The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNE'LLSVTLLB, FRIDAY FEBRURY S 1U1S. THE PJLBAKOOTT, "3CN6HINE AMifr."--THe new Goiawyn picture In -which M»e Marsh. Ue captivating screen star, IB being presented today. "Snnsblne Ail«r" is a story o£ peculiar interest to animal lovers. The rtoty of the play iras written by Mary ,Hl*Br, ttai dramatist and ma transferred to the screen under tie direction ot Jack Noble, vilh the celebrate* magazine illustrator. Brarett Shtan, In charge of tixe artistic mounting. "Snnshiae Alley" is all that Its name implies, being radiant -with optendam and In lUelt a welcome from long series ol sex plays." ifiss Marsh is seen a» Nell Harhost, the- EramMaogiitsr ot an old aian irbo keeps * bird and ^^Tin 1 shop in poor quarters of the city. Her greatest pride is in the ieautiCnl bnllflnch, aod tar that reason her grandcther refuses to sell it -when a magnificent sum is offered for it by Morris, the miniooiaire. Harris makes the offer frcrgeiy because tois automobile ns ittjnred the old man and be wants to xnfce itTM some condensation. But it is the lore tittle Nell'has for her grandfather that impels her to s*U the boBfinch to Ned, tire handsome young son oC Mrs. Afiorris, -when h«* grand- tfa£her*s injuries prove serious and she Is at a loss tor money with which to (ague a doctor. An nnnsoal pease of 3ttiss Marsh, irtx bas been described as 'the gtrl of a thousand f*OM." is satd to 1» in this new play and tt»t is her "little mother" instinct ibroo^rL oat in. a number of scenes Trtth ehOdren. Bobwrt Harron is seen. ia the support of Miss Marah. Get the HaBit of Drinking Hot Water Before Breakfast 8ay» we cwrt look or feel right wtth the iyst»m full of poison*. TKE Millions of folia tathe internally now instead of* Loading their system } with drugs. "What's an iaaliie Data?" | you say. Well, It is guaranteed to per- ! form miracles il ou could believe! tbeee hot -water enthusiasts. There are vast numbers of uaeu and | Tronien who, immediately upon arisin-g; in the morning dnnk a glass of real hot water witli a teaspoonful of Ume- stone phosphate is it. This is a very , excellent health measure. It is intended to flush the stomach, hver, kidneys and the thirty tet of intestines of the previous day's waie, sour i»ile aaiti indigestible material left over in the body -which if not eliminated erexy das, become food for the millions of bacteria which infest the bowels, tbe quicfr result is poisons and toxins wnich are then absorbed into the blood causing headache .bUkms attacks, Soul jbreath, 'bad taste, colds, stomach trouble, kidney misery, sleeplessness, impure blood and all sorts of alhneats. People who feel good one day and ibadly the nerct, but who sinrply can not get reehng right arrc urged to obtain a quarter pouud of limestone phosphate at the drag store. Thu. ·will cost very little but is sufficient to make anyone a real crank on the anfbject of internal sanitation.--adv. "THE IJTTLE GtBL IKA3" GOD POBGOT."--Itrete is an aa- of sns- pense and a consent flow of comedy in -The Little Gul That God Forgot" at the Soissoa. that has i^ven the pftirmis much pleaaure. Tfcis, one of the best plays tie Manhattan Players ba« presented -will be given two more peBtorsnances today. Tomorrow matzoee and night the Manhattan Players wfH produce the oilar- ions comedy. "Cheating the Cheaters" at both matinee and night .shows. Th« sixth week of the eomjanr in Con- neUsrffle -win open Monday, matinee, "with a beauttfol presentation of the new comianioB. -pe.y to "Peg O' My ·Heart," entitled. "Pretty Peggy Moore." Dainty Dorothy Bnrris will appear in the frresistanle pin of the diminutive Irish xoaid -wim emigrates to America- Her jojss and sorrows lornl the basis for one of toe cle^er- CGt plays Cottnens«Ue has seen. "Pretty Peggy OTtfoore" will wm her way into «v«^y ieart. SALE NOW ON MMERMAM FURNITURE » » RUGS "The Big Store Near The Re member Address W. CrawforcAve. Closing' Prittstown- TBCE ABCJtDE. PBXTTSTOWK, Feb. .