The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, COKNBLLSVILLB, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 191?. WITNESS TELLS OF LOOTING OF CZAR'S PALACE lfi»ter Home of Museorite Ruler BeTastated By Bol- shcviki Soldiers. SERVANTS TAKE A HAND BRITISH TANK PUT OUT OF ACTION BY GERMAN SHELLS o/ Talnc is Carried 06, According to Stnspaper Correspondent Vho Visited the Scene and After Itocbwdmeirt of Place. By Associated Press. TOHK, Feb. 9. -- The Petro- £rad correspondent of the Moscow nemsyaper Oatro Bossh (Mor^ of Koasia), "wiio in the issue of November 21 described the siege ind capture of the Winter Palace by the Bolshevik! forces and the perilous march of the arrested Kerensky ministers from the palace to the Fortress of Peter and Panl. gives in the same paper a picture ot the looted 'Winter Palace and of the events of the next six days, including toe attempt ot the Municipal Cornell of Petrograd to assume the rents of power in the capital uxd form a coalition ministry with representatives of all parties. "I succeeded," he says, "ir. watting through the palace a few hours after the bombardment. The corpses of the soldiers of tke "Women's Battalion, killed -in defense of the pf.litce. had already been removed but through the iron gate could be seen the heaps ot empty sheils. torn munition belts, books and leaflets. The whole facade of the palace *w-as riddled by shells, the white scars standing out in sinking contrast to the red of the walls. · The palace guard consisted of strong pickets of sailors and soldiers, heavily armed and covered with cartridge belts. "When I entered the first floor I gaar a picture of complete devasta- amid moved soldiers and The tanks of the Britrst have pro.ved very effective against the Germans, but avon these powartul machines are not proot against tho eajUosive. 3 tieUe ot the enemy. This photograph, just received from the west front, one of tb-e tanfcs that ins pat out of action in a hard Qght. FIFTY TO REPORT FEB. 14 IN DISTRICT NO. 5 TK£ THERE ARE CASUALTIES IN TRAINING FOR WAR JUST AS IN WAR ITSELF Rcgfcrtnmte of District So. 5 1TH1 Be I "StWSHME Examined in the Title aid Trust Below is found a hst ot men in Dis- est p-iay of a quaint actress is beins presented today, ilae Marsh, the eel- ebiated actress, often spoken of as , "-- The quaint- I Letter uf OniieUnTilic Boy Tells of the JBzunps, Jimlseii a-Hd Sprains .Received In btxeuuoiis Drills. Tuero are casualties in, the business trict 5 who are to report for examina- · the £i rl w!th a thousand faces is seen of training for war lust as there are m tion on Thoraday, February 14: m tne leacl -ng role aad everything ' putting :hat training into practice as Frederick Pinkney, Dunbai, R. D. 1; Eugene John Savcory, ConneUsYille, :s the captivating screen star does i a lc(xer f- om a ConneLls-vi.Ue boy now Invested. wAh spontaneity that j al can.p Lue relates. The letter was R. D. 25; Pasquale Pizzata, Clarks- her wJrk ls refreshing to a great de-1 »-rlttett by Smug R. narmon, a menj- mlle; Michelo Coda-wapate, Dunbar; I 6r ec - ^^ Marsh is known thioughout, ij, r O f company I, !19tb. Infantry, and John Kmmel Thomas, Markleyaburg;', ll18 world as the bright particular | a son O f .\llen S. Harmon of East Hanvey Willis iUUer, MarldeyiJbarg; j staa ^ ""r 110 Blrtli ot a N 3 ^ 0 ' 1 " and I Crawford avejme, to 3. M James of Charles Roy Savage, Farmington; Ar- o* "Intoterance". She is also kno-an confluence, and follo'.vs In part: clue Russell, Adelaide; Jesse Pirl, Norraaiville; Frank D. Boyd, Soraer- £ead; Pnor Tnnrbath, Dunbar; Bruce J. CoBiert, Dickerson Run. Harry Bitner, Leisennns No. 1; U4SU «MJUiU. W U-ll~U Jill/V VIA ZMJiUlCAS CLUU ' ' » - -- - . , 1 J . . sailors searching the rooms and add- Matthew F. Bam. Dunbar; Z*wrenc« J»clurc is all that its name implies, ing to the confusion. All the draw( G. Maust, Vanderalt; Ohver Clarence · K - m " """ *" -- --"- '"-» tho country over as "whim girl of j "Camp life seem-s to be agreeing the film." The story of "SunsJune, wlL h mo as 1 have jained coasider- AUej" was written especially to fit j ablc wwg bt and feel better tn-an I the jxeculiar talents of Miss Marsh | evGr iby Alary Rider, tho dramatist. Tn M%*!