The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 18
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18 Cornwall Band Show Saturday CORNWALL (Special) A hand competition and musical '. review sponsored by the city branch of the Navy League oi Canada will be held here Saturday Bight. There will 'be lour competing bands, including one from Corn-Wall. Two show bands, a Smiths Falls drum corps and a Canadian army band will stage concerts and demonstrations at the show. f a 1 1 m m . us .'- CarUre i... "Commando Dana la Glronde". 1 M 4 SO - It! "Septlrme Voy-aca da Singed". J 03 . e 3a . 19JU. , Caauo , -akTdtver--. II S3 - no J se-119. -Damaeed Cooda". 1.43 -4 S3 - 1.10 M Laal abow S-S4. -Lee BMtfattaunr. et - : te hommaa na penaent eu'a ca", JO. Laat ahow B 10. Blaadale - i The Wand of Henry Orient'. I U J 13 . tJi - 7 JJ - IU Last ahow tie. -The 7th Dawn", rots - a OS - 123 - a 40. .Laat ahow Je Uttle aula The Silence-. IM - SJa - SJe- T4S . ..- . 'Son of-samaon-. ISO - t S3 "S: -Summer Mafic". I SO-1 US . Laat ahow 1 , , , - MajrnUt -Wheeler Dealera". U - 4JJ- OCr. -Kuala' Ceuatne". 1.41 -.Wt SJO. Laat ahow SOa.. -, The raQ or the Roman Ea-plra". 1 00 . iM - J0 Laat show OS. . t- - Oiaan Qaeeaawar The Wend of Henry Orient-, "Sergeants Three". Box office ' opens al pm. Shaw starts at duak. Iasxs I MOTttst x QUtSTlOa Of TKVOSr SXJO y eBja. . tunarva ST At- m itlmi7ri AhhaWaL aw mm a a a a a a mm ank m muivrkkv (GROWS UP !!.' I 1 -'J . v y.i-:. c1Kar 1 -V vwfWT Mfarar ic.vahdsfi:;:;ey twoeog PtPfATiO SCminLJI I 1 ' tan m V unnfiiii'mrnim niwittvnw fUlvllWWWIH The. show has been called "Trumpets A'Blare H." k will be held at the Bob Turner Memorial Centre. SERVICEMEN'S PAY HIKED WASHINGTON (AP) President Johnson signed into law Wednesday a bill that will send latter pay cheques to almost every United States serviceman by the tint ol next month. All of them will share in the $207,- 000.000 pay raise except draftees and. lowest ranking enlisted men. Enterteinment Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE The Mtaadventurea of 'Merlin ion". The Victor-. Bra attic opene at p m. Www alerts at eua.. Aat Sky "Whoa Baaa Sleepkis at Mr Bra , "Notortoua Landlady". Boa office npena at I am. Show tUru at dusk. Britannia "Who Cuckoo-. -Hide the Wild Burr. Box office opens at bhow nana at duak.. ."The Carpetbasawre1, ; pjn. U-s Becant -Cleopatra", l is 4 40 - S0J -', alalia ! "Pygmy island". IM J0 1SJ0; ' -Tartan The Masnlllcent". I SO 1.00: "King Kon VI Cod-lilia". 4.1S -ess. BMaaa "Who's Cuckoo". 1 M . US ( IS; "Ride the Wld Surf". 1.44 SI S 40. Laat ahow 00. ' SUr Tap . -Whal Young Swlngera" Way to Co". The Box office ooena . snow atarta at auu. ' Semenet World of Henry Orient" t on - ii - 1J3 how S-J0. 7 .11 43. Laat Dancing Floor Show CHATXAU LA UftlEB Continuous dinner dancing (rem 1 ta, SELL! CLAIM Entartabunent tram 1 pa. . CHEZ HCNR1 atueie la Ike Salon d Or. Entertainment. GAttNEAO CLUB Dancing and two floor abowe alghtiy. GLENWOOf) BOWL Teen Dance -: Saturday . end Sunday alf hla HOTTL DCVTCRNAY Dentins and entertainment nightly In Rlche-tare Leans and leaoiitiae Peat- fKTalt PROVINCIAL HOTEL - nianuy. OTTAWA HOUSE Muekt a tha Ortli, ... BIVERSroS HOTEL DarK4ngand entertainment m the Rib club, entertainment m tha v-gt and ST. LOUtS HOTEL Dandng. r' STArfDISTiALt. Dancing aad enun-uiament nightly. TALISMAN E etertelnreeat nightly Dancing rrldajr . aad Saturday aigaia. , TOWN ROUSE MOTEL Enter- uinmant nignuy from 8 oe. mmmtmmmiamtix