The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 29
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Page 29 article text (OCR)

Y , THURSDAY. AUOUST 13, 1M4. Journal Crbss-Word Puzzle ,vi; ACB093 with: Ft, . .wsr...l . . i . 1 Imi4 ei ink. - 46 Genua irnr. U Spot '. .DcU W... 47Dnad !.- U Cart. iwiri.ia. fciU. .. .. 41 Km i 4k -.(.IS SubL ' -ii Swtanaarket- St Tka -tatluaaa at il Uu ! bml ..aide.-- .vMtiilii4 Thile. of'? - yean, ' - M Firs aaa, ' - 17 Ilea kmm Aeaat: - 1 wares, Ccatral hall el . ' chuck . . Ykera Hn Cats OC4n. hi I 'S&L U Btmbi Abbe. . ' - I Caapea MiaL . (SalT Jf There vat u . : OU Mn vka 1. wares. at Pile. ' M Vrjm nxghuj at ' ' a aia! 2 weraV M TkaraWsi " t wares, ' ITFJaa U. St Gaaa ktrkat, atPeel eaae,- ' 41 M Suae -. .. DOWN J Ktigkbar at 1 AeraM. Stop! ' a Uw Fc 4 Oat af ' SStetkmi -AB ikie aad :" I ware. 7 Haras Ban. . 1 Siairkiag aaiqwtc blaaf, 9 Feauaiaa aatu. MCkarck km. 41 Atctia aaa Sack, 11 Mack . US - CM - Skakaapaan aWray,' Irony 'and aaUrt b Sbakatptara'a playa aa Ulna . tratad la axcarpu from Twmlfth Night, Othtlle aad Aa. Yoa Ukt M. .... Ml CIO nnlaaii ' Fourth ia a atrial of ftvt Inter-tlawa Witk Hollywood atari cos- duct td by Tony TaoraaaTo- nlgkt'a tuaat Edward G. - - M CBO ltaa)lTai. The aoeimt Death Kay. Tbt atory of aa rigeniout laitaaai of . World War I. written by Bob K tataa, with Hugh Bardea aad Trader Faulkner. - IM CMOr Orgaa a ., eiux Mirtilla La fact in works by DandriM aad Baca. . , .lt CFMO-FM Caacart 1 Baa Fttt Potooaiee. Cktbrian Maxeppa, Lane VtoUa Cancttw to, Menoateaoaa: Srmpnoay No. -4. Tchaikowtky. . .1 . . . li CBO Vaacaar by Ctrkard SanwaU witk '.fat Owlght Pettier aa toWrt. '. Toccata, Klrchner; Piano Coa- certo to E loor, W. F. Baca: Symphony No. M, Hayda. . I U Ihl t . L IU L K U 1.' U aal: 21 Diuira. ii Ira - - a ran at b-zu. wacia uatait 3m Ungual pit: SUag. ... Ria. t0 Feraar Florida . f Para. I Kaaas is Egkla. UCM earth. . CaUeaa br-t v 21 baud) aunapbl M pilaniJil .. tint krtiaatap al tkiaal at Caatiaaat ' ' trdieaaiy. U Ceruia htersti. Si Ekpaut! mak. J7 Uwtj. ' : -.' 40 Relelmai Aabr. ' 44 Creek kUert, . ,, 45 Qaica 7 . 4f Rtania awaiare . k fcaatk,. 50 Earartftai, - 51 Valla , 52 Fit ear. , . SI Swbe lint M WcU-kaewa ,SS Brjuak eea-shr nap: Abac St Luluk eaaafy. S4 Faked: Akht, I II li. u I ji 11. u 14 I iia in in ii ir uH T" 7" T" T rr-"'' ' ijT----i3 - ; anaTaJ" 3" " 3" r T" "; STCT IT Si "" 5T Si " ; "7 5" T " "" 44 aTTsJ" T -"" " "" 2 U iA w r-tr- TT"1" Solution of this pirate will Ixt published tomorrow. YOUR HEALTH .3y Lester L. ME-OTE11ATI0N FAST ' Why art lood and ur Jor-rnOSm baibrt WoptrakioaT Tab) ttrict order by to jhy Hclak It of gnat bnpoctanca Jto 'ka(wrgaoa and to ti .aaasibaiola(ist Aa "anpty tontach" aakw UN aaettka- 4k ajeiaibUlty of food ater- lag ika teag pauagaa. Wkaa BMigaacias occur aad urgary. ia imptrai I w a ibt paokat aaa )uat tataa, thart ara .aow ca'aay ,' aaitty aWrkat aSat .art acra atdovtly darocad ts ikkj particular anrgieat problem. Highlights Coleman, MD