The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

I M .1 ST 13, 1964. THURSDAY, AUGUST THE OTTAWA JOURNAL: 1 Spankings By MYRTLE MEYER ELDREO , Spanking U a subject which , waiHi itronj feelings (or and ogaiiut. So often It U men who plead iu cause most earnestly. Many of these an essentially kind and loving. 1 Since they are neither abusive nor mean and they do not knock their children about for no reason, iu effect is not harmful. - Certainly It a a simple solu- ' tion to the question of how to punish. Used thought u!!y and sparingly it may have merit. But how many parents would spank if they stopped to think about it? Usually it I done ta anger for soma bit of misconduct and much too frequently if they consider this is a good deterrent. The question ia not so much whether to spank but how much. Children are not always . controlled by punishment nor do they grow up to' be good because they are punished for every misdeed. They develop ' self control and become law-abiding because they want to . co - operate with, to imitate ' ' end to be like those they love. 1 Resentment and tear are not I apt to inspire a desire to please and yet too much pwv . ithment of any kind arouses these emotions. Though 1 am happy to print the following . letter 1 cannot agree with Mr. H.LJ., who wrtteez RIDICULOUS ADVICE "Dear Mrs. Eldredt "1 have noticed in your column that at times you advise ridiculously. For instant, yon . aay a child who is spanked when be has a tantrum only bat a worse one. Your other statements indicate that yon ! FOR HIRE j ' ii Latest Style Stocked I . UA0 Sixes . ; ! ill Ill Sparks St! ; if I 14 332-3545 believe a spanking lb be the wrong approach. "As a man who knows and is not guessing (I have six children), the thing you advise against would straighten out the entire problem of Juvenile delinquency. "Spanking fat the only method that consistently works. We have many friends with families and IN per cent of the time the ones that don't nse spanking are the ones who have the most trouble. No wonder this world Is such a mess!" WOULD BE NONE If spanking was the answer to delinquency there would be none. Statistics prove that about seven eighths of parents-use this method. Also, that institutions of collection are not filled with unspanked children but just the opposite. Believe me I era not guessing or ia my personal experience limited. In addition, the thousands of readers that have written to me on this subject and who say they have spanked and spanked and spanked and that It does no good, are convincing evidence for a better method. .. . I . could quota and - quote, from one authority after another, for this is a big subject Why not explore It in its entirety before you make such drastic statements? It's not so easy rearing chit- . , dren. Often they commit little misdeeds which require punishment. You'll want to read my booklet "Odedience and Punishment" To obtain year copy send II cents and a stamped, self addressed envelope with your request for it to Myrtle Meyer Eldred la care of The Ottawa Journal. - DunnbinWI Gisjtdrnothert of the Dun-robin community were guests at a meeting of the Dunrobht Women's Institute with Mrs. 'William Mansoo presiding. Oldest grandmother present was Mrs, Margaret Lynch. Special honors went to Mrs. Reid Wilson, Mrs. Herb Cooney and Mrs. Stephen Muldoon. Hostesses were Mrs. G. H. Kennedy, Mrs. Elmer Boucher, Mrs. EMoa Wagenblass. Journal Want Ads, bring quick results. . to 5 hours (Man attractiye, - " even tan and sunburn COPPERTQIIE WITH OR WITHOUT SUM ii. .' ii - n XLl.. i in 3 by THE OUTSTANDING QUICK TANNING LOTION DEVELOPED BY COPPERTONE THAT GIVES YOU A DOUBLE TAN. t. INDOORS TANS YOU OVERNIGHT ''.' OUTDOORS DEEPENS YOUR TAN .1 QT. Is an an-weather. all-over tanning lotion. Its special sunscreen filters out burning ray. 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Accaaaartas In-. iuloe tin boldar tnclufed. era S beakela lor eaar divider. V. ta. nwimraaanr r cluda s storms beakete 8 Hita bakad enamel Inslda storage. hormottcoUr aaalad.. divider. ana out MOFFAT ' i t : MOFFAT ' ' MOFFAT cvnn REFRIGERATOR REFRIGERATOR ' REFRIGERATOR REUGERATOR SS,L. S188 S.-S198 5,.,, $258 '1 ' . IS eabla root sssdal wrlai .11 euMe foot modal.' tool eapadtr. Saro-Cana . ooMa tsat eaaadty talacl dafrosL Sooctou automatic dafroat. 