The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1918
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'SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE THREE. MCCABEESLOSE TOTHEB.P.O.E, QUINTET, 30-18 Absence of Miller and Hartley From Maecabee Linenp Weakens Team. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, Rev. Ellisi B. Burgess, pastor. The catechism class will meet at 9 A. M.; the Bible school at 10 A. M. Divine NEWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN One of the Largest Dances LADY MACCABEES services will be conducted by ib.e pastor at 11 A. M. and 7.30 P. M. 'At the morning service the pastor will j present an important communication ,,,,,, _- jfrom the "National Lutheran Com- rUK fllfll I mission for the Welfare or Soldiers j in Its Annals Held Last Night in Reid Hall DRINK MORE WATER IF KIDNEYS BOTHER Eat -Less Meat and Take ;S:ilts for Backache sunrt Kidney Trouble. Uric acid in meat excites th; kidneys, they become overworked; sluggish., ache, and -feel Jiie lunij 5 of the i i- be ' lead - Defeat Scottdale Girls Team in Preliminary Game. .Elite and the Gar. ace Trams Will Clash for First Time Tuesday Sight; Both Are Past the Young Men's Martin Luther class i J»y 83« i» Thrill .Stamps and Are will meet together in the young men's \ newly to Invest More '»r I'ncle room at the Sunday school hour. GERMAN LUTHERAN ST. JOHN'S church, Carnegie avenue and East South street, George Dietz, pastor, j Services at 10.30 A. M. Sunday school Sam's War Fund; .Notes of Interest. tion tomorrow vlted. The Elks won from the Maccabees at the .Maecabee Hall last night. 30-18. The Maccabees were crippled by the absence oC two regular players. Miller and Bartley and the sirong Elk lineup .Confirmation class oi got away with a good lead. 1 ln S at 9 o'clock. All The first half of the game ended with the score at M-3. The Maccabees did not score a field goal during the first half period but got a little more pep into their game in the secom half. Ike Goodman and Kannigan. who filled in Hartley's position on the Maecabee team last night, started a rumpus in the second half and both men were expelled. The matter will be settled at a meeting of the managers of the league Tuesday evening. The Elite and 'Garage will play that night. · The lineup: Klki. Jliifcabees. I. Goodman -- forward Hannigan Lessig __ forward Rist Rhodes !--. center Shellar . . . at 0 o'clock. Services at !5organ sta- tuslQr ' was held Special to The Courier. SCOTT-DALE, Fob. S.--One of the largest attended dances m the town's u r i n e becomes and get I , obliged ik seek relief two or tjiree log you must help them j flush, off the body's urinous wn.''te or ; you'll be a real sick person shorty. At 1 i first you feel a ilull misery in tba kidney region, you suffer from backache, | sick headache, dizziness, stomach gels ' sour, tongue coated and you feel rheu- j rmuic twinges when the weatter is Reid hall last' bad were present from ' Eal less fafM. drink lots of itater; Bain Turff . guard _ _ guard ._ ing at 6.30 Preaching at 7.30. Sub- wh ; n 'he tickets have all been turned ject, "The Christian's Position in the into t n e committee. While al! the Present World Crisis." Prayer meet- , committee worked the success of the ing each Wednesday at 7.30. All wel-i a r f a l r was mostly due Master of Cere- ul -come to all of these services, monies Edward Anderson whose hard I work was highly commended. The UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH, J. j guests were entertained with cards J. L. Proudfit, pastor,-Sabbath school' anrl a i eleven o'clock lunch was urine, so it no longer is a soiir-p of irritation, thus ending bladder weak- 0.45; preaching at 11: Juniors at 2.30; Seniors at 6.30; evening worship at 7.30. All are welcome. