The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILXiE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY S, (totritr. HENRY P. SKTDEK. and Editor. UTJ-lSlt. K. M. SNTDSB. Prwldtnt. JAg. J. DBISCCIi. See'y and Traawmr. Biulaeu Muu««r, JOHN Xi GAJ«a. WAI/TXB a BIHOCEU City Bdttor. MIES LTXKE BL KCTdZ/U Society Editor. MEMBER Or: As*oclated Prew, AtMUt Bur«tu of Circulation, and no 1m re*dy and -wtmr.i to cuke Mdifleea for ibeir «nmti7, than tbelr citizen* of tbe wilt* race. Two «enU i*er copy, 50c p«r m o n t h ; (5 p*r ytax by mul If p*iii in itdTanct. *econd class matter at the Bostoffiee. Connellavilli. Pa. J3VEXI5G, JJuB. S. IMS. QU-UJTDSS THAT WHi TJE1L. j The BoWlers," says the prew dtis- i jatche* in reDorHnx the "behavior of the men aboard the: Tuscan La at tie time she was torpedoed, "were im- j mediately lined up and while standing | at attention as one man, began to sing j "My Country 'TIs or Thee" and the | "Star Spangled Banner." The crew, j Tvhich lined up on. the opposite side, san£ "God Save, the King." j Such calmness and sel-f control in i the presence grave danger has long been characteristic of American sol- , diers aad sailors,. It is these Qualities i and a whoresome discipline that will tell when the supreme test cosaes on the fields of France. None cati doubt' the outcome vrhicb the Germans so', much, tear, notwithstanding their ; proud boasts and~Toisterou3 bluffing, i »l Tk« A»«J«i»««* 1-r.wi. The Associated Press Li exclusively entitled to the u:ie lor republieatioa of all newr dispatches credited to- it or uot other-wise credited in this papar and also the local nowa published herein. i d 1C OnKrcrs retains the spirit of Ind e p e n d e n c e it has recently shown President Wilson is sroinp to have some difficulty in p u t t i n g ovor on that tody i the Overman bill which would givft the President aU the powers of a. supreme I dictator. ' Kaiser Bill will find that every Urn* | his submarines sink an American j troop ship t h e deeper Ms ovn grave; is being; dug. j l "With tht thaw flooding- the icy . j streets ana,'.' the last st.ite of The appraJsal by Secretary of War 1 tb* poor pdestnans is more dangerous Baker ot the significance the sinking ' th:xtl t h c "^ OC the Tuscania is cancel. "It Murderer Bill is busy todav aesiarn- brings us," says he, "lace to face- w i t h ' ;,,£· a n p w m «dai 10 bestow upon t h e ' the losses of war in its most relent- | Mbmanne heroes. - LOSS OF THE TCsCAAIA. T h e open prate was second only roof falls in mines as thc agency violent deaths during 1 the yoar. less form. It is a fresh challenge to the civihzed world by an adversary who has refined but made more deadly the stealth of the savage in warfare. We must Win this war and we W h h a fuel adjninjstrator lo com- -wiU wm this war. Jxsses like this mimdeer coal for th^ water tompanr . * u . . .,, riof;! not the rule of fairness require unite the country m sympaihy w i t h l h u t T h c r j shmild a]t . 0 ^ a water ad- the families of those who ha/c suffer- ; minimmtor in commandeer -n-ater for cd loss. They also unite us to tnakoj patrona who 'lave been vithout a sup- more determined our purpose lo ply - r r w e r k s ? While all have hoped few Lave real-1 ly expected that the monumental task of transporting oven ;L part of j our Army across the Atlaniic would j be unattended by disaster similar to ' that which befell the Tuscaiia. That so many troops have been landed in France ·without the lo.