The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1918
Page 6
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-PAGE SIX. ~ " ' ' .THE DAILY COURIER, CONNSLLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1H1S. ENIISIED MEN FINE POINTS OF NATIQNATGAME AT' WARE ISLAND Now an Established Recreation for Old and Young Alike. FAVOR LIBERTY TOURNAMENT FAST LITTLE SCOOTED SPEED OVER FROZEN SURFACE' OF GREAT SOUTH BAY _i -JBta I*»*°Ei«I* thows "Daffy- I*wl8, greatest of world's scries heroes ,,, ,d*:tJ)».Bipeton.Red;Sax, In Ms uniform as a yeoman In tne Oolteel States navr ' I T i n _ r i K n ( i i t . mi n _ I T n _ f l n u points of .the national gome. 13te commandant at Mare Island Is a great booster and a program of te planned for tn* holiday season, among them .a baseball game at tlovi..pazfc.-- Xi«wis oas'his heart.set on winning this game. Growth of Game Surpasses Most Optimistic Predictions of Handful of OrganIzers of Unfted States Golf Association. (By. HOWARD F. "WTOTWEY. Secretary United States Golf Association.) The indications for rhe coming year in the golfing world ure promising. The game will be pinyed more than ever as it Is now an established | recreation or benefit for old and voting j alike. Tho association Is desirous of | i holding n second Liberty Tournament . in 1938 and wfll endeavor to reuch ev- ; j ery dab in the country, the number o f : j ·which is estimated to be b°bvcen 2.500 : t and 3,000. This tournament and the ! open patriotic tournament, Riven f o r ; ! charity, held at Whitemarsh Valley, i j were the only two competitions bold j under the direction ot tbe United ; t States Golf association in 1017, the i j 1 association having adopted the policy! * PLAN FOR HOIV1E FOR · of cancelling- Its championship due to j ! the war situation now prevailing. . i Hec-nt cold woufher has given (he Ice yaclitmen nrouud Putcliogue, L. I., j an opportunity to enjoy thoir 1'avorlte spnrt. '· The Scooter, \vhleti irf a small flat-liottom boat on smooth ateol runners, i has t h u iiclvnnuige over the Ico boat or the triangular regulation type In that it can readily sail over open spaces -without danger to the occupants o£ the bout. Ser.reco's formula Is not "just fl HttJe of this and a little of that" - It'was devised with a definite object in view. Tho object was to produco a tooth paste possessing medicinal as well an cleansing properties--a real cleanser that could be depended ^^^ : i$nniip3^ u P on to rcmovc tartar and k "P ^Mi^^g^ mouth Bnd aumB hcalthy - a8lT"~ ifljifitea T Ue . ideal defined, our laboratories sot about to determine the' proper combination to produce it. Snnreco ia the result. It has been tried, tested and pronounced good by hundreds of ihe profession. Try a" tube. A single tube will prove* every claim. Will show why thousand's today use and demand Sen- reco--and are satisfied with nothing :CBS. All druggists and toilet counters. Large 2 oz. tubo-r25c. SEN RECQ--Cincinnati AGED BALL PLAYERS * SPORT ACTIVITIES AFTER END OF WAR ntew~WET8HT KEEPS enrwr inrircvc mirl- BASEBALLS GOING UP ~WJUU~JUtKtY5 UUT $ WITHOUT BENG HIT Shaw, Dugan, Powers, and Oth- j $ ,:. trirrCapnot Make Scale. IWdjTIisjf* OuW««i«I, Riders of Pre* ·* ", .wt Day!**mite Jockey .Club Per- ; J .. i;.:.. atats hi Racing a V«ry Low . ) * :*--^_ . -Scata of Weight*. ' · - - i * Baseballs are going up. Ac- * cording to dealers in sorting * goods, the regnlation ball used 4 by big league teams which h:ivo * been selling for $"L2o will cost" * $150 next season. J Other sporting goods, Inclnd- * ing golf clubs, lawn tennis rac- cfnets, footballs, golf balls nnd general athletic equipment also will be advanced in price from 15 to 25 per-cent. Growth of Game. ! The Enywth of the gnrne of f?olf In ; the Onitod States during the last -" , years has fnr surpassed the most opt!; xaistlc prediction of the h n n d f u l nf en-', 'thusiasts who organized the United States Golf association on TVeembnr , 22. 