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, . KenneU|j. L. Proufit, pastor. Sabbath School served. Buy Thrift Stamps. The pupils of the East H u n t i n g d o n township high school are willing to help I'ncle Sam ail they can. The boys and girls realize that the sons Jad. SaUs is .nexpcnslve, cannot it - jure; makes a delightful effervescent 1 lithia-water d r i n k w h i c h pvciyon* 1 'should take now aud then to k e e i tin- i kidneys ' lenn and active. Druggists ! here say they sell lots of .fad Sjlts f i ! folks who believe in overcoming kiii- 1 ney trouble while^it is only trouble I --adv. Field goals: Lessig 4: Bain 4; Rho- Feher at 9:45. Horning service at 11; sub- ° r lh e tf. S. A. are giving their lives i vvsMTpr) eftS8p K | M n nF T1,_ .... ., . .. . __ .._. ,, ~ .,. i fnr i h n m i n r f I h n i - a r» w - i l l i n r - r n attf- " M l H I C U 3HIV.C MflIU U P Store Closed all day Monday Sa! -continues all month 's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 from 10% to 33%' Store Closed all day Monday ject of sermon. Boy Scout 1 '. | ^ or them and they are willing to sac- , ; rifice something for these r.oble sons.! "The des 2: Cochran 2; I. Goodman, Hanni- Evening service at __..,, gan. Rist. i "Loyalty." 'Christian Endeavor at ! I" ^ las' TMk the high school pti- ! Foul goals: Hannigaa 5 out ol ',; 6:30. Wednesday evening prayer- j P ils have purchased Thrift and subject, i ' r I Goodman 7 out of 11; Rhodes. 1 out of 4; Feher, 5 out of 12. Substitutions: A. Goodman for Turff; Turff for I. Goodman; Cochran for Rist; Rist for Hanaigan. Referee--Wall. » The Lady Maccabees won from the Scottdale girls' team in the prelimin- meetin^ at 7:45. Savings stamps to Llle a m o u n t of S330. Almost all of the one hundred pupils St. P. CHURCH BROAD FORD. I. haimg done a bit. The p u p i l s are not A. Barnes, pastor; preaching at 11 a. j onl S" leading money to the govern- in., 7-.30 p. m. Subjects: a. m.. '.'Liniment lHlt tupy a i l k u o w al1 t h e Iro5 " ! I Colored Man Was Sitisfled That OoUld Afford It, M the Other Fellow Could. He JTO.VfKS RKI'llKSHSTS ! i BOLIVIA IN FRANCE; coin Faith;" evening, "Eternal Life." i m u s t ha - ve comforts. ; class presented the THE .METHODIST t h e J u n i o r s piny. "Safety EPISCOPAL first" the net proceeds of which went i ^ I'utnotlo Senic The dcottdale Baptist church is av- ary game at the Maccitbee hall last church. G. L. C. Richardson, pastor, i to too Rud Cross. The a m o u n t turn- night. 9-5. Scottdale was crippled b y f B y a proclamation of Samuel Gom- ' cd ove1 ' lo ll 'e Red Cross was $118.71. the absence of M. Loucks and Eicher.' Pers, president of the American Al- The Lady Maccabees played with lots, liance for Labor and Democracy, the of pep for the first time in weeks and the game was fast for a girls contest. Shirey made Scottdale's only field goal and "Wagner dropped two through for In many instances prisoners, ngilnst i whom there Is little evidence, or who are thought to be honorable enough to return for trinl if they are permitted to go to their homes If released with- I out bond, are permitted to go on their own recognizance. In political vernacular they co im their "0, R." A bhort time ago several colored men were arrested charged with as'mult aud buttery. AH bad engaged the .Maccabees. a field goal. Mosley also scored Ohiopyle. week beginning February 10, is to be [ ranging a patiiotic service 10 he given J f ree . toMlII flght nnc! tvo of the men observed as "National Labor Loyalty in lhe church. Chestnut street and Week." The pastors of Connellsville I Loucks avenue, have been asked to preach on the sub- j Fnbruary 17 al " ject of "Loyalty." The Methodist j Van Swearingcn. president judge of j police cnrae, to see what the excite-i ' Sunday o clock , hud received several knife woinds. afternoon. , ( -) ne m!ia _ nowevpri toitj (jj c judge tbut Brr | Tl .,i on t h a scene, Jnst as the Hon. .1. Q. j Episcopal church will comply with the request of the local Trades and Labor the Fa.v^tte county courts ha.