The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1918
Page 10
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PAGE TEN, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY S, 101S. Men's Working Clothes--the Most and the Best in Connellsville Clotbes that stand up to Uieir job of giTing efficient service and lasting satisfaction. Clothes built up to quality--not down to price. In cases where it .has been necessary prices have been increased rather than lower the quality. Dollar for dollar-tie best clothes your money can buy. --Keystone Corduroy Trousers, onion made, best in ConneUsyille at $3.50 to H.50. --Yforiing Pants, beav.v jnatcrials in assorted colors,'up to 50 ivaist, SU50 to 83.50. --Khaki Pants, eood quality, $1.50 to $3.50. --Corduroy ^forking Coats, $3.50 and $4.00. --Buck Working Coats. 53.50 and 84.00. --Hen's "Working Caps. 15c, 25c. 50c. --Full Crew Overalls, same quality, union made. $4.00 the suit. --HeadligM OreraUs, M.50 the s«it. --Our Own Jlake Overalls. 83.50 the suit--Bine Stripe Overalls, pure dye, $4.00 the snit. --Sweaters, all klsds, all colors, moderately priced. --Rvbber Coats,' guaranteed waterproof, $3.50 and £6.50. --Dntcness Trousers (IOc a button--50c a rip) $2.50 to $6.50 pair. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. MOUNT PLEASANT WILL TORN OUT TO SEE DRAFTEES OFFJ Burgess Calls on Business! Men to Close Establishments for the Tin 1 ,; . J RMtn-ONE MEN TO LEAVE r«otkf«l Svl^ien W31 l*arr Balfi- j ··n i Okio Depot On Special Train I ·t i.15 O'clock; Great Throng Vill | be M Haad to Bid Them GoJ Speed.' Special to The Courier SCT. PlEiSd*T, Feb. 8.--Forty-two men from the following list -will leave i Mt. Pleasant on Tuesday evening, i from the B. . 0. depot at 5:15 for Camp Lee: Steve Sandala. Roiiney; John Koliatinsky, Latrobe; Angelo Capone. 3tt. Pleasant; Bryan Ankney, Crisp; Ralph Tonmseiid. Beatty: Angelo Klnaldi. Mt. Pteasnt: Wilbam OCooi»r, Mt. Pleasant; Mike Kersel, Bodn«y; Martin Stilcosb-, lit. Pleas- Hit; Clem Miller, Mammoth; Joseph Coed, "Whitney; Baail Capellj, Latrobe R. D.; WHliam Eolb, iatm'M R. D.; Alra Robb. Latrobe. R. I).; Alva Crabtree, itammoth; Kobcrt Gettemy. Pleasant Unity; Carl Clark. Alverton; Joseph Bieima, Mi. Pleasant; John Kinty. iMrabe R. D.: Ira Honse, Mt PJe*sant E. D.; Jacob Williams, ML Pleasantr Arthur Shaffer. Acme; Ar- ehe Shultz, Latrofoe, It I; Rfry C. Shlrey. yonngstown; Georjte Donahne, Whitney; Peter Ricotta, Mt Pleasant;, Walter Frety, Latrcie R. B.; Bern J. Love, Pleasant Unity; Charles A. Beatly, Beatty; Aiwirew B. Gudas, Latrobe, H. D.: Lawrence Jones. Sootlnrest; Harry Van · Dyde. Pteaunt Unity; Prank Clinyoack, Stauffer; Jaroee A, Kostehack, Trauger; John Balak, M.L Pleasant; William A. Harris. Latrobe R. D.; Jack Harrin, XL Pleasant; Mike Herrick, Trauger; Mike Marconcs, Southwest; John S. Dzambo, Southwest; Fred W. Shirey, Uttrobe R. D.; Miie J. Vilk, Tonnxstown;" Edward Mitchell. Mt. Pleasant R, D.; Engilhert Meldel, Y-oungstown; Mike De Donalnico, 'Whitney; John C. Haberl«n, Latrobe R. D.; and Frank Wigle, Latrobe RJ~ Burgess Sam P. Stevens has asked that all merchants close :beir places of business ivhile the draped tnen are going to the depot on Tuesday evening. They leave the Armory at 4:30 o'clock. All bands, dranr, corps, the Ministerial Association, and all foreign and patriotic societies turn out ind meet the troys at the 1ft. Pleasant Armory and acompany them to th | depot wher the train leaves at 5:15 Feedini; the Babbits. James Lozier. a farme- linnu jnft outside of town has sta-rel a habit ·Jut might he worth the following of 3tner fanners who would not have the ·wiW same suffer from hunger. Mr. Lozier has been putting feed where the wild rabbits may get it at times and states thai while they destroy a great part of his summer crops, he thinks it cruel to allow them to starve as they can get no food on account of i: being covered with ice. Anto Lights Out V. Newingham left ten dollars with BurseSi Stevens