The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1918
Page 4
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"V" PAGE FOUR. Saib? (Emtrar. , HBNKY P. SNTDER, Tuundcr and Kthtor, 1873-1313. OVHlt-jL CO 1'nklUkns. PACT, K. 3t SKTDER. Prwidenl. JAS. J. DRISCOljL. Sec'j- and Treasurer. Business ' L. GAXS. -gins' Editor. S. STIAQIEL. City Editor. MISS LTNN'K B. KIXCELL, Society Editor. atEMBJBXt OF: Associated Press, Audit Bureau oC Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. : Entered as *«coiid class matter at the postomce. ConnellsYillc. Pa. THE DAILY COURIER, CONN ELLS VIIXE, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9. 191S. They hare simply'been slow to b e , aroused to 'becoming tnga^ed ia the ' "scrap," just as some toea are not en- s thused over sports or games until they witness them or some of their j close Irieads and associates .besia to j lake part ia them, and their oppon- i eats begin to disregard the ones o r ] play unfairly. From, beinjj passively interested they often become rt'gular t S ''fans", ready lo fight for tho "home ' t ' club" or their favorite player. In a j similar "way they will become interest-.i ed, and later patricipants, ia the great, i big same Uncle Sam is now playing, . In thus respect we are again follow- , | ing the same course of. events t h a i ' I transpired in England.. Until disas- | ters 'began to 'Sail heavily upon the-1 rwo e«nts per copy, 50c per month:! first levies of troops sent to slop tho ' jxr year by mail if paid in a-dvance. j progress' of ihs Hun army toward i ' Paris in 1914, the English people as a. whole were even more apathetic about, the vrar than we have been. They ' ETEKI5G, FEB. 3, 1918.] werc *l ui ckly and deeply stirred when ' | tho casualty lists began to como In and I they rallied to the nation's defense j with a spirit, and determination to **see ! ! the thing through" that has since car-' ried the British armies through many ' 1 arduous campaigns, America is now ! .feeling the same thrill to action tha.t ! | avrakenod the still more slo-vf going i j Britis-her. . | Such aa answer to the challenge of j Germany is a mos-i wholesome sign, j | It bhows that winlc the great mass ' The Associated Press (a «- clusjveJy antitled to the us* for re publication of all news cUs- palchoa credited to it or not otherwise credited In this ua-per and also the iocul news published hureJn. ·CAl'SK YOU CUEJBti, ~QT FEAR. ' o f our -poople have been lethargic up- "Wheu Hinderabors;, the commander i on the subject of the war. and often ' Delation on* to the military s «cces 8M ; sinki ^ bas j man ' that ' latea Lo src 3e assumes Germany will ahleve -«ie meantime ·r-Tfae significant ifaiug aoou, :n. re- lies less iu i t s . , - boa.tfulness I °°mP"*c starled ' * n0 ^ C ° l ° iwrwa has been sumu- ier cffurt lo.wm the w a r , v ' u not .top short of · ory over Kaiscrisnx and . ihan It does m the statement to which ' a11 Llrat ll raeans - . :'i was a reply. The occa*ioa c a l l i n g 1 " Wp are " ot *?. in s : ? ' et .. lhem -iVforth wa* a voaCercucc -be; * ecu the '' awa - r w u h t h r i r divty s l u f r Tho VricUy IB.SH of drsftr cn-pp of S~ -\Q. tiled lourh w i t h 'the outside world editors of. the mobi news- I papers of Germany tad tac cbtef of j - $£. T \ C the general staff at which Uie foot! i n«*a.rfi a.i!