--Mrs. Roy | Alfcrmion. visited her parents, Mr, and ' Mrs. John Banner of Wooddeio, Satt "onfay. f * Mias Gladys Jticher of Pennsrille' was bere Somiaj- wltfc relatives. Ben Preach WAS home from I.igo- nler with his family over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold AOdnson ot Mt, Pleasant, was here Saturday and SuiKksj" wrth their pereiits, Mr, and Mrs, J, L. Freed. cVfrs. Harry Cra\g of near "Latrohe was here Saturday with, her trts=ter, Mrs. Jeanes. Gngor. Joseph Kough had a (In* stx meutth old hog to die on Fndaj- by cbok- ins on ctry chop Mrs. jiibnun Ridnour visited her Arogbter, Mrs ESnamiel Danneck^n' of Scotfciale Tuesday. isflas Pearlo Wright has enrolled n^ a BtaAent at the PeterMn BwsineR^ College In Scottrlale tor a business cooree ia Dookkee^ing and steno- , "MY WIFE'S HUSBANDS.**--IB the title of a musical comedy that will be presented at tfce Arcade today aisd tomorrow by King's Swtthem Sing- t;rs. It was written by Miss Corrme King vho v^H be seen in the leading role, and It was a two year big production success and this season three companies, are playing :t in tablo*d form. The Southern Stngets have been playing to packed houses all ·week and they deserw the liberal applause they received. It is a good company and "Happy" Gibbs, toe blackface comedian is a whole show in himself. The picture win be "William S. Hart in '"Prowt«rs of the Plains.* Coming next week IB Stone's Twentieth Century Show, a company of 11 people, headed by Andy M-ar- cinn and "Doc" "Washbarn, who were featured with Al G. Fields'" minstrels last season. Another feature is the Jazz Boys' Qnartet. Miss Grace MartKs was a Scottdate sho-pper on "Wednesday. Miss Mrrtle Richtcr of Buchsuwm is pending the week here witte her grandparents, Mr. an3 ?*rau J. L. 'Freed. 1 A miscellaneous shower waa held · Saturday evening at the home of Mr j and Mrs. Samuel Freed of "W-ooddale, J in honor of their daughter, Mrs. "Wll- ham Long, wbo was recently married. Aiboat forty-five guests were present and the evening was very pleasantly spent. The young people received; many hand»orae presents. Ltrnch was gerred. The jroncg peop-lo will make tbeir home with the bnd«'s pared. Try our claeaafled arfrertiseroencs. Thomas Jones of Dunfoar visited bis mother, Mrs. Mary L- Jones oC Cherry Ijane Farm over Sunday. iverything For Every The Leonard Furniture Company in disposign of their finely appointed store and stock to us, did so at a price Uiat permits us to offer to the people of Coanellsville and vicinity the greatest furniture values in years. The closing out Sale now on is our means of giving you these savings--it will be a, star event for hundreds of homes. We must make room for our immense purchases of Spring merciian disc therefore this Closing Out Sale will continue until all the I^eonard Stock is sold. Every piece of Leonard Furniture bears a large tag showing the original Leonard price and our reduced price. Co;ue in aud look, around, you will save a fonrtb, a third or a half All Leonard Fine Period Dining Radically Reduced In the fitrer period furniture the Leonard name has arrays been a synonyme of