TM OASs BUKeW wS. (hsSSWICI fiarelsa Scott Mil 1 3 Five Weeks at Radio ? . City, New York .J By JAMES MASON " NEW YORK I have com to the disturb ing conclusion that girls may soon become obsolete in the American movifs if thd present trend continues- Think of the successful pic tures and what do, you have? "The Great Escpe," "Ben Hur," "The Longest1 Day,", "Uwrenc4iof-Arabia," "Lord Jim," and relatively few major films with important parts lor an actress.. , . , While I view the trend with considerable dismay, I readily concede my dismay- would be far greater if the demand for male actors was drying up. There was time when the studios . felt no picture could succeed without a love story, but not today. The producers have been delighted to learn that expensive actresses are no longer necessary to insure a good box office. - Not only. have the producers turned sway from the girls, but' so have the bankers. Only, two or three ' actresses . are bankable" today. I've heard. while eight or 10 male stars can insure the financing of picture. . , ,,, it '- . . The switch from the studios to the independent producers is the key to the situation, A studio could provide the aeries of pictures needed to make an actress into major star, but the independents don't provide this continuity. Not even Marilyn Monroe could have made it without a half dozea pictures to get her started. ' - Not only do the gals have to scramble for the few important roles, but if the producers can't get-Elizabeth Taylor, the pic ture is likely to be dropped from major project to me dium budget film destined for the lower half of the double bill at the cut-rate drive-ins. ' The rising actresses .of tods? are no less talented or exciting than the fabled movie queens of yesteryear. But where in the past K was. possible for actress to achieve stardom by lugging away in picture after picture, girl has little chance with a frontal assault on Holly wood today. Unless, of course, she is "the most fantastic, girt in the world." but these creatures come along only three or four times year. . . icDoin these twodoiisin minks and nao Doys...ana ' the idol wishes he had ' help! " ' T" tteycruptne King-ze nut! When two ''i: love-struck techs invtd the hideaway of an . illkXrS they. . i . . P3nXrts Coiiip&i'jf at !3 ! "D-Hftei ci 2 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL,. DOROTHY KILGALLEN "J, (Dorothy Kilgsllea I on vacation. Her guest columnist today is actor James Mason.) The stage is stiH the best training ground for ambitious actresses; It gives them something to leaa on. TV doesnt work out as well, particularly foe the girls. " . It would be difficult to name a half dozen actresses from TV who have-deveioped into im portant screen names, yet TV offers tremendous exposure compared with the stage. Per haps the greater preparation the stage requires makes the difference in the number of stars produced. , . j The finest example of the stage-coached actress among all the actresses I have worked with, is Anne Bancroft ' She is superb. Many Method actresses are so immersed in the emotions they portray that the misery spills over into the offscreen relationships after the camera's stop turning. Anne is remarkable in that she seems to turn on the characterization at wilL You never knew that she is preparing until she steps in front of the camera and then you realize that her preparation has been complete. While the American pro ducers ere looking at the actresses with an