« ers of tle sideboards and cupboards bad been broken open, all the chairs smasjbed and the wrecked furniture thrown together in heaps. On the beds and sofas broken boxes, lamps, chandeKers and porcelain had been thrown. The corridors "ft ere filled Hider, Mill Run; Paul Cole, Dumfries, Ya.; Roy Laws, XormaKiite; William Earl Matheny, Indian Head; Gasper Laws, Normalvilte; Ira James Gates, Hamdburg; Nicola Jalergha, Benjamin Reed, Dnnbar; id. We lure plenty to eat. -^^^ lt is not put up or coo i£ 0e i a s njo^ej. ^-ould, we can live on it. I have plenty of clothjng and get more rest here than I would at home. ibeing radiant with optimism Ttie ·entire story is woven about the, love of a little girl, Nell Barbow (Mae j wor k:ed very bard until Thanksgiving Marsh) for her marvelous bullfinch, I 0 a7i tiK , n Da( i weather set In, so bad a. bird that has learned the arias of Q^t /our operas. Nell's old grandfather got very Ifttie accomplished for over i. month. Since returning who ruus a small bird store m a poor |f r o m furlough they have been working u,iu»u. AUB wii-iuurs » e l e m«:u Michael Uhazie, Dubar R. D. 1.; An- quarter of a great city, while trying to , % C T hard but we will not be able to -with torn papers fragments and ' *"ew Welling. Dickerson Bon; Albert j .recall Carlo, ais wa; ward giaml*m ctnii for some true yet as we had sei scrape o£ the magnificent tapestries,!* 1 . Collins. Markleysbnrs; Lewis Col- J ~ -- " 1 " 1 - ' us run do\vn,by an autobtle belonging oral heavy snows. and broken furniture. Everywhere I beri, Dickerson Run; James C. "Wise, .to a. millionaire 'by the name of "Mor-, "LasA absolute chaos. I Dunbar; Wm. Ruseell Sboemaker. ; -ris. Krs -Morrii by nay of forestaii- W tek away our company spent the from c.un,p. serving on "In th» rooms -where the electric fittings had been stored the so having carried off everything that seemed to have any value, were amusing themselves and a crowd of applauding spectators by smashing the electric bulbs. In one room I saw a soldier hacking away the valuable Somerfleld; FOmer H. TViibuni, Otuo-|ing a possible claim of damages otters | out-post diAy; part o[ the UJD« was to buy the beautiful bullfinch, but Horbost refuses to sell it because it is pyle; John Ignot, Dtmbar, R. D. 32; Charles V. Smith, Dunbar; Earl Xyers Markieysbtirg; Henry Rohinson, Con- ' so dearly loved by his little grand- nelJsviUe; John Hllea, Ohicpyle; Lcs- , daughter. Robert Harron, »n the lie Ray Workman. Hopwood; Charles j role of -Ned Morns. ,s seea as the lead- Bigam, Mill Run; Walter Doval, Dun-f ing support to _\ILSS Marsh. A select- pleasant, thr other part ot the time was very rough. But. taking it all through we were m the mountains camping We werf guarding a power station between Petersburg ar.d Richmond on die .Norfolk Western rail- bar; Walter Earl Muir, Dunbar, | ed comedy is also shown. Monday ,030- Passing trains supplied ·Francis X. Bu=raraati and Beverly ' w -itb coal. tapestry trom a couch with a table Charles Clement, Diiabar. knife. On the second floor the scene ! 'William Collier, Pittsburg; James Bay-ne will appear in 'Tied White and waa even gloomier. Everywhere .Arthur ColiJns, Adelaide; Lee B«aa. iBlue" a Sfolro attraction. dirt, indescribable, mattresses over Dunbar, H. D. 32; Joseph Aleiander. . all the floors, soldiers equatted at their Leis«nnng, No. 1, John Cheater War- nnj SOISSO.Y. meals on the wonderful couches of I ***· NonnalnJle; AS*rt Black Marthe unperial furnitnre, sirilling soup I ker, Fannington; Oorge WUliam -Miland greasy bits of meat upon the I l«r. Dunbar; Michael Powers, Con- nellsvillc, R. D. 1; Wesley Flood Woodmancy, Ohiorpyle; 'ttHliaTn Hen" t Ra»- priceless tapestries. "The patace servants were whit went around with bags collecting irhat ttrucfc taeir fancies. In the Round Hall the soldiers had set up an enormous kettle and were cooking their soap. In the room ot the Press Bure«u all the papers had been torn to bits. In the Picture GaUey many pietorea had been slashed to strips of painted rags. In one room heavy guns bad been set up. "Windows were pierced with bullets. It was a night- mace of destruction." Th» eighth