The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,654 VOL 16, NO 77 CONNELLSVILLB, PA, SATLRDAY BVEVING, FEBRUARY 9 1918 EIGHT PAGES AMERICAN TROOPS ARE TAKEN' PRISONERS BY GERMANS IN RAID ON LORRAINE FRONT Announcement Is Contained Official Statement Made at Berlin. :ANINESAREON THE JOB oace -iffreepu nt Signed Btire«D Ukratamn Rada and the Central Powers, Sa« Copenhagen Dispatch, Bnt BolsfcesiVi TVont B^cogmz* It By Associated Press The Germans have again raided the mencan. lines in. liorrauie and taken nsoners First aanouncemeat of the raid ime from Berlin in today's official atement of the German headquirters aff It reported the taking o£ some mertean. prisoners northr of Sivray This point on the lines is along the uthem edge of the St Miniel salient, xmt. 10 miies east of St Mih el it If German submarines are active am ofl the Spanish coast and hive ink the Spanish otearaer Sab btian 4500 tons bound for New Tori and e Italian steamer Dupa dl Denova 7, 893 tons er the sinking of one of her t oast se steamers and the Madrid advices day forecast another protest over e invasion of Spanish territorial iters MEN OF D. I US. IS DEDICATED i Appropriate Proeram is Feature of th« jErent at j Leisenrinf Friday. { DAWSON'S HONOR ROLL of Faculty and Graduates Vre in AU Branches of War \etn- it}; Some \re Uroady Over There; Principal's ^fame Ippears on Usi. 'RM.15S US* T001 TO » Ul OF P4TR01S WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN Feb 9--The Germans are their front line to warn Yesterdaj afternoon Dunbar town- | ship high school honored her tw enty- i sue weaiers ot the ohve drab b) an impressive service in which a 5t-"v ce | flag prerfnted to the school u the \ Board of Education was unfu~lui The program began at 1 45 with a patriotic selection, by the iugh. school orchestra, before an audience of hugh i school pupils lacult* alumni relatives and friends of the boys in s*iv ce Immediately folio*mg with the ' school singing The Star Spangled Banner the bca^tiiul new sen ice i!ag containing twenty six stan was siowl unfurled by Mrs. B-vers mothc- o! Frank, and Alvie L Byers boiii of whom are now in France, and Mrs \L E Strawa mother of Clarence Strawn also Ch er There . The presentation was made n be one of ou muting a daring stroke Two cor j -als who -were concerned in it have n mentioned in previous reports i courage and coolness, . 70 XORfc VMERIC«»S IN \ ASHLNGTON Feb 9 --Wounding two more Anaencan soldiers j u ac- a was reported todaj by General sbing Both were infantry prI- ( es and werfcjaalic^sljghtly- wounded ' Tefcas was wounded February 5 father lives at Teclacs N D ,nk Chazers receiv ed hi 1 ? wound uary 30 His mother lives m Call aia wa in which D T H S has aimed to prepare her students for all walks in life A. splendid speech of acceptance was made, by Harold V Cottorn a member of tbe Junior class and he was followed by another junior Charles Haney on The Attitude of our Students in thro Present Crisis Both boys showed rcnaa-kaole ability Continued on Page Two Campaign is Founded on Business and Common Sense Combined With Systematic Co-operation and Judgment Will Be Power Ten reasons why persona living m ConnollsTilIe s trading district