The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 17
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, THURSDAY, AUGUST 13. 194. 1 0 t ' J pa i s"a- v . ' . ... ' , 4 , ' f , - - ' i . . , I'tr:'::"-. i lf ATA!) An II IIP ..lUIVII UIIHIIL v. r SERVICE 7 Crants , S;200-Foot Booms, l 50-Foot Jibs tinuw wxa mm run Insurance Coverage : .lURDHAN (. I BROTHERS ' t;5 748-1553 and 745-1558 RrlQ ROAD I v lf ; 1845 Merivale Road :4 V' If r BICYCLES 37-95" 8. F. GOODRICH. STORE 044 BANK IT. 111-IHI y' . White Dreee 'shirts eialar la. -FQ .now a.tfif , . for 11.C f Tip Top J . tAII.OBI ,l . 'ttt trk etrtot " " . , WKi lbla catr i! imoMsoNl aft -r IV" ilu!'m'JM tCCSJ ' m . .... S .sw ease im I CONGRATULATIONS TO TllE WINNER . . , Maurice Munroe of Ottawa receives congratulations- after Winning the featured J.race at Rideau Carleton Raceway last night with Baroa Adios. Left to right are Mr. Maurice Munroe, ownerof Jlaron Adios, Maurice Munroe, and Major-General u m. arennan. . -. If COTBALL SUPPER S ..' 4e '- J -'. IiAT. ROUGH RIDER GAME August 14th,' after 6.00 pjn". fupper r. Refreshments J ASSEMBLY HALL I LANSDOWNE PARK TMiu H IIh ir, ll Utum i,VBVON Wtl-COMS BLACK AUTO FLOOR MATS 1.19 peiT- I HOME IMPROVEMENT j" ? SPECIALISTS - - 11 'Ji .' fit S29.50 1MES IMS MRalVAI.1 BO. tlt-lltt Rideau Carleton first s Mil. Pert: Otrt rite (Finel. 40. t.4t 170: Tintine Cur tAireyi. K IN; Irteoj Jim (KHkxii. 1 - ,, Ttm: 1 IS 4-S. Majors Dolljr,' Scoln Tropical. Oliver Twist. OwM Boy end Dun MrKvle n started. qutnella: Second Mite. Pm: OHmry Vols iDunoUt. 1 40. ' e SS. I SO: Pal's Gem tPrimeaiij. 4e. 'ISO. Vol (Farrl. 00. 14;-Julio Jo-arpo Lwcaari. as. Tim: S IS S-S. Tonado L, Mi Moqtroal. Suian M , Unci Joaa' Star and Dlckory Doc alao atartad. . Fourth H Mil. Poaor ' Prim Byre iFnrt. 0 00. I M. a M-. Oral-tan DlpkHnal l Turcot t. Jr.). t TO. 1 10: ChtK-ki Dllry iCcfnmilh. 10 Tim: lit 4-S.. AUomay General C . Tommy . Lc H- Har-var'a Dream. Wlnnl' -Prna and Berala a Pride alao atarled. -: QuIneUai St., .. ,. V . , Fifth Mil. Pace- 'HI Am Averin (Pyke. Jr l. t tor 00. St: Honey Baa C. (Sameei.. 4 SO, 1 10: awn Haider ' iPrtlckardt. . at. Tim: Lie. Joe Bar, Jan Otdon. Carrl La Chief. Ben Majeat? anal Locar vie alao etarte Biatk Mil. Pace: Wlndaor C. Chief i johnaionl. 14. ISO. a to: Supertor . Mary (Tttompaonlt.lO. 4 00: Oulnn'a Bo lntlle. 4 1 Tim: 1 00 4-5 Atomic Carl. har. en'a Abbe. Coroiwtton Derby. Shlr ley Brook and 4kbbl Blu al ataneo- Seventh Mil. Trot: Jackie VcKlnne iBackert. II St. IM. 4 40: Tttaa eeon ItMIHcbl. 4 . 1 10; Brol Victory iWIIUamai. 1 to SWEATERS Broken ; 1 ?. Size Ranee , 73 OFF KEJI DERVCrS MEN'S SHOP 1SS Bank St. 23S-SS1? DIP. FcreU Trawl ' E!!:!ln CFRA 7.03 A.M. EVERY. FRIDAY Telephont 722-3481 laDEPEIIDEIIT cciita";:ntcaiTa I 2 $90O tOOTT r OTTAWA fic:;ictacles CALIFORNIA REDWOOD Plaalla Varatkan tZQll r riBlah. CeUaaatkM W $10.50 Red Cedir UPf COD UV1 0U W00DR0FFE ' HOBBY SHOP ' BICHMOND BOAO . '111-41 , . 