-«s of a single or cour-e by this time we have go pr?u;- "n* :iTld used two pour.rt 1 and f o u r L tho k n o r k f ay w h e n Wf huy;ns sugar con] by BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE CPHC A t a nip i at thf 1 postofTice and tf-ld that t h f y were e n t i r e l y out and . . . . j- L n- i we had 10 tnkc tvn*s a n d onr'p, r b p r e b v man. prior to the smkins of the T U B - ' k i n f f u ^ [lo j u w l rtollhlc t l i e amount cania, is little short of wonderful. In ; of ickinsr. ^* face of the obstacles to saJe naviga-· tioa which thc Germans have placed i in the European waters, and , the ever presen menace of tho U-boats.; , 0 ^ the transportation of our troops i s , J^ Jj, an. achievement which would have w^sn been impossible save for tbe skill. ' truub darms and resourcefulness n[ the officers and men comprising the naval forces in those waters U is highly probalile iba; there will be other sinking?. It is one of the hazards of the war. .Moreover Germany is pushing its submarine campaign to the hrmt of it-- effectiveness, the immediate objec 1 being to Interfere TV ith out troop movement. Realizing iliat the arrival of American troops in France in any CMisiderabie numbers mean* tho sealing of her fate, Germany will bo more alert irrar ever to prevent the consummation of such plans. "We must n e n o ourselves LO rHr-sv** DPWR of f u r t h e r sinkings from t i m e to time, although we m,iy console ourselves with the though', thai men of tbe Navy who are patrolling ythe ^ waters of the danger zones may be depended upon to be c % e r on guard. They cannot possibly p r e \ r n t all attacks beins successful, but they stand ready to make the supreme sacrifice in order to save ne life of Knlser Took Ton Kncli f f ret-iisb urif li« v i i Cither \ V l l n e h n T'-IJUCS; Mrtl.clay u l i n u M be that hi ±JUL T D K .My j.unt. *,tm l-ttk'-d w h i l e f v.'it'.i a nn'kniK i_-o!d »itil d i z z y . f o r m .uviij. itn mid I (.odltl ii "The b l o w !IH^ And, sit tiny t h e r e I n «-otiturt* l r o \ f tii*j d o t t ; J -iig-hcd. """'h, am T *"·) nuiti, tinla lylikf and i.iutciu: .' Why do T thus my tctnue.- 'o^' . u '- o'.'t'-y f r i f i n R 1 matfT, a n d boinba.rd jTUc-sts w i t h cha:" and shoer,, n ^ i which you live. II marned ana your on net income was ?2,00'J or more you for threr must file a return with ibe coHector. Heturas roust be in the ha.ntls of collectors not later than ilarch 1. l'U8. The old income lax under ;he Act of Sepleibor S, J J G . sUJl i» in effect. ,-o that tbe total of your tax wnU he the sum of taoso taxos added together. Under the Act of 3!1C thc normal rate of tax :s two per cent on income? of married persons In excess of 34.oOO and on income.-, ix" "itigle perFoas M ejccsa of ?3,000. For example, i; you ar. 1 ma.rriod and your net income for I'm was $4,500 you will pay a '.ox of $60. This is two per cent on tbe amount above your exemption of 52,0^0 under the act of 1917 and two percent on thc amount above your exemption of ! jl 1 $-i,00'j un1 r thc act n? l U l ' u An ;ui- | iditionaj cz^raptioa of ? _ n o j» a l J o w f d ;a marriotl p* i rson. r^r head r.f ,1 f a m i l y U I f or each dCjK-Tidrnt child if uiuler !8 years Ot atrc nr incaTu,b!e oC ?o!f-«!jp- ACT. : port. A taxpayer is considrred :o br :lio » my Uir. a^d hoad of a frua ,]_ v aB i e n t n l t t l i« a i l , ler tbe exemption.