The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 31
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 31

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 31
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THURSDAY. AUGUST IS. 1964. 201 ' AHJ, RAH TOW fCeat. tram Pi aiming Cotuaan) newlt decorated. elbctri Call OOUlpeed. l Charlevoix, Beetvlew. . OCT. U OVERBROOK. -1 ID-room anertmenL I etrtcelly equipped, eult working oeupl. IS. ftta-ena. ONB BEDROOM APARTMENT. lrtr1eUy quipped, oeotral tM-miTiooRlUi BJO to pm. OKI MDROOM APARTM (NT, kMM. llghUd. Sept. I. 1-4 ONB BEDROOM. llond. modern Slater, TS3-41M. AIR CONDI-kltcUeu. . Ill ONI - REDROOM APARTMENT, electrically equipped. BBS. 331 Eastwood Park Estates OTTAWA BEST RENTAL VALUE IN FAMILY TYPE SUITES j Bedroom $92-50 to the Model Apartment , 33 McArthur Road J art Moo the private atone or imma rrn, Supcrlnltndent on Premises 749-2332 BERT KATZ REAL ESTATB LTD. 236-M83 OTTAWA SOUTH. I BEDB O O M. mmn, electrically equipped. round floor. Sept. 1. BSS.S33-as. WI owJiyp). OVBRBROOK. AVAILABLE. torg S . T71-OS53. OVERLOOKINO RIDEAU. MS Suvordal A rami. J . boaToom pertment., U0. 733-333, 733- 1S. PHONE S33-43M FOB DETAILS It ta Caatra Town. Boat, light I parking Inaluda1 t low root. REDECORATED 1-1-BEDROOM apartme parking. antral, equipc Mo. 34-433. REDUCED RENT OF 1 . roasa apartment. Otoba BED- fcn en- chansa tor light lanltor dutim M S-ualt building. 334-334. EASTVIEW. .. l-and2-Bedroom ; Apartments . v $78 , $100 -749-7896 . RICHMOND ROAD. 1 BEDROO M. modern, oqulppod. SoO; bachtlor. SSS. ParlOrj 51II-4SJ1. SM-I1SS. aaonlnca 723-00. - SANDY HILL, SPACIOUS S-BEO-loom. alactricaUr ocjulppoS. SISS. SANDY tnlX. RACHELOSV 1 1 RED. Iiiau SS Swoallaad. TSS-S1M. BANDY HILL APARTMENTS. SSS wa porktnl. olovator, laundro- M m laurtar Boat. sn-tM. BANDY HILL. LARGE MODERN. I aedconoy atrart tovak SSS. Bo- SEPTEMBER. 4 BOOMS PLUS bathroom. ' 111 frank Blroot. attar S '- - FAIRCREST OtUws't Uriest snd rinest oarvteM of -or fro eourftr mm, io aaa in w1rp,ai - O.T.C Uaaaportattoo, Imytb. M. st RlvoTSids Drivs . ' 733-5911 : Majusod 7 Maatroal Troat EPT. 1. LARGE BEDS O O M ., aoortmaaU bafconjr. 40S Elgla. -, 1M-M7S anTBLET S-BEDROOM. PURNtSH-ad. Wart End. 7tS-o4. THE SIDNEY TOWERS. H ID; j ; room apartmani. Slot. H4-SS1S. TWO . BEDROOM APARTMENT. Woctrtoall' aauapood. Apply S4 ' Ridaao Tatraoa. Apt, S. ' UPPER DUPLEX. GLAD STONE .. awar Proaton. 1 kidranm, trafo, sas. ni-SUS. , UP I DUPLEX. HEATED. I badiooma. SoO moaithly. 14S-OSIS. . UPPER DUPLE S BEDROOMS. Sua. 3J i Mutual. T4S-4TS4. iaaa ntlBT tY ' NEAR EVERY- .. tMaa. iwrklna. Proktak , Btroai. EaaWtaw. T4S-STS. UPPER DUPLEX. AVAILABLE '. tmnvtdUtely. Murppod. I badiooma. sos. Vs-ai. VrlV LAROr ONE BEDROOM ' apai tmaat Hamwror kltehoa, atoa-' trteallr ooulppad. parUnf. - 4S Mann Aoanu. WESTBORO. SS. 1 BEDROOM. hardwood, oaramle tU bath. - uwd kttehon, ooulppad. lauiutrj. " appaktlmaa anljr. ISS-USS wn- mnsa- - WEST END, UPPER DUPLEX. -, oToaooma, alactrleally .ulso4. too. TSS-WST. WEST END. VACANT I . BED-, : nom aparxmam; SSS. suit aouplo. 