1-l4t 0on tatnroayi 4 PJV 1.32J " I i' y;. COLORS Ceiirf fm btMS hi alt seiiiat S-A-L-E : 500 BICYCLES . New, 29.9S bb '' Second Hand, IIS ' " rt Part r it tewv TRAIX In voir old bibb BYLES & Co. 305-397 Bank St. 334VMII " Bftateea taai4 and atsrlerea Street Tim: t ie t-S. Ttnrr ItoM. Tie Top. Iruh Mick. Fabrik K. and Bumkkt Boa c. alas ft tar loo. , OalawUa: tta M, EiiMh MOo. Pavt: ' Bl( Oilof C; ..Norrtai. Si te. 1 . 4 40: Clan-date Jenr iWilllamai, SO. 1.70: Mart Handy tLopagat. Tim:. S a. Vlnasar Boy. Blllay Hallldaj. Mama, Uiroci Duke an4 Adlaa Dirrd ano atartes Joan Bar iDoaaerat. tie. TnaH Naatk 1 MIX. Vaco: Barm tit t-S. . Alia Pick.-Mlk Bra). Adioa (Monro I. 1 40, 130. 170; OKkIi NorthwooS Alw one) Polar Bomb iBakori. 1100. ISO: Donna Dal atao atartML Canada Bat (Canwronl. 0J0. Thirat Mil. Par) Hat Bar Tint: t.40 Cypay Baron. fCaaacrani. 4JO. II. IM: Lore EdoooroM Ky. Billy nnytnm. as- (reti ad Senator DonaM M started Tenth Mint. Pan: Dawn Atom iWebateri. 1140. e.Oo. 0.00: Parlay tkoU iRUMelll. tT .00, 0 00: Mia Scott Brook Pyko, Jr.l. t oo Time: l It 1-S. OmaanlnCe Kins. Billy Ben . Mister Bird. Mar- saret Carey and Dree raraoa alao taeted ' Ixaeta: tlll.tO. Richelieu Results ; rirat MUe. Trot: Wblto Prtnceaa ir-.Lt-elli ML 1 00. I SO: Archie Moa tPiedaluei. IS. S0: haflar Erne iBooerettel. S e. Tim l Dale Herbert In. Mlaa P K Bout. TkUlw Hill Don. Martha Dean. Here Boy Jr. ie auneo. Kecood Mir. Par: Stating Pone .Lorhanret. S4 SO. tie, 4 00: Judal On Top tGlntraal. too. 5 4. Uncle Drra llaatl, 10 Tim -toe II The Saracen. Begrel. lew Rodney. Jirantt Arp. Our Chute ale atarted. Dally Bookt! Slt.ot. Tblrd Mile. Pore: Adto Ales (M. Jacouaal. II M. 14. 4: Cletu Hanover iMacTavlahl, 10.40. TOO: Bern Beat (Berteeol. SSO Ton a 07 t 1 Dr. Pride C. Boam Hanover. Handy Jo. acoteB nay. Dal Herbert ale atarted.. Fourtb Mile, For: Capital City landeraaaltl. 1 0. IN. . SO: Ooldea Spark IBvdoran T tt, 10; Gaoa AH inoalel. . a.1 I I. I Clara Win. H' Chock Peters alsa aurtd : Oalaefta: stSS.' ruth Mis. Pe: Lord Dare l9t- Jacques I. 1J. ttO, ISO: J. i. Wana ' tatotlTi. 117, . .tt: let MonUsar ILeboaun. tat. Thrn lot. Instinct Vates. Malcolm Hart. Good Scott. Widower van. Jonalra alee atarted. Stalk Mint. Pco: Piaaldsnl lee (Jodokal. 1ST. 040. 140: The Drainer (Fllksnl, 0. 4 0: Tad Woodier l Cot I, 10 Tkn tea 4 S. Royal Boeiald. Ce Dm Frto- ro. Woe Boon. .fMJ. also startoo. " teroalb Mile. Pare: Tony Clap iBahbtal. tat. toe. tMr. Fay Boot lOtel. 10. I SO: Slnclnf Heather iFtlleatt. tt. Ttm tat I I Jo Brook. Barry Return. C. B. Sal Vol Tide. Bob Lam Ik started Qetaeua: M S. - Eithth MU. Trot: Campbelr- twa (Cos i. set. too. I4S: Oreat Duk iSnrderi, a. I If. Van Couaa rVitrni. 10. Ttm Ios I S. , K ladle, lntrwjloa C. An an ts st arte. Ninth Mile. Pm: Atfm Mir (Doatlel. 100. ISO 1.40: Taroort no tiwati, T. 1 rr. Good Flyer i w spies i. e Ttm i os. Whlrt-red. irtah Hapnlan. Well Awy, mey Bswm. Staroound alaa atarted. Tenth Mil. Pace: . tjarmlka iMarTKeWll. It 00. ISO. 1 00; Mlaa Adta Star iBardleri. 