The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. TIIE DAILY COURIER CONNEIiLSVXLLE FA. FRIDAY FEBRUARY 8 ITOs The crowd vas growing It pressed elwer, pleased at the boy's delight, truly tfcey were participating in «r-at fhings. A small cheer and mnay , jm Ics followed the UTtias Q£ the dog Ihrongh the open window of the car-' rlage. And the dog was rarely a dog to be proad of Already It shook baads ^vltii the crown prtnce. . Perhaps, la that motley gathering Eh^re were some who viewed the scene with hostfle eyes, some who saw not child gloving with delight over a Sift, but one of the hated ruling fam- fli, a barrier, aa obstacle In the way of freedom But If such there were *hey were few It was. Indeed as the terrorists feared The city loved Che fa y Annondata, followed by an irritated HUda, came ont of tb« shop Hilda's ft ardrobe bad been porcfansed, and *as not to her taste ' Good heavens," cried the archduchess, and stared tnto the carnage. "otto r **He Is mine," said the crown prince fondly **He la the clererwrt dog. He can do all sorts of things." "Put him oat," "Bat he is mine" protested Ferfl- paiKl William Otto "He is a gift a hat gentleman there. In the cortlurcy Jacket--" 'Tut him out," said the Archdneheaa Annrawnatm. Th«re was notMztg else to do The crown prance did not cry He Vaa "Lemon and two lamps,* 1 muttered the crown prince "That's jNikkr'a, Hedwig. Give it to him, please" went a trifle pale as their touched. But he tasted his tea, and pronounced it excellent. Prince Ferdinand WUllam Otto chattered excitedly He told of the dog, dilating on Its cleverness btrt passing politely over the mnnner of its retnru Now and then Hod wig glanced at he was not looking, and. whea they «rs of tlie family, ho saw that they touched her remotely, If at all. All the said, when Jflfcy flatbed, waa "I might hme known it Of comrw they would st me, as they did 1 the others " Btit a moment later she TOW mnd threw out her arms, "How BkUlfGl they are I They knew about Jt It is all R part of the plot. They m»d* yon promise never to aeaert Otto, «o that their arrangements need not b* Interfered with. On, I Itovw them better than yon do They are all cro«l It IB the blood," That evening the Princess Hedwlg went unannounced to her grandfather's apartment and demanded to be allowed to enter A gentleman In waiting bowed deeply but stood before the door "Jour highness must pardon my reminding your highness," he said firmly 'that no one may enter his majesty s presence without permission.' "Then go In,' said HedTFig In a white rage "and get the permission The gentleman, in waiting w«nt In verj deliberately because MB dignity was outraged The moment he hud soldier's eyes were on her ie young withotrt ghe wm ^ 6ome ,, annoanced tte whU6 hfl ^ , t Hed WBS thlnt[ng Wu lt p,,.^,, that Nlkky ot eve-y one should have been chosen to carrv to Karl the marriage arrangements? What an irony ' 'W hat a Jest 1 It "was true th«re was a cfcange in him Ha looLecl robdoed, ahnoet sad "To Karnln T she asked, when Prin« Ferdlaend William Otto bad left th* room. "Not-- exactly " "Where, In KarniaT' ·1 ended," NlfeJcy gazed at Mm her elbows propped on the tea table '"Then, she said, "I think yon know " *TC knew highness,* 1 "And you havo nothing to soy?" Nlkky bepin "you know what I would sav And inoda too proud He thanked the | timt I caonot. To take advantage of tlooor again carefuUy aod regretted | Otto's fancy for me a chfldTs liking to that be could not accept the dog. He Bald it was a wonderful dog, ami just j gone however Hedwlg flnng the door open, and followed standing a figure of tragic defiance Inside the heavy curtains of the Ding's bedroom "There is no ose saying you won't »ee me, grandfather For here I am They eyed each other, the one It mtist bo told, R trifle uneasily, the other desperately Then Into the king's eyes ciime u flash of admiration and Just a gleam erf amtjsement. "So I perceive/' he said "Come here, Hedwfg A sister of charity was standing bj