quality'--there are a number of tbese suites herp for both dining and bed rooms--they are now priced for immediate sale, the reductions in many cases bringing them to a price less than they can be purchased from the manufacturers today. Leonard Davenports and Duofold Suites at Sensational Price Cuts The values of the Closing Out Sale ot Leonard Stock are so numerous as to prohibit specific mention in today's advertisement--there are Htaralry thousands cd them. Among the most Important *we believe are the 3aT«nports, Dnofoida and Suites, AH finish and styles represented. Notwithstanding the skyward leip of mannfac- 1 ·'tiirers costs dozens and dozens of tass and Iron "TfedB go into this Sale. See these lds, note the j.rices and you wUl find them irresitable. The Brass Beds are in the popular Satin fligh and the Iron Beds In. all finishes. TBCE OBPJTErai. ··REACHING FOR TEE MOON."-"Douglas Fairbanks' latest production for Artcraft, now at the Orpheom theatre, was written by Aoita Loos and John Emerson, expressl7 for thft noted star, TTOO fairly revels in the part of Aleils, a youth occupying a Immble position in a ballon factory untfl ho discovered he "was the miss- Ing heir to a European throne. Art- craft has been lavlah with this production, whtc his crammed full of humorous situations asid thrilling incidents. ATHTIOH' SERVICE. OLD CONNELSmiE RESIDENT GIVEN UP BY PHYSICIANS "Given up by five doctors, my only hope an overanon. 1 rebelled on cutting me open, as I am 76 years old. A neighbor advised Iryrns Mayr's WoniJerful Remcxiy for stomach trouble. I got relief right away. I had not eaten for 10 days and TOE as }-el low as a gold piece, I could have Itved only a ferar days bat for Ihjs mtxiicme." It is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes i»racUcatty all stomach, liver and intestinal ailments, including ap- pendteitiR. One dose will convince or money refunded.--adir. Tanner Local Jfan ?f»w in Camp at Bcekicrd, Illinois, Herbert Sanner, formerly of Con- neH«rille. and a son of Mr. and Urs. C. If. Sanner, of Confluence, has enlisted in the aviation service and is stationed at Carop Grant, Rocfcford, HI., as a member of the Fourteenth company. ' Mr. Sanner is a brother of Mrs. H. C. Humbert of Fayettr street and Mrs. John T. Cnrase ot tl.e Smutz apartments, ConnelUwillc. In Good Health. In a letter to his mother Mrs. John J. Driscoll of Coalbrook, Corporal J. Norbert DriBcoll, who is with the field artillery writes that he s In aplendid health and that the weather is oehght- tol. CGAl SHORTAGE rarra ^Vealhcr JCftken Emergency Joli'nes Possible in CFW York. . By Ap^ocJ tted fret*. I HET^V* YORK, Fob 7 --E-norgencr ' dehvenei o/ roal, wltbbeld Tor two L days by zero weather, hai eoablod \ many Victories to con turn o opt-rauons aiid broughft cheer to thousands of homes. "Warmer weather also gave promise ot increased coal receipts from tide witter termirials "Workmen who quit the piers while ' the arctic lem[erature3 prevailed , have returned to work w i t h the re- stilt that rhe barges arc loadod with } greater facilities. J-\ie] administrator and diatributois predicted today that within 48 hours the coal famiue would t»e o-vercome and a start made n ebtabhahmg a reserve supply to ddo over any future em-ergeucy created by the weather. Doctor s a i d , "Bio-feran had done wonders for her."