag. 734- 1477.. . LYNWOOD. LAROE 4-BEOROOM. l v aa in rooms, wnarnee garag. Kved. large tiwed fsnced lot. S-J7M. MODERN SPLIT - LEVEL IN . brick and attractive wood trim. Well planned bedrooia hvmm offering profesndenally rlntahad playroom. 1 bathcoaine, attached garag. Choice fully developed went gna neignoornooa with all ronvenlencaa close by Mrs Bndshaw gag-zztg. NIctMlaan ' and Wymark, -Raoltors," gag nn. ., ' .v NEED ROOM FOR THE FAMILY near Duees an snopeT Look t Ihuj Bungalow on Alts Vials Drfr, full suit of rooma tn th baa-mint, garag and fenced and treed lot. iig.aoo. Blarsd-Delany. -Realtor." 731-4100. . u, La.jay.At-ni 4s".ii Vs. A DOG'S home, especially thlgN month old, this black 1 home if -you call the I shelter number is 338L $8.25 to offset the societi : 70t - ROLBQ ffOt !UI (ConU from praceding Column) OPEN EVENINOS TILL S P.M. , New 4-bedroom ston and brick pllt-laval. a bath, gton flr plao. carport. U mortgage. Located on PuUen Avenue oft , Shelley Avanu. Bob Crencher. Hia aservin .raeooerg us tos-ian. OWNER TRANSFERRED. 4 - BED- room. It. bath. iena. cica 144-1740. - PARKWOOD HILLS. 4 YEARS . old. brick bungalow, I tardrocan. Its bath, wltk carport. 114 user a-arg nosq. isa-aiao. 1NECREST AREA. S BEDROOMS. brick bungalow, land scaped. Prt vata ssia, igag coooen aoaa. PRIVATE SALE OB RENT. FUR nlshsd, Ottawa South. Fan. 13V - aiei. PRIVATESALE. BEDROOM S. room, attractively Vndsgd and lenoed. Prlca tight fog quick sai. ga ia. ' RANCH, a . BEDROOM BRICK bungalow, lot 73 a log, spacious living room, wall to wall r u a. . fuel tlrapiac. California gtyl Klicnen. auwtta, piayroorn area. Handy achoota. snoop In, trana- portailon. City View area. Owner moving USA. Only gl04. Offers Invited. Edward Seed. -stesiior. Tia-aaas. REDUCED TO SlgJOS, LOVELY Queensway Terrace, split ssvai, haatad garaa. doubl drivvway. aa-. BEVENUB PRODUCER. THIRD floor. slf -contained assrtment. 4 bedroom ask swoond. 4 larg rooma ground floor, excellent condition, Caatr Town. U3-ol. ROW, S-DOOK. PRETORIA AVB- nu. 443.0O. Looking for offer. T. A. Clark. -Realtor.' 334-770. SKL SWIM. SAIL. GOLF, S BES-roonu, pa nailed bungslow, oil heated, tk acra. Z3 mlnutea from Ottawa. Glen Bag-. Qua- 437- 1 11. . .......... TRIPLEX. NEW. LOW DOWN PAY mant. 771-4424. WESTBORO, BUNGALOW, PER Met. apotKa aondiuon, garaa-s Ideal uhrt araa. 414404 Orla Cllngan. -Realtor.-, T 23-44. WEST END. LOVELY S-BEDROOM storey and a half, with dining room. Frsahly duftg. Baautt fully Undacspad with psuo. ., vargraens and flower gardens, oat larga tsnced lot, Garag. Low down paymsnt 311404. Prlral. PAa-gasa. . BEDROOM BUNGALOW ON larg corner lot. fenced play araa, t blocks from happtng centre, public and ' seoaratc cnooia. 13.9-aj. az-37T. S-4-BEDBOOM BUNGALOW. FIN. recraattoa room, fully pad. larg tree. ta paiio, S'mvaie araa. a rnont 41400. RES-4444. S-BKDROOM HOUSE. BRICK CON- truction, an iMouoeur atrea. In good eondltiosu Askmg lv ono. Lars Oeberg. Broker. 723-4404. S BEDROOM BUNOALOW, OA- rage, paved cuivaway. tramar tranfTerrsn. an nneuey n venue. 733-4414. 4-BEDROOM BRICK. ONE-YEA B- old. extra ponder room, fuel fireplace, fmced and landoapd. A beautiful family homo. trig, at ova and other antra Includen. gaasoo. Jaa Naeeo. J. 1 Real Estate, 334-07 &3. 