* allowed a m a r r i r d person if he is actually b-Jpimrimp one or more persons ckoc-ly conn' 1 /'- ei H i t h ] im by blood n-lau'mrln;i, rclatiouship by mHrn.igo, or ly afloji- lion. Women AS well as nit;n must pa/ au Income tai. The contoiiK-d net income of a married couple in excess 01" Oue Cent n Worrt. No a3vcrU?em«nts Cor I^ssa Than 15 Cant»- ClfiLfisJi^cd coluirjns close at noon. Advcrticem«ntJi of wa.nt», «!««. etc.. rtceivfd after that hour V.-111 not cp^'ear u n t i l tho day tollowtui: t o me. in my l±ir. WHS b u s y ; 1 smote cliaiF. and h. nocked Tin- b u t l e r borti her .·-ent out fur ,L doctor, itr iho ?:t\\ h_-ue? say. l;ttllj' "tin-. U yd t-1 Find, ·D' nipos=ini? sour every soldier wtio is on hjj- way "over ! bonnets" 1 there." sto.jd. ^he n-t.ulM n As Secretary Baker ]iouns out. 1 f f t r she '^ ^ e n t t "fosses like this unite us to make more determined our purpose to press on." If this unity of purpose is ma'le so strong that wr will press on with Irresistible strength and made by those if I 52,000 is assessed. They ma lilo t. you -ei that I'm join.t relum or each file a sC-pa.rate ' jaitc don't r ^ urn ^ f^esired. u a joint return is filad either one may claim tin 1 ex- power, the sacrifice ·who lost their lives i»:l] not be in vain. iu "caoia C O L O K K D MJEX AM) THJv H A R , In the attention given lo th_e draft, t h a selection of men for military sen-- i ^ e and t h e i r going away 10 the train- j j j in; camps, most of 115 have overlook- \\. (xl t h e colored American citizens aa ' factors M the war. AVe have taken onlj passing interest m tbe fact that they, too, are subject to service like the whites, and even 1.-. interest in the part they are o;herw:*e t u k i n g in tfcp war. "TweHf million colored people,'. liave rallied to the defense of their ' * country in this crisis, ai.d wi'll do N their ful! share in helpin;; to -yela thia ' world war for democracy. 1 ' Dr. "Robon 11 K. Moton. principal of Tnskegee I n - 1 » sfitute, succ^sor to Booker T. "V ington in that office, aU" recently in I an address at the Tuskcgee Conference. The colored race has furnished a n,p-Knn! b)onri, and 1 -/ th** h ^ i r fm-i o-;t : ' I m J* *·'"'*' l -«h»uirl ^ru' ;s- d a r k ami «h.tdyt ·.ol. .Mu.*,t b JS.OO w .1. D. .V. iforrow. s-oaeral secretary of the National 1'oal A^goclatioa, for- ! ; merly yf F.ttsburg. a prarlical eon', j eruption or it may be divided between : "------ ' man. ha., been placed in rbargr ot the , tuctn. A widow, a. woman l i v i n g apart ^^ l ^ T ^;/;, i ;\ Ti ,/^;/;; u J'^,V ^trtbutmn of coal, both a u i b r a c i u ^ from her iiiLsbaEbd or a niaid ·as 1 he.- *-*d on. her not income aJl)ove ?1,)00. Set Income. "Xt incotuc" nuesJi£ ^To~'S ' flcwroe s certuiu deductions provk'cU 'or by :he ac;. Expenses actually Sncui- rod in carryin-5 on any tusine-:s may in oiak.;ug out your return yc j inay deduct tlie followmg from groe$ in- 1 1 coJue: T * · paid on mortgages and notes and other iniebteuTiefts., except Guotl -Thoy. for KOOil m Courier. t o ) i " J . i f f t i n n ' UL. \' ' K S M I T H ' W A N T ] . ! ' -- M t X K t t ,ire s t u d y i n g f o r r\ ..riln.i: MHH In tin- beat nn .mti book pu Hsh^d. "* ntf In .1 -\ir-h.