The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 27
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OJ V THURSDAX. AUGUST IS, 1964. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 27 9' I V:' Three hat creations for Autumn and Winter by Cecile Billaxd, of Paris, are pictured here. From left they are waterproof ailk hat with narrow brim at front available in several shades; knitted back-of-the- Why Grow .Did? sravtistapSTTvaBw easmsTreTfajBBarar i ' i Abdominal Exercise' It seems absurd that the enthusiasm and accomplishments and dreams and happiness of men and women can ha fruitrated bv fatitue. iner tia and pessimism which fro- j miMitlv soring trom low state of viultty or health. Yet this often does happen. There is a correlation between our digestion and our disposition. It's awfully hard to be gracious when harassed , by a burning stomach. Your sense of humor may be , connected with the tone of your muscles, with your cir- ' culatkm and ybor-ellmlnation. Many folks live on the borderland of really fine health. There h) all the difference Imaginable between not feeling sick and feeling really' wall and lippy. When you live only on the borderland of splendid physical condition you are subject to m a n J minor disabilities.' Constipation-is a result of. civilization. It can be responsible for lack of energy, complexion trouble, and may kelp lay the foundation for disease. Lack of physical activity, poor muscle tone and a diet of .-highly .refined foods-are conducive .to this condit I e a. i, So are tenseness and hurry? Cases of long-standing constipation caa be stubborn but aa Intelligent routine of diet and exercise and habit formation usually will solve the problem. . More . fresh vegetables and fruits should he added to the diet unless there Is some medical reason tor not doing so. The pulp of oranges, as welt as the Juice, is valuable. Prune Juice is effective. Exercise is . most belpf a If. Abdominal exercises activate a lary colon. Increase the tone of the intestinal tract and act as aa internal massage. They also give you an extra bonus .; For thosa who " . ' .apprtcuta ' Cfta Fineif ... - i " Pantltare from Sastovo . rarattaro aat Aasnaaees Lit. 1M Wellington St.. 72MISI (am wm rat mat f 0- 1! i ...r i ! ? i i" . i i ; C" . . I IE m l v WINTER HATS ANhl LANDERS Dear Ana Leaders! My husband's' mother passed away, recently. Several of oar .friende sent lovely floral of- ferings which we appreciated ocai, When tome of these friends came to call after the funeral, we thanked them' for their beautiful flowers- and . told them bow much It meant to us that they had been so thoughtful.' ' Yesterday I told 'my bus- by slimming the abdomen. . This Is a splendid exercise. Do it. in the morning at far sipping a glass of Ice cold, water.'- Lie on the floor on your, back with your legs straight ; and your arms resting,. on the floor overhead. Bend your left, knee up close -to your abdomen and grasp the left knee with the hands. Pull back gently. Return leg and arms) to the floor. Do the same with! your right leg and continue, alternating left - and - right. ' Take time for the pull-back.' Now do the same exercise using both legs. .vf you would like to have, - - .. ' ' f - X "Th House That Fur Built- m " IV'- ' ' ""kv Esubiishe- 103 . .a- - . i. , . - . f. , . . S I S . ...II, . - -.v.. - - ; , L FROM PARIS head style with two pompons attached; velvet nar- ' row-brimmed style with woollen band which also serves as scarf. ' aaaamsmam?ajB. gaTsaamfn Thank-You Notes Should Be band I was ordering some personally, saonogramed w k i t paper so I could write thank-you notes to all the people who had sent flowers. He said, "It isn't necessary. We thanked most of the people verbally.' I feet we should send notes, even if we did thank them in person. He insists 1 am wrong. Am 1? Please settle tt. ,7 MESS Dear MESS: He IS wrong. my leaflet. "Are You Con-mltting Suicide Slowly." send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for. it. This gives you directions which will help overcome constipation. Address Josephine Lowman, in care of The Ottawa Journal. BRIEFLY FORGETFUL BRAINTREE. England (CP) So many ' articles-' of '.clothing, mostly 'women's underwear, sre left behind at a swimming pool here in Essex that they have to be sent to the council store. Pool director John Sherry said: How