4 00. 3 SO; Nobkt Jamb) iLerhancel. S 30. Tim 1ST - . Burton HI L. Sir Roy-I Pride. Senator Brkt. Prlnc g. Cratbn. Meadow Hod ala atarted traloaaiai tOl.tO. rArmbro Flight v Captures " Proximity Trot iWESTBURV, NY (UPI) Armbro Flight scored a three-quarten of a lettfth victory Wednesday night in the $28,-179 Proximity Trot at Roosevelt Raceway. ' . ,. The two -year 'old Ally -it owned by - the Axmttrdhg Broinera or Brampton, OnL. and wat driven by Joe O'Brien, a alive of Prince Edward Island. Ajrnbro Flight", got to. the front let in the stretch and held off the closing bidt of Unsbury Hanover, who finish. ed second, and Nimble Rodney, in tnirn-piacs none: mile and a quarter distance in 2.40.1 to win easily. ,. Peter -Bomb took second money and Canada Bars was The victory for the Ottawa- owned Baron Adios in the FIRST Pc pan tMt. , I Kathleen Posntar . .- 4 T, I I Atom Roe ,1 4 S John Andy - 4 4 0 Black Streak " 4 4 I 4 Duke of Clalrmont 4 11 5 Mr. Senator Tit S Whirlwind Vk . ! ." I 1 1 T Brother Ben . 4 t I SECOND . para sioo. Bobby' Girt . S 4 1 Yol Byrd ...... I 14 L Marqul ....... .411 Star' Firm . 0 I I Mlaa Corp. Direct .III - e a e 0iuy u. Damon CxDreaa Coeomor' Frtd ' a 4 w THIRD Pac. pare lie. Amertcaa Old A. ; I 1 I Fern Johnston 1. 4 .1 Blue M. Amtamon a I t Spud Rico I 4 Patay C Lookout I S I LookoM Haw la,.l 1 J Colonel Bosay O f t Sam Mark ' S Als Lose ?Two For Clash,,; With Argos : MONTBFAl. 4TP) Montreal AlooettM will uke on Toronto Argonaut! Saturday night with" out the services of All-Canadian linebacker Jim Andreotti and two-way tackle Bob Miai-harte. - 4 -1 The' two sundouts will be lost to the club for an indefinite period. They wen injured during the Alouette'i victorious teason-opener against Hamilton Tiger-Catl Aug. 8. : . 1 " Andreotti sufferod a aBvere Charley hone and broken vein In hit left thigh. Minlhtne to in hotpiul with a bruised kidney and his been warned not to risk recelying mother blow in the irea, though the Injury definitely does not extend beyond the bruise stage. It will Uke seven to 10 dayt more for the Wood to be drained loose In AndreotU't thigh. With no further com-plications. he could be ready shortly after that Coach Jim Trimble has the thought of big injuries to keep him from getting complacent, following tbe 33-5 victory over, Hamilton. The Alouettti journey' to Toronto for ihelr Eastern Football tonierenva tussle with the Argonauts ' l". t to v UK Soccer LONDON (Routers) 'raj aoecer mstclw plyd n the Wrrlt- Klntdom Wednesday nlht) SCOTTItB I.IAOVB CUP Aberdeen S It. Johnaton 1-t . m saneon Park 1. A . Alloa Athletle 0. Cowdenoeath r a illi ' . .11 Ayr United 0. Mortast 1. I Oyd 1, Arbroath 1 " ' Dual barton t. Borwtck Knn a , . ... ' ' ., . V 4 I Dundee United a, Falkirk ' Dunterntlln AlhnlUe X. Hibernian . . " Coat Fit S. cjuaaa ot tne nouin ,' . I Forfar Athteti 4. Breehln CBy t. .'