indifferent eye, the European film makers still prefer to have, girls around. The French box office thrives on the. pictures of Brigitte Bar-dot, and the parade of pneu-1 ma tic Italian lovelies promises to be endless. The super-abun-: dant anatomies have not cor nered the ma rket, however. , 1 am currently co-starring with Melina Mercouri in "The Player Pianos," a Uttle 'opus w are making in Spain. Miss Mercouri's fascination reminds us that sex appeal depends far more on quality than on quantity. The glory nf Greece did not pass away with Pericles. ;. For any young 'American lady interested in reversing the lamentable tide of Hollywood's defeminization, there are many possible paths to stardom. The kook has quick access to at tention, i I've always felt the interesting acton have to be a little nutty whether they are male or female. But actresses who turn then- back on glamor in favor of the beatnick approach are likely to overdo it Artistic integrity is all well and good, but an actress with the ability to be an exciting, glamorous woman has a tremendous advantage. Audrey Hepburn is perfect blend of talent and glamor. , And, by no means underestimate the "any publicity is good 12 tJJ vtlwma . I - - - .. . M a. . A.rTTXhA aaaaU. If Z Today at IJl - XU . ; 12 - 74 t.5 ' TObBCSLEY MB1TO BS OSIUTA'ALD PETER 0UCK2I S...A.: N0(U Xr.lLVJ(Lty JaKSON Comfortablf Air Conditioned IT TtTtf TtTI miTff I y t tr i ci. s wt at ibe Drtve-Ia Only 7 ' Frank Sinatra ' Dean Martin In "SClCUin, TKSET- TBCHNICOLOB t Al MWNtaul I0A AM OUUMiWtr 741141 CHILDREN ANYTIME 35c NOTE STECJAL TIMES FOR SUNDAY - g.4 t.4 w 744 . . ( D8IYI B OPQQ T I iA bd Jggj roe rtmtnsB iNroaxATm V PKOSE 233-S528 ,..! A.t TO J. M. -.V li S2L Girls oh Way Out? publicity" school of thought. I would say that Elizabeth Taylor's life has done more for her career than her acting ability, and she is certainly very talented actress. - f. i Copyright I set i i Carillon Program; the following program will' the Peace Tower Carillon today from 9 tq 10 p-m Prelude m D v-R. De Koven La Llaoniera . C. Cluminade The Old Retrain - ' f . Krettler Sonata lor a Three-Octave . Carillon ..P. Price Allegretto ' Andanle Mlnuei, and Trie Rondo v Requert ValM op. 9 No. t . ' Chopin Homanee capneeioeo for J Carillon .... r. Be Folklore: " 1 ' tat Plalalr d'amour " ' tbi .Ca' the Ewea 1 aard (CI last In Terk Timh Hm Irnln NEW YORK Christopher Plummer wtli take the tii role in a song-and-dance version of Edmond Rostand's classic, "Cyrano de Bergerac." Plummer has played Cyrano before in a straight ' dramatic production at Stratford, OnL, as well as on television, both in 1962. , David Merrick, for whom Plummer appeared here last Rules Shopping Plaza Not Public Thoroughfare, MILTON. Ont. (CP) tinder be presented by Robert Don.; provisions of the Highway Traf- nell, Dominion Caritlonneur, on fic Act a shopping plasa park ing lot is not public thorough-rare.' Magistrate . James ' Black ruled Wednesday.' S ' He dismissed a charge of failing to remain at the scene of an accident against Paul Edward Ferguson of nearby Georgetown. ' Cpl. Robert WhitW testified he was . a passencer in a car Which was struck on the, side War car driven by Ferguson in I Georgetown plau. The officer ta d the Ferguson car drove off O Canada and God Save tha Queen od J Chased. LAST 3 DAYS! elhHrikgftftstyM e Aucun billet reserve Bass,'' . m V'nr' 'I k-ji aj a - - 1 -I'liji, Laa.