th* king's bed She had cared for him through many illnesses In the intervals she retired to her cloister and read holy books and sewed for the poor The sister went out, her black habit dragging but she old not eew Some time biter she heard bitter crying In the royal bed chamber and the king's tones, soothing now and very sad There is a higher duty than happl ness" he said. There rrre greater things than love. And o»e day you win know this "When she went in Hedwlg hid gone and the old king lying in his bed, was looUag at the portrait of his dead violate the confidence of those who placed m* here -- I am dotag tbat, every moment" "What abont mer Hedwlg asked. "Do I count for nothing? Does rt not the »ort be liked. And the carriage drove away He went back to the palace. Trad finding that the governess sGU had a j matter at all bow I frel, whether I am headache, settled down to the burnt j happy or wretched ? Isn't that as im *vood frame. Once he glanced up lit fportant a* honor"'" tbe woolen dog on its sbelf at ttw top of the cabinet. "Well, anyhow," h* ·aid, sturdily, "I still bare you." CHAPTER XL Aa a **an May Uwe a Woman. Hedwig came to tea that afternoon, She came In .softly and defiantly, for 'she was doing a forbiddeo thing, but Prince Ferdinand "WUHam Otto had put away the frame against socb a contingency He had, as n matter ot fact, been putting cokl doUis oa 3Csa Bralthwaite s forehead. "I always do tt" he Jnformei Hed wig. M I like doing tt It give* me something to do. She likes them rather dry 90 the water doesn't rax down her neck** Had 3Css Bralthwaite not been fiJ Hed wig- woold hare raited tiiinifs OTCT with her then. There was no one else to whom she could go Hilda refused Nitty flong out Ms hands, know," he said rapidly "What can t tell yon tbat you do not know a thousand times'* I lore TOO. Not as a subject may adore his princess, but as a mtm loves a woman," She drew herself up ""Lov*'" she said. **I do not call that lore." **It is greater love than you Jinow," snid poor Nlkky But all bis courage died a moment later and his resolution with it, for without warning Hedwig: dropped her head on her hands and, croachlng forlornly fell to sobbing. *I counted on you,' she aaid wfldly ' And yon are like the others, Vo one ' cares how wretched I am. I wish t might die," Tben indeed Ntkky WM lost In an instant be was on his knees beside her, his arnu dose about her his head bowed ajpaiost her breast. And Hed wig relaxed to his embrace. When at last he turned and looked op at her. e i und ed twfcrmi n4ne raot to the .e of bet,iru Ji^ts contain-ing two aortas ytrk-t nnsaaure baJn^ the aeuna U uon^ oy»,d to Se^. uel VJoklo-n by ,d o£ OuJA^al Jobi, and silc da-tad Ocl D j.3lfu itud rx;urdi in Jecd L!otk Vol. ld al pu^tj 2»1~ aiul being: the mu:ne lot of which the aaid Sarruel W NlUtlov, uonvoyLd to U u JaJd i-ydia J "McJtiO-7* j cited dated 2tla,roh 12 1UOS and rL-corded. In Uio Hecorder a Ottlce u£ iu.ttLe Gua-ty Peamulvania In Deed Book -iK paffu ITi, and upon wb-lch la erc«-tod a Rood friuiije dwe i IJIK bouHO of four roojroa , Seized and ta,rn.n in execution as the property of thti, Lydla Nick 3oif at tiio aiiit of Samuel ajjd Hejyter \ "Woods Plajtford I'Jrilllps Lttorneya (.er f i I Jfo. Ko 23 March TtJrm 191S h, -D Sur Jud-gtneirt. No 132 March Twin 101S AU Hi a t cor- _aJ n pJ ece or parcel o£ land being: and lying in the Borougtt or bout Iirowj«svill Co-nnerij Bridge jxr Count} of Fayatte and State of Peons} vanla murt ptt.rticula.rly bounded and described sa follows truDfiljg 1 fifty i^O) £eot on UIL east sidt. of Clover Street in iw.ld lioroug-li and running bacl o L hundred fifty (160) feot or ccore, e\en ~wid h to land own ed by Jajnftb lAWiciLa-ter on J u y JO 1004 the wij» the loc faercbj described was deeded to said JBJIIS La.nCA»to- by A O Ixck.hart and t ounUcd on Li"e no-rtJ b j nod for/nerlj of Jie said Ijickhart, on the souljh by oilier and of said A D bochhcj-t on tho east b/ oJior Jard of Jmt*, I^an caster a^ afrceaJd