40 FBASER. t SPACIOUS rooma. crnd porch, larga to, near schools, gaa.004. Inspection Monday. Wednesday, gsturdaj ar U Is phona 723-314, sitar 4. fl3 400. S-BEDROOM BRICK. DEN. recreation room, extras. 91.004 dowa. autatandlngly sttract t a. must b seen, si p-Qmie,aji), Hull. 771-337. . . tf 41700 CRYSTAL BAY, S BED . l'k bs lib natrks. Ilreplac. aa rag, gsg-sgag. ' ALTA VITA DRIVE S-BEDROOM BUNOALOW. LAROE living room, fuel fireplace, well land scaped tot MLS K-US-B. L H. Thorn peon Ltd.. "Bealtor,-333-534alerb Smith. 733-137. , JtlgT REDUCED '. Selling Below Ct , I4,344 OUT OP TOWN OWNER HAS 1W- tructaa u to u ha) mris-bodroom bungalow Immediately. Good living room, dining room. Hanover kitchen, tot 74 a 104. Kirk built la 140. Low taxes. Mrs. Saraaln. 333-731. evenlruja I1HI94 Regional Realty Ltd. LOOKI DOCTOR OB EXECUITYS -ASK OLIVER- BRICK AND ton trimmed (put leva tn Alt Vista, t bsdiaaraa. den or family room, living room with attractive nraplao and large put giaa mirror, larg dining room, famtly slss kltchea hsa dlshwesher. gar-burator. tov and ratrlgarator. Laundry room. Largo recreation room, -csr bout-ia gsrg. wa ter baaUng. wall to wsll carpeta 'and tailor-made curtain. At the soecisl mice of gas goo. Errnwt Oliver. Realllaa Ltd. "Reellor- Saa-4M: venlnas. Mr. Cdlg, 73-a)l. MLS 3501. v : $500 Down" , , $150 Monthly , W(U rMivs you into this modern 8 bedroom brick bungalow wMh cgrport, fully fenced and landscaped, in Manor data. ' , .. - ' 825-1379 . MRS. ANDERSON .' f . " .t: J, ' .J. ,.r fef; and Kumari vv dahy ruzzurs ansvymi ; 4Ten(r - Apaci - Woman - Mutiny - MONKEYS PAW 701 . - nDmaRt uii Caat. from pruglag Colusnnl CRESTTISW -YEAR -OLD WHITE BRICK S- Dearoora iacuonald nunaalow. airport. Soor la aalling Sr place, tnaampaa amnt. auist, public, ssparal and high schools wivnw waiamg oiatanc. rrtvavs aal. 417M0. 734-4434. LOU14 TITLEY LTD. -RSALTOR1 . lasaqtaca, Laaa r-4t Buasaa 313-1 lig ' OTTAWA SOUTH. StsSTOREY! rooming nous, tuny rurnuna. tmmedut possession 23.oo ga.soo handlas. Noel Potvla 334-3434. STE ANNE PARISH. CLARENCE Straat, rnodarn stucco duplex. 41 room apt., recreation mora, ga rag wtia pave drlv. gao.000; terms. Exclusiv. Rogar Titlay, 333-114. MAN4FIEU AVENUE BROADVIEW AND NEPEAN School araa. 4-bedroom. m ballu-aarn. recreation room, garage. ImmaculaU condition. Call Mr. Andaraon, 7aa-400. Donaig G. Cnarbanaaa Ui, -Rssitor.-3-o. EXCELLENT BUNGALOW Bsgwa River PrsaU rrescett Rlabwsv CS OF BEAUTIFULLY treed grounds, with spaciOvW 3- oedroomed born, approximata-ly 404 leaf or mors of rlvsr f rantaaa. aa mala channel of au- desu River. If you Ilka privacy and country sjunoaphars w recommend you eee Ihl beautiful home. Asking gU.0Oo. Call Ronsr Barazen. 334-4441. or even lags Taa-aooa. Rhode Real Eatat Limnoa. -itesHor. NICE ROOMY BUNOALOW . Lyawi Laeatad Trl WHITE BRICK HOME. HI BET- trr than nw oonditlon.. with attached garage, paved d r 1 v s. oeautuuuy mraaarapoa. - loomed, with' S specious rooms, bum bathrooms. ata dining room, fuel ftrep many other extras Ask Ins aao. 400. Put call Rogar Saraxan. aa-4Sl. evenings 733-4003. Rhodea Real Aauut Limit. - aaaiica-. ALTA VISTA - taS COLLIN 4-BEOROOM MODERN 1-YEAB- old knma Lams livirur ro with fuel fireplace, wuudaaf u 1. kitchen with buUt-tn stova, at ' Ing araa. lota of cupboards, master built recreation ream with fuel fireplace. Ponder r o m, Larg lot nicely UncuKapad. local lmprovvimants. pnld