people can forget such thino. I in.t !...! - '' - treejtewt-Jmn-aal Phots) V 1 Co Mead aad send the thank-yea aetes. Wheat fetfcs ge ta the trouble and upantt te say H with flowers, the least yea caa da is say M la writing. . . Dear Ana Lsadarti This gripe hs. been bugging me for ages.J The problem Isn't mine but I work n a store and I deal with it every day; What do you think of people who return gifts and Insist on getting the money? No amount of talking can persuade these cheapskates to take something else. I see nothing wrong if people want to exchange a gift ha case of duplication, or because tht color isn't appropriate, but to cash In a gift that a friend or relative selected with great care seems like an insult to the giver. Do you agree, or do I have a fix on this one? -4;r-rrr Dear Gr rrrt I agree, aad af It's fta, thea I have it, tee. la my epialea tt Is peer eaaaaafi as retara a gift aad insist M the cash.- So ate a tares do net aJlew this prac- t. .i .i. d GREY PERSIAN LAMB COATS (asMdltt , aid sappkjrt Hmk nBan) mm II" Time Is Ripe To Can, Freeze Sour Cherries An .abundant sour .cherry crop in Ontario this season la providing the housewife with an opportunity tp "put down" this popular fruit in quantity 'in preparation for tht Winter months ahead. Cherries art now at their beat Unless there is an Increase in the demand ' withfn the next week or two. thousands of baskets will be left to waste, on the trees. . A few extra baskets canned or ftoztn now tor pies will noi only pay dividends to the householder during mm For Wist End Apartment Living tt Hi Bast . . . Only Minutes From Ctriingwood Shopping Centre WE OFFER: Oraa every suite Two wsstwr ane tryer room ea evory noar 11 ou. It lOIClSOISIK Butlt-to aa lifts oveaa Covatar cook tea O Ctoao ta ehurrlM. -ihmi saa saoppiar Interior or eatarlor ' asrklar Rroadloomrd and pros-surtsoe corridors S hlfh-spootf olovitors Hostsd ineooc pool Cymn uum ' atosm room 2 BEDROOM. 2-BATHROOM SUITES FROM $135 - ; J Alto available commencing at .. S 1 02.50 . . i-UDfiooN oumm S125.00 v 24QR00N ItUmXt Visit our Rtntal Office Today OPEN J... , . for mspectkm Saturday aad Sunday . 1 pun. to p-m. Monday to Friday aj. to pat. Bus Route atHfchmond Road and Carling Avenue . Only 4 Minutes from Carlingwood Shopping Puuta ; 320 CROYDON ' 5'' AT RICHMOND ROAD Oysttr Shad r.lOUTOIJ COATS TERMS: $10 HcU your choise . I l 1 CHUM MINK STOLES 99 the Winter but will materially assist the grower in disposing of his crop. i .Cherries sre one ot the easiest fruits to freeze. A booklet "Frozen Sods" may be had without charge from offices of the Ontario Agri culture Department in very county and district, or from the Information Branch. Agriculture Department, Parliament Buildings, Toronto, rR E5EJVT5 CHEQUE I BEACHBURG (Special) Henry Metcalfe, treasurer of the Beachburg Recreation Association, presented another cheque for $JO0 to "Bing" Rosa, treasurer of the North Renfrew Agricultural Coliseum at Beachburg this week. This brings the RA donation towards the coliseum to $1,000. m aoeroatloo room e Woodworking koboy hoe - MsliihaniMl TV aortal FM musie a rnmrh Provtnc I Otovr 1 a Beautiful vtows a Uoralod on both but tinoo- Carling Ave. and Rlehmoad Rd. O Dorarator appointed lobhy e nmiftil music la mala lobby , ' e Canttant tchsns of frosh air . i a Tuck shop a Beauty salea UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Owised tend Operated SERIAL REALTY LTD. Leasing Repraeeatalfval MRS. J. RAMSAY I 828-3117 1 Continues with more fabulous savings on Beautiful Furs! BLACK JEWEL SHOW AT RIDE AU TONIGHT! : J A (17) i: PERSIAN LAMB ' COATS . (sttak klauMiar aB lied) " '399 U1 ' LADIES "ADMITTEr .. FREE to see a -'spectacular showing of Fsll Jewellery at Rloeau Cartelon Race Tracks The showing will be presented by' Mr. Jack Snow at the Rideau Club- House at 7.IS this evening. ' Come early. Have dinner at the modern track lounge. See a whole new ange of Jewellery and then 10 exciting harness races. There's' no admission charge for ladies at Rideau tonight. CARLETON n ACE Night Harness Racing : '" ' : BANK STREET at ALBION ROAD A V POST TIME 8.00 IM. BLACK dytd PERSIAN LAMB PAW COATS (Mi mink IruiMtl - Up to 24 Months to Pay . 'I I .. iyi v WSM. WAY 11 Natural Medium Dark GREY PERSIAN LAMB COATS '495 , tb V . r- - fid

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