and on the wca b Clo\er Street Reserving, ind e\ce-[blrvg- the COIL} un ·ierl vine ajJd tr tct of lowl tosjtjbhO" with Uie muUnff rlg-bts aa h^a-vo been heretofore conveyed Being 1 th P aa,mo p loco or parcel of land that i\as con\ o ed lo the sn-i-d hart fti Aforesaid ] apd Ti ly 30 100-j and reoo^dod in tfir Recordc" s Ofllce of .Tavot t. Ociuiity in IXod Book Vol Seized ind tn.hen in etecutkm as the proport^. of the drfcn lant j3amc3 Lan C1.HUM- at the suit of Pa,tj^_lla B-oth er*t Don t knock ConnellsvilJi) by seud ing yo\r- money out of town for your job work when The Courier company can do it here at home Let us gi^c you pncea ito eonrfder the prospect of nimrrlage it was Bedwlf wbo bent and as anything but pleasurable, and be- I Mm. tweec her mother and fieawig tbera "\t least" she whimpered, "we hare had ne»er been any close relation- ^ tbte. Wft can arway« remember, ·TMP- whatever comes, th*t we have had But Mlw Braithwtte toy raotkml««, g^" her face set In lines of suffering and ' But NIkky WM of T*TT human etuft after a ttoe Hedwlg rose uod tiptoed ^nd QO t a the sort tb*t may Uvu by «rt of the room. jnenxiries. He wa» Ttry haggard Prince Ferdinand Wimam Otto waa I -when he rose to hi* feet--haggard, and BANISH CATARRH flrcathe Hyomrt fnr TITO IHant^N nn«J StKAnl Tp Head M1U Oet nelfrf It you want to g-*t relief from ca tsurh cold in th hotd or f r o m irrl at ing cough in the shortest time brearhr Tt will clean out your head In t^ c minntes and allow yon to breathe tr*? Rvomel will md a cold in on* dn\ I t ' w J U relieve jou of dl^E'itstmcr snuf f , hawfclnp splttlns 1 and on*' i nm\c 1 ooxh ! tn a week : Hyorne} IB m uJp ch t,fl from a «ooU Inc be-vlmg: Kerm k i l l i n g .uiUieptic thit comts from The eacaJyptaB forcn of inland Australia whe-e catarrh T.S tbma and cotiBumsptlon ·wer*' nver HvomcJ lii ple«sT.nt ind feasj o breathe Juat pour a *pi* drop-s u o tho hard rubb* r Inhaler use aa dlr^t ed and relief in almost cert-Un : A comDlcte flyomel outfit incturt t\K inhaler and ont. bottle of H j c met c «n but lit lo -vt dn^Mjrt^ evprywht-rp And at A. A Clarke s If \ o« alreirtj o-w n ; ·ui inhil««r vou can %· an ortn. hot t^e of Hyonvl i.t drcKfrtsta C F KeCo^er A-Cto-rney fiw^n^ P ilay v^ Nicola OioUi il^ts NjcoU Crottl Sur Judteancnt No Ql J u n e Term lif F Pa, to No 32 Mftroh Tem 101S E D A i l Uie ri^rht t i d e inere*rt, and elaJT of ti\* ddfendAr in and ull tha-t cert itn loi "viete o- a-aot * land 'Jit uo.1 in "Vtenallen tOTVpghip i ^.jctte t Dumt 1*0. nwj Jvnnla inj bounded and tp-sprrlhtMi as ToUo-w =1 to Vr.H ScBln Inp it a p.-!nt n line o' lin-d now or f. rmtrlj of Thomas Caasadj and cor ncr o* K n l of Jaint-s "\foityfl t eJsra thence b said McCfiv Uuid boutli ·''' dtgrofcs Da»t 4^8 fe«jt to a point, at mde of a T*u1)Hc rnnd tfaenoe b ltn» of Raid rOiXl Sc rtii r doRre«* «.nd ^12 m i n u t e s Baa* 30-i f u e l to a DOIT at In tws«.uon of a private road with wfd Public *xad thfticp alonif sctld pri"v»te road Son^A 53 d»gr"cp*i and 4T minutt-« W««t £3'' fep-t tx) -i fftako thoncc by line of la-nd of Gastu\ ^hner Corm«r 1 ovf" ed bj ElffJtnor b«^ke North 23 deffr^afl and 7 m l n u t p q W**st BS2 3 fw»t to a sUvko In Un« of land of t«Jd CXe- aa/ly «.nd tiionce b c-vhi Ciuutuiy tuid Nprth 80 d^gre js Kaat i3IJ fftt to the place ot beR-innirnv Containing Tbree 1 a.n.1 t.w«lvo-flunJrevitJifl (3 J 2 acr«e I Exc*pttG.K and r »«:--in}., hj»w«ver j n. I of Ji" coal of the rviive foot Here's the shoe opportunity of the season If you have bought Shoes at anj of our previouB sales, y"ou have certainly been -waiting for this announcement--the chance to save your Shoe money by spending it It's Your Shoe You don't need any explanation--you know -uhat to expect You krunv that you can buj a pair of the Best Shoes made foi lest, than the} are \\ ortb So much less that many of our patrons buy two three and sometimes four pair at one tune The profit and in many instances a large portion of the cost of the Shoes is sacrificed Better come early while lines of sues, are full aid Lasts for 10 Days. Ho Approval and Strictly Cash. 