for. Owner trarurf erred. For poointro a t, aau Bay Thebere. Im-4441. eve-nlng 7J3-C-S71. Hhodsa Baal Xc tat urnrtaa, nasitor. DRASTICALLY BBDUCBsV OWNER DESPERATE. A NICE S. tiailiiiinn sans pnd hricn sasnga 'low tn Crystal Bayr with fireplace, dining room, larg kitchen. ttha sraga and lovely Urasicaplng. lramadlsta posssa 1 asaVsMIe essAW sasOWfl sT--V-' NflW only 41SJ04. Raddlek and Mae-Donald Ltd. -Rltor - 744-1737: vnlngy Frad ssurWdga 734- saas, ar Leu Wsthen gas-ygar. Gatineau Westgate BUY NOW For occupsricy la 1963. MAURICE RENAUD REALTOR 663-531 RADCLIFF REALTIES LTD. REALTOR 236-9401 : VSi OVM ' BOMB TINDSRS SK&VICI Cryital Beach ft Brand Mow Utttog Cavalssr msdsl: On a Mrn-so- prvttlast. A lour-lwdroova Vj had nrag. wii with doubl pvd heavily ivad drive, hng lot In If baaatlfally ar ara traneferred It wiling way below th builders current coat. 441 .go. No. goS. Mrs. Cotton, 734-414 nlngs , styUanrtia Bright It Could Bt Duplexed At rsnsssnt HIS a fsarl family homo, a bungslow oa heavily trd lot. elaa to Carting Ave, to pubis, eapejele and high whuuas, I Vaithroom. powder rooma. ss excellent rondltlon, tiny prica of 41340 , . . and II would be a perfect home for a ratlrad couple who oould enjoy It grotty garden. No. in. Mr. j. . ' Abbe-p Road " ; ramitt arum But knnill don't and th wn r have just jtTown this aica grr sasngalaw, with a fsnosd awek garde right beside a ssnaB NCC park. Clow to th shopping centra, buss and aU choola, 'ttn a autat streei aa through trsfTlo. a lrg bedieouia. phraiy of room . for g has mint nc room. 41 goo. No. IB J Mr. I. Sharkey, -gge i TBRiteir Ffutsjnt ' gI in rtiM or School Excellent- location la uit rwidsmttal dlatrlct, Clnee 4 sslaad Park Drtv. Th awswra sxust nil. kav reduced th price of thai vary attractive 3-bedroom tra-ey-an-a-half home to ut !.-go, gaja dowa will handle' It nicely. Attached gang, a beautiful tree shaded and hedged garden. No. 1440. Mr. J. Sharkey, 744-444 s-renings rmrktoood BtU$ -. 7im Can Harm Sail Bt red. ful snot inoue well rk-ifshcd f this vary delurht-aa Wlwn Drive, A low natural tlcMstan banwnlow aa a beauts. fully ingsripig mtv S large anna nrvpisca rlvang and dating Aaktrvg 41 M, No. Mm gdaiasdn. 724- Centre town: Somerset . Rat Off the DrUmeaf Oa th nicest pari a( Ihl lovely old atreet. Tree shaded lot been brought right tap to the mtmjt. Freshly decorated, ; tnodwa bathroom, now fin tuna, lovely living room with fireplace, planter divider capo-rate the pretty dining room. S bads own. ' garag. . paved drtv saansrdlat puassiilna. ai JO . . . plaaaa bring ofTsrs. -. No. 14. Mrsi aMrnosuwa. 734-4043, Did irott itttoM flat kad- cliir ars eompletelw eaulpped to Mfttfig gjjl four General In$unnce requirement? for Information, call Mr. O. A. McKenna. Tii'Mt, aventng. or at ant ttma: , , 236-9401 . ; 7oi loinanluii ICont. from : r" -r BEL-AIR PARC " BEDROOM BUNOALOW, DIN Ing room, fireplace, alavr a o m. Sept, I pnwmlaaJ mort- gage. 4,000 bandlwl 7 34-07l. BRANTWOOO PLACE FRIENDLY RB73IDENTIAL AREA, homes, ill.000 And 17.400. I recently modernised, l needs decoraltng T. A. Clark. -Baal ' tor." 444-770. avanir-x Mrs Voik. T44-44T7. A ORACIOUg BUNOALOW IN THE CITY. SPACIOUS BRIGHT custom buUt horn with picture windows mov right In. panelled ncraatlan room with fuel fireplace, on th bus 11 a a, clow to Carlston Collage and schools, tn sstste. roust be sold. Vtrna Cook. -Realtor." 