1S94. Its popularity nnd fofno- flts soon, became apparent, howrvor, and some Idea of the expansion of the' pnrae may be gained by looking over \ the report of the Liberty Tnnrnnm^nt! hpld under the auspices of the United States Golf association on July -1, 1917, from which it "will b? interestlnK tn note that the association communi- caitid with no less than 1,-JOT g o l f : clults.' · Every state Jn the Union was represented In this evont except Idaho, Nevada, New' Mexico and Orparon, and. the amount received nt tho time the The Idwi of building R homf* for aged ba'.l pUiyers. hns b**on brought up again, and may receive considerable uttciition from thr? magnates at tho coming meetings. Plan? have f»ven been druwn fnr t h f proposed "home, nnd one set of lifuo-nrint.s has boon favorably noted by Charlie V-Vpirh- mjin, Ramey Drey Cuss un! llnr- This puriiotiUir design tillow^ for n building much nn the pitf- n-rn of ;iti a f b l r r l c club, w i t h » hu^f yarrl. bic ouougb for ih*- nli hoys to tos.s the bnll HDI! run bas'-s. whib v tlifTO will \\\ ji!t.f.-!i- h:£ court? ;ml b a t t i n i c cap divert thpni in wintpr tirn* ~K"M"M- Baseball, Football and Boxing, Will Have Larger Following. ' FRENCH AMBULANCE OF A NEW MODEL to OW thnera on V. m + turf ar«' prone to" · Scoff at .the ability, of the present-day , -"^ ^trvfrot jockeys now riding !n this cotm- j 1! J^vS»?r,".^fr.toad..«wi.risw n°^ ! LETTER TO TWELVE. MAROONS ^h.tte deepest of sighs for the dar^ | . « report was Issued In October was over C M C t r M r v f i M M i c o r n M i*rnM 4 ?72,000. Since that time, however. l h e ; ENSIGN C O M M I S S I O N WON .-^._ f .q^jShnms, Garrison/ Spencer, Slooo ^-mnd' "ttie -rest, who rode in tbe Tim- I / isb«d years termed" "the -good o*d j days." ! As « rale, there Is little sympathy j _ _ ." "·with Ebowe who cootlnnaUy harp on tbe I O f Chicago football squad have beea ; »rrpertorlty. of "athletes of · th* past j awarded letters for their efforts oa : over the present. UsaaUy there Is no [ ; real basis for their contention that -~ participants in ^sport haTe grown leas n 13 Distributed to Coach Stas3"» Chicago Athletes-- Sure Thing. - An . Twelve members of the University totid has been increased tn more than j $80,000, dne to late mturns from clubs j ami demonstrated that the golfers of I th* Tjnitod States exertod th^mj^Ives. to mike tbis event a naion-wide, p«- '* triotic testimonial. The tournament ·was carried on with the hearty ci-op-' crntion of the American Red CTOS.I j BY (CUPID) C. E. BLACK of .tho names of, occasioned i Tbe anDOtmcement [ with .tne lapse' of years. How- i what of a surprise on the "rampus7 not! Z-^ever,-wlieiL H-conjes to the jockey . . ! qnestlon .the old-timer la right. The Aineriei as a recreative and compctl-1 tlve pastirne which will endnre even i under the handicaps necessary and In- -. cidental to \vartime, 1 . t - r i 3 e r . ' . d o e s n o t compare with those.of ten-yeiccB-ngo- They oever wfll regain tbetr preatigBr either, as long aa ithe. JToefeey dub pwststs In racing at .-.-the ridlcnJoTWly low scale of weight) ·- MOV la -vogue. . · .-·-i - , p«na» la Back. "^ ;--"-Winie Dngan, jart backtrom RussfS, . Is X^-fi^ 6 * 1 ^- J^c^J"- J^ e ^^ been rid- ,l^D^.wlth.^aarked saccess Inr Russia for ·evetal years. He was recognised as a ,.top4otcher here lefore .going abroad., :,The w*r has drtvea "WllUe bacfe to this cowntry/a* it did' Hie brother EddJe. · Bat"Wme -win not be able to rtde| : ^cre^ He ia no longer a yonngster. · "He,cuinpt do HO ponuds and under, \ »jid cocld not get enough mounts prer that weight trader tn« present system j \U; Jwld^ hte jform. - -i-iDngan IB not die only unffercr from khe rldicnlotia wetgttt scale; Take the ';iBt»e icDf-WIllte Shaw. "v* fihaw ''-is a · ' great jocfcey--greflto* j ^KWii IogTm : erer was." In all the.his- i ".fcwry of the-tnrf. there are.not a hatfj ;'j||Q»«i"i, : iWefs. who can be rated be- [ , Shaw is here, ready to ride, flnd* too -heavy. He hoe riding tor years in Germany. He, ovt of" employment because of 'SWIMMING HOLDING ITS OWN; ! Some Clubs and Colleges Not Gfving j Attention to Water Sports : on Account of War. Although most. of the oryanizatfons j Interested In water sports hsvo en- i to enlarge the scope of tbolr · activities on account of the wac. some , clobs, colleges and Y. M. C. A. . branches are caking the apposite i course and withdrawing from aquatics ; altogether, probably not rrallzlnK what · their support means, saya a \vriter In the Milwaukee