The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 24
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 24

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 24
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I t; ii t i ' 1 ' k I DEAR DORIS: The letter from a fellow stepmother. Jungle Jennie, caught my tyt. In my experience, the one who needs counselling is the father. A pediatrician toUJ me that, the stepparent should! be the one who jives 'the treats'! but the real parent should tee to it that Ottm,Rall irMMl Mtyl Ft 1964 Ml kM tt rtfl Mar sHf. Mttt rttMt f t44fn wimium m mmwf t Ht4teiff tovitaUM m Mt frasa lis aIHel Wh 9T lrm4 lax oersnaaay KiA iMl Olfl MtiaTkT 0r. iMataaMriM A(iNf, OtUaw Of. Urlex Multtkai tmwr mttU4 9W iMma, aaft It MejM AUGUST FUR SALE bei. and now my husband admits that had he had confidence in my judgment and in my desire to be a good mother, our girt would have a nicer personality and be able to hold friends. Instead she has always new acquaintances; and continually irritates people by her careless and sometimes rude manner; because her father did not she was smaller, and be obedi ent to either of us. These girls of Jennie's should be encouraged to mix into other people's homes and we how other children are made to behave; and they should be encouraged to entertain school friends at home. They-should be tent to dancing classes -or -swimming Or riding classes so that plenty of happy activities with other, children will teach them how they must behave to get along1 with others.' ; ; ' My husband would not let ours do various things lest the mix with Undesirable children or injure herself, in spite of the doctor's encouragement that 1 was right. She . must have felt very frustrated at times. It seemed unreasonable to me to forbid her to do things, but people who have not been Jn this position at I have, simply do not understand that stepparents have a point of view too. , ... So many people assume that the fairy tale type of stepmother it the only kind. At a social worker, you know only too well what real parents can be like: not all are good to their children! But if the father will not co - operate with the stepmother very soon she would be wise to have them placed In a good boarding school to they, will get proper training. Believe me, I know. I tried love," , as you say, but. got nowepere ben cause no rules, "Anetfcee Stepmother. : I - couldn't- agree more. Thanks (or this helpful true story. ' .. ' : - (Stepmothers: Could yna tell; Doris your point of view 'and maybe helo someone' else? Wr te to her. In care of The Ottawa f Journal,' enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope for private reply.) ; Journal Wank quick results. , A :. .. LOOK MARY JANES I . Cozy quickies I whip 'em up for practically pennies to go with slacks, robe. ' Merry "Mary Janes" teens' college set's favorite. Just one . pattern part ' for uppers plus sole. Pattern 7322: pattern, S, M, L, XL included. r Thirty-five cenu (coint) for this pattern (no (tamps, please) to Alice Brooks, care, of The Ottawa Journal, Reader Mall Ltd, 60 Fron? 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My husband now relizes that had he followed , my advice, my stepdaughter would not now, be, a selfish, disobedient IXu year - old., who want to " be ' paid for everything .she does and always wants more. If the stepmother it to do -all the work and bear all the strain of raiting the children, she should be able to make the rules and be obeyed. Love alone will not be enough. Any-, one expects a little friction in discipline between parent ' and child and thinks nothing pf it. but let it be a stepparent, and the inexperienced immediately assume that the child is being lit . treated. Parents should consult in private, and then present a united front. In Jennie's case .the father should be shown that he is harming the children by letting them grow up without respect and obedience for their stepmother. Otherwise, no mailer how " hard the tries, and no matter how good her intentions are. and how long her patience, the stepmother it wasting her time, and getting a lot of frus-t ration and misery for nothing, -jr.. : Believe me, I have done my F77 1 Mr 1 1 1 1 . ..VERSATILE it the word for - this - - sleeveless - skimmer. . Dress up its simple tinea with a. colorful flower leaf Jacquard cardigan for cool days. Both are Catajina designed In 100 per cent virgin wooL s 1 ' ' EASTVIEW . Shopping Centre ' Montreal Road at Riverside Drive Where something good ' MIS iV Cathl TT-' lt tuna 11. ;nmi V v Another Popular Priced Grouping of Fine Quality at onl ,$49 . . ; a wonderful . grouping of fun . . . each one priced utt under 300.00. And )ufl ' look at the selection available. Come in and. choose yourt now while they lart. . Persian Lamb Coats dyed Black or Brown with Contratting Mink 1 Natural Grey Persian Lamb . --Plain or with . 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