The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 16
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v Sports of the Times . By ARTHUK DALEY "'. I . . : (0) UH Haw tar liana Mm tonka NEW YORK The noble, front of his locker In lull unl- r "Stores (or IW t ' aiMMwa. I Weningtoa at HoUand Rldeaa at Susses . iua imim ismr pun nil ; 2S33 BastJioe Rd. - S2S-I73I I ; tH slllaa Waat at Waatiaal . orais e u.t aja. oaili - HYDBO-CLUr: 70 FT. E tnajalrlas are racardtac ... Ua a44Hiaa to Hath Grant's lane flaal eraaesr ether aaata cranaa avail Me wita M fl w ant n saa WUageaeaeUa. All -Star Game Set Tonight ? : ' Doug Caseelman and Dave Pearce have been nominated at the starting pitchers for to night's All-star foftbaU game between the Senior Sportsmen's League and the Hull Commer cial League at the Hydro Field. Caatelman will work the first three innings for the Sportsmen's league with Doug Milt- more going the next three and Lynn Dewan finishing things Gten Healy . will replace Pearce In the middle Innings for Hull and Jacques Chouinard will finish It off. v ' Kaye Vaughan and several members of the Ottawa Rough Riders win put In an appear ance. ... .4 .-, . .... . . t , Game time it S.30 pjn. ' ; . a. 7 A with t - e t I A wrteaaae l a astaat I S-.A FIGHT FOR FULLMER f EUGENE, Ore. (UPI-Don Fullmer, - brother . of . former middleweight champion Gene Fullmer, will meet Ron Thompson of Eugene -la 10-round fight at the Lane County Fau grounds Saturday night , I . HEAD FRENCH TEAM 5. PARIS (UPI) Christine Caron and Alain Gottballet headed 10-member French swim team named, today for the' Tokyo Olympic Garnet, Oct 10-23. 2 -v-J l Special Uta m ' e Kawar -nag - Water Mats) InaUDaUona RaeavaUng and AB types r rm , raaleia Marataar; ' . sMniai actus ? . e Oatsfte and Qaekae e H MtlthMS ttollar - Carga laaaiaana ? v tofar-vW awtiaa ' f aa phase l!!fII Pi fNfIT I -;H iiyUil 1.1. UaUklll UaaalibU 122 Catherine St, OtUwa CE6-7105-8-7 i .7 J a rough estimate ..because I don't have the figures available. Last season there was some thing like 11,00 strikeouts In the shaicr Iaboiim i W k a n t j broke in, hack In 1930. there i as isw as i.vuu. 1 Ana tne passed balls? Wow! I muM.vt begin to guess how many there are. I once went through an entire season without even one. The White Sox poured Joyously out 4fi the bus at the Stadium, ready UrSfesr the Yankees apart once again. But. v a n Stottlemyre, pitching with a poise beyond his vear. km the ball low and spun a band- some t-hitter to beat the Sox. J to J. Yoe I had better lm m to sped his name. The kid Is likely to be around for a long time to come. ' Bob-SeglerWrn Stock Car Feature Bob Zlegler ; of Syracuse Ziaflar. Andra Manny. potted a victory in 100-lap In ternatlonal Wednesday night at Capital City Speedway. " Ziegler, took over from Ot' Uwa's Keith Jamea the early. at the 28th .lap and breezed home to the win. v James, the main competition, was forced out of action after 28 lap with rear end trouble. Andre Manny, consistent winner here this season In the Sportsmen's class, finished second but was well off the pace. Al Bradley won the 40-lap Jalopy feature with Paul Cyr second and Barry Bowes third. , sronrsMXN's class- tint, 10 lapa, Garry Waathar-don. John Ooth. BUI Klrby. aeond. Vio lapa. Kaith linn, Northern Electric Xirf Concordia PlayirKTieVl Northern Electric and Concordia oattled'to a 1-1 tie in division r"B", of the .ODSFA Wednesday night at i Brewer Park. Milan Stolcrik counted for the electricians and Rocco Frangione tallied for , Concordia. . Tonight In division "A", Hoi-landia facet Falcons at 8.30, again at Brewer'-' , The league 'announced the withdrawal from the "B" division of Uplands RCAP. Transfers have left Uplands without sufficient players to continue. All points collected against Uplands will, be cancelled. . Faatura. 