1 or aloan, control. i,tJSS-lMd. a-onrnts Tta-O70. WRIOHTVILLE. MODERN S-RED-" room apartmonta. , available. sttmbor. SSS. SI Roy . S tract. m-Tia cooling; ' mm! Realm . Coatrollod by Ihonmwteta to ' EACH ROOM of ' EACH APARTMENT SANDRINGHAM 5 RANGE ROAD Ooarlooklnt th Rldaaa krtor and straUMoaa ram Oftri Bchmr, I-. S- and S- kedroom apartmonta , - Emralra about our mum i. ..- -- .aatrs featara r . , Owned and Maiutod by THB ' .' : ' GREAT WEST UFE ." ASSURANCE COMPANY Rldat anafmirt - . euro a kit tanoia 1 oarrto end aorurltj. 334-6377 201 inURAQTOUI Coot, from hwllM Celumal 1-BEDROOM A P A BT M E N T. love, refrigerator, tit ami ueer. eealral. 72-2eo. 1-REDROOM APARTMENT IN Mm bulging, ceetre Torn. wui, Mot, Kent ineiuoea low root. SOS King Edward. 1 REDROOM, BALCONY. HEAT- on. lighted. MU. 1ST trWUMrow. I BEDROOM. LOWER FLAT. "TO decorate. rAonuiry. II Cherievoia. Eaalvlew. 14J-S0S1. t . BEDROOM APARTMENT. MS. avauani immaaiaieiy, rem iree month August. Apply Supertn-tendant. Apt. I. 114 ShUllngtoa. I BEDROOM. BATHROOM. KIT- tui tu living room. o. 733- 3. 1-REDROOM APT. I ehUdren. so, ss Attar , S3S-M1S. 1 BEDROOM. WEST END, IrieaUy equipped, Aufuit not iree. perking ( REDROOM. EQUIPPED. SM. T3S-B0O between S-i. REDROOM. FIRST FLOOR. modern, mil decorated. Centre Town, nm S - BEDROOM. DININO BOOM, alienee. HH CHIMtiOno ot din. Hooted. S-BEDROOM APARTMENT. ELEC. trically (quipped. SSS. TS Cohort. S BEDROOMS, DEN, STOVE, RE-i mioniior. him, parking. Cam brldgo. Evening S34-SB4B. 3 - BEDROOM APARTMENT, lie Arthur Plow, electrically equip-1 pod. hooted. 14S-STM. J - BEDROOM APARTMENT, hooted. SS Pemilla. no. Apply 43S Preeten. S BEDROOM APARTMENT. SSS. unneetea. IH crtenton. tw-soos. 1 BEDROOMS. KITCHEN WITH Movo, living room, hootod nd lighted, children' car for work-ins parent avaUabla. Natra Dame, St. Ortaan. S3-334. T4S- ia ..... . r- MINTO ' Canada'! Mad Honored Builder OTTAWA'S . FINEST, . APARTMENTS PLUS YOUR OWN PRIVATE " COUNTRY CLUB ror the flnl ttana la Ca da. pwmsHrt rafsttlMlai cm noy Um BiidritMat fMUt-ot their 4rw mehMto CooJtttry club lin Um ftr-Mt rntl tccotnmodmtltm. Hen mm mom mt um Buny tm turn ffcrd by ih m Brbon Couatrir Chib. I HmM Indoor Pool I tUoUl QuMoor Fool BiwOmlnkMi CowrU- Iihm Both lUcrtppUoB lUtowto I Children Muresny j FURNISHED APARTMENTS ON DISPLAY Olliwa-! beat rental value, with exeltlns new I. t and S beihoom dcalm that onTer the moat Important factor hi comfort . . . EXTRA SPACE. EXTRA ROOMINESS. at haopUy modMI rental, from SSI. UVINO AND DININO ROOM WALL-TO-WALL CARPET I ENCLOSED BALCONIES INDOOR AND 'OUTDOOR PARKING '"-eat-: IN KITCHENS I , ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY. SAVING OPENING SPECIALS OUTSTANDING CONVENIENCE Kn tho Mtmo( In twvtl Hnr cvtwronWfsco, with