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OLtWFOKD AYEJfUE, CO^ELLSVILLX, PA. bouU -- J lacK of W B bant IM T.n- In ami underlying J ^ortlx 17 deere the above desert jo 1 plrfe af la,rwl with ^ * 41 a ^ lu i r · 2w t£jt l! a"£*Jm^Mi r m 1 ^**"^rom* tUT I U , e . 1aat ^ nor ^f^i*** to %V 1 llaxn H Boj d iio.tod ^pril I I h 1 X)0 vnd rt*c rd,tM bi th« Pecorrler H O''Ve ?' 1* «.yec*o Coun4 1.1 11 I"*exi Kook V j i~T pa4,e li~ Lp*jr SA d Above dtvtribed lol of lane, are e-«xxtx;l a fri-r^o rf-HClllnfi 1 house one LE t one hiill *KI-\ tn h ijffh. A rtii a nH3hen oue-fttorj a.l»« a c*i4ck5n hou»^ PK pen Jtjd aUiijJc ISelni? thti JKUHC [ 1 "C3nil"*^B ihtLt ~V !1 lU-rt 1 M Ha-f rd con-'.fje^ o t4d Mci^la Olottj with rt t tiaim. spf PM N-lOfTla Cro-t t b ^ i T f j Lhe ssvruo person bi d^M da f 1 \fa-r i I t|i I'M" and r xyi .hvj in T r- v rrt,nal t offlci In I»(.ed liook Vol " w jw-iKt t^ Sclz i ind tAk^n in ei cutian is the I roport^ o* th » d f e n Iin Nicola Clot a aJi-ui N t c o l a Y ( U i at the suit of . i Bra-re nwoth Tfas doggedly set. -I will e yoa Tip now" he sold. of course. Bnt as he h* reaUaed their facility cy^ he to^^ ^ her were M claimed her, without hope. For excited. Tea had already come, and on the rare occasions wbes the governess was HI. It was his privilege to pour th« tea. "Wkky Is coming/' be sdd rapidly, "Kid the three o£ 118 wfll bsive a party. Please doet teE me hcnr yon llfes yoor there wmi^Kf^csjxL te«, and se« tf I can ronembui'* j Hedwlj?, with Bhlntoe eyea, w«» al- Tery -wen, 3ear" Heiv1s said ready planing, gently, and went to tbc window «w« wUl go rwny, Nftky" sbe wiid, JHkJty entered alaxwt Iitim«!lafcniy Jte a matter ot fact, nlthonsh he ·bowed no trace ot U, NIfcfcy Had been havto^ an extremely bad time since his retnrn; the chancellor, who may or nmy not hare known that ^ils heart was breaking had gtren hira a very j severe scolding on th« way bade from Wedeling. It did NIkky good, too, for It roosed Km to his own defense, and mad« him forgt, tor a few minutes anyhow, that life wa« over for Mm, , and that the chancellor carried bjjs ' death sentence In his old feather dispatch case After that, arriTtag in the capital, they had driven to the little office tn a back street, and there Hlkfcy had roused himself again enough to give a description of Peter NIburg, and to give the location of the house where be lived. Bat he stamped again after that ate no dinner, and spent a long Hh t-me In the place, staring up at AnnuncJata's windows, where he ha3 once seen Hedwlg on the balcony Then, late in the evening Nikfcy *vas fommtoned to the klng*^ bedroom, and came ont pale with fal^ shoulders very square He had received a real srtgSJag this tlroe and even contemplated throwing himself In the river Only be could swim so damnably well» Bat he aad the aatnral elasticity of Youth, and a so-t of persistent belief la bis own Inct, rather IDcp the chan- Sheriffs Sales. will bt BXp-OJM\i to; by 1 Hxiwarrl, buenff of iaye^tt Cu hatardio- ALurck 2»d IDI*^ U 10 o ciooit A, 3i a. tiio Court IT UnionLOTm by virtue of tjhe rtatcd wT-it i-Mued t»ut of ihc L- Common Pleaa of t ayeo*. 8h* Safd. ,, . . , .. It imist Da aoon, bwatae other-, rt cenor*s confidence In seven aa a ncm- "Wo WTM Go Away, Nfkfcy, ber--a confidence by the way wlifch the countess conld eaalJy ha-e shaken. So he had wakened the ne -t morning rather cheerful thnn otbenvtse and l over a breahfagt of broHe^l ham had refused to- loot ahead farther than the day That afternoon, In the stady. NEHcy hesitated ^hen he sa^ Hedwlg. Then he came and bent tow over her hand. And Hetfwig- Iwoao. -* erery la- etinct yearned to touch his shining Brownfield Goods ei» Jc Mclriniets So 41 itajx^i To-m, I91f? fc D " J fcttevtf en« now tor che j^t. oi WillJ^m s *t»G£«l v« (jl\\ tr 1 blHley duTeadJuit and An sit L. S in.) Itro tona,ttL. i i C\L Sur Jud^m*xn.t NO 25" September Tcctn 1^1 ( A 1 tht. rlsrht, ULle InLGrtaH juud cl*Um of Uc detfendsLzrtJt ii aixi to ^J1 Uaax ci3Eiui,iii lot or tr».ct o£ ]an 1 rjAtng 1 *iad b u n t ait^i ttt in r'errj town sD,ip Fa/t(e Counts £tnJ State j' aa follows to TV^L tU a atone on lino oC tie FiDtart/urjrh and Umontovrn road Lhonce liy LB.IK* i OUrlsiophLr G. Martin N o r U i "J d gre« 15 taimr e* -uast 439 feet to lino of Ja d Company tht,i*;e b y an-rno No-ti' S5 d( grees !»; annutea W ftsi U lee* u a poln.