of Newmler, the day ·, Ohiopyle; Thomas 1 enscraft, Faminffton, Those who surmise the actor's Hfe to be an easy ono are in the dark afc to trne conditions says W. James BexMl, loading man and stage director with, the Paul Hillis Manhattan Players. How (lid ! lam! into theatrical business? It was this ivay. I "Saouid you vi^it our camp you would aiTOOSt think the United States wa-s preparing to Unlit Germany, or some one right here as tho place is thnn?n open with trenches, many mileb of them. Thny are used for training Many other things ·nonld lead one to thiak of the front I had one mishap stieral months ago. while jumping hurdles I missed tny my shoulder. footing, fallins tin- spraining tin- liganents Outside of had aVwajs been fond ot the theater (throwing anything ' have fairly good aad almost ail my spare evenings ' U5 e of " *""'· During that time were sprat in the jla3-n.onics of my there was, no-ver a clay T/ent by th-at s, Feb. D.--The melting of 1,0-30 t Q w n i Philadelphia My day=; i there was not a number of men taken the snow on Friday caused the ditches | wero f,, n ^ routi:ie work in thc gen . j to the hospital for bruises, sprains. along the B. O. on Rail Road street eral office of tile Pennsylvania Rail- at Bridge street to almost over flood road ^^^ but ^ frank: co , {es , onto the side walls. Th«y van ctos-1 thai in many cases when I should breaks and cuts, or hurts in some way or other.' up and the water could not get through, them. Dr. J. R. Cotton was a business caller at Pittsburg Friday. many cases when I should have been adding figures I wa.s dreaming of my favorite player. My ftrU professional etvgagenent was with the stock company at the Park Theater i part I am going to phiy next Just now I am working on "Pieuy Peggy 0'.Moore", \\hich I am suie Connelli- following the sfese, pa.sed quietly,, j. C. McGillVas lok-iug after some tTTQuakTcV Mo« v«; l»Vl l "» e ' e ^ Is wl " mw - 1 ^^ " the street cars were running every-1 business matters in Uniontown Thurs- j gw t · - - - - · s ' nnn nt rhp *nntifst and alttwether where, patrols had decreased and absolute order prevailed. The Municipal Council had passed a resolution, instructing the population to defend itself agamst lootjng, by use of anas if necessary, and though the Bolshevik! authorities opposed day. Miss Margaret Ramsier, Parrel j Bproat and Lena Bberhart were Con- nelsvile callers Thursday. ' John Landymore of Bast Liberty spent Friday with friends in "West Xewton. '. "My lord the carriage waits" stage and good fortune made it j possible for me to have a little stock company within a stone thrown of my own home. The neighbors uere good to me and everything went smoothly until the fire commissioner decided that my little theater did not meet the thteoTder, the forroation of house | ··Queen" Cnse of Camp Lee is \ a i y ^uiremen'te arid'^ ua(1 lo c.ose commutes of scH-defense Trent home for a few days furlough, which , U p. Shortly after I met Mr. Hillis time he is spending with friends and an a i i la . TC Deen UD(ler y,, managc . steadlry forward. The representatives . tho Allied powers held long conferences bnt no decision, regarding recoirnibon of the new regime was taken and it was stated that special instructions from relatives in East Liberty. · Harry Cochran was a Uniontown caller Friday. Miss .Sfary Mcag was ;t recent Pitts- tourg visitor. F Bute was transacting busi- the respective governments would be necessary as there was now no one ness at the county seat Thursday. established government in the coun- j General Superintendent A. rnest with the Chicago Stock Comnany as leading man. Oh yes the daily grind is what I set out to tell you about. My wife's faithful Big Den arouses nr- early, too early every morning tnd after a hasty bath and a cup of coffee it's Off to the theater one of the daintiest and alttigether TM^ lng liav plavs t havc evcr pro - duced. The point t want to make is this. If evor you have labored under the delusion thai w e players have the life, of Reilly yoa're wrong Steve, all wrong. ORPHEUS: THEATRE. "REACHING FOR TllE MOON " -- j A whirlwind of action and a not of fun and typically Fairbanks describes the new