should buy n Conrel sville First-- The buy in Connellsville movement is founded on a logical business bails bunt, rcasorcd out by the IH.TVS of common sense wid business science Second--In union there Is strength and combined TnUi systematic co operatioa and the display of good judgment becomes a titanic power for good Third--**Tbc bu\ in Connellsville movement* in other novels patronise borne imiastn That is the commumt of interest spmt which forms the basic prmcip e of the huj ID Connellsiiil* movement, bis for its object the betterment of all the people the al'ied industries and business ntorcsta which bnngd together the whole ptople under two general classes viz The producer and thf 1 consumer Fourth--The producer and consumers are brought closer together and in closer touch with ih, 3 mo\e men*, which has for its aim the genera 1 bettermen of the combined interests ot the whole people Fifth-- "The buy in ConneUsnlle movement it carried out m spirit gives us a ccrnmimrt} of broad minded people which means better government bettei and mO'-e improved industries of e \ c r j kind Sixth--When you can secure the concerted effouq of the whole people of a certain trade district along lines looking to their mutual welfare and protection vou can accomplish wonderful results along progressive lines Seventh--The bnv in Conne Isville mo\ement M implies the bettermei t of the home vhich s mos bca i tiful and comm-endLble and when studied and considered from, everv v i e w p o i n t rauit appeal to tveiy true man who loves his homo * Eighth--The combined efforts of the citizens of the trad^ district by boosting "the bu\ m Conucllsvllle movement will secure the Tiott benLQctal sociiU and financial results Ninth--Hence it behomee each and everv one of us to enter into the rmtemeiit with UK spint and under standing, and the success of the buy in Connellsville movement" is atsur«Hl Tenir---Then a great combined movement by great peop e will secure a phenomenal boost foi Councils vi lie Eailroad Officer s Seriously Wounded in J fTort to 4rrpsl Trio. ONE MAN IS CAPTURED Othcntisp Thc» ire Clieern 1 (her Bretik-up M M inter. A GREAT IMPROVEMENT in Irsflic t million i UJN Taken I'lau. ttltlim the 4s Hours; it. 0 i*» (nttijii* A«u rrom IU. Jbntboj- t u i s and lutjMiii, I ssinti lU llxun^ Gtm rs Firinir a** Tti**T letreal, Jlafce ("-^apt in DjirKntfl** 3Lsn left Re- lund Bnrriciulcs Himsoh in Carj I n g l n u r nruik* Optn the Joor. MEN FOR THE NEXT QUOTA ARE NAMED BY LOCAL BOARDS Lists of Those IVho Arc to Go Announced Today By Bralt OfficiaJs. EXEMPTIONS IN ALL STUDIES WON BY 84 IN THE HIGH SCHOOL T e n Porcenl or So: na***;e »IH "Not Rine fo late I v xumma.tions About 10 per cent o-f the juaioi and senior 'ugh x.hooi student v , ( r t ex c npiert from aJI esai I n i a o n s of Lb( mid vear term w h i c a will 1 e given on Vondaj Tuesday and AVulnobJay of Extra Force ^ ill Begin ^ ork us Soon as Train m% Coarse is Completed. CONTINGENTS TOTAL Orders to Report at Armorr at mpi in wry subject carried j Otbeis, numbennj., about oJ per cen wort, exempt in one o" m rt studies Vs DEMAND FOR GIRLS RUMAiS AD TLUT02S RtiCH TEltMS OP.ElNHA£iEN Feb 9 --A peace eemeiu has been signed by rtpre- taiwes