etntr towfi only minuta away vi Cirltnt Avo-e Rtehrnontl WA. and th Quaomwiy. Bxealw Win OTC bua aanrsct oCfrs over to arota town Irtpa daily, and ahppig oantraa. ra cloaa by. BAYSHORE On Crlms Ave. "r Rk-K. mond Rd. hwt wM of th totnetlon, er take - the Waatmi Qurenawy lo THa Pinecraat ttitaraectloo. Fur . nKiwil model on dlf lv duly UU S pa. Sund.y till 828-2751 ; ; V MINTO Canada's Moot Hiwxwtd tilde 201 JLPTl RATS TO lit (Coat. Prom P i Oil at 1 ; -r " 1 BEDROOMS. UVTJIO BOOM kltckon. bathroom, una. SIS ' Bay. SSS-eMI. S-BEDROOM APARTMENTS. SSS, llvkaT room, kitchen, oaikroom, bammt. tra partrlaj, plus-la aaaiora, S-ROOM PLAT TO LET. HEATED. lighted. 7. lis Neioon. nr. Aim Champagne. SSS-OSS. S BEDROOM APARTMENT. kootod. cloaa to arrtooi, private eotranco. Navaa, phono SSW. S BEDROOMS. GROUND FLOOR duplex. l is hoofed, paved EMu-Kina. launarv room m u ctunuey, -a-io. S REDROOMS, HEATED, C A B- port, waaninf tacuiue. 7-?ii. . THE SAVILLE , TERRACE APARTMENTS Adjacent to Carlingwood - Shopping Centre but only minutes from Downtown . FEATURING: Heated Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools PrivsU Balconies MutU-CnaniMl TV Draperies Kitchens Custom Designed Automatic Wall Ovens Counter Cook Tops Six High-Speed Elevators 12 cu. ft. Refrigerators Laundry Facilities Quiet. Residential Area Assigned Parking Space Public Separate and High Schools O.T.C Bus Services Churches Carlingwood Shopping Centra Fully Landscaped Furnished Lobbies ' Corridors. Luxuriously , Carpeted Walk-Ui Clothes Closets WE OFFER: .. $95 r 7i 2 50 $130 RENTAL OFFICE OPEN , ' DaUp to S mm. . Saturdays IS M S f Ja. Suaaays II to S in. Leasing Representative 0. H. MOFFATT ' 725-2720 . Under New ManagsmBtrt Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL - 31 ORDER YOU R J OU RNAL WANT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! ' AnrKXitxements 11 Birth " 3nl 14 Death ' SOS 13 la Meaaarlam ' '3ns IMA A salver r? Mam ' SnSA IM Crd at Thank ' 34 IMA Sootettae and Led - 3M 17 ' Feaarel Director . 3M IM Caaavtory Mam oriel SOT . IMA Coaw to Church . t 3 . 1MB Floriet . 3M IM Lart IMA Feoa ' II Where to Oe . Ill Ameulaaoe Sewiea , VTt 113 Sorvte Stottaa " iisA rMgatat .- :r-t- .. , Ajartments' K1A 31 Arertmmu. Flat to Ut so SM Aperaaeot Waat) 303 SM rereaued- Apartovaal . SM ' BY PHONE 236-7511 . Arf-ar ar oa duty daily S la to m. miumday Ull -IB U Saturday S am. to I bjm. Sunday B pm. u e mm. AT THE COUNTER & ' :'t Courlemnr BeraonaHeed earvtr vallahl to advarllmm at , The Journal Bonding. Mala Floor, weekdaya Irom S am. to . am. aataraay tram 3 am. to 13 neea. . ( , ANNOUNCEMENTS ' V urn. Eneagamaala. Card IB aMariem. la ae were. Mtk Hetlea. Lea NilHi,T par ward, ptu apSvraTSfarfWVnaat. a Secial paga. Bob Numbers Whl used count aa three (3) words. Figure tn groups, each tnilial, abbrevwtrane, signs count as 1 word. Telephone number, I words. Coat of mailing Bos Replies, 10c not iwfuhdable. It la advisable to use Name. AsViresa snd Telephone Number for better result. Rates apply to private advertisers only. , ,. -FW: 0RDErT6t -lv : ' Irt easy to snite your owe Ad: Just write wworfMwschsrmofc i '.