-H," 1;. J V M -S \V.\1 WA-VT1J1»- -A 11 l-.N'J S W ANTK I- Coiir'ollsv [J\i"- mid vi I P it.y. t u MO! orders tt, "· mot ·· fia.]-;M Olot'i'^'J, f : . furtory dir'H t. tn w » -iri-r ;il whole: -lffb3L-eoil' atid b i i u m i n o c c He w-JJ boto route r and dis'-ribule to t'.ie consuiuiug FPC- i " Uja '' 1 ~ l ' Q ticnb a l l coal direxl f r o m Uif mineh j ' WANTI-ID W H O ' H e formorly utis. an asfii»tant seort*-| C L ' tary of :he rod oral Trade Commission. ' Ulvtrc« N o t l , "mdobted-neas for tie purthaso of tax Till. VUIF.M). · help ou- t e^fnnpt 'cunti«s. Tleat paid for officer or bu.M end, [.places. ! Taxes paid, except for iLical d ' provernenui feuctt a^ s^wer aod l v; r t!ju.t tapped f -aeome taxes and excels pn)fl'..s \£ Ijosses sutainrtl in liusinf-p;. KMS what be trade from fires, storm or otber burd.-n« and Ualt - V ° r b - V l h t j C l ; if EOt f "' W A N T E D - - A K Y K I N D OK ."aiNT- tnf, w h e t h e r ;t i« ;i c u J l f u i r card, tunr b i l l or the finest, tsn graved wtsOdmy i n v i t a t i o n or announccm-int V/e p r m ( , any thins--o^erj thin^--do it proincUy im- | and do i f rivhl. ^all the mun at TH3 i rr JCOUP-IBR olHcis Both phtmi-H. 27-tf Marke St. -KU11NISHKD ROOM. Sull in Ins round of a: : I'ntler a snule all his [ all I h U WHS Sflher i he did. ( L f t t l v li« if£t wien he the earth, large number of soldiers in every war ' ^Jt 1 "^ th« b "i«n,surcs ^ Jn our history. They bar* roluntarjly · ' wortli N'*-\tr ' oo bu.«y t n u h «·"*. .V* r* r too bu.---.i t n - , \ o or to 1 XeV'-r Lou bury to he-nr The i , t l ! of I h ' - s t r a n ^ r r thu. at his dnor. Sefmi'ij t o helieve t h a t · t^r. H' 1 had his troiihl**s a*in ^1.1 u^-nn i i i u and wo"«. ! for by insurance or oihcrwisp. Hi von, UBNT--F-RONT OFFICES ON UP had h i p o r u o t i of cn.r^s. | property TVTUS poirchar,cd prior to'second floor o/ D u n n ft Mvans b u i l d - ?°?... th ° ! -° rrowa t h - l t e v e r y° n f t i .March 1, J913, tbe f a i r market price tnK or value on .March 1, 1913, is the basis ] for riffurios die loss. ! ^on JIK.VT--ONJS EWIIT nooM ' K T (.'!. x i i L b f r t a i r . \ t t n - n e y i K A T H K I l l N l i KOSTA-N'SKI VS t'Hll.- ) Up ·ios'.uiMu. I n t h e Court uC Com[ i n i n Pjt'ai of I''aM'* ' o ' i n t y . 1^.1,. No i "I'J Dec,-mbjr T'-rni, l i » l T . To P h i l ' i p , K 4it:tn*kl, ·"fbjjoud.-nr, vou are herebj I n o t i f i r i i h i i L tii.-- -iubpof-ij. and alla.T Kubpocmi in t h i s case have been r e t u r n * cd "non (ist t u v e n t U B , ' you arc ther i forv i n q u i r e d to np;'t;;ir in t h e Court of Common PJeas or K n y e t i c County. Pu.,} I on Ihi' fjiir',!) M o n d a y of February o f f J mini court, J ' J I S . t.o answer tlie lib;l and j ' c u ' i i p h n r i t tiled therein, and show ratise j | i f a n y vou h.ivr. why a divorse f r o m ; ] Uu- !)oi'.d- M 1 " m a l r t m o u y Miould not br i · jcrfin'^d Lhft l i b c l l a n t above nam*'rt ', THOF. h. HOWARD. ShrnfT S h e r i f f s I omce, J.inury 1*, JOlS. j a n 2 f i f e b l - 8 - i r » r I l i m u i r c ct JJ-\RKY UU.N'N. 8ja»-trd in A " enlisted