-; accepted ' an invitation to be present and make Council and the pastor will preach on I an address. There w i l l also be some m- "Lincoln--the Great Emancipator: teresiing services in connection «'i:"h ! Some Lessons From His Life." This j 'he u n f u r l i n g of a service flag, bear-1 was about and, being mistaken headquarters with the other police men. ; ,,.. ! ( When the cuse was called in ptillcQ OHIOPYLE. Feb. 0.--Hugh Rafferty, | service will be at 11 00 A. M. A large ' a S 6 stars represntinff members of | court, it was continued for a few The Courier carrier in Ohiopyle. chorus of men will help in the sing- ; l h e church and Sabbath rChool now in | days, and after bearing the story the bo'ught the fn-st Thrift Stamp of the boys in Ohiopyle. Others are following .bis step. Mr.- and Mrs. Dale Johnson spent yesterday at Coaneltsville and Uniontown shopping and calling on friends. Mrs, 'Hiram Holiday and sons were among.the callers in Ccanellsville on Friday: Mrs. i Jock Woodmancy of Bidwell was calling on Ohiopyl*- friends yes- the service for \vorld freedoia. There [ will also be some splendid musical ' ing. Bible school at 9.45 A. M. classes will be held in the one room for at least another week, owing to ! numbers oa the program. A f u l l pro-, the uncertain condition of the weath- jgratnjinll be announced later. The gen- j trial. ' - " ' ' · - 'J Judge told this man that he would let Win out on his "O. 11.," after he hail promised to return on the day of the The adult classes will all meet | eral public is invited together in the annex. Preaching b y ' .Merchant* Ol i-refcirRifig. the pastor at 11 A. M. Junior League i Thcl ' wl " l i k r | y h l an investiga-, at U P. M. The sastor w i l l address ri °n ° r Evcrson m e r c h a n t s who a r e , the children on the "Boyhood o£ Lin- charging morn than the regulation i MAKE YOUR LIGHT BILLS LIGHT AND YOUR OLD HOME BRIGHT THE MODERN WAY. v Three times as much light, Three times as many rooms lighted, Three times as many hours of light." price for products. .loin the Service. Wilfred Eckman and A n o t h n y Xer- esky have joined t h e - t i u a r t e i masters THE METHODIST PROTESTANT i department and leu for Columbus, church. West Apple street, John H.' Ohio. Lambertsod. minister. Class meeting I Home Front Cunip. at a A. M. Sabbath school at 9.45 A.' -Misses Lucy, and Maude Glassbiirn returned home from a vi=nt paifi ] .1. Clark · Chase Show of Connellsville! Revival." Christian Endeavor ac G.45 Oiassburo at Fort Oglethorpc. When | vas a recent visitor here. . [ P . M . Subject, "What My C h u r c h ; ""V I e f i L i e u t e n a n t Glassuburn Mr.jRoh!f of Farmington was a bus-' Stands For.' In the evening at 7.'30 t abl « to resume hH duties, ness.caller in town yesterday. j t h e pastor will preach aa evangelistic fn'riciaint Farley llmne Charles Hohlman of Salt Spring !.-ermon. Prayer meeting on Wednes- ··as (n town yesterday. i day evening at 7.30 o'clock. Russell Mitchell returned to h i s ' -- ome here last evening. } THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. Mrs. Cyrus Show returned yester- j South Pictsburg street. Wilbur Ncl- ay from a v^sit at Confluence. 'son, pastor. Sunday school at 0.45 A. Senor LXin Ismae! Monies, recently coin." EpWorth League at 5.30 P. II. | At 7.30 P. SI. the pastor will speak on i "What Must I Do to Be Saved? ' Mrs. 1 Francis Moon of Sipes was i recant shopper in town. T. B. McClain was a business visi- ·or io Connellsville and Unioittown ·esterday. Richard McClain of Connellsville M- Morning worship at 11 A. M. Sub- ha-.e returned home from i .pent^Friday here visiting his f a m i l y . ' j e c i . "The One Thing E^ential for a · tl] ei r brother. Licut-uant OHIOPYLE. Feb. S--George Puffer- [ M - Public worship at 11 A. M. and v and son, Warren, of Mt. Pleasant. I 7 -' 10 p - JI - Evening subject, "Christ- pent Thursday the sues* of Mr. and P an Citizenship." Irs. TV. II. Rafferty on Garrett street -C. D. Sailor was a business visitor ] TRINITY REFORMED CHL-RCH. i