-" 11 a Mardl I awl U aawt Jen. te aeat Vm. tl seat MoM naa A Plus! GEIIS fflMrTO mam immmm. smimL. DOORS OPEN 11.45 LAST SHOW fsw ' " FEATURES AT 12.25 - S.15 . 6.00 - 8.55 A COMfOtTAitY All CONOtTIOMtb wivxr and ' rHf m i I'l I N Vttrs 23J-1S7 Prix popuUirt . - WBaisiii i 1 1 1 1 Sail aW ekabaa geiaiseal CHAKt-CS AZNAVfMnt JOHNNY HAXLYDAT MVLENK OCMONGCOT HULL RUE IAVAI i siJU'.umMiit iitt'ia.nnn iiMtsuutioaj coNtmuiitu t stt. A amuir Wata aw r rrr..r puuittws L aT-i ' DHAOEEBV.Tn CMAIUSIOItl -till PAIBII . JUS SOIfl FOTO-NITE- NAMES SELECTED LAST NICHT! . 1st OBtr S2J09 V 2ni Offer $S00 . Miss Jane Austin ' tf ' Miss Uz johnson , SS7 MacLaren SU - 5 ' 2M WObrad St. SECOND BIG WEEK! ReommendeJ for . . except parents ,. ".'t" . cooscience I . Dhmr words to some... QREUSS LOVE TO OTHERS... XWtES TO EXPLAIN WHAT MOTHERS AN0FTHERscAfrr...iW WONT! .' mm InnvaaravrfAfltaarinaeainealar.. DOLORES FAITH r ic the fist time! Janr fURDNER Lee REMICK cve.-ybody th a gi.lHy m ADULT ' ItaiH.nflftl SKY DIVERS' A Whir, ijrof Fun. Music and Romance Illllf1fl. lUULOlW5l-- : ; itfjj Q X -rTGCHNicoior f TfrlyJSs 2. Hn hi Ctlw rill '1.1 J' I 'SON OF SAMSON' "WHEELER DEALERS" T0NICHT THURSDAY, AUGUST 13,' 1864.' Plummer J n 'Cyrano' Title Role November for seven performances in "Arturo Ui," will present the new offering on Broadway in the Fall of 19U. Major elements of the Stratford production staff are being lined up by Merrick to assist him. .. i . The director there was Michael Langhatn, also the adapter of .Brian Hooker's translation of "Cyrano." Lang-ham confirmed reports that he would stage the musical version cmetAA scone (ADULT) auaergiuas SHIRLEY MacLAlNE, PAUL NEWMAN : 1 lull and that his treatment frou be used. He added thai the Stratford designers of l"Cy-rano," Tenia Moisewitsch and Desmond Healey, would be retained. . . Leslie Bricusse will supply, the .music and lyrics. Bricuss collaborated with Anthony Newley on the book, music and lyric of "Stop the World 4 Want to Get Off," which wis put on by Merrick. ' 1 SHOW STARTS AT DUSK ' ifj ad. . aa .. . l THE 111 ATTRACT1CI Of ALLTIUE coun av oe twee i - WMalEt Or 4 ACAQEMY mMIOI " ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON' - if ayirtiaia . ai rwrwtM , . Continuous ' Showings at t-l.4.4.gJI NiREGENT THEATRE t i sNS T sruss ST. tHIIIl' Adolt Ealeruinaiaat F .fl A Famous Players Air Conditioned THgtrt- FR0GRA3IME POUR TOUTB LA FAMILLJ? w v - tueux rums en lecnrucpior) - ''SEPTIEME VOYAGE DE SINBAD avec Kentin MATTHEWS et Jody SYMMS ' "Commando dans Id Gironde" ) I . nvec Jose FERRER et Trevor HOWARD : , SALLE CLIMATISE.. pour voire corrfort Tel: 777-2322 - 5th ; WEEK ! SEE IT' NOW ! f KFV?R BEFORE A SPECTACLE UKE ! " tn VUELBRONSION. iJjOV. Jv . awna i Krn ui im ,f aiw i . SltFh BOKO AEC GUINNESS PfTI WJ U iiuro iiirni' iewejai g tj) ir Mallarrs Stad. IM. AeallaSt "; Evralm Stad. SI. Adulla I Se CkUdrra see aatune JAMES MASOIC CHRISTOPHER PLUMUEh rVuIlfe&igVTj TODAY AT 2 THEATRES ra-.e.'. if'iS t champion surfers challenge the ., mm . aw - v v - IT-. l'ri;;in):i-TtV ia wnrlifi nnalpst hrpahrtt ni! eaanaaaj sVJILDSUHF i conoitioneo ncMaXMOMMVarrtO umrt Daltv fetcent Sun.) it: , 1J.4S - J9 - 5.B5 , i - ' I t t t t i j Fabian -tab Hunter SIKifffURT I I: IncL Sun. 1 2.ft-SJS-S.3e patly .(inc!. Sntlay) at 1.30 ; 8,30 - 5.30 1SS 9M Tr-t ' I aj;i: SORRYPREMIERE TICKETS FOR THE "BEATLES" ' rZATUaE ' A HArO DAV'S NIGHT". MON. AND 'V TUEi, AUGUST 14-15 ARE SOLD OUT. ' yVdi ' KCLCEN YCTJt , J rfJ A'VxKV Afcrii v i,', mm

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