^ th snce ^out. 88 t.e ffreea 4C m nut(-y West 17" 6 foot to a ·ytrxt t-hcnce by }find o' Chriatopxier C Martin South 34 dbereea 15 -dnutca Ke«t 6^3 1 tv**t to a point on line of te J-4r-sbiWkh "^nd Uniontovwn road t-hencp n on^f Line of » rod North T2 de gre«i 30 nrrtmrtcR Kast. JO 5 to a poin Jiemco by sajtl rod "North Tl deuroea Eafi 200 tfftt to tHc plac« oC b cfln reins eoirDaiirlng 3 acre more or 1cm; Siceptin.g' and Rcaerirtrtff howe^ er thereout and fierofron all the coal In ind underlying the said d*-crfbei1 trwet 0"f land. T^o above described tract hfein«r part of the tract ot laid dftvteod to CStri»tcniier C lf«j-t n by hifl fittiier VliUiaan Martin b hla will Th« eaone b^Jng- rscordtd hi the Recorder s Ofllce ttt Unlontown l«*are-t e County Pennsylvania refererce boinff thereto U Trill mare Suliy appear Thrfl in e-octed upon the above de BcrttJed. lot a two 3torj fra-mo d^eltins n OU»B and oth er out±)ulldins E«tzed and tlcen in oxeoitrton aq tho property o.f the defPidiuits a the au-lt J tcvens now for the use S Shekel Ter-n PI F! No I I- P Kaah Attorney ! The Srvit daJe So,* ^*r^ and Trust t i»p4i.n-v v^ \V I Hur»t and Fuller i I 4^ itt 3- K. i3jrio ^ i \\ 11 IJ-oJii IXaj 1 I kUiH ard h ulJ*-- flofT^'t'' AliaA 1 I ra No V !»!. t i ·Irm 1014 and I LI*^' M*roh Te-m l c lh F D bur J U, omerxi Ivo I All fit 1^ !«. titl^- In*«"-t. t tnd clairr of the def ro-intt n and Lo the follow ITWJ lew r I *x! p b IVU.CA to Wit *ne8T-- 4.H thost. c^ Uttn Jiree loci Ottj of "Lnlon own P t j e t t e Gruin-tj i'a frontitit, or G a l l t 1 ^ ^ e n n e a» 1 k.n )vm tn U-« plot o* lots I i J ut ti r M Sa ^-t rn-l n l h -uULitlon ^ the Zforuug-h of U Jomtown in lot» Nos **_" 4 and f more pn-rtlcu ajlj d scribe** b mfstti and h j u m U i*» fo - ! HnjrtnjUmf ^t a pjint on tb^ hr.u*t bide I o£ (j«.lla in Vve uc ct- r Iron Bridfa^ I (MI l i n e of ian I of J xnm CnUU-bhej- *ienc(. ND-Ua-«ard-l j^lon^ ( al a-tfi I Wen-u 1'tj re t to a uHt-j hence | feet to Jiii-rtAier illt j a-t i tffht ang^lfts to j ftrn alley ihenct. South tlon^ s*a.(d Isuit | ntunM vllcy - ^ 3 4 ftet to ftod 'ormcr ] !**t to a. wtsiJcc thcK't. 16 lULnutes £htat 6 ftc' :e b sudd j-Ue NoiH± lutes W»at 116 feet to I u Ve» Uilw 0£lt.t: f o o t ivll ^ (,-j poi bj said fifteen foot Oojifcaf, ·Wrccw Vr esf* *U ft,fct o let»i inJrvjj liLi-fS I ic s**jiit, td-dit. I d LO satd i- ullt. Ux ytcDc j er deceased bi d*.od ISth : in rwd l^ook No 314 pa*... tO" 3S2 tJ Eiceptlntf ou 1 reB«rvlng however ! a j j A i /uilirwlai tlet J '"lil»txi txjurta tb*-r».^' 1 crc rjcorai ' Lofor* o o n v c e j by atUd Jullta liof^ Vol JiX" [ri,t, tl l l j Robert MJ tlif-^o UK! »Ufe b dt^d Tl)tK-e J* crec EM! i ntfed Oc 2C ] 9 J 1 " 1 r cordct' n %c- rtj -d !o a LW t s Ijrod Bock N o ' I S P=Lfc,e (K bounded h us and dc^crfj d Jt« 'ollowi *** i »d ajid t.i-ki.1 H* 1 ^on* 1 ng" "vt a. ^oint tn 111 c ci 1 srud jvr j urt t ' tt L 1 - lij^»at L. c I ii» M ti, o*£ i. Utt -i-T 1 f K o f *" I* N iur_ t Xllftj U'M/IO^ "^outi ". J 4 fK^rtc* fcrfi'st 01 1 - f f - e to A -*ULkt tl -nce vluiis ' in 11 1 - f"tt a U y Vwrtn i 1 C di, cct. W#-»t -i ft.*' to a »take theno« jJuuK* T.ll?5 North (^ duj, rco« lvA*t ol fe t -O a. s oiu t) cnte NorUi I" J r^rfrc^ 4^ nflnotf-a c«LAt U 'G L ) a.n j.1 lev uioQ--e by Un iJ o Noah - I 4 teen 'oo-t wi«lt the tt. b MOJd ii 5 to a post n i.n al CN Jicnoe '-"o ( _ ) j erchtas to a. yutri kien ten U O j it.rJiuK to a pa*, i UK. btroet U snce b ^ u t h T"wo ncs to ULe place of Ln-Kinmiit n p one etyr-t' .tcre nion. or fhlfc U e Southern all or U- 'et to «t tt»w H * ( 21 foot alley Sou ed t - u i_ !