Connellsvilie yesterday. ! Pittsburg and Green streets, P. E. Burdette was a recent business"! R( ' v - Charles E. Wagner, pastor. Sun- ransactor in Pittsburg. Miss R u t h Saiior spect Thursday le gues-t of friends at Co-inellsvile. Hugh Rafferty spent Thursday illing on friends in Conr.elisville. The Red Cross chapter met at the ome of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Mitchell esterday. A. Bailey of Uniontown wtis a recent i ssiness visitor in town. j to Miss Martha .Mitchell of Kentuck eht Thursday shopping in town. Jesse Hall. Charles Wesley Burn- orth wer among the Connellsville 'Hers Thursday morning. day school at n.45 A. M. Divine service at n A. M. Subject. "A Lenten Tonic." Evening service at 7.30. Sermon, "The Chastisement of Love." the first of a series of sermons on Lenten Psalms. Lenten devotianal services ' Wednesday evening and each follow| ing Wednesday evening throughout The public is especially invited Sergeant M. C. Farley of the supply department at Fort Ftiiey, Kansas, spent yesterday with his grandmother. Mrs. Kate Brownlit'ld and other friends. For Sale. Sis room house with bath aud heater on paved street for J2.100. E. F. ·Pe"K(Hial Nolf-s. Miss Mary Ebiirg of the Passavant hospital \'i t 5ted her parents here. Mrs. J. D. Darling and Miss I31Ia hospital v Wted her parents here, and Pittsburg. One of the other prisoners wn.' so impressed with Ihp easy immu»T in which his friend got out of jail that he asked for nn opportunity to sp"iik. ami then s«id: ".ledge, ycr hnun-, I sure would like to get out. I din't a-ppciated m.Ulster of Bolivia 10 ' know -what kind of n bond this 'O. 11.' France. He is expected to pay a visit Is, bnt I know this, that if that soy shortly tot he United Status. On An- i can aHon] H, so cau 1, and I am vlll- gun I I , l!l!7, Senor Monies finished a lag to put one up." second term as jircsidetit ot Bolivia. The spealccr was one of the pr,me He previously tilli-'d that office d u r i n g movers la the fight, und the judge dt- the period of l!ifKi-lW9. Aa a soldier cided Uiut bis Ijond would be 5iflO, u ,~ | lai P |]o»-n his bravery in defense I which WHS mirc -Jwu be conld pro- or his countrv and attained lhe rank ' cure, so he reninlned in jail.--Indian- ,,; ,. 0 |, me i r or u n p o r i a n t apolis News. , hl . , i( ,, d Sraur _ Mo uos s ( " ~ . k n o w n lawyer, and ':as held many ; pyrlan ofDces. among them '.hut i nnnisu-i (if war. No matter how artistically an old home is made out, it is not complete until wired for electricity. It is easily done, no dirt, no trouble. Then you can enjoy real comfort. Smithfield. SMITKI'TBLD. Feb. 7.-- .Vrb. H. O'Neil on the of news that her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Charles Crow, these meetings. The monthly j had fallen aud broken two ol her ribs meeting of Sunday School Association -Monday at her home at Martin went "Wednesday evening after service. Young Ladies' Guild meets Friday evening at the home of Miss Louise Painter, No. 707 Vine street. Cate- there Friday. Mrs. Cro\\ was preparing the f a m i l y washing when rihe slipped and fell, her side striking the edge c*f a bench. Jess* Burnworth of Maple S u m - ' chetical and confirmation class meets! News was recoiled here Friday of itt was a caller in town i-esterday.' Saturday afternoon at 3.r~ -Mrs. Harry Leonard and Mrs. John j -'. Leonard of Green B-ier spent TH !- COVENANTER 'ednesday shopping in town. Showing Him Up. I "\Ve must flght nn till the Germcns see how nb.surd their aspirations are," snid James W. Gerard lu New Tirb: the other rlay. "Yfs, we must show up (he uoiai- neering German milHurists thorouj lily. We miiht net like the professor who visited a loan shark to bom.iv $100. "'You v/anc $100 for one year?' tie lonn shark Hald. 