of *.ne Central Powers and he Ukrainian Rada a Berlin tele- m. announced he BoUheviki government prob INFORMATION GIVEN BY COURIER ABOUT 20TH ENGINEERS CONFIRMED oon and Hill Eemain There IntJl b u t did not reach the nece«^ar (,radt Time lor Departure i(*r TfciilroiuJ Station; Well .known JIcn Going. '" ·"' of thein follows of Reeiment 1B6 on the Tnscamn. u Herd Ibout Pnrute Ball. The information which The Courier has previously gnen re atiie to Jie presence of a part ot ihe 20th Bngi will recognize no peace agree | neers but not he whole of the regi- t signed b} the representatives of , ment on board the TuMama has re Rada. This is the legislame 'iddy cci'-ed official confirmation In re ap by Ukrainians at the time thev sponsc o telegrahic i n q u i r j to the ared their independence of Kus- ^Var Department the foho^n^ ele ind they tme been opposed bv the gram was* received this morning from beviki \ttempts to overthrow ' 4djutant General McCa n Rada and establish a Soldiers and k m e n a council as the governing lontj m tArainia have resulted gating during the la»t week ( on- ing reports have been sent out i claiming decisive roilita-j »uc es rmany-s efforts for peace on the "Washington D C Feb S The Courier ConcelKulle Pa Cornnanj D Si\Lh Battalion 2uth Cagin^ci^ was on board the luscania. McCain Adjutant General Intelligence is still lacking as to the ·m front centered now apparant | presence of Milliam .Lewis Ball _ n an effort to open frontiers Connellsv lie boy on the vessel at jgb. Mhich she may s e c u r e - u p tbe time it met with d baster An- of food foi he- hun f c r pe pic other list furnish»d bj the \Vashmg- progres=ed so far as tbe sigrmg I lon correspondent ol the Pittsburg separate peace agreement v ith ( Gazette Times published this morn- UKramian Rada according to , l n g maiies no mcntlon 0| . P r u a t e Iril]l -official \d\ices from Berlin although it does repeat -jnes of Pn- ·paremly the Germans feel none | xates Greenwood of Waltersburs Ju -e that the Radi w i l l tru niph Leivelljn ot Soottdalc and Private plet n Helen Sn yth*- w UlUm n iuv Richard K L'li 1 ·M irpm rt p K h o i c i S] ( O N T I f rtrjdt \Ur ItLti ( ll tl l«t Berkcy 1 b*-rL ' an t.rter t h L H u t l D u r i c M iriun Beit,) 1 v Til i Mae ( out'' ano 11 II u r B u nf U S-vUt ^ C i m l l i L f i o hrr Kno Men from local Districts NOB 2 and H ^, e , \ | 5 who are to leaive for Camp Lee on \ v u u i n i i u n. Tuesda} cvemni Tebruary 1- were C o r u t i i .i-iU announced today bv the boards I h e v j "in^ Ma , Vn will depart on a special tram o\er the Baltimore Ohio nilroad at b j r o clock The men selected foi the next quotaa are to report it the annorv at 10 o clock and will remain t hcre prob ablj until time for departure The lists follow DISTRICT TWO Joseph Mar in Baytosh Pittsburg John Trump Connellsville James Lcroy Brallier Daw son Gracobbc Pica Scottdale James C Goldsboro Daw son Mai C Cumberland Daw ton Jacob Mille- DAMS R F D No 2 Connellsv ilk ¥. lUam James Ryan Connellsville Ralph F Sligei Connellsville Ainiello Cascia Scottdale Vngelo Basilon* ConnellBVille Walter L Adams R. r D No 2 Connellsville \nnebelo Billaghere, ConnelKville Prod S Butterniore R F D No 3 