^Uj b j I ot No -o a-iul i the wes j\ at now or f r*j % e*-]j j TJ» mas BrowjifUd It beir, the KJ | lit ur trat,t ( £ lujid «invcM.J lo 4 HClc-w3 and wi L M lei 1 0 L cveJ t laa Jora fa ua.r\ S*.: UOl aid tordt," C Wiot i f Payette Counl\ f,t -0 -vud lot hoi- erec ed Uioron a t w ^ f"ai»e IwcUint and ou bui u ar u\ !J»sxJ 1 tied t.'C^ib uid rix ord H! Nov.inb( Ut,xl i/m K \ n i n p- onvcj ^d t isa Dor Su stone her hut iijn'i o ^^ D d duicd \Li -^ t 1^10 hint -Is 1 H U DcoJ t b ized and taken in cTo^-ution pro-* rt\ of the di fundant \n h-Til aL t t. fe nil of Kurucz Gto little B Brownie d term 1 Hi, A l l the of placx of b u r t n n l n f i ·vnd c o n t a i n i n g ?3frl iKjua-re f t mnro u-r Uvw aj L I i n R rrtpcwod of "arts of IfHi DO" ^ t- «H! t.Q M u l l KogwJtt t PI --i \\ J Intis" i r r i 1 t»twuid n.nrl b j Fj:*ouLor 0* Jw 1 Ft (.U\af,hor lecfttJMid i* "i iov reci ed .Tht. jrar^ ^i a-bovo dow-H -f 1 to t,rjLhof cirrvvriHi iv-h-it lo k i xwn as uh« Pu ler lloj, it "fisld^n* e pr port} and Ln rf* !** r ( tti*l heir -o rrp o IAI"KC modern ilane- n HMI f CtTai~e and *thf out b i id r-rs Sf ired ind Laktii In C X P C i t i n n of L-ie property t f tho d* f n 1 int* "W Ru-Ht ant! F u l l e r Ho«ri,^t «nd same -vs William T f i - n k l n s in 1 FulV- Hf csf It at the imlt. of he "^ottdilc SavinhH Tounj, Tru 1 ! Coanpauy nf Ooniiella ville la \ s Jo? Ji t.eorv e \1 d k k r gavotte Cc unt-v I^ ·Vo lAloroJi It-izn IMP DEBC£UPTKN OF PROPEPTY AU tha-t ctwta 11 tract or lot of 1 a, t.i rtnuw it I lau uf luund l_i c.j- dwl - pi4,e I KTUld C oy fl-id Uorou^li tii ajid k n o w n intereat a. d claim u aiul tU the iu ow ·1 i J L-vW.Ua i^ la.Ji4 lo v, it U ut t c r i u l u ^t t-f tr ui^ IK Ji?roufc.n oJT i^t u-uun % s l o t N t,LUS IVAliH. b in BLuU out b} The 1 B c I Arurnp% J f b rt t r i w f t rd t^, t i n ^ t I t n r k^-r t A Mc onnick ^v^dO'ft H r r C Mcvon icK J tmes A McCormicli Mr( muck Citiz.eih ^HJe . Tr t Compan\ f-uardian f Blanche M M I Co-" ick Gcort,o nd Ti^-i-j Mccorr-icK ·wdow o" C^arlts K McCornicK Mort } 1 Fi No 3_ Ma-rh Terra, 191R I* n Si.r Judgm it N o 210 Mjuxh Ter-i J O J 5 Ml those hree certain lo s of I-MJ 1 , i wn street 'n l i e CH\ of I n u n i o ^ i j r - i T . t . t L e ctiunti Pt_imsvl\ania, and f c r k n o w n as purp rts No? 5 6 ; o u n l j in this- t t . « ICdA ^ ,d 1 uj i \ t as-, is J o j U B xk s icpaji i iJ re i n V =111 HLK K _ JO Drouth "J dei?"ie« West !«0 ''eot to ner af lot io 1 theaco boaih 5 1 1 leg-roefi We^t 4 h foo to a po»t hence 87 3 4 dw? ec-« "Worn 0*2 fco to the o-C l Oallatln Avcmuo. Excepting" and i-eaon Ing- however all J»o jvterot*' i« lot No 2 vJld to the S^ato Lino Rai Roa^l Co by dood dated Fobiuar? 2*? IBS" and rocorderf in Deed Book No 64 PJLE 6 r SECOND--Also all that certain lot of groead sJtuato In the clti o^ Uirion unvn afor*w«,ld eonUeuous to the n.r-*t abo\ Q described lot of frronnd to vrit Beg-JunlDg at. ^c corner of a stone \v\tl on lot first iJiove described and in lino of rL#ht of T\a\ of he State Line Hall Road Co njid r u n n i n g thence Fast ward a ong the line a- said rVg-ht of v,a.y uirtJii [t intersects the Uae of lot ot £3mily V ^turgreon th enco runnJng- No-rJi along- aaid line of land of Brnlly V Sturgeon prolongiid u n t J l it _n.ter ly £L II Llndsej chenco aloJi^j the I t n e of tho lawt inentionod lot, In a Soutarwe-st direction to an iron pin In the bcutik aTLd beln-g" a corner of lo iTst deac-ibed thooco Jn a Southerlv c'troction about SS *ee»i. to the place of j Connelsvi t Bo-rougji (uov, C l t ^ ) I tv j L-f'e Comvtj I on'na, boundtvl and do stcrJbed a* to lovrs to wit Bounded m the t*wr bv a l r fooi alley and ex tomlng alonff tho said allej r l 1 *"ect on tlie North by Murphy Avenue and f-cteaaillnpa long saJd Avomic "R 4 feet to lfl.T7d of I loyi Johnolcr on the West by lands of I loyd john-Acm und el ton-din^ aOoTt-iy sadd lands 107 4 feel, be i-ip known and denlRTiatorf ^s Lot No 15 in Plar of B r o