100 lasa. Bob Ziflr, Anara Manny, uarara awuvaau. " ' JALOPY ' ' I rtnt, . alfhl Upa. a Orahala. Paul Cyr. man: Corcoran. . . Paaiura. 40 Upa. Al , Bradlay, Paul Cyr, Barry Bowaa. ' WOOCCnAINED GLACIER EflASOWDTE- V GROOVED, PREFINISHED PANELLING Vx 7VPai.elr.'3.98 Each 4' x 8' Panels . 4.55 Each ; ,, Top Quality GALVANIZED 50 Squares or More ru sou abb 15 to 50 Squares .' 9.35 ' ' :-vv"' J ru SQCABS Smaller Quantities . 2).05 ru S4UABS BLACK TENTEST Exterior Eslidls Bosrd, 23 shsels er ccre. Per 1,CC3 tq. ft. E5.75 ; Seller qsssti'iss : .. 62.E3 . Heavy (9 Gauge) ; FARM FENCING : ' Galvanised (Zlne Coated) . . ..' STYLE No. MS , (42" High S Line Wires High) 1-30. !VrJr I , per Rod 80 Rode or More 1.25 per Rod SPEEDY SCOT FAVORED WESTBURY. NY (UPI) .( . . . . i , f 16 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL THURSDAY, AUGUST IS, 1984. brow of manager Yogi- Berrajfoffti. The nameplate above was deeply furrowed ai he t at the desk In hie, club-bouteof (Ice Wed n day, filling out the line-up earn ror me; third gam on- I J 't h e critically series with the n v L White 1 1 f However. I tllvU J was not the. ' double eetback Arthur Daley by the Chlca- loans the day before which brought on the frown. It was new and unfamiliar, name. I ' "Cee," said the practically peerless skipper. ' "this Is I tough name to spelt,' ?Sj He riffled . through .some . papers and triumphantly emerg-ed with the right one, an up-to-the-minute roster. " He ran ' his finger down the list and stopped opposite the name ol his latest acquisition, Mel Stottlemyre, )ust up from Richmond and yesterday's starter. i "He wasn't even at' trtinln' camp." said Y.ogi, "only at the ' preliminary school. : How was I ;. gonna know we'd be needin' - him? We had too many good 'pitchers then or so it seem-; ed. Oh. well, you get problems." - He shrugged his shoulders. his - mask " of imperturbability still unbroken. ' , . WE AWT HirnN . J "We're at the s la g e now where we were at the begin nln'." he said. "We ain't, hit-tin. But ,we're not out of It. There's Hill a long way to go." But It ain't that long. Yogi, old boy..-, .- ,: ,. ". Over In a corner of the cliib- house a tall and bewildered young stranger was standing in 1 "Hash Pnpple"-$9.95 I vox ! Mitdi' p2fc Im BEAUTY, i-i AM Ihe pod. re aManar I amartnaai to jroor hoax or omiMrtlil baUdlng with 'TWIN CITY CmrM. krtcks . . . they are skilfully mad for baautr, itrwigth and amaaUuw. In a varKtr af alaaa. ahapaa n4 atrtklnt mulU-oolors lor aoUdlnsa, ik Sa aaa Mr ' SCailM WALL BLOCKS lac laurtat aae asurtar aaa. TWIN CITY DUNBRIK , CSw Ua 1SS Mertaf Be. . TM.SISl ' the locker was still empty. On his left was Jim 'Bouton, half dressed." On hie right was Whitey Ford, garbed only at a sweatshirt. The stranger was Stottlemyre. . "What do t do now, Whitey?" asked the kid. "bo we take batting practice? Do I get to hit?" . ' "Yeah." said Whitey. "You hit after Clete Boyer." Whoa! Walt minute, Kiel Boytr isht even dressed yet : Hit where you please." v: The kid went out to meet up with hit fate. ; , , , ; the White Sox were talking about the youngster on. the bus that '"brought thera up to the Stadium "yesterday morning. "1 understand hit record with Richmond was 1J and V said Don Cutteridge, the coach. - "The figures that caught my eye,", said . Say Berres, '.the pitching coach, "were only" 31 walks in 151 Innings. , That's pretty good for a 22-year-old kid." ' ' .' CAUGHT MUNGO '" "I, caught Van Lmgle Mungo's first big league game." said A! Lopes, "and he was only 20. He won It 14 or 2-1 but he was wHd hard and wild. His fast bail was at hard as any I aver caught and I handled every one of' the great fast- baHers at one time or other except Letty Grove. Both Dizzy