--3-t- lUpIy vra* the chief topic of. discus! sio'n. - ,ComJa£ from widely distributed pacts ol the German Kmpir^and.bcing , Tlli . p r o verbiai hospitality of Sumor- lu close touch vritk actual i ondiiioa? sot county must haw been chilled hj amonsr the people, the edi'ors were | ih^_arctic so^oa, other»-ts fible 10 give tiie military -eh-ef lain in- formaiioa about iood and 1 ving con- nitioDS ·wbjch the Kaiser's representa- t i v e iflight bave otherwise jeen slow to believv. They said to him: "By 31ay there- will be no Tooi in (lev- J£ many." And the STPS.I war Jord^ lo i tn Fay** UP county avoid"talking about an u n p l e a s a n t and } uninteresting subject, and imitating . Htmio-nto-jre the example of his master, uttered . *" s c-hrtrtJw^Vi' the grandiosb w o r d s abou, being in I the capital ol France at a fixed date-I Therein is tbe significance of the incident, The world at lar;;e has IOD£\, suspcctdd that the German larder was | all but bare, but the announcement of the editors that their country will be j ·without food by May, mon than con- | firms the 'belief. Hiudenbrrg's words ; oC course forecast tho -weuorn drive ' as the last supreme effort of the Gcv- ' man army to crush the A'.!it*s b*'£ore America, has reached the i:elfi»of bat- ;-heu-tieas" Xnnday while the tie with, a force sufficient to turn the | tide against the Hans, At the same i time they are an attempt to conceal | t forma - i the war lord's dread that General , i^ju^^u?* ·^nT'wws^o* Berlin Hunger will "be moving in force .upon i tii^ *atHn:c of tiie T;s'-ai his rear while the attempt is being j t h ° llint ' ·""»« tu sivp UIP- Urins: made to crush the Allies -n front, ' i l D I " There is. therefore much uaoro cause j for cheer than for fear and trembling j in. the war lord's vain-glorious boast. ; -,, THE HOHENZOLLERN FINGERPRINTS--NO. 1 (Result Monday) OTH£T2 M'fRES CUOSSKD. \Vo are soinvewhat surpriscc!, and j i.(-t a liule grieved, to hnd our con- teuiporaO". which boasts o f r e j l y and \ upon such sligiit pro\oc;.',ion. tbat it l"i the only real, out-and-out chain- . -pion o' the riglrts. liberties and privi- \ ' Jese.s of thV "peepur, agaic-st the op- \ pre^^ions and agEyessto^;; of mono- ! IK)V, o strongly, even vehemently \ advocaring the absorption of the Tri- State TeJephone cow pan/ by its only rival. This once rel^ntleas foe of "{rn^ts,' 1 ' "big business" and other combina- f tions of capital and interests, *ould } now ruthlessly deprive us of all tb* benefits ol competition-and competition, aocordoag to tbe ancirnt and timc-ionored tenets r,f t h e pr party to which our contemporary claims undyias allegiance, is the greatest of all boons to mankind, saving and accepting d"nly f-ie boon of a £ac federal apipointmoni which is the -reward of the faithful -md di^crving. ^Instead o-C continuing: a condit.on that enables persons of mud crate iiiouns to enjoy the u?e of a (.olepbom-. otir neighbor would ha\t; u; nu-df subject to tiie merciless exactions of mono-! polistic control of one of the ^roalthL ; convenieoces of moierr life, and w i t no choice bat to pay tbe price. ·* Tbsxs wonM oor caiJitaliauo i bor feoo«t home enterpris*-. by putting the IFayetle couaty telephone company owt of business, ami safe-^ guard the interests of ilie "peepul" by' that they l,c deified the | » of .competiTtVf telephone scr- j 3! TO an TKHprejtttticcd obiervor jlits 4ooks very macb. as if some wires had ^ccn^criWBcd lay th« recent storni _otticr than ttto«e oa itvc Tri-Stato -'II curb a »Mi-ts of i* of i:uJI.