. ' ': I Heart t, Celtic I. - ' I Montr t, Balth Mover 4. ' , I MotHenrell 1. Dundee a. Partack This tie e. HUmamack t (lli. - 8t Mlrr a. Ranter 0 (Ul - I tcnhauaatnulr I, Haeaitten Aoa-demlrtU 1. Stranraer a. Beat tlrling Clydebank i ttl. , v I , Third Lanak I, AlrdrKonlana I NEW YORK (UPI) Babe Ruth It credited with hitting the longest home run on record M7 feet in 1019 against the New York Giants In an exhibition game at Tampa. Fla. -- . HULL ARENA . ICE SKATING t.OO TO 1.00 P.M. ADMISSION 50c TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SUNDAY : c::ic:.: c: SATURDAY 2.00 TO ) 4.0Q f.Mr , ADMISSION 25C v j: Baron Adios Captures Rideau Carleton Feature Baron. Adiot breezed to a 10-lenglh victory last night in th featured net at Ridcau Carlo-ton Raceway. . . Owned by .' Mrs. Maurice . Munroe and driven by Maurice Munroe, the lour year - old chestnut gelding covered the $1,000 feature race was his 10th victory in 22 starts this season. ' Big Chief C owned by Sterling Brennan of Perth and driven by Everett Norris, Iron the secondary feature in, the eighth, ' , . Clendal Jerry was second in that one with Marie Handy third. . ENTRIES FOR THURSDAY OUINSU-A O Fane 1-1 K. Bacher 4-1 1L. Pettltnrw t-l . Given S-l O. Rlddell t-l V River t-l P. Rem t-l MS Munro 10-1 O. LaRuah S-l V. LuUnan t-l B. OlnsT t-l W. Pyn . : t-t t. Farr 0-1 W. DeriMl S-l K. Pritchard 11-1 K. Morrison 11-1 C. Coke S-l R. Johnston 7-1 O. Rlddell 4-1 Ft. Sllllphant b-l F. Carna han S-l O, Andersen t-l 1. Huntre 11-1 i w Horner IB-l POUSTIt Pace Parse si. ' quiNSLLA MeElktnrton . 1 S I D Phniff t-t Dandy Worthy '.. . 1 1 I T. lurcoll i-t J B Hal . 1 4 4 i P. Dan la t-t uiren wueea .. a A. SI Amaur S-l air. una n ion T a Bud Castle ton . lei Stormy Atom - SSI Alum Chief ..... It I FIFTH Pace, pars SIM. : Vicky Byrd : .. I I 4 ByKr Hanover . .. 4 11 Lee Rlddell .... S I 1 Allen Volo . III Mr. Madrid I I Mrso ate Duff . IS Clarncvlll Boy I II Shirley Baker J. . . I 4 D. Seitllch S-l A. Pyk - l-l a. Pllkan ' 10-1 Latrambola 11-1 C. Cok W. Demera ?:1 M. Colton t-l D Dufty S-l H. Zerort S-l D. Robertson ft t Cameron 10-I H. Corakl 10-1 S20.40 In the second and H Acre Averill produced the top price of the night returning $23.80 iff the fifth, Racing continues tonight at Rideau Carleton with another attractive 10-race card. Featured will be the ninth. an Invitation Pace for a purse of $500. In that one will be Happy's Jack, Ben Away. Rod - Big Chief C returned $23.90 1 Hanover, Heeza Belwin, Danny for one of the better price of K. Peters, Misty Wick, Good the nisht. Jackie McKinnev re-, Product and ven Glow. turned $18.50 in winging the Post time for the first race seventh, O'Henry Volo paid! it 9 p.nv . Rideau Carleton Entries aiXTH Pc. pre tit. Jan Otdn . Bhadydala Mltbl Darwtn O Scrapper Chtf Solon Memory ' Slater Chief H Suaan Hal Sundown Direct NINTH Par, pars SaOO. Jnnnm i ". 1 1 I Innocent Boby'. ..Ill Succeaa Tanke ' . six Heather Direct .010 , Brown Hop 1 ' 4 1 1 boxer Hanover . 1 I DM . . . 