w n s Addition U) the Borou-Ri- of ConnfrrsvUl" There is erected on tmtd lo-t a frame dwoilin«- house and ou- bulldiiws Bola^, the fame proml-tes fiat v, ere corn 3 cxi to the said Jo4in Georg-c WaXkar b-j Mary E Boyson dn-d Ha.r rs P Bo^Tfeon her hustoaivd, b; t v e r fleed daAed October 4th 004 and re oopdf^" n the Recorders Office of Fiy oOte Conrty Pa in ree«i Book \ nl 2?6 po-EC 1" mond 1 mr-o\ t,inent CiiMed n said ci i- ftfi-ke 1" j.ud bci Vs ilif. s. int. o grounKl i^ut ^ e frd 10 l^lwa~*d C I b h. *. N H L d d d Led i!a. 3 K» a j I % frt lg 11. r Curdi.J 1 tn. S erut. t,U u( in i o ibovt e ^L» a one y or^ "*i -imp buildji 0 o.nd Uiken in e ev,uUon ai U ** of tl Jt.R-ri'd ui.t at tin. amt A, "\\ ii ere L d - of rt-i eetate of the ch Idrpn i« I on i t ri t.f H F I i e lUn dec*^scd ia * - ·-* t i t l n proceedings it \o ^55 M li-ch rt, T e r i i 18"« n Ui e Court of Oomm n _ PK-vs of a * c u n t v ».nd more parnc f Uir]i 3cscriled is follows se- f-ir-'t L.Ot --BeE-lnniiifc, -v T, co-rncr n nl i Hi ^ now or lit., of arm?*- M" Fi idrttn s )Li j | Jot on th w t « side of Morj intow T lo ! *"'s ^ t f r t 0 '- ^ " ^ !o * corner n ., tt j cf pu p i t N 6 if r^ vid thence ,j t I*, s i n u r tr N north Ci 1 - s L,rte^ V.CM 4 3 4 foe o a c, rn r j t 1hi_nc. It nc: b id pun irt is ^4 deprr a rp . ^ 31 G f 11 o i f c o illei the ~Q ilonp said -\llc\ N d decrees ejst, 4 1 " f c o to a c o i n e r Lh nee alons In .r 1 t of ^jJJia"- AJli"o-i tna ' i-mei. Hidden S jO ("cj,!-- s c-i t ·! 1 -S f t. to I 1 - pi «*o of b t ^ i r n i i r l ii!), purpirt N j j'oru -ill ·^ c i d lot Be I n n i ij. it T. co"n r I 1 nt. of b-u I purpi"t NO ^ on he R M. Cirroll ^ttoniej MJJJ b. U aenberfccr Lxt-cutnx of of Jacob Jlo'Lnbcrijer deceased v s Olareice L Junha,m i-al V JL It. Jjuri a.iu. No JO Mart-h Term l*»ib bar Judb n i t "No 3^" iku-Ui lC"in, A! tJ23.L ocrtoin tract of 3iuid si liat eJ in Henry J"u. T.o\snship Fajt-tte oX 13c ir* J-en Ls 1 Ur HOTIXJ h opaxd and. otifcTi. contain t, wu Jundit-d and eiKl tl ax.r(,i) n»oix or Jta»s Beins: Ihe saj c, 'o of couvej ed fro-in. Ui\ ard. \ anbirewinajj to s=ud da of Jiiiiroh 19- and rocorde^l Ln ilience ilont? -uid tiken in elocution ts the Recorders OJIlce of Faj eite Coun-t in 1 feot lo t. nc in h o' j urp rt NO if rt "aid t h e net. i ong iid ptir- i i r N o N G i d r r c e s ~VV ·)_ 1 _ feet ·L corner t h e n c e hi "tid purport S ^1 d C n i PS "W ]S f c t t to « r f f t illp-v t h o i c p ion}, « n d il c'^ N 6 do Bret's V 3S ° 'eet to ^-v (. ^urpart N o u ihcnce iU ntr said purpirt No E N M dc r? - r 30 G f ct to i como^ tl t,nc i oiif, said purpir ^ 60 dcjrr c-j 2 -j fc* t to the r l«oc of bct,innij t ^ nj. "-aid p u r p i r t Nc E Third lot --BPkinnnt, at a. corn* r in Hi n ot bild. purport No 6 on tin* v?pst J of Morpmtown troc-t the · Llonpr said st-eot S '^ lcjrree s "\\ 1 « l to a point it c ri ti *f ^,1 d Mor- j IT L ·w n street i ia *" u t h stre t U o ce ilon- ii Soj h s re't S 81 U 1 p in art Mo 6 N s4 Book Vol came which WAS of "thnt is what "we cainnot do ** She looked up puzzled, but deat. 'A/*4 why, cowardly Aleaa Ft 10J.S E D Mo 3' Morcb Term I hare given my word to tain with tbe crown prince.' Then, AH tmat certain porcai or lot of tiMtte nca 1 " Mt Bradfiock In Township Fa e-lLt, bent head spoke to him -scry cnlmly Secia S t^t she fftlil did not comprc- j Pennsylvania bonnded and desc-lbed and containing: aboti percht-s was rather distant, a Utfl* 1 cold. "Tou ha\e been away I thlnfc?" ; "For a dy or two, falgimess "And today," he added, reproachfully, "today yon dW not ride." "I did cot feel lifce rtdlug-** EedTrig re'Twad^sJ Jtstle*yOy 'I rm tired 1 thint I ton alwajs tired," hend, he eiplalned swiftly He stood, l f»nowa viz Eoginn ng aa many a man has stood before, be- h^civoo tree at the l-ino o£ a p-lvate txr^ji love and lovalty to hla king. ^ K ±^ ^^^"^^^-.-f^ und ho was soldier He hfld no i choice. 