-*k(n*uwn.sjj!i, of B u l l s k i n ( L o w n s - n n of U"upt»^ln»*nity Mow (f a h t « r t t v a TAII ,t£«ie Atkiiiwo A t k i n s 4 - f y o i v e i n of coal I;. F. Ut-WlTT. cd t(» -·* i»t;Jilion h;i\ ammed at loaai u fa; ( " H I M \, -H3 Pitta 7 f , - b - t f r i at jr- t i u Pr^uc't ra t r i f l e cold by t h e t i i : p l n l i n d " r ! " 8 " V V A X T K D -- F.VtTOr.V G I H L S TH1-STATK C A N D V i "O. i f c N s r:le ,, ar%1 01" over i.^oo u-ire? out i faJis un icy . if commission. Hi** T r i - ' s L r o f t :ind dislocates -* 4 " 1 '*' Tclephun- company n:us had .1 New Hav*-n council t r y i n g etp*nvnor as a n - ^ u i t of the i an^e ^rantLnj; :h* Si'OTOll I ' O I . L I K hll*j ;n c o i u r . vi. 1 f o - h * .I'ic. n.:if,\ n.Lmi; "t "Hot " I'.eu- i n j if r - , J:. J KUI.T. -(13 S. I M I - I I U T K - .-tr.'ct I call 1 N I O N A ' - T U cfi. Tf.'bjld WANT::U -- I . A T N U K V illK SIOl'SIJ F-iin«)'l- CA),Ti.MO!iR HOL'SIO. nc Tn-fctatc. r-mpl o rn Mrr-tl " i l l - . .VN-CI'AL \ l E K T l N l ' 1 T H K femur f.itil In In a.t;»nftj nf offlcia. Ifarry M»ri««. '° hVbruar 18th, K T K K H K U , ·f. Clar!t f*olin- a , isl h i 5 O'rnLtiii*»s - [on. Kmtll '*! t'c ^ilcihil? -t .i.rtiae in Wa,:i , UirouR-h floor i n t o J.'ulL tin* tir'n ilixjr. ILild nxidc hi (^iinni'ii W A N T K P - ' J I I L 1 . h c i U . n i - w o r V . M i i a t .MP.S-' iL J. I'Ol.l, 2 tT-i icsi tilts 1 a v undiTSitcn«*d, nonce 1^ i lo all p t - r t o n s f n U o b t t - d t n m L k c n n m t * d i u t o p a y m e n t . s i . i v j n r r claims- a g n t n F t the , n t t h o r n p r o p o r l y au:h-n- ; L i U - m - n i . M. ! A H K N O I N * , ! i in-! 1 w i l l i*. I ' ^ u n s y t v \ n i a . j A t ( o r t ' i » ."·jariCt-w;a j A KAKSI ;i[iville. A 1- n i i f l t s v i l l e . 1 a. Itartholii J w u l . - n-t e of our rind out l sh r's clothes. ^sir yii,.L*i« wl in f r o n l 'L' th Strongiir T.untruacc. W A N T E D -- Al* ONVt:, i Jl. U'llt rt!'it or [i.iy g- '.·)!{ r;,ju,] ;u'Kl m.iti. ' F P Altliii-oii i C t n c n c v KSTA rJS OK K l ' W A R D J A Y KS M A R n i ] , J t-( "isod I .t-Ucru t(is;aiu-' 1 iiiary t h - -'i-iaie uC Kdw u'd Hays i " H \ nf r u r . "\ Clara. Hfjrnvhls, da-U^ht^r u f J Mr.«. Jtfhn K. K'-ynoMs. Uluaiunyr ' WA.VVKI-- aii.vfc: i.s VVA-VTE , t j - snuij inj.; ffM' o c a m m a t i D n a t h ' I) f i t m t : i m u hoo I n t t .n n- N*ui3h*»H." iMl Mrs \Viiluun U t i r D i n *-!t.p« f r o m Ju;i*th v. he sti«2L cui wliii-- 1 . K 'h Pl-u:e at '~ofticcra ar" , n o tic** is h e r e b y c i v ^ intiebtcil to 4a id t-ptai ! i a t « » w n t t U - m e t n . and ^ claims aK^mt. the iem, properly a u t h i MAIIS1LA1-T T I I O M \S I X c c u n x . ( ' . m n e l l s v i n * . ^'cws of the i'ast Con- detia«a from the at Couriur. -" trj.nn«* !Jii* hliiui coku WAN'TRH -s b e l l i n g W A N T K D -- A . V V K K V D it i.s a cj.l!!njr carit, i b i l l i r th»* finest engraved \veO ,ut; i n v i U t t i o i i or .uxiiounceinent. We r n n i imytliinir--overythmt,--(£', f t i i r o m r ' J y | la it riffht. Ca.ll tn» nmn at ^ ' I l i ' l fflcc Hoth phonos. 2 7 - t f p f t i t f n n ui 'ij« P j r o c t o r n o£ and of tho I Jo u HO of Km plov m e r i t fur ; th* c o u n t ) of l-'ayetto Ims been pr**- j ·JtMUi'il tu said i.ourt. a:id fik'd .it No IS.! ? t a r . 