Connellsville t Riymond T Pwgins Connellsville William T Brown Dawson Francesco S Gro CDnncllsville ^ John S^ataltj Fverson V, ilhani Basingcr R F D No C Connellsville Hershcl \aron Thome Connellsville rii se exc opt are as 'ST I I \ P ton I HJ|| he (,nen H^ht, i'ltusiiit Employraint, Pn^- tnt Output i-, .'01) l o u u t K «i Ml], Dailj di (,irli and Six *hn UK Hull Ltccpt for ilie j.ppri.1 DMOI o v e r the poibibi Uv oi i Hum r^ h -dd men are 11 a deudedlv m i r e i ic rfu I ri imt of au J as ll o breJ. up ol vii i I t r progrcbfc fa U u n n ^ t c ]i LWO OJ tluce (lav ( o n s i d e i i l l rogrc^s bas bees made loivaia rtsloi rg fal flc to conditions which prevai cd be lore the cold °»naps and ilur" haa dl lliObt ecmpjeteh p a r a l v z i d traas^ur UUon The graduil t iw aas remov c(i tli iccunmlaLionb ice and srow in va'-ds and or mmp permi tmj, ol ^ the freer n overaent of ears and L ainb while llic w i r n e r w e a h e r f.ncral)v JPS imyriveil tie eftiCKncv o£ riotive powei a» u L 1 as mdnjilk the trttju inens tasks H^s a baidsnip Nov. dm Uie wimui D eckades ha been removed ana cJici oboticlco overcome riiiroal "ion a 1 - a whole from operating officials down 10 soc tion mm an bopcfjl thit the b r c i V up w i 1 b i-omplued through a gradu ill tliavv an 1 not bv i bcavv or ] ong ! continued ri n in Lh nioun am di LHCIK In thai ^ \ e n t up Mrrarns A 11 I quickly rise lo a flooa slfgi andmuc'i damage lo i j j bods ^ 1 1 r -i-un r · it Today t'lir a c no po= ti-t indica t o n s th~t i ScMjd ma l e e\ c t t c 1 T l t h o u g j w T C b e c o n d i t o i s ire !- orallc to rain The \ nii£.h i^, us mg siowlv but in no immrd cte oan i oniln jeti on Pa^j iwo R M HPSS a Baltimore . Ohio de- ecuv V T S **hot ird s f "]ou^] wound- c ti,t nigiit a I 1 L o clock in a r*- ^ o i \ « r du 1 in Lt jailroad ^u.rds here w b e i he dnd I5c' c n e Poole another ^n cial po ictm^ cJTie upon Uirce ren *· bbi g *. r r^7^ t cir ind Harrv Mr oTnick c E So^th C o n n p i S \ i l ) ib br i t, h e l d in thf loca police slat on rhi 1 i ses t,a \ (ac ofiKfs approach- i g tntl the dUecuAf^ v,cre greeted * th a \ollr-j of «IIDI«S JIe«w was wounded and FuoM f r e d at the t w o r t t r i a l i n g mm 31* 1 « \amnod the ioor of t' i c a ~ --but on 4 1 ^ Jnrn man Mu- C 01 icl- and Kf^t jnn a prisoner until a d air ^ed \ !ii,h* eagtnc was rui to the lower part of the ra-«H a i d J u u t e ant riiom us Mr Donald an* 3 Patrol jian D K Tunf boirdori ] -tro -nan. T r n c i sa-s ho inen n th° varos v?o-p a!l^ nj, o 11 sett rg, th car on Iro n f rnf r o c;i.t ae nmnsoned -oan to como ou 1 Tu~nc r bpoke ».o him a r 1 M-c^-o-rick ^aid h^ woi Id rrake no offt t to re-s^t arre 1 ; The c"ginepi erf tap c^gino took a p ·- ? d brnkp opcr th*^ door while T i nc c o \ e r d be man in^e ·with h s ,,tm V er he had been band- cufrt-d thp ra "oad oner's ool hui in caa-'e, k^-o-n k ^a^s no v. ts a'oi c doivMrg hai o b°r non -\tre ATth h m hi i Uiu ra lo-td oi'iccis S^-A rotre t nt, fururct, v.^f i fi m Marunsburp \\ s n he Co tage Stal ho^pi al wounded He was hi )\ t w o « ortf burvini., lisp J in tho right and thr othor slriVi-i b below Thr- of"ro! s not T et \n \ Ri\ piriu-c ot I 1 f fal n nis afti r- h \ a fie It-Id Itlch \lhi-rl ty I u lla R u t h T i \ I L U L ^ N more O 1) n n f I I U E h e O l l i I r o p \ j M r l u m II M r a j.r t ardi n I K V A r b l VI u ^ ir t Uii t,*. Su a n n I \ l M ir VV fitl in !