- . Ad tot days. Please find eoclood t.........'..Bfider Itosatng No. ......... , f ; , NAME .............................. ADDRESS ................. Pb. Vlo. ............. .. Ma tat 201 AFTS, Rin TO IET (Cont. from proo,4lnf Cohiauit r : i- : - --tlfrtui4-OB- l - WerdUfa j wrdsll tbwaj Tlavss Ttoe nHl-se " I I ' .,' I l t J tl Jd . Pree X7 Froe " , . . . , !" II M IM FrM W free .T"-' : j "j II .73 1-se Free IM Pree I ' I i I U M t IJ Pree Ml free '' . . - , - ( U ii U Pree I.W Pree ' - 1 I I I I I l m free t tn - ' ' I I I I II a4 U fn U1 Pree" ( 17 IM XM ( Pre jaw Pre : t I I I t I I j rr , I I I ' I - I fr -U Pr 1 , I t I 1 B IJd -H I Pree Pree" '. , -; : , : . y- ! w MIWMliRi 1tWORO AD . ,,. ; v ;. ,. . .. gem. V ROOMS Wmt BATH. NICE. Drumt, awctncaiiy ouippm. Would suit couple. SM-M2S. SSS-SISl. S7S. S-BEDROOM APARTMENT, , loetrk;allr oqulppod. pork uif. Centre Town. U4-W54S evenlns. ISO. SANDY HILL. 1 BEDROOMS. lctrMaUy oqulppod, adult SM-sasi. MAISONETTE STYLE. SEPARATE llvlna, dlnln and kitchen. 3 lers bodtooma.ane tile bath room. Bu rout SI 1 miauta from downtown, phone To-eias or 1 T4-O0e '. THB e: THB EXECUTIVE " C antra Town sits HERE IS A BACHELOR AND 1-bodroom eult that la unquUd In rtyl and doalgn- Locaicd on Matcalfo and Lcwla St. Juat off Elgin, only minute away from hopping and transportation. Enjoy the ojutet atrncophere of on of Ottawa f Inert addrmn. ' Eojuipped for your oomfart with autooaaUc elevator, root top laundry and panlhouai rataiw-tlon. SU-O50S. ALT A VISTA. Silt ENJOY THB CONVENIENCES OF thl large s-bodroom aull. f Uuing hucurloue atylmf. datlgn- ea I or your eoauorl. oa largo lndcpd ground. wu planned, work-oavtng kltehoa, pa-clou notn. Wonderful rental opportunity. TSS-SaoS. ' ENJOY The. Comfort snd Conveniences Offered by the AUGUSTA A new s-etorey, SS-untt apart-meat building now arin( complotton at the corner ot Rldeau and Auguele. l and a bedroom from BIOS. Model apartmonta open from 1 to B weekday. 1 to S w anda. . 233-3611 749-7249 BRITTANY TERRACE LTD. BACHELORS. LIVINO BOOM, rraaaad off kdieoM area, kltckoa. ceramic tiled Bathroom. atove. refrlgeratar. beat, not water and electricity aupplied. Fro ear plug-In at your door. Modern laundry room, all Brittany Drive. iS-eol. THE SUMMIT - tSS Wllbred stroH Laxaty Air BACHELOR, 1 AND I . 1ID- room tuitac mat with I bathroom, teuadry facUttlm, elevator, perking, superintendent an pcemlaea or tUm FOUR WINDS ArTi. Unary Uvtog SI a Prto Tea Can Affard no leases Required for our fullr funwaned hochalor. i- i S-bodroom aulte. Llnon, dtshm and tree parking, plu weekly raaid rvtca Included at i aaotpttonal rfter. LOCATED AT I7SS BASELINE Road at Navah Drive. 