Dean and Dizzy Vance had-tremendous speed and each had a hopper on the fail ball "Vance had a . real 'good curve. Dean had only nickle curve that he used to fool around with. But whenever Dlz had to get you out, he Just rared back and fired that fast ball by you. 4 Walter Johnson had no curve, only pure speed. I'd say that he and Grove were the smoothest pitchers' of all. "The guy with the .most deceptive delivery was Bobby Feller. . And If you must talk about age. don't forget, that -he was only 17 when he first ceme up. . Feller had i great curve, a real snake as Casey Stengal calls It . He was particularly rough on righthanded hitters because he kicked high and the ball came out of a tangle of arraa and legs." - , 'The conversation veered off until It embraced the decline of JM hitters In the hie leaauea. Someone blamed it on the fact that almost all batsmen of today swing from their heels. "Maybe so, said Lope , 'But no man in baseball hlttorv swung harder than Babe Ruth. Yet he was a .390 or better hitter In bis prime. Babe Her man was another buggy-whip hitter: So was Chuck Klein. HOW about Hack Wilson? Evan In his greatest year when he batted JM and had M homers. I saw him swing so violently that he actually fell on hla far when be missed.. BALL LIVELIER , "The ball today Is evan tivn. Her than it was In my day but the avenues eo down and th strikeouts go up. - This It only Castleton Farms speedy Scot is a 3-5 favorite for Saturday's $50,000 American Trotting Championship at Roosevelt Raceway.' MOSCOW (UPI) American trotter Apex Hanover was told yesterday to officials of Moscow's Hippodrome., race track Ul exchange for seven Russian yearling!. ' . SPECIAL snt ALU! NT mm ALL CARS PLEASE PHSKE FC3 APPCI.TOENT DRAKE RELINE 1), .. A --JV ' 4 J $2-45 . , aaaw asanas . . . . , ain up GENERAL TIRE CP OTTAWA ' BANK air. taaar Alia. VtaUl IM-tHf Ml Random Yet Grooved Interior Wall Panelling 4' x 7' Panels 2.49 Each 4' x 8' Panels 2.85 Each Ceiling Panels with 12" Squares 2' x 4' - Panels .78 Each WATERPROOF 'PLYWOOD:. 4' x O' PANELS . . ; SANDED 'Va" Thick ....... 3.29 Each s4" Thick . . . . 7.89 Each " UNSANDED ' f ' -:t .' 516" Thick : 2.96 Each 38" Thick w . 3.42 Each " Va" Thick ...... 4.94 Each 58" Thick .... 5.82 Each ,' Thick ...... 7.38 Each; ; CEDAn ;'. , CLAPBQAKDS 8" Wide . II i t i 1 B I S 1 f V 11 IV raSiHAV 15 AT CELL'S -C0r.IIRS "0 , 1000 Ft. 0 4.60 for 100 Running Feet T4 1 828-5161 FINAL DAYS WARREN'S MID-SUiVlMER CLEARANCE REDUCTIONS ON .. . . Men' Better Quality Tropic! and Year- ,; Round Sojft,' " , Sport Jwkitt Windbrtakirs 7 ' Dressing Gowns ' ' Straw Hats , - Swim Trunks SHORTIE PYJAMAS. Valuea to $5 " .... .- 2.S3-3X3 m DRESS SHIRTS ' Skart atom White er Itnaas s SPORT SHIRTS' r: 'tea 'at Bkart aiaevM SHORT SLEEVE ' ' ': T-SHIRTS ' OIQ IM J4.7.95 1 U W Si 3J94 sa BOYS' SUMMER WEAR FINAL CLEARANCE In' the Downstairs Department w i - at ...... Billing Bridge Store Only GLEBE: 755 BANK ST. - CARIINGWOOD PUZA BILLINGS BRIDGE fLAZA McARTHUR PlAZA ; .93 Z Per usr 2 x 47 s 0 Feet Long r.1 Construction Grade C.M.H.C. Approved - I iW i r ROCKWOOL NSUiLATBOW Loose cv7(o . 1 jj t 4 7) ) Type lijr V- 1 'U ; Per Bag . : MAII0GAI1Y PLYWOOD PANELLING tit,-:, 4' x7 Panels . . 2.95 Each 4x 8' Panels 3.25 Each These " BeautUul V prjrwood - Panels are Vee GrooVed to give a Natural-Vertical : Plank ins; ' Effect.;';..''; .;..;-.;; .-.-;!-, , , ,210 Pound : ASPHALT SHINGLES ,', '.'STRICTLY FIRST QUALITY . '.' 7 POPULAR 1964 COLOW TO CH005 FROM , Jet Black, Fulltone Green, Full-.tone . Blue,' Snow White, Frot-tone. Grey, Cloyer Green ; and - Fulltone Red. -. ; STORE HOURS MONDAY to FRIDAY 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. , SATURDAY ; 0 a.m. to ,5 p.m. '

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