'i Tr-rnt. 7 5 3 S , pr.iyinfir i h i L ' o n r i 10 ' on/inn ;i ,sn,]»* or lease- by saitl, d i r v - t o r s H t h e P i u s b u r g or n m * t o o l ! ui" cual u n d o r l y i n g the c o u n t y V o m u j · i c r n i " .ind oondi- [lie M t r r t ' C i - j c n t '. a f u p y »f wli.cii la p p t i l i o i i , :iiii u u h n i c h i ' . i n i i K on said juMinou « ill b o , ieM hefoi-r- t h e court in c nirt room N'o f. on Saturday ju'tcriioon. M.irch S, iliS. it ..' o'cluuk at -which t»mc* all parlies i n l e r o ^ t e i l v/,!l 1m ^ p . i r d . in person or , K U U I l L A J t * t-, I»(J C'j(jn-Jl;jV.J!e r S:uui - stimated o u t p u t of 2S5.-175 tons. ipinenis for Die as'sreg-atecl oars, d i s t r i b i i t ' M l us f o l l o hun?, '..000 cs^rs* LO p o i n t s "Wo 1'a.r 1 ?, i o p o i n t s Kast, 1 ! 1 cars, an in- cr? of 611 curs n v u » u n i B puHica- n l y «choolbuyy-- a m b i t i o u s -- n e e d I T I Addition to mtd nmnv Tthec t J . X V t, ST.v)"}·'- tsbui-rr Pi t 0 n - · r n r f a ' c n Hie South ma.; n .»i G t A proclamation has been issued by the President of the United States requiring every consumer of wheat flour to buy an equal amount o£ some officially recognized wheat flour substitute. All bakers are also required for each loaf of wheat flour bread to bake an equal sized loaf 3nade from, one of these officially recognized wheat flour substitutes. These substitutes are: CORX MKAL CORN STARCH CORN FLOUR HOMINY CORN GRITS BARbKY FLOUR RICE PLOUR OATMEAL ROLLED OATS BUCKWHEAT FLOUR POTATO t ^ O U R SWEET POTATO FLOUR. SOYA BEAX FLOUR FETERITA FLOURS MEALS RYE UNTIL MARCH 3D Tbis means that for every pound of w n c a t ' flour or wheat flour bread that you buy you must buy an equal amount of wheat f l o u r substitutes, or an equal sized loaf baked from these substitutes. This proclamation of the President's is a necessary war measure to conserve the supply of wheat. Help the Government by strictly observing these rules. 3 "Large Deportment Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. J ¥ ¥ - "T 1 ! oave loree Ford Runabouts and three Touring Cars, remaining in stock, for immediate deliver}'. Possibly you are one of ibe mai.\ that tried to get a FORU last Summer and were unable 10 do so. THIS is your opportunity. Spring is only six weeks away. (.Set your car XOW and avoid the delay that ahyays occurs when car-buyers start their rush in March. In Summer the orders are /illed absolutely in the order in which they are received, and I had as high as 6'2 unfilled orders at one time,- Some customers were disappointed and did not get their oar. Get the "jump" on the other fellow. Get your FORD car now. Delivery anywhere in Buubar, Franklin. Connellsville, Lower Tyrone, Saltlick and Springfield Townships; Dawsoti, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. The Touring Car is S3UO.OG; the Runabout $a4o.UC, f. o. b. Detroit. WEST CKAWFOKI) AVKM'iC. "We are not ffolaj; U let them -;et away iritb their dirty si off." That is the homely bur expressive Son is liorn ,tt :he h ^ m e o' Mr. and . Mr*. .7., A. Reiim^i, J^JifrfMjrs- street. '· J, r. Pi ersn\] o-r*rA n .L n igti t school nit Smock. Suffar ma-kcrs .1 r^ f;i»Ltin-if t h u i r ca.rnps It read.r.osp for an i-«irly r u n , Tlic htgli f^-er-lLT-ngri'i^r un.i»s of rock at Jim's r"n nt^r O f i i o p j l c , on the Baltimore Oliio rail r is from the taivt ntiment to which men gave voice by a Mast of when ther yesterday began to report' wmiam !a large aumbers at a Philadelphia , ca , U P _ .