723-14 71 THESE ARE THE NICEST WE'VE SEEN" This remark is often made by people viewing the display 1- BEDROOM and r BACHELOR SUITES . ' in the Brarid New Extension of J The Algonquin " 223 LISGAR Peace Tower Proximity. . ' 232-0581 Articles for Sale 1 Arttde for Sal Article Wanted -Boat end Marin Gardening Lender elng Farm Implements Fuel tar Sam Market Baaket Pet Stock Tredlag Boat . Personals Pereoaala Naming Reene Employment Mai Help Waatad ' Belmmea and Agent Female Help Wanted Employment Wanted -Teoeber Wanted ef Ttamka. An fkUalmam Charge S3-lj aaataaTrlaM, With aaf W1TiMt ge4CwUI"-t 201 Apn,runioin (Cont from Prorodlns Cehimiil . NBAS CUMMINCS BEIbOE Bablor Apt. From lit IDEALLY SITUATED NEAR Eaaivtew Slipping Cealr. clo . to OTC bua, thl ulto offer you bl. brlf hi room, electrically equipped, worn-eavtng kitchen, floor to calling doaol, plu th convonHrnce of a oparkllns laun--dry room. Halt rent for Brat 3 month. Mr. McCleekey, TS-T7SS. WESTCENTRAL Near wowwcy fill VERY LARGE S-BEDROOM WITH a tooa-aod work-oavtne kll-i chen. big bright roooa, uU- Vktual heat eontrol odvaatag ot an Irene. UUUty veto rtoraga room. Church and ebespiaaj cloo by. Hall rent ror uw l tret s month. 723-SOtl WEST BNB S-BEDROOM DUPLEX SPACIOUS u tenon, chelco ot roe mat room or oert kmmint, SI IS, ' B-IS LBN ORB PLACE BEDROOM, SSS Se. ' MODERN, elertrtcally equipped, laundry tacilltlo. Janitor aervtee. fro plug-la parking, alao partly fur nished. 37.30. - 333-IS4S attar 73-7097. manor' fgaaack ltd. AND 4-BEDROOM TERRACED nomes. I bautroom. neat, ho water, atov. refrlferator. parking with plug-la. 331 Brittany Lr-ive. Ta-oasi. OOOB VALUE PRESTON STREET. 4 ROOMS and bath, roomy. SiS, MM. 334- WOULD YOU PAY BSSje FOR A 1-ceOroOfa apartment, electrical, ly equina d In a rmldenllal area. "Which I only 14 minute by bua irom oown town t tou woumt Phone 7-400 or 744-41M BOCELEDwB TERRACB BEDROOMS. LIVINO, DININO room, kilckaa lctrlauy eejulp. pea, ceramic Ilia bathroom Private baanaent aitk laundry tub. kid garage. Heat, hot water euppuea. cnooi. abooa. cburebm .loaa, ay. 331 Brlttaay urtve. THB RNPIELB 311 Oilmeer CenveaHraUy Lecaud Near Bank Si, IN QUIET SURROUNDINOS Brand new building with parking ana Mieonie, u vulte draped, levator, laundry room, Janitor eervie. TV maater aalaaaa and Bachelor and one bedroom, tram Sto. Rental offlc ea premlaea. ar pnona xu-7aak. BRITANNIA PARK APTS. Enjoy younelf fully hi thl beautiful park-Ilka aettine plenty of room for children to Kr ewtmmlng and boat-right to your own back. ardl Terraced lawn ad patio tor' your oBjoyaaaat. Bachelor Apta. with 70 mparto kitchen., from ' X 1-Bedroom Apt, with . apriu Utcben. from $83 S-Bedroom Apt..' balcony or ar$9i,.