last evening, charged by Officer James C. Xeil, with not having his tail light burning on his automobile. Students' BecitaL A recital will be held by students Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the M'_ Pleasant Institute. Sixty-Fire Accepted. The members of Draft Board No. 6, Westmoreland county, examined 80 men and accepted 65 out of the 80. Forty of those mn were examined on Tuesday night and the balance Wednesday evening. Four did not show up m answer to their cards and these will be gone after and dealt with according to law. Ministers Meet The Ministerial Association held a meeting in the United Prei*yterian parsoaage. A paper was read by Rev. A. W. Barley, pastor ol the Reformed church. Keady for Benefit, The Jewish ladies ot Mount Pleasant and Scottdlle have everything in readiness for their benefit whist and musical to' he given in the Bank hall on February 12. On the musical program arc numbers by Miss Sadie Cohen. Mrs. Jean Kdler, Mrs. G. F. Kelly, Mrs. T. W. Dawson. Mrs. Frank Cooper. Arataibel Fitipatrick, and Mary Hurray, Prof, Slubinski, and Prof. J. H. Gables, Mise Martha Stedrel will give patriotic recitations and will speak on "Woman's National Defense." Personal Tiotes. Mas Kathryn McDermott returned yesterday from a visi'. paid her moth- .Vew Cas-tle. SOUR STOMACH Fino Mi-6-nm Pits the Stomach in Shaiw in Five JUnutes. If your stomach )s continually kick- ins up a disturbance; you feel bloated and distressed, if you belch ffa.s and sour food into the mouth, then you ned Mi-o-na Stomach Tablets. . M'.-o-na stomach tablets give instant relief, of course, but they do .fore, they drive out the poisonous sraacs that cause fermentation of food and thoroughly clean, renovate and strengthen the stomach so that It car. rcadtly digest food without artificial aid. ili-o-na »tom«ich tablets arc yuanm- teed to end Indigestion, acute or chronic, or money back. This means that nervousness, dizziness and biiilouaness will disappear . Druggists everywhere and A. A, Clarke aeli Ml-o-na. -- Adv. USE ORRINE DRINKHAB1T GOES Don't wait for the drink habit to get too strong a hold upon your husband, son, or father, for it can be broken «n quickly if Orine is given him. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain, as Orrine is sold under this guarantee to refund the purchase price if yon. get no benefit. Orrine is prepared in two forms: No. 1, secret treatment; Orrine-No: 2, the voluntary treatment. Costs only $1.00 a box. Ask us for booklet. BBCG CO, If. Crawford Are. Perryopolia. PERBYOPOLIS, Fab. S.--Mrs. Ollio Luce and daughter, Betty, have returned home after au encoded visit | with relatives at WeUsboro, Pa. I Basket ball game Friday evening. I Alumni and High school. | Mrs. Lulu Luce of BeHe Vrnon | Jonnerliy of this place has accepted | ; the position as matron of the Baptist 1 Orphanage at lit. Letoonan. Pa. Yvonne Snyder observed her 7th birthday Sunday by Inviting a number erf her friends to assist her in cutting her birthdays cak£ I Urs. George Murphy has returned ] home after a visit with relatives of , town. Two sled loads of Perry folks were delightfully entertained at tile borne i ot .Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Townsend at I their home at FSatwoods Tuesday evening- Games and mustc formed the entertaintn-oct after irhich an elaborate luncheon tvas served. Mrs* Charles Davidson of Union lawn was an out of town guest. M. if. Cochran of (Jniontown, Dr. J. L. Cochran of Connel.sville, J. H. Price and M. E. Strawn of Dawson were business callers ,n town Wednesday. Rudolph Olander has returned aome from toe Cottage State hospital. Mrs. Cora Blair and Mrs. Ho-warfl Adams attended the Star Junction Fancyvrorfc club Thursday afternoon, that met at the home of Mrs. D. M Graham. The Mission Band of the M. B. church met Thursday evening with Mrs. R. P. Kamener. Don't wait until ycmr blood is impoverished and you are sick and ailing: take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea now; it will drive out the germs of Winter, punfy the stomach, regulate the bowels--nature's spring tonic-cleanser. Connellsville Drug Co. --Adv. Any Sickness Leaves Weakness Even a simple cold strips and reduces your resistive powers to allow other sickness. Only food--not alcohol or drugs creates the rich blood which distributes strength to the body, and the concentrated medicinal food in makes the blood rich and stimulates its circulation while its tonic virtue enlivens the appeiite and aids nutrition to reestablish your strength quickly and permanently.' If yon ore rundown, anemic or nervous, ty all means get Soott's CntutshMt. It buiids because it is a food--not a stimulant : Bowae, Bloomfidd. M J. IT-SI CHALLENGE PHY-MO-ME 3U. Fleasant Superiors TVant to Play n Series of Games. The Mount Pleasant Superiors have challenged the Phy-Mo-Me team of the Scottd-ale Y. M. C. A. to a snes of three games, one to be played in Mount Pleasant, one in the Scottdale Y. M. C. A. and the other on a neutral floor. The gym. of the local high school mrgbt be used if it can be rented for the game. The Superiors have been defeated by the Pliy-Afb-ire several but claim it is because the A. A. U. rules were used. The Phy-jMo-^fe arc willing to answer the challenge and will get into communication with the Superiors at once. The Superiors give the lineup lor the championship game as follows: Forwards, Miller and Cru- sau; center, McKinney; guards, Stevens and BroTm. M1S OVERSTOCKED Is Reason Farmer Cannot Soil MTieat, Says Goreraor Brumbaugh. HAKHISBURG, Feb. 7,--At a conference vrith the members of the State Agricultural Commission yesterday Governor Brumbaugh said that, "the farmers of Pennsylvania are readj* and willing to sell thousands of bushels of wheat, but there is no one to take it." The governor stated that the mills have bought all the wheat tbey can under the regulations and cannot take any more. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4|% on What You Spend--Get Them With Every Purchase Over lOc Our First Showing of Of Interest to Every Woman i -35 inch Spring Taffetas at $-.5n, $2.00, §1.50 the 1 yard 1 - ",. r iiifh Spring Messalines. K shades, at $1.65 ibp yard. 1 - .io'nuli Satin de Luxe. S shades, to retail at $2.50 ' iho yard. · --35 inch Fancy Silks, beautiful patterns, at $2.25, ,$2 50. $2.75 the" yard. j --40 inch Fancy Foulard Silks to sell at J2 50 the i yard. , --35 inch Fancy Stripe and Plaid Silks, neiv shades, at S2.50 the yard. -- 36 inch Plain Taffeta to retail at $1.65 a yard. Muslin Underwear, White Goods, Silks, Curtain Materials, Domestics--qualities, quantities and prices that command the attention of every woman and command it NOW. As well as a price event this is a quality .event of the highest order--rich in buying economics. Many White Cotton Goods Should be Bought in February So numerous ·women have found out, because they can tien get the benefit of the smaller prices. Plain White Fabrics Thousands of yards of India Linons, Longcloths and Nainsooks bought many months ago and sold at prices based on market costs at that time. --36 jnch Long-cloth at 38c. 20c, 22o. 25c, 30c and 35c a vard. Boltb of 12 rwrts at $2.00, $33a, $2.30, JJW5, $3.50 and $4.00 Ilio bolt --36 inch Nainsooks at 20c. 22o. 25c. 30c and 40c tie vard. Bolts »i 12 jards at *a*,i, $2^50, $2.80, $3.50 and $-i.K the holt. --40, 42 and 45 inch Longcloth and .Vainsooi at 30c, 35c and iOc the yard. --36 Inch India Linon at ISc 22c and 25c a yard. --40 inch Pine Sheer Batiste, mercerized finish, matchless value at 25c a yard. --15 inch Nainsooks at 35c and 50c a yard. --40 Inch Taraiualle--of English manufacture, a trifle heavie-- than nainsook and ideal for dainty home sewn Lingerie--35c and 5flc yard. The Wanted Kinds Reasonably Priced --Torchon Lace Edges and Insertions, 1% to 2% inches wide, at IOc Uie JmnJ. --Torchon Lace Edges and Insertions, 1 to 2 inches wide, at oc the jd. --Cotton Clirny Jjice Edgren, suitable for Curtains and Fancy Work, 1 to IVi inches wide, ecra only, at ISMc the yard. --White Linen CJuny Lace Edges. 