in large numbers in the A rmy j during thep reseat war .md arc fur- ! Bm hunc:r ^« Wi!l cvpr hi? f o r t a n t b' -old. on . . I Patterson and Chestnut street. I n q u i r e , aad SIOP lines not wiLn j s M Goodman, Youth Hous'\ ssjan-ud I yotir regular business, but these dc- dtictious must not exceed i!;e profits from similar transactions. i huprovod. w i t h tino buijdmes. ascertained to be worthless | sion Ap-u i, 1918. Win r e n t tor one or five years. Seu T. C. "WF.KY. Scott- r dalo. I'a- fcbI-4-ti-S-LO-lli "»«' erovn | and charged off within the yea. BOYS AN-D GIRLS OVBr. 16 YEARS OF AOE. PAID WH1LF, A proclamation has been issued TJV the President of tho United States requiring every consumer of wheat fiovir to buy .an equal amount of some officially recognized wheat flour substitute. All bakers are also required for each loaf of wheat flour bread to bake an equal sized loaf made from one of these officially recognized wheat flour substitutes. These substitutes are: COIIX 11 UAL CORN STAKCU CORN FLOUR HOMINY CORN GRITS BARLEY FLOUR KJCE FLOUR OATMEAL HOLLED OATS BUCKWHEAT FLOUR POTATO FLOUR SWEET POTATO FLOUR SOYA BKA.V FLOUR FETER1TA FLOURS MEALS RYE TNT1L MARCH 3D This means that for every pound of \vlu;u (lour or wheat flour bread that you buy you must buy an equal amount of v.-heat flour HUbsiitutos. or an equal sized loaf baked from these substitutes. This proclamation of t h e President's is a necessary war measure to conserve the supply of wheat. Help the Government by strictly observing these rules. 63 Large Department Stores. Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. and three Touring Cars, remaining in stool;, for immediate delivery. Possibly you are one or' die many that iricd to iret. a FOHD last riumuier anil wen' unable to do so. THIS is your opportunity. Spring is only tix weeKh ;u\a\. Get your car NOW and avoid the delay that always occurs wlipii car-buyers start their rush in March. lu. Summer the orders are filled alitoitneiy in the order in winch they axe received, and J had as liiph as 'ji u n filled oruei-b at OLG uuie. rioiae ci;stomrr.--, were disappointed and did not gel their car. . Get the "jump" on the other lollow. Get your FORD car now. Delivery anywhere in JJimbar, Franklin. Connellt- ville, .Lower Tyroce. SaJtlick and Springfield Townships; Dawsou, Bunbar and Vandorbilt Boroughs. The Touring Car is S3UO.OO' the Runabout ?3J5.0\ f. o. b. Detroit. WEST CRAWFORD A V E N U E . ^ part in the mines and at the coke worfcs and in other linos of work, both »orth and south. Doctor Moton says tha. the colored citizens in the farming sections where theyform a targe part ot tl$* popula- j tion wiU increase the production oi · food stuffs in about the -ame propor- [low to Prepare K. · I oil, idcn.ce. Depreciation for mines, etc. Uross Income, ' KO P. SALE--HOMR DUKSi?KD wolls, j ho^-s at "To pound, r^ivc hoea at i:ic. 1 C'all on Bell Phone 40'^. or Tn-Stato, l 2 4 t f . M. J. JlOIlAf. ConncMyvIJle, Pa, S£eb2t You must include under gross in- . . . ( Have you filed your income tax re-1 compensation of ^vbalever kind tion as other tillers of tho soil, and in [ turn? IE not, this article, which has | persona! services, their homes they win obsen-e the been prepared with the approval of! A11 profits derived from business, conservation rules with c a r e f u l alien- ' Unued States revenue experts, tells ! trade or commerce, tion to results. The colored minis-'you ho-w. w h e n and whero to do it. Profiu, from the sale of property, . , , . . . t FOK SALE--0 ROOfc, HOUSE. NICE j come the following items: Mocntion. paved Htr e e : ami · Salaru-s, ii\-agfes and comnHssions or j Pantry, bat! 1 , and t w o pn.