B. Catoa irrttatlnt Itch .1 4. Flgirtg InractJatt tsr.o. aim iina.a if po wa k I l-- ll-atPJL , at,iiaiwa Mini. - T. n.Ro. , 1 CttMATIC ADJUSTMENT. Way it It ohta to difllcult to adjust to atw dimatet during abort vUUT Changta la alUtudt. bumid-ky and barometric prtatora dafialwly . pfTact tbt normal luacuoaa of tha body. . . The brart. Aa lungi od Ih blood circutatioa aiutt undergo a period of adjustment to tJMHoalty kigk allitudet. Orerezanioa ia a ntw cli-aate tbould be aoided tor a tbott period of tipia to allow tha body a "acclimata" kitll aad (tabiliat U functiona. OKDINAKT C0tiT. J , '.. Art anrlbkitlra oeceary for ordiaaiy timpla. coldt7 Tha diagnoait of an " ordinary, aintpit cold" and I k a treatment of It depend tntl rely oa um Judgment of tbt phytic iaa. . , . .. . To many people neglect a Infection under tit misguided belief, that h ii "only a cold.' On tha other band, many will panic at tbt first tniirit and anwiatly bt-gia taking telt preacrlhed dosU) of antibiotict left orer In the medicine cabinet from past Infections. ' . Tbt decision of whether or not to use aa antibiotic can only be aaitty and accurately made by a doctor, who bates hit eonclations on tiptrt knowledge, Judgment and past NOT ALWAYS A SIGN . la blood ia tha stool at an adult always sign of cancer? -- Emphatically no. Tbt most frequent eauae of fresh, red blood fct tbt stool it htmor-aboldt (pilas). A tiny crack or fiasart around the rectum may break a small blaad raatel. when, straining b)..tx ceulrt during a blow el movement. .... - v Although moat blood in tbt stool it not serious, it b Inv perathre that the cause of all bleeding be determined fomna- ; REFLEX MECHANISM " ' Should snttttt be aapprtts-ad? . . , ' .. No. Snorting b) nalurt't re fin - mechanism for ridding tbt Boat of aa Irritating or offtnding substance. Tbt nost should be cortrtd, of count, to avoid. spreading germs. Never squeeze the nostrils during a sneeze, for this may injure the tar drum. . .Journal Want' Ada bring quick results. - ' . - . : i. llnwNM pasla taat ' 2. thrinka hatrMrrhaJdg Stow M ra o aiae aria M TO. awa m n iin ille, nriiiiiii 1 11 aawaiMia ttMM Swa MMM Vf MCMnt saMBi aaatjaawai a mi bwhae. ;wra:a THE OTTAWA JOURNAL BROTHER JUNIPER i-f ' K'.kM'f fttforf and After.'" ' By FRANCES DRAKE Look in' the section In which your birthday comti' and find what your outlook is. according to the stars, for Friday, August 14, IM4, I March II U April M (Aries) You can brighten your life considerably If you lire ambitious enough to capitalist on your latent skills and talents. Extend your sphere of action, broaden your horizons. . ' April St ta May 21 (Taurus) Don't, ba so cynical' as' to believe that everyone has an Vast to grind." Some persons may seam to havt'motives incomprehensible to you, but if you will make an effort to realty understand them, you will find them not as complex; as' you thought Remember this to day, when you could run Into such a situation. . ; ' May 21 la Jaaa 11 (Gemini) Fine Mtrcury