3 to 5 inches wide, suitable* foi Fancy Work, at »0c to 40c the r«rd. --Ecru Linen Ciuny Lace Edges, 2% to 4 inches wide, at »*· to 40e the yard. These Are the White Goods Particular Women Will Approve -- 1,000 yards 27 inch White Merc°fve(I .India L'con, a fine sheer clotb, at Ific u yard north tcduj 20e, 1 000 yards 2? mcb \ \ h n e Chocked size Royal Society Package Line for Spring \9\8 Now Ready Krerj package contains the stamped article lo be embroidered, either made up or ready tor making, sufficient flosi? to complete the embroidery, and e-vact instructions. The quality and value of the materials are maintained under all conditions. EMBROIDERIES! In the February Sale of White -- 1 lot Nainsook i:mb Edges, 2 to -1 inches wide, neat solid paltPrns, nt 251 1 the yard. -- 1 lot Nainsook I7roh. Edges. ^2 mchrs wide, solid and small eyelet designs Ifnc rard. * --27 inch Swiss Baby Kmb Flouiring with ruffl. small neat design^, at $1.00 tlic japl. --27 mrh Baby Emb. Flouncing, small neat dfstgns. nf -S3.0C a yard--Corset Cctvrr Kirb., 17 inches wide, neat so'.id patterns w j t h beading at znp, 25^' and 29c the yard. esses yard. nsparent Organ dies, p u r e white, smooth and and $LDO tie ard. Stop for a Minute at the Valentine Booth Conveniently located just inside the door and wolJ stocked with valentines of every kind. A card to remind TOUT so.dier her m training that you're thinking of him A valentine for your friends at home who appreciate the spirit in ^vhicb it was sent. Valen- UDCS mav be addressed and mailed ricfct in f h r department. The Feature of This Sale Three Lots--Chemise Drawers and Petticoats Dainty, full fashioned garments, marie of dependable white fabrics in a variety of popular styles. Pretty lace and embroidery trimmings. Repnlar :it G9c, S.V. $1A". $1.50 lo SSJ0. Itednrrd lo .we, 75c, 51.10, ?1J!S tu $8.15. Corset Covers Made UP m good quality nainsook and longcloth with Uce, embroidery ard medallion trimmings. Kegnlar at Sftc, 50c, (iuc to $1.25. Reduced to 2S)c, -ISO, Me to Joe. Gowns Nainsook, longcloth, and cambric, wnb lace, embroidery, beading, nbbdn and me_ clatlion. inmmings. Uegnlnr at SSc, $1.00, 51.25 to £1.50. JRrttnecd to 7.x% SSc, SI.IQ to $!.£. RELiypBUffl It Soothes and Relieves Like a Mustard Plaster Without the Burn or Sting Musterolc is II dean, ·white ointment, made with the oil of mustard. It does all the work ol the old-fashioned mustard plaster--does it better and does not blister. You do not have to bother with a cloth. Yon simply rub it on--and usually the pain is gone 1 Many doctors and tmrses use Muster- ole and recommend it to their patients. They win gladly teil you whit relief it gives from sore throat, bronchitja, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pams and aches of the back or joints, sprains, | sore muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the chest (it often prevents pneumonia). 30c and 60c jars; hospital sire $250. Ocenpy Kist Home, fr. and Mrs. F. A. Tarr have moved from St. James park, into the residence of N. A. Kist at Dawson. They will occupy the property during the remainder of the winter months. HunUog Bargains 1 You will find them in our ad. columns, | Patronize those who advertise. Big 15c Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening · Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. , Clean, ' Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. AST) TOMOEROIf KING'S FEATURING TUPFY GIBBS, The Blackface Knight --And th ALABAMA QUARTETTE Present the Original Musical Comedy On the Screen--WILLIAM S. HART ;n "Prowlers of the Plains. HITE LIN TRANSFER ooooooooooooooooooooeooooo ASTD STORAGE. Motor Truck Service To All Parts ol Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. WJICOXS. MO VIS a Aff HOHTIKO PIASOS 4 6PECIAI.TY. I Ofllee 303 E. Gr*p« Ail, T , rt~,.

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