1 0 TINTH Pac. Lorklnvvr Judy . Chester Brown A. W. Lee Ldy Marl Mountain Eapreea Mr. B rough Duk Dv Brook Bll Jobjunon . -r S. William t-l N. Curran 1-1 O Johns ton 4-1 C. Coke s-l W. Dulnrd - Chrbonnu S-l B. Hams IVI O. LaBuah 1S-I SCVBNTB Ttat, parse ts. OUINKLLA Lady bra Doris Oler . JamnV Roe LmIv Brook T Beaal F. Orattan Safety Thin Man 1ft ClOHTM Para, para 111. Blmba Chief Butch Johnston Jo Hunt Prince Richelieu Little Steel Hay Jo C. Irtah Gander runt G. Johnston l-l I. Fair l-l k Pritchard 4-1 G. McMIPaa 0-1 O LaRuah t-l Chartrand 10-1 T. Turcot! S-l R Johnston 7-1 C McMillan -ti a. LaRuah -l J Blaaomttla S-l n. Duflv S-l F. Church 10-1 W. Pyk 10-1 : Flllon -' B. GemmUl D. Dufty J Lock D. Cameron J ' T-l e-i s-i Btaeanctt lt-1 Thorn peon , ll-t -1 , ' SXACTA A. McDmiiall S-l L- Chsrtrsnd 1-t n. Curran . t-t G. McMlllu S-l H. Pause l-l A. Demera s-l P. Dsn Is . 10-1 O. Johnston IS-I OKawa Bowling Rink Wins Dunlop Trophy TORONTO (CP) After a touch, tense battle Harvey An drew's . Streetvtlle, Onu, crew edged Gordon MacMillan't Oihawa team IMS to win the Eaton - Gold Cup, OnUrio't premier foursome trophy In the Provincial Lawn Bowling Tournament Wednesday. MacMillan, who had an edge right up to the 14th end. suddenly tost three shots and with only one end to go the -score wat 14-17. . In' the 15th and final end MacMillan cut th deficit by one but the trophy wat lost. ' ' i t. The winning side Included Andrew skip, Henry Pickett vice-skip. Earl Albertson sec- lond. and Jack Miller lead. The Robert Simpson Trophy for founomes went to Elgin Wagg'i team, from Stouffville with a IM win over Cosbum. skipped by W. Klmberley. Wagg'i teammate were Merv Watts, vice-ikip. Alma Farthing, second, and Don Bacon, lead. Th prlot Insurance Company Trophy went to Whitby 11-11 o v e r G.- McCorouodata ' of Kingston. "The Whitby team, headed by Bob Fallagher, included Dick" Adams, .-Ward Bick and Lloyd Sabins. v Dick Walton's team from Toronto took the - Parker - Pen Trophy with a 11-1 win over Gerry Hyde't Belleville crew. Walton't teammate were Wick Green, George Walker, and Bill Hall. ...". . Ottawa won the Dunlop Canada Trophv ie.f over At Llewellyn-! Toronto tide. The winning team included i Ed Berry, Fred. Markev. Geore Psnont, and Harold McLean. 1 With, the . rink competitioi now completed, the toornament moves into the closing stages of the pairs events today. 'The singles evcrrti will be Friday. ' Pete Wert and Dr. Bill Gram of Ottawa edged Tom Mead and Bob Porter of the host Balmy Beach Club In the second round of the pairs competition during the Ontario Lawn Bowling tournament here Wednesday. , The defeat marred a thrilling upset by Mead and Porter, who had walloped last year's tournament winners Jim Watkm and Jack Bayliss of London Fairmont 13-10. '. . ' Larry Gardiner and John Wheeler of Balmy Beach also scored a tint -round upset, defeating Joe Dorscb and Jack Muir of Waterloo. Ont. 11-11. The loss was a poor" warmup for Dorse h; IM3 Canadian pair champion who is to compete in the Dominion championships at Vancouver next week. Gardiner and Wheeler