Influence snouM benefit both your per sona ana business Hie.. In tbt former, tome new and Interest tag friendships stent to be in tbt making,. sod, Ja the latter, opportunities for gain art indicated. ' .:V Jaaa X2 te Jury 21 (Canotr) . Some things msy seam to ba at a standstill; adjustments may not kavt panned out at you thought.' .Keep at Itl You only bava ta go ita little longer be fort staining desired results. Jury M at August (Leo) - Som activities , will roauire more thaa 'tat usual thought r, notably. Scientific work,' educational , pursuits, : invest ments, closing deals and busi ness transaction! generally. You may have to reckon with some unforeseen forces, may hava to tak longrr-range view in plan ning. . ... . , , August 14 ts. Stattmber 11 (Virgo) Your outlook it a live ly one. Progress Is indicated on all levels and your Innate interest in modern advsnces could brighten the- day considerably. Those wkh mechanical and gen eral technical ability art es pecially favored. leataeabtr M te October is (Libra) , An average day in many ways, but do give tome extra thought ta travel and va cation plans, to atw skua Hons and to occupational endeavors. Eliminate1 all won ettent1ala from your schedule and you should make a good showing. October M ta November 22 (Scorpio) ,A somewhat ad verse Mars aspect now suggts that yoa avoid antagonix lag others. If necessary to assert hour viewpoint fat discussion, do to dispassionately. Don't By off tangents. ' - ; November a te Becafnber 21 (Sagiuarius). .. Success recipe for this day: strength of will consistent effort, good Judgment and tolerance toward all. This is a good period for. the astute thinker and Interpreter. Ntw acquisitions Indicated.. Spend with forethought.- -v. .1 , December a ta January 24 (Capricorn) -7 Liberate your spirit from doubts and fears. You can sccompKfh much now. Just be careful hot to .acatte.- energlts in unproduclrvt fields. Your bands art deft; try their skin.- I . ... 91 tm ta (Aquarius) Th't-could be a dull period unless. you put your innate fire and buoyancy Into It. Communicate with others who share your interests. A pooling of 'Meat could prove highly profitable. , ' February 24 te March t (Pisces) Do noTallow your self to become Inveigled into situations fore go to your principles and Incompatible with your idealistic nature. Listen only to Meat and propositions - which you can back .conscientiously Emphasize your. dignity. . a '.'a- .a f YOU BORN TODAY: Are a deaf thinking, level-headed Individual; are a; lower: of strength to others, sno, oa. your own, can work your way to unbelievable achievements. .You htvt an innate -xapadty for leadership but must try to curb a tendency to bt overly critical of others. You aft extremely versatile, could succeed In almost any field of your choosing, but msy thint especially In .the medical or legal professions, m tha diplomatic field, at a busi ness executive or entertainer. Blrthdate of: John Galsworthy and Sir Walter Besaril, au'V CANADIAN PAINTINGS Tbt National Gallery In Ot tawa plant to present Its sixth biennial showing of contenfpo- rary Canadian paintings In .the summer of IMS.