'Well, sir, here y u ' are. My terms are 5 per cent a month. Thut leaves just S-IO coming, to you. Here you are--four crisp M n , "Kut the professor mildly took o it his own pocketbook and extracted a couple of bills from It. " 'You're mistaken, sir,' hc said. 1 wont the money fnr tM-o yenrs, n o t ' one. How much, then. Is rhnre con- 1 ing to you?'" ,,vices i,; We will explain detaUs for the asking, free, Ito a w e l l - * «^ 7 WEST POWER CO. CHURCH Sabbath school at usual hour. Moru- ing preaching service at 11 o'clock: sermon topic. "The Ixjrd of the Sabbath." Evening service at 7.30; sub- \ Improving on Nature. One by one nature Is being made to j tirrender her secrets 1 ' " teadjf progress of 3 herjraost sacredly ww jarth was mad ocks and minerals are .-omposed-- iow leing solved, bnt ai-rual rocks'. ,,__,, . nd mnerah? are beinp reproduced by CHRISTIAN CHURCH. MOR.VIXG got away with the ice in this section. rtlflctal means, reproduced in n much Ke TM on . "They That. Wait Upon the · Word received here from Grantens ·urer form than they wen- origioally! Lar °-" Evening sermon, "The Nature i Ferry is io the effect tint the ice both jade Dy nature. Trie place flt which antl Sc °P« of Loyalty." (By r--ruesl IT- the Cheat and Monongahela rivers Murphy. CHRISTIAN CHURCH, .ennon, i "Lord." the death of George Morgan, a well known and highly rp?.p?ctecl young man of this c o m m u n i t y hc joined t h e .Mosquito fleet last fall, having previously volunteered for t h e service. He contracted pneumonia while in lhe service and was pent to bis home at Uniontown. A f t e r convalescing hc united his brother. Daniel. ;it Camp Lee, Va., where he became i l l . Hc was born in Springhill township, a j son of the late'B. P. Morgan. I Friday's high temperature about | K V K R Y T H I N G COOKKD MKE AT I1OMK, Strictly Fresh. Clean and Purt 1 .. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BRKAFAST ·SN'JJ Sl'NDAY DINNER. "Our Pastres Our Delicious Be- calllje 't'l.ey Are Homeinatle." NEXT DOOH TO WEST PUNK WAITING KOOM. ' SOiD 3Y oSraSTS EVERTiiERE' hese wonderful expt'riment.s are be- ng c«M3ucted - is the Curnegie geo- hyslcal laboratory, u pnrt .rf the Car- i-^itt institute of Witshingron. (II With Orip. Mtei Jean Armstrons. a 'eacner in e lish school is coaSn- d to her irae,in East Crawford avenue with i alack or grin. Returns to Camp, iiluer Caorper. a member of lhe Ott regiment m training at Camp incck. Augusta. Ga. . returned lutiday night after a 10 day fur- of local labor organizations i ' would nroliably go out today. -- \- The conditon of Mrs. Hannah Abra- i UNITED PRESRYTKRIAN CHUR«H i ham. who has hafl a severe case of South Pittsburg street aud Morton ] blood poisoning of her hand and arm avenue, William J. Everhart. mini?tor. | is improved. Morning worship at 13 o'clock. Ser- ' Karl Deffenhaiigh of Bown-ood was mc-T topic, "The Sufferings of Christ", a biuiliess visitor Thursday. Sermon text: 2 Cor. 1:5. Evening, .1. X. O'Neil who has been laid up FLINT ? S KAllOTG AXP STOKAGK. SWotor Truck Sen/See To All Parts of Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. BOTH PHOHES OPPHAH'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE C O N N E L L S V I L L E . PA. Anything Made'of Metal ANYWHERE BELL PHONE 52 51 Arch Street, Uniontown, Pa. worship at 7:4n o'clock. Sermon topic: "Tho I^ord is not Slack". Sermon text: 2 Peter. 3:9. Sabbath srhool at 0:45 a. m. Juniors anrt Tntermediatp V. P. C. U. at :t p. m. Senior V. p. C. U. at 6:45 p. m. Praver nie^tins "Wednesday evening at 7:45 o'clock. w i t h Asthma the past tnro wp^ks was able to be out Thursday. J. F. Moru-p wns a husiness visitor at ITmontown Thursday. those who advertise. Who to fatroniz*. i Merchants who advert; je their goods i Fhe Daily Cour' ·- On account of the iaa-bility of phj'si- cians who v i c r p ' t o testify in t h e Piyler divorcf suii 10 reach I'montnwn th"e case has been coatmucd uotll next .Monday J. N. Trump KITE LIN GEMKKAl, HAULIXG. COAL AXJ) OBCSHED COKE. ¥Y. W. GtOT}?JEL'ry. Bofli Phones. ConneHsriUe, Pa. PATRONIZE THOSE WHO AJDVEE3ISEI

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