-- URSPOKBESTS JfOT FOUNT). VT, Baton Home. 0, L. Eaton, -who underwent an operation at the West Penn hospital, Pittsburg, has returned home and Is getting along splendidly, boing greatly benefitted by the operation. In Two Dirorco Cases aud Xoticc to Answer Complaints is GIen. Notice has been ^i\ea by Sheriff Thomas I,. PJoward that the subpoena and alias subpoena in the divorce actions oE May C Cbiib.) igainst Fs ede- nck W. Clhisbb aud Rosio Krouser aga.inst Albert Krousei ba\i? heoa re| turned without ser%-ace on the re- spcndsnts. who are directed to appear j in count on February 18 to show { causo vrhy a rluorce should not. be granted, H. G. May is attorney in. the first and S R. Goldsmith attorney m the second case. Cose 1724--School teacher; Residence--Kentucky, scTcre operation larft her w^afc. inae- mlc, n«rvou«. low vitality Fhjsicmn recom- TDencSed Bto-f«rcn. Two weeko treatment ·hewed remarJrabltj Jmprovemenr Doctor r»- portefl, "Blo-fer«n hud done Tvondcra lor her." Another otBe--Pcnnaylvrvoian. rcpprta: · I havo takea abour. one-half of UIB Blo-fer«n pellets and mu»t confees that T fet.1 like n«w ' A Kontuofciaa woman »n.yfi "I have taken Bio-iercn rcffuEarlr and feel- much b*n«flt«d. I can use my ann« niwaJi b«ct«r. HoTi-evcr. awi not got ray hflJid* to my head sufficJuntly to comb m hair, but t fuel tliat ! win soon be a.ol« to do that," You want the viperous health and ruddy beiuuty [hat ra de-pendent on ·trencth. n*rvofl and red blood Everybody do« Read those ropona above-, a^aln. You, too, if you are draexvd down lit healrh and scrzr.ffth because oi overwork, worry, nerves, and similar ciuisea tan rebuild your health and ·trencth with Blo-teren. It la not a sUrauUnt It la j. builder--,*. builder ol better health. Si°-fer«n ronta-ina »omo of the beat Ingredients knoH-n to ibe rnedlcaJ worta, ana Is Indicated for the iraatmcnt ot run-down cond'tiona due to otBrwork. worry, anottmla, inulancholi,i, nervous debility, debility follow ina wifectioUB diseases, convalescence from ^cute /bvero, »tc. *^ Ther* IB no secret nor myBtry about Bio-fercn. Every pachat;* shows the; elements It oontaln« AsJc your physician about J:, or h.u e Mm write ana we wll! »end him comDlete formula Andl don't forcet that Bfo-Ceren is tiold on3y on condition that you wHI rfrtum the empty package and allow us to refund your purchase price it for »ny roaaon, you arc not fully satisfied Ploofie bear lhat In mind Tor U la Vary Important B(o-f«ren sells at |1 00 for a large package Tour drusfflBt can supply you or we "wi)l sand U (Mrect upon r-icelpt of $100, fllx pockatrcs for JS 00, jBhould you fcuive any mubl» In 5trcurirff it, THe Sontanel BemedJea Company, MaaoBlc Tewple, Cincinnat4, Ohio, j Between Paying by i Check and Paying ,With Caneacy | there 15 all the difference l»e- iv.ceil jjood bus)nets meihodt aud ' bad j A ch-eck is a brief but most com' picto record uf a fiaj-ncul transaction When p-uf! IL is tbe best receipt you could have. l*aymq; by chCt-n is not on! tie safest way bu. ihe s^mpl^i aud mosi convc'iicin. "We mvne \ Q J 10 try n. Dopos i ibis m o n t h s salary v»ith UP and rheck it out a 1 ^ needed Small accounts .tre INSEPARABLE PARTNERS Thrift -and savin- arc inseparable pan ners and form a closi companionship. Why not form such a partnership now? Start an account with the Title Trust Company ot Western Pennsylvania. 4% interest Paid on Savings Accounts. "12» ». Crawford Ae^ Conuollh-vnie. ! 1 ^I'hc ttn'ik (ha Duos Thinirs for You" [ TSY OTIS ADLETS I HAVE YOUS PRISTTIlfG DONE AT THIS OFFICE. ! I BEAD THE COURIES N01\R) PUBL.Q ' ANt ' 6AL ESTATE. "- ^ °Lh MejtdOM L i*i« " i. A. VOIQHT NsiEv.i.-ViEU-- HAVE COP OF TEA' --HAVE A c\c,f\iz. KMOV/ ~ MR ANTMRACiTe. \NE T3I6, COAC ME

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