Sentinel. They should near fn mtnd that swim- Instruction Given in Varfous Camps, Sure to Develop Many Devotees of Sport, Who Have Never Before Been Interested. Baseball, boxing nnd football are so- ' lr»i! i" havfi foliowlngs after tlio \v:ir llinn thc;y 1mvc today. ' T h f U this will bi j t r u e in baseball ptvrtk'uliirly Is tbo prediction of inuny men hitrh up In f h e paine, and i t ' h a s ht't^n p'lintft! cut hy f6Ut»wer.s of bos- ins ifoiL rhc- JnytnicUon beinp f^lvpn li.'p snldlcrs in n i l of Uncle Samuel's trnlnhiff ramps will develop thoupnnds nf ilnvottM'p of t!it msinly art who hifre never f)»:fore been tniurestert. Fcotbrili, wlilrh h;is been pro wing by Imps and bnuntis within the past five years, t u n y not pain many active 1 irtU'ijmnts through the formation of iniinuu: rnmp (iioveos, tint it will cert a l n J y gnln in popularity. At Close of Civil War. The p n t h w u y to s*ucvs3 for preppnt day buaebnll In the United States WHS opened wide wltli rhc close ot tile Ci^i! -.v:»r. Hundreds of soldiers returned | from the battlefields on which the blue inrt gray armies fought thetr many great conflicts Iinrdened through the rigors of service in die open and demanding some form of sport compe- iltion, or, at IwiKt, recreation, upon which to center their interest and In which, those who brcmslu youth hnc?c } with them couSd find :ictive eicrrise, ! rrom the ending of the Civil war to the present day basvbnll lias been gain- · ing in popularity. It has suffered several triile shocks owing to Internal strife, but ns nn attrnction which gained nnd held public interest it has developed wonderfully. Ask Red-Bloodcd Recreation. With thausnods of Citcle Sam'a soldier boys equipped with baseball, bos- lug and football paraphernalia while tn the service, thousands of young bloodH coming on who will demand red- blooded rccrea tions and pastimes on a This is t b e hitast type of amo-ambulance used by tl^.e French in transporting their wounded to iho dressing stations behind the battle lines. The injured are placed on a'platform built on the rear of the car. You exercise vigilance in the settlement of accounts when you pay by check. Utilize this safe, convenient and economical medium by having a Checking ' Ac- comn with the Union 'National Bank. UNION NATIONAL BANK "Cupid" C. E. Black, former Y a l e , , .. min? is not solely a sport, but nn cs-j loo , ba]l cn[ , tn!n , who b .., s be(m eiiptnln ! larger scnlo thun ever.before and the rentlal Item In the physlral eduundon 0 , , he clovi . n of jj,,, (j.-eond naval dls- ! country nt larps weary of deatb-deal- ot every man nnd woman, fitting as It trlct nnd blmsel£ a boawwuln's mute I Ins eonlUcts nnd grutefnl for the does for Belt-protection and life savins o£ thc N - av;1 , K(BcrTna forre- hna won 1 ci, nnce to rolax. sports should tlirlve a com^gg),,,, n H ensign and bus b«?n oa tt greater scale than efer. recommended for dulii, i a on vessels ot ! Srwrts will be encouraged In every Bay. i th«e IB Ltacote 'Powers. Jnst t'feir yiears *go lie was the ranking Mkey cf tbe couso? on the flat Kow baa to ride over the Jumps, belie can't, do better than 116 £lton, One of Lucky Few. only beCKBSe It was tbe smallest nnm- ber ever given the coveted honor, but because two men xvho were jegnrded as sure things were overlooked, The players receiving the award ·were: Block], Bondzlnafcl, Brelos, ! so that there is more reason than ever I to encourage its pmctSce at these ! times, particularly "with competition, which undoubtedly serves as the great- eat of incentives, Tho claim has been raised that rac- i Ing Is of no practical advantage, because it only attracts experienced i swimmers, fully developed. But this I ie a great mistake. Tbe right kind of j competition will draw into action tho · very people most In need of Improvement--those having mastered the prin- i clples, yet not sufficiently advanced to \ care for themselves or otfcers in cas« the fleot which mi^ht reciuire all-round ] way possible by the government, too. President Wilson, Secretary ' of War Raker und many of our lawmakers u.t WwsblngtoD, have oponly eocpressed the opinioa that hoalth-givlng sports should be encouraged and continued throughout the length and breadth of the lajtid, even In war times. Bluok will be sent to the Nnvai academy to undergo a course of 10 weeks, when he will be given sea duty. PLAY WITHOUT CAPTAIN to" train "down I C°*TM?