Douglas Fairbankb film, "Rcaclrng for the Moon," produced for the Artcraft. Douglas is souaewhiU of a philosopher, and has al 9. ays contended that if a man can try. o^ 'TroWky had visited the foreign, office, announcc-d himself as the foreign minister of the new government and asked for the "Secret Brown of the P. L. B. along with other officials, made a visit to the Dickerson Run offices in their private car Friday. where the rehearsal Is called for nine- ' 1Iul ke good m a small way he can de- Treaties ot th« Allies." He was told | The community services will be held to ids amazement, that documents relating to arrangements made dunng tho war were incorporated in the protocols of the Interallied Conferences and were not available in Petrograd. MORE DEADLY THAN A MADDOG'S BITE The bite of a rabid dog- is no longer deadly, due to the now famous Pasrteur Treatment, but the sloy living death. | the resuJtant of poisoning: of the S*F-j tffny by deadly uric u-cid ia as sure anO Inevitable aa day follows nijrhc. j No other organs of the liuiuan body] are ^ impo'rrant to heilth making- B.S { the kidney; and bladd'-r Keep j o u r kWreyn clean and your bladckr" In working- condition arid j ou need have! no fear nf the disease Don t try to' cheat nature. It is a orut 1 ! master. \Vhencver j u u expcr! -nee bickache, nervousness, thlhu'ty ii in-.?ini; urine. 1 "cet on the job" You- k i n d m s and bladder rt-quire Immediate 1 attention. Don't delay. This is the tune to take the ball by the boraa. GjJd MedaJ Haarlem Oil Capsules \yIU do the trick For orer two hundred they have proven Tneritorlous In the treitment of diseases of the stomacfi, fcldneis liver and bladder. It is a w trld famed remedy, in us** as a hou: ehoUI nccf**-?ity' *»r over 200 years " . If you have been dcctorinfr -without! rcrtuUs, get a box of G Id Medal U IAF- lera Oil Capsules toda ' Tour dmssists sell them Absn- i lutely sruarante*d or noney rc-funde*! Beware ot Imitations. Look for the] name Gold MecLU on *"\ery hn\--A.dv i /Sunday ovening in the Dawson Prcs- (byterran church; come out Sunday evening and attend them. Jfiss Helen Snyder -was a rcent guest 01* her sister, Mrs. Howard Lo- iin. Pittsburg. Patronize tflose wbo advertise. velop himself to succeed m a bigger venture Monday Douglas Fan-banks will be shown in the Triangle feature, "The Lamb." thirty of at least Men. We through the iJay in preparation until noon or later and then rui-h oil for a lunch m some nearby restaurant. Matinee begins at two-thirty and lasts until around five, Dinnei* is the next thing oa the calendar followed by the day's only recreation, a gamp of cards in company with Mr. "War and Mr, Hillis It Is necessary to be back, m the theater by seven-thirty to get i wish to express our thanks to the ready for the night show. This is the 'Ladles of the Maccabees and those end of a perfect day! Oh no "When I I who sent Sowers. Araos Coughenour Card of Thnnks. "We desire to tliank all our friends who so kindly rendered assistance to us in our boieavoment, the death of wife and mother. Especially do we Transferred to Ken Cattle, A. A- Grre, formerly assistant manager for the "WToolworth store, has been transferred to New Castle where he will be assistant manager. get back to my apartment oa with a bathrobe and slippers to familiarize myself mth the manuscript ot some play Mr. Hillis las secured followed by an hour of good hard study on tho and family. -- Adv. Classified AdTerftvjnccta When used in The Daily Courier ways bring rosulta. Try then. Big loc Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. TODAY KING'S SOUTHERN SINGERS Present the Original Musical Comedy My Wife's Husfeand On tho 'Screen--WILT ,T A \f S. HART m "Prowlei-s of the Plains." FEATURING HAITI GIBBS, The Blackface Knight --And the-- AIAB.OIA QUAKTEl'TE Gold Bond Stamps Pa 5 ' 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Let This Be Your. Advance Notice of a COMING SOON. Watch Papers for Prices and Details w In Support of tke Fuel-Saving Movement CTfbUE? fll rftCPfl A l l HV dl(J£t£i uLUJLil ALL DB.I Excepting the GROCERY DEPARTMENT OPEI TILL An Educational "Buy in ConnelSsville" Campaign Launched The Leading