733-4335: Mrs Thompson. 734-7701 Mrs. fox, Tsa-xjaa, WEX END , COMFORTABLE S BEDROOM bungslow, flrsplace, landscaped, naar schools, transportation and hopping. ti bsth rooms; U gPANKINO NEW. WEST END. CUSTOM BUILT. brick bungalow, attached car port, , saggar and batter feature throughout. S bsdroom. living, dining room aombtutsoa. with natural atone fireplace attractive bay window, family 'aim kltchan. full ceramic bautroom, vanity. Something really diffarvnt. ,. 400. Excellent terms. This home I a must to ss. with Oordaa Fraraao, evenings. 71-0347: FJ norman Mcraruna 2U-44M. , SECURITT REAL SSTATS (Ottawa) Ltd. 134-724 ' S3 ataeLaren straM AmyUssa a.-., a-so-inv, naar new Trades School, angel stone and brick bungalow, bedrooms, recreation room. Just 43.004 down. Km Hall, 733- iBBJTANNlA. . UNlf APART-nuntt, only I12.J00. monthly rent I Bias I -n.. Ifw-M saaAaaA U.TA VISTA. BEAUTIFUL . p-it-evei. peoroonts. i ia t n g room, auung room., -ami recreation room. la double aarare. 31&-73A. MIADOWLANOS. SO HARRIS Place, brick hungaiow. bad-rooms, bream way, gar ago, beau tiful garden, lust reduced t lJsOfT Msrds Palffv 2g-3S41 CRYSTAL BEACH. BRICK AND wood aiding bungalow, living . room, aming room, laxtra room In baser yechooh. Only 2.oo down.Hor- ' ' man Bayer, Tza-aa, 1 ELMVALE ACRES. BRICK B: rlow. living room, dining room, bedrooms, playroosn, near aU chools. Jut 43.0M down. Ka .YOU ARB INVITED TO VISIT BRAEMOR ' PARK Aa xYrustv - graa at Hit , horn dislgnsg a pi wily tar xscullvm ass tad to rs fleet lb stitns f a rnrUibl group of Ottawa umUlw. Nw r-dgn prtosd Iraa 1104 la aoaeo. . i . IssMtad jBs (ontk and wvai of th aueensWaj-Msllisnd Ava. ktTckaaga. , , SALES OFFICE k 728-5072 - QUEEN SVIEW CONSTRUCTION ADtvifioaef iCAMPEAU "Your Key to Better Livlrg" ROCKCLIFFE , I ' ! ' ' , ! ' , - PARK : - WOOD AVENUE r This attrsativ pUI-hrvel bon-galow. oa a wcludog cul-d we. aa S bed rooms. 4 bathrooms, g bright Ism 11 y room and a faetied porch opening a b l patio and barbecue. The la cm master badr with ' bwultful Roman hath aa suit I apart from the other room. , Evenings Mrs. OViggina. 244-U44. .. . . MAPLE" LANE This traditional ham, ton. venlently clow to schools nd trans portstlon, has large Uving room with fireplace?, a gn- stou wpant dining room, wU w a panelled ubrary. On ' th floors shove ar bed i roorn and bathroom. A f la : ianed plsyroom. powder room and tetrndry room oamptot the , acccarimoi:sliow. Mrs. Lawis, 73-4774. ,.- r;,! .. . ' ! McKTNNON ROAD Situated' af the snd of sulci treat, surrounded by high bedgea. ng a daUghtful gar-' dan. This brick. 4-storey noma ' kss th very beet of traditional tyia. t Contra hsll rise I floar with elrculsr tliway. Thar Is g Knelled library, tlsesie draw-I room and unusually larga Above an 4 ganaruu bad- rooma. a bathrooms nd ample cioaeis. Mrs. McNsughton, 710-IS3I -rrnlng. MANOR ROAD . On n of the fbaaM'lot la th Villa. We oeter tar eale tht gleaming whit stucco a-4to-ey Th high wiling el -th grain imot mak tna arniw cool and welcoming. : A aiasetoa sntranc hall open lata the living swans, eeparat dinmg room and study. A atiwnsd pats takaa sdvan- .tare of th Immaculate lawn and fiower bed. Upstair rh maatsr bsdiomn has It own bath an d -seeing room. There srs trior bad-room and bsthrooma, Mrs. Ms-Nsughlua, 744-1331 vvnlngs. Sampson -vMcNaugliton;' LIMITED RMltort 233-2689 Evtmlnt 749-1331 70i iraina rot sin l Coot from Precadin Column) 4-BSDBOOM BUNOALOW - Cksec Lsrstlw Ask OUvr YOUR FAMILY WILL APPEE-clat thla spaclou ra, ar ' all schools and wrvlcw. wttfcin . short ditanea of Centra Town. 7 room plu plsyroom for th children' Extr good valu. !,- . 