-chos Hot air for ! heat. Address "D ters in the south are p-eachiag and ' The first thing to be understood is teachins thrin amons their race no , tliat the income Ux applies only to ^ ei3 ti less visorousir than they are teaching your income for thc calendar year! Inter' real or personal. Rents. _ . .,. ,, j^t , - Test, on notes, "bonds and bank patriotism. 1517. Your income tor prior years doposats, including savings banks/ Tae Treasury Departiuont ai Wash- and your estimated income Tor l r JS Incomes received from fiduciaries, Ington reports that it ·$ imposiWp are no: to be considered. * that is amounts received from incoraos to obtain figures on the amount of who JItist 1'ay. °* estates, trusts, etc., through trus- Lvberty Loan bonds purchased by col- 1 The War Revenue Act of October 3, . '«»· administrators or executors. ored Amcrtcans in the :irst and sec- '. 1917. provides IOT a normal rate of ' Dividends on stock, whether re- ond ^loans, but it is known that ac- , tax of two per cent on net incomes of ' ceived ;ts cash or stock. Only divi- cording to tbeir means and ability unmarried persons in excess of ?1,000 '· dcnda paid out of earniaeis or profits they were very loyal anil active and land upon incomes of married persons , accrued since March 1, lOlS. are rar- lilieral subscrfbers lo th-: loans. ,, r h«ads of families in Mcess o' aila. These facts ofcont the L-olored mau's · IJ.OOO. if you are unraan-ied anil lu tie war sure not generally , your iDCome for iSi: was Jl.OOO known. They should b* . showing, as more ou mu get a lax blajit. f i l l Net partnership profits, w U e f h e r d'.- anil distributed or not. i.i. ;hai !he t-cu no U-.-^ i.fip!. of !oal ami t , m r ami Bit- w i t h ihe collector of in On- ili.Mrn:: in ·--A SI.VTCH L' tjrow.i ant' w h i t e in *?ol Royalties from mine?, oil and gas narked, lar^e tvr hte wclJ.s pair-nis, e ^ y p j j « h t s and f u n - OTersho«s in every size and style to suit any slice. Arctics, turn Shoes, Gum Boots, Felt Bootb and everv- thing in Rubber Footwear. First Qualiiy ojjjv. FOR SALK--Oljll LADIES' MADE- ortler puit:5 sin pnj-K the h ^ n d - m c - wn.^ a Kivnt f'.istancf*. They r e t a i n Lhoir ' hup", UKlefinneiy. Any tnyl^ reproduced. 'Jnco your order fo- Spring early. SA1.V. LA CH1JIA, !09 Pitts- A Vaineble Asset n! Your Btisia£ss We Help Our Cu3 toraers to Success ^ With Presentable, Profitable :* LOST -- M O N D A Y . TWO SMALL v 0 . wixh No. 49, to a. ttftiik d r a w e r i n d e r ]iifc.i^o r e t u r n l o C o u r i e r LitficL- PUBLICITY KOH tiAf,^--(iuol) nt.N'TNC; H^iO suite cheap. OiH l-'rut.Ly or Saturday a-ttcrnooa nr i i v r u i n ; j , Wluto F r o n t Building A p a r t m e n t , Xo. 1-126 N o r t h PHtsburs screeL, PATRONIZE HOME MEECHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. ^'t'SX-Wi'j^.vitefc'Xwriwif*****

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