$.05 Zephyr Ave. hear Carting ' 828-2144 M Tuttiae ' , ,' So ItabT Servica ' SOT PeatOon Vacant - Rooms Ml Room to Xat OS Ream Wanted - Room and Board Real Estate TBI Hoaam far Sato tlA Apta. tar Sale tos . Houam tor Bent " VM Boams Wanted to Bay TBJA Boom Waatad to Baal to OtticM. Stare to Root "7" TIB TMA 7M Pi apart! to Bart TT oot at Town Puminm TM Farm far Sale and Rent BY MAIL Claaaiflad Ad amy be placed by DEADLINES aaaMftii Adi fflvd bvtort af ttm. gov OASSmtO AOS, .THE OTTAWA JOURNAL, 217 Ocmm StraK, tot hk. run to ui . . f Cent from proredlnf Columni WESTOATS AREA .3 Brdreem 1IS-IIII MODERN BUILDINO. LA ROE kitehen with dining area, electrically equipped, free w s h r, dryer, free perking. 71S-I133. COOPER STREET - BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND MET. calf, for Oct 1 occupancy. 1-bodroom. BBS; 1 -bedroom with porch. SM. 133-341, after T p-m. call 331 lll. THE LEX1NOTON SOT RIVERDALB AVE. I AND 3 Many T33-7SS4. BANDY BOX I. AND S-BErROOM APART-ment, BBS and SSS; large Uvlng room. oloetrloaUy equipped, eery comfortable: ale bachelor. tii, oe-atreet parking. CE-3at. SSI BREEZEHILL I BEDROOM FROM STUB. FUR. niahed. available. Apply Apt. 107, 73V3M7. MANOR PARK ' BEDROOMS; FUEL FIREPLACE priveie onve. OBirenc mmu aawa. CENTRE TOWN Rmarvad tor Adalta Prom 313 FOR A COUPLE WISHING quiet, pleoaant living with ctooa proximity to Elgin St. ahopplns and tranaportatlon. plus th en. lovment of the Mlntn Perk area You will appreciate the comfort and convenience ot that 1 -bedroom eult with a fully equipped kitchen, pecloue cloarte and expansive balcony. Half rent for anu thro moaia. 3ia-7e7. WBBTOATB AREA w S r,. HERE IS A 1-BEDROOM AOCOM-anedatloa at Ha very beat. Featuring ouch eomf art ea an electrically eojuipped work aavtng kite nen. bright room, eeramtc tiled bathroom and floor to celling cloaat In the bedroom. Wonderful convenience with nearby . aortoola, ehurohea, and Woatgate Shopping Contra. Half rent for the ant three montba. 7 33-3041 CENTRE TOWN 1-BEDROOM DUPLEXED APART. SHS-0131 LONDON ARMS 131 Nrteatte Street " 331-333 OCT. I OCCUPANCY. SPACIOUS 1-bed room apartment, ample cupboard, a levator, " laundry tacUitiea. Surlmeadent. Apt. 103. THE . Acadian 153 NEPEAN ST. Just east of Bank 'St Modern ma itotiy. t wave levator building featuring bal-r on tea. dtakwaaber. ' ro'y draped apta. aad many other feature. Semi one bedroom. $87.50 Open for Inapectlon daily. Mr. Hogarth, S37-IBM. 337. 333. ,. , . THE . Du Barry 680 ST. PATRICK ST. at CHARLOTTE o aavOwvWTlo wMlark ftlTpaf JavkSffef a room apartment building mvwl for acamomy mmded Qr people, from ,.s. OVi Fumianed . ' " $100 AU oorvkw mcluded to ml Mr. Prealey. 33a-443. . Oaiwd ana Managed by KASSEU REALTY LTD. Al Kasouf, F. Eli Farm Wanted Cettaae far Sale VISA TISB Cotta tad for Sal TIIA Used Cars Aatoa lb Sato f Auto Wanted Track aad Trailer . on Miscellaneous Legal : Aucttok . . mafl througk the roaneUnt tm. (! it. THunda-. Iin, mWrnm wmy. IB., . . . Ottawa. : , CORRECTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS - Correction afeaaM a arderea bemr the aaooad tniarllna, Alloweneo on Be made for ena 111 aacwrect kimllua only. Advartuannat amy bo cancelled for Beat day kanracttiina ar