- Elton; Gorgaa, Hlgglns, Jnck- d- Ate on tte-flat" again, i "*"?· H«Po»«W, Mcllln, Sfonltoo and " Hen tttre* Znstecces. not of ^ockejo, but-great riders, ·errlcee wonM be available im(Nr a MOM scale. To the nst might te Jo* Natter, -who, alottgh. he nttfce 115 pounds, is able to ride to tbe Wg rtakce, acd Bdnie Da- wtio at 1H5 pounds is oa the moot o£ the time. . ·lOQDa tctt -In Hmrrird boasts' 5ff.*vatBlty EC att»- letee tn Cbe gprcrmnenffi miHtaiy aerr- lee. Ta3« hts;6G and Dartmouth 54, nefrostrely aT*i"^"f New England instl- ,, ...'Here Comec the Goshawk. A warning to sportsmen mid others that a dangerous migration Is in progress from the arctic regions has been Issued by the Iowa fish and game com- miftsioners. The present Invasion ie said, to be the rooet serious since that of eleven years ago, "when the birds driven sonth- ·ward by a scarcity of hare and ptarml- · gnn, came to · thfa state and devoured groose by the wholesale; Tbe goshawk, which, unlike, other hawks,' flies straightaway, instead oi in circles. Is somewhat larger than n pigeon.--^rchan ge. PhUEIes Sign Scout. Pat Moran has signed Billy Doylfe of Portsmouth. Ohio to scout for the Philadelphia Nationals. Doyle enjoys q^Ite a reputation at? a scont and IB ealfl to have a number of yonngHtcrs of ability witMn, his reach. Williams la In France. Llfittt R. Norris WiHInms. tha nn- tlonnl tennis champion, ia nc the field artillery school of inatrnctlon some- vrfaeare In France. Chief Meyers After Job. Chief Meyers is winterlp on a farm In Connecticut and Is imrlous to sign with, one of tho major league olubs. Football Team May Bo j Without Leader In 1fi18--Veteran Material Reduced. Michigan's 1013 football eleven mny again be captainless. "Tad" Wleman j of Ofllifornia, who recently was elected, i has announced hia intention ot enter- | Ing- the nviation coris. Wleman was \ unanimously chosen for captain by the ; IS letter men. Laet yrar "Pat" Smith of Bay City WTIS chosen captain, but \vhon war came he joined the naval forces, Wleman. played' only Rugby fbotball before he crime to ittchignn. He m«rte tbe freahmnn team, hoxvever, and has been a 'varsity star for two seasons. He played tackle tn IflT.O, btit wns shifted to fullback this fictson. He scored 125 of Michigan's 3(M points In 3917; Michigan'^ great ma^a of veteran material Cor her 1918 eleven IH steadily being reduced. Sparks, Rye and Weston have been accepted for the avid Jinn service. All of these men wero stara. COACHES ARE BEING SHELVED University of California Started Movement and Other Institutions Are to Follow. Paid conches aro bring shelved out nn tho Pacific 00:1 sr. The University of O-lifnrnln hus star-tod the- movement and it is smd that other Institutions In The stata are cnnstdprintr similar steos. At California the basketball, baseball, wrostling: nnd bosiac coarh^H hnve been lot out. and it is very Wrrtr that the crew tator will not be roos- Hlpmed. Andy Smith find Gna Zeigler, the two former Penn stars, who are footbnU roaches at California, win be rotni Play Indoor Baseball. Canadian soldiers in Toronto caum play Indoor btiscbiUL Yoi'u i;tiAU.4.\TEt: tu-:n ·· A. M. H- S P. :-.'. Hon-nt, Sor.fir. Ht-Hiiblc Service. Treatment t r all i-!'.ronu\ nervous. ciimiJitcrttpd, blnorl, ^p«cra; and sjH;oi;"J rflticaftes. No matt(-r w h a t your dist-fj^'. see these SuoolnUm**, who r.ft.'n cure n^Jt-T others fall. Conpn!:r.ti"ns froo and c o n n d v - n i i u l . Terms a,Iw;iys Toitaon- snnahle. Rvry \ V f r i n t ~ . 3 n y ;ilso nt t h e Kx- ^e Hotel. VnioTilown. j T?!rift nnd saving I are inseparable partners and form a close companionship. XVhy not form such a paruxership now? Start an account with the 7*itle Trust ·jf Company of Western 8 Pennsylvania. I 4% Interest Paid on « Savinirs Accounts. ES wo aivsrtiisefa ... . apsr wlia gwe 1 s fesst J. B. KURTZ, AND HEAL E3VATH, No. £i South MertiDV* Coniiallcvlllo Pa. Dt?TK--^Ts C. A. VOIGJTT ME.-- I'M so SELDOM AT HONe .DANS To HAKE. MISERABLE AT HOME

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