-ecrultitig station. Aad that is just C ' ^"Sd - Woodmcncy. son of about the vrar young 7nen all over the I ^Voodmeney. DJuo-pyic, dibs at country are feeling about the Tus-! --- cania tragedy. This hap-penins, u-ith 1 Coke Wlrk s at ouphant 5dle .10)111 .\rfams MrHetii. SI nun I 1 ' H, ID, d i r S u l l i v a n school house in N o r t h t o w n s h i p b u r n s . Sanni"! \Vr;rner, ins 5 ' nz for is fcniiid rfeafl nt*ar »eyi M u \ I ' i n c n t i? ]n.unc1it*»l hern by | her of Commerce in i n t e r e s t ot } V o u p h i o j f h p n y river alackwaicrtj'! to j '"I this city. [ Samuoi c. O«.'od«-tH die- af Trot tor. renvovwi | R e p o r t of M i n e Inspector Thomns r. J W j l l i n m s vhow-M T , 5 4 J , ^ A O t o n s of coal week c*- t produced d u r i n g year 1307 in t h e X J r f h B i t u m i n o u s iiistr":t, of w h i c h 6.561,1," 1 tons i.-t u a f d in Lhc man u Tact ure nf coke :he p:-oductio?i of which FOR 11KNT-- K C U N I S I l ' E J ) 11QOM i 210 M a r k e t fct. H f e b t f d i jaJl. is re- -X'R HKKt -- KJluNT OFFI'Jbl. ON i secuml floor of I j n n n ft H v a n s bin Id- mff I n i j U i r u of HAJltRY D U N N . Sj; n - l f d ! KO11 the to, of life whicb tollowed. *»\*%£? ££ C n i t M Amori( .. an M e ., srpurred them to actioa after aU other ] ciianics will participate-in Pittsburir! David a^e of j Jii«-ob C. H e n r y elected mara-^er of I the South Cnnneilsvil'.e Lumber Com[ pany, suticeedfnj? W. .S. Flinpfr. Seciiu! arnu.'i! l).'inf f !Jet of t h e Con- i('!3s\ ille and New Haven Merchants' appeals to become soldiers have fail- I p*"ade of the next V^edno«day \n h o n n r ' A w n r i a t i o n is aitonced by '.'no ed. The mean, sneaking methods by ! of Wartjin^on's birtfedy. ; .IIP whicb. Gennairy ^ s waging war htia - ' Krooscd In theae men a desire to "get »f those irho play any game unfair- nuDAT, FEBRVAKT !-. They hare been awakened to a EIGHT HUOM 1,515 "511 I Palter-.on and C h u y i n x i t street, l i i q u i r o [ b it. Gocdiiu-n. V o u s f t Housi 2 t f j m - L t d KI3.NT-- ONTS All mod- .\vn ^ K.UIS UK AGi;. J^"^ ;J1 r^ 3^ \ I O AVHIbK LSvit,i,r, sn.K \YJSST K I P E (Jay, . to do all £hac they can. to xnukd the nation, responsible for aucb. cU aa have btea cotomitted "by Germany in the nutitu of war. pay a lira.*ry penalty, ', U is not rxart to IWT thftt those mea _ aro inspired by a spiHt rtf Twang**.! *.(XK *·»:·»; Q. Van Sn ·; S t i i l i x . t n . B. F. Fi FOR SADT5-- Frt)f hot's ;it ^?c [lOilud. Li full nit Hfl! P h f n f , }J 2^t, M. J. ROHM, r n n i D'tl .'SS?7D i og-tf .- 1 _'Jc. r Tri State, D*call«d repor: erf ti cote tra4« fen- tie week Ijuu [ . 1 ..ill ! ·· i j . f i , l j . 5, efeowa region S7S ore in bla^rt and to-tB.1 eatitnatect oot^mt of i.'i-f T.I. R.3.17 CAT*, t u m " h r p- at C H i l f r n a n v t -tratc^ his f friftndr AS tilt feet nr laU" r 1rv Aririr null, mii f. J. R . n u iOxlOOJ 1 'n paved j · h i n o j»h,on | " V R3'', C»n- [ IpTf-Pat Oversboes in every si/.c and style to suit a n y shoo.' Arctics, Gum Shoes. Gum Boots, Felt Boots and eve-y- thing in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. H A R f i K U . ITf-' SS'i.'KK" \ f j p ( . v J ' . i A N K !i PATEONI2E HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IK T TBIS PAPER.

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