Merchants Co-Operate Educational Advantages of "Buying in Connellsville" to be Presented in a Series of Strikingly Forceful and Instructive Cartoons and Articles to Appear in the Columns of "The Courier." Here are ten reasons, that are good, why people in and around Connellsville should trade here: FIRST--A town that is good enough for a man to live in is good enough for him to trade in. SECOND--The good farmer puts everything back into the soil that he can. Likewise the good citizen should put all he can into kis own community. THIRD--If the farmer will patronize the merchant, then the merchant will in turn patronize the farmer, and mutual patronage brings mutual prosperity. FOURTH--By keeping Connellsville's earned money in Connellsville there will be no danger of hard times or financial stringencies FIFTH--It is unreasonable that money earned in and around Connellsville should be sent to Chicago, St. Louis or New York; there to build beautiful churches, schools and sky-piercing buildings. Where is the money coming from to build these things for us? SIXTH--Every dollar invested or spent in Connellsville helps Connellsville and eon- sequentb you get a. dollar's worth, while every cent sent out of this county helps some other city or community. SEVENTH--Community spirit is the greatest city builder known. This campaign reaches community spirit above all things else. EIGHTH--Intense cultivation of Connellsville's resources and advantages will make it a very wealthy city. * NINTH--It is to the individual benefit of every citizen of this community to trade in Connellsville. It is the only sound, economic principle, since out of the pockets of home industries are paid the taxes that support the commonwealth. TENTH--Connellsville is a "farm",,waiting for cultivation. Dollars planted here will bring in a surprisingly large harvest in a very short time. It will mean more jobs, bigger salaries, more homes and prosperity for all. Citizenship and patriotism consist o' something more than voting, paying taxes and cheering the flag. In case of war, could you respect a neighbor who deserted-your flag, joined the enemy and fought against the country which had given "him freedom, opportunity and happiness? You can't afford to desert Connellsville in which you live--from which you get your living. The welfare of your hoiXe should be your first thought because you rise or fall with it. Don't be a slacker when you buy; buy from these merchants. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. COMPANY i 1'nmitnre, BUCT, Stoves 164-168 N . Crawford Vve. r TV. K. LECHE Jtrj Goods 12X V. Crawford Aie. THE HORNEU COMPAKY Hen's Wear 10G 'tt. Crawford Aic. COLONIAL NATIONAL BA T K lorner Pitisbnrif Street and Crawford ATenne. McDO'AM) MUSIC A'» ELECTRIC CO. Rojal Hotel Block S. Pittsburg St H. KOBACKEB SONS "The Big Store" K. HttebqrR St. | C. "W. DOWNS | Footwear for Everybody 127 3T. PittebnrR St. | CONNELLSVILLE MAJIKET AND SOUTH END MARKET Leading Groeerj Storcu 136 and 313 M. Pittsbnri; St. ANBERSON-LOUCKS HARDWARE CO. Hardware 11C H'. Crawford ATO. CHAKLES T. GILES Jeweler 141 Heat Crawford Ave. BJMWNELL SHOE COSUfANT Shoes Fest Crawford Are. COITNELLSVTLLE DRUe COMPAKl" Drags ISO Tfest Cruwfiird Avc. P. K, VfEOIER Hanos and Phonographs 12!-12i»East CrKtrford Aie. A. W. BISHOP .Jewelry 107 West Crawford Avc. THE AAEON CO. "Home Builder" Its J. Pittsbnrg St. CROWLEY-MESTREZAT CO. Shoeb for the Whale Family 118 IV. Crawford Ave. ARTMAN YTOKK China and Wai! Paper 147-1.'.! TV. Crawford ATe. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 211 AV. Crawford Ave. ELPERN'S Louies' Snits and Coats 130 K. rittsbnrg St. FIVE AND TEN CENT WALL PAPER CO. Wall Paiii-r 103 IV. Apple St. WELLS-3HLLS KOTOR CAR CO. Agents for Will?(.-Knight. Overland Cars, Accessories WERTHKI3IKR BROS. Men's Store 124 y. pjttsbnrg St. CONNELLSVILLE LAUNDRY -Snoii White fl orl." i»fl flaldmn Ave. COLCMBIA HOTEL John Bupgan fl-^t siae FRISBEE HARmVARE CO. Hardware 1V . Crmrtord Ale, WRIGHT-METZLER CO. Bcpart»ent Store Vl . Cra-niorA Ave. THE COURIER CO. Can Do Tour Printing RAPPORT-FEATHEKSAN 0. \'ou Can Do Better Here.

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