rewlved kofor S mm mooaer to Friday. I pja. Stordey and S p-m. la S in. Sunday. Bwfund will be grven oa antmed or cenrolled kuai uoim Whoa cancelling en Ad demand a -BUI" 20i - if tl, run to in (Coot from "TocadHid Coiuaaal MINTO Cnaa Moat Honored OtUtut't Cortten Community PARKW00D IILLS : ENJQY CANADA'S FINEST HEATED OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL AT YOUR DOORSTEP APARTMENTS 1 BEDROOM FROM BBB 3 BEDROOM FROM Sits I 3 BEDROOM FROM 1141 1 ' ENQUIRE ABOUT AUGUST SPECIALS MOW AVAILABLE. COM Kttehen Ceramic bathroom Big bright room full-length balconlet CarpeUd hall ComfUiottoxf-nir corridort Multi-channel TV atrial Sparkling taundrle Automatic mUvator Indoor and plug-In parking gfodeef rmfalii v ' TOWN HOUSES from $118 Enjoy th mnaniiiiuee at ex- pauam tjn: mm aarvtea. ex- panruiad publl and parata and aburebaa aaake to you. PARKW00D HILLS - OFF FtBHER AVE. JUST BELOW BASELINE RD. , fts-Tsaa . Vtxrt diaplay every evening finely Saturday) til S. Sunday tU 4. MINTO Canada' ktoat Boner ad BttlldM In Ottawa' Popular Watt End PARKWAY APARTMENTS ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY SAVING SUMMER SPECIALS . - : . ' ... j Comfortable parkland surroundings , Convenient to Shoppers City, Carlingwood f Shopping Centre, and new Trades School Public and Separate; Schools, and Churches Free phif-in parking BASELINE ROAD 1XJST WEST OF WOODROFFE AVE. fnear Shopper Cltyl 1 , OTC BUS AT DOOR ' -RESIDENT MANAOEB ' A. ROTHSCHILD ' 128-4838 g28-297B . Vlalt diaplay every evening Unci. Baturdayil til B. Saaday til S. MINTO Canadt Moat Hoaored Builder , ' ! Just oH . : Rideau St. and , Cummings Bridge 14 Blocks from -Parliament Buildings THE SELKIRK . APARTMENTS RACHtXOR. from $75 BEDROOM . $112 ' Enjoy wonderful comfort ; and convenience,- with . , modest, dollar-saving . rentals In the ' . Selkirk Apta. DAILY IB-S WEEKENDS l-l ' 749-77S5' ' Corner Montgomat i and Selkirk St- an block outh , of Rideea Bt.. juet peat Cummlng Brtdg near ' Eaaivtew Shopping Contra ' MINTO . Cenade- Moot Beamed yulk ZOf APR. RITJ TO UT ' ( from Preceding Coluaml . BkOHON APTS 30 BRONBOH. MODERN SPA' cioua pocneior, i ana s Bedroom apartment, electrically equipped. Within aaey walking dlecanc of Parliament Hill. Priced from S3. By appowt- auuamg auoera aa. 33-14. WARREN ASMS. 3X3 MACLABEN BACHELOR. I RED BOOM. EQUIP- dryer. Furalohed SANDT. Street RILL, 333 STEWAET a treat, south of audoau. s-tory inodcrn apart men! building WIU with outdoor ewlmmin pool befiut In- etalled Bachelor. 1. end S-tmd-room suite bow availabla from 373. 334-0730. IIIJI HAVE CHILDREN. NEED S-BED- ' room nalaonott. electrically equipped, only 14 mlnutm by bua ' from Bow n loan. Pneae v IM. - . V CENTBAlf LOCAtkOR BACHELOR APARTMENTS, MOD- ooe eomronaDie, largo i, SSS to SM. Would' tor. .BEST CENTRAL LOCATION AVAILABLE SEPT. I. SPACIOUS 3-bedroom. 