3t uo» terrible to ilm to see tha as he told her of the dangers that 1 pwt Frees \ teot I » tlie child and possibly oth- Weftt, rhree hundred fwejirj nine o a, poart tiicrce Sotitii forty do e r *ari. North fl^t\ de=Tfes Earsl R-eaer\inr however as an easement to the at or Jacob B Gn lagbr over the laud herein convejcd the cellar drain from raid Jot oC Jacob B Galla^-ber attid draVn la not to be used as a privy drain The lots ot ffrouod abo-ve deseriliMxJ ocmati.tJt.liig- to Aether the lets known R$ th e Lin ds ev Property and b atn^r the same prtmiae^ convoyed to as. d Puller HogueU b FLiia "W Ijindeeo and husband by Deed dated May 23 21XXJ recorded 1« Deed Bok No 33-i ptpe 31 _ THIRD--A-lso all that cc-tain p£eco or marcel of ]and slti-ato in t3«j City of Bribed as f o l l o t t s to-wlt BaglnniJig: at L jiolnt in lino of lands above described and the East SMe of a fifteen foo al ej the«co No~th "o c e ProP-t. of the W ^ ^ o r at tho Tru,t -TM-- John c«^. , « suit at I'M Yonsii L. B Browndeld Bli^ts Good^iein . E J iScD fi D Br L. 42 March term 191S BurcMnal va Leoii Pa-rip and N F Kendd-11 Dxecu-tors of Uie Itwit will and testament ot William W nOcld Tapp ahaa W W Tapri do- fe*Lsed and J^oOTia Ta.p.p indi\-iduilly ·vritti notice -o FraoJc Core tenant Jn TX»sw3i*!C'C L*v Fa "5«r Judgment No 12*. Sptomi«!T Term, 1" All thr t, e yt.d by deed of ItiA-o^i ItoiL*T'lt.tT:rtir ttncl Vi ft. to Clarence "43 JJunham d uo! fib : 3 1 i l l ajil recorded m Jetxl Book V o l 111 page _J and U) n ivtiioll Jiere are tr -ottxi a. i,oad arm house barn a-nd oM or outbuildings St-ifed juJil tu.k«n in execution a^ the d(_prf(,s 1 I S " feel t corner m rim" f - « t to tht plic_ { b t g i n n n p b^u g -turi art No if rt-vj-id S u d three otb tf ]-ind bailiff p irt oC Ion iieiri tnd t \ MarR-ir^t Il^llen et U_ bv tho r d« ed recordrd in tho Pecorl t,r s CfTic-c o^ s t i d cc«m-\ granted a^id. ' c j n r e j c d to C i l t b F McCo-TrJck jnd ot-irea H_DU Lu.K«n in L x m u i m u a-- LUC j^ i n o s ^j McCi rmlck ih^ ta T proiye-ty of the defendants Clart-nce ,, , ,,__.,., , h «T- n .- 1 »-. f J'vmes r Durham and Molet Djnhnm al U,, *? °TM l V h ?!!?"? r ,.': ""f* 1 '" ! n - ham and \ 1 -Tilt o£ Mary S Ros*iTberht- T ' F x c c u t r i x of th estate of Jacob ^oaeabf-rpor cctsed. tli v u d On.Jcb T v i h died wizcd of the same ^ei-f^d and taken in c i c u t f o n 13 the P'-op* rt of the d e f t n d n n t s it the fuit uf ltolcr Crawford, interest and claiTj- of tho J')J6 All that certain trac o"l land and lyi n R 1 i n the Borough o: Marlon FayeUP Countj, \s Aa^pad G 3 ill 44 MarUi Term 3 IS T F cnt ^o _G" MircJ Term Conditions oi Sale--Ptn per cem at lnon.^ ( - a sufOocnt bur ^ad.-s-mcnt ^o _G Mirci Term j acrwun t i L\ all ooei^s if tho 10 ]Mir cuit is not cn usto ?haJl be paid to AJ Uiat c^riam lot or parcel of 1 tnd he Shcn t w h e n Jit pr o-t\ h stnck- situate on "^ al"ut ^t cct In ^h ^T 1.11 off Otherwise tlit prn r" v -irili be follov.-jni, MonO«. at Uie oi the Citl of rjnJ'on-town '-old "Van h e-i n Jie e rr Half frf Lot NTo Sevo-teen O") iti the orig-Jnal plan of FViveUc Coun-t lot No 2C in Plaj of John H M-CJcl.-nd ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ . . . . . . . . . . . ....... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - snid Boro-ucrh a.nd boa»nd*d ant 1 de- ! fore and Churlcs r kn Jx^s laJ i « UKm H B o l e on » l v Pli IJJMI-. scribed aa 'ollows viz a po^t OT iTeehanlc Street ( the , ri lot and lot oi Dr L "N BurChdmJ henco along «=fiW UviRfon on W a l n u t s re Mno in a "Western!} Jirctloji tc-n (10) same TV rt-h one at j fo3-rrjerl of Joiin 'viK 'said lot No 2f bou idrd ind da«»cribiy! torn (40) x LTi,L ind -jRk of the j erson to -*^om rt uis s-rcck off w h o m case of k i i ( i e n c \ lr nucii ro-^t-o nf-all make ^ood tho bijne th« bal ince n,f Uie pur c itu,t. montv must I e paid before Wt3 no^la-v ( ' Uit. first v ek tf March Cou-t I'lls the da\ cf adcro-wied^t nd rtinn ng ??ao)c j utjjt of -^ f JJT iet»d(^ ;rtx! fift% fivi; (1 ,} , T1IOMAS U HO 1 ^ AltD

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