·· I dis n H irmou t i t l e 1 I \ I t I i i i S I no« J -,epli 1 Hiuh( J u l L M II r I lit! I-Iu I m in H a r r v I ov^ j t£ I a 1 B I irina ! Ifteu Brcnd II M Idn. 1 H l r k n i i r I til M ·'·iu v I I *t II L M i t e l H K 11 I V f i i c h c l l !· lo cue ( run Bu to r r l V t v o r i I I k e s M Idr 1 S O P H O M ^ I t F Cith rin' bla f,h t itlicru Tui" ter me\ Doro h j \ r c ( l i r c n Itudc r i \U nick J l Mm r m i J tt ir en S t i u f M-vrthi Most r I t eoruc Kiehard sisted, however as Ac sngsesiion Plot ot Callfonila and CorDoral recentlj come from lOlmg O1 , r t e p o r a ) amon [b(jae es that the Rumanians would do m board Those ^ m ^ rcported e -ei a;, surv vorb or victims but as among tae troopers sailing on this vessel to jOin forces with "the Ukraniulij ist the Bolshe'viki hough 'he early advice-, regard he signing of the agreement said ng about the terms it has bi en ously re-ported that the Lkrin were offered a section erf Russ an id as an inducement for them to peace. V1TT OF r i S t i M A SHINGTON Feb 9 -- T h e w i r le ent was still without official id The name of Bal does not appear in this list His aunt Mn Har-iet Pranks stated this ruorumg tiit her nephew hid been assigned to Corn- pan} D of the 20tL Engineers after his enlistment in that orgdmza ion and was Iat»r transferred to the head quarters companj If his compan} went aeros,*\vitti the m a n bodv of tne regiment w h i c h is understood to Osear Todd Workman Da son John Mlfcleri SeoUdile DISTRICT rrvr Roco Tregnono Dunbar James Sv, inker Morrell Jesse R Bungard Normalville Joseph G G^igl ik Lelsenr ng EVmer ^ Conrul Tirmi-gton William Boyler Adeliide Walter White \V""ito Ira Baei "White Charles J 4rneskj Adelaide Herbert Reshenberc Connelisvll'e R. D 1 Otto Baughman "\forreil John Stme Dunbar Johnaon G Morrison Ohiopyle Rankm Wllliamb VinderbilL Ru h H el co tJrli d Mcf on I t u t h Mill r | Rhca Ijiod/l l vfn-v Soi H e l e I T avvre ice "W e%v cr MarR-\ ct ^ ll helm Ilolen A ims Brjin N ibjn I t h j l e urodzin Dor tJij V! ( lar Ituth c -ndzm I l l z i B llo Smith M r (.nn^Hs Sir 1 I sthi W e s t 1 iwrcnce frr.1 ef mb *-11 n M Iniclt S^S^ e.t^a" , «tTM «. *»' ""If- T C We * S " S ° " ^' "' I =TM« B^« ;;-e -, so,d,er" ,ost ,,, the ,,nUn g of *»»' £"*" ± ""* "' e .u°. a *? Pr ^ S S '" ^ Miss Nan Minnia ( - " U g L t P i oC Mis James Mini is of Ea;t f rawford avp ·luc has been made assist mt day sup crmtendent o* 1 tlie Ma yland Oniver s tv hospital in Biltmiorc Her an tei Viss Jemima M i n n n is night sup- e r tntendent at Jie s-une hospital The aeto v of the bpeei iltv snk co_Hpunv oper itnig on tjc \\ Cbt a i j s icicly 10 go 13 vior_ on a nitht o'lift as soon at, suILciciit Jxiy workers eau bo u-aiLod m the work. The mil is no ve,. nmnm 0 fti bj f a l o thi lav j S h l f f and thtri. is employment foi tt manv .,irls and w o m e n is applv Q er -00 TOUD, of sill Is w o u n d n e i i d and re bkMned during tht 015 b) Lie pioieni force of 6 r 0 i r K md b men T i e alii. facU)r is one o f