103: 1-bedroom, SM. modern well plana apart. moot Bright larg room. lrlrVlly oquipped. Veaatlaa kllnda. Apply Cwtakar. Apartment a. it Frank Street, awar imvaway. ELGIN AREA BACHELOR IN MODERN BUILD- . ma. SIS. 10B Wavdrlay. Apt- L 33i-34M. CENT EE TOWN Barketer. fjs V I llllllB. SIB CLEAN SELF - CONTAttTEB , Pta, heated, laundry ladUtle. Apply renul elllce, 3M Slater. THE SUMMIT, 3M WILBBOB ULTRA MODERN AIR CONDI- turned 3 bedroom ulte. a koth. eMyater, uundry toeii- lUe. Barking. Appl teruleni. or 33T433. Appiy 333 OB SM MADAME YOU REQUIRE A 3- beatoom eeertrnent. electrically euipped and boated la a ianitor aervicee) kulldlngF Only 14 mlo- Phono T4B-BIM or T4B-40M. CBNTBB TOWN 3-BEDROOM. SECOND FLOOR triplex, Oct. 1. Adult only. 72B-3I7I. x . FIRST MONTR FBSB AVAILABLE. CENTRAL, STOVE. imrigeraior, venerum. parkina. -I bedroom. SM. 2-154 MODERN 4 ROOMS x ' REDECORATED. TILE ' BATH. Glaba. aacalloat madlllaa 133- 3371. NEAR OTTAWA VNtVEBSITT MODERN 1-BEDROOM APART meni. nee ted, eeoetricaiiy oauip-ped. newly decorated. 37 Lu-rier Beet, or 337-331B. V0YAGEUR Vowr Worn End eddrem only 4 minute from Carnntrwood CrjdaaaBJihmia Road Tour Hvine af otliet I aeaured at L Voyur. , . Loceted on both bu liner. Car, tos Ave. ami Bltamaad Rd. FEATURE: , I hlgh-ptd tlmaton . rrtuuritmv eorruort . . Drape tn avarg sntts . trot1iraed haO . OlTBTJIaetBS, , . ' -. Woodworking kobby 3op . Chttdrtn' wading pool . Indoor haatad pool . Sttam room - KOcraatkon room . ATkULcAiinrtei TV atrial . Built-in opens . emitter top etooe .12 ta-ft. refrigerator . af at arie piped tnto each moartment . Wathtr ani drgtrt on ... wtTf floor r . 7rUrtor-rtTor parking . Decorator appointed lobby . Jtesta. mksas ttt main . lobby ' , . Constant exchange of , , freth atr . : .. . Beantg talon sl . Tuck thop : s-" -. Ciase to tchoott, church, Mhopptng, . : . Prendi Provincial decor WE OPTER: I fedroooi com-02.50 meaclng at ... 7 2 Bedroom com- , menctng at ...... $125 2 Bedrovna, 2 Bath- 35 room CtletelKitlat At ' - . OPEN HOURS: m. to pm. Moa. thru Tri. 1 pm. to 3 pm. Set. and Ban. '. Leasing Representative -MRS J. RAMSAY 828-3117 Under New IrUnagenvMl. Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. 202 WTJ. WAJIU LOWER DUPLEX FOB SEPT. t. B kadrooma. ejunrt. porklaf. Bandy Hilt are preferred- 3 roalabl adulta. -T4S-T33T. MOTHER. B-YEAR-OLD, I BID- room tn name am to pro tarn evenina babvalttlng wkila aaotb or work. 333-130. .. OCT. I. I-BEOROOM DUPLEX OR apartment, OMhe or central, 8 ladle. Res B-47S. Journal. RET1REO EXECUTIVE COUPLE recjuire s-bedroom apertm 1 L eectuerv dletrtct, garage. October. Beat E-443. Journal. TOUNO COUPLE. ONE-BEDROOM apartment, electrtrally oquipped, rmklanllal area, proferahly art vate home. Muet he well mam-.taineal. ouiet, parkins. BBS. 71-B434 kftar 3. 201 , toibo im APARTMENT, t BVOROOM, ITS. Beady Hill. T3B-407. AUTOMATIC NEW MOVIE PRO- ' yactor, I areata oM. Cam BlBti ST. T3S-BS74. ICnntlnaed Ok Meat Column)

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