300. Ernest i. Ollvsr Rsd tlw Ltd- -Rwltor,- 333-44J4. sve-nmgsOssMi UCornpt. J-74g7, CANADA PERMANENT TRUST Csmpany -Rssiiers" ait-MM - II MUTVAU 3-BEDROOM BUT?- galow. naar Rkteau High School. Asking sia.404, down Myawat l,eoT-MLS K-144I. I VILLA CRESCENT. BEDROOM , bungslow with S-cer 'attached garage, corner lot, located awr Hog's Back, prteaa au.vuv. OTTAWA SOUTH ON. BARTON S-tory amgi o r i n rooms, comer lot. Ask ing 419.000,' Irra-Mdlat pawn Ion, CaU John Downey, aa. 7S. M WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT w have a 3-bedroom bungslow in which you can llv for 444 par month, principal, tntsrsst and Uxea. If you hav 41J00 cash, let o show you thai houw tn Ottew East. Varna Cook, -Realtor." 733-43SS: Mr. F. 724-2-43. Mrs. otto, TO MODERN BBICK BUNOALOW Daslrakl Iseatlsa . ilk OUvaa-v ONLY I YEARS OLD WITH pisniy os swn v . ligMful rooms plu custom built recreation room, laundry room and workshop. Living room hss full height alone flrsplace. Master bedroom hss buUt-ra powder room. S other bright bedr o p m a , and 4-plc bathroom. Bull t-la -Baaiter. mat sj; -Ossle IaCcsnpte, k74T. aoai. - . - . CENTBB TOWN DUPLEX -OPPORTUNITY FOR POSSESSION of both unite, lmmadiat. excel-' lent for prawn! u or could awlly b used for roomtog or boarding houw. Asking only g 17, goo. with convenlsnt terms. MLS SS7. A. O. Bsymsn, Mc-Koown Rcsltles Ltd. lasto. onnlag 733-3431. Ulsrsjlt EIGBTB SPLIT LEVEL. 4 BEDROOMS. OStnroosns. aaw. uorary a aau. gnrsgs. raised psuo. fully lnd-scapsd. Aa Idssl Ismily home, private sale. , 43400, . Phone 733-4414. COME OUT AND SEE - - LNEW ACTIVITY ,Af . GLEN CAIRN SAVE $500 ON SUMMER , CONSTRUCTION RIVIERA : ' 771-f5694 V ;V 3 BEDROOMS ' : $15,300; ; ' Quality Built, Smsslblv Prc4 AAACDONALD ' HOMES LTD. ' Cotorad agnml vathraaaig, mahosany kltcanra cabinets, sprat dining rnont, family aim kitchen, Ian g' lot. ssrvic as paid, kitchen axhauat tana, pyursa $500 Payment $93 Month . Tsxw IxMimded. ,. At Vtewmont brrre. ltt auk outh of Bawllaa a Mntsal 728-1791 - 72M041 Royal Trust ...2354311 ( $14,400 , 1M NORICE MEAMWlJsNlW ! 'i ):(; Owner M tsko g low daw payment aa thla oomfortahio thrsa-bsdroom bungslow on , paolou kit. Evgs.. U ysra sVsbw, 713-4437. : .-.. $16,200 - ' 68514-687 COOPER ST. TOWN Mk an fTar aa tht twa family rlom. In snwlkmt ra pelr. Immedlst occupancy. .-L09- Iv eU Mump A O'Dsll, 724-330J. . . $16,900 " 1676 ABBEY ROAD RIVERVIEW Md to assrornshadato s avow. Ing family, this bom fMturw a l.xl 3 4 kltcbaa. bsssmsnt racrwtlon room and Is eloao ta French end English erhooU. Mw big play yard. MLS 30g. Evg. call Vsra Brsa. 733- $25,80a - , 36 mU.VTnir AVTt LAKE VIEW (HIGHWAY 17) Four r-rdroam. t' bath an. torn hull! . ranch bungslew. Bendy to Queenaway. MLS aagg call Murray ODsu, $29,500 - 15651567 B0TSF0RD ST. RIVERVIEW" You aaa rnov hit an std ( Ihl dmibt en October 1st! .ROYAL TRUST' Realtor 1: 1 . . . . - . 1 " r 1 .. -A 'J i itu!. sr7asVslVHJ

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