t h e c l e « n Cit and most sanilarj- (j,tabhsliiniDlb in the CHJ ilichmcr.r docs ill the heavy work tnt tin g rib si"-p]f oporite tile mac unet Thi lactorj cm ploycb a t.oo ela.T of i,irK ind evc-v ono ib s, tu,ut I w i t h condiLons Six J h v ( icr cent of thi gjtls hi ed s nee the iril be^, in opt-alien i-*i ^t M ai. their uichinis Nen cn-tloc i e it first pud ^or just watc imj, tho opc-ations ard 1 ar ling how to work ihc maeli UPS As a girl learns ,.h salary is mere is od *nd when she is able to ban le one sirto or a micjinc he is g i v e n an additional anil then ib yud JJ the piece More tlnii half tl e girlb now L inph v i d a c being paie b picco work \ gii on pioeowork nnki s moie moniv tha l one drawing a w e d 1; salir ^afet devices and belt guards aii being ins^ii ed by the bilk company ^ol cl sheet u o n doorb block tho en trance to the cl vltoi shalt an 1 can be unloc-ted from he inside onl I ho silk used ,,! the mi 1 comes di rect f i o m japan and ib Si 11 bound n the Japanese jjiasi I h c Ik iceled sktned at the m i l l rli irsrlav lite ithii U flail j 01 tput w o u l d _ i v e strot^hed round the w o i l d one ar 1 one halt times V poi nd of raw biln. j i b b i t w i p n 217 (0 and uoU 700 jardo in length The Mlk spur on Thuibd i) wou I havi stretched farther han 3 c i 2fil milis I h i ou pu o-f the p i i n t is 1 being used b} tht' government for REGISTRATION OF MEN AS THEY BECOME 21 IS FEATUREOF NEW BILL ScnnU Militarj (onsimttoc Rtporl'* it l-a»unihh , Men Not t ' u m p t t i i as j l i t r ftCLiniit *il ^(.ar^ oi J ir( the If It kirp o l cf 1 n? h w o u l d -3 w -oo i Me onu ck " rar c UIOJL, n - ho \as caugh m ILo o have j°cn ^elc ting o )t!s nil aanu ng ihejn out to ^ n w i s h es Tho p \ 101 bci n? n n- i h o ast H a lot of mpre-han- Jt i M McCoi niick M s horn in South ihr a ro-'d poUtu T recovered H I r \\ V b l l l N ^ T O N L L . ) **-- I i o r a l l c rppor 01 t e "V\rr Oeiaraucnl v P amend uj, i h c s c l e u n e dra 1 v. o eqi irp i , bt ~ ion QJ ] n as ihev retch ^1 \ L i r j and bisi !,, quot ^ ou ttio ciim-jei of men in cliss one m stpad of 01 s i Q popul i u n w is un animoLsl 1 - o n k u U ve^ie t'1% \- i! e S t n a t c Mi 3 t a r \ (Otuni t t e The pioimsdl to oit,mp men 3.s i' c\ rc"\ch ol "^ex if i,_o have ro bo n d r t f e d w h i c h ^a^ O]POM d In PJO- \ ost Mar il Genenl (_ r u\v dor v- a* not indur'td in ht b il \ mo d men proD^tri In Sf n*c i \cv. o Jodn 11 (n rt. q u n e rogi^triti" )f j o u t l s it 1* \ t i r s ud ovt r also uas i eje( ted Anoth r lull fai-oiaMv Jtpor^d ·wlncli ilTecis t)ic d n f t w o u l d JutLoi v tbe Preside t jn an's to ca 1 into irimediaU m i l i t i i v serMce si lied o \ p t i s m ird str\ or 1^7 cul ture rej, ir llfs of cl isMfieilion res idonce or qi oti urm Tuscan a other side and has escaped the disaster which his former comrades in Chcak Hill George Kosisko of Piinbii towns Up , a r d Noah miner of Uledi are named on the reserve list, in e\ent of an failing 1 Cofmpanv D have experienced JTBrCMJY BIO FM.C.E. i Another source of informal on | ^^"""u; ~ " states that Pma e Bail had been re *en Hate Aarr««r Tscape at f transferee f oon the Headquarters , TD A CTir TICH TTD Iron Bridge. coin-pam .o Companj D If this bad TRArTil illii) UF T S Peters a truckman for ihe been done no aiuhentic informatioa · -Starter Coal company at the ( is yet available to sho that he was ITiqli »ater foiers \\ Pbt Fonn Iriicks tnat organization when sailing' on Both Grreensburp Lines, The \\esv Pern Railv,a\s cotnpanv Car O^crlJirns V Portl TrucK o\e turned in front of the Trotter store vesteida} mon ing about 7 iO o clo k T t it. baid he drive was driving ilon^ m the tcy ruts and w h i l e trvrng to turn out of the ruts turnfd the truck ovei No one "was injured All tho mat hi its m tin, " Sid fartory i i p n o i r u n n i g vc ard \ \ t n n snfllne n help j^ ^^ci^rpd in ri n j i l he^e machmGs a night bh fi; w i 3 1 l( bUiried Should L,ie null bp abk o operate nit,lit a--cl da\ running; fu 1 an addition won d b( i n n u d a t e l j lie 1 erected One end of the factorv has | btpn boi~ded 11^ ead oe br eked iM the idditioa i U ht, madi, at iha place lit,* nitli ! w htm Mior l i n k M M u l l e n A\ Ilia n Go nn and How i d \U in u t i e g \ n a jo u i u 0 be 010 Vid(nn^n S n HOV,«IH! U i t e \ c o n g inc I'-stssed h cosis on a eh ir s f. of ILR! t ^u un^ haef j 11 TP^p ISS j Th b c\ bo t w is alicgod en L t r c d he bhop^ of t o C onne ibulle 1 ouudn ^ xchiiio md bt tl Ca U 3 rorrpTnj 1 ist q i m d \\ m^ it an broVe stic ii h u n d t r d ji i if b l i « On then igrr_i ont tn nni ^OOL hf los 1 - anc pi t i" tosts t h e Cit w e i o i Uistd tu o in ith" ). dibe i id O oods w t r t r t co\£. cd C o r n t J i * 11 In \nion ili T J C T recovered \\j- t0 pOUllf a Of -^U dr V re oUu T Colt * i a s b r e \%ag 'oind on he A r o u n d outsi 1 (be c a i \M r d o] * d it iliPie s not k n o w n , but i i 1 L\IG\ tl ihj tli u}\- s \\} }ch t i l c l 0 rc" H« w t f i e d b\ ho n ci \ he) o f ip"c MINISTERS TO TALK ON LABOR LOYALTY WEEK IN CHURCHES Miss Mnr\ M t t o n n e l l d Sine at Uie ILLS', ilrttin. in Huh s t l u o l H i ) 1 J u i - i l n "Ii "a f tbi i n n p I M IQ l i u n l L a^ j. i n k \s 1! deliver i- ino ib t o m o n u N peiiirctn to the c b- c r \ t ic of L h i L( i d l t \ \\c } , w j i 1 i o In ualiirt I m ( mnHi--- ^1 t i bi- 1 nioj i i I on on Tues- d l ^ ( \ L I 1 1 ! 1 IlC 1 _) v l j l ( I 1 I I uni'cr l i e , i n s O f ^10 T ade', S. I - i l o i ( oun I The ( o n m m e e la charge ur t i o jt urgis all lab i n j n u n D Co i id sMlle ai d \ ur n 10 itt i [ r (.· \{ ore of Uie chu the An r u n c c 7 tnt u ts njde t )dai tl at M]»s M t ( o n e i] l l s i I e n Cl , _ if lo ,, ou Ti s ( a \ e\.ninf, t ^ a I'M! jiiic iii d o s p o i l i n g ilitre w i l l I i tort j.ud co lit t h, n e (_on- 10 ISM lo li u n iiin t ihe sihool 1)1 ilri i , Die G \ R has acc?pt L d i n ui on In e in Uie ,iai td of t u c b d a e Ting Tht \ ir-rans u i l l me t i ilit office nf l\ p c 1 i o \i UK Roads a n d h i s h t l p e r Sells MILT ' ad narrow escapes from njur for France lorning when a Penns-vhania g engine ** ruck a truck on the~v were nding track -were bd.dlv dainiaged but nen escaped iLjun. Can Sell ngenents ha\ e been On account of the loss of ^he muster IS tied up on botli Tan and Mount rolls when the ship went down and \ pleasant 1 nes throi gh to Greeniburj the failure to provide the