- -. : . , 100. PIANOS FOR CASH '' KEN PAEISiEfl piAHps, 745-7071 1 OMCanadiaa ", arr rawaBwaav aTtTTrtaaaBT- Used last century to measure the circumference of -berrelt and t wheels. Now kt TorontOa - -- ?.. little" ;;cld-fwioneclv.;; . . ! Ta still make wine ia the traditional y: y manner. Each one it aged ia mellowed - -- oak, Barnes Wines art Canadian wines ' at their ag-o)d heat. .f V' '.'.,(-'"'- ' . y CAHiM't OLOtn Wlh-EITe VtTUUSHED 17S ',';' HI AND LOIS TRUDY. Year fflfflli " " ' MBV OAPCV'YOlA $832 I I powcrrTOKies J !ttCBT C ': IW 6O0Q9VB Archie r DOMT JUGHEAOt A BEAUV KNOW WHAT ARE 1 I NEVE9 yCU HUNTING I SHOT OfZ KFHRY DRAKE' APARTMENT S-0 .' .1 ll III a tr- 1 --. 1 BBI r II -na--'ti -at II rsi i WW THAT (5Kt, A0atAi GARTH if ' V; i i ,'-.,,) i at. .th - WWT TO THE AARIeNT, AWReNTlV TO 6Ce MS6 WRIGHT BUT HE LEFT THE AMKTMENT WITH ONE OF THE - OTHC ana; v MR. TWEEDY f I'M In A HUPoryllL "N THRC5vV VOU OSlSfMCKg exr ' arose has never 1ST ME DOwn.'OHCC ME CAUB? HD 5JO TKTHE VS A PVCASAMT IN HT GARCEMf - t vta.g wAawTewNa IAi AWAo iti wAal?Jf lUV WM MY imiW AXO PMOtl VTOOrWM, JIU- 1 1 SO sksy was aixa Vaus, t. drake.'. i irxa wrw; hcxchno hm 1 T HWi 10 serru wmat'J whom. mci id meit rest uz tsuKC.' J t" Sn I ' 'I1! REX-MORGAN, MO HtX MOAOAN CU ) , tJ t OFTMWXiitlSee IZrS ' I ABOUT OeTTIMO $0Mf is- t?jrv? 1 1 JUUET JONES VOU KNOW T THAT MAJROQ LweiJ Tw7f7mml If I J AMP VOU SAT 1 .THfy WENT TO THE PRU6 BTORC AW SPENT OVER AN HCXJR TAilONGl OcKACUPOP IV--conEe lb- wvtt - r-w - tSTEVE ROPER" wt-VC BEEM AJKfD 1 TO asms NOMAO TOTHECOlleUM OffKt, MT. KPVtl meut JOKER' wOTTA K VDU ET A NEW tTRAHT TRUCK RECORD, .'- :- AM Xi torroxy M PENALTY . POINTS.' cm i uookV (thank vouy -1 hsaaim ..eoarror LiKa PC US ajNSN AMO Txe 0CTfkKrM...IVIAS poamva I ma awakb f asw. .AW" ( ..ITVKASAWHILI IT UaaaUZ AVnVCi II I I WHAT WtO OfX' OUITE . A UJOKSKi H t WOMAN TltS I VVU30MASEer SOPHeTlCATEOl AMO VERY ATTRACTIVE.' HEV-WHAT vf f 7 kftHOMAA CAN Hf Rf.' CO I WIN V-WU IPWTIfV rir a Toon tcl iws mm r cpi kPNta ttff ntraw Ellt 6 rr POSSIBLE TOTHRCW AUU0 LAT WEEIC WHAT HE TIPPED ME Oft WO ME TO A HAWK Vi J BAY A VEktyS THIS by Nad RJddt ."Hold tha phont. I think I hava a cuttomar." aUANwltia TAKE IT J i i ' ' SAV idWOJCYl ia-'s cvwi aj MOOTENAKHyOI I tEAOI f' 1 -gi.. w.:r r.- weu. 2 can teu wo one TH IFYDU WERE -MAVINO UHTMAAE about aeus BiNeiNO oiAax! THISJWKTOVAr - PULLS IN THE TMtOTY LIMITS i SCVSN MtAO TO LIT VOU BOOK f j WTO TWO aatioTUSTonr mi wStBBBBBB, wnwaa, mm I irt)UT6Mcn-jucT)JlP ntaviNs,t4r-tL" v, l 1L aaxaatl i TrtvxV PERHAPS SHE'S THE ONE WE - W -Should approach.' arrange to MEET rt. JIM1-- ANP BRiNftv HER J kax where ToaarRow.' J-, , HAllSR.rWNAT1 LAZE Att VOtf DOtay HtRl f , V 4ME THMi I wA5 AtwAYS doins mtmi i.i,Mitoy . NO-6000 PON ltA''-W -it XlffjlrcWWTHtamioMft "M V -t! ' 1 N0HM.'-Hf OAT

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