were ousted from the top bracket in the third round, losing 15-11 to Alex and Dava Dakar of Boston. Mass. '' Gordon MacMillan of Othawa wat another first-round casualty. ' MacMillan, after brushing aside all " opposition to reach the final of the pairs competition, was edged 11-15 by J. Sneddon of Detroit West Sides. FOOTBALL REGISTRATION Registration for Pet wee Little Four Football for boys from 10 to 13 yean of age In the Riverside Park and Bayview areas will Uke place Saturday from .10 a-m.. to 1 2 JO at the Pauline Vanier Park, v SUMMER All summer, sports supplies to clear 10 to 33!3 OFF 'Sin VV Vrv. 'te W St ' . ,M;it . ; W 2444 OPEN FRIDAY TILL I P.M. Ottawa Out f In Babe Ruth Tourney ') BRIDGETON. NJ (Special) Ottawa Carlingwood went down to a 4-0 defeat at the hands of Brandy win. Delaware in their first game in the regional Babe Ruth tournament here Wednesday. Nick Cushman went all the way on the mound for the Ottawa club and tossed a. four hitter. He struck out six and walked two. Chas-anov blanked Ottawa on three hits. The lost eliminated Ottawa. ' The Ottawa delegation also put in a bid for the 1965 regional lournamerrL Ottawa Babe Ruth officiali are hoping to land the Babe Ruth World Series in 1967. A decition on the 1965 site for the regional tournament will be announced next week. Ozo Entered In Roosevelt International WESTBURY. . NY (UPI) Ozo of Franc became , the fourth' European trotter to be named to the Roxnteyeit inter national: at Roooeveit Raceway Aug. 22. " - The it rapping mare, owned and trained by Roger Maasue of the - French- province of Manche. joint Sweden's Otkha. France'! -Martini II and West Germany's Pickwick as the foreign representatives .for the trotting clastic. Su Mae Lad, this nation's 10-year-old marvel, automatically qualified .for the 1964 renewal when he won last yeara International. Three ad ditional berths remained to be filled. ' '-. SADINSKY "imr sTttj 6uacc OOOrSWiTl 0mKLLD r 1 r Plata r a Twe Uthta r V Mala rat' Toe Uikte I- a T Put. Heavy Bait, Shlptop Jotat, atl tS 10 ft. k-m. 9 A3 UmrUWGIJT lilMM .-6800V1 110- a 4- a ,r ... 3.1 ) llf a a ' PBKFINISHED . , J'i a 4' r s.M VI- a 4- af 4.49 SKTETSOCI WiU10iJ!D i t 1.40 I I I t.M 4 S l.BO I s It S.04) 4 s 41 S.B4) WATOPWOf fITWOOD 4 S I IPBtrct SHEATHING tu a.i "a S.0S 5 4JIS B.2S SYlV&PtT HTWOOD , Walerpraot Fir 4' a r ,. I'nsanded Shratkia t10 2.SS S- 3.35 H" 4.M V T.2S" GOOD ONE SIDE s- , S.7S 8.TS H-.. 7.04) .- aV2S V . t.OO SADINSKY BROTRUtt LIMITKD 117 NELSON STREET 234-9500 234-C151 Dally I to tat. IB tVM FREE DELIVERY Minimttm Order I0.M j - - - . of Nationally Advcrtistd v 14 UDEAO n. ht MOJWOYl , This is your chance to I V. And try pair af Jarntaa Shoes at ubUntial savings. . Compart our "SALE" prici with : tht REGULAR Jarman prict 21.95 now .IMS now 1S.95 now . 18.93 now 15.97 ; 14.97- 13.97; 11.97 . . Lisirmiisoi FRIDIT TU f rx 4 rsuo m msceovi 1 ' ' . f""UtvV" If ! MS . .-ef4V L J..,.,.:..

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