7S lb. framar holds Iba. Iraaan SO Iba. hmir daa door traaaar holda avamunalaly Saro-Zon 4rnar snda- load. OlMa-aut ahatm if ' rrJO! naapar SO lbs. roralabi crianon. out ahalaa , Swtn aorcalata quart porcelain vcfatabl uaual aafroat -y norralila Quick sen. dairy and SS . crtapara butlar and tin crtapar Daaa Oner ctor- "r. atoraaa la door. kaapars aMsaatat door as for bottlaa buttar - - . . ' . saakat. I ' and CIS comparlmants. MOFFAT TWO-DOOA ' : . 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Pushbutton heat control, tortf Ufa heating FLEETWOOD TV MODEL 17-11A JIToKt1"" 1240 s a MtafMtlW VtlfaTl WSNtflA BsUflllalVtai oebmet. lightweight, weighs only SS Iba. 278 AalaenaUC gam i 17-ta, .a -i k. sllon w aux imih uuo. uuum, wwe. a. .e e i. ...LI. 11,. h. 1. . it. .. anea US A9U CUWB General Electric DRYER 1 Only ", . 1 matches the waahar above m ' V" vmm veiiow. lee antnutea. cycle. High opaod drying system. S heet aelector. Safety re start awl tea. . . , REFRIGERATORS ADMIRAL 10 CO. ft - fQ MadeL Ref. 199.0a ? 100 .'. 40 aoaoils a freeaor apaes. Only St ' Inches wide. Manual oelrPetlng. $168 St cauiar txay. TVs and FLEETWOOD Combination ... S-way aambntattan . . TV. Radio and Blame all bt ana. Hand wired Sl-tube ' Tv em former, ta" nartura tube end Dual Channel la-tube AM TM Badta Chsaals. I eaud sa ckencar alaya every type record. Three fir full range spook COCQ are. Bag. tstas VsjOO r ... OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL 9-P.M. 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" Treouenry raapoaaa SO .4SSrl? .; 1448 Beg. MOFFAT Reg. ... iareer ELECTROHOME TV SMnch AMyv Jladta to Multiples. I 1 a e? jt. Cannaslaa conux hand crai ted circuits. 1 t" M V PM. on TV's Model 32II100C with setet Utch DkO-A-Rcat n-O-Ouerd element eeey to rleeo full wtdta fluoraacont Usht timed on neppnira aonirai malar with busier I l I avan light $398 MOFFAT ' CLOTHES DRYER J I.Onry $168 . . . Model SSS-IST Dial a heat selection aadualva variable heat Input ax-clualea sag or capacity dryer cylinder. hand-finished white ffTQ -uu 1M4 19-IN. 1 ONLY $188 aower jack tT-tabc cnaaata 1S- 88 - Foam j EASY v WASHING MACHINE I Only. . . Rct sa4a $258 .... water savor Tor amau - ' loads. S rtnee water tarn. , paraMros. . Paraelatn top ' and tub. S ms. capacity. '.', ' It co. It, $OKQ SO9.O0 t . y m-JO Urea It cable font modal for the f entity, with Tt pound frcasar. lamotat atauai raaiuias, FLEETWOOD TV '14-Inch ' , '.. ': aeaar SI tu traaaformer. Carries tubea. aannatnno SS- tnen oereea. rront saaunted ana inca batten tone 5248 Beg. SS-lnch bonded picture tuba. with buut-m twee term. COOO tnav Bag. tasae .... VOaaO 1847 Rogers Bros. SILVERPLATE 1 42 Piece Service for 8 (Open Stock . . this art contains the basic minimum requirements to sat a formal or Informal table tor every dating occarina . . . ran the aaaontlsl sous or doascrt. apoonl Is Included. Set Consists oh 8 Hollow Handle Knives 8 Luncheon Forks 8 Regular Teaspoons IN THREE POPULAR PATTERNS .. . REFlXCnON FLAIR LHLA.M SPRINGTIME SILVERWARE, STREET FLOOR, : i DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY If I rX . is ' i ?';teh jal an Iliiaal 'fm!ZZ??' "a t Add Comfort, Charm and -Protection to Your Home with MM Horizontal Alaminnm Siding aq. ft - ' 5 - ' ... precision made for a perfect application -. -, " r ... Guaranteed for 10 years against blistering, peeling, checking or crazing. Installed. , t- complete with msulating backerboard and trim. (Strapping extra if required.) - f :,r, THIS OFFER AVAILABLE UNTIL V , AUGUST 22 ONLY! ' Use Your OgDvjr Charge Account! 'No Dowa Payment No Interest or Carrying Charges Unto October I STOn JV ASTER, - ' Imperial Self Storing ALUMINUM DOORS 59Assi 69-5?, INSTALLED ' ! ' . ; ' ' INSTALLED . .". 24-lnch griO with picture handle "l' , . and key locks. 1 Inch thick . . . rigid Vinyl "track for smooth operation ... -. automatic closer and storm chain. t v - Three Channel : ., ALUMINUM WHSfDOWS OR IN A CHOICE t 05 JfiS- V 0F COLOURS O eassf f INSTALLED 40 OFF ISIS Price 98.00) - ONLY $ 59 eager it h (XTBA 8 Salad Forks 8 Soup or Dessert Spoons 1 Butter Knife 1 Sugar Shell 'A per 100 at, ft a4" S . INST INSTALLED r ASTER INSTALLED W ... welded corners wool pile on j i ' vertical sash . . . automatic ratchet-type locks. (Window prices pertain to any double hung - trindow up to 110 united inches, width plus height) Sea these ftents now, aa display hi ear Dewatowa Stare, Downsulrs, or Prions Ue-tol 1, Local SS4, and ewr ' I ttpfaptnuthre win call at youf1 acme. : i. t- . . i j . i 1 f . : 'a ...

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