soldier^ ?, a ter has riben and 11 co-venng,the w i t h complete identificaaon Ugs the tracks to a depth o£ 12 to 14 Inches preparation of lists of the lost and Passengers are being transferred s irnvors will require several davs 0 \- the bridge at VunKer »,«« to prepare Until th ; is done Svedeiown where the water is ex HFATIFSS DAY AlJU-iiJUJujJu i/rli Snow or ram and colder Sundav partlj ®cloud and colder tempera uro about £0 is the noon, w e a t er but at forecast for Mestein Penns^hania farmer* who are anxions to ma ie and official information received it be impossible to determine the ceednglj high it is necessary for . .. , - - -- - --- them to walk quite a distance eir wheat and nnable to d's names of the victims of the disaster f 't In their own neichborhoid | Prank E. Gra f t of \herton ard Cd Kurtz I'otl e mills have bought all t i e j w m H Pr es o" \\ rndber Somerset "William Kurtz Post 104 Grand ions will »llow can find mpr I counts bo'h O f whom were members ! Arms of the Republic held its legular , raaMng inquiry of SecretaTjOf an areo squadron are reported meeting In the Odd Fellows hall TCS- tculturo ^atton at Harrlsbcrg 1 an^ong tie men on board 1 terday afternoon at 2 o clock. Tompcritnie Record JihS 1117 Mi\unum 00 oJ Mmimuai _ 42 17 Mean . ,, The Yough rivei rose du mght from 2 SO feet to 3 M feet lit u(toy lo Jk tlie la^-l To Bt Ohscrvul Eolith ilrLiifh I re(d or Iticni. 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Dr i \ua Hobin C oUUi !,, of 1 t s bun, w i t t ( t tic of aptj i f-'o^u has bee pU(.«.J n cU-r ra e of all tht f the LniM. -, \ o t UHir T H udL^ 1 s i c i c q n t d i c.^* e _ east lour ^c ir i \ eek in th w o i hat N of .-tic o t u nation n i l lo ihemscl o as i i M i l u M br Cold mil s the \ fp of Dr M Ho a Goldsm th Kiraerl of C on IIP l^TilU nd i a d ^ u g t u n la ^ of J l i n r v Co^a n h of \ e (. \ f o n i J.VC11 1C i ) ( t a t r'» ( " f n n u i ToMimhlp 22-32, I'la\ (.rulKljurj.- JoniKlit. rh i ( mi SMI c i igh s.i,,,] |, 0 ,. kdhili letm I«.f a'ert t r- us Gfr- i iw-islnp nui school i M , r i c - ind n\\ i lam n i n h t 2_ 12 It is the rc int ibo locals ha\t woi this ·ison The , u psbui:; tuim h i s betn lip a n a ns en I m i adi ^nes thM, T ai in Com cl \ J ! I L M )| a \c i nrd u lo 10 nl tie -,-imo from tho a l Ij ow n a d T i le pi u c s onlgh 4 Tif s C ,| 0 i n ( j on) i, 01J r class o{ I 1 - 1 V sc'i il m l ) ,,)T hf , i ) r ( l m . On HI n'rcd =ir.Ieagc b o i k , hi e be u purchased and 'o w irded lo t'lc oniel s\il o io%s a Cunp Lee out of ti..- fvnd p OM( ed b^ th t nnleaffo i--i ce in Markcll hill recently [r V o r U m m i Improied D Md L Workman, w h o has bpen ih at his home ^t Beilvie\ is able to be out again M K l r l n \ Tra-J^H rrt i K-iiold M \i C 11 e v \ h o is n TP i\ialtOQ sei \ (C h i s b( on ran^em a from Itha-v N 'i to Tr\as a t c o i d ing to leleg'-am l e c e vi tl hit i"[n n ug t j his n D t u u Irs Geoi^i ^\ Me Caitjey 01 Das Fairue-w a\tuiie l!i . Colhorn to Sneak. Rn U S Colborn of Columbus, 0 ubo i\a? at Mjl' Run 'o attend the f u n o t a l ot John S Call will preach lomor-o-ff mornmg in tie Fi-st Baj- tist church ConnellsviU*

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